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33 Trending Products & Things To Sell Online 2024 (Highly Profitable)

33 Trending Products & Things To Sell Online 2024 (Highly Profitable)

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-Finding the right things to sell online is a key factor for success in E-commerce, regardless of where you are on your online business journey. Several niches are trending, from health and fitness to home décor and fashion. With the rise of social media, reaching your target market has become easier than ever. So, if you're searching for product ideas to sell online, read on! The number of E-commerce businesses has grown significantly, resulting in no shortage. If you want internet users to choose your website, you must cater to the high demand for online products.

Where You Can Find Popular Items to Sell Online?

Where You Can Find Popular Items to Sell Online?

To discover top-selling products, you need to search in the right places. Visit the following websites to identify the best-selling items online and generate business ideas:

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is the go-to resource for finding popular terms in your sector. It tracks international search trends and provides information categorised by date range, geo-location, category, search type (online search vs YouTube), and more. Its integration with Google Search is one of Google Trends' recent developments. Google has evolved into a platform where you can access the latest trending news based on your interests and search queries.

E-Commerce Marketplaces

E-Commerce Marketplaces

Various E-commerce marketplaces can provide you with information about trending products. These online retail websites feature dedicated sections for recently popular items. For example, Amazon's 'Movers & Shakers' webpage showcases the top-selling products across all categories hourly. Explore the 'Most Wished For' page to uncover the products individuals are considering for their next purchase. You can identify popular items among buyers by visiting Etsy's 'Popular Right Now' page. Learn more about trending items on Etsy using eRank, an SEO tool that reveals keywords generating significant search traffic.

Social Media Networking 

Social Media Networking 

Sellers who utilise social media outsell their competitors who don't by 78%. Social media platforms have become primary destinations for discussing products and gaining insights into what to offer as companies leverage social commerce and influencer marketing. Search for trending items on Twitter and Instagram using popular hashtags. Utilise Pinterest's search function to discover trending terms. Explore Facebook and Reddit for communities in popular niches. Observing these groups allows you to select which popular items to market to specific audiences.



Search for companies that are comparable to your own. Examine their offerings and services to identify areas for improvement. Instead of duplicating your rivals' strategies, analyse what sets them apart and whether it sparks any ideas for you. Pay special attention to foreign companies that resemble yours. Often, you'll encounter innovative concepts that neither your current business nor your competitors are likely utilising.

User Review

User Review

If you currently run a business (online or offline), look at your customer reviews. Savvy business people consider customer feedback and the reasons provided and act appropriately. For those who still need to get existing reviews, explore reviews of businesses and products in your niche. Identify common issues and pay close attention to customer complaints. Amazon makes it quite easy to find genuine consumer reviews.

E-commerce Platform

E-commerce Platform

E-commerce platforms utilise data analytics to identify the most popular items for online selling. Media can forecast demand by studying consumer behaviour to discover patterns and trends. By personalising the shopping experience and understanding customers' needs and preferences, platforms can recommend products they're more likely to be interested in.Moreover, platforms can use social media to showcase trending products. By harnessing the power of platforms like Twitter and Instagram, they can offer customers a real-time view of popular products and enable informed buying decisions.

Viral Product

Viral Product

Viral products have garnered extensive social media engagement and word-of-mouth promotion. Consequently, these items possess a sizable consumer base that can rapidly and successfully expand. Often, they capitalise on profitable product ideas; viral goods are advantageous for various reasons. They can generate significant interest and excitement due to their capacity to identify and align with current trends. If you aim to develop a product that could go viral, stay attuned to the latest trends. Your ability to swiftly recognise trends and design a product that caters to those needs can contribute to building a successful and popular product.

Offline Stores

Offline Stores

One of the primary advantages of offline stores is their ability to captivate shoppers with new products, setting them apart from online-only businesses. Upon entering a store, you encounter various products you might have yet to consider. Beyond the physical product display, offline stores enable customers to pose questions and receive expert advice. This aspect can provide a substantial advantage for shoppers in making purchase decisions. Additionally, offline stores offer a more personalised shopping experience, which can greatly attract customers.

Mouth Publicity

Mouth Publicity

Word-of-mouth publicity is one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing. Unfortunately, it's also among the most difficult to quantify. Nonetheless, there's no doubt that word-of-mouth can significantly drive awareness and sales for a product or brand. Several factors contribute to the success of word-of-mouth publicity, with trending being one of the most crucial elements. A product is more likely to be discussed and shared if it's trending. This, in turn, can lead to a snowball effect, propelling the product's popularity. If you intend to leverage word-of-mouth publicity to enhance your product or brand, ensure it's trending.



A recent study indicates that billboards can influence people to purchase new products. Conducted by a team of marketing experts, the research reveals that consumers are more prone to buying a product if they spot it advertised on a billboard. This tendency likely stems from increased trust in products showcased in public spaces. Moreover, billboards are typically positioned in high-traffic areas, ensuring more people come across the advertised product. So, watch for billboards if you're seeking inspiration for your next purchase!

TV & Radio Advertisements

TV & Radio Advertisements

TV and radio advertisements are excellent sources for discovering trending new products. Frequently advertised items often indicate what's currently popular. This offers inspiration for potential purchases or research. Of course, not all products advertised on TV or radio will gain popularity. However, if you see a product being broadcast multiple times, it's likely trendy and worth exploring. So, when seeking inspiration, watch TV and radio ads.

Digital Advertisements

Digital Advertisements

Digital advertisements hold the potential to reveal what's popular among others and what deserves our attention. Through such exposure, we often come across new products or services that warrant our awareness. In certain cases, these offerings can evolve into trends that shape our society. Deriving inspiration from digital advertisements isn't new, but it has gained significant momentum recently. With the ascent of social media, we're constantly bombarded with ads and posts showcasing the latest and greatest products. As a result, it becomes challenging to resist purchasing something everyone else is discussing.

Top Trending Products For 2024

Top Trending Products For 2023

Browse our best items for global selling to help launch or expand your business. These products are categorised based on significant consumer behaviour patterns for 2024.

  1. Wire Charger
  2. Power Bank
  3. Ashwagandha Supplements
  4. Smartphone Videography equipment
  5. Air Purifiers
  6. Nail extensions
  7. Baby Monitors
  8. Slip-on shoes
  9. Beard grooming kit
  10. Hair Oil
  11. Custom Keyboards Kit
  12. Workspace Furniture
  13. Kitchen Furniture
  14. Sofa Bed
  15. Rugs
  16. Vegetable Chopper
  17. Planters
  18. Resistance Band
  19. Bicycle
  20. Yoga mat
  21. Athleisure
  22. Wide leg Pants
  23. Corset
  24. LED Submersible Lights
  25. Scented Candles
  26. Beanies
  27. Portable Projector
  28. Bluetooth Speaker
  29. Smart Watch
  30. Temporary Tattoos
  31. Bookends
  32. Vegetable Chopper
  33. Neck Massager

1. Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

The wireless charger stands among the most sought-after items for online sales. The demand for cordless device-charging solutions is rising in a world steadily gravitating towards a wireless future. Enter the wireless charger. Wireless chargers have surged, offering users a convenient, cord-free method to power their devices. Beyond functionality, they also exude a sense of style and modernity. With the escalating demand for wireless chargers, the market for these products continues to expand. If you're searching for a high-demand product to sell online, wireless chargers present a compelling choice. Dive in to explore more about this trend!

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Pros/ Cons of selling online

  • Wireless charging is very convenient. You can just set your device down on a charging pad, and it will start charging—no need to fumble with cords or plugs.

  • Wireless charging is typically faster than traditional charging methods.

  • Many newer devices have built-in wireless charging capabilities, so you don’t need to purchase a separate wireless charger.

  • Wireless charging is often more expensive than traditional charging methods.

  • Wireless charging can be slower than traditional methods, depending on your charger.

  • Not portable as well as reliable.

