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15 Best Church Website Builders of 2024 (Easy for Beginners)

15 Best Church Website Builders of 2024 (Easy for Beginners)

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It is vital for the church website builder to develop and beautifully represent the Church's website so that the visitors can facilitate their participation in Church. According to statistical research, approximately 60% of churchgoers are looking for the church website to explore serving opportunities and forward the needful information to others. 

Some valuable information related to the Church is- community bulletins, volunteer sign-up forms, event calendars, recorded sermons, social media links, etc. Hence, you should build user-friendly church websites to operate them and get relevant information easily. 

Moreover, the Church website is a very fancy way to make a bridge between the church authority and the volunteers. Besides getting relevant information and knowledge about events, the volunteers will get detailed information on donations or matching gifts, especially for the global members who want to transfer the contributions in cash via online mode.

Steps To Find The Best Church Website Builder

Steps To Find The Best Church Website Builder

There are plenty of website builders in the market. Among them, the concerned person has to choose the best one so that you can successfully meet the purpose and the Church authority can accomplish the essential tasks.

Before finding the best church website developer, the church authority should confirm the mission and vision of the non-profit organisation. It will help to build trust with the community and church members. 

According to the experts, selecting Church's best website builder depends on your planning on how to use the website and stay connected with the target community. To find out the best church website builder, one should consider the following features of the builders:

1. Create a Calendar: The Church authority should list the regular activities along with the other significant tasks on the website so that the visitors will be aware of the upcoming events and stay connected with them. For instance, through the Church website calendar, the visitors and the community will learn about the events. If the hours are not on the website.

2. Upload the Sermons: If the church authority is looking at putting sermon recordings on the website, it can be possible to add them most efficiently. Through these features, one can enhance the connection with worshipers worldwide.

3. Multiple User Accounts and Permissions: The church authority likes to connect with church members (volunteers) to update the website whenever needed. For this, try to look for a website builder who will give multiple access to the volunteers. However, ensure you do not breach the safety and security system of the Church credentials.

4. Allow Members to Register and Login: The church authority usually wants to keep ready some content related to the minutes of church meetings, and the same facility will be available only for the registered church members.

5. Taking Donations: In the case of taking donations online, the Church should affirm the safety of online payment via the website. Hence, the church authority should understand website builders' importance of the security system, especially in the case of online payment.

6. Design and Templates: The church authority should pick a website builder who offers a wide range of church website templates. It is better to choose the easy design customizer to customize the design, images, update colors, etc. For instance, here, the example of a simple church donation page has been added-

7. Search Engine Optimization: It is one of the key concerns of church websites. The authority is seeking someone who will use relevant and efficient keywords so that the reach and ranking of the webpage can get high.

8. Sign-up Buttons: There should be a sign-up button on the church website. Hence, the authority should find a website builder to add the same feature. Note the church website builder should add the feature on the homepage.

9. Social Media Integration: The church authority should find a website builder with a strong social media presence. Millions of people are associated with social media, so the church website should have a strong social media integration so a wide group of people can come to know about the reach of the church website. For instance, the church website should be linked with social media pages like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


What To Look For In The Best Church Website Developers?

What To Look For In The Best Church Website Developers

The church website builders will inform people of basic information such as location, maps, and contact details. Social media integration is the basic feature. Hence, the builders should add additional features, such as images and content, via blog posts and videos. 

Features of church website builders have been discussed in the following section-

This is the first category that one non-profit organization might have. This feature is quite different from the profit businesses. Hence, speak it clear that it would be a non-profit organization for development.

Most of the church website builders will offer this feature. However, it will be costlier if you want to add a lot of items.

Most churches usually organize community events. Hence, the website builder will add google calendar to the official website. So that the people will be able to know about the idea of attendance.

If you want drag-and-drop website builders, then they will not be easy to use. However, there will be flexibility in using it.

The church website builders have their own newsletter services. The rest of the website builders will allow adding a newsletter registration form by adding a code line in the template.

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Steps To Follow To Start With The Church Website Builders

Steps To Follow To Start With The Church Website Builders

Before developing the church website, the church authority should know clearly about the audience. Build the website in such a manner that the website is optimized both from mobile and desktop. One should follow the below-mentioned steps to start with a church website builder-

  • Create an account with the website builder. For the same, one should have a valid email id and an active mobile number, where they will get all the details related to the website
  • Choose a template and theme for the church website
  • Add pages and other required sections,
  • Customize the content of the church website. Along with the content, one can customise text and images
  • Edit the SEO settings. 

Kindly note during the church website building process, one should add the call to action and donation page. You can also add a section about the success story if you want. Also, do not forget to track the response rate. 

