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17 Best E-commerce Website Builders (Top December 2023 Picks)

17 Best E-commerce Website Builders (Top December 2023 Picks)

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Most people's first recommendation is Fynd Platform, which offers all the components necessary to build an E-commerce website. In addition, no credit card is required for the free 30-day trial of the Fynd Platform. Building an online store quickly and efficiently is possible with E-commerce website builders. These systems cover inventory, payments, shipping, and every other aspect of running an online store on a single platform.

The most excellent E-commerce systems have been gathered in one spot for your convenience because that is the quickest approach to creating an online business. With so many options available, it can take time to decide which platform is the best fit for your business needs. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best E-commerce website builders available, weighing their pros and cons and helping you make an informed decision for your online business. So we've gathered the top seventeen E-commerce systems.

What is E-commerce Website Builder

E-commerce website builders are online platforms that help businesses create online stores or websites. They provide pre-made templates and tools to design and customise the website, manage inventory, process payments, and track orders. These builders offer businesses an easy and convenient way to establish an online presence and sell their products or services without needing advanced technical skills. With an e-commerce website builder, businesses can reach a wider audience, increase sales, and grow their online brand.

Right Time to Shift to Ecommerce Website Builder

Now that you know what makes a great E-commerce website builder, It's time to balance the benefits and drawbacks of the best website builders and form a list of the choices that make the most sense to you. Fynd Platform is one of the market's most influential and scalable E-commerce website builders, thanks to its impressive range of integrated sales tools. In addition, square Online offers incredible value for money, and its super affordable starting prices make it a top choice for new sellers on a tight budget.

Depending on your selected services, the Fynd Platform provides plans with varying features. Aside from Shopify, most E-commerce websites have a terrible reputation for tech Support and customer care. However, you can develop a store that draws people in and displays your product catalogue using a top E-commerce website builder. E-commerce website builders provide entrepreneurs a platform for expansion and the functionality needed to market their goods.

Service Provider
Fynd platform
Square Space
Square Online
Blue host
Big cartel
Overall Rating
Starting Price
Free plans (Day)
Free plan
Free plan
Free plan
Free plan
Free trial
Free plan
Free plan
Free plan
Free trial
Payment Gateway Option
Multichannel Integration
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

1. Fynd Platform


  • No coding skills required.
  • Cheap & Fast. Generate discount codes.
  • Easy to export.

  • There are no Cons.

  • Overview

    Looking to start your own online business? Look no further than Fynd Platform, the best E-commerce website builder on the planet. Fynd Platform makes it easy for anyone, regardless of technical experience, to create their online store and start selling products or services. With a user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support, Fynd Platform offers a seamless and hassle-free experience for newbies looking to establish an online presence. In this blog section, we will explore the features, benefits, and success stories of the Fynd Platform, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to launch their own E-commerce business.

    Fynd Platform is for anyone planning to start a new business online or bring their existing business online. It has no effect if you are a newcomer; Fynd Platform makes it simple for everyone. You have complete flexibility to sell your goods using the Fynd Platform on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Facebook, Google, AJIO, Tata CLiQ, and many more, including your websites through its Omnichannel services.


    Numerous companies rely on the Fynd Platform for their online sales. So, if you have decided to start your online business, look at the Fynd Platform. Fynd Platform always considers entrepreneurs' difficulties when setting up their brand store. ‍A comprehensive retail management suite and many features are available for any E-commerce transaction.

    1. Building Branded Websites and Mobile Apps

    2. Multi-language support

    3. Blogs, forums, and chats

    4. User Documentation and API

    5. Development kit

    6. Payment system

    7. Data Intelligence with Tracking and Analytics

    8. Multiple customisations

    9. Authentication & access management

    10. Order management system


    Fynd Design page

    Fynd platform banner for free demo


    There are three price categories offered by Fynd Platform specifically geared toward E-commerce. The monthly cost for each plan, charged annually, is displayed below:

    • Standard Plan ₹7,199/Year - Ideal for New Business
    • Professional Plan ₹16,199/Year - Ideal for Growing Business  
    • Premium Plan₹26,999/Year - Ideal for Established Business

    For those just starting in E-commerce, the cheapest subscription, which enables you to take payments and sell through various channels, is ideal for Standard Plan. You must sign up for the Professional Plan for growing your Business and Premium Plan for an already established Business. You may access dropshipping applications and sell subscriptions with higher-tier services. You may also see our pricing in several different currencies.

    Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

    Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

    2. Shopify


  • Excellent sales features and customer reviews.
  • Sell on multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Easily manage your store with an excellent inventory system.

  • Requires third-party apps to support multiple currencies, not ideal for international growth.
  • High transaction fees when you're not using Shopify Payments.
  • Changing templates means reformatting your website.

  • Overview

    The best E-commerce site for significant businesses that offer more than ten items. It has over 1 million active users globally and runs over 600,000 online shops. Shopify has sold over $100 billion of goods, so it must be doing something right! Our study supported this. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in this area for sales features, Shopify placed second place. This is due to its wide range of excellent tools to help your business. The inventory management and the various potential for multi-channel sales are specific highlights. Although Shopify has no free plan, you may test it for three days to see whether it's the appropriate builder. You can also check some Alternatives to Shopify, and the best is the Fynd Platform.


    Shopify has invested in advancing its E-commerce solution with the launch of Shopify Payments and Shopify POS. By integrating the offline and online POS, these two functionalities allow you to increase your Shopify sales by accepting payments anywhere. With Shopify POS, you can capitalise on the bricks-and-clicks trend, steadily taking over the retail industry.

    Shopify POS is an app that combines digital and physical point-of-sale systems utilising a card, enabling you to sell your goods offline, online, and while you're on the road. POS functionality is created to make tracking every transaction simpler. To fully use all the advantages your online business offers, you may hire Shopify Experts. Additionally, Shopify offers a Free Trial that allows you to test-drive the platform and features for three days if you're new to the service and want to get started.


    Shopify Design page

    Shopify came in just behind Wix, scoring 3.9 out of 5 in our design category. More than 100 themes are available here, but only twelve are free. The cost of the remaining items ranges from $140 to $180.


    Shopify offers three different price tiers:

    • Basic - INR ₹1,994 per month
    • Shopify - INR ₹7,447 per month
    • Advanced - INR ₹30,164 per month

    Shopify is one of the most costly E-commerce builders, scoring a 3 out of 5 for value for money. But it's a wise investment, mainly if you manage a bigger store that requires more intricate inventory management. There is nothing to lose by testing Shopify out, as it offers a three-day free trial (no credit card information is needed).

    3. Wix


  • Come with abandoned cart recovery emails.
  • Wix's simple drag-and-drop editor shows you precisely what your storefront will look like.
  • Built-in ability to sell on Instagram.

  • It has only basic analytics and inventory systems, which is unsuitable for growth.
  • Third-party plugins could be more expensive.

  • Overview

    Wix is ​​a drag-and-drop website builder and a hugely popular E-commerce platform with over 200 million registered users worldwide. Wix knows about building websites and online stores, and it occupies the top spot on our E-commerce rankings with an overall score of 4.6 out of 5.

    As a result, users do not need to travel far to discover the tools they need for an online store's success - they're all there at the push of a button! However, we only recommend Wix to small online stores. Its tools and features are impressive but insufficient to handle large or complex inventory. We recommend Fynd Platform or BigCommerce for this. Ideal for users of all technical abilities, Wix is ​​known for its ease of use. Ease of use means you can start building your E-commerce muscles without worrying!


    The sales features of Wix have only become better with time. What was once a simple E-commerce option has now developed into something that can compete with the most extensive online E-commerce builders. 

    Sending automated emails to clients can help you recover abandoned carts and increase revenues by persuading them to complete their orders. Without downloading applications, multi-channel integration lets you sell on Facebook and Instagram.

