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Squarespace vs Square (2024 In Depth Comparison)

Squarespace vs Square (2024 In Depth Comparison)

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You may be considering creating an online business, and after conducting an extensive study for several hours or days, you have reduced your options down to Square and Squarespace. But the question is, which one to choose between Square vs Squarespace?

It is not difficult to create an eCommerce website, regardless of its purpose or size. With the ease with which a little child would construct a house out of toy blocks, many website builders let you make your own distinctive and/or merely effective online store. 

You should therefore be particularly careful when selecting a site builder in order to create the precise website your business requires, with all important features incorporated. They appear to be exactly the same when viewed collectively. 

As an example, consider Square and Squarespace. These website builders share similarities even in their names. They share a number of similar traits. However, these two names represent two distinct website-building platforms.

The purpose of this comparison is to highlight the fundamental distinctions between Square Online and Squarespace and to determine which platform is superior for creating online stores. Each purpose undoubtedly has the best tool. We'll demonstrate which platform is more effective and able to handle a larger variety of site-building activities.

What are Squarespace and Square - General Overview

What are Squarespace and Square - General Overview

There are two different website builders that are excellent for creating eCommerce platforms: Square and Squarespace. Both of them include good eCommerce functionality and reasonably priced plans.

However, because each platform was created with a distinct target audience in mind, they both have unique advantages and features that one may make use of. For our comparison, a brief overview of both brands could be helpful. Let's examine the history of site-building platforms as well as their greatest successes.


Square Homepage

Square manufactures a range of technology products. With a Square Reader, a payment terminal, it all began in 2009. After then, it expanded its offerings and introduced a number of tools that could be incorporated into an e-commerce site and aid in the maintenance of its operations. The platform now describes itself as "a partner" to companies of all sizes and types.

However, this is not a proven reality. But there is no denying that the Square Online platform has developed and is currently among the most well-liked retailer and small business solutions.

It is one of the greatest apps for adding a few useful tools to an already-existing website and provides free services. Square is free, but you risk missing out on a few crucial features at the worst possible time for the growth of your website. 


Squarespace Homepage 

Another concept that originated in a college dorm room and developed into a potent website-building platform is Squarespace. The plot started in 2003. Now, there are roughly 1,500 enthusiasts on this team. 3.79 million consumers speak for themselves when it comes to this brand's user base.

The platform similarly emphasises eCommerce (see real-world examples), but it has far wider features. Despite not having a free plan, Squarespace's paid packages can be more cost-effective options for your online store.

You can create your dream web business from scratch with a free Squarespace subscription and ultimately save money. Let's now examine both platforms in greater depth to verify this assertion.

The Fynd Platform

The Fynd Platform Homepage

If you want total control over hosting, customization, security, and general site upkeep, the Fynd platform is preferable. Your company will constantly receive assistance from Fynd Platform in developing into a top-tier consumer brand.

The largest offline to online eCommerce platform in India is Fynd Platform, which boasts top-notch cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. It can truly use other multi-channel platforms and has full omnichannel potential.

The challenges business owners experience when establishing their own brand stores were taken into consideration when developing the Fynd Platform. An entrepreneur typically spends between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 200,000 to build an e-commerce website.

Not to mention the later-occurring maintenance fees, marketing gimmicks, and engineering overheads. With Fynd Platform, we have developed transparent pricing to guarantee that business owners have total control when they switch to an online operation.

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Ratings Of Squarespace and Square 

Ratings Of Squarespace and Square 

Square Online and Squarespace are two entirely separate eCommerce website builders, despite having similar names. We'll use the hours of testing and research we've done to compare these two platforms side by side in this article. Before we begin, here is a brief description of each platform:

Square Online - Best If You Want A Cheap Website Builder

Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
 Ease Of Use 3.9 out of 5 stars 
 Help and Support 4 out of 5 stars 
 Design Flexibility 2.7 out of 5 stars 
Value For Money   4.5 out of 5 stars

Squarespace - Design-Oriented Website Builder

Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
 Ease Of Use 4 out of 5 stars 
 Help and Support 5 out of 5 stars 
 Design Flexibility 4.7 out of 5 stars 
Value For Money   4 out of 5 stars

The Fynd Platform - Best Value For Money

Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars
 Ease Of Use 4.9 out of 5 stars 
 Help and Support 4.5 out of 5 stars 
 Design Flexibility 4.7 out of 5 stars 
Value For Money  4.5 out of 5 stars

Warning: This sentence contains a spoiler: The Fynd platform won this contest overall. 

To be more precise, we advise The Fynd platform for expanding businesses and those concentrating on creating distinctive brands. For brick-and-mortar businesses that wish to expand their online sales as well as for individuals without a formal store who want to sell a few small items online, we suggest Square.

Let's look at how we arrived at this conclusion right now.

Square vs Squarespace: Pros & Cons

Square vs Squarespace: Pros & Cons

Square Online -

Simple to use - The Square dashboard is simple and user-friendly.