Through this, the Church authority can track the number of visitors who visit the website and spend time here. More specifically, this feature will be beneficial to find out the activities of their members.

Also, make sure the church website builders give a feature of optimising the website for mobile and desktop. Check whether the church website is compatible with iOS and Android and should create a responsive landing page that would not need to take too long to load.

Top Examples of Church Websites

Top Examples of Church Websites

Check out the top examples of Church websites here in the given section-

1. Dwelling Place (Church in Seattle): The dwelling place church website is simple in design, along with eye-catching imagery. The design and the accessibility of the dwelling church are also very friendly, and one can easily navigate the instructions. 

Dwelling Place (Church in Seattle)

They have a mission and vision page, which talks about the beliefs and words of God. The website's content is crisp on every page, which is helpful in not diverting attention from the website. 

2. Cornerstone Community Church: Cornerstone Community Church has some excellent features. The videos on the website are top-notch, and the site's design is aesthetic. Hence, the new visitors will get a fair idea about the requested prayer or learn more about the church immediately. 

Cornerstone Community Church

Visiting the website is enjoyable since all the programs are separated by age or interest. If you want to check the high-quality videos at the church, this is the ideal example. 

3. Macquarie Life Church: Macquarie Life Church is the perfect example of beautiful design and straightforward content.

 Macquarie Life Church

This website will comprise a simple context menu. The menu of this church website is classified into a few sections, such as mission and biographies, programs, and events. 

4. ST Clement of Ohrid Eastern Orthodox Church: The church's website is simple. However, the design is swift.

ST Clement of Ohrid Eastern Orthodox Church

The church website is pretty transparent, providing detailed information on the home page. For instance, the church's donation page is quite easy to locate and navigate.

What Are The Best Website Builders: Top Church Website Builders

What Are The Best Website Builders: Top Church Website Builders

Some of the top listed church website builders are highlighted here in the given section-

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

Fynd platform allows one to build a customisable website that supports multiple features. For instance, the best part of the Fynd platform is it can build a website in just 30 minutes. Moreover, the church authority can run its website for the first month free of cost. For the same, no credit card details will be required. 

With the help of the Fynd platform, the church can grow its functioning more, in a wider range. Also, several new people will know about the newly built church website.  The SEO team of the Fynd platform has been doing an amazing job of increasing the website's traffic. 

It ensures the use of highly searched keywords so that while people will search for anything against a particular church-related keyword, the Fynd platform-made church website will be on top. 

Apart from the marketing part, the church website builder allows the creation of professional themes for the church website. Note all the church websites are also accessible on mobile since these websites are mobile-friendly.

For users of smartphones and tablets, the Fynd platform ensures to build the mobile-friendly church website. Therefore, the display of the websites will fit mobile phones.

Mobile Responsive is the major feature offered by the Fynd platform. In a nutshell, the Fynd platform provides the best tools for developing the website the way one wants and also helps him take all the actions from one place efficiently.

If you want a flawless start to your church website, then take help from the Fynd platform. Check out some benefits if you build the church website with the help of the Fynd platform here-

  • Upload the products/ items of your choice
  • Select the theme of your choice
  • Link the custom domain name and personalized themes
  • Availability of 24/7 customer support

  • There is not as such cons if one chooses Fynd platform for the church website building.

  • Offers a free trial pack for the users
  • There will be a premium pricing plan for availing the added feature. The premium pricing policy will be starting from $7.5 per month

  • 2. WordPress


    It is the number 1 software building of church websites. As per the research, WordPress has approximately 43% of power on the internet's websites. WordPress is a free website builder that gives the church authority complete control. 

    WordPress develops the website exactly the way one wants to look in real time. The users can also add, edit or rearrange the content of the church website as per their necessity. 

    Hence, creating a custom site, intuitive editing, and flexible design can develop a perfect and beautiful church website. You can select any design as per your imagination. 

    You should start with a blank canvas and choose the suitable one from a wide range of themes and patterns. One can get the customisation option, from theme colour to font type to choosing layouts and functionality; everything is selected.   

    Also, one gets 55,000 plugged in, so they can add a store, portfolio, mailing list, analytics, and social feed. WordPress church website builder is the synonym of one platform where one can get millions of possibilities. Most importantly, you do not have to take any burden for building the website. Everything will be built for you, but not by you. 

    Since WordPress is a self-hosted website builder, one will need to have a domain name and web hosting to build a website with WordPress. More specifically, WordPress offers professionally designed themes. 

    Check out the pros and cons of WordPress church website builders here

  • WordPress has several different church templates and layouts (themes), which are free and paid.

