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15 Best Free Website Builders 2023 (Free & Easy Website Builders)

15 Best Free Website Builders 2023 (Free & Easy Website Builders)

Without question, your company needs a website. We have made this extreme task of building a free website a lot easier for you-just check out our Guide To The Best Free Website Builders In 2023! For some small business owners, building a website could give them the chills, but it does not have to-you can get your company online in less than an hour and for free with the help of one of the many excellent website builders available today

In recent years, building a website has become enjoyable and mostly painless. Forget about coding and abstruse terms like HTML and FTP. Finding the best website builder from the vast variety on the market is now the biggest issue.

As one might have already guessed, on the internet you will find a variety of website builders that will let you create your online site for free. A PC and a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are all you need.

There are several website builders that offer free options, however, sometimes they are not really free. The majority of the time, you start developing your website just to find out after putting in the time and effort that the free plan is far too restrictive to be useful.

To find out exactly what each site builder would and would not permit us to accomplish on the free plan, we took the time to construct a complete site using each of them.

Entirely free plans do have some restrictions, but we have found that some give you enough freedom to create a site that is all your own. However, a free plan will not do if you want a personalized domain, adequate storage, and a site free of your builder's branding.

We have also provided some helpful information about premium plans in case you decide to upgrade. If you ever decide to expand your website, knowing this will assist you to pick the greatest value plan.

The free website builders seem like a fairly decent deal, does it not? To find out which of the popular website builders will genuinely allow you to create a useful website for free, we made the decision to test out a few of them.

The advantages and disadvantages of web builders, however, merit additional examination. We choose to conduct this study for you in order to save you time. 

Thus, we went through thorough tests. Based on the features and criteria that matter most to small businesses, such as ease of use, cost, and selling tools, we will examine the top free website builders for small businesses in this study. 

You can build a website instead of relying on massive corporate platforms like Facebook and Twitter to have an online presence. You do not have to take help from companies that spend a lot of money on top website builders to develop online destinations that people can not resist.

You can create a website for free using one of the many website builders that are available. Without a fully operational, flexible, SEO-compatible website, it is nearly difficult to run a profitable business. Fortunately, you do not need to break the bank to get one.

There are many alternatives for creating and designing a website for no cost, and many of them only need a basic understanding of coding. And especially for small enterprises or individual brands, these free website builders can offer quality that is on par with their premium counterparts.

The free website builders we are presenting today provide mobile optimization, embedded analytics systems, and layouts that look professional. These are the ideal alternative if you have a restricted budget and can not quite afford the paid builders.

What Makes The Best Free Website Builders The Best?

We can not suggest just any free website builder, as we stated before. Keep in mind that you will come across a lot of trashy website builders on your website creation journey. We chose to test these builders in order to search for the following things:

Not a website that looks like it was created in the 1990s, but one that genuinely looks excellent.

How can software be classified as good, if they are too tough to use? Many people overlook free website builders because of their cost, but if you are attempting to launch a business, you do not want to spend countless hours trying to figure out all the user interfaces.

Just because a website builder is free, it shouldn't preclude you from creating a wholly original website. All of these website builders provide you ample freedom to construct a site that is distinctive to you and your company, even though some of them allows you to customize your site more than others.

If your online site starts to perform well, then you might want to start generating income through online advertising, as well as get leads for your company through it and through other sources. You need to be aware that you can increase the functionality of your website without having to invest a lot of money.

The Top Free Website Builders

Static Template
Fynd Platform
Square Online
Overall Rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Overall rating
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Starting Price
Unlimited Unlimited 10 Gb Unlimited 50 Gb 10 Gb Unlimited 1 Gb 1 Gb per site Unlimited - 500 mb - - Unlimited
- Unlimited 5 Gb Unlimited Unmetered 10 Gb Unlimited 3 Gb 50 Gb Unlimited - - - Unlimited -
Official Website

Website Overview

Let’s take a short look into the websites -

Website Builder Our Rating (out of 5) Template number Storage size
 Fynd Platform  4.9 800+   500 MB
 GoDaddy  4.4  100+   500 MB
Weebly   4.0  100+  500 MB 
Jimdo  3.6  50+  500 MB 
Site123   3.4 15  500 MB 
Strikingly  3.4   150+ 100 MB
 Webflow 3.3  200+  None-you can put 15 page max instead
 Webnode  2.7 90+   None-you can put 15 page max instead
Ucraft  2.5   120+  None-you can put 15 page max instead 
SimpleSite  2.0  None-you can put 15 page max instead 

Expert Insights - What Was Our Opinion On Using The Website Builders

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

Ideal for Creating Free Website

 Fynd platform banner for free demo

Why Was It Selected?

Nearly everything you might desire in a website builder is available on the Fynd Platform. You may design stunning pages using a simple interface and one of the many available templates. 

Fynd platform’s mobile-specific tools and widgets increase utility and versatility. Businesses may offer memberships and digital downloads thanks to this powerful e-commerce platform. And its great uptime guarantees that your website will always be accessible.

Our Editors' Choice award for the category goes to Fynd's free tier in addition to all of its strong, business-friendly paying features. Fynd platform is by far the best choice for anyone wishing to create beautiful websites without having to pay monthly fees, albeit you will have to put up with certain premium features and accept on-site advertisements.

For a long time, the Fynd platform has led the website builder market and has been steadily improving. As a result, it has one of the site builders with the most features available, and it shows. Fynd platform also provides one of the best free plans available, giving you access to practically all features without charge.

Really, there is no reason why you could not utilize the Fynd platform's free plan indefinitely (as long as you do not mind Wix branding and do not intend to make any sales with your website). The free plan offers access to most of the Fynd platform's templates, and they are all attractive!

Features & Usability

Here are the characteristics of the Fynd platform that might be most appealing to you if you are creating your very first website or just want to give it a try:

The enormous template collection is one of the Fynd platform's biggest features. More than 800 templates are available in over 90 categories on the Fynd platform. There is a good chance the Fynd platform has the template for anything you want to accomplish with your website.‍

The fynd platform’s editor is well-liked since you may drag and drop anything to put it anywhere on the page. Compared to other builders, it still has a lot of creative licenses.

The Fynd platform App Market has a sizable selection of free apps to enhance the functionality of your website and even combine it with outside services. Nevertheless, not all of these programmes are absolutely free, some may require individual payment. However, there are plenty of cost-free applications to get you started with social network integration, complex forms, event calendars, and much more.

‍Do you need to spread the word about your website? With free tools for email marketing, social media post creation, and SEO, the Fynd platform has you covered in every way. To have access to more sophisticated analytics, the "Site Booster" software, and a few other benefits like free ad credits, you would need to subscribe to a paid plan.‍

The Fynd platform Blog is technically not an "app," but it is free and actually rather good. Even if you can not drag and drop information as in the main site editor, it is still simple to produce interesting, uniquely styled blog entries.

And now for the lone minor drawback - establishing a site with the Fynd platform is more difficult than with some of the other platforms because of the creative flexibility and wide range of site options.