Affordability - Free trial premium plans allow you to start selling things right now.

Excellent inventory control - Keeping track of inventory and remaining organised is simple with Square.

Dependable product management - One dashboard can be used to manage all of your Square online inventory, which is incredibly simple. Online shops can manage their inventory and stay organised.

You may launch your online store right immediately on Square and gain access to fundamental eCommerce features with the free plan.

Very Little Customization - Due to the limited website customization offered by Square, creating a customised template for your Square online business might be challenging.

Dull templates - Despite being neat, the majority of the templates have the same layouts and can quickly grow monotonous.

Limited payment processors - If you don't utilize Square's internal payment processor, you'll have to pay extra fees

Restricted customizability - Square's templates don't allow a lot of design flexibility, making it difficult to significantly alter them.

Squarespace - Pros 

Beautiful template designs - Squarespace's templates are all distinctive, fashionable, and simple to modify. Squarespace, as opposed to Square, has beautiful template designs. The layouts from Squarespace are adaptable, tidy, and have a dynamic look that can help firms stand out.

Strong built-in capabilities - You will have cutting-edge marketing resources at your disposal

Good value for the money - Although Squarespace is not the most affordable eCommerce builder, you do get what you pay for.

Strong eCommerce and integrated website features - Squarespace is the best platform for both small and large online stores since it has sophisticated commerce features that support growth and efficient store management.

Settings for Advanced Customization - Your templates can be greatly customised, and you can even include codes to change the way they look

It takes getting used to a website - It may take some time for new users to become acclimated to Squarespace's editor because the platform can look a little technical.

There is a minimal learning curve - You must allot an hour to become familiar with the Squarespace editor.

Does not automatically save your work - You must continue to save your work as you go.

No phone assistance - The customer service team is reachable by email and live chat, but not by phone.

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Square vs Squarespace - Ecommerce Features

Square vs Squarespace - Ecommerce Features

Square and Squarespace Tie in Ecommerce Features! Square does a great job at covering all the essentials, although Squarespace's platform already includes more robust capabilities.

Square - The Essential Features

The cheapest Square subscription allows you to sell goods, which is a huge benefit for someone just starting out. However, unprofessional adverts and domains with "" extensions ensure that most enterprises will quickly outgrow the free plan.

The number of eCommerce features you get with Square depends on the pricing plan you select, just like with any website builder. Having said that, when we used Square, their inventory management was the eCommerce feature that truly caught our attention.

You can update your stock using Square to reflect the following changes:

  • Obtaining fresh stock
  • Count inventory again
  • Returns for restocking
  • Stock loss due to theft or damage

Although it's not the most fascinating function available, this one is crucial for an online store and greatly contributes to Square's remarkable usability.

Squarespace - Powerful Built-In Features

Despite the fact that Squarespace's starter plans cost more than Square's, you get a lot more functionality for your money. Since it is more scalable than the Business plan and contains more of what you require built-in, we advise the Basic Commerce plan for the majority of businesses.

Square vs Squarespace - Ease Of Use

Square vs Squarespace - Ease Of Use

The most important feature that any contemporary site builder aims to perfect is its own usability. The difficulty of the task increases with the variety of tools - compare the ways Square and Squarespace handle this task.

We could have given both platforms identical marks for usability, but Squarespace gets the nod for one particular reason. Due to the fact that Square's feature set is fairly limited in comparison to Squarespace's, it has a straightforward dashboard. 

Both platforms undoubtedly provide simple registration procedures and open pricing structures. In all situations, choosing an appropriate plan and getting started with the platform is straightforward.

With the aid of introductory lessons, a beginner can readily comprehend how everything operates there. However, keep in mind that Squarespace is a more sophisticated website builder, and we discovered that its dashboard was well-designed and simple to use. 

The Squarespace user interface might be characterised as elegant and simple. We appreciated the platform's readiness to provide assistance as soon as you may need it. It's very difficult to forget to save any significant changes you make when editing your e-store.

However, if all you need is to convert your physical business to an online one, you might find it to be too slow. If so, Square is a fantastic choice for you. Within such constraints, its guidance is equally excellent. For a simple task, there are equally easy solutions. The major goal of Square is to provide nearly intuitive product management. 

As a result, using the Square dashboard makes managing your products, their categories, sales figures, etc. simple. Square is undoubtedly more convenient as you continue to run your internet store. A basic and very functional store can be created by a complete non-coder.

Squarespace's dashboard is simple to use, yet it has a larger range of capabilities, so it won't confuse you with a confusing user experience. We enjoyed using Squarespace's numerous design capabilities to select and alter templates. 

Even someone with very little programming and web design skills may use the site's voice cues to navigate through all of them. Therefore, Square's usability is comparable to that of Squarespace. When we put both platforms to the test for usability, we discovered that Square is the more user-friendly for beginners while Squarespace is a little more potent and sophisticated.

