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How To Increase Sales On Flipkart (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How To Increase Sales On Flipkart (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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As we all know, Flipkart is considered one of India's most famous and dominant E-Commerce marketplaces. In this fast-growing world, customers are getting increasingly reliant on online shopping.

Every successful seller dreams of selling more after joining the market, but he must be able to balance the combination of strategies and best practices using the right amount of resources and analyze the performance, which will help him sell more and faster. 

There are plenty of different ways through which we can increase E-Commerce selling and can get the best results from it. With the growing customer base, it's an excellent opportunity for the seller to expand his sales in the best possible manner.

How to Increase Sales on Flipkart

How to Increase Sales on Flipkart

On Fynd Platform, you can find various ways of increasing sales on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms, and with this article, we will try to let you know everything about growing sales on Flipkart. Let’s continue…

Here are some tips which can help you increase sales and earn better ROI:

1. Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads

To achieve your goal of sales maximization, you need to drive higher traffic towards your particular products. To increase the probability of maximum product sales, you need to increase the number of clicks for your product. 

The easiest way to get top clicks of your products on the site of Flipkart is done by product listing ads. Where is the process regarding how it will work - You will have to choose your product and design an ad campaign for such a product.

The products you have selected will be shown on Flipkart as "featured products" on the main relevant pages of the website. It will become easily visible for the buyer as they will see your ad while browsing and scrolling on the website, and then they can click on your product to know more about it. 

Product listing will increase the visibility of the products, and the seller can reach up to a maximum of its customers. It seeks attention and helps bring the product under the spotlight of the buyer. This will boost your sales.

2. Being a Part of Spike Sales

Being a Part of Spike Sales

Spike sales include exciting offers and discounts on almost all the categories of the products. This will help you get immense opportunities to grow your business by planning super exciting shopping events.

This is the best way of attracting the maximum number of buyers as it will drive huge attention.  By being a part of spike sales, we can reach a large customer base in one go with minimal effort. It will help you achieve higher buyer satisfaction, which will lead to the maximization of sales.

3. Attractive packaging

Attractive packaging

How your product looks and feels after it is delivered to the customer will significantly impact the buyer's mindset. It will define the buyer experience. Packing the products using good packaging will minimize the chances of any damage while the product is in transit. 

Apart from that, it will also reflect your quality of service, which will lead to an increment in the buyer's trust in you and your particular brand, which in turn, can help you maximize your sales. 

4. Good Cataloguing

 Good Cataloguing

Your catalog will represent your product on the e-commerce website and play an essential role in influencing the target customers. Making a well-crafted catalog with an accurate description of your product is crucial to seeking more attention and maximizing sales. 

As we know, most of the public prefer online shopping to save time, so the description of your product should be done so that it impresses the buyer without making him spend much time trying to understand the product.

Another essential part of better cataloging that can help increase sales is adding your product to the appropriate category or sub-category. This will help the buyer by making the product search easy for him. 

Here are a few things which the seller must ensure while preparing the catalog

1. Product Title

2. Product Description

3. Product images

5. On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery

If you want to maximize your sales, then your first goal should be to meet the buyer's expectations, whether regarding the product's quality or the amount of time taken to deliver it. Keeping the products ready for delivery and marking them as RTD (ready to dispatch) on time will help our logistics partners provide them as quickly as possible. 

Fulfilling the return requests and other requests related to the exchange of the products should be done on time as it also plays a vital role in getting good customer ratings and reviews. The E-Commerce marketplaces which offer one-day or two-day delivery will always have an extensive network of fulfillment. 

The moment the seller receives an order, he should instantly start its processing. If we talk about international orders, then they need to spend more effort on your product's time, money, or safety, managing the delivery process and shipping can be time-consuming. So, the seller must focus on efficient logistics and better shipping management.

6. Well Photographed Images

Well Photographed Images

While working on digital platforms, images are considered the closest way to reach buyers. The photos of your product should be attractive and must contain every single detail of it. Details must be visible to help the seller generate buyers' interest. 

Generating Focus Through Social Media Marketing

Generating Focus Through Social Media Marketing

You can create a solid online presence on different social media channels. This will lead to more profit for your products. You can use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, or any other platform to get your brand recognized. 

ocial media marketing is an essential tool to help you maximize E-Commerce sales. With the use of e-commerce sites, it becomes easier for the seller to reach more and more individuals in one go. Suppose you want to become a successful Flipkart seller.

In that case, you must know how to utilize social media platforms, and hence you will be able to promote your business and enhance your sales by reaching out to many customers. 

Proper Planning for Inventories

Proper Planning for Inventories

All E-Commerce businesses must keep a well-stocked inventory at a particular time. When Flipkart participates in events like spike sales, maintaining good inventory or stock is necessary.

It will aid in meeting the demands of specific occasions effectively and efficiently. As a Flipkart seller, it should be your duty to ensure that you have sufficient product variants in stock. 

Improve customer service

Improve customer service

The seller must provide an excellent customer experience so that they can rate your brand better. This will result in an increment in the ratings with a positive review and experience. Providing exceptional customer service will help you get sales. 

If this happens, potential customers will purchase products from you instead of thinking about any other seller. There are many ways you can impress your customers, which will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

A few of them are listed below. 

1.The seller must plan a good customer appreciation strategy.

2.He should efficiently manage customer requests related to returns or exchanges of the products.

3. The syllabus provides them with some recommended products when they visit the next time.

4. He should remind the potential buyers about the special discounts and offers by sending emails or text messages on special days or occasions. 

5. The seller must participate in different social media campaigns to drive more engagement. 

6. With these ways, you can achieve your goal of sales maximization.

Use of Right Keywords

Use of Right Keywords

Billions of people visit different websites and marketplaces searching for a particular product. Your competitors are also selling in various marketplaces. With the clashing of such demand and supply, you need to understand that it is very tricky to always be in front of your potential buyers. 