Although it is not that bad and you could certainly build a fantastic website from scratch in a few hours, it might require some time to become accustomed to how things operate.

Additionally, we discovered that it was simple to screw up your layout because you can drag and drop items everywhere. Although it is not a big issue - the Undo button takes care of that -still it is important to bring up. Use the Fynd platform’s Artificial Design Intelligence to create your website even more quickly and easily.

A simple AI-driven tool will construct a website for you complete with demo material after asking you a few questions. We used it to quickly generate the aforementioned demo portfolio. In order to remove adverts and set up a custom domain name, we would advise choosing the Combo Plan if you eventually decide to switch to a paid plan. However, if you experience heavy traffic, the Unlimited plan can be more beneficial.

Go straight to the Business Basic package if you wish to operate an online store. Although the Fynd platform includes a big selection of e-commerce tools, you can not use them with the free plan.

The free plan on the Fynd platform has some restrictions, though. The site opens with a banner advertisement for the Fynd platform that remains visible as you scroll down the page. Although it isn't overt and is quite understated in comparison to other builders, it is nevertheless somewhat obtrusive and difficult to ignore.

The website comes with a big banner that says, “The website was created using the Fynd website builder, create your website right now," telling website users that it is not as professional as other websites. Therefore, when you can, it might be worth spending a little money to take down the banner.

Can I provide a free sale?

The Fynd platform website may be created for free, but if you want it to accept secure payments, you'll need to upgrade. You must subscribe to the Business Basic plan in order to sell goods. 

You get 50GB of storage space, the option to sell through your social media networks, and access to an unlimited number of things to sell for the price.

Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

2. GoDaddy


Most Rapid And Effective Builder


The cheapest and fastest website builder for small businesses is GoDaddy.

  • Hands-off ADI creation
  • Great marketing focus
  • The cheapest plan has restrictions
  • A free programme is offered
  • Paid Programs: USD 6.99 to USD 29.99 monthly

If you want to create a website that is not only simple but straight forward as well, we recommend you to use GoDaddy. With its ADI functionality, which creates your website based on a few answered questions, it is fairly user-friendly.

GoDaddy has enhanced its design process since we last evaluated the builder with new and improved templates and customization capabilities, which is why it has easily climbed to number two on our list! Though it lacks some of Fynd Platform's more sophisticated SEO tools, the SEO Wiz feature shines out as a quick and simple tool to aid with site optimization.

Our Experience Using GoDaddy

It became evident that the builder is nice and easy to use when we used GoDaddy to develop our demo website. GoDaddy started working on creating a slick site with personalization features at the bottom to add a personal touch after simply answering up to three questions. You are allowed to experiment with different themes, fonts, color schemes, and CTA buttons.

1. Mobile optimization :- Yes, you can examine how your site appears in the mobile editor view from GoDaddy thanks to mobile optimization! So that it looks excellent on any device, you may adjust the size of the image and the typography.

2. How simple it was to set up :- Similar to Fynd Platform, GoDaddy asks you what kind of website you want to build and what your company name is before providing you with a selection of custom themes.

3. Simple SEO features :- You may start optimizing your website by going to "Get noticed by Google" in the Settings area and responding to a few straightforward questions. No need to learn anything about SEO before constructing.

When it comes to blocking elements, there is not much opportunity for creativity. If you are attempting to make the layout exclusive to your brand, it can be frustrating that you can not move or resize picture blocks outside of the boundaries of your site.

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for! There are several things that, in comparison to a premium plan, you won't have access to if you choose a free GoDaddy plan. You'll have to cope, for instance, with banners that read "Powered By GoDaddy" at the footer of your website.

Additionally, a custom domain is not included in GoDaddy's free plan. As an alternative, it will resemble. You won't have access to the entire set of customizing tools.

You must upgrade to its premium options, which we'll discuss in the following section if you want a custom domain and an ad-free website.

You won't have to worry about obtrusive GoDaddy advertising cluttering up your free GoDaddy website. In a free website, GoDaddy is just mentioned in your URL and in the "powered by GoDaddy" section at the bottom of the page.

Which, in our opinion, is reasonable for a free website! This feels less invasive than Wix's large banner, which follows you as you scroll the website.

If you want your website to be the center of attention and prevent website visitors from clicking away to the website builder's page, that is truly fantastic news.

Can I provide a free sale?

The quick response is no. With tools for sales, GoDaddy's Commerce package costs $14.99 per month. This plan allows you to sell up to 5,000 products and contains basic sales tools.

The $29.99/month Commerce Plus package will allow you to sell an unlimited number of items and send up to 100,000 emails each month. When using GoDaddy Payments, your expected transaction fees are 2.3% + 30.

3. Weebly


Perfect Website Builder for Beginners


The most affordable place to start for a small company website

Very Good
  • Good website characteristics.
  • Customization is constraine
  • Not formatted for mobile.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 6 to USD 29 monthly

Weebly is a fantastic alternative for beginners, especially if you are a tiny business or trying to create a straight forward website. Although it features a drag-and-drop editor like Wix, our research revealed that it is less user-friendly than other platforms.

Your creative freedom may therefore seem rather constrained. Weebly receives a grade of 3.5 out of 5, which is a 16% decrease from our previous research due to its slow server response time and mobile layout.

Leaving that aside, Weebly's SEO features, free semi-professional domain, and possibilities for website expansion are all great. Additionally, you can sell from your Weebly site for free if you are interested in doing so when it comes to online sales. (However, keep in mind that each sale carries a 3% transaction fee!) Keep in mind-Weebly is now a part of Square Online's collection of online shopfront products.

Therefore, if selling online is crucial to you yet Weebly seems like a good fit, we would actually advise you to go directly to Square, open an account, and have a look at the free eCommerce plan.

Weebly felt incredibly user-friendly when we built up our demo site on it; it was simple to set up. With fewer available templates and outdated-looking editing tools, it felt much more constrained than the Fynd platform.

1. Very structured themes :- Although Weebly's structured themes might be annoying at times, they are useful for adhering to design best practices.

2. Huge app library :- Thanks to its vast app library, SEO advice, and blogging facilities, Wix is second only to it in terms of features.

3. User-friendly prompts :- Weebly's user-friendly prompts make it tough to unintentionally delete anything because it always verifies before deleting. What could be done better.

4. Lack of creative freedom :- If there is one thing that Weebly could do better, it would be this. It should not be difficult or require you to know how to code to have more control over the colour and size of your text.

5. For designers only :- For web designers and people who can manage a lot of modifications, Webflow is by far the best option.

There are two restrictions with the Weebly free plan: no custom domain and 500MB of storage. Your website's name without a custom domain will be something like

Although it's simple and not overly complicated, a personalized URL looks more polished. But Weebly only offers email, chat, and community forum assistance to free users; only paying clients to have access to phone service.

Weebly's free plan has the typical issue of a small slide-up on-site advertisement for the builder, but it doesn't appear as a banner on your website. It resembles more of a little box that is barely noticeable on your actual website page.

