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51+ Top Products to Sell Online From Home in 2023 (Make Extra Money)

51+ Top Products to Sell Online From Home in 2023 (Make Extra Money)

Nowadays, home-based business is becoming popular and many people have taken the initiative to start their business from home. Working at your own pace and doing things you love can give you immense joy.

It can be rewarding as well as fun at the same time. A home-based business can provide you with good income, flexibility in work, work-life balance, low start-up cost and independence. During the Pandemic, those laid off decided to follow their passion and launched their home-based business.

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How To Start Selling From Home

1. Determine what kind of product you can sell that will succeed in the market

  • If you find yourself skilled in Art, crafting, sewing or cooking, you can sell home decor items or edible items from your home.
  • You may also bargain and resell items which can give you a huge profit
  • If you have an interest in consulting, you can become a consultant for a home-based business.

2. Know what to sell

  • You must determine if the products you want to sell are easy to manufacture, convenient and portable.
  • Stay away from products that make you liability prone
  • Try to sell products which are unique and not sold by any big retailers.

3. Determine the size of the market

  • If you have decided on the item to sell, find out the number of people willing to buy the item you are selling. Consult the journals, articles and government report to know the market size online.
  • Determine the number of competitors in the market, if there are a small number of competitors, you will have an opportunity to make more money.

4. Stock up your product by buying wholesale

  • Wholesale is buying things directly from the manufacturer. Try to buy everything without the involvement of middlemen which will allow you to make high-profit margins.
  • Make sure to test the items you are selecting that will help you to determine the quality of the product.
  • Always ask about the minimum order quantity as ordering a lot of stuff can become a loss for you.

5. Gather your team

  • Build your team with trusted and hardworking people. Take the help of a person to look over your accounting, manufacturing, operations and marketing.
  • Working with a team will help you learn coordinating skills and will help you achieve success in no time. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can successfully launch your business.

list of items which you can sell from home

Lets start with list of the things that you can sell from Home:

1. Art Items

If you have artistic skills, then you can sell art items for home decor. Search online about the most demanded paintings. You can sell paintings and arts of gods, cartoons or postcards. You can also work on customizable items. Search the local art market to find the items which are in demand.

You can also set up your permanent or temporary booty to sell your paintings. You can consign your work through gift stores so it can easily reach your customers. You have the budget, you can also set up a pop store to sell your items. You can also sell the items to artists who can resell them to the consumer.

2. Bags

A women is holding bag in her hand.
Markets selling purses and handbags have proven to be profitable for years. According to Grand View Research, the handbag market is estimated to grow at the rate of 5.8% CAGR over the forecast period.

All kinds of bags are in trend all over the internet so, it can be considered one of the best things to sell from home. There is a lot of room for developing different kinds of bags ranging from luxury bags to bags for formal use. You can use your innovative ideas to create bags. It can be of any kind be it a college bag, sling bag, laptop bag, tote bag or a mature bag. You can make bags from paper, leather or cloth and sell them over online platforms.

3. Books

Books are placed on the table.

If you have the skills to write well, you can become a book writer and sell them online. Nowadays, Kindle is the most popular e-book which is sold online on e-commerce websites. You can also sell your kindle version of books on the most trafficked bookstore like Amazon and eBay.

Selling your books through e-commerce platforms is very easy and convenient as they also provide you with a warehouse at some cost to store your books. As a book writer, you can decide on the content by performing market research. This business has a high-profit margin.

4. Coffee mugs

A coffee mug is placed on the table with ribbons on it.

There is a huge potential to make a profit by selling coffee mugs as they are purchased mostly as gift items. You can create different kinds of coffee mugs with your innovation. You can also use your skills in glass painting or printing.

Hand painting is in huge demand, so you can customize your mugs according to your customer's choice. You can also create your website or sell your items through gift stores.

5. Soaps

People are becoming health-conscious and have started skin-friendly products. Synthetic soaps contain a lot of dangerous ingredients which can lead to skin cancer. People are shifting to herbal and handmade cosmetics. Homemade soaps have an excellent online market.

You can use different essential oil or natural scent to give your soap a competitive advantage over others running in the market. You can create a Facebook page or sell your products through websites. You can also choose an e-commerce platform as your selling platform.

6. Greeting Cards

A handmade greeting card is placed with a coffee mug on its side.

