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Square Online Store Review 2024: Ratings, Features, Pros & Cons

Square Online Store Review 2024: Ratings, Features, Pros & Cons

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Our overall rating for Square Online - is 4.5 out of 5 stars. The home page of Square Online Square Online is an economical and straightforward e-commerce website builder covered in our Square Online Store Review.

Square Online offers excellent customer service and sales features, but its design flexibility is somewhat constrained. If you want to know how Square Online performed in our analysis, keep reading!

One of our top website builders, Weebly, was acquired by Square, a significant player in payment processing, back in 2018. Square now had everything it needed to take on the world of e-commerce shop development after dominating the payments industry, and the Square Online builder is the outcome.

We will say that this store builder is eerily similar to Weebly. However, it has some great new features and a free e-commerce package (an absolute game changer). This online store builder has undergone our testing, and it is safe to say that we were impressed with the results.

Square Online is a better option for small e-commerce firms than Weebly, especially if you already have a brick-and-mortar store or want to get the most out of your money. Continue reading for a detailed analysis of what we liked and disliked about Square Online builder. But first, a fast overview:

Square Online - Best Value For Money

Overall Rating:

Ease Of Use 4.2 out of 5 stars
Design Flexibility  3.9 out of 5 stars 
 Website Features 2.7 out of 5 stars 
 Sales Features 3.5 out of 5 stars 
 Help and Support 3.5 out of 5 stars 
 Value For Money 4 out of 5 stars 
 Customer Score 4.5 out of 5 stars 

Quick Overview:

Free Plan Yes
Starting Price  ₹956 
 Number of Templates  1
Apps & Integrations  Yes 
E-commerce Tools   Yes

How Does Square Online Website Builder Work?

A store made with Square Online Square Online is a free Weebly-powered eCommerce website builder that provides a quick and straightforward method to create and launch your store without knowing any coding. You can sell an infinite number of products with their free plan and only pay 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. 

With Square Online, you can:

  • Place your stuff on a website for sale.
  • Accept money for online purchases
  • Order fulfillment and inventory management
  • Make arrangements for shipping and in-store pickup.
  • Along with your physical store locations, connect it with the Square POS.

In 2009, Square, a platform for accepting payments, was introduced. Weebly was just a payment processor that you could connect to other online store builders until Square bought the platform a few years ago, making it easy to create an online store.

Square Online Store's Advantages

You may quickly and easily create a store using the Weebly builder if you want to utilize Square as your payment gateway or have already used the Square point of sale (POS) system for the brick-and-mortar business.

Simple to Use

Square Online is a simple solution for individuals who need experience with coding and web design. The instructions can help you navigate the setup procedure from beginning to end. You can follow the prompts through every step of the setup procedure, and you'll have a finished business in a few hours.

And nobody will ever find out that you lack the technical knowledge necessary to create an online store. The creation of a Square website and the acceptance of online payments are simple for small enterprises.


Few eCommerce platforms allow for the free creation and maintenance of an online store, but Square Online does. You cannot use all of Square's capabilities with the free service. However, you may still operate your business, and it is only chargeable for credit card processing after doing a transaction.

How Does Square Online Compare To Its Rivals?

The Fynd Platform
Squarespace Square Online SimpleSite
4.9 out of 5  4.8 out of 5  4.3 out of 5  2.5 out of 5 

What website builder works with square? A lot of website builders can be used with Square, such as Wix, Bigcommerce, Ecwid, WooCommerce, etc.

Pricing and Features for Square Online

Prices of Square Online

Square Online offers a variety of options from which you can select the one that best suits your company's demands. Square Online does not provide the ability to utilize a custom domain for the free plan if you wish to be able to use one for your website. These are the paid plans:


  • $16 per month ($12 per month if paid yearly)
  • 30 cents plus 2.9% for each transaction
  • Sell an endless number of goods (also in the free version)
  • Automatic order, item, and inventory synchronization with Square POS (also in the free version)
  • Offer pick-up, shipping, or delivery (also in the free version)
  • incorporating Instagram (also in the free version)
  • There are no advertisements or branding for Square.
  • publish on a private domain
  • One year of a free domain.


