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How to access on Fynd Platform


Here, you can choose payment aggregators for facilitating transactions in the app. Moreover, you can also configure the payment settings.


Figure 1a: Payment Settings


Figure 1b: Payment Settings

Supported Payment Aggregators


Simpl is a credit-based payment method that supports 'Buy Now, Pay Later’.


Figure 2: Simpl Settings

What will you need to integrate Simpl: Key and Secret from your Simpl Merchant Account.


Juspay is a mobile payment platform that offers digital payment solutions. Juspay is not a Payment Gateway (like Citrus, CCAvenue, PayU) but it works with any gateway or aggregator with zero interference in the Merchant-PG relations.


Figure 3: Juspay Settings

What will you need to integrate Juspay: Key, Secret and Merchant Key from your JusPay Merchant Dashboard


Figure 4: Juspay Key


Mswipe card swipe machines are safe and secure and accepts all debit and credit cards. Mswipe provides mobile POS solutions for cards, QR and contactless payments.


Figure 5: Mswipe Settings

What will you need to integrate Mswipe: Key, PIN, Secret, User ID and Merchant ID from Mswipe


Figure 6: Mswipe ID


Razorpay is a payments platform which accept online payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, UPI, BharatQR and Wallets. Razorpay supports all payment modes with full payment lifecycle management.


Figure 7: Razorpay Settings

What will you need to integrate Razorpay: Key, Secret and Webhook Secret from your Razorpay Dashboard


Figure 8: Razorpay Key


Figure 9: Razorpay ID


PayUmoney supports wide range of options for making online payments via wallets, UPI, cards, and netbanking.


Figure 10: PayUMoney Settings

What will you need to integrate PayUMoney: Key, Secret, Merchant ID, Merchant Salt from your PayUMoney Dashboard


Figure 11: PayUMoney ID


Stripe is a payment processor that supports online payments, credit cards, recurring subscriptions and direct payouts to bank accounts.


Figure 12: Stripe Settings

What will you need to integrate Stripe: Key, Secret, Product ID, Webhook Secret from your Stripe Dashboard


Figure 13: Stripe Keys


Figure 14: Stripe Webhook


Rupifi enables businesses to avail credits and allows a 'Buy now, Pay later' system for making transactions and purchases. Fynd has partnered with Rupifi to provide credit to provide B2B credit for SMEs.


Figure 15: Rupifi Settings

What will you need to integrate Rupifi: Key, Secret from your Rupifi Dashboard

Payment Options

You can decide the payment methods that you want to make available to your users. This includes:

  • Online Payments - Supports debit and credit card payment, netbanking, wallets, UPI, and credit-based services.

  • Offline Payments - Pay at Store.

  • Cash on Delivery - Make a cash payment upon getting your order. Cash on Delivery (COD) is permitted only when:

    • The customer is a registered user. COD will not be available for guest users.
    • The delivery partner has the capability to collect COD payments upon delivery at a serviceable PIN code.
    • The COD amount is below the maximum threshold (see Cash on Delivery Amount Limit below).
  • Others - Pay at Counter

  • Lock Payment Mode - Depending on the option you have selected above (online, offline, COD, etc), you can narrow down further and fix the payment mode. For e.g., HDFC Netbanking. Now your customers will have to use HDFC Netbanking (only) for paying for an order.


The below 3 fields (Total COD Limit Per User, Total COD Limit Per Order, and Cash on Delivery Charges) are applicable only if a customer selects COD as his payment method.

  • Total COD Limit Per User - It is the total COD limit set for each user. This value should be greater than the Total COD Limit Per Order.

  • Total COD Limit Per Order - The maximum order value above which COD is not allowed. For e.g., if you set Total COD Limit Per Order as 5,000 INR, any order value that is greater than 5,000 INR will not get a COD option during checkout.

  • Cash on Delivery Charges - This is an optional field. If your customer wants to opt for COD as his payment method, this charge will be levied on his order during checkout. When the shipment gets delivered to the customer, he will have to pay the order amount which also includes this delivery charges.

Cash on Delivery at PIN Code level

Using this feature, you can activate/deactivate COD option for desired PIN Code(s). Click Configure and use following ways which are explained below.


Figure 16: Clicking Configure Button

Adding Individual PIN Code(s)


Figure 17: Adding Individual PIN Code(s)

  1. Select the country from the dropdown. Here, we have selected India.

  2. Add PIN Code and press 'Enter' key. Repeat the same step if you wish to add multiple PIN Codes.

  3. Click Activate to enable COD for added PIN Code.


    This method supports processing of maximum 10 PIN Codes. If you wish to process more than 10 PIN Codes, please use Bulk Action which is explained below.

Adding PIN Codes in Bulk

  1. Click Bulk Action.


    Figure 18: Clicking Bulk Action Button

  2. Click Download. It will download a CSV template file.


    Figure 19: Clicking Download Button

  3. Open the sample file.

  4. Fill details like Pincode, Country, and Is Active. Only 'activate' and 'deactivate' values are allowed for Is Active attribute.


    Figure 20: Details of PIN Codes


    Add 'activate' to enable COD for particular PIN Code or add 'deactivate' to disable COD for the same.

  5. Save the file in your system.

  6. Click Choose file to select the saved file from your system.


    Figure 21: Clicking Choose File Option

  7. Click Upload.


    Figure 22: Clicking Upload Button

  8. Click Proceed.


    Figure 23a: Clicking Proceed Button

    Please wait until its status changes to SUCCESS.


    Figure 23b: Status Success

    In this way, COD option is enabled for multiple PIN Codes using bulk action successfully.


You can click View all Pincodes to get a list of all active and inactive PIN Codes that you have uploaded to date.


There are other COD-related configuration present in Fynd Platform. Refer this document: Where to configure Cash On Delivery (COD)?