  • There are multiple plugins available, which are able to cover the features of the church website. For instance, one might get the Sermon Manager plugin and one of these donation and fundraising plugins for the church website.

  • WordPress has a total of 59000+ free WordPress plugins, which will be treated as the apps for the website. One can get additional functionality such as contact forms, photo galleries, image sliders, and more.

  • One can use the familiar WordPress page builder plugins such as SeeProd, Beaver Builder, or Divi for creating an entire custom church website. For the same, no code will be required.

  • WordPress allows users as many users as they can. The users or the Church Authority can set up several roles and permissions so that the authority will limit the full admin access to just one or two people.

  • With WordPress, the Church authority can fully own the website. The church authority does not need to be worried about the ads appearing on the site.

  • There will be an excessive support community around WordPress, which will make it easy to get the required help. With the help of WordPress, the authority can run their own free Facebook group that is WPBeginner Engage, where everybody can get lots of encouragement and support.

  • Check out the limitations of WordPress church website builder here in the following section-

  • The church authority requires it to handle updates and needs to keep backups and security. There will be lots of WordPress plugins, which are helpful with this.

  • Sometimes WordPress can be a bit daunting during the time of starting out the website.

  • Though WordPress is free, however, one needs to pay for a domain name and web hosting. The average cost of WordPress domain is approximate $9-$15/ year; whereas the web hosting pricing starts from $7.99 per month.

    On the other hand, Bluehost (a popular web hosting company), will offer WPBeginner readers (a free domain name). Through the system, the church authority will generate a 60% discount on hosting. Hence, one can start a church website for $2.75 per month.


    Fynd platform banner for free demo

    3. Wix 


    It is one of the top-class church website builders, offering users professional features and stunning designs. With the help of the Wix church website builder, one can develop a website without any limits. 

    Wix is nothing but a platform with infinite possibilities. The smart drag-and-drop editor facility allows for building a pretty good church website. Here, one will get 1000 advanced design capabilities. More specifically, the domain, logo, and brand tools can all be customised. 

    Apart from that, Wix is popular for its faster loading features. In addition, the multi-cloud hosting features of Wix assure 99.9% uptime during the high traffic period. Wix also provides SEO capabilities for optimising search visibility. Post that, if one needs it, Wix’s customer support team will provide 24/7 support to them. 

    Some of the key features offered by Wix are highlighted below-

    • Easy to use
    • Quality features
    • 800+ templates
    • Availability of free plan (Paid plans: $16-$59 per month)

    Wix is familiar as the drag and drop website builder and hence, one can easily drag the elements such as text boxes, pictures, and videos whenever they want on the page. Wix is not only a specialized church website builder, but also it provides specific church and non-profit templates. So that one can easily add donation buttons, contact or can events pages, can share blog posts.

  • Wix is the most popular in user testing.
  • It offers 12 different church-specific templates.
  • Extensive support knowledge base.

  • Wix is in quite a back position compared to the competitors in this one area. Although the prices are also not expensive like the other competitors. As per the pricing structure, the pricing policy of Squarespace’s entry plan is $16 per month, which is similar to Wix, however performing better than Wix.

  • Wix does not offer to change the template once the site will get live.
  • Less storage space.
  • Wiz has the most extensive starter plan.

  • Though Wix has a free plan, however, one should use their own domain name. For the same, you need to upgrade the seven paid plans of Wix. For instance, the cheapest Wix combo pricing plan is $16 per month. Nonetheless, for better resources, the church authority can avail of the $22 monthly unlimited plan. With the help of this pricing plan, one can generate more traffic for the site.

    4. also provides web hosting, which one does not need to buy separately. It includes thousands of pre-designed templates and a powerful drag-and-drop builder so one can customise the website's theme accordingly. is known as the one-stop shopping destination. Like Wix, here, the website builder of offers the drag-and-drop facility. 

    Also, one can get the domain name of the church website free of cost. The church website's features are easily optimised for mobile phones.  If one is taking help with church website building, then assures you to provide free one-hour website designing support. offers the clients to provide in-house professionals. Anytime one will get online store assistance as per his needs. Also, the SEO-optimized features increase the reach and traffic to the church website. 

    Like the top-listed church website builder, also provides custom designs to meet business goals. Hence, one can easily get thousands of stock images. If you have a plan to build a church website, then the support team of is a way far to reach. 