  • Monthly payment of $29 ($26 if paid annually)
  • 30 cents plus 2.9% for each transaction
  • All features of the Professional Plan plus
  • customer feedback
  • affordable shipping labels
  • emails about abandoned carts


  • 79 dollars per month ($72 monthly if paid yearly)
  • Per transaction, 2.6% plus 30 cents
  • In additionally to all Performance Plan elements, enhanced features include
  • Cheapest processing rates to lower your online store's fees
  • greatest shipping rate discounts
  • Calculator for shipping costs in real-time

Every online store has a responsive design to look excellent on desktop and mobile devices. You can easily and quickly check how your website appears in the search results, which will help you raise your Google rating and increase traffic. Every online store also includes SSL security, allowing you to confidently sell online knowing that your customers' information is secure.

With more expensive subscriptions, you can use in-house delivery or on-demand delivery to have someone deliver your orders for you. All plans make it simple to add a contact form so your clients may get in touch with you.

What Are The Transaction Costs Going To Be?

Using the Square eCommerce API, you will be chargeable 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for online payments. This rate is generally acceptable in the sector.

Any transactions accepted in person will be subject to lower payment processing fees due to the lesser likelihood of fraud. Cards that have been swiped, tapped, or even inserted.

On the professional and performance plans, the transaction charge is the same as on the free plan. A discounted transaction fee of 2.6% + 30 cents per transaction is available if you upgrade to the premium plan.

Square Gifts Cards 

The option to add gift cards Your business can use the platform to provide gift cards to customers to increase brand loyalty and client base. E-gift cards are also an option; you can get physical cards through Square. You can upload a unique design and buy extras like gift card cases if you sell real cards.

Your clients do not need to know that you are utilizing Square gift cards to run your business. There is no requirement that you use customized design ideas or rely on a physical card. If you use the customized design options, you will only personalize the Square gift cards to match your store.

The Steps To Create A Store With Square Website Builder

You must create a free Square account before building your Square Online store. You will then have an entry to the Square interface, which contains your company's tools and settings for your online store. 

Start with your email account and a password, which should be safe because your profile contains critical information, including your identity and financial details. You must enter your real identity, the last four numbers of your Social Security number, or your unique taxpayer identification number to be allowed to take payments via your Square website.

You will also need to link a financial account and give Square a phone number so they can verify your identity and provide you with access to the money from your online sales.

1. Select Your Store's Options

Creating a store with Square Online You can begin creating your website after setting up your account. Square walks you through all the procedures of selecting the right store type to make it simple. 

It is okay if you modify your mind about any of the settings you select now because they can all be changed later in the dashboard. Choosing what you wish to offer online is the first step. 

Add the following attributes to the list: billing, selling gift cards, receiving donations, online sales, and sending marketing messages. Then, Square will display a list of website designs appropriate for your company, including a single-page website for immediate orders or an online reservation page.

2. Create Your Website

The automated Square will direct you to the Square portal, which contains all of the information related to your site. You can build your store using the setup instructions or watching video tutorials. The setup manual outlined the procedures, and we used them for this post.

When you click "Design," a mock-up of a store with an array of benefits you can add or remove will appear. The mock-up will alter as you add or delete features in real time. To add a logo, click "Next." If you do not have one, skip this step and move to "Style," where you can select the font family and primary color.

3. Configure the URL

Square will request that you create a domain or URL for your webpage and store. You can link an existing name, purchase a domain via Square (you'll need to switch to a paying plan), or utilize a complimentary Square subdomain.

4. Customize Your Homepage 

To move from the header to the bottom, use the menu button on the left-hand side. Each section's text, buttons, color, and font can all be modified. If you'd rather, Square offers the choice of hiring an expert developer to manage the web design component, with prices starting at $199. Add your business hours and contact details to the location area of your webpage to complete it.

5. Include Your Goods

Return to the homepage and the setup instructions once you have configured your pages. The next step is selecting the product type to add from a menu bar after clicking "Add Items."

After creating the price, label, and description, drag item images onto the news section. Here, you may also add various media types. You can use a CSV or Excel file to upload things in bulk. Your items will instantly move to your website if you are currently a Square POS customer. 

To upload items in bulk, go to the homepage, click "Items," get the Excel or CSV templates, then add your items and save the document. To import your items, submit your spreadsheets to Square.

6. Set Your Shipping Costs And Delivery Options

You must enter the address from which the package is being shipped, choose the destinations, and establish the delivery costs before you may send it. With Square, order delivery and roadside or in-store pickup are both options. 