1. Signing Up

Signing Up

Logging into Squarespace

The enrollment procedure is made as quick and simple as possible by Square and Squarespace, albeit we were more impressed with Squarespace's onboarding than Square's.

We were given the opportunity to click through a brief mini-guide on utilising the template editor after selecting a Squarespace template. Along the way, Square also provides helpful setup instructions.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

The setup instructions provided by Square are quite helpful, but you can find them in your dashboard once you've signed up. We liked that Squarespace's advice was readily available very early in the process.

2. Managing Your Store - Dashboard and Products

Managing Your Store - Dashboard and Products

When we personally evaluated the usability of both platforms, we were more pleased with Square's simple dashboard. You may view your items, product categories, and helpful data like your weekly sales and page views using the sidebar menu on the left.

Squarespace, on the other hand, is by no means more difficult to use than Square; rather, it's just a touch more sophisticated (and that shows in Squarespace's gorgeous templates, which we'll discuss in the following section!).

Many product details are editable in Squarespace without leaving the template editor. Square allows you to alter the most basic information about a product in the template editor, but most changes must be made on the dashboard.

3. Domains


If you already have a domain name, connecting it to Square or Squarespace is simple. On any of their paid programmes, you can do this. You don't need to use a third-party registrar to buy a new domain name because Square and Squarespace both allow you to do it directly from your account dashboard.

This is a significant improvement in both platforms' usability because it allows you to handle more aspects of your website in a single location. Any paid Squarespace or Square plan comes with a free domain name for the first year. The cost of a domain name starts at $20 for Squarespace and $12 for Square after that.

Choose Square if you're looking for a quick and straightforward tool. Squarespace will be superior if your objective is a professional-looking site that was created from scratch.

4. Product Management

 Product Management

Running an online store has certain difficulties.Managing products and inventory is one of the trickier things that business executives will have to learn to deal with. Fortunately, this procedure can be made a little easier using Square and Squarespace. 

Your Square inventory will instantly sync the data across your offline and online accounts if you currently use Square for your point-of-sale systems. In other words, if you sell a product offline, you'll have fewer things available online, and the opposite is true. For those who want to simultaneously sell online and offline, this is quite helpful.

When you're fresh to the world of online commerce, Square will also update all of your inventory for you. With a simple user interface, you can start importing the goods you want to offer as soon as your store is set up. Additionally, you will be able to add any modifications for your things (such as colors and sizes) any add-ons you choose to the purchase.

You have the option to categorize all of your products using Square Online, which makes them much simpler to handle. You may simply go to your dashboard to amend anything later if you import your items without adding a category or sales tax information.

Additionally, Square users can add "advanced" options to goods. For instance, you can alter an item's visibility in your store based on whether you're prepared to introduce a new product or not. Other capabilities of inventory management include -

  • Options for bulk uploads
  • Low stock warnings
  • Messages about inventory levels
  • Tracking inventory levels
  • Automatic syncing between offline and online
  • Possibilities for products and customizations

Although Squarespace has many additional capabilities, it doesn't provide quite as many alternatives for inventory management for your online business. 

For instance, you may check your inventory whenever you want to use the inventory panel in the Squarespace mobile and internet apps. You may view information such as the cost of each item, the number of things, and more.

Squarespace makes it simple to set up product pages. You can do it on a PC, your iOS app, or both. Simply click the "add product" button on your product page to get started. You can add images, important details, and the product's pricing here. Additionally, you have the option of individual or bulk editing of the stock level for each product.

Features consist of:

  • Edit, add, and arrange product information
  • Using a mobile app, manage your products and inventories.
  • Set up product subscriptions
  • Add labels for a restricted availability.
  • Stock-level warnings
  • Restrictions on service products

You can connect with different payment processors using Square Online and Squarespace as well, but if you have a free website account, Square is your only choice.

5. Website Design

 Website Design

Squarespace wins in their design battle over Square. The stunning design quality of Squarespace's templates is unmatched. To develop a Squarespace site that looks polished, you don't need any technical or coding expertise!

Square - Simple but Restricted

There isn't a big library of templates available from Square. You can limit your search to templates for retail, restaurants, services, and nonprofits, but there isn't much difference between them.

Visitors can easily traverse Square's templates thanks to their simplicity. They function well, but they are not original. One user said it best: “There only appears to be one default template that you can then change to your desire, so there aren't many options unless you're ready to experiment a lot with the layout. However, customising the template is simple.”

One benefit of using Square templates is how simple it is to update them. You can instantly change the typefaces, colour schemes, and company logo. You can add a personalised touch by changing the fonts and colours. Square's templates will work if you're more concerned with simplicity and staying safe in terms of design. 

Their limited customization and generic layouts nevertheless adhere to the rules for good eCommerce practice, so if you keep to them you'll be alright. But if your goal is to establish a strong brand, Squarespace is what we advise.

Squarespace - Stunning Designs 

It will take you a little longer than Square's template editor to get acclimated to Squarespace's, but after that, everything should go quite smoothly. In our research, Squarespace emerged as the finest website builder for creatives, and template designs are just one of the areas where it really shines.