The ads for Weebly take the shape of a slide-up box that opens when you hover over it and is bright blue in color. Your viewpoint will determine if you think this is superior to a banner. While it takes up an area that could be utilized for content, it also doesn't scroll down with you as a banner would.

Can I provide a free sale?

You can, indeed! Free infinite product selling is available on Weebly, in addition to selling on Facebook and Instagram. The 2.9% + 30 transaction fees are the only costs.

Weebly is owned by Square Online if you want to sell online. You must register for a Square Online account in order to get the full range of eCommerce options for your free Weebly site when you create a free online store with Weebly.

However, you'll need to upgrade to a subscription plan starting at $12 a month if you want a custom domain and to get rid of all Weebly ads.

4. Jimdo


The Link Between Ease and Complete Freedom


Good for creating a budget-friendly, ad-free portfolio

  • ADI and classic editor Fundamental capabilities.
  • Affordable plans without adverts.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 9 to USD 24 months

With Jimdo, you will be offered more than 100 stunning themes, a good site-building tool, a great free package, numerous add-on options, as well as several eCommerce options! Jimdo can take care of your business email hosting requirements, the templates look beautiful, and there is a significant emphasis on SEO and marketing services. Overall, the package is strong.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Between the Fynd platform, with its extensive customization options, and SITE123, with its straight forward design philosophy, Jimdo occupies a middle ground. As a result, Jimdo is a wise choice if you require more than just a simple website but do not want to invest a lot of time in its design.

1. Good website builder :- Making websites with Jimdo is simple because of the platform's easy-to-use design system and 100+ free template options. As all content blocks are already created for you, you do not have a lot of detailed editing options, but they are nonetheless good designs.

2. Online Store :- Jimdo has an e-commerce system that is reasonably complete (for beginners) and allows you to accept payments through Stripe and PayPal. Additionally, it provides free shipping on large orders, the opportunity to add product variants, and connectivity with Facebook and Instagram for sales. Jimdo does not impose any fees on collected money.‍

3. A Focus on SEO and Marketing :- Your site can be promoted using a variety of features and tools, from the standard SEO descriptions, titles, and custom URLs to an add-on that integrates the RankingCoach service. Additionally, you can create an XML sitemap, URL redirection, and Robot Meta Tags.

4. Business Listings :- The Business Listings addon will add your website to business listing websites all over the internet on your behalf (at an additional expense). You can do it yourself and save a bit of your time.

5. Employ a designer :- Actually, Jimdo itself allows you to pay a designer to review your website and provide feedback on how to make it better. Although this will be more expensive, it is a great service to provide in the first place.

It's unfortunate that users of Jimdo's free plan are at the back of the helpline because the more you pay, the quicker Jimdo will respond to you. follows a very conventional structure for domain names. For instance, our URL for this website was

This is nice and straightforward, however, it does let everyone who visits your site know that you don't have a custom domain name. Additionally, "jimdosite" is a fairly lengthy word; if your website name is similarly long, your URL will appear out of proportion.

With the free plan, Jimdo does not display banners or pop-up ads; instead, a brief note appears in the footer. The news is fantastic!

Can I provide a free sale?

You can sell up to five things with Jimdo's free account, but SEO capability is constrained. Additionally, the useful analytics dashboard that is included with premium services is not available to you. Additionally, you can only store 500MB.

There won't be constant reminders for your website visitors to visit the website builder to make their own website. Additionally, it conveys a more professional air.

5. SITE123


One of the Most Simple Site Builders Available


One of the Most Simple Site Builders Available

Over the Average
  • Uses ADI to create websites
  • live chat help around-the-clock
  • Practical design advice
  • Free program is offered
  • Paid Subscriptions: $12.8 - $97.5 per month
See Pros & Cons


  • Live chat is amiable and ideal for new users.
  • ADI creates a simple website for you rapidly.
  • There are no advertising when the page first loads.


  • The designs of unprofessional, non-customizable domain templates are antiquated and awkward.
  • Very little artistic control
Read Review

By far the smoothest free website builder," claims SITE123. We can assure you that SITE123 makes it quite simple to launch a website - we were able to create ours in under ten minutes, complete with blog pages. You do not have full creative flexibility with this strategy, but you can utilize the free plan for as long as you need to.

Providing you do not mind having a completely arbitrary subdomain. That is true, instead of a bespoke subdomain with a SITE123 domain, you receive a random mix of letters and numbers.

1. System of Modular Design :- There is both good and "meh" news regarding the modular design system. The design system from SITE123 offers quick and easy options to customise your site to match your brand. Changing fonts, colours, and images merely requires a few clicks.

The "poor" news is that you cannot simply drag and drop items everywhere. You must select from already created page items. it is not horrible, just a little rigid. We should remind you that the free plan's customization choices are quite constrained.

2. Blogging :- As seen on the sample site, the free plan includes an integrated blog. It is a straightforward system with tags, thumbnail images, post scheduling, and a traditional text editor similar to Microsoft Word.‍

3. Contact and Donation Forms :- You must pay if you want to create a custom form or operate an online store. But all of that is free if you only need a straightforward contact form or a mechanism for people to donate to your nonprofit.

4. Tools for small businesses :- The "pages" menu offers access to event calendars, appointment scheduling, restaurant bookings, and a few more options. Just choose one and leave.

A common flaw with free website builders is the inability to link a custom domain, but with SITE123, this issue is even more serious. This is due to the fact that SITE123's free domain is an uncustomizable random mess of letters and digits.

The end result is a domain that is amateurish and difficult to remember, looking like this: This is not a professional website, as seen by the horrifying mess of numbers and letters. If potential customers saw the name of your website there before, they might not even bother clicking on it.

Compared to other builders, SITE123's bottom banner ad is a little less distracting to the eye. A banner that scrolls down the screen with the website visitor that reads, "I made my site using SITE123," is the price you pay for a free SITE123 website. As it fits into the internet page design at the bottom, the banner is much more understated than those of other builders.

The free features offered by SITE123 are generally excellent but fairly straight forward. The following entertaining freebies are available, however, upgrading to a paid plan will give you access to a few more personalization options:

We were able to develop our sample site in a matter of minutes, spending little time learning how everything worked, to offer you a more personal perspective on how user-friendly it is. The time it would have taken us to add our own content to the site is not included in that, but we were able to set up the site's fundamental framework pretty fast.

The "Pricing" page's FAQ claims that SITE123 offers four pricing tiers, however only the Free and Premium tiers are shown. The four available plans are Basic, Advanced, Professional, and Gold, but if you attempt to upgrade your free site from within the SITE123 editor, only one of those four options will be available. Even though this is a little perplexing, it is important to know that there are ways to scale up. More storage space, bandwidth, and other resources are included with more priced plans.

The level of design — it's no secret that SITE123 offers little room for originality. If the designs were more attractive and up-to-date, this would be less annoying. 

Our Lucy's Cupcakes site was simple to construct, but the finished product, especially when compared to the Wix site we created, appears a little antiquated and bland.