You must establish specified pickup times and select the time zone for your physical store if you plan to use order pickup. Since Square uses this information to estimate the customer's pickup time, you must also include the preparation time needed to have the item available.

7. Set Up The Checkout 

Return to your dashboards and select "Checkout" from the menu options on the left, or follow the setup instructions. Square Online will accept your digital wallets through Square. 

Debit cards, card payments, Square gift certificates, and digital payment alternatives are all acceptable forms of payment. However, you'll have to switch to a paid plan if you want to utilize PayPal.

8. Configure Online Order Tax Collection

For calculating sales income tax on your actual store location and the customer's shipping location, Square includes an automated US tax calculator. To set up the proper tax computations for your company, adhere to the guidelines.

9. Examine and Publish

By selecting "Preview" in the upper right-hand corner of the site editor, you can now perform a final inspection. To put your website online, double-check that everything is as you want it to be and click "Publish."

You can now utilize your Square Online site to sell goods and services online, allow customers to make reservations or place meal orders, provide pickup and shipment options, and sell on Facebook and Instagram.

 Fynd platform banner for free demo

Overall Analysis of Square Online

Pros And Cons of Square Online



Excellent features for a fair price

A little window for personalization

An intuitive dashboard for the website tracks product sales, customer trips, and cart recoveries.

You have to utilize the Square payment gateway if you want to avoid paying more in transaction fees.

Built-in marketing tools allow anything from sponsored adverts to email marketing.

There is a minimal learning experience when you initially use the platform.

How Simple Is It To Use Square Online?

Square Online's ease of use The Square online builder is elementary to use, and creating an account only takes a few minutes.To join Square Online, you must provide some information about your company.

Once you create an account, things become much more straightforward.  Weebly, whose software this is, has the second-highest customer rating of any builder we've tested, so the superb usability of Square Online shouldn't come as a surprise. Setting up your online store with Square is quite simple, and there is almost no room for error. 

You'll get a basic layout to start with, which you can change to include the logo for your business and the colors and fonts of your choice. To sell on Square Online, you do not need any prior technological skills; however, the trade-off is that customization choices could be constrained.

 According to our user testing, there is only one standard template that you may then edit to your desire, so there aren't many options unless you're ready to experiment a lot with the layout.

Effortless Use Depending on the Country

What do I mean by that, then? On the whole, Square's Online Store software is simple to learn and use. A user-friendly e-commerce experience is possible by the relatively straightforward nature of its features and the well-designed UI.

You will get a learning curve if you have never used a site or online store builder. That is fine, and you cannot prevent it.  The rest is a bit of trial and error as long as you have a broad concept of what things you want to display and how much you want to charge for them.

The ineffective use of region-locking is the sole potential issue. As I mentioned in the overview, Square is primarily a payment processing company.  This store builder is an addition to Square's primary operation, transferring money from one bank account to another.

Although that payment processing service is available globally, not all nations have it. Mainly, it is not available in Mexico, where I currently reside.  The Online Store app is not accessible in Mexico due to its connection to payment processing. That wasn't made explicit by Square on the app's sign-up page.

Confoundingly, you may register a business on Square in Mexico and utilize the platform's standard sales tracking capabilities without ever accepting payments, having you so far?

I was able to create an account, but I need help finding the online store app. The Contact and Support pages never fully loaded when I attempted to access support.  After numerous attempts, I could finally access the Contact page, but make no mistake: Square's whole support website is essentially country-locked.

I could access the Online Store builder only after creating a test account with a "company" registered in the United States. Additionally, all of the support pages started loading correctly. Therefore, bear that in mind.

Stated Instructions 

Fortunately, the user interface is pretty straightforward after you establish and register an account properly. Nearly all of its functions have distinct labels.  You may also get started with tooltips and short starting tutorials. In other words, you are partially on your own.

Broad Knowledge Base

Square's Support Center is available if the user interface needs to be clarified. If you're in the right nation, that is.  The Online Store Builder is one of many Square features covered in-depth in the knowledge base. It is where you ought to start if you're stuck.

Minor Quality Characteristics

Square should have tried to respect the tiny aspects like a site builder this easy would have. For instance, it offers a preview of your website on a mobile device. The ability to undo and redo actions is also always welcomed.