    • Average selling price - $10- $15
    • Average monthly searches globally- 1,300,000 (“wireless charger”)
    • Related keywords & their volume- Best wireless charger, Wireless charger for iPhone, Wireless charger stand
    • Top Country - South Korea, United States, China, India
    • Suppliers- Alibaba, Ali express, eBay, Amazon

    2. Power Bank

    Power Bank

    Power banks currently stand as some of the most sought-after items in the market. They present a strong option if you're seeking a profitable product to sell. These trending items are experiencing significant demand, making them a lucrative choice. A portable charger, a power bank, allows charging your electronic devices while moving.

    This feature-rich product has garnered rising popularity due to its unmatched convenience. It's ideal for individuals who frequently use electronic devices and require on-the-go charging solutions. In an era of increasingly charged gadgets, a power bank has become an indispensable addition to the arsenal of tech-savvy consumers. The demand for such portable power solutions continues to grow, making power banks a prime choice for sellers.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

  • Your product can reach a wider audience because it's portable and easy to use quality as well as features like LED lights and solar panels.

  • You can sell power banks at a lower price point than brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, it can charge multiple devices at once

  • You have more control over your inventory.

  • You may have to deal with more customer service issues.

  • The product can be expensive, and shipping can also be costly, requiring more charge cycles to reach its full use.

  • There is more competition online, heavy and bulky.

    • Average selling price - $12.50- $24.86
    • Average monthly searches globally- 1,200,000 (“Power bank”)
    • Related keywords & their volume-  Best Power bank, Portable charger, USB charger, Battery pack
    • Top Country - United Kingdom, United States, China, India, etc.
    • Suppliers- Alibaba, Ali express, eBay, Amazon

    3. Ashwagandha Supplements

    Ashwagandha Supplements

    Ashwagandha, a renowned adaptogen, is a plant known for aiding the body in managing stress. Backed by various research studies, it's also linked to enhanced athletic performance and male fertility. Available in diverse forms, such as tablets, gummies, and powders, its popularity continues to surge. According to Google Trends, the search interest for "ashwagandha" has risen significantly in recent years.

    The product's visibility remains robust after gaining traction in mid-2022 and resurging in February 2024. Over the past five years, global Google Trends data for the search term "ashwagandha" underscores its popularity. Crafting an informed email marketing campaign highlighting the proven health benefits of this "super herb" can effectively promote it for your online venture. OptinMonster is an excellent tool for generating email leads and enhancing conversion rates. Utilise it to boost your online marketing efforts and drive results.

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    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

    2. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, improve cognitive function and reduce anxiety.

    3. There are many purported benefits of ashwagandha supplements, but it is still unclear if they are truly effective.

    1. Increased anxiety or insomnia.

    2. High sugar content.

    3. Mediocre return policy.

    • Average selling price- $10-$40
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 1,500,000 (“ashwagandha”)
    • Top countries- United States, India, Poland, UK, CAN, AUS
    • Ideal target audience- health and herbal medicine enthusiasts
    • Supplier suggestions- Medikonda Nutrients (USA), Onco India International (India),

    4. Smartphone Videography Equipment

    Smartphone Videography Equipment

    The convergence of affordable smartphones and accessible internet bundles has sparked a social media content surge in India. Platforms like Instagram Reels have transformed many users into amateur content creators. Investments in phone tripods, gimbals, and related equipment are budget-friendly and pragmatic. Such investments fuel creativity, increasing consumer interest and, consequently, increasing demand.

    When promoting essential equipment like tripods and gimbals, accentuate their user-friendly nature, durability, and practicality. Focus on presenting benefits rather than just features in your content. Considering launching an influencer marketing campaign? Collaborate with influencers such as vloggers, live streamers, and video artists these individuals align perfectly with the target audience for these products. Leveraging their influence can significantly boost your campaign's reach and effectiveness.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. The market is growing quickly.

    2. There is a lot of potential for innovation in this space.

    3. The margins on this type of equipment can be very high.

    1. Keep in mind shipping costs if selling heavy and bulky equipment.

    2. Make sure your product should have clear photos on the portal and the quality should be the same.

    3. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

    • Average selling price- $1,000-$1,500
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 1,500,000 (“Smartphone Videography equipment”)
    • Top countries- United States, India, Poland, UK, CAN, AUS
    • Ideal target audience- health and herbal medicine enthusiasts  
    • Supplier suggestions- Medikonda Nutrients (USA), Onco India International (India),

    5. Air Purifiers

    Air Purifiers

    Air purifiers play a pivotal role in cleansing polluted air, which can worsen asthma and allergies. Beyond this, they also combat odours and enhance sleep quality. Notably, some studies suggest that air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters might aid in guarding against COVID-19. Recent surges in Google Trends indicate escalating search interest in "air purifiers." 

    Its peak popularity in September 2022 underscores its sustained relevance throughout 2024. Air purifier costs vary based on features and the intended room size. Therefore, targeting the right audience becomes essential. For instance, compact models are ideal for those residing in studio apartments. Tailoring your marketing approach to different audience segments can significantly enhance your product's success.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. Selling air purifiers online can be a very profitable business venture.

    2. There is a growing demand for these products, and as more people become aware of the benefits of air purification, that demand is only likely to increase.

    3. It’s relatively easy to set up an online store. You can use an eCommerce platform like Shopify to get started.

    1. It can be a competitive market, so you must ensure your products are competitively priced.

    2. You'll also need to ensure that your website is up to scratch, as a poorly designed or out-of-date website will put off potential customers.

    3. Just be sure to do your research and price your products competitively, and you should be able to find success.

    • Average selling price: $50-$160
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 613,000 (“air purifier”)
    • Top countries: United States, Australia, United Kingdom
    • Ideal target audience: general public, health enthusiasts
    • Supplier suggestions: Smart Air (USA), Ausclimate (Australia), Alibaba

    6. Nail Extensions

    Nail Extensions

    Press-on nails offer a swift and cost-effective means of achieving manicured looks. They allow users to swiftly switch or remove their nails, safeguarding their natural ones. This trend encompasses one of the rapidly growing beauty segments. According to Google Trends, search interest in press-on nails has experienced substantial recent surges, culminating in a peak during September 2022.

    Over the past five years, global Google Trends data for the search phrase "press-on nails" underscores its enduring popularity. To stand out in the online marketplace, create distinctive press-on nail offerings. We recommend leveraging social media through photo and video content when marketing visually captivating trendy products like press-on nails. This strategy effectively engages potential customers and drives sales.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. There is a growing market for nail extensions.

    2. You can sell nail extensions at a lower price than in brick-and-mortar stores.

    3. There are fewer overhead costs associated with selling online.

    1. The competition is fierce.

    2. There is a risk of fraud and scams.

    3. Returns can be a hassle.

    • Average selling price: $24 -$46
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 2,900,000,000 (“Nail extension”)
    • Top countries: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, India, all over the world it is most demanding.
    • Ideal target audience: Females aged 15 – 65 with some men aged 18 – 50
    • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, Cos Lifestore

    7. Shapewear


    Shapewear constitutes a category of foundational garments used for body contouring. Introducing celebrity shapewear label SKIMS in 2019 catapulted "shapewear" searches to an all-time peak. Throughout 2024, the trend's resilience remains evident. Global Google Trends data for the search term "shapewear" has been collated over the past five years. 

    Transform this popular item into a strong contender by offering an extensive range of sizes and colours. SKIMS' popularity thrives due to its inclusivity, appealing to individuals of various ages. To promote your brand effectively, partner with bloggers and social media influencers. Invite them to conduct product reviews or showcase your apparel through images and videos. This collaborative approach enhances brand visibility and drives engagement.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. There is a huge demand for Shapewear, as more and more people are looking for ways to improve their appearance.

    2. Shapewear is a highly profitable product, with margins higher than many other products.

    3. Selling Shapewear online is a great way to reach a global audience.

    1. The Shapewear market has a lot of competition, so it can be difficult to stand out.

    2. Because Shapewear is such a personal product, it can be difficult to sell online without allowing customers to try it on first.