Here is what a test participant said: "The templates from Squarespace seem really polished. With Squarespace offering a summary of the capabilities incorporated in each template, there was also ample variety. Making a decision based on the features you want to include in your store was a really smart move.

A Products page is included with each Squarespace e-commerce template so you may showcase your products there. You have greater freedom with Squarespace than with Square, and it's simple to change any page on your template.

You may alter the margins of your website in addition to changing the colour schemes and font styles (which is perfect for anyone offering visual products, such as photographers and painters!).

Each page can have sections added and removed with the press of a button. There are many alternatives for the various parts, ranging from neatly written "Contact Us" forms to maps displaying the location of your company.

Square vs. Squarespace - Flexibility and Design

Square vs. Squarespace - Flexibility and Design

The flexibility of both platforms is the second thing we looked into. Your site builder should have sufficient capabilities and features to do this, regardless of whether you work with design tools or enhance your future online store with plugins and add-ons. 

Squarespace is a definite winner in this case.

1. Themes and Templates

Themes and Templates

Square Online Themes 

Square offers professionally created square templates that are developed with eCommerce objectives in mind. However, there are not many. 

Originality cannot be expected from this set. The majority of designs work well for restaurants and service businesses. The fonts and colors of the selected template are simple to change. This won't be sufficient to create an original website for establishing a brand. Squarespace, on the other hand, does let you make a distinctive eCommerce website.

There are more templates with descriptions available, which can be used as guides for choosing the ideal design for your store. The platform offers a drag-and-drop tool that makes it simple to create a unique layout for your next website. 

2. eCommerce


The toolbox of Square eCommerce features is rather limited. Be prepared for a few options, particularly if you choose the platform's free plan. You can quickly set up a smooth selling procedure. Square can easily provide all the necessary tools for your online store. 

Square can manage your teamwork as well as process orders, send bills, and accept payments. Additionally, you may link your website to social networking sites and add QR codes, buttons, or links for one-click purchases, among other things. The Customer Directory is a useful resource. It will assist your website in creating an automatic profile with contact information for each of your customers.

However, the primary issue with Square is that it will force Square adverts onto your website and add tag to your domain. Most people would choose to view it as being really unprofessional. 

The more affordable your plan, the sooner you will realize how inadequate Square is to meet all of your needs. Even in the most basic Squarespace bundle, you can anticipate a far wider range of eCommerce options than with Square.

If you choose the Business plan, which costs $23 per month (billed annually), you'll have access to a wealth of services. Here are a few examples:

  • All plans include unlimited storage and unlimited goods;
  • Squarespace plugins that increase the functionality of your site;
  • Tools for keeping track of consumer activity in your online store;
  • Tools for managing email;
  • Tools for handling orders, special offers, and other transactions;
  • The ability to use a shopping cart, mobile commerce features, all of the tools required to manage inventory, and many more.

Therefore, with Squarespace, you can be sure of getting what you pay for. From the ground up, you are given a set of incredibly potent tools to construct and develop an eCommerce enterprise. 

Choose the least expensive option to receive a free domain for a year. No matter which package you select in Square, an ad-free domain option is not available.

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3. Third - Party Apps

Third-Party Apps

Both Square and Squarespace provide an outstanding selection of practical apps created by outside developers to improve your site. Compatibility with offline Square items is the main advantage of creating a Square online store, as we've already stated.

But Square also has a respectable app store where you can use third-party apps to connect to your Square online store. Both eCommerce platforms work well together in this regard. You may optimise your site using a variety of extensions that Squarespace provides.

The advantage of Squarespace is that any service not provided by the platform will very certainly be provided by a third-party provider.

4. Optimization For Mobile

 Optimization For Mobile

It is simple to construct a mobile-friendly website with Square and Squarespace. When configuring your storefront, you can switch back and forth between the desktop and mobile views.

However, Squarespace takes a step further by additionally providing a mobile app so you can update your website while on the road. Online business owners may monitor merchandise and communicate with consumers when away from their desks thanks to the app.

5. Unique eCommerce Characteristics

Unique eCommerce Characteristics

Small businesses with existing brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants are the primary target market for Square's speciality. As a result, you can think about including cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) tools on your website to ensure seamless payments and client interaction.

Kitchen menus, food dispatching, gift cards, and return and reservation management tools, among other possibilities, are available. For an additional fee, Square will give your website improved email marketing, teamwork, and appointment management tools.

The majority of these features will be included by default in Squarespace's plans. It has more sophisticated additions. It has more sophisticated additions. For example, you may receive extra video storage for your seminars, podcasts, and other content needed to assemble a community interested in your brand by subscribing to Member Areas for a starting price of $9 per month.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Do not assume that the Squarespace platform cannot be used to create a website for a restaurant or hotel. Instead, you can design a stunning website that serves any function. With Squarespace, you may get extras like email campaigns, shipping management, loyalty programmes, and many others.