Hence, to drive the attention of your potential buyers, you need to use the right keywords to help them understand your product. Hindi writing keywords, and mentioning them under the product title or product description is very important to drive their attention. 

When you are preparing to list a new product on the website, you must make a list of the relevant and essential terms and keywords that a customer would search for. You must include the most essential ones in the product title and the rest in the product description.

In this way, your product can lead to higher growth by being appropriately displayed in the search results section, where a customer finds something on the website. So these are the few attentive tips you need to know about while selling on Flipkart. As we all know, Flipkart is a well-known and user-friendly E-Commerce platform trusted by millions of sellers and buyers.

Flipkart has come a long way in becoming one of India's most prominent online marketplaces. The main motive of this website is to create a solid customer base for the sellers without much hassle.

How do the UPI Apps Affect Flipkart Sales?

How do the UPI Apps Affect Flipkart Sales

To promote the ''cashless India' scheme, the government encourages using UPI (Unified payments interface). It is a cashless method to make payments. It is the safest method to ensure that mobile number verification and Aadhaar verification are done. Every e-commerce website uses UPI to receive payments. 

Flipkart, one of the leading e-commerce websites, uses massive encryption technology to protect customers' bank details. It ensures the safety of more information while processing the payment. In addition, customers prefer making payments through UPI because if they cancel their order, their money is refunded in their bank accounts in no time.

This makes online payments more trustworthy as customers don't need to wait and worry about a refund. Flipkart has come up with another customer-centric innovation which is Flipkart pay later. The customer doesn't need to bother about hand-to-hand payment.

He can buy the product, use it and then pay for it the next month or on EMI over 12 months. Flipkart pay later provides credit up to ₹1 lakh for a month. The customer gets a single bill for all purchases via Flipkart and pays later. Using Flipkart, pay later, gives credit facility, a single payment, and instant buy.

To use Flipkart pay later, the customer needs to enter PAN and Aadhaar details and get them verified within 30 seconds. When a product is bought using Flipkart, pay later, its payment is due by next month, but there's an alternative of purchasing that specific product on EMI over 12 months.

Customers usually fear buying items of high price as it burdens their pocket at once. Flipkart comes with an EMI option to ease this burden and make the product available at the customer's doorsteps. Flipkart has brought EMI facility through debit cards as many people do not hold a credit card. 

Recently, Flipkart added another UPI company, Phone Pay, among the top applications for online payments. It boosted Flipkart sales as Phone Pay, regular users can now make payments through it. Flipkart is blending Paytm's e-wallet, giving users another payment option at checkout. This action may prove advantageous for the forthcoming holiday sale since Flipkart frequently offers fantastic product prices.

With Flipkart's "Maha bachata sale," "Big billion days," and other promotions, customers can save a lot of money. Flipkart offers substantial discounts on products like apparel, books, cosmetics, and electronics.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What are Flipkart's complimentary offerings?

Fashion The leading two fashion e-commerce websites in India, Myntra and Jabong, have been bought by Flipkart. In India, the third-largest e-commerce market is for clothing. Payments. Flipkart purchased the startup Phone Pay to serve as the payment gateway for merchants.

Logistics Flipkart has mastered the logistics of shipping goods throughout India. They allowed other businesses to profit from their success because they were so successful. Kurt is the name of Flipkart's logistics division. We think Flipkart is more integrated into the Indian e-commerce ecosystem than we are. 

How does a product listing matter?

You must direct more people to your products to increase sales. Your products are more likely to be purchased with more clicks on them. Product Listing Ads are the most straightforward approach to increasing the number of clicks on your products on 

The process is as follows:

1. You decide on a product and design an advertising strategy for it.

2. These products are displayed by Flipkart as "Featured Products" on the appropriate web pages.

3. When a customer looks through products, he sees your advertisement and selects your item.

It helps you reach a wider audience and makes your products more visible. It increases visibility, puts your products in the spotlight, and increases sales. 

Does Good Packaging Matter?

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How your product appears and feels when delivered to the customer has a significant influence on the purchasing decision. Using quality packaging materials while packing products reduces the possibility of in-transit damage. But more than that, it communicates exceptional customer service and develops consumers' faith in you and your business, which can boost sales. 

Our study found that 52% of customers return to sellers that use premium packaging, and 5% of customers anticipate receiving their online goods in premium packaging. You can attain a 30% increase in sales by investing in packaging.

How is it beneficial to become a Flipkart Advantage seller?

The Flipkart Advantage service offers many benefits. You can make use of our top-notch fulfillment centers using this service. You only need to store your goods with us; the rest, including product packing and return requests, will be handled by us. 

Flipkart Advantage is available with storage space, professional quality checks of your products, speedier delivery, and much more. This will result in maximum sales, minimal refunds, and improved customer service.

Are Spike Sales Significant?

With spectacular shopping events, commonly known as spike sales, you'll have many chances to expand your sales. They provide enticing deals on practically all categories during sales peaks. This draws the most significant number of customers and generates tons of traffic. 

You may increase sales with little work while simultaneously reaching more customers. Participating in spike sales can also help you improve customer satisfaction and establish yourself. You can take further steps to ensure that you have many customers during a deal, such as adding more logistical staff and using TV and online platform advertising.

Is better Cataloging Helpful?

Your product catalog serves as the online retailer's representation of your product and significantly impacts how customers behave. To convert traffic to sales, you must have a well-designed record with a clear description of your products. Remember that most consumers shop online to save time, so your product description should be impressive without taking too much time to explain. 

Placing your product in the appropriate category and sub-category is another crucial aspect of cataloging that can boost sales. Customers can simply find your products thanks to this, increasing traffic.

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