    3. There is a risk of returns if customers are unhappy with the product's fit.

    • Average selling price- $20-$70
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 216,000 (“shapewear”)
    • Top countries- United States, United Kingdom, Germany
    • Ideal target audience- fashion enthusiasts
    • Supplier suggestions- Shapewear Wholesale, Curvesline (UK), Leonisa

    8. Baby Monitors

    Baby Monitors

    Baby monitors facilitate parents or caregivers in monitoring their children from a distance. Various models offer mobile app integration, temperature monitoring, versatile angles, two-way communication, and night vision. Consistent high Google searches for "baby monitor" reflect ongoing demand. Based on historical search patterns, a significant decline in product demand isn't likely shortly. Over the past five years, global Google Trends data for the search term "baby monitor" underscores its sustained popularity. Collaborate with parenting influencers across social media, YouTube, and the blogosphere to effectively market this in-demand product. Highlight attributes that resonate with parents to drive interest and sales effectively.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. You can reach a large audience with your product.

    2. There are no geographical limits to selling online.

    3. It is generally easier and less expensive to set up an online store than a brick-and-mortar store.

    1. You may have to compete with large online retailers.

    2. There can be fees associated with setting up and maintaining an online store.

    3. You will need to manage inventory and shipping.

    • Average selling price- $30-$150
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 179,000 (“baby monitor”)
    • Top countries- United States, United Kingdom, Australia
    • Ideal target audience- parents and caretakers
    • Supplier suggestions- Alibaba, DHgate, Bebcare

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    9. Slip-on shoes

    Slip-on shoes

    Tying shoelaces can often be cumbersome and time-consuming. Slip-on shoes offer both comfort and ease of wear. Their versatility renders them suitable for both work and weekend getaways. Slip-on shoes enjoy a surge in popularity within the fashion world; especially this season well-suited for various occasions. Establishing a strong online presence proves advantageous when marketing slip-on shoes.

    With millennials and Generation Z turning to the internet for their fashion needs, footwear can't escape the digital realm. Slip-on shoes, blending style and practicality, complement a range of footwear categories. Leverage this versatility through category-specific Google Ads campaigns. Target long-tail keywords such as "slip-on shoes for hiking" to effectively reach your intended audience and drive sales.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. They're a trending product.

    2. They're stylish and functional.

    3. They're easy to sell.

    1. Slip-on shoes can be difficult to keep clean and look new.

    2. There is a risk of them being damaged during shipping.

    3. They may not be as popular as other types of shoes, so it can be difficult to sell them online.

    • Average selling price- $30-$150
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 1500,000 (“Slip on shoes”)
    • Top countries- United States, United Kingdom, Australia
    • Ideal target audience- parents and caretakers
    • Supplier suggestions- Alibaba, DHgate, Bebcare, Amazon,  Flipkart

    10. Beard grooming kit

    Beard grooming kit

    Tailored beard grooming kits prove to be a smart investment as the health and beauty industry expands its offerings to cater to men's needs. Campaigns like "No-Shave November," advocating well-groomed beards for charitable causes, contribute to increased grooming product purchases. Moreover, Google Trends indicates that the beard oil trend, which began in 2015, has persisted for several years. To educate and motivate your target audience, engage with specialised male influencers who frequently sport beards on social media. Their endorsement can effectively drive interest and sales for your grooming kits.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. Selling online allows you to track your sales and customers easily.

    2. This is a great way to build loyalty with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

    3. Online sales also offer the benefit of offering discounts and coupons to customers.

    1. One of the biggest challenges is developing a well-rounded product line that caters to all beard types.

    2. Another challenge is getting customers to return for future purchases.

    3. Selling beard grooming products online can be a successful venture if you take the time to overcome these obstacles.

    • Average selling price - $11.93 - $29.99
    • Monthly global Google search volume - 1,102,800,000 (“beard grooming kits”)
    • Top countries - United States, United Kingdom, Australia
    • Ideal target audience - Barbers, Males, Saloon
    • Supplier suggestions - Beardhood,, Amazon, Flipkart, Ali baba

    11. Hair Oil

    Hair Oil

    Hair oil is one of the most excellent methods to care for your hair and scalp. Oiling your hair has several advantages, including supplying it with the vitamins and minerals for enhanced hydration, smoothness, and shine. For those who routinely style their hair with dryers or curling irons, experts advise using hair oil. Google Trends indicates that the search interest in hair oil has remained relatively solid and consistent over the past five years. However, its popularity has reached new heights since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Based on the global Google Trends data from the last five years for the search keyword 'hair oil,' collaborating with beauty content producers on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram to launch an influencer marketing campaign could be beneficial. You can request that they feature your hair oil product in their content and highlight its benefits.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. Can reach a larger audience.

    2. More flexible pricing.

    3. No need to physically store the product.

    1. Can be more expensive.

    2. More competition.

    3. Requires a good understanding of digital marketing.

    • Average selling price- $11 - $50
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 116,000 (“Hair oil”)
    • Top countries- United States, United Kingdom, India
    • Ideal target audience- Hair care enthusiasts
    • Supplier suggestions- IndiaMART (India), Alibaba, Apollo, Wholesale (UK)

    12. Custom Keyboards Kit

    Custom Keyboards Kit

    Custom keyboard kits are unique because they allow people to build their keyboards from scratch. These kits are becoming increasingly popular among computer enthusiasts. Individuals can choose their keyboard's exact layout, switches, and keycaps with a custom keyboard kit. This enables them to create a keyboard that perfectly suits their needs, whether they're looking for a keyboard for gaming, work, or everyday use. Custom keyboards could be the perfect option if you want a new product to sell in your store. Their growing popularity is likely to be a hit with your customers.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. You can reach a larger audience online than in person.

    2. You can sell your keyboard at a lower price. Point online than in person.

    3. You can ship your keyboard to buyers anywhere in the world.

    1. You may have to pay for shipping costs.

    2. You may have to pay customs fees.

    3. You may have to deal with returns and refunds.

    • Average selling price- $50-$200
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 83,000 (“custom keyboard”)
    • Top countries- United States, Germany, United Kingdom
    • Ideal target audience: gamers, typists, mechanical keyboard hobbyist
    • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, Global Sources, DHgate

    13. Workspace Furniture

    Workspace Furniture

    Employers increasingly offer employees the flexibility of a hybrid work culture, even as offices reopen. This shift comes as they realise the potential savings associated with a workforce working from home. Consequently, certain pieces of home office furniture remain in high demand. For instance, the increased awareness of health issues related to prolonged sitting at work has driven a higher demand for items like standing desks. Moreover, the adaptable design of these desks allows users to adjust them to accommodate various seating positions.As a result, standing desks exhibit a strong market trend and are among the best-selling options compared to non-adjustable tables. This underscores the market potential for related products such as adjustable laptop tables and ergonomic office chairs.

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    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. You can find more furniture online than in physical stores.

    2. You can often find lower prices for furniture. Online than in physical stores.

    3. You can read reviews from other customers before making a purchase.

    1. First, you have to wait for the furniture to be delivered.

    2. You may have to pay for shipping handling.

    3. Another disadvantage is that the seller may have difficulty shipping the product to the customer's address.

    • Average selling price- $11.93 - $29.99
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 1,102,800,000 (“beard grooming kits”)
    • Top countries- United States, United Kingdom, Australia
    • Ideal target audience- Barbers, Males, Saloon
    • Supplier suggestions- Beardhood,, Amazon, Flipkart, Ali baba

    14. Kitchen Furniture

    Kitchen Furniture

    Planning the layout involving kitchen furniture is crucial to make the most of your new kitchen. It will make it easier for you to keep your space tidy, improve productivity, allow for spaces to unwind or socialise, and ultimately affect the ambience of your environment. Kitchen design is essential as it can enhance workspace efficiency and space utilisation. 

    With the availability of kitchen furniture online, creating a well-designed kitchen becomes easy. This will enable you to move around freely and conveniently access the necessary products. The design of your kitchen appliances is another crucial factor to consider, as it can influence how you prepare and cook food. Kitchen furniture is a fantastic option if you're looking for a high-demand item to sell online. To learn more about this, keep reading!

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. Greater Reach.

    2. Can provide more services to customers online.

    3. Expandability.

    1. High Competition.

    2. Less face-to-face interaction.

    3. Payment delays: In the case of online business, the funds are not instantly credited to your account.

    • Average selling price-$100 to $1,200.
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 100 to 1,000  (“kitchen furniture”)
    • Top countries- United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia.
    • Ideal target audience-  general population, restaurants, chiefs
    • Supplier suggestions- Amazon,  Flipkart, Ali baba. 