How Great Are the Designs at Square Online?

Contrary to most website builders, Square Online only provides a small selection of templates. It could be irritating if you're incredibly creative or want to create something from scratch.

There are many positive aspects of this strategy as well, though. The key selling point is that you're creating a website that adheres to the best e-commerce practices specifically for your sector.

We love witnessing portfolio and blog sites that push the boundaries with their designs. Still, eCommerce sites are not the best location to experiment with radical new ideas. Making the user's experience as simple and comfortable as possible is essential. A rugged or unconventional design may be all that is needed to prevent a visitor from becoming a client. 

In our tests, one user expressed a similar opinion, saying that "having a minimal template helps your products stand out and do all the work. Additionally, it means that retailers must choose a good design.

In light of this, Square Online performs admirably in design. Although your final work adheres to best practices, you can add your unique touch. White space is abundant, and the products presented are very striking. The finished product is a simple, well-designed, clean website that would make a fantastic online store.

Sales Tools & Features on Square Online

The dashboard of Square Online

Robust sales tools are available with Square Online, and they will function exceptionally well if your physical-and-mortar store currently uses the Square POS system. It is incredibly affordable because you can access everything for free; we'll discuss pricing in the "Pricing" section.

Adding Items

Importantly, it is also simple to add versions of those products to your store. You may even include modifiers to let customers customize their purchases if you're selling gifts.

Additionally, creating new categories is simple. Square Online makes category suggestions based on how comparable products are organized online. In general, the Item Library is a straightforward method for adding and arranging your products: Low stock levels operating a sale? 

You can motivate your customers by adding item indicators to your products (little labels that say things like "On sale" or "Only a few left!"). Square Online makes it simple, but you must first switch to a subscription.

Controlling Stock

Every retail manager's biggest nightmare is selling a product on their website only to find out that they sold the final one in their store a short while ago. Effective inventory management systems are essential if you want to prevent awkward talks, complicated returns, and dissatisfied consumers.

Thankfully, Square Online has you covered in this instance. The combo is at its best when you already have a physical store and utilize Square as your point-of-sale system. You can manage all inventories and add stock levels for various locations from your centralized dashboard. Keep this current, and Square will handle everything else.

It can reflect the following modifications in your stock by updating it using Square Online:

  • Stock received: Sets the stock number for new items and increases the total amount of existing stock by the amount you input.
  • Recount inventory: Sets the stock number for new items or replaces the immediate stock with the number you enter.
  • Restock return: Increases the stock total by the amount you enter.
  • Damage: Reduces the stock number by the specified amount.
  • Theft: Reduces the stock number by the specified amount.
  • Loss: Reduces the stock number by the specified amount.

Gaining a clear image and history of the performance of your physical or online store is made incredibly simple by categorizing changes to inventory in this way. Your tax return will also be significantly more accessible as a result.

Making payments

With Square Online, Square is the option left, whereas most eCommerce platforms will provide a wide variety of payment processing solutions. If you have a Performance or Premium package, you can also add PayPal. Without a doubt, Square is a fantastic payment processor. However, the limited selection makes it different from other established eCommerce platforms.

Dispatch Options

Square Online offers you numerous options for configuring your shipping. For each region you are shipping to, you must choose how you want the delivery cost to be determined. The following methods do this:

  • No matter the amount of the order, use a flat-rate shipping method.
  • Free shipping is either every time or only when you meet specific requirements.
  • Adjusted pricing based on order weight so that more significant items will cost more to deliver
  • Real-time rates - delivery charge is automatically calculated based on the destination country, volume, and live shipping costs which is available with a Premium account Order total. The delivery rate is increased or decreased depending on the ordered item quantity value - adjust the delivery charge based on the number of items ordered.

Make sure your "Shipping From" address is up to date because Square Online will utilize it to look up carriers and availability!

  • If you have a Performance or Premium account, you can print shipping labels through Square Online and manually mark pending items as sent.
  • Free shipping is either always or after meeting specific requirements.
  • Adjusted pricing based on order weight so that more significant items will cost more to deliver
  • Real-time rates* - delivery charge is automatically calculated based on the destination country, weight, and live shipping costs. This facility is available only with a Premium account. 
  • Order total - increased or decreased delivery rate depends on the ordered item quantity value and the delivery charge.