People use greeting cards to express themselves. They have been in demand for years and their demand increases at times of festivals and party seasons. Many people prefer to send an electronic card or a brief message on social media. You can customize physical as well as e-cards for the customers.

You can make greeting cards for all occasions and with the use of your creativity, make them unique for your customers. As customers use it to express themselves, try to add variety to your cards. You can sell your cards on social media platforms because they are best to sell gift items and reach a wider range of targeted customers.

7. Keychains

Keychains are hanged on the rope.

Keychains have been in trend for a long time and they never go out of style. They can be used as vehicle accessories as well as gift items. They are easy to make as you can make a handmade keychain with the use of raisins.

You can also customize it according to customer design. Although the keychains are cheap and the margin is low, you can sell customized luxurious items to make a profit. You can earn money on Instagram by selling these keychains.

8. Hats And Caps

Colourful hats are placed for sale.

Hats and caps never go out of style. They are used to protect you from the sun and complete your whole look. You can sell hats made of jute which can be worn on beaches. They are the most demanded items near the beaches. You can use your creativity to design caps of different colours and different styles.

You can also customize the has and caps according to the customer's dress to make them look more elegant. Now, the question arises where to sell them? Go for social media marketing or you can sell them to the retailers.

9. Dolls

Beautiful dolls are placed on the glass.

Young children love dolls. You can learn the art of doll making and once you learn this art there is no going back as it will benefit you for a long time. You can create an Instagram page where you can upload photos of dolls along with a story associated with them which will attract the kids and parents. You can also sell your dolls to gift shops.

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10. Picture frames

Photoframes are hanged on the wall.

Picture frames are used to keep the flashback moments of people that are deeply engraved in people's hearts. People use them as items of home decor or for gifting purposes. Nowadays, the demand for customized frames has increased a lot.

You can make wooden, Class and raisin frames and add variety to your stock. If you are the one who has innovative ideas to create customized frames then you can start selling your items digitally.

11. Online Courses

According to Forbes, the e-learning market is expected to climb to $325 billion by 2025. If you are an expert in a field and have the skill to deliver your knowledge then, you can make money by selling your courses on digital platforms.

You can sell courses related to musical instruments, coding, and some non-technical courses on the platforms that are selling courses like Coursera, Udemy or CFI. People are willing to add extra skills and therefore the demand for these courses is increasing. It has been observed that the highest-selling courses are often career-related. Here is the list of the most profitable courses.

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Art and craft
  • Personal Development
  • Entertainment

12. Homemade cookies

If you love baking and are good at it, put your skills to sell them on your social media. You can start from social media and then expand your business to sell the cookies at events and fairs.

Once the customers find your cookies to be delicious, they will keep on coming back. Homemade cookies with a variety of flavours and fewer calories will be the best option to sell.

13. Baby dress

A baby is sitting on the sofa wearing Beautiful dress.

Babies grow 0.5 to 1 inch per month and outgrow their dresses faster.  New parents are always excited to give their babies cute little dresses. This can give you the reason to make dresses for babies and sell them.

You can learn the art of sewing and with the addition of your creativity make and sell beautiful dresses. Baby dresses can be considered one of the best things to sell from home.

14. Sewing And Alteration

A women is working on the sewing machine.

Take advantage of your sewing skills and start a business of sewing or alteration. You can provide services like button replacement, custom repairing, and custom repairing. Give quality service to your customers with fast delivery which will increase your customer traffic.

Make sure the machines are in good condition because the customer wants a good fit and quality service. Keep a backup machine to complete your orders on time. You can collaborate with garment shops to alter their customer's dresses or open your own home-based business.

15. Pet Supplies and accessories

Dog is eating food placed in the bowl.

If you are an animal lover and love to make accessories for your pets then you can start a business to channel your animal instinct. Pet accessories and supplies are in huge demand. People often love to keep their pets clean, so you can sell herbal shampoo to them. You can also set pet houses and bows to decorate them.

Choosing an eCommerce site can be a safe route for you to sell these items as they have a wide range of customers. You can list your products by creating Instagram or Facebook pages.

16. Phone Cases

Mobile phone covers are displayed in the store.
According to, The active number of mobile devices in the world has increased to 7.19 billion, from this data you can imagine the demand for mobile phones which has ultimately increased the demand for phone cases and can come under the list of best things to sell from home.