    15. Sofa Bed

    Sofa Bed

    Running an online store for sofa beds can be highly rewarding. Earning money is especially beneficial when the income generated surpasses the expenses associated with purchasing, operating, or producing goods. An online sofa bed store has the potential to elevate your business to heights that traditional brick-and-mortar stores often struggle to reach, even though they may seem limited due to their inability to showcase and offer their products to diverse customers. You can tap into the global market to enhance consumer engagement and foster brand loyalty for your store.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. The average profit margin for your online sofa bed store is around 40%, which is very significant and enables you to expand your company and simply control expenditures.

    2. The typical length of time it takes to build your product is only 7 months. You'll be able to launch your product more quickly online and capture a greater market.

    3. Ecommerce Online retail is expanding quickly.

    1. Inaccurate Images.

    2. There is no way to guarantee the quality.

    3. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, they may have difficulty returning it or getting a refund.

    • Average selling price-$1,800 - $4,000.
    • Monthly global Google search volume-  794,000(“ sofa bed”).
    • Top countries- United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia.
    • Ideal target audience- homeowners, Hotels, etc.
    • Supplier suggestions- Birlea (UK), Alibaba, Indotrading (Indonesia).  

    16. Vegetable Chopper

    Vegetable Chopper

    In Indian kitchens, convenience is the new keyword. These useful tools save customers significant time and energy when cooking, helping them balance work and domestic tasks. Competitively priced dishwasher-safe vegetable choppers and easy-to-clean after-use are in high demand. According to Google Trends, search volumes have increased recently, which is anticipated to continue into 2022. Advertisements for this product, whether in creatives or films, should emphasise the chopper's ease of use, time-saving benefits, multi-functionality, and durability. Additionally, target your advertising towards customers who have recently purchased kitchen utility products, such as those next on the list.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online   

    1. You can invest as much time as you wish in the company. You can start small and run the entire company independently if you enjoy the work and have some prior expertise.

    2. No need to have the item physically stored.

    3. Selling on these websites enables small businesses to take immediate and effective care of their customers.

    1. There will always be several vendors with comparable product offerings. Various retailers give discounts and freebies to their customers to boost sales and revenue.

    2. Delays in delivery or payments.

    3. Greater emphasis on the product than on the brand.

    • Average selling price- $21.99 to $24.99
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 1000 to 100,000 (“vegetable chopper”)
    • Top countries- United States, Bhutan, Canada, India etc.
    • Ideal target audience-  Women, men, house makers,chief etc
    • Supplier suggestions- Chopper manufacturers & OEM manufacturers, Amazon, Alibaba, Jio mart etc.

    17. Planters


    Planters have a long history and are thriving online. Indoor plants have taken over households, with plant enthusiasts finding solace in this pandemic-related pastime. Not only does it offer physical and mental health benefits, but it also boasts a low entry barrier. The act of nurturing growth became a remedy for moments that felt stagnant. More online plant outlets have emerged from garages and garden sheds in response to the continuous and unrelenting demand. Selling plants online could be more valuable than you realise, especially if you possess a green thumb. The time is ripe if you've ever contemplated entering the online plant market.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online             

    1. Little costs required: Compared to most businesses, starting an online plant store is substantially less expensive.

    2. An online Plant store incentivises visitors to visit and return to your website, which increases traffic.

    3. There is no limit to how much money you can generate from opening an online plant store. The more effort and time you put into and improve your business skills, the more money you'll make.

    1. Time-Consuming: You should invest a lot of time in market research because there is a lot of competition for your online plant store..

    2. An online Plant store incentivises visitors to visit and return to your website, which increases traffic.

    3. You normally pay self-employment taxes as an online plant retailer, which can be extremely expensive.

    • Average selling price- $17.98 to $45.99.
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 5400-8100 (“Planters”)
    • Top countries- Germany, France, Italy, Spain, U.K, India etc.
    • Ideal target audience- Women, house maker, parents etc.
    • Supplier suggestions- Amazon, Flipkart, Ali baba, Greenkin etc  

    18. Resistance Band

    Resistance Band

    Although various resistance bands exist, they all fall under the same category. While they serve slightly diverse purposes, we can simplify matters by discussing them. Flat or tubular resistance bands are essentially "bands." Originally, they were designed to aid individuals in returning to exercise after injury through rehabilitation. Initially utilised in physiotherapy sessions during the 1990s, it's only recently that they have gained popularity as a training tool. You'd likely be surprised if you have not encountered them in your local gym or on Instagram! The use of resistance bands has significantly increased recently, and we will delve into the reasons for this later in this post. These bands are primarily used in place of or complement heavy-weight resistance exercises.

    Pros/Cons of selling online

    1. You can reach a larger audience. It is easier to connect with customers.

    2. You can connect with customers from anywhere in the world.

    3. There are no geographical boundaries.

    1. You need to have a good internet connection.

    2. You need to have a good product.

    3. You need to have good customer service.

    • Average selling price-  $12- $50
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 141,288
    • Top countries- USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa.
    • Ideal target audience-  Individuals with respiratory problems
    • Supplier suggestions- Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc.

    19. Bicycle


    Most bicycles consist of basic parts, including a seat, pedals, gears, handlebars, wheels, and brakes mounted on a frame. Additionally, a gear shifter is present in the majority of designs. The rider propels the pedals with their feet, causing them to rotate in a circular motion. As a result, the chain moves, turning the bike's rear wheel and propelling the cyclist forward. Because the handlebar and front wheel are interconnected, turning the handlebar in either direction results in the front wheel pivoting, thus steering the bicycle.

    Cycling, often called riding a bicycle, is a widespread mode of transportation in many parts of the world. Utility cycling is a widely favoured form of cycling, serving as both a practical means of transportation and a popular pastime. Furthermore, it offers a low-impact, beneficial workout. Road cycling is the second-most-watched spectator sport globally. Cycling is the most energy-efficient mode of transportation per mile.

     Fynd platform banner for free demo

    Pros/Cons of selling online

    1. The ability to reach a larger audience.

    2. The convenience of having the bicycle delivered to the customer's door.

    3. Lower costs associated with selling online.

    1. The potential for fraud.

    2. The difficulty of returns and exchanges.

    3. The need to have a strong online presence.

    • Average selling price-  $300 to $10,000
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 89300000 (“Bicycle”)
    • Top countries- Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland
    • Ideal target audience- University Students, University Employees, Greater Metroburg Population
    • Supplier suggestions-  Jumbotail, Elastrium, IndiaMART, Chemx, Infra.Market

    20. Yoga Mat

    Yoga Mat

    It's no secret that the sale of yoga mats has recently surged. But what's behind this increase? People may be becoming more health-conscious and seeking ways to stay fit. Or it's because yoga provides an excellent method to relieve stress and find inner peace. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: yoga mats have secured their place. In 2024, we anticipate the upward trajectory of yoga mat sales to persist. A significant trend we're witnessing is the growing popularity of yoga. More individuals are turning to yoga to unwind and alleviate stress. Consequently, yoga mats are becoming a sought-after fitness product. If you're seeking a trending product to sell, yoga mats are an excellent choice.

    Pros/Cons of selling online

    1. You can reach a larger audience. It is easier to connect with customers.

    2. You can connect with customers from anywhere in the world.

    3. There are no geographical boundaries.

    1. Yoga mats can be heavy and bulky, so that shipping can be expensive.

    2. There is a lot of competition in the online yoga mat market.

    3. You Need to invest in good-quality photos and create compelling product descriptions.

    • Average selling price- $10.76 to $ 11.37 
    • Monthly global Google search volume- 38000000 (‘Yogamat”)
    • Top countries- India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea
    • Ideal target audience-  Health & fitness oriented, Mostly young women in their 20's & 30's
    • Supplier suggestions-  IndiaMART,, Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart.