    1. Drag-and-drop website builder - You can create and change your website without knowing how to write code.

    2. Wix ADI - Wix helps you create a website by asking you some questions and building it for you.

    3. App Market - You can add more functions to your website using many different tools.

    4. Mobile Optimization - Your website will look great on phones and tablets.

    5. SEO tools - Wix gives you tools to help your website appear higher in search engines like Google.

    6. E-commerce capabilities - You can sell things online by creating a shop on your website.

    7. Customer Support - If you need help, Wix has many ways to get it, like a help centre, videos, and 24/7 support.

    "Buy now" and "Add to cart" buttons make purchasing more convenient and boost sales. Develop your brand's image by customising your package with printable shipping labels. Store card information so clients can pay on the fly using their saved card information in the checkout's "wallet" area. Dropshipping enables you to avoid the burden of packaging and shipping by using a third party.


    Wix design Page

    Over 800 designs are available on Wix, and 500 are designed exclusively for e-commerce websites. Additionally, you may filter them based on a particular E-commerce industry.


    Three price tiers designed explicitly for E-commerce are available from Wix. Each plan's monthly price, invoiced yearly, is shown below:

    • Business VIP - ₹500 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Business Unlimited - ₹300 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Business Basic - ₹225 per month (Billed Annually)

    The lowest package enables you to accept payments and sell through several channels, perfect for people just beginning their E-commerce journey. You may sell subscriptions and access dropshipping applications with the higher tier services.

    4. Zyro


  • Strong design functionality with a large number of attractive patterns.
  • Integrates with POS systems for real-life sales.
  • It has many payment service providers to choose from.

  • The shop manager and website editor are not integrated very well.
  • Limited SEO tools: no canonical tags or best practice suggestions for new users.
  • Service and support are limited, with no email, phone, or editor support on-site.

  • Overview

    Zyro is a relatively new E-commerce website builder that mimics rivals like Wix and Shopify. Although it still needs development on its E-commerce platform, there are still many things that the correct user would find appealing, so it's worth a look!

    Ultimately, Zyro received a 3.6 out of 5 rating in our analysis and testing. The design features make up the bulk of the space. We gave this category a score of 4.3 out of 5. The rating is because it has visually appealing layouts and gives users many customisation choices for their store sites.

    Zyro's E-commerce-specific plan only allows you to sell up to 100 products, even though it includes selling physical and digital goods and services. Large or smaller retailers who desire to sell online can use Zyro, but we recommend Fynd Platform to try as it gives a hand on hand support for less than Zyro’s cost.


    Zyro's product is quite underwhelming in terms of its sales features. In this area, we scored 3.4 out of 5, which is not the highest mark available, although not unfavourable. Competing with more prominent brands in the industry is not enough. 

    Although it covers selling physical and digital goods and services, Zyro's E-commerce-specific plan only permits you to sell up to 100 items. This restriction is for bigger or smaller stores that want to expand.

    Despite this, Zyro may be connected to a POS system struck us. Not many website builders provide this unique feature is helpful if you also want to sell your goods offline. Here are some of the features of Zyro that we liked:

    1. AI-driven website builder - Zyro's AI helps you build a website by suggesting templates and designs based on your needs.

    2. Easy-to-use editor - You can change your website with drag-and-drop tools without knowing how to code.

    3. Online store builder - Zyro makes creating an online store and selling products easy.

    4. SEO tools - You can optimise your website for search engines like Google to help more people find it.

    5. Logo maker - You can create a professional-looking logo for your website or business with Zyro's logo maker.

    6. Affordable pricing - Zyro offers affordable pricing plans with many features to help you build your website.

    7. Fast loading times - Zyro optimises your website to load quickly, which can help keep visitors on your website for longer.


    Zyro design page

    Zyro was exceptional in terms of design. There are 29 E-commerce-specific themes available, all lovely and expertly made.


    With Zyro's Business plan, you can sell online by opting for their E-commerce plan. While the regular price for this plan is $14.99 per month, Zyro frequently offers discounts where you can save up to 77%. By taking advantage of these offers, you can get the E-commerce plan for as low as $3.39 per month with a two-year plan or $4.24 per month with an annual plan.

    Zyro does have monthly payment plans, but we don't advise using them. They are not only more expensive each month, but they also do not have a free domain. Despite being inexpensive, Zyro only sometimes offers excellent value because it lacks several essential E-commerce features that its rivals offer. Unfortunately, a free trial is not available for the E-commerce options either.

    5. Big-commerce

    Big commerce

  • A set of built-in features makes it the best builder to grow and scale your online store.
  • Sell through multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Fantastic SEO.

  • Not suitable for beginners due to the complicated editing interface.
  • More expensive than the standard plan.

  • Overview

    BigCommerce is a website builder designed for big companies that want to sell things online. With BigCommerce, businesses can create an online store tailored to their needs. BigCommerce is a well-known E-commerce platform in our research; BigCommerce came in first for its selling characteristics, scoring 4.6 out of 5 in this category. 

    Rating is because it offers many tools, including numerous multi-channel selling options and the ability to accept international payments. It also worked quite well when it came to website functionality. With a score of 4.6 out of 5, it ranks fourth. One thing to note is that you need to buy a domain name from another place and connect it to BigCommerce. 

    This means that you must purchase your domain name separately before you can start building your store. BigCommerce also offers international selling capabilities, meaning businesses can sell their products to customers worldwide. Additionally, BigCommerce provides SEO apps to help optimise your store for search engines, which can increase your visibility online.

    Finally, Bigcommerce's optimised stores are designed to load quickly and provide a seamless user experience. UX helps businesses keep visitors on their websites longer and increase sales. Overall, BigCommerce is a powerful website builder with various tools and features to help businesses succeed online.


    The quantity and calibre of features that BigCommerce provides make it clear that it cares about the expansion and success of your shop. There is no restriction on how many items you may sell, and bulk uploading products can save you time. In addition, using the analytics statistics provided by BigCommerce, you can maintain tabs on your merchandise and clients. With these reports readily available, the platform has a significant advantage.

    • Shop overview
    • Instantaneous reports
    • Customer feedback
    • Reports of abandoned carts
    • Retailing summaries

    The email consumers get from you is customised, and abandoned cart recovery is also built-in. You can even pair this with promotional codes to lure clients to return to your business. Here are a few of the features of Bigcommerce that we liked.

    1. Storefront builder for enterprise-level companies - Helps big companies create an online store tailored to their needs.

    2. International selling capabilities - Enables businesses to sell products to customers worldwide, expanding their reach.

    3. SEO tools - Provides a range of tools to optimise your store for search engines, increasing visibility online.

    4. Optimised stores - Designed to load quickly and provide a seamless user experience, helping to increase sales.

    5. App Marketplace - Offers a range of third-party apps to enhance the functionality of your store.

    6. Multichannel selling - Enables businesses to sell products through multiple channels, including social media and marketplaces.

    7. Secure payments - Offers secure payment options, helping to protect customer information and increase trust in your business.


    Bigcommerce Design page

    Big Commerce's theme collection numbers more than 100. Only a few services, like Shopify, are free, though. There are 12 free designs available for you, but if you go with a premium theme, you'll have to fork up anywhere from $145 to $235.


    BigCommerce isn't the most affordable platform, especially when accessing the more expensive options. View the rate plans (and related income brackets) below:

    • Standard plan - $29 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Plus Plan - $79 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Pro plan - $ 299 per month (Billed Annually)

    If your business has earned over $ 400k in the past year, you will need BigCommerce's Enterprise plan, which is priced individually.

    6. Square Online

    Square online

  • Affordable, with great marketing features.
  • Easy-to-use website dashboard tracks product sales, customer journeys, and abandoned cart recovery.
  • Simple design process.

  • Limited options for customization.
  • Limited payment gateway options.