Some people use mobile phone cases as protection while others use them for decoration. You can also customize phone cases according to the designs provided by the customers.

This business needs less capital and can give you huge profits. You will have to use your creativity to make unique designs which can outstand your competitors. You can sell your items on social media pages or to retailers.

17. Fitness Band

The market for fitness bands will never end now because people are becoming health and fitness conscious. Fitness tracking is addictive and makes people track every act they do. According to Grand View Research, the fitness tracker market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.9% and can be valued at USD 138 by 2028.

The bands in the market of different brands with features are very expensive so, you can sell bands with more features at less price which will increase your customer's demand. You can sell your band through eCommerce platforms by listing the unique features of your item.

18. Handmade Jewellery

A ring is made using stick.

Hand-made jewellery will never go out of style. You can make jewellery for traditional looks, casual looks or bridal looks. You can experiment with different kinds of pearls and beads. Research the latest trend and update your store with variety, and engage your customers to understand their tastes.

You can supply the handmade jewellery to the retailers or sell them on social media. For selling your jewellery on social media, use high-quality photos to show the details to the customers. Know your competitor's price so you can price your items accordingly.

19. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are made with the use of essential oils to create a scent that has a therapeutic smell. Many people use it as an inexpensive gift which can change their moods in seconds.

You can sell these candles on social media by uploading their photos. You can start from very basic by using Beeswax, essential oil and a cotton wick. Keep a variety of candles with different scents which will allow customers to choose from a variety of items.

20. Tie-Dye Supplies

If you have tie-dye skills then you can turn them into revenue. Choose unique items, colours, materials and patterns. Luxurious fabrics can reduce your profit margin but increase the traffic of customers as they will be attracted easily to your items. Decide the items which you want to sell or you can keep a wide range of items to provide variety to your customers.

You can consider t-shirts, shirts, scarves, shirts, dresses, backpacks etc as your items. You can sell your items by creating your websites or through eCommerce platforms. You can advertise through social media or by creating targeted Facebook ads

21. Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments have always been in demand for years. You do not need any experience and this business can be started at a very low cost from your home. Although the initial cost is low, it doesn't mean you will not be able to earn a tremendous amount of money.

The basic need which you will need is to mix the different colours with cement and water. Even the tools needed in this business are very budget-friendly. They are often purchased as a gift on birthdays, anniversaries or festivals. You can sell your garden ornaments through e-commerce websites or directly to retailers.

22. Video Games

Two boys are playing video games with controller.

If you are an enthusiastic video game developer then you can create and sell exciting, virtual reality creations from your home. Nowadays video games are an essential part of life. You can create and sell video games on e-commerce websites.

You can also sell your games to wholesale or retail businesses to sell your product globally. If you feel you can grasp coding easily, this business is for you! You will be required to learn the basic coding skills to convert imagination into a concrete reality.

23. Friendship bracelet

If you are looking forward to tapping into a million-dollar industry, you can choose the jewellery industry as it is a $78.5 billion market. You can sell friendship as well as other types of bracelet bracelets which are trending on the internet. New designs are emerging now and then, so you can choose the designs accordingly. Y

ou can either choose a labour-intensive method in which you can source the materials from an online website and start making the bracelet beads by beads or dropship it from an online store. If you will prepare the bracelets yourself it will make your product unique and will make it difficult for others to replicate. You can sell your product on social media or to business retailers who can sell your items to consumers. You can also sell through your own created website.

24. Hair Extension

Pink colour hair wig is placed on the table.
According to Insight Partners, the hair extension market will tremendously grow at a rate of a CAGR of 4.1% from 2021 to 2028. Hair extension adds volume and length to natural human hair and has been in trend for the past few decades.

You have to choose your suppliers wisely, as they are the backbone of any business and the reputation of your brand depends on their shoulders. Advertise with the help of social media and provide good quality products to your customers. You can sell your product through online stores or can sell to hair extension agencies. This can be considered one of the best things to sell from home.

25. Sculpture

Sculpture of a man without a shirt.

If you have artistic skills, you can make sculptures out of clay and sell them to sculpture enthusiastic people. You can make sculptures from a marble bust, a contemporary metal. A bronze equestrian statue that can provide you with high prices.

You can open your shop to sell your sculptures, sell to interior decorators, hold parties to show off your sculpture or create a blog to sell them. You can keep their prices according to your competitors and try to provide good quality stuff at low prices to gain competitive advantages.