    21. Athleisure


    Sportswear has made its mark in fashion, largely due to well-known companies like Lululemon. Fashion experts have coined the term "athleisure" to describe this trend. Athleisure clothing is popular because it effortlessly combines comfort and style. According to Google Trends statistics, search traffic for "athleisure" has consistently remained high. You can offer various athletic apparel categories online, including sports bras, T-shirts, gym shorts, and leggings. Consider sourcing them bulk from clothing retailers such as CHRLEISURE, Dilvin, and Rae Mode.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. Athleisure is a growing market, so there is potential for high sales. .

    2. You can sell athleisure 24/7 with an online store.

    3. There are no physical space limitations with an online store.

    1. The potential for fraud.

    2. The difficulty of returns and exchanges.

    3. Athleisure is a seasonal market.

    • Average selling price: $20-$40
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 74,000 (“athleisure”)
    • Top countries: United States, India, United Kingdom
    • Ideal target audience: fashion and sports enthusiasts
    • Supplier suggestions: BELLA+CANVAS (USA), IndiaMART (India), Fire Label (UK)

    22. Wide-Leg Pants

    Wide-Leg Pants

    Both jeans and wide-leg clothing have made a comeback recently. They complement nearly every body type, offering comfort and style. For women, wide-leg trousers can elongate their legs and accentuate their waistlines. According to Google Trends, interest in "wide-leg trousers" has steadily increased over the past few months, reaching all-time highs. Wide-leg pants come in various styles. When promoting this popular item in your online store's collection of wide-leg pants, ensure you target the appropriate demographic. Formal wide-leg pants might resonate well with businesspeople and office employees, making them the ideal target audience.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. You can reach a global audience with your wide-leg pants. You can sell 24/7/365.

    2. You have control over your pricing.

    3. You can build a brand around your wide-leg pants.

    1. You will need to invest in good-quality photos.

    2. You will need to create size charts.

    3. You may need to deal with returns and exchanges.

    • Average selling price: $15-$50
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 124,000 (“wide leg pants”)
    • Top countries: United States, Australia, India
    • Ideal target audience: fashion enthusiasts
    • Supplier suggestions: Wholesale Fashion Square (USA), DHgate, IndiaMART (India)

    23. Corsets


    Corsets stands out as one of the most unique and popular fashion items. This vintage fashion piece, once associated with oppression, has now been reclaimed to symbolise empowerment. Fashion experts predict that corsets will remain a staple of fashion in 2022. The search volume for "corsets" peaked in late 2021 and remains consistently popular.

    In modern times, many individuals wear corsets as outerwear, a departure from their original purpose as undergarments. To attract customers, consider crafting your corsets in distinctive, personalised patterns. Afterwards, promote these products as statement pieces.

    Pros/ Cons of selling online

    1. Selling corsets online gives you a wide reach.

    2. You can sell to customers worldwide, which is a major advantage over selling in brick-and-mortar stores.

    3. You'll also have more control over your inventory. You can offer a wider range of sizes and styles.

    1. Shipping can be costly and complicated.

    2. You'll need to put extra effort into marketing your products..

    • Average selling price: $15-$60
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 717,000 (“corset”)
    • Top countries: United States, Brazil, United Kingdom
    • Ideal target audience: fashion enthusiasts
    • Supplier suggestions: CorsetDeal (USA), Corsets Fly, Alibaba

    24. LED Submersible Lights

    LED Submersible Lights

    LED submersible lights have gained popularity among those who seek to add ambience to their pools or hot tubs. The demand for these lights has risen significantly due to their versatility in creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere in various water settings. These lights have established a strong online E-commerce presence, offering diverse options to cater to every preference and budget.

    The surge in the popularity of LED submersible lights can be attributed to the influence of social media, where numerous influencers feature these lights in their videos and photos. Consequently, many individuals invest in these lights to elevate their outdoor living spaces and create a memorable experience. In summary, LED submersible lights make an exceptional addition to any pool or hot tub setup, serving as a must-have for those aiming to craft a beautiful and tranquil environment.

    Versatile- LED submersible lights can be used in various settings, including pools, hot tubs, and fountains.

    Aesthetically pleasing- These lights can add a unique and visually appealing element to any water feature, enhancing the overall ambience.

    Energy-efficient- LED lights are energy-efficient, consuming less power and reducing electricity costs..

    Waterproof- LED submersible lights are designed to be waterproof and safe to use in water.

    Durable- These lights are generally made from sturdy materials that can withstand regular use and exposure to water.

    Initial cost: LED submersible lights can be expensive, especially if you opt for high-end models with advanced features.

    Installation- Some models may require professional installation, which can add to the overall cost.

    Limited lifespan - Although LED lights are generally long-lasting, they may need to be replaced after a certain period, which can be a hassle.

    Maintenance - Maintaining these lights can be challenging, particularly if they are used frequently and exposed to harsh weather conditions.

    Battery life - Some models may have limited battery life, requiring frequent recharging or replacement.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $55-$80
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 15000 (“LED submersible lights”)
    • Top countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
    • Ideal target audience: Decor Lovers

    25. Scented Candles

    Scented Candles

    Scented candles have become trendy, especially during winter when people spend more time indoors. The demand for these candles has increased significantly due to their ability to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in any room. These candles dominate the online E-commerce market, with many options for every preference and budget. The popularity of scented candles has surged due to the rise of social media, with many influencers showcasing these candles in their videos and photos. As a result, more and more people are purchasing scented candles to enhance their living spaces and create a unique and memorable experience. Overall, scented candles are an excellent addition to any home and a must-have for those who want to create a warm and inviting ambience.

    Aesthetically pleasing- Scented candles can add a unique and visually appealing element to any room, enhancing the overall ambience.

    Creates a relaxing atmosphere- These candles can help create a calm and peaceful environment, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

    Variety of scents- Scented candles come in a wide range of fragrances, allowing you to choose the perfect scent to suit your mood or occasion.

    Cost-effective- Candles are relatively inexpensive compared to other home decor items, making them an affordable way to decorate and enhance your living space.

    Easy to use- Scented candles are easy to use and require no special equipment or maintenance.

    Fire hazard: Scented candles can be a fire hazard if left-tended or placed too close to flammable materials.

    Health concerns- Some scented candles may contain harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory issues and trigger allergies in some people.

    Limited lifespan - Candles have a limited lifespan and may need to be replaced frequently, which can add to the overall cost.

    Wax spills - Accidental wax spills can be difficult to clean up and damage furniture or other surfaces.

    Soot production - Some candles may produce soot when burned, which can leave residue on walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $2 -$3
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 89000 (“Scented Candles”)
    • Top countries: United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia
    • Ideal target audience: Commercial and Residential sectors.

    26. Beanies


    Beanies have become a highly popular winter accessory, offering both fashion and functionality. They are a stylish choice for celebrities, fans, and followers alike. While the beanie demand decreases during summer, it is still a consistent and trending product. Preparing to sell beanies before the winter season can give businesses an early advantage in the market. With a wide range of colours, designs, and materials, beanies offer versatility and appeal to a broad audience. Overall, beanies are a trendy accessory that can add a unique touch to any winter wardrobe.

    Wide audience reach- Selling beanies online allows you to reach a wider audience, including customers from different cities, states, or countries.

    Lower overhead costs- Online businesses typically have lower overhead costs than brick-and-mortar stores, allowing you to save money on rent, utilities, and other expenses.

    Flexibility- Online businesses offer greater flexibility regarding working hours and location, making managing your business around other commitments easier.

    Greater control over inventory- Selling beanies online allows you greater control over your inventory, including adjusting prices and quantities based on demand.

    Convenient for customers- Online shopping is convenient for customers who can easily browse and purchase beanies from their homes.

    High competition- Online marketplaces are highly competitive, making it challenging to stand out and attract customers.

    Technical difficulties- Running an online business requires technical skills such as website design, SEO, and digital marketing, which can be challenging for some entrepreneurs.

    Shipping and handling costs - Shipping and handling costs can add up quickly, especially for international orders, affecting profit margins.

    Customer trust issues - Online shoppers may have trust issues with new or unknown brands, which can affect sales.

