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Are you a startup looking to establish a strong online presence and accelerate your growth. Introducing Fynd for Startups – the ultimate solution to help you build, brand, and broaden your business in the digital world

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Launch Your Online Store

Craft a sleek and functional website that represents your brand, engages audiences, and drives conversions

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Create a website tailored to your brand ethos
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Facilitate smooth payments and logistics
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Manage inventory effortlessly

Optimize Digital Assets with PixelBin

Store, manage, and deliver digital assets efficiently while enhancing visual experiences

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Efficient storage and management of digital assets
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AI-powered transformations for superior web visuals
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Adaptable APIs for seamless integration

Streamline Data Transformation with Boltic

Empower your business with a no-code solution for data transformation and ETL pipelines

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Customize dashboards and metrics effortlessly
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Real-time alerts for market trends and insights
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Simplify data workflows for smarter decisions

Redefine Shopping with Instant Credit on Potlee

Instant credit, easy approval, and one-click payments for a hassle-free buy now pay later experience

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Introduce pay later and EMIs at checkout for end customers
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Get credit instantly with easy approval
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Increase sales and average ticket prices through financing options

Play, win and earn with Frolic

Your gateway to fun, earnings, and app-enhancing collaborations in gaming

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Enjoy seamless gaming with easy cash withdrawals
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Frolic Partners to work with third-party developers
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Frolic offers a variety of hyper-casual games to suit all preferences

Fynd for Startups Booster Kit

Discover a suite of startup-focused solutions designed to elevate your brand, expand reach, and streamline operations

Boost My Startup

Fynd Platform

User-friendly no-code e-commerce solution enabling businesses to create scalable online store in minutes

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20 Product Upload
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One-time Website Setup
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Premium Theme + 1 Year Subscription at just 50,000/year*.


Offering a variety of hyper-casual games, easy cash withdrawals, and live gaming tournaments for an interactive and rewarding experience

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Partner with Frolic for app expansion
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Integrate with 40+ Hyper casual games across various categories
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Third-party SDKs to integrate gamification into the apps


No-code big data ops tool to simplify & automate data workflows for smart insights & smarter decisions

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Collaborate effortlessly with unlimited Users
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1 Million Rows Per Month
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Unlimited Bolts/Pipes
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All types of Integrations


Real-time image transformations with automatic optimization, image URL, and storage for efficient image organization

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5,000 PixelBin Credits for Rs. 25000 /-
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1 year Validity
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1.6 TB Storage + Full access to all image transformations + CDN


Transforming the world of finance with Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service, providing instant credit and flexible repayment options

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No Documentation Required
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Seamless KYC process
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Access multiple lines of credit with ease
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Shop across various online marketplaces

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Fynd for Startups program, your startup must meet one of the following criteria:
Startup India Registered

Startup is registered with the Startup India initiative

Capital Raised from Registered Funds
Startup has secured funding from any registered funds within India

Comprehensive E-commerce Suite Tailored for New Age Startups

Experience excellence for startups with our comprehensive e-commerce suite, designed for rapid growth, a strong online presence, and sustained profitability

Build, Manage and Scale Your Startup

Build a distinctive online store, effortlessly expand your customer base, and streamline business management all from one user-friendly hub

Sleek, responsive and SEO friendly design
Delivery, logistics, and payment integration
Data analytics and staff management
List on Multiple Marketplaces

Expand your reach by listing products across various online marketplaces, maximizing success potential

Seamlessly connect with marketplaces like Myntra, Flipkart, etc.
Upload products across platforms with ease
Manage inventory, orders, data on single dashboard
Growth-Oriented Guidance

Unlock tailored growth strategies, SEO optimization, and branding techniques for your startup's unique needs

Tailored growth strategies
Improved SEO visibility
Strong branding support
Enhance Operations with Partners and Integrations

Explore our network of trusted partners and effortlessly integrate third-party tools to optimize your startup's workflows and drive success

Collaborate with trusted partners
Seamlessly integrate tools for efficiency
Optimize workflows with ease
Scale Business with Powerful Extensions

Wide range of e-commerce extensions/plugins to deliver the best online shopping experience to your customers

Tailored for inventory, marketing and customer engagement
Expand functionalities with versatile extensions
Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
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Here's what startups say about their experience with Fynd

Join the ranks of successful startups powered by Fynd and witness your business thrive in the digital landscape

Fynd Platform revolutionized our online presence. With its intuitive setup and powerful features, we quickly expanded our reach and boosted conversions.

- Founder, Inside Store

PixelBin's image optimization helped us create a visually stunning website, enhancing user engagement and loading speed. A game-changer for our startup!

- Founder, Fauxcreate

Boltic's no-code data solutions streamlined our operations and insights. We now make informed decisions faster, driving our startup's growth.

- COO, GrowthTech Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Fynd for Startups

What is Fynd for Startups?

Fynd for Startups is a comprehensive platform designed to empower startups with essential tools and resources for establishing a strong online presence, optimizing operations, and accelerating growth in the digital landscape.

How can Fynd for Startups benefit my startup?

Fynd for Startups offers a range of benefits, including assistance in creating professional websites, expanding product listings across marketplaces, tailored growth strategies, SEO optimization, and branding techniques.

Who is eligible for Fynd for Startups?

Startups that are registered with Startup India or have secured funding from registered funds within India are eligible to participate in the Fynd for Startups program.

What is Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is a user-friendly no-code e-commerce solution that enables businesses to create scalable online stores in minutes. It offers cutting-edge technology that ensures seamless experiences in order processing, inventory management, and secure payments, allowing sellers to prioritize business growth. Click here to visit Fynd Platform.

What is PixelBin and how does it enhance my online presence? is a platform that helps you store, manage, transform, optimize, and deliver digital assets efficiently. With its AI-powered technology, PixelBin enhances image transformations for superior web visuals, contributing to a visually appealing and engaging online presence.
Click here to visit PixelBin.

How does Boltic benefit my startup's data management?

Boltic offers a no-code solution for streamlined data transformation, empowering business users to customize dashboards, track key metrics, and build ETL pipelines effortlessly. It helps you make informed decisions, enhancing your startup's growth potential.
Click here to visit Boltic.

Is customer support available for Fynd for Startups users?

Yes, Fynd for Startups offers round-the-clock customer support to assist you with any inquiries or challenges you may face while utilizing the platform's features and resources.

How do I get started with Fynd for Startups?

Getting started is simple! Sign up for Fynd for Startups and embark on a transformative journey to elevate your startup's potential, optimize operations, and achieve growth in the digital world.