Keep in mind that Square Online's expertise is excellent for websites that are already up but could use some updating. Even if you don't already have a website and are planning to construct one, Squarespace is ready to put any concept you have into action. The software provides a sophisticated Online Store Builder.

6. Blogging


If all you need to do is sell a product, you might not give much thought to your online store's professional, distinctive design. You can anticipate getting this from Square's selection of templates. And that's what the majority of bloggers won't stand for. 

Although Squarespace may not be the ideal option, in this case, it definitely outperforms Square. First off, Squarespace has far superior blogging-specific templates. You can decide whether to start a blog from scratch or add one to an already-existing website. 

The platform includes all the resources required to make money from your blog. They range from sponsored material to paid advertisements to affiliate programmes. They range from sponsored material to paid advertisements to affiliate programmes. You can also undertake unique initiatives for the readers of your site.

You may incorporate Stories into your website using Square Online. You can upload fascinating material here, such as a recipe or a trip to a faraway nation. And it's all done on a substantial scale. 

There aren't enough template options available here. Square might meet your needs during the early stages of your web campaign if you want to start out without spending any money, regardless of style. However, you'll quickly grow dissatisfied with your blogging skills on the Square platform.

7. Website Editors

 Website Editors

Although the Square and Squarespace Website Editors are both simple to use, you won't have the same possibilities. Even while it will take you an additional five minutes to figure out how Squarespace's Editor works, you will end up with a larger selection of templates that can be customised.

The freedom you have while editing templates will increase in Squarespace. You can add and alter buttons and other items in addition to changing fonts and colours. Want to alter the margins on your website? No issue. A blogger or artist will be glad to increase the visual area of their website because Squarespace permits this. 

You are allowed to add and remove individual pieces, such as different forms. However, you can select a pre-made design and use it on your website without making any changes, and it will be a win.

If you compare the two platforms side by side from the standpoint of feature availability, integration potential, marketing possibilities, or anything else, it will be obvious that Squarespace allows you greater creative freedom when building a website that is intended for blogging or an e-commerce venture. When you need a quick fix, Square is wonderful, but Squarespace has all the features you'll need to launch and grow your website over time.

Square vs Squarespace - General Pricing Comparison

Square vs Squarespace - General Pricing Comparison

Squarespace prevails over Square in their pricing comparison - Squarespace offers more affordable entry-level options, but you'll ultimately need to upgrade if you want better features. You receive more value for your money with Squarespace's plans, so you get what you pay for.

Squarespace is more affordable than Square, making it a better choice if you're on a tight budget, but Squarespace provides more value for your money. The built-in features offered by Squarespace's eCommerce plans are of a higher caliber than those offered by Square's most affordable plans.

Plans for Pricing on Square Online

Prices of Square Online

Pricing should not be the only factor you take into account when selecting an online store builder, but it is unquestionably a crucial one. Nobody has the money to spend excessively on their digital tools.

The good news is that Square Online enables the opening of different types of online stores relatively affordable. You can pay nothing but transaction costs under a free plan. 

All you have to pay is the 2.9% fee for payment processing on top of $0.30 from each sale. The free option has some restrictions, such as the ability to only accept payments through Square.

You can access it if you require a more complex setup.

  • Professional — $16 per month,
  • Performance — $26 per month,
  • Premium — $72 per month.

If you're willing to pay annually, there is also a small discount available for the premium packages. Square advertising is removed from your site and unlimited storage is included with all paying subscriptions. 

The more you pay, the more capabilities you gain access to, like eCommerce analytics, Facebook ad management, and third-party integrations. Because it allows you to sell using its free plan, Square is a unique eCommerce builder. 

Although there are many benefits to this, we don't suggest it as a long-term fix. Your website will still feature advertisements, which could make it appear amateurish. Additionally, until you upgrade to a paid plan, you won't be able to use a custom domain.

If you do choose to upgrade to a premium plan, you have three choices with monthly costs ranging from $12 to $72. Given that it has the most features in common with Squarespace, we suggest the $26 per month Performance plan out of the three.

You can post customer reviews on your site to build trust and send abandoned cart emails to enhance conversions if you choose the Performance package.

Plans for Pricing on Squarespace

Prices of Squarespace

Pricing for Squarespace is also really simple. The personal site, which costs $16 a month, is the least expensive choice, but it excludes access to shop building features. 

Your entire range of choices include:

  • Personal — $16 per month
  • Business — $26 per month
  • Basic Commerce — $30 per month
  • Advanced Commerce — $46 per month

The only package that doesn't include eCommerce is the personal one. All other options, however, let you sell an unlimited number of goods. The Business plan from Squarespace has an eCommerce price of $23 per month. For those who are new to online selling and merely wish to begin with a few products, we advise the Business plan.

You'll quickly exceed the Business plan as sales increase because it levies a 3% transaction fee on every purchase. In that scenario, we advise the robust built-in features and transaction fee-free $27 Basic Commerce package.