    Product quality concerns - Customers may have concerns about the quality of beanies purchased online, leading to potential returns or negative reviews.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $2 -$3
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 95000 (“Beanies”)
    • Top countries: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia
    • Ideal target audience: Fashion lovers

    27. Portable Projector

    Portable Projector

    In today's fast-paced world, the desire for convenience and mobility has driven innovation in countless industries. One such area experiencing a surge in popularity is portable projectors. These handy devices have revolutionised how we consume visual content, allowing us to project our favourite movies, presentations, or even gaming sessions onto a blank wall with screen sizes up to 120 inches. 

    Gone are the days of lugging around heavy monitors or limiting ourselves to small screens; portable projectors are here to stay. According to Google Trends data, the interest in portable projectors has steadily risen over the past few years, with search volumes reaching new heights. This growing interest can be attributed to various factors, including technological advancements, reduced prices, and increased versatile models available. As of 2024, the global portable projector market was valued at approximately $1.9 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% between 2024 and 2028, highlighting the immense potential of this trending product category.

    Mobility and convenience- One of the primary benefits of portable projectors is their compact size and lightweight design. This makes them easy to carry around, enabling you to project content in various locations without hassle.

    Easy setup- Portable projectors often feature simple plug-and-play functionality, requiring minimal setup effort. This means you can quickly and easily start enjoying your content, whether at home, in the office, or even outdoors.

    Large screen experience - With the ability to project images and videos onto surfaces up to 120 inches, portable projectors allow you to enjoy a large screen experience without needing a dedicated home theatre setup.

    Versatility - Portable projectors can be used for various purposes, from movie nights and gaming sessions to business presentations and educational purposes.

    Energy-efficient - Many portable projectors are designed to consume less power than traditional projectors, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly..

    Limited brightness- Portable projectors typically have lower brightness levels than their larger counterparts. This means they may not perform as well in brightly lit environments or when projecting content with high levels of detail.

    Lower resolution- Some portable projectors may not offer high-definition resolutions, which could result in less crisp and clear images. This may not be suitable for those seeking the highest quality visuals.

    Built-in speakers- While many portable projectors come with built-in speakers, they are often less powerful than external sound systems. You may need additional audio equipment for a more immersive audio experience.

    Battery life- Depending on the model, the battery life of portable projectors can vary significantly. Some may require frequent recharging or a constant power source, which could limit their portability.

    Price- High-quality portable projectors can be expensive compared to other entertainment options like televisions or computer monitors. It's essential to weigh the benefits against the cost when purchasing.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $31 -$49
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 39000 (“Portable projectors”)
    • Top countries: United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada
    • Ideal target audience: Consumer Electronics
    • Supplier suggestions: CAIWEI Official Store, Egate Infotel Private Limited, Era Solutionz, AWOL Vision, CINEMOOD

    28. Bluetooth Speaker

    Bluetooth Speaker

    Recently, Bluetooth speakers have taken the world of audio by storm. These compact and versatile devices have become synonymous with convenience, allowing users to enjoy Their favourite tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks without the constraints of wires. With the advent of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, wireless speakers now boast enhanced connectivity, a longer range, and improved audio quality, making them an irresistible choice for audiophiles and casual listeners.

    Google Trends data reveals a steady increase in interest in Bluetooth speakers over the past few years, with search volumes reaching impressive levels. This growth in popularity can be attributed to continuous advancements in technology, competitive pricing, and the ever-expanding range of available models to suit every taste and budget. As of 2024, the global Bluetooth speaker market was valued at approximately $8.5 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.7% between 2024 and 2028, showcasing the massive potential of this trending product category.

    Wireless convenience- Bluetooth speakers eliminate messy cables, providing a clutter-free audio experience and easy connection to various devices.

    Portability- Most Bluetooth speakers are compact and lightweight, making them perfect for on-the-go listening, whether you're at the beach, the park, or a backyard BBQ.

    Easy setup- Pairing your Bluetooth speaker with your device is usually a simple and quick process, allowing you to start enjoying your music in no time.

    Versatility - Bluetooth speakers can be used with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, making them suitable for various purposes, from parties to conference calls..

    Wide range of options - The Bluetooth speaker market offers a diverse selection of models, catering to different preferences in design, features, and price points.

    Battery life- While some Bluetooth speakers offer impressive battery life, others may require frequent recharging, which could be inconvenient for users.

    Audio quality- Depending on the model, the audio quality of Bluetooth speakers can vary significantly. Lower-priced models may not provide the same level of sound quality as more expensive options.

    Range limitations- Although Bluetooth 5.0 technology has improved connectivity range, it may not be enough for some users, especially in larger spaces or when walls and other obstacles are present.

    Compatibility issues- While most devices are compatible with Bluetooth speakers, some older devices may not support the latest Bluetooth technology, which could lead to connectivity issues.

    Signal interference- In areas with numerous wireless devices or electrical appliances, Bluetooth signals may suffer from interference, causing audio disruptions or connectivity problems.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $29-$60
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 2100000 (“Smart Watch”)
    • Top countries: United States, India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Thailand
    • Ideal target audience: Consumer Electronics
    • Supplier suggestions: Berachah, Inc, Dialectic Distribution, Starlite International, Tri-magnetics Corp, Mcneil Enterprises

    29. Smart Watch

    Smart Watch

    In the ever-evolving world of wearable technology, smartwatches have emerged as the latest must-have accessory. With tech giants like Samsung and Apple leading the charge, these stylish and feature-packed devices have become increasingly popular among consumers. Despite the dominance of premium brands, the market for affordable smartwatches remains ripe with opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs seeking to cater to budget-conscious consumers.

    Google Trends data illustrates a sustained growth in interest in smartwatches over the past few years, with search volumes reaching remarkable heights. This increasing demand can be attributed to continuous technological advancements, improved design aesthetics, and the expanding range of functionalities these devices offer. As of 2024, the global smartwatch market was valued at approximately $33.7 billion and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.1% between 2024 and 2028, highlighting the immense potential of this trending product category.

    Multifunctionality- Smartwatches provide a wealth of features, such as fitness tracking, notifications, GPS navigation, and music control, all conveniently accessible from your wrist.

    Customizability- Many smartwatches offer customisable watch faces and interchangeable bands, allowing users to personalise their devices to match their style and preferences.

    Health monitoring- Advanced sensors in smartwatches enable users to track various health metrics, such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and daily activity levels, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

    Convenience - Smartwatches allow users to view notifications, respond to messages, and even make phone calls without needing to take out their smartphones, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

    Compatibility - Most smartwatches are compatible with popular smartphone operating systems, such as Android and iOS, ensuring a broad range of users can enjoy their benefits.

    Battery life- Due to the numerous features and constant connectivity, smartwatches often require daily charging, which can be inconvenient for some users.

    Price- High-quality smartwatches can be expensive, especially those produced by well-known brands, potentially limiting their accessibility to budget-conscious consumers..

    Limited standalone functionality- While smartwatches offer many features, they often rely on a paired smartphone for full functionality, which could be a drawback for users seeking a more independent device.

    Durability- Some smartwatches may not be as durable as traditional watches, particularly regarding water resistance and overall build quality, which could concern users with active lifestyles.

    Learning curve- For those new to wearable technology, a learning curve may be involved in navigating a smartwatch's various features and settings.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $3-$50
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 460000 (“Bluetooth Speaker”)
    • Top countries: United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands
    • Ideal target audience: Wearable Electronics
    • Supplier suggestions: Amazon Halo, Garmin, Pebble, Fossil. Polar

    30. Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoos

    As more and more people seek to showcase their unique styles without the permanence of traditional tattoos, temporary tattoos have emerged as a popular alternative. These trendy, temporary body art options cater to individuals who want to experiment with different looks without any long-term commitment. With their excellent profit margins, temporary tattoos make a fantastic addition to your store's product lineup.

    Google Trends data reveals that the interest in temporary tattoos has experienced ups and downs over the past few years, with a dip expected shortly. This dip in demand may lead to lower prices, making it even more appealing for consumers to try temporary tattoos. As of 2024, the global temporary tattoo market was valued at approximately $942.7 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% between 2024 and 2028, reflecting the substantial potential of this trending product category.