Can I make a sale online?

No, only when you purchase the SITE123 Premium plan can you open a store and sell goods. A website and store can be created for free, but in order to sell, you must pay a very affordable $12.80 each month. A better domain than the free mishmash SITE123 provides on the free plan can also be connected with this plan.

Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

6. Strikingly


Outstanding One-Page Websites


Decent for inexpensive one-page portfolios

Over the Average
  • Create 1-page portfolios.
  • Dependable client service.
  • Sell up to five items.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 8 to USD 59 monthly

Strikingly - At a Glance

Making one-page websites is Strikingly's forte. Its sole advantage if you are on the free plan is that you can not expand your website by adding more pages without subscribing. Okay, so technically you get additional pages if you add a blog or a store, but in our opinion that does not count.

However, because of the emphasis on simplicity, it is essentially impossible to create sites that are more sophisticated. However, a single page need not be awful. A straight forward, eye-catching one-page website works wonders in creating an air of elegance.

1. A Rather Simple (Though Limited) Site Editor :- Strikingly's design system allows you to start with one of a few available templates and then add sections or content blocks to your homepage. However, unless you purchase one of the premium plans, you are unable to design any kind of unique layout.

2. Good blogging tools :- The standard blogging tools like categorization, tagging, and scheduling articles are all present and well in Strikingly. We like that you can modify your blog entries using a mostly similar interface to edit the rest of your website and that you can preview how they will appear.

3. Marketing and Analytics Tools :- In addition to the standard SEO tools, you will also find email and some integrated analytics tools here. There are also sign-up forms for newsletters.‍

4. Integrate social media feeds :- The option to integrate all of your social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly into your page is one of the cool capabilities in this section that goes beyond merely putting icons that direct visitors to your social media feeds.

It could not be simpler to use strikingly. Everything about it is designed to make building an effective website as soon as possible. Go right to the Pro plan, at the very least, if you are going to pay. It is the least expensive option that debrands your website with Strikingly. You can add 300 products to your store, and the bandwidth is infinite.

Additionally, rather than needing to purchase a new plan each time you create a new site, you can create up to three sites that employ the Pro features. The user also gets open access to the app store of the website builder.

Performance - The worst site speed performance, with Strikingly being the sole platform given a research grade of "poor" (2.4 out of 5). By 48%, it falls short of its leading rivals Wix and Weebly.

You can create as many free websites as you like with Strikingly's free plan. A 5GB monthly bandwidth allowance, round-the-clock customer assistance, and the opportunity to use the Simple Store feature to sell just one item per site are all included.

Strikingly's marketing is possibly the quietest of any builder to date, and the domain name structure,, is particularly respectable.

If your free domain initially seems strange, don't worry. was the original domain name for Lucy's Cupcakes, which we quickly changed to

You can try a custom domain for a 14-day trial if you don't want the "" portion of your domain. However, if you want to retain it after, you'll have to pay.

Another drawback is that Strikingly's free plan lacks an SSL certificate, in contrast to all the builders mentioned above (unless you connect a custom domain). This means that anyone attempting to visit your site will see a warning that it is "Not secure."

Create a site with Strikingly is promoted in a small purple banner that appears in the bottom center of the website. We would say that the purple color of the banner is a little troublesome because it will stick out among many different page designs. However, it can mix in well if your website is primarily purple.

Can I provide a free sale?

On your free Strikingly website, you can use Simple Store to sell one item per site. Then you can sell five things for $8 each month, however, there is a 5% transaction fee. 

At $11.20, the next tier of plans, you can sell up to 300 products, have Strikingly branding removed, and the transaction charge is reduced to 2%. Additionally, the free plan only allows you to create websites with up to five pages and has a storage limit of 500MB. The user shall have to upgrade if they want to use more features. Other Additional Websites That You Can Watch Out For

7. Squarespace


Best for elegantly styled small company websites


Best for elegantly styled small company websites

  • Good marketing elements and a strong brand presence.
  • Embedded analytics.
  • A free trial is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 16 to USD 49 monthly

Perhaps one of the most well-known builders today is Squarespace. There is a valid explanation for that - Squarespace has practically every feature you could want, is quick, and has a nice appearance. 

The grid editor gives you a lot of creative freedom while also maintaining just enough structure to prevent your site from veering off course. The "site styles" editor and the premium templates were both created with minimalist, striking designs in mind.

The only builder on our list without a free plan is Squarespace. However, it does provide you with a 14-day free trial to see if it is the best fit for you. Even though it might not be entirely free, we must urge you to give it a shot if you are serious about your website. You will find it difficult to ignore it once you have played with it for a bit, we guarantee it.

Features & Usability

Here are the characteristics of the Squarespace that might be most appealing to you if you are creating your very first website or just want to give it a try:

Squarespace's grid editor is simple to master and generates some amazing outcomes.

There are more than 140 high-quality templates available, including ones for blogs and wedding announcements. There are 18 different sorts of template options.

Your website can include as much content as you like. There is never a concern about running out of room.

Squarespace provides almost all the tools required to market your website. To expand your site, you get email marketing, SEO tools, and social media connectors.

Its advantages extend beyond aesthetic appeal. Additionally, Squarespace provides fantastic e-commerce, sophisticated SEO capabilities, and access to over 25 third-party extensions. Each of these features is simple to use without sacrificing functionality. The SEO features are some of the best we have ever seen, in all seriousness.

If you choose to sign up for one of Squarespace's paid plans, the personal plan offers unlimited bandwidth, website statistics, and a free custom domain for a year.

If you require a website for your company, the Commerce plan provides almost all the tools you will need to run and expand a profitable online store, provided you do not plan on selling subscriptions.

8. Square Online

Square Online

Very Simple Store Solution

Square online

Cheapest online store builder

Very Good
  • Sell an endless number of goods.
  • 2.9% plus a USD 0.30 transaction fee.
  • Very simple to use.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Monthly fees range from USD 12 to USD 72.

If you simply need a store and it needs to be done quickly, use Square Online. We put up a test shop really quickly, and the website was ready to use in a matter of minutes. 

Despite this, it is still a capable shop builder with nearly all the capabilities small- to medium-sized businesses could require. Again, a lack of customizing options is a drawback of simplicity. 

Your options for font, colour, and layout are all rather constrained. There is only one "template" available, but it is a nicely designed template. The purpose of this service is convenience, not artistic expression. And sometimes, that is okay.

Features & Usability

Due to the specialized nature of the service, Square Online's capabilities are rather constrained in scope, but that might be okay for you:

Sometimes, the lack of customizing options is kind of the idea. And without any doubt, building a website definitely falls under one such occasion.

The complete package: handle shipping, track inventory, provide discounts and coupons, collect taxes based on a customer's location, and sell both physical and digital goods. Although it may not be as intricate as Shopify or BigCommerce, it still has a tonne of capabilities.