Keeping track of where everything is made quite simple by this.

Calculating taxes

It would be a logistical nightmare to manually determine the appropriate tax based on where you sell it. As a result, vendors should be happy to hear the words "automatic tax calculator."

Square Online will automatically consider the taxes in both states if you are shipping between them. It also finds delivery within the same form by paying one fee. The 5% Canadian tax rate will automatically apply to all shipments to Canada and levy any extra territory-specific taxes.

You must manually input tax rates once you depart the United States and Canada and are on your own. Although a hassle, this is relatively common across eCommerce systems. Even eCommerce powerhouse Shopify requires manual entry of these numbers.

It is important to note that Square Online clearly states in its disclaimer that you are responsible for adhering to tax laws. We do not guarantee our tax tools' accuracy or applicability. Consult a seasoned tax advisor if you have any concerns regarding your tax obligations. Once more, this is typical behavior across the platforms we evaluate.

Integrated Analytics, Marketing, And Third-Party Integrations

Okay, let us quickly go through a few minor but significant (and closely connected) features: The Order with Google integration comes first. This functionality enables you to claim your company's Google business profile (from the Square dashboard) and allows clients to place orders directly from SERPs (search engine results pages). 

Because you won't have to pay a fee for orders, it is beneficial for eateries, unlike third-party applications. The second marketing tool is email; the Online Store app does not provide this.

It is a different Square service that you may incorporate into your store. From this point, you may create email campaigns and monitor the leads and sales that your mailing list members generate.

The Analytics Suite comes next. When you're just starting, it has all the traffic, monitoring, and sales information you might need. Google Analytics is not necessary. However, EU and UK visitors can disable tracking. If you have many consumers from that region, that can distort your results.

And last, there are several integrations with third parties. If you still want it, you may combine your website with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Insta shopping, Facebook Messenger (for direct client communication), G Suite, and even Google/Bing certification.

You may also enable the Google Product Listings integration, which will distribute your item catalog across Google Search and Google Shopping to bring your products in front of a larger audience.

You Could Employ a Designer

Professional designers are now accessible on the Square Online Store platform thanks to a collaboration between Square and 99designs. Compared to other services, web design is relatively inexpensive, especially considering that many web designers charge hundreds of dollars per project.

Of course, you must pay at least $100 for little one-page sites, which is relatively inexpensive. Hiring a platform-savvy designer may be worthwhile if you're on a tight budget and want someone with professional taste to get you set up.

Additional Services Include A Photo Studio

You can send tangible goods to Square if you're selling them, and they'll have photographers take images of them for you (and then send the products back to you). Even though the prices are generally relatively low, this is not the best-selling strategy for refrigerators.  Compared to hiring a local photographer, it can be less expensive, depending on where you live.

Tools For SEO And Marketing From Square Online

Although Square Online has outstanding sales features, does it have the marketing resources to utilize them fully? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a term. It has to do with how well Google can detect your products based on how well-built your website is. 

Word of mouth is one of small businesses most effective marketing strategies. Still, if you can get your product on page one of Google search results for well-known "keywords" (such as "winter candle" in our example), you'll notice a massive increase in sales.

Frequently, a few little adjustments are necessary for Google to recognize your offering for what it is. The Google bots are intelligent, but they cannot read images and cannot decipher your skillfully written product descriptions in the same way that a human brain can.

SEO of Square Products

You need a site where you can explain in plain English what your product is, and Square Online gives you just that. You can treat pages similarly: Beyond this, there is little you can do, and there isn't much information on excellent SEO practices.

Platforms that make it simple to design a website without coding come with a natural trade-off in that you can't subsequently go in and edit the more complex elements if you want to.

Overall, Square Online is more than adequate for small businesses and holds its own in the SEO arena. You might want to conduct some more reading on the subject to ensure your success.


Pop-ups can be a practical approach to promoting sales and gathering email signups. We make good use of them here at Website Builder Expert.

You can use pop-ups with Square Online to:

  • Gather email
  • Provide a coupon
  • Make a declaration
  • Ensure age

We were glad to find that the Square Online pop-up themes are all quite good because poorly designed or overly intrusive pop-ups can rapidly turn people off:


The setting of the following emails automatically function from your Square Online account:

  • Order verification
  • Items delivered
  • Refunded items
  • Items removed

You can also get the following if you subscribe to the Performance or Premium plan: Emails sent to clients who add products to their cart but leave your website before checking out should be considered abandoned cart emails. 