    Non-permanent- Temporary tattoos provide a commitment-free alternative to permanent tattoos, allowing users to experiment with various designs and styles without long-term consequences.

    Easy application and removal- Most temporary tattoos can be easily applied with water and removed using baby oil or rubbing alcohol, making them a convenient option for those looking to change their look frequently.

    Affordability- Temporary tattoos are generally less expensive than permanent tattoos, making them more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

    Low-risk - Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos don't carry the risk of infection, allergic reactions, or scarring, making them a safer option for users.

    Profitable margins - Due to their affordability and high demand, temporary tattoos can yield impressive profit margins for retailers, making them an attractive addition to your store's product lineup.

    Limited longevity- Temporary tattoos typically last a few days to a week, meaning users must reapply frequently to maintain their appearance.

    Quality variation- The quality of temporary tattoos can vary significantly between brands and products, with some offering more vibrant colours and longer-lasting designs than others.

    Potential skin irritation- Some users may experience skin irritation or sensitivity to the adhesives used in temporary tattoos, which could be a drawback for those with sensitive skin.

    Fading- Temporary tattoos tend to fade and wear off over time, especially when exposed to water, sweat, or friction, which may require users to reapply the design frequently.

    Decreasing trend- As the trend for temporary tattoos is expected to dip shortly, retailers may need to adapt their marketing strategies or diversify their product offerings to maintain interest in this product category..

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $0.5 -$3
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 118000 (“ Temporary Tattoos”)
    • Top countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India
    • Ideal target audience:  Temporary tattoo, Tattoo Lovers
    • Supplier suggestions: Zooby Promotional, Important Papers, Logoit, Goodmark USA

    31. Bookends


    For bibliophiles and interior design enthusiasts, bookends are the perfect accessory to add character and charm to any bookshelf. With an increasing variety of designs, materials, and themes, bookends offer an excellent opportunity to express individuality and showcase personal taste. The consistently rising trend for bookends makes them fashionable for consumers and presents an attractive prospect for retailers.

    Google Trends data confirms that the interest in bookends has seen significant growth over the years, with no signs of slowing down. This growing demand can be attributed to the wide range of creative designs, diverse price points, and the enduring appeal of bookshelves as a functional and decorative element in homes and offices.

    Decorative appeal- SBookends come in various styles and designs, allowing users to add a unique touch to their bookshelves and complement their existing decor.

    Functionality- Besides their aesthetic value, bookends serve a practical purpose by keeping books organised and preventing them from falling over.

    Versatility- With countless themes and materials, bookends cater to various preferences and can be used in various settings, such as homes, offices, libraries, or schools.

    Gift potential - Due to their decorative and functional nature, bookends make excellent gifts for book lovers, collectors, or design enthusiasts.

    Growing trend - The consistently rising popularity of bookends provides retailers with an attractive opportunity to cater to the increasing demand for stylish and functional bookshelf accessories.

    Space requirements- Bookends can take up valuable shelf space, which could be a drawback for users with limited room for their book collection.

    Price variation- The price range for bookends can vary greatly depending on the design, material, and brand, making it difficult for some consumers to find affordable options.

    Durability- Some bookends may not be sturdy or heavy enough to support larger books or a substantial number of volumes, potentially limiting their functionality.

    Style limitations- Although a wide variety of bookend designs are available, finding a specific style or theme to match one's taste or decor may be challenging.

    Potential clutter- While bookends can add personality and style to a bookshelf, they may also contribute to visual clutter, particularly when used with other decorative items.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $0.99 – $6
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 73000 (“ Bookends”)
    • Top countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India
    • Ideal target audience:  Book Lovers
    • Supplier suggestions: CROSEA, Inc., Steel Threads, Carina Picture Frame Inc., Able Office Solutions

    32. Vegetable Chopper

    Vegetable Chopper

    The portable vegetable chopper is a trending product in the online market. It has gained popularity due to its convenience and affordability, making it an attractive option for resale. These choppers offer quick and efficient chopping, slicing, and dicing of vegetables, which makes meal preparation easier. Regarding market share, the vegetable chopper segment has experienced steady growth. According to market research, the global vegetable chopper market is projected to reach $10 billion by 2033, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.5%. This indicates a strong market demand and potential for profitability.

    Time-saving- They reduce the time required for vegetable preparation, enhancing overall efficiency.

    Versatility- Vegetable choppers offer multiple functions, including slicing, dicing, and chopping, making them versatile kitchen tools.

    Easy to use- They are designed for user-friendly operation, with simple mechanisms and instructions.

    Compact and portable - Their compact size makes them easy to store and carry, making them ideal for travel or smaller kitchens.

    Limited capacity- Some choppers have smaller containers, limiting the number of vegetables that can be chopped at once.

    Manual effort- While they are designed to reduce manual effort, some chopping may still require physical exertion.

    Maintenance- Certain models may require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

    Noise- Some vegetable choppers can be noisy during operation, which may concern noise-sensitive individuals.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $2.99 – $9
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 49000 (“ Vegetable Chopper”)
    • Top countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India
    • Ideal Target audience: Cooks, Homemakers, Gadget Lovers
    • Supplier suggestions: Longbehn & Co., Inc, Reynolds Carbide Die Co., Inc, GoFoodservice

    33. Neck Massager

    Neck massagers have gained significant popularity as a trending product in the online market. These portable devices are affordable, making them highly attractive for resale purposes. Neck massagers provide convenient and targeted relief for neck and shoulder tension, promoting relaxation and reducing muscle soreness. They offer various massage techniques, such as kneading, vibration, and heat therapy, to alleviate stiffness and improve blood circulation.

    The market share of neck massagers has been expanding rapidly. According to market research, the global neck massager market is expected to reach $ US$ 8.640.7 Mn by 2024, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 8.3%. This indicates strong demand and good profitability in this segment.

    Convenient relief- Neck massagers offer on-the-go relaxation, allowing users to enjoy a soothing massage anytime, anywhere.

    Versatility- They provide various massage techniques and intensity levels, catering to individual preferences and needs.

    Improved well-being- Regular use of neck massagers can help relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.

    Portability - Most neck massagers are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry and use at home, office, or while travelling.

    Personal preference- Some individuals may prefer hands-on massages or find the sensation of a neck massager uncomfortable.

    Limited coverage- Neck massagers primarily target the neck and shoulder area, which may not address other body parts that require attention.

    Power source dependency- Neck massagers may require batteries or be plugged in for an operation depending on the model.

    Noise level- Certain neck massagers can produce noise during use, which could be bothersome for noise-sensitive individuals.

    Demographic Data

    • Average selling price: $3.99 – $10
    • Monthly global Google search volume: 54000(“ Neck Massager”)
    • Top countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore
    • Ideal Target audience: Travellers, Above 50 Male and Female, Gadget Lovers
    • Supplier suggestions: Apex Ecom Llc, Zarifa USA, WAHL

    What Factors Decide If A Product Is Good To Sell Online?

    What Factors Decide If A Product Is Good To Sell Online

    Selling products online can expand your customer base and boost your company's revenue, but there are several factors to consider. If not executed properly, you risk damaging your company's reputation if you cannot fulfil your end of the bargain.Furthermore, the complexities of logistics involved in delivering goods to your clients can also lead to business challenges and potential failures. Moreover, a strong focus on marketing is essential. Selling online places you in direct competition with every other vendor in your industry.


    Determining the competition level you will face is crucial before expanding into E-commerce. If you sell something easily obtained from other internet merchants, you can have trouble establishing a presence unless you provide more attractive pricing. When there is almost any price difference between the items, consumers are more inclined to buy from a reputable shop with whom they have previously done business. Competitors can also offer discounts and promotions that you cannot match. When attempting to sell products online, researching the competition lets you discover what they are doing well and how you may improve.

     Fynd platform banner for free demo

    Delivery Logistics for the Good

    The logistics of delivering items to the customer need to be considered. It would be best if you had the infrastructure to sell digital products so buyers can easily download them. If you can't allocate enough bandwidth, there might be issues if demand exceeds your projections. For instance, there could be poor download speeds or server failures when people try to use your services. You must also examine the logistics of shipping and insurance for physical items, as overlooking these aspects might reduce your revenues.