  • Overview

    In 2018, Square, a significant payment player, acquired Weebly. As a result, Square Online was created, which combines robust payment processing with a straightforward framework for building websites. Unsurprisingly, Weebly and Square Online have remarkably similar user interfaces. That said, you'll love Square Online's new features, and you can also take advantage of the free E-commerce plan.

    However, its real selling point is its excellent value for money. In this category, Square Online earned a perfect 4.5 out of 5. This is mainly because Square Online is one of only two builders on this list that lets you sell for free. This means you can get started without spending a single penny.


    Our study shows Square Online's sales features rated 3.5 out of 5. Some of Square Online's feature is provided below: Sell anything you want, even on the free plan. Create shipping labels automatically, then benefit from shipping reductions. Square Online's subscription plans allow you to add minor labels like "on-sale" or "just a few left!" to highlight limited-time offers. 

    Additionally, you may combine your website with Square's Point of Sale if you want to run a pop-up store or start a physical store in addition to your online store (POS).  It even includes a self-serve option, allowing customers to utilise QR codes for contact-free delivery within your restaurant.

    Here are seven features of Square Online Website builder and a brief explanation of each in simple English:

    1. Drag-and-Drop Website Builder: With Square Online, you can create your website without knowing how to code. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to move elements around on your site.

    2. Customisable Templates: Square Online offers a variety of templates for your website. You can choose one and then customise it to fit your needs.

    3. Online Store: If you want to sell products online, Square Online makes it easy. You can set up an online store, add products, and manage your inventory from one platform.

    4. Integrated Payment Processing: Square Online integrates with Square's payment processing system so that you can accept credit cards, PayPal, and other forms of payment directly on your website.

    5. Social Media Integration: You can connect your social media accounts to your Square Online website, making it easy for visitors to find and follow you on social media.

    6. Mobile-Responsive Design: Square Online websites are designed to look great on any device, whether it's a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    7. SEO Tools: Square Online includes tools to help improve your website's search engine optimisation (SEO). This can help your site rank higher in search engine results and drive more traffic to your site.


    Square online design

    Square Online's sales capabilities and usability were favourable; however, we had mixed feelings about the need for more design flexibility. As a result, our study for this category only received a 2.7 out of 5 rating.


    Square Online certainly shines regarding pricing and value for money. Of course, it is possible to sell things for free, but even the premium paid plans are affordable!

    Square Online offers two options in addition to its free one:

    • Free Plan $0 (No monthly fees)
    • Plus Plan $29 Per month (Billed Annually)
    • Premium Plan $79 per month (Billed Annually).

    Although the free plan is excellent for getting your business off the ground, we always advise switching to a premium plan when you can do so. 

    Fynd platform banner for free demo

    7. Squarespace


  • Best design of any eCommerce builder.
  • Great depth and quality of website functionality - social media integration.
  • Inventory system and analysis tools are efficient.

  • Working with the editor feels overly manual, as there are few options for autosaving.
  • More difficult to scale your store.
  • More payment and shipping options are missing.

  • Overview

    The following E-commerce site builder on the list is Squarespace. The drag-and-drop generator makes it simple for those without much technological expertise. However, like Wix, it was a traditional website builder, not an online sales platform, so building an online store may have a learning curve. Squarespace offers well-designed templates to get you started designing your store.

    After selecting a template, you may change the colours of the text, graphics, and colours to fit your identity. You can turn your website into an online store if you don't want to configure Squarespace's E-commerce features. Squarespace's expert layouts highlight your items and make your business stand out. As long as your online business doesn't exceed its variety of E-commerce options, Squarespace can be a good option.


    Squarespace's score of 3.4 out of 5 reflects that it doesn't offer the most extensive list of sales capabilities, but its features are all top calibres. Squarespace offers modest but helpful in-house stock management, revenue reports, stock-level email reports, and powerful marketing capabilities

    It is best suited for individuals with a smaller inventory or a store focusing on digital goods. In terms of promotional features, Squarespace truly excels. You may apply various discounts to the items in your business, from one-off purchases to whole orders.

    1. Customisable Templates: Squarespace offers a wide range of customisable templates for your website, so you can make it look just how you want it to.

    2. Drag-and-Drop Editor: With Squarespace's intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can easily add text, images, videos, and other content to your website without knowing how to code.

    3. Built-in E-commerce: Squarespace has built-in e-commerce functionality, so you can easily sell products and services directly from your website.

    4. Responsive Design: All Squarespace templates are designed to be mobile-friendly, so your website will look great on any device.

    5. SEO Tools: Squarespace provides various SEO tools to help your website rank higher in search engine results and attract more visitors.

    6. Integrated Analytics: With Squarespace's integrated analytics tools, you can track your website's performance, monitor visitor behaviour, and gain valuable insights to help you improve your site.

    7. 24/7 Customer Support: Squarespace offers 24/7 customer support via email and live chat, so you can get help whenever needed.


    Squarespace Design page

    Squarespace does design. It performs well in this category and is renowned for its lovely templates and high customizability. In this round of testing, we gave it a design functionality score of 4 out of 5. This places it in a tie for the top with Wix and BigCommerce.


    With its beautiful designs, Squarespace delivers excellent value for money, which we genuinely appreciate. It tied with Wix for second place with a score of 4.4 out of 5 in this category throughout our testing.

    • Personal Plan - $16 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Business Plan - $23 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Commerce Basic Plan - $27 (Billed Annually)
    • Commerce Advanced Plan - $49 (Billed Annually)

    You get everything you need to establish an online business with Basic and Advanced Commerce subscriptions. 

    8. Big Cartel

    big cartel

  • Allows you to give away five things at no cost.
  • Helpful reminders to guide you as you move.
  • Accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, and Square.

  • Not much design freedom.
  • Features not as powerful as Wix or Shopify.
  • Not very extensible unless you know how to code.

  • Overview

    Big Cartel is a user-friendly E-commerce platform with customisable design options and built-in E-commerce functionality. The mobile-friendly templates and affordable pricing options make it accessible for small businesses. However, the platform may be too restrictive for larger businesses with a larger inventory, and it doesn't offer as many features and integrations as some of its competitors. 

    Overall, Big Cartel is a great choice for small businesses and individuals looking for a simple, affordable E-commerce solution. Big Cartel is a simple E-commerce platform that allows you to sell up to 5 products, 50 goods are available for $9.99 each month, and 500 things are available for $19.99 every month. As you can see by these limitations, Big Cartel is not as scalable as Fynd Platform or BigCommerce. 

    But it's a great option to sell a few products online. Big Cartel is also suitable for enthusiastic newbies and absolute technicians, as its user-friendly onboarding process shows you what - lots of prompts and reminders to help you set up your store.


    Big Cartel's straightforward sales tools are sufficient to get you going if you don't have any immediate plans to expand your company significantly. With PayPal and Stripe payment processing connections and no internal transaction costs, it provides enough sales tools to get you going. 

    Of course, you'll still have to pay the payment processor's charge, typically 2.9% + $0.30 for each sale, but this is quite common. Big Cartel only allows you to display up to five product photos per product. You can only feature one image if you choose the free plan.

    However, you can run offers and promotions on the more costly subscriptions. In addition, big Cartel provides shipping monitoring and a sales tax autopilot to aid with those annoying taxes.

    1. Easy to Use: Big Cartel is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even if you have no coding experience.

    2. Customisable Design: You can choose from various customisable themes to make your store look unique and reflect your brand.

    3. Mobile-Friendly: Big Cartel templates are designed to look great on mobile devices, so your customers can shop from anywhere.

    4. Built-in E-commerce: Big Cartel has built-in E-commerce functionality, so you can easily sell products and manage your inventory in one place.

    5. Marketing Tools: Big Cartel offers a range of marketing tools to help you promote your store and reach new customers, including social media integrations, email campaigns, and more.

    6. Affordable Pricing: Big Cartel offers a range of pricing plans to fit your budget, including a free plan for up to 5 products.