It is a very profitable tactic with an estimated 80% cart abandonment rate and a follow-up email open rate of about 40%. Reviews of the items you sell are extremely important for attracting clients.

Therefore an automated email asking people to provide reviews on your website is a significant advantage. Additionally, you can tailor the "theme" and contents of your emails to match the style and tone of your company.

 Fynd platform banner for free demo

What Does The Square Website Builder Cost?

In addition to three expensive programs, Square Online offers a free plan. However, how do they vary, and which provides the most value? Here is a summary of each of Square Online's plans' monthly costs and transaction fees:

Monthly cost (when billed monthly) Monthly cost (when billed annually) Transaction fee
N/A N/A 2.9% + 30¢
Professional $16 $12 2.9% + 30¢
Performance $29 $26 2.9% + 30¢
Premium $79 $72 2.9% + 30¢

There are no additional costs associated with using Square's payment processor. You could be required to pay extra card fees if you choose to use a separate processor (like Paypal).

The free version is an incredible value, by definition. It is uncommon to be able to use these capabilities free of cost. However, there is always a cost involved; in this instance, Square Online advertising on your website's footer and a domain ending in "" 

Additionally, adding PayPal as a payment option is impossible because you can only accept payments through Square. You want your company to appear established, but these features can suggest otherwise. Due to this, even though the free plan offers outstanding value, we only advise using it for some time.

The Performance plan is where Square Online excels. Even though it costs a little more than the Professional plan ($26/month), it is still incredibly reasonable. You can deliver empty carts and customer review emails for this price, both handy tools for promoting long-term business success. You can add PayPal to your payment option and generate shipping labels directly from your dashboard.

Hold up if you gravitate toward the Premium plan because of the cheaper transaction charge. You're doing a terrific job if your internet store will generate enough revenue that a somewhat lower transaction cost is worth the extra $46/month.

There will be better options than Square Online for you, though. Instead, we'd recommend Shopify or BigCommerce, either of which is much more capable of managing and scaling a large-scale store like yours.

Refunds & Cancellations

The return policy is straightforward: if you purchase an annual plan, you can quit in 30 days from the dashboard at any time. You will receive a full refund.

However, if you pay monthly, you'll have to cancel by contacting customer service. They'll carry it out and provide you with a refund for the month's remaining debt. Therefore, if you use your program for two weeks before terminating, you will receive about half of your money back.

Because I had opted for the monthly plan during this test, I canceled by email. It was easy: I just sent them an email using the website's email form, and they quickly canceled my account.

What Assistance And Support Do you get From Square Online?

Connecting with Square Online

All clients can contact Square Online for phone, live chat, or email support. Look first at the Square Online base of knowledge, which has about 180 articles, for the solution.

Square Online will attempt to locate the content for you depending on your search if you cannot find the solution by browsing on your own. Then, if you still require assistance, you can decide how to get it: "I still need help," click. When you request "Let me talk to someone," you will be given phone, group chat, and email assistance options.


All plans, even the free ones, from Square Online include phone support. There is phone help available:

  • 2 PM to 2 AM GMT, Monday through Friday.
  • Sunday through Saturday: 4 PM to 1 AM GMT

You could contact Square Online directly and submit a PIN so the representative can quickly locate your account, or you can ask for a callback.

Live Talk

Customers can contact suppliers quickly and easily using live chat, but we are all too aware that the level of live chat can vary significantly amongst suppliers. To test it, we did so.

We spoke with an operator about four minutes after choosing the live chat option. Our first simple topic was how I could construct a product line for my website. Bree responded to this swiftly, and as she had previously replied to the same email address, she could offer us a customized link to our account area in which we could add another product category.

Overall, the process went without a hitch. We then inquired about the free account's transaction fees. The solution was slower this time, but it was still accurate and valuable.

Bree also handled our follow-up inquiry about extra card fees (there aren't any as long as you use Square), which we asked for quickly. Finally, we suggest the Square Online online chat as a support resource.

Who Are Square Online's Main Competitors?

Creating a store with the Fynd Platform

The Fynd platform stands out among the various alternative website builders accessible. In addition to ADI, it is a website builder that offers a drag-and-drop editor. For additional information on these systems, see our reviews of the Fynd platform.

