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How to access on Fynd Platform


This section is for displaying additional features and options for your customers.


Figure 1: Features - Main Screen

There are 2 options:

  1. Product Catalogue Review - When a product is sold from your website, you can enable this option to specify the particular staff who was involved in the sale of a product. You will be notified regarding the staff and the number of sales that they have made.


    Figure 2: Staff Selection

  1. Ask the store address - Enabling this option will prompt the user to enter an address of their store upon visiting your website. This is specially used in the case of B2B market, wherein a store wants to buy bulk products directly from the brands. This store address, in most cases


    Figure 3a: Fill the Store Address


    Figure 3b: Store Address (filled)

    The store address will be saved and will be readily available to the store while placing an order, thus reducing the hassle of entering the store details during cart checkout.


    Figure 3c: List of Saved Addresses