How About Extra Features?

Squarespace's Email Campaigns feature is something to consider if you're ready to spend a little more on supplemental resources. Prices for this in-house email marketing solution provided by Squarespace start at $5 per month. You can send 500 emails per month to an unlimited number of subscribers for that pricing.

Your designs and branding will be consistent, and you'll be able to manage everything in one location, which is the main advantage of linking your email marketing to your Squarespace website.

Square vs Squarespace - Payment Option & Transaction Fees

Square vs Squarespace - Payment Option & Transaction Fees

Squarespace wins over Square in the payment options. Square beats Squarespace in this regard due to its limited selection of payment processing solutions. Two of Squarespace's three e-commerce plans also come without any transaction fees at all.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Sqaurespace Payment options

On their more basic e-commerce plans, the majority of website builders only provide a few payment methods; but, if you upgrade to a more advanced plan, you'll have access to more choices.

The cheapest Square package includes the following payment methods:

  • Square
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

The cheapest eCommerce plan from Squarespace provides:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Afterpay (note - it is only available in New Zealand, Australia, and the US)

Square has fewer possibilities than Squarespace because it works with its own internal payment processor. The benefit of using an internal tool is that it might make your life as a business owner easier; but, for the benefit of your clients, you should pick a website builder that accepts as many different payment ways as possible.

Regardless of which website builder you use, each payment processor has its own set of costs that you will be required to pay. Most processing fees for payments are quite comparable; for instance, Square, Stripe, and PayPal all charge 2.9% plus 30 cents for each purchase.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Transfer Charges

Transaction fees are what your website builder charges you for each transaction you do, as opposed to payment processing fees, which are costs incurred by a third party. In contrast to the Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce plans, which have no transaction costs, Squarespace's Business plan has a 3% transaction fee.

On its Free, Professional, and Performance plans, Square charges 2.9% + 30, and on its Premium plan, 2.6% + 30. You will only be charged for this transaction cost if Square is your payment processor; you won't be charged for the same payment processing fee. 

You will, however, be required to pay this transaction cost in addition to PayPal's own payment processing fee if you use a third-party service like PayPal.

Square vs Squarespace - Performance & Security

Square vs Squarespace - Performance & Security

It's a Draw! Both solutions include all the essential components for safe transactions and website backups.

When it comes to security, Square and Squarespace have got your online store covered. The ease with which you can handle security measures using all-in-one website builders (like these two) is one of their appeals.

What is provided with both platforms is as follows:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates: SSL certificates encrypt data as it travels between your server and a customer's web browser, protecting the payment details of your customers.
  • PCI-DSS Conformity: For businesses that process the majority of big credit cards, there is a security standard called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. As Square and Squarespace are both PCI compliant, your website is safe and secur.


In general, Square is arguably the simpler platform for new site builders. A few of Squarespace's more sophisticated features can be challenging to use at first.

Having said that, Squarespace excels at giving novice users a tonne of tutorials and step-by-step instructions so they can begin creating. Additionally, the trade-off allows you to use Squarespace to develop more original websites.

Let's examine the ease of use in more detail.


Creating an account with Square only takes two minutes. They do, however, ask for a little bit more information from you upfront than Squarespace. In order to even see what their site builder has to offer, you must provide your complete account information as well as some information about your company. 

Square has a number of useful guidelines that can help you construct an online store and launch it rapidly. But it took some work to figure out where to look for these brief summaries.

Once your Square online store site is created, you have access to its uncomplicated, clear interface. Everything on the Square dashboard is simple to use, including email marketing and inventory management. Additionally, you can get product information and analytics directly from your dashboard.

It's important to note that switching your website to Square can be challenging if you already have one. The entire process must be completed manually by downloading your website and then uploading it. to your Square account, *csv files.


You might contend that Squarespace is less user- (though I wouldn't say beginner-) friendly than Square. For someone who is unfamiliar with website creation, it provides several added features that enable for better branding and SEO.

Despite this, Squarespace is still quite user-friendly, and the onboarding procedure is clear-cut and helpful. Squarespace "Assistant" appears as you build up your site and offers tutorial videos and FAQs in case you get stuck.

You can precisely examine what you're altering in the backend and how it impacts the front end using the Squarespace construction tool. This enables you to make sure your website offers users a seamless experience.

Managing things like product management is also really simple in Squarespace, just like Square. Additionally, you can do this from any device thanks to the Squarespace mobile app, which is really cool.

The best part is that moving a website to Squarespace is simple for anyone who already has one.

Square vs. Squarespace - Customer Service 

Square vs. Squarespace - Customer Service 

Customer service of Squarespace

When comparing each site builder with an emphasis on the credit cards they accept and the checkout processes they offer, it's simple to ignore customer service. 

However, you must ensure that you have the appropriate amount of assistance before you begin developing your business on the eCommerce platform of your choice. You may reach Square via @SqSupport or by filling out an online form to get in touch with the sales team.