Using the Fynd Platform, you can rapidly build your website. According to our analysis of over 1000 brands, the continuous aspect of managing an internet business is the dread of starting one. They attempted to create a wholly self-serve platform since they knew we had this anxiety.

Here are a few justifications for starting your online business today!

1. Widen your Perspective

Your social media pages and offline store are extensions of your online store. In contrast to the limited set of clients you can contact through your social network accounts, creating an online site with Fynd Platform allows you to access unlimited potential customers. It makes you more noticeable.

2.  Use A Domain Name

COVID-19 has changed how we think about the world and go about our daily lives. Physical locations are no longer a helpful way to contact clients. You can choose hyper-local delivery on the Fynd Platform to expedite the delivery of your purchases and cater to regional needs.

3. Simple to Access

Social networking is the first step in getting customers to learn about your business. Even if it's a great place to start, your clients always want to learn more about your company and product offers by visiting a tailored online eCommerce store.

4. Management of Data and Security

Features, usability, and customer business continuity are things we value highly, but security is also a top priority. We aim to achieve ISO 27001:2013 compliance to ensure information security, safety, and privacy for all brands on the Fynd Platform.

5. Skilled Personnel Management

The Fynd Platform can be made accessible to your team members. Customize which parts of your website your staff may access. The features enable you to have complete transparency.

6. Using A Domain Name

You need a name for your business. On the Fynd Platform, you can use your custom domain or choose from the suggested options.

7. Computerized SMS and Email Marketers

Customer interaction is crucial to running an online store. On the Fynd Platform, we offer pre-made SMS and email templates. Depending on your use case, you can also create customized emails or raw HTML using our free internal editors.

8. Bringing Together Delivery Partners

The Fynd Platform gives users access to various delivery partners for speedy and economical product delivery. We base our pricing on the delivery partner pricing table to maintain transparency. We don't charge a commission on the cost of your logistics.

9. 24-Hour Support

We are mindful that you require our help constantly. You can email any questions to our customer care, and we promise to respond within 24 hours.

10. Including Current Prices

Whether you wish to launch a particular label or several brands on the Fynd Platform, our catalog and inventory system are always real-time. No pauses or delays in the system

Square Free Online Store Review: Summary

We were impressed by Square Online's Weebly-like store builder. We'd cheerfully suggest it to low-volume vendors, but we'd offer a more scalable platform for those selling in huge volumes or aspiring to do so.

Please comment below if we need to remember anything in this square website builder review or if you'd like to discuss your own Square Online experience with us. We would love to hear your thoughts about the same!

Considering Trying The Fynd Platform?

The great thing about the Fynd platform is that you can try it out for free! A Fynd platform is an excellent option for small online shops or those using Square POS.

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Is Square a legit website?

Square Online is an excellent option for an e-commerce platform regardless of how or where you sell. Even if you are a small retailer, start selling on the platform with a small fee for payment processing.

What is the Square online store?

A point-of-sale (POS) system, online payment capabilities, and built-in inventory management are all features of the e-commerce platform Square Online. Although there is a free plan, the paid plans have many more features to boost sales for your small business.

Is Square Online completely free?

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Square Online offers a free plan under which you only pay 2.9% of the sale plus 30 per transaction if you make a sale. You can also use a free Square subdomain, add an infinite number of products, offer pickup, delivery, or shipment, include Instagram in your store, and more.

That said, you'll need to switch to one of Square Online's paying plans if you want to connect a custom domain and have access to additional features. These are relatively inexpensive, primarily if your website generates income. Prices for services like product reviews, empty cart emails, and a Real-Time Delivery Rate Calculator start at around 956 per month (paid annually).

Should I use Square online?

We suggest the Fynd platform if you want to build an online store. Using the Fynd Platform, you can rapidly develop your website. The Fynd platform stands out among the various alternative website builders accessible. In addition to ADI, it is a website builder that offers a drag-and-drop editor.

How much does Square cost per month?

There are no monthly or yearly fees for using Square. Instead, a portion of each credit card transaction that the business conducts generates revenue for the business. Square charges 2.6% + 10 cents for most in-person purchases. However, there is a fee of 3.5% + 15 cents for every transaction if you enter the card manually.

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