26. Weaving Rugs

If you have weaving skills, put them into use and start weaving rugs which you can sell to consumers. It takes a lot of time to weave a rug but you can weave smaller rugs and sell them at good prices.

According to Mordor Intelligence, India is the leader in exporting handmade carpets and almost 90% of the handmade carpet are exported.

Handcrafted products have always been in demand. It has a unique value proposition and aims to manifest the ‘ make in India’ campaign. To increase your sales, you can offer one-of-a-kind products for the global climate.

You can sell through online stores or retail stores. You can also sell to retailers who sell hand-crafted products. You can also provide customizable items to the customers and provide them with free shipping to increase the sale.

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27. Stationary Pouches

Stationery pouches and clips are placed on the table.

If you have sewing skills, you easily make stationary pouches. You can customize it according to the customer's demand and choose a variety of colours and designs to expand your product catalogue.

You can make colourful or transparent pouches according to the needs of the consumers. Students and office-going people are your main target customers. You can sell them online through your website or sell them to stationery shops that can resell them to the consumer.

28. Clipboard

A clipboard, keyboard and a newspaper is placed on the table.

The clipboard can be one of the best things to sell from home as it can be easily made and is the most profitable craftable item. You can redesign the existing clipboard and easily sell it in the market.

You can transform boring clipboards into colourful ones by using innovative ideas. You can create fancy-looking clipboards with the help of glitters, glue and stripes. You can make a clipboard from scratch too but you will need carpenter skills to do so. You can sell them through online store or retailers.

29. Gift Boxes

Gifts packed are placed in the wooden basket.

Gift boxes are widely used for wrapping the presents used for offering to loved ones. It also provides a unique surprise feeling along with the usage of boxes for gifting purposes. It can give immense pleasure to see your family or friends' faces light up when they open the box. Their fashion never goes out of style. You can create innovative designs by using paper or cardboard.

You can make them by cutting, folding and giving shapes to cardboards. You can sell them along with goodies or take customized orders. They can be sold through online websites or can be sold through retailers.

30. Dog Collars

A man is holding a dog wearing a dog collar.

Dog collars are another pet product and are in trend. Making dog collars requires basic sewing skills. You can experiment with different colours, fabrics and patterns. You can experiment with unique designs and can attract pet lovers.

Try to create good quality collars that are made from soft martingales and are made from luxurious cloth. You can make customized dog collars for different breeds. You can advertise it on social media or can sell them through blogs. You will have to produce quality content to sell your product.

31. Sunglass Cases

Making DIY sunglass cases from fabric is one of the best things to sell from home. Fabric cases are easy to carry and look stylish. You can use innovative ideas and different colours and fabrics to make eyeglass cases. You can add beads and accessories to make it look more funky and stylish.

It will help to [protect the sunglasses from scratch and will keep it detangled from other items in the purse. You can use printed as well as transparent fabric to make it unique. You can sell them on the Instagram page or sell them through your website.

32. Socks

Socks are hanged on the wire.

Socks are the best homemade item to make and sell from home. You can make socks by both sewing and knitting. Both are in trend and can be sold according to the season. You can use solid as well as printed material to make socks.

You can keep variety in terms of fabrics, and patterns as well as measurement. You can make ankle-length socks or full socks to meet everybody's needs.

33. Cable Organizer

Cable organizers are used to keep your desk tidy by keeping the wires in one place. Although the devices are becoming wireless with increasing technology, some of the devices still use wires. It has an adjustable strap which keeps it hassle-free and gives free access.

One cable organizer connects more than four wires. They are used to save time and reduce the effort of detangling the wires. You can quickly sell the cable organizers on social media pages or e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

34. Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations are the best things to sell during Christmas. The festival is celebrated in all the regions with great enthusiasm. You can make Christmas decorations or ornaments at home with the help of beads, glass, buttons and glitters.

You can sell these items from early November to December. Plan the things you want to sell and prepare accordingly. You can easily sell these items through the online store or the Christmas fair.

35. Planters

A women is planting sapling in the flower pot.

People love to keep nature close to them therefore they love using planters to plant trees and flowers. They are also used for decorating homes, workshops etc. You can paint and create innovative designs and also give new shapes to planters.