Be mindful that the Square contact page for assistance does redirect you to a Weebly website. That's because Square chose to use Weebly to provide the majority of its site-building features rather than creating a custom platform.

Additionally, Square has a knowledge base where you may conduct searches. You can try going to the Square Knowledgebase if you would rather do things on your own to seek support. 

For those just entering the sales industry, it's a rather extensive database. There are many articles, screenshots, and other helpful information to peruse over. Additionally, you can get more advice by visiting the active seller community.

Squarespace offers email support and live text chat assistance, both of which are accessible from 4 am to 8 pm EST. Unfortunately, there is no phone support, which makes it challenging to contact with someone if you actually have a technical issue with Squarespace.

Live chat help does, however, make it slightly simpler to receive information about anything quickly, from SEO support to problems with social network connections. You might prefer the live chat system if you're a small business owner who prefers not to call for support.

Square vs. Squarespace - Where Do You Get Better SEO?

Square vs. Squarespace - Where Do You Get Better SEO?

Squarespace wins in this category as it gives you alt-language image descriptions. Search engine optimization (SEO) recommended practices are incredibly simple to include in your store using Square. Everything you can do to boost the likelihood that your page will appear prominently in Google search results is covered by SEO.

In 2021, about a quarter of small firms intend to spend money on SEO. Square makes this investment simple and offers built-in assistance. However, Squarespace's SEO capabilities are more potent than Square's and aren't as simple to utilise.

The tools provided by Squarespace can truly help your store rank higher and faster if you're content with learning as you go. Even better, Squarespace will automatically turn your image descriptions into the alt language that Google needs to comprehend images.

Square vs. Squarespace - Switching Process

Square vs. Squarespace - Switching Process

It's a Tie! You must manually transfer your content if you want to change an existing website from Square to Squarespace or vice versa.

Unfortunately, a whole website cannot be downloaded from another platform and then imported into Square or Squarespace. Instead, you'll need to create a new Square or Squarespace website and manually add your previous information.

What you need to do is as follows:

  1. Activate a plan on your new platform (either Square or Squarespace)
  2. Choose a template, then use the drag-and-drop editor to duplicate or enhance the design of your current website.
  3. Text from your old site can be copied and pasted onto your new site.
  4. Make careful to choose "paste without formatting" so that you may just enter plain text and prevent any unwanted HTML from coming from your previous website.
  5. Use your new editor's bold, italic, and paragraph settings to format your content.
  6. the photos you want to use on your new template.

Top Tip: Until the very last minute, keep your old website active. Even if you've already downloaded the data onto your computer, it's recommended to maintain your previous website as long as you can while manually transferring it to a new platform.

This is necessary since you'll want your website to be accessible to users while you actually transfer it. To prevent having two sites live at once, you can keep your new site in "private" mode while it is being prepared.

Square vs Squarespace - Marketing Features

Square vs Squarespace - Marketing Features

Squarespace - Marketing Features

Squarespace wins in their marketing contest against Square! Both platforms have strong marketing features, however, Squarespace's most expensive package is actually less expensive while still providing the same robust set of capabilities.

Squarespace's pricing is more expensive than Square's because it offers more features, but Square has more affordable plan prices overall. Additionally, even though Squarespace's most expensive plan is less expensive than Square's online.

Every commerce plan has a unique marketing component that will help your online store. The functionalities improve when your commerce plan increases. Let's examine the marketing options available on the least expensive eCommerce plan for each platform. That is Square's $12/month professional plan. That's the $23 per month Business plan from Squarespace.

Professional Square Plan includes - 

  • Advertising Pop-ups on websites
  • Coupons for discounts
  • Emails with order details
  • Discard adverts
  • Use of social media
  • Sophisticated eCommerce data
  • Instant shipment

Squarespace Business Plan includes -

  • Pop-ups on the website
  • Coupons for discounts
  • Emails with order detail
  • Online tracking
  • Security and Efficiency
  • Advertising pop-up
  • No Ads
  • Use of social media
  • Website analytics
  • App for Squarespace's video studio
  • Advanced Commerce on Squarespace
  • Accelerated shipment
  • Business APIs

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Square vs. Squarespace - Support 

Square vs. Squarespace - Support 

Square Wins! Squarespace is outclassed by Square by providing phone support. Square's 24-hour chatbot assistance more than makes up for the absence of live chat.

When we put Square and Squarespace's customer assistance to the test using our own accounts, both companies delivered great results. While quick and helpful, Square's "live chat" feature is actually a chatbot called a "support assistant," which isn't as effective as talking to a live person:

Therefore, the fact that Square offers phone help particularly impressed us. You can call a representative if you become tired of the chat feature at any time. Additionally, Squarespace's live chat connects you to a real person. For some people, the lack of phone support may be a deal-breaker.

Is There A Better Ecommerce Platform?

Is There A Better Ecommerce Platform?