    The support team of will give you a call to contact the clients. This is the reason why 3 million users across the world have been connected with

  • is starting at just $1.95 per month, which includes a free domain. If you are owning a small church, then it will be the best option for you to explore on a tight budget

  • allows you to create a church website very quickly. Just one needs to type “Church” in the search section and he will be shown the appropriate stock images, which can be used for the website development. Hence, just within a few clicks, the creation of the website will be ready

  • One can get 24/7 support if anybody faces any trouble regarding the church website. You can contact the team members via email or live chat. The live chat team will be helpful and very quick to respond

  • One can customize the design and layout in almost every way. has a king-sized library containing images, from which you can choose the suitable one. If you want you can also upload your own images

  • Though there are no options for specific donation features, one can develop and sell them easily. One can create a product namely "Donation" in different amounts

  • All the plans are coming with a free domain, free backups, analytics, security features, and more

  • One cannot create multiple users for the website, even if he is choosing one of the paid plans. If the church authority wants to give access to other people to edit the website, then they need to log in to’s account. This might in turn lead to security breaches or someone may accidentally delete the pages from the website.

  • will give the basic idea about the church website development. However, one cannot get the more advanced and powerful customization features that WordPress offers. For instance, the blog features at is quite limited

  • Since is a proprietary website builder, therefore it is not so easy to switch to the other platform. In turn, one needs to recreate the site from the scratch

  • The starting range of’s pricing strategy is just $1.95 per month. On the other hand, the e-commerce plan of is starting from $3.95 per month, which is useful if the church wants to sell the products, even the tickets.

    5. Gator by HostGator


    Gator is one of the popular website builders, which can be a great option for developing websites more simply. Hostgator charges only $2.75 per month for building a church website, which is also an introductory monthly package. 

    Under this initial pricing plan, one can get 100 GB of Disk space for the church website. Whereas the bandwidth will be unmetered, one-click WordPress installation, email sending, chat support, first-year free domain, and everything will be available under this initial pricing plan. Here one can get different website templates for creating the site, which is included under the other pricing plan. 

    Several pricing plans are available, like a Baby plan, business plan, etc. And one can choose the best-suited plan for him, through which he can meet the needs of developing the church website. 

    Moreover, one can expect 24/7/365 administrative support as per the requirement. HostGator allows a 99% uptime guarantee. HostGator's best features are highlighted in the following section-

    • Domain registration
    • Unmetered bandwidth
    • SSL Certification, which is required with the rising traffic to the website. 
    • One-click installation

    2 million+ clients are associated with HostGator after getting the benefits from the website builder. Also, if the clients will not be happy with the service provided by HostGator, then it will refund the processing fees.

  • One can get here the unlimited pages, space, and bandwidth for the church website building. This refers that one does not need to be worried about running out of space or getting charged in case your website is getting tremendous traffic.

  • Domain name is included for free (for a year), regardless you have chosen any plan. Alternatively, if you already purchased a domain name from a different registered domain name, you can connect it to the website.

  • There will be a 24/7 support live chat via email and phone.

  • One can customize the design and layout in almost every way. has a king-sized library containing images, from which you can choose the suitable one. If you want you can also upload your own images

  • A total of 200 different templates will be available there. One can customize the templates, nonetheless, you cannot switch the templates completely later.

  • Unlike WordPress or Wix, Gator will not offer any free plans or there will be no available trial offer.

  • No easy approach is there to accept donations through the website unless you pay for the e-commerce plan.

  • The pricing strategy of HostGator is not very transparent. Your website might be ended up costing a bit more than expected.

  • The cheapest Gator plan costs $3.84 per month, which in turn needs to pay upfront for two years.

    6. Squarespace 


    Squarespace is a beautifully designed church website which does not have a pretty face. Some of the features of Squarespace are highlighted in the following section-

    • Best template designs
    • Best quality features
    • Not as easy as Wix
    • Free trial version available (but paid plans are $16-$49 per month).

    Squarespace has a strong marketing team, which helps to elevate the social presence of the web page successfully so that through the web page, one can reach a large group of customers via email campaigns and more. Before developing the church website, one can avail of the free trial version of Squarespace. For the same, you do not need to provide credit card details. 

    After that, once the free trial pack is over, and if you are satisfied with the service and want to continue with Squarespace, you have to take the initial pricing plan. However, sometimes some exciting offers are there for building the website, and then you can avail of the same. 

    To build the church website builder with Squarespace, follow the below-highlighted steps-

    • Select the website template.
    • Choose a custom domain name.
    • Start to add your content.
    • Conduct social media marketing and spread the word.
    • Create email campaigns.
    • Do not forget to update the website.

    If required, you can get expert customer care help 24/7. The executives are connected through email and live chat. 

    Squarespace is popular to the users for its numerous high quality, sophisticated template design. If one is looking for large images or wants a professional look website, then Squarespace will be the top choice.

