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Add Brands

How to access on Fynd Platform

As we have observed how to setup a company, let’s have a look at how one can add brands on the Fynd Platform.

Video: How To Add Brands on Fynd Platform

  1. In the Platform Panel, go to Profile.


Figure 1: Profile Section in Platform Panel

  1. In the Brands section, click on Add New.


Figure 2: Add a New Brand

  1. Enter the Brand Name and Description.


Figure 3: Brand Details

  1. Upload the logo and banners of your brand.


Figure 4: Upload Logo and Banner details


Figure 5: Logo and Banner

The below table shows the image requirements for creating a brand.

Image TypeMin ResolutionFile TypeMaximum File Size
Brand Logo196 x 196 pxPNG or JPG2 MB
Landscape Banner540 x 400 pxPNG or JPG2 MB
Portrait Banner130 x 200 pxPNG or JPG2 MB

Banners are displayed depending on the theme applied to your website.

  1. Once you have saved the details, your brand would be added successfully.


Figure 6: Successful Addition of Brand

Your brand will be automatically verified.


Figure 7: Verified Brands

What to do if the verification status of your brand shows 'Unverified'?

If your company itself is unverified, the brands you create will go unverified as well.


Figure 8: Unverified Brands

In that case, you must check the reason for the verification failure of your company. The Profile page will highlight this reason, as shown in the image below. Fixing the issue will enable your company and brands to get a 'Verified' status.


Figure 9: Company Verification


Later, you will be allowed to create products of only those brands which are present in this section. Therefore, you must add all your brands here, or edit them if needed. Facing difficulties in getting your brands verified? Reach out to us at [email protected] or call us on +91-8767087087