    7. Support and Resources: Big Cartel provides a range of resources to help you get the most out of your store, including an extensive knowledge base, community forums, and more.


    Design page

    Big Cartel is used to create websites that seem professional, but the design isn't its vital strength. As a result, we only gave it a design rating of 2.2 out of 5.


    Big Cartel offers two premium plans in addition to its free Gold plan:

    • Gold features - 5 Products Free 
    • Platinum features - 50 Products $9.99/month
    • Diamond features - 500 Products $19.99/month

    Despite being somewhat reasonable, these rates don't provide excellent value for the money. This is due to the relatively few features you receive for the price. So instead, we advise visiting Square Online for free selling and affordable premium plans.

    9. Weebly


  • Easy drag and drop.
  • Simple page management.
  • Easy-to-understand terms and prices.

  • Mobile apps are of little value.
  • The only way to insert documents is through Scribd.
  • There are very few themes to choose from.

  • Overview

    Weebly allows anyone to create a website for free. However, you won't be able to use your domain name (or remove annoying ads) until you purchase a plan. The free plan offers real-time delivery, and discounts are good features, but you'll need to upgrade to go beyond that. A Pro version was released, angel investors invested some money, and the rest is history. 

    Square, the platform's current owner, purchased this well-known website builder in 2018. The significant shortcomings make upgrading to a subscription plan advisable if you intend for anybody else to view your website. In addition, increased professionalism from upgrading will encourage more visitors to consider your website seriously.

    Fynd platform banner for free demo


    Weebly's features can't quite match those of significant rivals like Wix and Squarespace due to a lack of recent innovation, but its score of 3.5 out of 5 earns it a comfortable third place, just ahead of GoDaddy. Its sizable app store, beneficial SEO tips, and reliable blogging tools make this possible. Additionally, it offers built-in site security, marketing analytics tools, and 24/7 support.

    You may discover free and premium applications on Weebly's outstanding app store, which you can connect to your website and install with just one click. Here are a few features available for people while taking the plan of Weebly.

    1. Customisable Templates: Weebly offers a range of templates to make your website look just how you want it to.

    2. Drag-and-Drop Website Builder: With Weebly's drag-and-drop website builder, you can easily add and arrange elements without knowing how to code.

    3. E-commerce Functionality: Weebly offers built-in E-commerce functionality, making selling products and managing inventory directly on your website easy.

    4. Mobile-Friendly Design: All Weebly templates are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that your website looks great on any device.

    5. SEO Tools: Weebly provides a range of SEO tools to help your website rank higher in search engine results and attract more visitors.

    6. Integrated Marketing Tools: Weebly offers a range of marketing tools, such as email campaigns and social media integrations, to help you promote your website and reach new customers.

    7. App Center: Weebly's App Center offers a range of third-party apps that you can use to add new features and functionality to your website, such as contact forms, chat widgets, and more.

    You receive all the essential capabilities, like text blocks and picture galleries, in your Weebly editor. Still, the Weebly App Center is ideal for adding sophisticated tools and features to your website, including FAQ sections or "Back to Top" buttons.

    These categories are used to group apps:

    • E-commerce 
    • Communication 
    • Marketing 
    • Social 
    • Sites tools & features


    weebly design page

    Weebly is more fixed than Wix, allowing you to drop an element wherever desired. For instance, Weebly compels you to put a piece of content in a specific location.


    There are four paid options at Weebly, ranging from $6 to $29 monthly. Although we don't suggest it long-term, it's one of the most reasonably priced website builders on the market, and its free plan is a fantastic way to get online without spending a dime.

    Weebly offers three premium plans with monthly prices ranging from $6 to $29:

    • Free Plan - $0 per month 
    • Personal Plan - $10 per month
    • Professional Plan - $12 per month
    • Performance Plan - $26 per month

    10. Godaddy


  • It's a pretty quick way to build a website.
  • If you change themes, your website will reformat your content correctly.
  • It is pretty simple to use.

  • Little room is provide for creativity.
  • Block components have limitations.
  • Some of its features lack depth.

  • Overview

    GoDaddy is popular for its website builders, but you can also use it to develop an online store. You may quickly and simply create E-commerce websites utilising artificial design intelligence with GoDaddy's beginning builds.

    GoDaddy has built-in capabilities for email marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation, but the capability is limited. You can get going immediately, but your GoDaddy website can only support 1,500 product sales. As you presumably already know, GoDaddy's main goal is to grow into the world's largest domain registrar. GoDaddy currently powers over 20 million websites and helps startups and small businesses increase their online presence with their new website builder, Websites + Marketing.


    For tools and features, GoDaddy has a rating of 3.3 out of 5. Here are a few of its salient characteristics: The GoDaddy customer service staff is available to assist you round-the-clock by phone. Integration of social media functions is quite restricted; however, you may add icons to link to your social media pages.

    Google Analytics also can integrate to track the number of people visiting your page. In addition, GoDaddy evaluates your website automatically to ensure it is optimised for search engines like Google and Bing. Here are the features listed for Godaddy.

    1. Drag-and-Drop Website Builder: GoDaddy's website builder is user-friendly and intuitive, so you can easily add and edit elements.

    2. Customisable Templates: GoDaddy offers a range of customisable templates for your website, so you can create a unique look that reflects your brand.

    3. E-commerce Functionality: GoDaddy's website builder offers built-in E-commerce functionality, so you can sell products and manage inventory directly from your website.

    4. Mobile-Friendly Design: All GoDaddy templates are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that your website looks great on any device.

    5. SEO Tools: GoDaddy provides various SEO tools to help improve your website's search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

    6. Marketing Tools: GoDaddy offers a range of marketing tools, such as email campaigns and social media integrations, to help you promote your website and reach new customers.

    7. 24/7 Support: GoDaddy provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat, so you can get help whenever needed.



    GoDaddy received a 4.3 out of 5 design grade, demonstrating considerable improvements in its design features.


    GoDaddy received a value-for-money rating of 4.3 out of 5.GoDaddy has four price tiers for its website builder: The cheapest plan is ₹249.00/month with a Basic one (billed annually). You may offer SSL Security and take online payments with Standard Plan ₹499.00/mo (billed annually).

    You may get all the features of the Standard Plan plus the ability to offer recurring lessons in the Premium plan for ₹699.00/mo (billed annually).  Finally, you may sell unlimited items and send a total number of emails each month with the E-commerce Plan for ₹999.00/mo (billed annually).

    Before committing to your plan, it's a good idea to look at GoDaddy's renewal costs because each plan has a higher renewal fee than these initial reductions. For instance, Basic plan: The initial price is ₹2,988.00 for the first year (billed annually), but it renews at ₹299.00 per month (₹3,588.00 total) after the first year. 

    While the E-commerce plan's initial price is ₹11,988.00 for the first year (billed annually), it renews at ₹ 999.00/mo per month (₹11,988.00 total) after the first year. They also provide a free plan to let you decide if GoDaddy is the best choice for you before signing up.

    Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

    Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

    11. WooCommerce


  • Great flexibility.
  • Limitless customization options.
  • Maximum security.

  • It’s WordPress specific.
  • It has many expenses.

  • Overview

    You will discover WooCommerce's who, what, and why. Then, we'll walk you through how WooCommerce functions in detail and explain why, in our opinion, it's a smart choice for people who want to expand their businesses without knowing much about coding.

    WordPress sellers can use the open-source WooCommerce platform. Not a standalone website builder. Instead, it is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add E-commerce functionality to your website. Working with a developer is probably a good idea if you use this E-commerce website builder.

    WooCommerce allows you to control website elements, including delivery, secure payments, and inventory and tax administration integration. Like WordPress, WooCommerce functionality is extended with thousands of WordPress plugins, themes, and extensions explicitly designed for WooCommerce.


    The homepage style, menus, site structure, and payment and delivery options are the first choices you must make when creating a business. It only takes a few minutes to integrate WooCommerce into a WordPress site. Our New Store Owners Guide will help if you're new.