You can sell an unlimited number of things for no cost, and you will not ever pay a monthly charge to use nearly all the services. However, a little portion of each transaction goes to Square, and this is true for all plans. You must also use a subdomain (eg. your

Even the results of a Google search can be used to advertise your items. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel allow you to track your purchases and determine which products your customers like. Even it's own (different) email marketing tool is available from Square to assist you to expand your clientele.

Square Online provides two uncommon services, including hiring a competent designer to spruce up your website for you and sending your product line to Square for pictures. Yes, you send them your goods, they photograph them professionally for your store, and you receive them back.

Our store's setup was simple enough because of the abundantly clear instructions and searchable knowledge base. Before you get started, please, try to confirm if the online store option is even accessible in your nation. It is not offered everywhere. Otherwise, it was a short and enjoyable process.

We would immediately upgrade to the Performance plan after leaving the Free plan. Although it lacks the deluxe shipping options and marginally cheaper payment & merchant services rate of the Premium plan, it still offers exceptional value. Some of the most crucial features are present, including comprehensive reporting, abandoned cart emails, and PayPal payment support.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

9. Zyro


An inexpensive website builder for small businesses


An inexpensive website builder for small businesses

  • Experimental AI tools
  • Decent customer rating
  • A free trial is offered
  • Paid Programs: USD 2.69 to USD 39.99 monthly

Zyro is another tool that easily fits in the category of extremely user-friendly builders because of its clear drag-and-drop editor. Although it is not quite as ludicrously easy as SITE123, it is close However, the slight increase in complexity is worthwhile.

Zyro gives you a lot more design flexibility than SITE123. You can practically place pieces on a page anywhere you like with the drag-and-drop editor. Nearly all elements you add instantly snap to a grid, which is why we say "nearly."

While doing so can aid in maintaining the order of your website, it may also feel a little limited. The AI tools Zyro provides to aid in site creation are what really excite users.

You receive a heatmap that demonstrates where on your page visitors are most likely to focus their attention, an Awe Text generator and a logo generator. You may develop a successful site quickly with Zyro's user-friendly platform and these features.

Features & Usability

In addition to what you would anticipate from a trustworthy website builder, Zyro also provides some noteworthy features like:

A nice logo may make all the difference in the world for a website. The same is true for quality content. Zyro AI can assist you in producing both. Just provide some information in response to a few questions, then wait. Although we would not advise using the Awestuff precisely as it is released, it is a decent place to start if you ever find yourself in a bind.

Zyro's AI-powered heatmap enables you to identify prospective interest regions as well as parts of your website that can be difficult to notice.

Zyro provides more than 100 premium templates in numerous categories, including blog, portfolio, entertainment, and community.

Each Zyro subscription comes with tools to help you market your website and improve its search engine rankings.

Our own interaction with Zyro was really simple. Our website only took us about 20 minutes to create; if this had been our first time using it, it might have taken another 10 minutes.

The grid structure was the only area where we had some difficulty because we could not always tell what exactly its restrictions were. But aside from that, using Zyro was as painless an experience as you could hope for.

Right now, Zyro does not provide a free plan (not if you want to publish your site, at least). You can use all the AI capabilities and all of the templates in Zyro for as long as you like for free. This implies that you are able to finish designing your website before committing to a premium plan.

Every plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free domain for a year, and a comprehensive range of marketing integrations if you do decide to upgrade. 

For anyone who is simply seeking to construct and publish a website, the Website plan is fantastic (and the pricing is not too awful either). All subsequent upgrades merely offer you access to progressively more e-commerce functionality.

Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

10. WordPress


Cheapest blogging website builder

Cheapest blogging website builder

Over the Average
  • Developed for blogging.
  • Integrated analytics.
  • Coding abilities useful.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 4 to USD 45 monthly

Over a third of the Internet is powered by WordPress in some capacity. It began as a blogging tool and has evolved into the world's largest publishing platform. For the sake of clarification, this page does not address, which is the location of the original software, but rather, which is sort of a site builder. Additionally, despite claiming to be a site builder, functions much more like an antiquated content management system (CMS). 

This indicates that it is quite powerful and flexible, yet learning takes some time. The drag-and-drop features that you get with other builders are not available here. We should also point out that's free plan is extremely constrained in comparison to the original programme (which you should remember is also free, hosting costs aside).

Features & Usability

WordPress is primarily a blogging platform. Almost anything else can be made to work with it, but it takes time. can create a good blog for you if all you want is that or a straightforward company website with a blog.

In excess of 100 As a traditional CMS, WordPress heavily relies on themes. While you do have some control over how your information is laid out, the theme you choose will make the majority of the design decisions for you. Though some themes offer extensive customization, it does not include all.

‍ offers a feature that the original programme lacks: the option to swiftly and simply create a portfolio on your website. You just add pages to your site's Portfolio area, and some themes (like the demo theme) will show your portfolio items on those pages automatically.

There is not much to say about analytics, newsletters, or SEO. All the gang is present. Instead of WordPress itself, plugins offer a lot of the more sophisticated SEO functions; sadly, plugins are only available with expensive plans. does a decent job of outlining what you need to do, but the software's nature can often make things confusing. There is simply... so much. And there are countless other features that are hidden under more expensive plans.

We love WordPress and we have a lot of experience with it, but there are undoubtedly simpler solutions on this list. The price scheme at was recently streamlined. 

There are now only two plans available: WordPress Free and WordPress Pro. With the Pro plan, you may add an e-store to your website, access premium themes, and install plugins. The Pro plan is the way to go if you want any additional functionality for your website.

11. Webflow


The Perfect Website Builder for Designers

Web designers are absolutely in mind when using this website builder. Webflow utilizes padding and section block sections rather than the standard drag-and-drop capability that Wix and Squarespace provide.

Users that are used to a lot of customisation may find this format to be very comfortable, while a newbie may find the creation process to be extremely daunting.

Because it differs from Wix's well-known drag-and-drop editor, the building process did take a few hours. It is safe to state that it will occasionally be challenging to navigate if you have no prior experience using section block areas and overlays. Fortunately, Webflow includes a virtual design assistant that walks you through every step of the process before leaving you to it.

Features & Usability

What drew us to Webflow:

When compared to other builders, Webflow gives a pretty wide selection of free templates and makes it apparent which templates are suitable for specific businesses.

Webflow allows users a great deal of creative freedom, and even with its free plan, you receive a lot of customizability.

Webflow uses short keys and right-clicking to modify or add items, which greatly streamlines the design process.

What could be done better:

Even though Webflow was created with web designers in mind, drag-and-drop editor capabilities would be helpful to make it more user-friendly for beginners. Wix has demonstrated how well this works in terms of enhancing user experience.

12. Webnode


Pretty and Quick Websites

Webnode's platform has over 40 million users, the software is simple to use, and the sites you may create with it are quick and attractive. 

The free plan is quite restricted in terms of what you can accomplish with it when compared to other options on our list, despite the fact that everything above seems fantastic and our actual experience with the software was satisfactory.

Your storage is limited, and practically all of the more desirable features are hidden behind premium subscriptions.