  • Squarespace has become easier due to the improvements of its user interface (UX)
  • It is easier to add videos, images, and audio files with the help of the block editor of Squarespace.
  • There will be a good number of several templates on Squarespace.
  • One can avail of the free trial without entering the credit card details.
  • High-end in-built features available.
  • Offers a professional, sleek, and powerful site for church website development.
  • Squarespace has the most beautiful template designs.
  • Restore the deleted posts for 30 days.
  • It offers quality event booking features for users.

  • Squarespace is not many beginners friendly like Wix, however, it is not so difficult.
  • Squarespace does not have specific church website templates. For instance, a church website can be built through the "Community and Non-profit" templates in order to get the perfect match.
  • Site speed is very low.
  • Offers only a few apps than Wix.
  • it will not autosave the work.
  • If one is choosing the business plan rather than the e-commerce plan, then Squarespace will charge a 3% fee on the donations. This additional fee is charged by the payment processor.

  • Squarespace is providing good value for money. For instance, Squarespace’s cheapest plan is $16 per month. Or else, one can select the $23 per month business plan to avail the better features.

    Fynd platform banner for free demo

    7. Share faith

    Share faith

    Sharefaith is one of the popular church website builders, coming with a support team to help. To run a church website successfully, one will get a wealth of professional resources. Sharefaith has multiple offers and support, which helps to navigate the website. 

    For instance, one avail of creative team quality services and the creative team prices. Here are the top listed features that one can get for church website building with the help of Sharefaith.

    • Here, 100k+ church graphics are available, along with the mini-movies and worship backgrounds.
    • Customize with the innovative online graphic editor plus PSD files.
    • Availability of ministry-specific content for the Raster, Christmas, Sermons, and many more.
    • All the features are available with social media content friendly.

    Apart from the features mentioned above, one gets a kids' Ministry Curriculum that inspires the kids, empowers the teachers, and ultimately changes their lives. There will be 100% downloadable Bible videos, Comics, Games, and more. Also, a teacher-friendly and classroom-ready curriculum will be available there. 

    Sharefaith provides award-winning ministry tools for attracting and engaging more visitors. The all-star team of Sharefaith helps support and build from scratch. It will increase the members' engagement with sermons, online giving, prayer requests and more. With the help of the Church Management Software (ChMS) of Sharefaith, it will be easier to build the church website. 

  • One will get plenty of options for picking the church website templates. All of them are framed for the churches.

  • Without paying anything, one can try and view the church website builder here. First, you need to pick a demo.

  • One can migrate his old website for free (since already he paid for the yearly plan) if he contacts Sharefaith for church website development purposes.

  • The church authority or the concerned person will get loads of different images, such as website banners. You will have the authority of uploading your own images on the website.

  • If you want you can add audio or video recordings to the website for making it more engaging. You will get an in-built calendar feature if you choose list services and other events.

  • Along with the above-mentioned features, you will get Sharefaith Giving. This will make easy the process of accepting donations and tithes via the website.

  • The membership program of Sharefaith includes a media library, 90000 graphics, videos, images, and so on.

  • If you want you can use the “Advanced tools” of Sharefaith.

  • Sharefaith is not the cheapest website developer and if you have a tight budget, then Sharefaith won’t be the suitable choice.

  • One will be limited to the functionality that Sharefaith has. You will not get access to the same level of plugins or extensions as WordPress church website builder.

  • The monthly and annual fees of Sharefaith varies. The monthly and annual costs will be $45/month and $50/ month respectively for both “media+web” plans. This pricing plan is minimum if one wants to create a website. One will be able to upload the sermons if he will choose the specified plan.

    8. Ministry Designs

    Ministry Designs

    is the other website builder specialising in providing churches' sites. Ministry Designs built 39000 churches (approximately) worldwide. Here, one can get several pre-optimized designs, from which one can choose the best design kit. 

    Ministry Designs also has SEO experts who can optimise the website’s images and content. Assures us to rank the website in Google at the first position. Some features offered by Ministry Designs church website builder are-

    • 20000 free social graphics available.
    • With the help of a data-driven decision-making process, Ministry Designs can build a pretty good church website
    • 100% customisation in building a church website is possible.

  • There are a lot of gorgeous templates to select from, all of which are highly responsive. This refers that they will be looked perfect on mobile devices as well as on computers

  • The church authority will get unlimited training and you will be assigned “Ministry Success Representative” and will get screen sharing technology.

  • One can get an hour-long initial phone call and support, which is required after building the website.

  • Ministry Design allows the clients to upload the sermons, create calendars, and can manage the email list.

  • You can allow 3 users to create accounts for free, after that you need to pay the extra charge.