    Major credit cards, bank transfers (BACS), cheques, and cash on delivery are all included with WooCommerce. Beyond the fundamentals, 140 region-specific gateways, such as WooCommerce Payments, Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Amazon Pay, are available for integration. Additionally supported are deposits, subscriptions, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

    The WooCommerce dashboard, which offers a familiar user interface for shop administrators to update items and complete orders, was built on the WordPress platform. In addition, you can save for timing by using the mobile app for iOS and Android, shipping costs from top carriers, choices to print labels at home, and automatic tax calculations.

    1. Customisable Design: WooCommerce offers a range of customisable design options to help you create a unique online store that reflects your brand.

    2. Built-in Payment Processing: WooCommerce has built-in payment processing functionality so that you can accept various payment options from customers.

    3. Product Management: With WooCommerce, you can easily manage your products, including adding new products, updating inventory levels, and creating product variations.

    4. E-commerce Analytics: WooCommerce provides various analytics tools to help you track sales, customer behaviour, and other key metrics related to your online store.

    5. SEO Optimization: WooCommerce offers a range of SEO tools to help you improve your website's search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

    6. Integration with WordPress: WooCommerce is built on the WordPress platform, so it's easy to integrate with other WordPress plugins and tools.

    7. Community Support: WooCommerce has a large and active community of users and developers who provide support, resources, and advice to help you get the most out of your online store.


    woo commerce design page

    Your selected theme will give you the fundamental website building blocks to create a truly unique online business. It's common practice to modify open-source platforms requires some understanding of HTML and CSS coding to change the theme's layout.


    WooCommerce is an open-source product, making its head challenging to value because installation is technically free but also has paid E-commerce plugin. Most hosting companies offer free security, but you'll have to pay extra for services like:

    • Domain (10–20 dollars a year),
    • Hosting (year cost: $35–$50),
    • Themes (above $39).

    We'll show you the WordPress hosting plans offered by Bluehost, our top-rated hosting service for all WordPress sites, so you can get a rough estimate of what you might anticipate paying to run your WooCommerce store.

    You may save money on your WooCommerce-specific hosting plans with Bluehost's special promotion, which you can see below:

    • Basic: ₹169 per month 
    • Plus: ₹279 per month 
    • Choice Plus: ₹279 per month

    12. Volusion


  • Many payment options.
  • Excellent analytics software.
  • Mobile app.

  • Cannot market digital goods.
  • Lack of a blogging feature.
  • Inadequate assistance and aid alternatives.

  • Overview

    Volusion is one of the pioneering E-commerce website builders. Launched in 1999, it helps get your business online without the frills. Its website creation tools let you do all the basics, like build home pages and product pages, incorporate more than 30 payment channels and market a limitless number of products. However, using the function is occasionally challenging.

    Your inventory and analytics are simple to access and comprehend, allowing you to see how your online store performs and where it may improve. It also features native "recommended products" in its stores. A disadvantage of Volusion is that it cannot support the sale of digital goods. You should consider using a different builder to sell music, art, or ebooks. Volusion recently upgraded to "V2," a new operating system with several UX (User Experience) enhancements.


    We've determined that Volusion excels at only product sales. E-commerce tools are, therefore, good by default. Features of Volusion and a brief explanation of each in easy-to-understand language:

    1. Customisable Design: Volusion offers a range of customisable design options to help you create a unique online store that reflects your brand.

    2. Built-in Payment Processing: Volusion has built-in payment processing functionality so that you can accept a range of payment options from customers.

    3. Product Management: With Volusion, you can easily manage your products, including adding new products, updating inventory levels, and creating product variations.

    4. Marketing Tools: Volusion offers a range of marketing tools, such as email campaigns and social media integrations, to help you promote your store and reach new customers.

    5. E-commerce Analytics: Volusion provides various analytics tools to help you track sales, customer behaviour, and other critical metrics related to your online store.

    6. SEO Optimization: Volusion offers a range of SEO tools to help you improve your website's search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

    7. 24/7 Support: Volusion provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat, so you can get help whenever needed.

    Additionally, Volusion has a "recommended items" option. This is a significant victory against Shopify's competition, as they rely on third-party integrations to perform the same task. Volusion does not allow you to sell digital goods. This reduces the range of companies that ought to utilise it; for instance, if you're trying to sell music, ebooks, or digital artwork, you should go elsewhere.


    volusion design page

    The design team at Volusion offers distinctive E-commerce web design options to suit your company's requirements. Their experienced designers have a wealth of knowledge related to the E-commerce sector. Additionally, each one is well-versed in the Volusion platform.


    On the market, Volusion's price occupies a contented middle ground. You are paying for a dedicated E-commerce platform with a solid range of features, applications, and extras to help your business prosper.

    Although its pricing is fair, it could provide better value for the money. It also has some sneaky add-ons, such as paying for your SSL certificate. Nevertheless, Volusion deserves praise for eliminating bandwidth and transaction expenses.

    So what is the price of Volusion? You have a choice between four price plans:

    • Personal: $35 per month
    • Professional: $79 per month
    • Business: $299 per month
    • Prime: Custom

    13. Selz


  • Suitable for startups.
  • Easy to use.
  • Attractive model.

  • Limited features.
  • Unable to expand.

  • Overview

    Selz is an E-commerce builder aimed primarily at beginners. It's simple, easy to use, and helps you sell across multiple E-commerce channels to increase sales. However, if you are looking for advanced E-commerce features like a custom report generator and integrated shipping service, Selz is not the best choice.

    Selz is a unicorn of E-commerce platforms. You may set up a store wherever you want with a flick of the wrist (and a click of the mouse), utilising several alternatives, all of which are comparatively quick and simple. Finally, you can build up a whole store on Selz's web server if you only need a starting point.

    Selz is made with the needs of most small enterprises in mind and is suitable for entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, and artists. Moreover, because Selz is so simple to use, you can start selling immediately without knowing the differences between HTML and CSS.


    The feature set grows in size with each Selz price tier. Certain features are only offered with more expensive plans. Selz offers some characteristics:

    Multi-Channel Selling: Establish a presence online wherever you have one, be it a website, blog, or social media account.

    Products: With Selz, you can upload up to 25 product photographs with a video or audio preview to offer customers a good impression before buying.

    Selling physical and digital goods: Selz offers a variety of tools to make the process of selling digital goods more straightforward and safer. Use SEO tools to write meta tags, titles, and URLs for products and categories.

    View Reports: From your admin, keep tabs on your visitors and sales, including geolocation. Both Google Analytics and Bing Analytics are integrated with Selz.

    1. Easy-to-Use Website Builder: Selz's website builder is designed to be user-friendly, even for those without coding experience, making creating a professional-looking online store easy.

    2. E-commerce Functionality: Selz offers built-in E-commerce functionality, allowing you to sell products easily, manage inventory, and process payments in one place.

    3. Customisable Templates: Selz provides a range of templates to create a unique online store that reflects your brand.

    4. Digital Product Sales: Selz allows you to sell digital products, such as eBooks, audio files, and software, in addition to physical products.

    5. Marketing Tools: Selz offers a range of marketing tools, such as email campaigns and social media integrations, to help you promote your store and reach new customers.

    6. Shipping and Tax Calculations: Selz calculates shipping and tax costs automatically, making it easy to manage and calculate these costs for your products.

    7. 24/7 Support: Selz provides 24/7 customer support via email and chat, so you can get help whenever needed.



    There are 26 distinct themes for all Selz premium accounts. Elegant and image-focused, each theme is. I'm glad that all of the options are cost-free and mobile-responsive.


    On the market, Selz's price occupies a contented middle ground. You are paying for a dedicated E-commerce platform with a solid range of features, applications, and extras to help your business prosper.