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, there is clearly one that far surpasses the other builders - The Fynd PLatform. The Fynd Platform is a whole retail management suite that offers countless features for every kind of e-commerce transaction. 

Comparing this platform to other multi-channel platforms, its actual omnichannel potential is the advantage it has over other retail solutions now on the market. Consequently, the retail data is now accessible across all channels. The Fynd platform offers you the following features that are otherwise not available in either Square or Squarespace. Its benefits are listed as follows -

1. Create a company website and mobile application: Even if you are not an expert in a website or mobile application creation, you can do it from the Fynd platform in under 10 minutes. Create a completely functional website with personalized pages, an iOS app, and an Android app.

2. Multiple Language Support: To accommodate various audiences throughout the world, the Fynd Platform offers multiple language support!

3. Blog, forum, and chat: Create your own user community, provide ideas, and develop original solutions! access to forums and conversations where you can ask and respond to queries.

4. User & API Documentation: Make use of the substantial documentation available for the Fynd platform product set. Get access to all platform APIs and start your own online store!

Fynd platform banner for free demo

5. Training resources: Use quick assistance to be linked to tutorials and videos while using any Fynd Platform feature.

6. Seller's panel: New to online shopping? Fear not; Fynd Platform will make things simpler for you. Get on board quickly and put your inventory online quickly! Start Your Sales!

7. Development Kits: Make your own unique pages and themes with development kits. Additionally, because the kits are so simple to use and straightforward, you can accomplish a lot more with them.

8. Payment system: A successful firm requires a reliable payment system. You can always choose which payment methods your application should accept from an unending list.

9. Analytics and tracking data insights: Tables and graphs include figures and data from the shopping cart, order, and payment. Download these in CSV and PDF as well! For application analytics, use tokens from Firebase, MO Engage, Segment, and GTM.

10. Various customizations: Alter the colour and theme of your application's interface now. Select the elements that will appear on the registration page, cart, home page, landing page, and product page.

How Can Square Be Linked to Squarespace?

How Can Square Be Linked to Squarespace

To connect your Square account to Squarespace after creating it, follow these instructions. Keep in mind that a premium account is required if you want to connect to Square. Additionally, it can only be used to handle payments within the US.

  1. First, sign in to Squarespace.
  2. Access Your Home Men in Step 2
  3. Select "Commerce"
  4. Click "Payments" (Under The Setup Menu)
  5. Choose "Square" (US Only)
  6. Configure Integration in Squarespace's iOS App (Not Available For Android)

How Can I Tell If Squarespace Is The Right Platform For My Company?

How Can I Tell If Squarespace Is The Right Platform For My Company

The builder Squarespace has received top marks across the board in our research. This does not necessarily mean that it is the greatest choice for everyone, though. 

Photographers, artists, and anyone who values design and wants to build a website with stunning graphics should use Squarespace. Squarespace especially succeeds with visual-driven methods, which explains why it is at the top of many of our best photography website platforms!

However, you might have trouble maximizing Squarespace's aesthetically pleasing design if you don't have high-quality photos or if your site is largely text-based.

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

In this article, we've compared Square and Squarespace in all of the crucial areas. Overall, Squarespace is the winner. It is perfect for people who want to expand their store or create a distinctive brand because of its blend of beautiful styles and strong features. However, not everyone will be a fan of Squarespace.

Who should use Squarespace?

  • Creators looking to establish a distinctive brand
  • Those who are looking for a beautiful website where they can market their own goods
  • Businesses that aim to gradually increase the number of their customers

Who should use Square online?

  • Companies that are just starting to offer online
  • Businesses in brick and mortar are switching to the internet
  • Beginners who require rapid and simple access to the internet

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Does the same business own Square and Squarespace?

No! Don't be fooled by the names; Square and Squarespace are two entirely different businesses. But if you want the best value for money, we recommend you the Fynd Platform. 

Can I connect my Squarespace website directly to the Square payment processor?

No, you can't connect your Squarespace website directly to the Square payment processor. However, you can sync Square's Point of Sale (POS) system to the Squarespace Commerce app if you're conducting in-person sales. This keeps the in-person purchases in your Squarespace store current.

Do you recommend any other website builders to me?

arrow down

Two excellent platforms are Square and Squarespace, but the Fynd platform beats both when it comes to its extensive features. So if neither of the two appeals to you, read our comprehensive analysis of the top e-commerce website builders. Spoiler alert: The Fynd Platform is ranked first.

Is a Squarespace website suitable for an online store?

Awarded-winning website builder Squarespace offers cutting-edge features ready to catapult your company to greater heights. Squarespace delivers all the SEO benefits and website tools that online businesses need to expand their operations.

Can I Sell Digital Goods Through My Square Online Store?

Yes. With Square Online, you can sell digital goods. You proceed almost just as you would when submitting a physical product. However, if you receive hundreds of orders every day, we will recommend you the Fynd platform, where you do not have to worry about personally emailing the link or file to each consumer once they buy something.

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