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Apply Themes

Fynd Platform supports multiple themes which you can use to customize the appearance of your website and mobile app.

How to access on Fynd Platform

Changing Your Theme#

Video: How To Change The Theme Of Your Website


You can apply a theme only if it's available in your library. Your website needs at least one theme and hence you cannot have zero themes in your library.

Upgrading Your Theme#

Video: How To Upgrade Your Theme On Fynd Platform


Whenever an upgrade is available, it's recommended to upgrade all the themes present in your Theme Library.

Customizing Your Theme#

Video: How To Edit And Customize The Theme Of Your Website


You can customize the themes in your Theme Library. However, removing a theme from the library will also take away the customizations, and you may have to add a theme from Explore Themes once again.

Adding SEO Information#

  1. Themes allow you to add SEO information to every system pages, such as brands, collections, home, categories, and many more. Choose the system page from the drop-down and click the overflow icon


    Figure 1: Choosing System Page

  1. Click Update SEO.


    Figure 2: Updating SEO

  1. Enter a title and description for the selected system page.


    Figure 3: Entering Meta Title And Description


No matter how long the title and description is, search engines will show only upto 50-60 characters of the title, and 155-160 characters of the description in the search results. Therefore, you should consider adding the most relevant keywords in the beginning.

Why can't I see the 'Update SEO' option for some pages?#

Few pages do not have an option to configure an SEO. Say for example, the collection listing page doesn't have an Update SEO option because there's already an option to add SEO information while creating a collection.


Figure 4: Missing SEO Option