    • Basic Plan: $29 per month 
    • Standard Plan: $59 per month 
    • Advanced Plan:  $199 per month 
    • Do it for me Plan: $599 per month

    14. 3dcart


  • Easy to configure.
  • Themes are responsive.
  • Easy to integrate with back-end systems.

  • 3dcart does not offer enough customization options. Unfortunately, this makes it relatively few opportunities for clients.

  • Overview

    3dcart is a straightforward shopping cart for retailers wishing to sell online. Its functionality is less extensive than other page builders, like Shopify or Wix. However, with its attractive prices, good sales reports, and mobile-friendly theme, it's a must-have builder for store owners who need to build a presence quickly. 

    While 3dcart has good E-commerce features, you don't get a lot of creative agency in your stores. Templates are limited, and generators can be difficult to use. Multiple payment options, all integrated into your store without coding. Over 90 free templates to get your website up and running. Integrate SEO features to improve site search visibility.


    Your E-commerce software must manage the work of keeping a business operating. Additionally, you need the appropriate tools to assist your operation and complete everything on schedule. Customers may easily quit your website if it lacks certain elements they have come to expect from it.

    3dcart's core features are pre-installed company management, inventory management, and customer focus solutions. These technologies make launching and managing an online business more accessible, communicating with consumers, and maintaining an organised list.

    1. Customisable Design: 3dcart offers a range of customisable design options to help you create a unique online store that reflects your brand.

    2. E-commerce Functionality: 3dcart provides built-in E-commerce functionality, so you can easily sell products, manage inventory, and process payments in one place.

    3. Product Management: With 3dcart, you can easily manage your products, including adding new products, updating inventory levels, and creating product variations.

    4. Marketing Tools: 3dcart offers a range of marketing tools, such as email campaigns and social media integrations, to help you promote your store and reach new customers.

    5. SEO Optimization: 3dcart provides various SEO tools to help you improve your website's search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

    6. Shipping and Tax Calculations: 3dcart calculates shipping and tax costs automatically, making it easy to manage and calculate these costs for your products.

    7. 24/7 Support: 3dcart provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat, so you can get help whenever needed.



    With 3dcart, business owners have complete control over many contemporary themes to create an environment they know their clients will enjoy. 


    You have a choice of four paid options after your 15-day free trial: 

    • Startup: $17.10 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Basic: $26.10 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Plus: $71.10 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Power: $116.10 per month (Billed Annually)

    15. Shift4Shop


  • The program has pretty much everything we need and stuff to grow.
  • The support people are great, helping out when needed and usually resolving my issues and questions within hours or less.

  • More hassle than it's worth.
  • No mobile app to sell on the go.
  • If you don't qualify for the free plan, it's relatively expensive.

  • Overview

    Shift4Shop (formerly 3DCart) has created a limitless E-commerce website builder for anyone looking for total control. Whether you prefer to start from a template and customise it to your liking or code and develop entirely from scratch, Shift4Shop provides everything you need to create a truly personalised online shopping experience. With its endless product options, comprehensive free plan, multichannel selling capabilities, product reviews, and one free year of domain name registration, Shift4Shop is one of the most fully equipped E-commerce platforms accessible.


    A lot of effort is put into maintaining a business running. In addition, you must have the right equipment to support your organisation and finish everything on time. Customers also have particular features they anticipate from your website, so they can leave if you don't have them. Shift4Shop technologies simplify starting and running an internet business, interacting with customers, and keeping an orderly list.

    In addition, many features help your business save money by preventing extra costs from switching to another E-commerce platform or buying the functionality from a third party. Shift4Shop offers a tonne of marketing tools; as a result, making it easier for you to connect with your consumers and encourage them to shop with you repeatedly. The possibilities go well beyond integrated SEO and automated email newsletter marketing.

    Here are a few of its features which we liked are listed below:

    1. Customisable Design: Shift4Shop offers a range of customisable design options to help you create a unique online store that reflects your brand.

    2. E-commerce Functionality: Shift4Shop provides built-in E-commerce functionality, allowing you to sell products easily, manage inventory, and process payments in one place.

    3. Product Management: With Shift4Shop, you can easily manage your products, including adding new products, updating inventory levels, and creating product variations.

    4. Marketing Tools: Shift4Shop offers a range of marketing tools, such as email campaigns and social media integrations, to help you promote your store and reach new customers.

    5. SEO Optimization: Shift4Shop provides various SEO tools to help you improve your website's search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

    6. Shipping and Tax Calculations: Shift4Shop calculates shipping and tax costs automatically, making it easy to manage and calculate these costs for your products.

    7. Advanced Features: Shift4Shop includes advanced features such as abandoned cart recovery, product reviews, and live chat support, making it a robust and versatile E-commerce platform.


    Shift4Shop design

    For most E-commerce platforms, Shift4Shop provides 110 free templates. Aside from DIY, they cover every sector. 


    Besides a 15-day Free Trial, Shift4Shop provides four monthly subscription tiers. As follows:

    • Basic Store: $29 per month
    • Plus Store: $79 per month
    • Pro Store: $229 per month
    • Enterprise Store: Custom pricing (contact Shift4Shop for details)

    E-commerce from beginning to end ($0 for US consumers) Shift4Shop offers a free bundle and four distinct price options for US-based stores. Shift4Shop is often less priced than Shopify and BigCommerce. Because of this, it's a desirable option for anyone searching for some powerful management capabilities at a lower cost—ideal for modest but aspirational web businesses.

     Fynd platform banner for free demo


  • is focused on e-commerce, evident through its suite of tools that provide next-level e-commerce capabilities.
  • Applications allow for further expansion options that result in a highly functional website.

  • The website builder isn't as powerful as Wix or Weebly and can get buggy and crash at inopportune moments. In addition, the user interface is decidedly archaic.
  • All package prices are much higher than most website builder platforms, solidifying as a business provider.

  • Overview gained recognition for its products and services. Previously known as Website Pros, it has expanded to include services beyond domain name registration and web building. Hosting, website builders, and internet shops are now offered. Although there isn't a free plan or trial, the starting pricing is so low that paying for a month to test it out won't cost you anything.

    It might take a lot of effort and research to choose the finest website builder for your company, or a brand might take a lot of effort and research. Building a website is now simpler and quicker thanks to recent significant upgrades to In addition, its editor has seen significant upgrades, moving to a row-based drag-and-drop structure that simplifies adding and rearranging items inside your design.

    Features provides all the resources you need to run your company, including email storage allowances surpassing 100GB. You can start advertising whenever you're satisfied with the appearance and feel of your website. The business takes pride in its internet marketing services, which let you advertise your business on Facebook through online searches and email campaigns.

    With single-click installations available for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, supports the most widely used open-source scripts. The uptime average for is 99.99%, which is a reliable level for most shared hosting customers and is the industry standard.

    1. Easy-to-Use Website Builder:'s website builder is designed to be user-friendly, even for those without coding experience, making it easy to create a professional-looking website.

    2. Customisable Templates: offers a range of templates to choose from, so you can create a unique look that reflects your brand.

    3. E-commerce Functionality: provides built-in E-commerce functionality to sell products quickly, manage inventory, and process payments in one place.

    4. Mobile-Friendly Design: All templates are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that your website looks great on any device.

    5. SEO Tools: provides various SEO tools to help improve your website's search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

    6. Marketing Tools: offers a range of marketing tools, such as email campaigns and social media integrations, to help you promote your website and reach new customers.

    7. 24/7 Support: provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat, so you can get help whenever needed.

    Design Design page has over 100 templates, all split by industry. So whether you’re starting a website for a restaurant, online commerce, or a portfolio, there’s something for everyone, even if some sectors only have one or two designs.


    Three "Website" (website builder) plans are available from All three have meagre rates for the first four weeks before returning to their regular monthly prices.