Features & Usability

The feature set of Webnode is designed for users who do not have a lot of free time and who want to edit their website while on the road. You will be pleased with the free features if that describes you:

Although you do have some control over the layout of your material, the template you choose will mostly decide how your site looks and feels. It is fortunate that they are attractive. However, you can change the fonts and colours, which is beneficial.

Many website builders actually offer a poor user experience on mobile devices or just do not function. One exception is Webnode, where editing your site from a phone or a tablet is quite simple.

We do, once more, adore the ability to modify blog articles essentially identically to how we edit any other website. The same types of material, such as tables, forms, maps, and more, can be included as well.

You can place some advertising on your free website using Google AdSense. Strangely, Google Analytics is only available with a premium subscription. Oh, right.

Being able to insert your own code onto the page (including such third-party tracking code) is a wonderful advantage even though it is a small quibble.

It took us only a few minutes to set up our sample site using this service, and it was in no way challenging. One benefit of using a basic, somewhat constrained site builder is that. We mentioned that the overall experience was enjoyable, and guess what? There are surprisingly few online platforms that we would consider to be actually "nice" to use.

Do not accept anything other than the Standard plan until you have run smack into the restrictions of the free plan (not "if," or "when"). Even though some of the capabilities are still somewhat restricted, it is cheap and offers you access to all the glitzy features. When your website starts to generate some revenue, only make more upgrades.

Outstanding For Event Websites

More than 30 million people use Webnode, a well-liked free website builder, worldwide. If you do not have much time to devote to working on a template design or want a builder with a low learning curve, Webnode is a respectable option for a free website builder. However, it has less creative flexibility than other builders on our list.

Although the sign-up process is a little cumbersome (Web node publishes your template right immediately, and you have to access the editor by going to your email before you can start modifying), once you are in, the builder is easy to use and fluid.

13. Ucraft


Excellent Design And User Experience

You will quickly see that Ucraft's website builder is heavily dependent on images. The majority of its designs have pictures that occupy the majority of the page, making them perfect for e-commerce businesses that truly want to highlight their goods! A great option if you are going for a vibrant, urban look. For website owners who prefer to concentrate on the user experience, Ucraft is perfect.

The image-driven platform enables you to present your goods or services in a striking way, using big images and eye-catching typefaces. Despite not using drag and drop, it is rather user-friendly with simple modification options and easy-to-use templates on the left-hand side. The primary emphasis on appearance actually makes it so much more enjoyable for the user!

Ucraft's onboarding procedure is not too complicated. In order to create your website, Ucraft first asks you to select a template and enter the name of your company when you join up.

Moving components across the page was a little bit more challenging without a drag and drop editor! Additionally, given how heavily the platform relies on images, it could be challenging to provide all the necessary, "wordy" content on your website. Overall, it was a lot of fun to experiment with the design process, and Ucraft allows you to add a lot of page characters.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

14. Simple Site

Excellent Mobile Editor

SimpleSite enables mobile editing of your website. You guessed it: SimpleSite is a pretty basic website builder. Despite this, the platform has some unexpected advantages. 

For people who are constantly on the road, its mobile editor is especially useful. Apart from that, we'd even suggest that this free builder is a bit too basic. It is not appropriate for serious websites; only hobby websites are appropriate.

You might enjoy using SimpleSite if you want a website builder that guides you through setting up the various components of your website step by step.

Before you can access the main editor, an animated beaver character will walk you through setting up each page as part of the onboarding process. This is useful for making sure you do not miss anything, but if you want any degree of creative license, it can get monotonous.

15. Elementor


The Best Site Builder Plugin, Although There Are Some Limitations To The Free Plan

A WordPress plugin called Elementor gives the platform proper drag-and-drop site design functionality. You can either pay money to access plugins on and install them there, or you may install them for free on a WordPress site on your own server.

There are two key reasons why Elementor is on this list. The first thing it does is add the drag-and-drop capabilities that lacks. Second, we would be missing out if we did not remark that it is a really well-liked page builder.

However, the free plan for Elementor has a lot of restrictions, so any website you create with it will be quite basic. You will need to upgrade to its Pro version in order to access some of Elementor's more intriguing features, including media sliders, dynamic headlines, and contact forms.

Features & Usability

In a nutshell, the following is what you receive with the free version:

There is a tonne of templates that will build up entire pages or just specific areas of sites for you. However, it should be noted that these templates may not work with the WordPress theme you have already installed. Additionally, the majority of them are locked behind the Pro plan (including templates for things like site navigation).

That is all there is to basic content widgets. Text, picture embedding, simple photo galleries, photo sliders, and a few other helpful features are all included.  In all honesty,'s free plan offers virtually more.

Addons to plugins do exist in the WordPress universe. These are essentially additional WordPress plugins that add new content block types to Elementor's functionality. Since, why not?

Because Elementor is essentially simply an easy way to change the visual components of your site and nothing more, your WordPress website is the only one that offers any other features, such as blogging, marketing, and SEO tools. The issue is, that it is not really a subpar product. Elementor is actually quite adept at creating bespoke websites based on WordPress without the need for coding. Once you become used to using the fundamental controls, it is also pretty simple to use.

The primary drawbacks are that the free edition has very few options and that you need some prior design experience to create much more than a nearly blank site. Oh, and we should mention that the button to access the templates, which handles the laborious work for you, is not labelled clearly, which annoyed us while we were writing this review. If you are prepared to pay, Elementor is one of the greatest site designer tools available, despite a few minor annoyances.

You have access to all features with the Personal plan for a year, which is also good for one site. Unless you intend to use it on other sites, you will not need a more expensive plan. Just remember that you will also need to pay for your hosting, whether it is on your own server or a platform like This is in addition to the price you pay for Elementor.

Which Website Builders Do You Need To Avoid?

While we have previously listed out the best website builders that you need to try out, there are also a few website builders that you need to avoid at all costs. We have listed those website builders as follows

Webs are one of the first website builders we would advise against using. When you initially browse their website and what they have to offer, everything seems to be in order. Their prices are reasonable, with plans beginning at-$5.99 monthly; $12.99 monthly; or $22.99 monthly.

What makes this option even better is that Webs gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. All of their plans include custom domain names and emails. Webs, however, undoubtedly have certain drawbacks. Although the construction process is quite straightforward, your design possibilities will be severely constrained.

The builder itself has an old vibe, and your finished work can share that same sense. This website builder does not support some browser extensions either. Overall, using the interface is plain uncomfortable.

It is clear that Webs is not the best platform for e-commerce websites, and adding those features can be pricey. The only method of getting in touch with customer service for those of you contemplating the cheapest package, which starts at $5.99, is by email.

If you require immediate assistance, that is not ideal. Only the highest tier plan has phone help; their middle-priced plan only has live chatting and email. Reviews indicate that email support has a slow response time. A response is often anticipated in two days or less.

We can not imagine having to wait two days for a response to a crucial question regarding our website. Webs may be inexpensive and simple to use, but it just lacks luster. Your options for the kind of website you can create utilizing this platform will be severely constrained if you use older themes.