With the use of innovative and creative ideas, you can transform empty plastic containers or coffee cans into planters. You can make colourful planters or decorate them with lights and glitters to make them look attractive. People often prefer to buy them from the online store as it saves time and energy.

36. Handmade Clocks

A person is packing wooden handmade clock

The clock is one item which is always needed in the house so why not make money by selling it! They are in demand all year round. You can make them out of wood and use beautiful colours and designs to make them look attractive You can also use innovative ideas and make them in different shapes and paint them in beautiful patterns.

You can also make a noiseless clock to maintain the peace in the house. You can quickly sell them on online pages or through retailers. You can also list them on e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon.              

37. Ceramics    

A man is giving shape to a pot.

Once you master the art of ceramics there is no going back. The ceramic business does not require expert skills, if you know the basics of ceramics, have some patience and equipment and you are good to go! You can make pottery or dining table goods. For this, you will be needing clay and a pottery wheel which is the basic requirement of this business.

You can give different colours, designs and patterns to your ceramics. You can list your products on e-commerce websites or sell them to retailers who can resell them to the end consumers. You can also open your websites to sell your ceramics.

38. Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps are placed on the table.

Selling rubber stamps can be one of the best things to sell from home. Carving stamps out of rubber can be fun and can help you make money. You will be surprised to know the demand for rubber stamps in the market. You can sell moulded or unmoulded stamps.

You can also sell them individually or in sets, it will depend on the type of order you will get. You can sell them in online stores or through retailers. You can also provide customizable services to your customers. You can also sell your items to rubber crafters who can resell them to the consumers.

39. Beach Dress And Blankets

Beach blankets and dresses remain in demand the whole year, especially during the vacation month. Making blankets and dresses that are brightly sewed as a light colour blanket are boring to take on vacations. Try to provide a big size blanket made from microfiber and light in weight.

You can also make customized dresses according to your customer's needs. You can take inspiration from various social media sites and make dresses. You can sell dresses and blankets on social media sites or open your online store where you can provide variety to your customers in one place.

40. Leggings

A women is doing exercise wearing orange coloured leggings.

Leggings are the fashion statement these days and can be paired with a piece of kurta or tops. If you know sewing, you can sew leggings in different colours and patterns. You can do market research about the designs that are trending.

You can sell your item on social websites and customize your items according to your customer's preferences. You can keep a variety on your website to attract customers and fulfil their needs.

41. Coat Hangers

A coat is hanged on the hangar.

Over the years, everything has changed but hangers have never gone out of style. Coat hangers are the daily essential that is needed to hang coats. Make eye-catching, decorative coat hangers. You can make hangers from wood, plastic and wire.

You can also redesign old or used coat hangers and sell them at profit. You can sell these hangers through social media websites or e-commerce websites.

42. Advertising Products

If you are a blogger and have a space in it, you can advertise other products on your blog and earn money from it. The more subscribers and watch time you have on your blog, the more advertisement you will get.

You will have to increase your followers by creating unique content so that the companies can trust you and provide you to advertise their products. Once the traffic to your blog increases, you can earn a huge amount of money.

43. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are the favourite pastime for many, a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and more. Making scrapbooks is full of fun and creativity. You can use your creativity to make different types of scrapbooks with details and customize them according to your customer's preference. You can sell them on social media platforms or open an online store to sell them.

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44. Lip Balm

A women is holding lip balm.

Chapped is a universal problem persisting for years, people use lip balms to keep their lips soft. Although many companies are selling lip balms in the market, you can DIY natural lip balms with the use of natural ingredients. Premature ageing, long sun exposure, Lip dryness and lip darkness have led to an increase in the demand for lip care products.

You can customize your lip balm by using different fragrances and colours. The ingredients are easily available and are inexpensive. Nowadays, people are mostly using natural beauty products instead of synthetic products.

According to Grand View Research, the Lip care product market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.18% from 2021 to 2028. You can sell those lip balms in cute packaging through social media or online websites

45. Slime

A person is holding the slime.

Slimes have become very popular over the years. Kids along with adults love to play with it. They are the most simple things to sell from home. You will need basic ingredients to prepare slime. Use different colours, scents and textures to attract customers. You may experiment with the ingredients and make kinetic or glow-in-the-dark slime.

You can choose the slime recipe according to the complexity. Choose the perfect containers that can make your slime look more beautiful. You can sell the slime to your friends and neighbours. You can also sell through Instagram pages and online stores.