    • Website: $4.95 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Website + Marketing: $7.95 per month (Billed Annually)
    • Online Store: $13.95 per month (Billed Annually) doesn't stand out in this area for value for money; however, it isn't necessarily awful. Budget-conscious people will benefit from its reduced beginning pricing, but if you want to try it out, you'll need to commit to paying for at least the first month. Unfortunately, it also doesn't offer a free trial or plan.

    17. Blue Host

    Blue Host

  • Pricing: Their hosting plans are affordable for most users, especially starting.
  • Pricing: Their hosting plans are affordable for most users, especially starting.
  • Reliability - Power a large number of websites with minimal downtime.

  • Higher Domain Renewal Price The free domain renewal price is above average.
  • Upsell Addons: They have an aggressive upsell process upon signup. But you can easily disable SiteLock and all other add-ons if you don't need them.

  • Overview

    Bluehost is the most popular hosting package because it can help you get your website up and operating. Although shared hosting might be the cheapest option for beginners, it's not what you want to keep as your site grows. Dedicated hosting is more durable and dependable for high-site performance, while VPS hosting provides additional strength, flexibility, and control.

    Bluehost is a reputable hosting company because of its responsive customer service, high uptime, and cost-effective starting plans. Bluehost is a fantastic option if you're searching for traditional dependability. Because of this, we have rated it as the top overall hosting company available. In addition, Bluehost is the most excellent option if you're hosting a WordPress website.


    Check some of the best Bluehost features listed below:

    1. Mobile-Responsive Functionality: Bluehost's WordPress website builder automatically makes every website it creates mobile responsive look fine on tablets and mobile phones.

    2. WordPress Gutenberg Blocks: Similar to other website builders, Bluehost's WordPress website builder makes use of practical element "blocks" that let you put things like pictures, videos, quotations, forms, and more.

    3. Custom Fonts: Bluehost's WordPress website builder permits the usage of custom fonts if you are dissatisfied with the default fonts provided by WordPress.

    4. Slides and Carousels: The Bluehost Builder makes it simple to add slideshows and product carousels to your website's pages and blog posts.

    5. Blog Post Templates: Various blog post templates are included with all Bluehost plans, so you can effortlessly add blogs to your website.

    6. Forms: By using these, website owners may quickly add contact and login forms to their websites.


    Blue host

    Bluehost's WordPress website builder includes advanced design and interface components since it offers a simple site-building experience on the WordPress platform. These features make it easy for WordPress users to build and edit websites.


    Bluehost price options and offer suggestions for how to save costs as low as $2.95 a month. Bluehost's plans are discounted by up to 65%. But first, let me explain how Bluehost's price structure works so you may choose the package that best suits your needs and budget. Bluehost provides five distinct types of web hosting services.

    • Shared web hosting: Prices range from $2.95 to $13.95 monthly.
    • WordPress hosting prices range from $2.95 to $13.95 per month.
    • VPS hosting is $29.99 - $69.99 per month.
    • Hosting for dedicated servers ranges from $89.98 to $139.99 monthly.

    How to choose an online store builder

    Here are the main things to consider while choosing and narrowing down your top choices. Before looking for different E-commerce website builders, one must understand how to evaluate these options.

    Budget, Business Plans, and Pricing

    It's important to consider your budget and business goals when selecting an online store builder. Choose a platform that offers pricing plans that fit your budget and business needs, and consider any additional fees, such as transaction fees or monthly fees. Look for a platform that matches your business goals, whether you're starting a small online store or scaling up an established business.


    Customisation options are key when creating a unique online store. Look for a platform that offers a range of customisable templates to create an online store that reflects your brand. Ensure the platform offers customisation options for key elements such as colours, fonts, and page layouts and that you can easily update your store as needed.

    Website-Building Skill Level

    Look for an online store builder that is easy to use, even if you have no coding experience. User-friendly platforms that offer drag-and-drop features and pre-designed templates are good options for those without a website-building experience. If you have more advanced website-building skills, look for platforms that offer more customisation options and flexibility.

    Payment Gateways

    Payment gateways are essential for any online store. Choose an online store builder that provides multiple payment gateway options to make it easy for customers to pay for their purchases. Ensure the platform offers secure payment options and integration with commonly used payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, or credit cards.

    Designs and Models

    A range of designs and models is important when creating an online store. Choose an online store builder that offers a variety of designs to match your brand, as well as models that are optimised for different types of products, such as clothing or digital downloads. Make sure the designs are visually appealing and user-friendly.

    Technical Ability

    Technical support and guidance are important when setting up and managing an online store. Look for an online store builder with technical support and resources to help you set up and manage your online store. Ensure the platform offers helpful resources such as tutorials, forums, and customer support channels.

    Built-in Functionality

    Built-in E-commerce functionality is essential for any online store builder. Look for an online store builder with built-in E-commerce functionality to sell products easily, manage inventory, and process payments in one place. Look for features such as abandoned cart recovery, shipping options, and product variations.

    Limitations and Platform Policies

    Your E-commerce website builder may limit the number of goods you sell. Read and understand the platform's limitations and policies before selecting a platform. Some platforms may restrict the types of products you can sell or may have specific payment processing policies, so review these policies carefully. 

    Ease of Use

    A user-friendly platform is essential to manage and maintain your online store easily. Look for platforms that offer simple navigation, drag-and-drop functionality, and pre-designed templates to make the site-building process easier. This will help ensure that you can quickly build and maintain your store.

    Free Trial

    Many platforms offer a free trial period to test the platform before committing. Take advantage of this trial period to ensure the platform fits your business needs well. This will help ensure that you select the right platform for your business.

    Site-Building Skill

    Choose a platform that matches your website-building skill level. For those with no website-building experience, look for user-friendly platforms with simple design options. For those with more experience, look for platforms with more advanced customisation options.

     Fynd platform banner for free demo

    Best E-Commerce Platform For a Particular Product, Service, Or Sector

    Choose your product, service, or sector using the expandable sections below to learn which E-commerce platform is most successful.


    Any new business can get a terrific start with an E-commerce website. However, the best option for firms wishing to establish themselves without investing much money is selling online with a cost-efficient and user-friendly platform.

    • Fynd Platform
    • Wix
    • Squarespace
    • Square Online

    Large and Enterprise Business:

    You most likely already have a website. However, if you're considering switching, you'll need a robust platform with extensive analytics, handling large orders, and managing your shipping choices and marketing campaigns.

    • Fynd Platform
    • Shopify
    • BigCommerce

    Selling clothing, accessories, and appearances:

    Consider your internet store a storefront. It should have the most alluring appearance possible. Incorporate eye-catching product images with your mannequin displays and sale racks with coupon codes. Of course, you'll need a platform with beautiful themes to showcase your stuff truly.

    • Fynd Platform
    • Squarespace
    • Shopify

    Photographers and artists:

    Your website must accurately reflect your artistic style regarding online presence. Having a range of shipping options and selling digital versions of your work are essential features.

    • Fynd Platform
    • Squarespace
    • Big Cartel

    Drop shipping: 

    Offering things for sale through dropshipping is growing in popularity. Although some of the most powerful systems on the market support dropshipping, not all do. Multi-channel selling, management of shipping and invoices, and analytics are all powerful features and technologies that are crucial in this situation.

    • Fynd Platform
    • BigCommerce
    • Wix

    Digital Products: 

    Having your internet store for digital products is crucial for authority and trust more than anything else. Unfortunately, building a website for digital downloads can be difficult, and hiring a developer might be expensive. However, the platforms below make it easy to include everything you need in one location.

    • Fynd Platform
    • Square Online
    • Shopify

    Selling Books:

    You'll need a platform with some "best seller" capabilities to create a website that genuinely draws users in. Digital downloads, preview excerpts, and adjustable delivery prices are just a few features that will elevate your online store above being just a pretty face.

    • Fynd Platform
    • Online Square
    • BigCommerce

    Products Based on Services:

    You have many excellent options to accept payments online for your services. All bases are covered, regardless of whether you require a full-featured E-commerce solution or only a booking and payment system.