  • The support team of Ministry Designs is responsive and friendly. To contact the support team of Ministry Designs, you can connect with them through live chat without signing up.

  • The church authority will need to pay a large upfront fee if he chooses Ministry Designs church website, builder. Moreover, the ongoing hosting is not super cheap.

  • The templates of Ministry Designs will not be necessarily better or more advanced than the cheaper website builder.

  • The basic charge of Ministry Designs is $1000 for the upfront software development and support. After that, you need to pay $20 per month for ongoing hosting purposes.

    9. GoDaddy


    is one of the easiest-to-use church builders, perfect for getting the church online very quickly, even without sacrificing quality or professionalism.  GoDaddy offers you to add a variety of different sections, such as calendars, donation buttons, and contact forms. 

    21+ million consumers across the world have depended on GoDaddy for website building. While you think about developing a church website, you should start to choose the design, layout, and ads easily. 

    If you choose GoDaddy, you will get the most from a WordPress site and the hosting design for performing. You can also save hours with WordPress updates and automated backups to manage multiple clients from a single dashboard. 

    GoDaddy gives accessibility to choosing your domain name. Similar to the other church website builder, here, one can get the help of 24/7 support as per the requirement. 

    Check out the basic features offered by GoDaddy here-

    • Hands-off Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) building
    • Speedy and easy-to-use setup 
    • Good for the basic sites
    • Availability of Free plan (Paid plans from $9.99 to $29.99 per month)

  • GoDaddy is the quickest way of building the website
  • If the users are not tech confident, then GoDaddy will be the best option to choose
  • GoDaddy offers a wide range of marketing tools

  • GoDaddy has a limited creative control
  • The design of the website is not so unique or different, the website is looking similar to the other website
  • There will be no advanced SEO tools at a cheaper rate

  • There are four pricing plans
  • The cheapest pricing plan of GoDaddy is $6.99 per month; which is a free plan
  • If anybody wants for upgradation and want to get increased SEO tools, then he can choose $13.99 premium plan

  • 10. Nucleus


    The nucleus is one of those church website builders which offers useful features such as the ability to upload sermons and create email lists. According to the statistical report, approximately 531,683+ people have been using the Nucleus weekly. Here, people will get free tools for the church website building. For the same, no one needs a credit card. 

    Nucleus, a church website builder, assures you that you will not need technical skills to get the result once the website goes live.  As per the clients, Nucleus already helped them to witness the church involvement, volunteering, and church tithing. 

  • There will be a 30-day free trial, and for this, the users will not need any credit card details.

  • If you are looking for such a website, which requires a longer time for evaluation, then you should contact Nucleus website builder and can ask for the extra time.

  • There are some “Scholarships” programs for smaller churches and start-ups.

  • There will be a lot of helpful documentation and support, which are available through live chat.

  • Nucleus church website builder is designed for the central hub. There is a specific signup form, through which you can connect people at a single place.

  • There is a Facebook group, where people can join and talk about the church website building with other people too, who are using Nucleus too.

  • After signing up for Nucleus, one will get access to the library footage of videos.

  • There will be a lot of pre-created social media posts, which could be used on social media channels.

  • The support team of Nucleus is available only from 9 am to 5 pm EST, unlike the other website builders.

  • If anybody wants to take donations, then he must pay a flat fee for this service from RebelGive.

  • Presently, one cannot get multiple users of the website. It is assumed that the feature will be added in the future.

  • Nucleus costs are $125 per month (if one pays monthly) or $99 per month (if you pay upfront for a year).

  • Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

    Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

    11. Weebly 


    Weebly is a drag-and-drop builder apart from the ADI builder like GoDaddy, which is popular for building the website more simply. The strength of the website is lying on unbeatable affordability. 

    Weebly is one of the most popular and powerful free website builders, which helps to grow a venture smoothly. In turn, helps to grow the customer base. With the help of Weebly experts, one can get complete guidance about launching a church website. 

    Since Weebly has a strong presence in social media, therefore, with the help of Weebly, one can easily enhance the connection with the target clients. For instance, Weebly’s integrated tools lead to new connections. In this case, Weebly runs Facebook ads and automated email campaigns. 

    Weebly's customer support team ensures you get connected via email, chat, or phone call, as per their requirements, during the church website-building process. You can find the pros and cons and other features of the website here-

    • It offers cheap plans
    • Simple editor
    • Dated designs
    • Available of free Plan (whereas the paid plan is available for $6 to $29 per month

  • Budget-friendly price plans
  • Larger app store than Squarespace

  • There will be no church-specific templates
  • Designs of the websites developed by Weebly are outdated compared to Squarespace
  • Customization is also limited
  • Weebly is less creative compared to Wix
  • The design quality is also lower than Squarespace.