Another alternative we would steer clear of is Doodlekit. We typically avoid criticizing or disparaging websites, goods, or services, but in all honesty, there are more drawbacks with Doodlekit than advantages. It is not in the least bit user-friendly. The ability to change their templates is also very challenging.

Despite our extensive knowledge of website builders, we struggled and became perplexed while attempting to make what we believed to be straightforward changes. Although Doodlekit has over 100 themes, quantity is not always a good indicator of quality.

It would be a grave error to add the themes to your website because they are so out of date. It seems impossible to modify and alter these themes. Some of you who are seeking to save money might find Doodlekit an attractive free website builder. But we also would not advise using that.

If you are billed annually, their other options run from $10 to $40. The monthly plans begin at $14. Give the free option a try if you do not want to take our word for it. However, we would advise that you pick a better website builder and forego the effort entirely.

Yola is fairly simple to use, much like Webs. However, such simplicity comes at the expense of being quite constrained. The construction procedure is not difficult, but it does become tiresome after a time. The templates are stiff and out-of-date. The templates end up needing so many modifications that the original intent is essentially defeated.

Although they have more than 250 themes, the themes appear to have been created ten years ago. That is not ideal when you are up against websites with responsive designs and background movies. Yola offers a free plan and reasonable pricing.

However, the free plan only allows you to build three pages and comes with a Yola subdomain. You cannot create a legitimate website in that manner. The free plan's only advantage is that it provides you with the opportunity to sign up and try out the builder before you have to pay.

Pricing for annual contracts ranges from $5 to $20 each month, or $7 to $30 for month-to-month agreements. You get a personalized domain with each plan, excluding the free one. To any of the paid plans, a Yola store can be added for $10 a month. Although this sounds appealing, we do not believe you will be satisfied with the website's overall design or user experience. We have put Yola on we avoid list because of this.

When Should I Upgrade to a Paid Plan?

As we have seen, there are many things that free website builders can do, but subscription plans offer much more. Additionally, paying does not have to be expensive; you may use premium features for as low as $6 per month.

The following benefits of paid plans are frequently sought after:

No advertisements are much better than subtle ads when you are trying to project a professional image, and upgrading your package will remove adverts from your site.

Once more, is better and more memorable than

You can just outgrow your free plan as your site gets bigger and more popular. You might need to upgrade so that your site has enough storage and can handle a large enough number of simultaneous visitors.

Make sure you at least have a look at that premium plan because it frequently has the features and resources you need to advance your business or hobby.

Even while there is never any push to subscribe to a paid plan, we believe it is always worthwhile to check out a trial. It can be unsettling to put money into a brand-new endeavour, but as the saying goes, "fake it till you make it." With the extra sophistication of a paid site, no one will be able to tell that you are not much more established.

What’s Important in a Free Website Builder

Image showing the main reasons why a visitor may leave a website 

We set out to show that while free website builders may have formerly sounded too good to be true, this is not always the case. How these free website builders make money is a common query we receive.

Is there a shady situation going on? Fortunately, everything is perfectly legal and ethical. These website builders use a "freemium" business model, in which users who want to pay for additional features effectively subsidize users who are OK with a more limited plan with no restrictions.

Having said that, there are some factors you should consider carefully before selecting a free website builder. We used our extensive research and user testing for each website builder as a whole, together with an emphasis on their free plans, to generate this ranking of the best free website builders. We paid particular attention to whether or not the builder checked off these boxes:

You can not link up a custom domain name with free website builders, but how does the one that is generated automatically look? A structure like IM Creator's (I'm-creator. com /free /your name /your site), for instance, may give your site a somewhat amateurish appearance.

Knowing the cost of upgrading to a paid plan is beneficial because doing so has obvious advantages.

You already know that an ad-filled website won't appear as good as one without. You can use our screenshots to compare the advertisements on each website builder and choose the one that bothers you the least.

A free SSL certificate is typically included with website builders, although some do not (we have indicated where this is the case). Visitors will see your website as "Not secure" if it lacks an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate can be purchased separately for about $10 per year.

There is typically a limit on how much content you can submit to your website when using a free website builder. If you intend to include numerous photographs or videos, consider how quickly you might reach this limit.

Finding a website builder that checks all the aforementioned boxes but is difficult to use is pointless. Based on our investigation and user testing, we have shown how simple each website builder is to use.

This somewhat restricts your possibilities if you must sell using your free website builder. Watch out for website builders like Weebly that we have noted permit you to sell on a free plan. We were able to provide an accurate first-hand account of the procedure by actually building a free website with each builder for this post.

How Can I Build A Free Website? (Step-by-Step)

In addition to being free, all of the website builders in our ranking share the feature of being simple to set up; otherwise, they would not have been selected! Although every builder has a slightly different process and learning curve, the following are the phases you can anticipate:

An email address, password, and perhaps a username are required for this.

He first fork in the road is here; while the majority of builders will let you choose a template to work from at this point, some will employ design help to create a mock-up of a website for you based on your responses to a few questions. When this is the case, we have made it clear.

Remove the placeholder text and pictures and add your own.

If you would like, you may experiment with other color schemes and layouts, or even switch to a different template, to further personalize your design. The majority of builders allow you to change templates after publishing, but Wix does not.

Your domain name will now be created, and your website will be accessible to everyone. Depending on how much you vary the actions in stages three and four, this procedure could take anywhere from 15 minutes to many hours.

What Is The Best Free Website Builder?

A free website builder is typically the free tier of a more expensive paid website builder. Some website builders choose to offer economic base tiers instead of free tiers, which cost a few dollars each month. 

Some features of other services are accessible for free, but more advanced functionality is hidden behind subscription paywalls. However, if you do not require those additional benefits, the free tier can be more than sufficient.

Which Free Website Builder Is The Best For E-Commerce?

For small enterprises, a website is a requirement. You must just take advantage of the enormous market that is the internet. A simple approach to begin building your online presence is with a free website builder. 

However, people who are true professionals should choose a paid subscription as soon as possible. Customers will trust a company that has its domain since it appears trustworthy. 

Furthermore, free website builders frequently hide their eCommerce capabilities — the capacity to sell goods on an online store — behind paywalls. To earn money, one must spend cash.

You might be asking if you can construct free online stores now that we have shown that it is possible to have a website without spending any money. We looked at these four tools and evaluated what they had to offer:

Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

1. The Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

You Can Create A Complete Internet Store With Fynd Platform! In addition to allowing you to add up to multiple products, Fynd Platform also allows you to take PayPal and Stripe credit card payments. 

You can only buy physical goods and products that are printed on demand; digital goods are also allowed here! It is also fantastic that you may provide your potential customers with discount codes.

2. Ecwid


A supplement for current web pages-Your present website will become an online store thanks to this plugin. It should be noted that the free plan is only good for 10 products.

To one of the aforementioned free site builders, you can also add Ecwid. In a nutshell, Fynd Platform is likewise our recommendation if you would like an extremely straight forward, cost-free eCommerce site.