    • Fynd Platform
    • BigCommerce
    • Shopify


    Are you selling toys or technology? Phones or gadgets? An online store can help you bring all of your products together. Everything is managed through a single controller - an E-commerce website builder. Create a site using any platforms listed below to boost your sales.

    • Fynd Platform
    • Shopify
    • Square Online

    Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

    Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

    Best E-commerce Platform in Terms of Features

    We are proud of our findings. It distinguishes us from the competition regarding rating and reviewing website builders and E-commerce systems. Click on the expanded links below to learn more about the topics covered, why they're essential, and which platforms won in each category.

    Easy of Use:

    It can be helpful, but not all of us are computer experts. If you don't see the Matrix running across your eyes every time you start your laptop, you'll need an easy-to-use website builder. Simple to navigate, simple to modify, and simple to manage.

    How do we test this:

    Usability testing takes work. What is easy for you may be challenging for others. We tested this by asking ordinary people to create their online store on each E-commerce website builder. To make it fair, we used multiple people. Some people have decent computer knowledge, having used various E-commerce website builders. 

    And others with limited computer skills who have never heard of a website builder before, let alone used one! When creating their online store, people were asked to complete a task board and to note how straightforward or complex specific tasks were. These scores are then combined and averaged for each platform, giving us a final "easiness of use" score.

    Category Winner - Fynd Platform. Fynd Platform section-based template blocks and a sleek dashboard make editing and managing your store easy.

    Sales characteristics

    Website functionality deals with calendars, contact forms, and image galleries. You might need these things on your website, but they don't help you sell products. Selling features are things like abandoned cart recovery or the number of payment gateways offered - something that directly affects your revenue.

    The final selling feature can differ between a customer completing a transaction and leaving your site. They are essential to your success in the E-commerce world. How do we test this? More than simply checking if the platform has each feature, we want to know how good the quality is. Take the example of multi-channel integration. Omnichannel integration is a feature that allows you to sell outside of your website.

    How do we test this:

    We first checked if the platform has multi-channel functionality, then if so, how many different websites you can sell. We also considered whether the feature charges an additional fee, if it's built-in, or if you must add it through an app.

    Category Winner: Fynd Platform, One of the most powerful E-commerce platform systems accessible right now is the Fynd Platform. Its goal is to help you grow your business, and from what we've seen, there's no denying that. In addition, it has many sales features that are extensible without coding.

    Best for multi-currency: Fynd Platform, Fynd Platform "Multi-Currency" website allows you to display and sell your products in multiple currencies. In addition, the Fynd Platform supports various languages and will translate any text incorporated in one of its themes.

    Website Features:

    Everything is fine when prepared for sale, but what about the extras? Blogging, email marketing, and SEO are all tools that can help you grow your online store and increase door-to-door conversion.

    How do we test this:

    Like selling features, we like to see what's on offer and how good each element is. This time, let's use the domain name as an example: First, we wanted to know if you can buy domains directly from the platform. We then examined the cost and whether a complimentary one-year domain was offered. We also note how many variants you can have (i.e., .com,, .org, etc.) and whether you can transfer an existing domain to the platform. These gave us an overall domain score, just a fraction of the site's total feature score. Still with us? Great.

    Category Winner: Fynd Platform, Whether in charge of a tiny firm or a huge global brand, you will discover that most of the website components you need are already present.

    Best Affiliates for SEO: Fynd Platform gives you complete control over your online store's SEO. On each platform, you can edit the title and meta description, the URL slug, the title code, the image alt text, and more. They also offer keyword support, best practice reminders, and SEO-specific apps. 

    Design Functions:

    People use an E-commerce website builder to take control. However, they still want to maintain aesthetics. On the contrary, the design considers the themes offered by each platform and their level of customisation. Don't be fooled; looks matter!

    How we test this:

    It's an area that raises many questions. We want to know which website builders have the best themes, but also their functionality. So we spoke with branding, design, and UX (user experience) experts to understand what they think is essential for excellent web design. From there, we develop a list of criteria each platform's theme must meet. This helped us determine who had the "best" themes, but we wanted to know more.

    Category Winner: Fynd Platform, Fynd Platform offers a beautiful user experience when designing and personalising your store. It has a few attractive themes that automatically regenerate based on your chosen industry. Additionally, it provides a variety of custom design possibilities for your checkout and product pages.

    Worth the money and cheaper:

    Low-cost quality is what everyone wants. It is difficult to find, but we were determined to find the best deals. Pricing plans across platforms range from free.

    How do we test this:

    Pricing is important, so that's the first thing we look for: the average cost across each platform's pricing plans. Next, we checked the freebies - free trial, free program? Finally, we integrated the value aspect into our tests. 

    Category Winners: Fynd Platform

    We have a Fynd Platform, which has online all have identical ratings. They all offer free plans, low mid-range prices, and massive features for an affordable price.

    Help & Support:

    Few things frustrate you more than having a hard time when no one can help. So it's essential to have support, whether reading helpful instructions or picking up the phone and talking to someone about your problem.

    How do we test this:

    We start by exploring the support available (phone, email, live chat, etc.). Can you contact these services 24/7? To avoid crashing websites and broken keyboards, we also checked the recovery options and if there is an automatic backup feature. Finally, we researched the minimum price for at least three types of support and tested the Help Center's ability to answer common questions.

    Category Winner: Fynd Platform, Fynd Platform offers support for phone, live chat, forum, email, and social media. His instructions are very detailed and precise. Combine that with ease of use from the start, and you can be sure that Fynd Platform is great for beginners.


    This guide introduces you to seventeen top E-commerce platforms. You will save time on inferior platforms. Instead, you are ready to choose a first-class venue to build and sell your online store. We may have ranked these E-commerce platforms, but which one is right for you will rely on various variables.

    This article has shown how E-commerce systems can expand your online store by automating repetitive operations and giving you more time to concentrate on other things. Other facets of the company. That's why choosing the best E-commerce platform is essential - one that's flexible and has the right tools.

    Fynd Platform offer great value for money with quality template designs and sales tools you'll get for a reasonable price. At some point, it's about using the proper leverage to grow your business while saving your limited time. This is where E-commerce platforms can give you the right tools for success. 

    Remember that each platform on this list comes with a free trial or plan, so you can try any platform risk-free before deciding. So take advantage of this - your perfect E-commerce platform awaits, so get started today for a free trial!

    Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

    Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

    hero image

    What is an E-commerce platform?

    An E-commerce platform is an online program that helps you create your online store. All the necessary tools and features are integrated or via the platform's app centre. Everything from hosting to your custom domain, service, and support is available.

    How do online shopping platforms operate?

    You begin by selecting a theme from a list of available choices. This determines your website's layout. After that, you may add your items and content to the theme. Finally, you can monitor shipping, analytics, billing, and marketing information from a dashboard and manage your business.

    Can I make money selling online?

    arrow down

    Yes! You may continue selling online using Fynd Platform 30 days free trial.

    What are the top 5 e-commerce sites according to the number of buyers?

    Fynd Platform topped the list as the most well-liked E-commerce platform because of its comprehensive strategy. The two biggest non-E-commerce platforms are Wix and Squarespace, with Wix contributing to the creation of almost 388,000 shops. Other popular platforms are Square Online and BigCommerce.

    Is it simple for me to transfer e-commerce platforms?

    You must be able to export and import your items in bulk if you want to relocate your online store to another platform without difficulty. Fynd Platform, BigCommerce, Weebly, Squarespace, Zyro, Big Cartel, GoDaddy, and 3dcart support this functionality.

    If you choose a self-hosted platform or another online shop builder, things may get more challenging.

    What factors should I consider when analysing website builder platforms?

    Some important factors include ease of use, design flexibility, available features and integrations, cost, customer support, and scalability.

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