  • There are a free plan and three paid plans
  • Price range of Weebly plans is $6 to $24 per month
  • In case of choosing the free plan, then you will get access of limited features and you cannot be connected with the customized domain
  • There will be a professional plan of $12 per month; where the users will get unlimited storage.

  • Note, with the help of a professional plan, one can get a much better chance to build a trustworthy and memorable website plan. 


    12. Jimdo


    If you are looking for a simple church website builder, then Jimdo can be a basic church website builder. Here, the clients will have the flexibility to make any changes at any time. For instance, one can easily add images and text per his choice. Jimdo provides a free image library to choose the best and edit the photos. 

    The display layouts of Jimdo are also flexible. The best part is, Jimdo makes a mobile-friendly church website so that the features of the website will fit every smartphone. 

    Along with the features of the church website, Jimdo will allow the developers to add a website-matched logo free of cost. For the same, the developer can use the Logo creator to complete the design of the church website.  

    To register with a custom domain for the church website, the clients of Jimdo will get the features like HTTP security, Hosting included, top-level domains, simple setup, renewals, etc. 

    Also, there are several pricing plans; among these, one should choose the best-suited pricing plan. Note, also the free plan service is available there.  Check out the basic features of Jimdo Church website builder here-

    • ADI Builder, which is ideal for experiencing a greater designed website.
    • Poor help and support.
    • Jimdo offers good SEO tools and built-in social media feeds.
    • Lags behind the competitors.
    • Availability of free plan (whereas the paid plan is $9 to $24 per month).

  • Jimdo plan is extremely affordable.
  • It will take quick time to build a website.

  • Jimdo offers only email support.
  • There are some fewer features on offer.
  • No built-in marketing functions.

  • Like Weebly, Jimdo’s strongest area is its cost plan.
  • Jimdo offers a free plan; however in the free plan, one will get only 500 MB of storage.
  • There are two very affordable paid plans, which is starting from $9 per month.
  • In the starting pricing plan, one will get a decent amount of storage which is 5 GB, and will also avail of the custom domain.

  • 13. Webnode


    Webnode offers multiple ready-to-use templates, among which the church authority can find the best fit for the website. Webnode gives you access to two options- such as, you can employ the out-of-the-box, or you can customise the church’s needs and regulations. 

    Webnode website builder assures us to deliver the best web design in five minutes. Approximately 40 million users are associated with Webnode.  Under the supervision of Webnode church website builder.

    One can develop a church website within minutes. Like the other top church website builder, Webnode allows clients to build a website free of cost. For the same, no need to provide the card details.  

    Webnode assures you to provide 20 years of experience and local support, and the experience matters when building a church website. Here one will get more than a hundred designs for Customising the template. The customisation process is very easy. In addition, using your internet address, one can use your custom domain name. 

    To maintain a good rank on the church website, Webnode allows you to maintain strong communication with the clients/ visitors like a pro. For instance, one can create up to 100 email boxes. As per the requirement, the clients will get the experts supports of Webnode.    

    Check out the special features offered by Webnode here-

    • No card is required to choose a free pricing plan.
    • Sign up with email.
    • Webnode free plan is completely safe and encrypted.

  • Webnode helps clients to save money and time, which means one can get the website for free and can build just within a few minutes.
  • One can easily use a phone or tablet for creating the church website and can update the same as per the requirements
  • The users can rely on 20 years of experience from the local support team.
  • One can choose the best-suited template from a hundred templates. Customization templates are also available
  • Boost up the position of the church website with the perfect domain
  • As per the requirements, the customers will get local and friendly support

  • It does not support the “Drag and Drop” features
  • Does not support the Auto Update feature
  • Does not support the pre-booking features.

  • Pricing Plan

    Check out the category-wise pricing plan here-

     Free trial
     Limited $3.95/ month 
    Mini   $5.95/month
     Standard  $11.95/month
    Profit  $19.95/month 

    14. Finalweb


    Finalweb church website builder can create a new one in five minutes. It allows for easy customisation. To run the church website, one should not be a computer genius or a programmer. More specifically, the page-building services offered by Finalweb are straightforward and convenient. 

    Building of church website with the help of Finalweb is very easy. Once one chooses the template, one needs to start editing the website. Before developing a church website, one can avail of the 14 days trial. For the same, one should not need a credit card. 

    The Finalweb templates are beautiful and professional and integrated into different ways. The added advantage is the church website built by Finalweb is mobile-friendly. The video background of Finalweb is used with any of the website's themes.      