46. Book Covers

A blue cover book is placed on pink background.

Book covers are considered to be one of the most compelling features of a book. Although it is said that we should not judge a book by its cover, most authors are well known for the importance of good-looking books. Many authors are looking for beautiful covers for their books so they can become your main target customers.

The student who wants their books to look attractive can also be your target customers. You can provide good quality pre-design covers to authors who will complete their books. You can sell the book covers on various sites as a vendor or create your website to sell your book cover.

47. Stencils

Put your artistic skills into making stencils for art enthusiastic people. Stencils are the basis of producing arts, once stencils are made it becomes very easy to create them. Stencilling on walls and furniture has been popular for many years.

With the use of stencils, the artist can show their skill and produce good quality artwork. You can either sell your stencils or earn a commission out of them.

48. Embroidery

An embrodiery is placed on the table.

If you are good at embroidery then you can earn by selling embroidery clothes to your customers. Either you can start a hand embroidery business or a machine embroidery business.

You can do embroidery on fabric according to customers' preferences or sell your embroidery design to them. Starting a machine embroidery business is simple in that you have to upload the pictures of the design and the customers who will purchase will pay.

49. Lettering

A pen, paper and rose is placed on the table.

You can provide lettering services to customers if you have writing skills. You can use your creative skill and innovation to write letters. You can either provide letters on hardcopy to your customers or customize an e-letter for them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and achievements.

50. Graphic Design

If you are tech-savvy and love to create a design online, then this business is for you. There are thousands of marketplaces where you can sell your online design. You can sell your graphic designing product on Instagram pages or list your products on e-commerce websites. If you are selling through your website then you will have to use SEO or hashtag strategy.

51. Face Powders

A women is applying powder on her face.

Face powders are one of the easiest things to sell from home. It is very simple to make them. People are becoming nature friendly and prefer herbal products more than synthetic ones. You don't have to master the skills to make face powder, just browse for the best recipe on the internet and you are good to go!

You can add natural products to make them more effective. People love to use natural and affordable face powders. You can list your product on e-commerce websites or can sell through your website.

52. Bowl stand for pets

A pet dog is having food in his bowl.

Bowl stands are used to feed pets comfortably. If you have the carpentry skills, you can try to carve it out, otherwise, you can use other materials to make a bowl stand for them. With the help of bowl stands, the pets can eat and drink comfortably without creating any mess. You can use bright colours and patterns to make it more attractive.

What are the ways to sell handmade products online

You become an entrepreneur when you realize handmade crafts are more than a hobby for you! Customers are attracted to handcrafted products more than artificial products.

Here are the ways how you can sell your products online:

  • Choose a niche: You will have to decide the category of product you want to sell and the target customers to whom you want to sell. You will have to become an expert in one category that will become your specialization.
  • Deciding the price of your product: Before pricing your products, do thorough market research. Keep the prices according to the standard market price.
  • Create your website: Build an eye catchy website with a brand logo that is easy to spell.
  • Upload high-quality photographs of your products: Once you have created a website, update the website with attractive high-quality photographs of the product.
  • Give a good description of each product: You will be required to provide a detailed description of your product in which you will explain its usage and ingredients.
  • Advertise on social media: Social media has a massive audience therefore it will become easy for you to advertise your product and make people informed about your product.

Final words

The above-mentioned products are the easiest and simplest things to sell from home. You can choose the best product depending upon the skill you master. Every product mentioned in the article can help you decide on your niche. You can sell them easily on social media platforms, list them on eCommerce websites or build your website to sell them.


What are the best things to sell from home?

Handbags, Hair accessories, Book covers, Lip balms, and scrapbooks are a few of the best things to sell from home.

What are the easiest things to make and sell from home?

Soaps, Bath bombs, t-shirts, sweets and cakes are the easiest things to make and sell from home. They require ingredients which are easily available in the market and are the simplest products to make.

Which handmade items are in demand?

arrow down

Pet clothes, resin jewellery, lip balm, and embroidered items are a few handmade items which are in demand.

What are the hottest selling items?

Jewellery, clothes and phone cases are the hottest selling items.

How can I decide the price of my product?

To decide the price of your product, do thorough market research and come to a conclusion price which is the standardized price in the market.

What are the things that I can sell fast?

Jewellery, watches, homemade soaps and baby items are a few things which can be sold faster from home.

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