    Wholesale value

    Wholesalers are intermediaries who deal with selling certain items. Producers sell their products to wholesalers at a lower price. Wholesalers then provide these items to merchants, who sell them to the general public after adding their profit margin. Since wholesalers offer a convenient way to access multiple retailers simultaneously, most firms can sell to them. However, you must pay attention to the profit margin you must achieve to remain profitable. This is crucial to ensure you don't undersell your goods to wholesalers, who consistently seek the lowest prices from their suppliers.


    Security is a major concern for online customers and sellers. Hackers often target Profitable online businesses seeking consumer data and account information. To ensure the security of your online store, you can take several measures, such as using a secure payment gateway, encrypting data, and more. Protecting your client's information is crucial, as a security breach could inconvenience your clients and severely damage your reputation.

    To eliminate any possibility of mishandling client information, ensure you have robust protocols. In addition to security, there are other factors you'll need to consider when selling products online. For instance, you must choose the right platform to sell your products, create high-quality photos, and write compelling product descriptions. Once you have all these aspects sorted out, you'll be well on your way to successfully selling products online.

    Trending Products Apparel & Accessories

    Trending Products Apparel & Accessories

    To succeed in E-commerce, you need high-demand products to sell, the ability to advertise those products, and the determination to succeed. The Fynd Platform is an excellent way to create an online store for trending products in the apparel and accessories industry. This platform allows you to build a website that suits your preferences quickly. Look at our list of the top-trending apparel and accessories items for 2024 to gather ideas for your online store.

    Straight-leg jeans

    Straight-leg denim is expected to become more prevalent in 2024 as the demand for these popular and fashionable jeans soars during the spring and summer. Fan favourites will include cropped styles and raw hems. Naturally, you can also market boyfriend jeans. Google Trends indicates that this popular item is continually rising; therefore, today is the perfect moment to capitalise on it.

    We expect its demand to continue to rise throughout the upcoming seasons, so take advantage of this trend! You should approach marketing denim products like how you would approach other fashion-related products. This includes using influencer marketing, Facebook advertisements, social media posts, and even experimenting with Pinterest.


    For a few years now, athleisure has consistently been featured on lists of trending products for 2024. It caters to people interested in comfortably lounging at home or working out at the gym, making items like sports bras and leggings highly sought after. Data also reveals a significant increase in searches for 'athleisure,' indicating a growing demand, especially among men becoming more targeted in purchasing. Consider collaborating with influencers who share the aesthetic you're aiming for and have a substantial following. The Fynd Platform can help you run campaigns that draw in clients and encourage them to purchase.


    The best place to find a diverse range of footwear is online. Numerous options are available, including sneakers, sandals, and slip-on shoes for both men and women. Leading brands from around the world are at your disposal. Explore the latest footwear offerings online to discover a pair with the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and style. There are several brands to choose from, and the online selection is extensive. Women can opt for stylish stilettos, wedges, peep-toes, ballerinas, and more from the women's footwear collection. Men can select a pair of oxfords or monk straps from the men's collection.


    Making exclusive jewellery purchases from physical counters can often be challenging. However, customers now have the option to buy a wide range of jewellery designs online, from meenakari to lacquer, handcrafted to vintage. E-commerce websites simplify selecting the finest products to sell and purchase from global leaders.

    Where To Sell Your Products

    Where To Sell Your Products

    You have researched, calculated your prospective profit margins, and selected the high-margin goods you want to market. It's simply a matter of finding a market for them now.

    Selling Through an E-commerce Builder

    After putting in all that effort to locate your high-margin goods, you might still consider entrusting a third party with their sale. The best option for those who want to maintain organisational control is an E-commerce builder. While it might take more time than a marketplace, it allows you to retain a higher level of control. Furthermore, Shopify and the Fynd Platform make the process more accessible.

    Fynd Platform

    TOP choice
    Help & Support

    With a 4.8 out of 5 features rating, Fynd Platform has the best website builder features of all the evaluated builders. It's ideal for newcomers launching a modest online business because it's also very affordable. Fynd Platform has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 for its user-friendliness, excellent features, E-commerce capabilities, and helpful guidance and support.

    Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

    Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!


    TOP choice
    Ease of use
    Design Flexibility
    Sales features
    Website features
    Customer score
    Help and support
    Value for money

    On the other hand, Shopify earns an impressive 4.5 out of 5 for its sales tools, making it the leader in sales features. It also meets the scalability and inventory requirements for efficiently managing a large store with numerous products. While slightly more challenging than the Fynd Platform, Shopify is a solid all-around E-commerce builder offering exceptional sales capabilities and diverse payment options, garnering a score of 4.6 out of 5.

    Opting to build an online store instead of solely relying on a marketplace is an excellent decision, and two exceptional choices are the Fynd Platform and Shopify.  Remember that there is no prohibition against selling on your website and an online marketplace. Leveraging multiple platforms is advantageous, especially considering that global multichannel retail E-commerce sales reached approximately 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022 and are projected to grow by 50 per cent over the next four years, reaching around 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.

    Selling On A Third-Party Marketplace

    Selling On A Third-Party Marketplace

    The alternative is to utilise a third-party platform like Fynd Platform, Amazon, Etsy, or eBay to sell your high-margin goods. Millions of people rely on these well-known and trusted sites for online transactions. Although you'll face strong competition and need to pay fees to the marketplace operator, you'll instantly tap into a market of potential customers. The first option that comes to mind is the Fynd Platform. This platform offers top-notch customer service globally to assist with setting up third-party marketplaces, activating seller accounts, and providing guidance on account management.

    Best High-Margin Products: Summary

    You can start organising and curating your inventory now that you know the best high-margin products to sell from your online store. Begin the process of buying and updating your online products. Always remember that having the right products alone won't guarantee the success of your online business. Building a solid customer base is equally essential. While marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay offer access to a sizable audience, they also come with fees. If you prefer to operate independently, establish an appealing storefront, create a comprehensive digital marketing plan, and implement customer retention strategies. 

    The Fynd Platform is ideal for starting a smaller store, especially if you're a novice. It offers the best marketing features and designs to bring your store to life. Our research highlights Squarespace for its exceptional designs. Try it if you're looking for impressive templates emphasising your product images. Shopify is the platform we recommend for running a larger store with powerful sales and management features. Following these steps and offering a diverse range of high-margin goods will contribute to the success of your online store.

    Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

    Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

    hero image

    What products are in demand right now?

    Online sales of some of the most lucrative goods include

    • Wireless Charger
    • Power Bank
    • Shapewear 
    • Baby Monitor
    • Smart Phone videography equipment
    • Air Purifier
    • Vegetable Choppers
    • Bicycle
    • Sofa beds
    • Hair oil

    Which product is high in demand?

    Mobile phones, consumer electronics, footwear, fast food, dietary supplements, beauty goods, personal hygiene products, kitchenware, home furnishings, and other commodities are in high demand from online shoppers.

    What product sells most?

    arrow down

    With $205 billion in revenue and 23% of all online sales, the clothing and fashion sector is the largest in online shopping.

    What do most people buy?

    As we move into the new year, it's time to start thinking about the upcoming trends. What will be the must-have items for 2022? Here are a few of the top trending products that are predicted to be big in the new year:

    • Wireless Charger
    • Power Bank
    • Shapewear 
    • Baby Monitor
    • Smart Phone videography equipment
    • Air Purifier
    • Vegetable Chopper

    What items will be popular in 2024?

    It's impossible to know exactly what items will be popular in 2024, but we can make some educated guesses based on current trends. Some of the items that may be popular in 2024 include

    • Apparel & Accessories.
    • Babywear and Accessories.
    • Beauty & Personal Grooming Products
    • 4. Car Accessories
    • Health & Wellness.
    • Fitness and Sports Equipment.
    • Homeware and Decor.
    • Jewelry and Accessories.

    What do most people need?

    There are a few things that people will always need, no matter what the trend is. These things include clothes, food, shelter, and trending products. Of course, clothes and food will always be needed. However, there are certain trending products that people will need in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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