    One can create his sermon audio or video files and, afterwards, can download the same. The podcast libraries of Finalweb are referred by Biblical reference. Finalweb also provides a live streaming option to the church website builder so that the church authority will stream the programs for the visitors.       

    Organizations can register online for events if the church website builder wants to organise an event. The payment integration will also be available for the activities on the church website.      

    Some of the best features offered by Finalweb are highlighted here-

    • Provides powerful templates which are professional, clean, and beautiful. 
    • The Finalweb websites are mobile-friendly and responsive.
    • Finalweb provides podcasting libraries, which are searchable by biblical reference.
    • Finalweb is integrated with the Google Calendar. 
    • Available helpful video, email assistance, and technical support if the users need help from the church authority.

  • One can manage the page with unlimited updates and swappable themes
  • Provides adaptable media integration
  • Turn the sermons into podcasts, so that the users can understand the message.
  • Allows users to register online for events or activities.
  • Allow living stream the church services.

  • Not available 24/7 support system.
  • Compared to the other church website builders, Finalweb’s pricing policy is a bit expensive.

  • Live streaming trial is available free of cost
  • Free trial pack for website building
  • Price range is varied from $16 to $29 for the premium pack.

  • 15. is a digital tool enabling churches of all sizes and offers secure donations from anywhere, anytime. The tools of help manage the church website and engage the members.

    The users will get both online and offline support as per the requirements. provides the best online tools for helping to increase generosity so the church website operations are managed. 

    This church website builder assures one to offer secure donations anywhere and anytime. Also, the back-end administrative tools make managing the church website super easy.

  • High-end administrative tools.
  • Easier management to handle the website.
  • Generate in-depth reports on a daily basis.
  • Continuous tracking of cash/ check recording.
  • Donors can choose the setup for recurring.
  • Through quick give, the donors can get the required support.

  • Not very user-friendly.
  • Absence of drag and drop option.
  • Availability of customized themes.

  • Highly expensive
  • Setup cost is $149

  • Fynd platform banner for free demo

    Comparison of Top Six Church Website Builders

    Go through the comparison between the top six church website builders here. So that one can find the best church website builders out of the available builders in the market.


    As per the above analysis and comparison between the top church website builders, Fynd platform is at the top most position.

    Which is the Best Church Website Builder?

    Which is the Best Church Website Builder

    TOP choice
    Ease of use
    Help & Support
    Sales features
    Customer score
    Value for money

    A successful e-commerce developer, the Fynd platform has the potential for church website building. Users can get 24/7 support if they face any glitches or difficulties. On the other hand, to build a church, one can develop it for free. After one month of free service, one can pay the amount for availing of the premium plan. 

    You can give a classy look to the website since here you will get several options for theme selection. Also, you will have access to selecting domain names as per your choice.

    In addition, one can make the church website with the help of the Fynd platform just within 30 minutes. One can open and run the church website on a computer and mobile. There will be a fully functional android and iOS app.

    Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

    Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

    hero image

    Which are the top six Church website builders?

    Here is the list of the top six church website builders-

    • Fynd platform: Best budget-friendly yet compact church website builder
    • Wix: Best overall church website builder
    • Squarespace: Best for beautifully designed church websites
    • GoDaddy: It is the best church website builder for creating a church very quickly
    • Weebly: Best for building a budget-friendly church website
    • Jimdo: This is familiar for creating a simple church website

    How to start a church website?

     To start a church website, one can follow the below-mentioned steps-

    • Contact and sign up a church website builder
    • Get a domain name and hosting account
    • Start to design the church website theme
    • Customize the headers
    • Design the menu
    • Add pages to menu options
    • Add a slideshow to the website

    What is the main feature that a church website should have?

    arrow down

    The church authority should confirm that the church should provide important information related to the church, such as Service times and location. Apart from that, one can add social media links to get further details

    Why does a church need a website?

    A church needs a website to showcase its involvement of it in the community. It also has a way of building the credibility and trust of the church so that the church cares for the people.

    How to improve the church website?

    Here are the ways of improving the church website-

    • Give each of the pages a reason for adding.
    • Provide a clear navigation link for every page.
    • Guide the visitors to the logical steps.
    • Write the content in a friendly approach, so that it feels like you are communicating with the church authority.
    • The font of the content should be clearly visible.
    • Make a consistent color theme.
    • Add great images to the church website.

    How to improve the church website?

    Here are the ways of improving the church website-

    • Give each page a reason for adding.
    • Provide a clear navigation link for every page.
    • Guide the visitors to the logical steps.
    • Write the content in a friendly approach so that it feels like you are communicating with the church authority.
    • The font of the content should be visible.
    • Make a consistent colour theme.
    • Add great images to the church website.

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