They offer significantly more features than all the other store builders in this list combined. Ecwid is another alternative for selling online, however, to add this eCommerce plugin, your website must already exist.

Additionally, we would only advise a free store if you have alternative methods of driving visitors to your website than Google. It will be challenging to get organic search engine traffic if you can not use your domain name.

Other Website Building Costs

Getting your business online may involve some beginning expenditures, even with a free website builder, such as:

The majority of website builders, but not all, come with a free shared domain like your You must purchase the domain, which typically costs approximately $10 for the first year and $12 or more each year after that, in order to use a personalized, unique domain like

Free shared hosting is offered by each website builder on our list. You will need to set up your own hosting if you want to use programmes like; the cost can vary, but it can start at as little as $3 per month.

You will need to hire someone to develop the website for you if you do not have the time or expertise to do it yourself. Employing a developer is unnecessary thanks to drag-and-drop builders, but you might want to find someone with design or copywriting abilities to give your website a polished appearance.

As your company expands, you can outgrow the free marketing resources provided by the majority of website builders. If you anticipate going beyond the capabilities of the free tools, look into alternatives early because email marketing services through website builders could get expensive.

Almost every e-commerce service you find will charge you a tiny fee for each sale, even if you can create an internet store for free. The actual amount varies according to the processor, but small firms often pay 2% + $0.30 for each transaction.

Does It Make Sense to Upgrade to a Paid Plan?

As we have seen, there are many things that free website builders can do, but subscription plans offer much more. Additionally, paying does not have to be expensive; you may use premium features for as low as $6 per month.

The following benefits of paid plans are frequently sought after:

No advertisements are much better than subtle ads when you are trying to project a professional image, and upgrading your package will remove adverts from your site.

Free shared hosting is offered by each website builder on our list. You will need to set up your own hosting if you want to use programmes like; the cost can vary, but it can start at as little as $3 per month.

You can just outgrow your free plan as your site gets bigger and more popular. You might need to upgrade so that your site has enough storage and can handle a large enough number of simultaneous visitors. You can have complete peace of mind because many paid plans offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Make sure you at least have a look at that premium plan because it frequently has the features and resources you need to advance your business or hobby. Even while there is never any push to subscribe to a paid plan, we believe it is always worthwhile to check out a trial.

It can be unsettling to put money into a brand-new endeavor, but as the saying goes, "fake it till you make it." With the extra sophistication of a paid site, no one will be able to tell that you are not much more established.

How Should You Use A Free Website Builder? 

Common restrictions include allowing you to create only one website with a certain number of pages, limiting your storage choices, and requiring you to use the builder's domain rather than a unique one. 

Some free tiers are more like free trials; you can use them as much as you like to test out the tools, but you must pay to publish content. Even if the subscription tiers are "superior," there are other respectable hosting options that are offered for free.

Which Free Website Builder Is The Best For Photographers?

Even with commercial website builders, image editing can be hit or miss. While others will only let you cut, some offer powerful tools to edit photographs on your website. The Fynd Platform offers comprehensive photo editing features, and GoDaddy has enhanced its services when it comes to free website builders.

Strikingly's editor is quite basic compared to Weebly's, which is in line with its overall lack of customization options. Keep in mind that you will require a typical web hosting service for a more complete experience when building your online presence. 

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Do Free Website Builders Have Any Other Drawbacks?

As we have already seen, many providers may place advertisements for their own or other companies on your free website, which does not look professional. Then other providers only offer outdated or ugly layouts on their free plans and reserve the appealing ones for their premium ones. 

Additionally, free web page builders will limit the number of pages you may create and save their most sophisticated features for clients who pay a fee. For instance, the Web starts to prevent visitors from viewing a mobile-optimized version of your website when they access it from a smartphone.

What About The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Of My Free Website?

It is critical to be able to control specific website settings in addition to producing quality content if you want your website to rank highly on Google. For each of your pages, you need to be able to provide a title and a description. 

Fortunately, all prominent site builders include this, except for Jimdo. As we have already discovered, almost all of the free products share the same restriction-you are not permitted to use an appropriate domain name. 

Subdomains typically do not rank highly in search engines because the domain name also has a significant impact on SEO. The adoption of SSL encryption (HTTPS) by your website can also have little impact on your rankings.

This will guarantee that the information entered into a contact form, for instance, is secure and cannot be intercepted. Most reputable website builder providers offer this function for no additional charge. 

Only Mozello does not automatically safeguard their free sites among the solutions we evaluated. Not exactly reliable, is it? Thus, we advise that you should think about using a cheap website builder rather than a free one if you are serious about getting your site ranked on Google.


In this article, we have walked you through the benefits and drawbacks of many free website builders, as well as when it makes sense to upgrade to a paid plan. You have all you need right now to choose a website builder and start typing on a computer screen. Let's quickly review the full thing now.

The Fynd Platform tops our list of the top free website builders because it offers the most features for the money, while GoDaddy excels at SEO and design functionality.

If you need to sell online, Weebly offers a free eCommerce plan through Square Online, making it perfect for novices. Just keep in mind that free website builders almost usually restrict the options available to you; while you may be fine with this now, it may prove to be quite frustrating in the future.

While we always advise utilizing free blueprints to their fullest to create, explore, and experiment with various builders, we never advise doing so indefinitely.

You will eventually need to switch to a premium plan if you take your website seriously and want other people to do the same. But do not worry; none of the builders on this list has a time limit on their free plans, so you can use them indefinitely until you are ready to upgrade your site.


How does the free website building model make money?

You can build a website for free in a variety of ways. The primary approach is a "freemium" business model, in which those who pay can support everyone else. Advertising on your website is another option for website designers to make money (the ads can be removed by upgrading your plan).

Can SEO be used on free websites?

Free websites can not link to a custom domain, which makes them less SEO-friendly. Since your website is truly a component of the website builder's website, search engines like Google will have a tougher time locating, crawling, and indexing your web page.

Are there any decent free website builders?

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Yes, the Fynd platform, the best free website builder, makes it quite simple to develop web pages that appear professional and cost nothing. The majority of the functionality you require to launch your website is available with these free platforms, but upgrading your plan will, of course, offer you access to more advanced tools.

Can I upgrade my free website to a paid or premium version?

Anytime you choose, you can choose to upgrade to a paid premium plan. You will get a lot more tools, templates, storage space, and other crucial elements for expanding your website if you do this. All of the free website builders we suggest have paid options available if you want to upgrade.

Do free website builders come with no additional charges or fees?

Yes, using them is completely free. Without spending a dime, you may register, build, customize, and publish your website. The overall prices are up to you. However, the majority of website builders lock specific capabilities unless you switch to a paid plan, although these fees are entirely voluntary.

Which website builder is the most user-friendly?

According to our analysis, the Fynd Platform is the easiest to use. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to construct a site with a polished appearance without any technical expertise. Additionally, it provides you with a tonne of creative freedom so you can construct a sophisticated, unique site.

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