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Copywriting Websites: 46 Inspiring Examples

Copywriting Websites: 46 Inspiring Examples

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Are you a copywriter looking to show off your writing skills and land new clients? Then you need a copywriting portfolio! A copywriting portfolio is a perfect way to demonstrate your writing skills, creativity, and strategic thinking. It’s a great way to show potential clients the breadth of your experience and the quality of your work.  But how do you create a compelling copywriting portfolio? In this article, we’ll provide tips on making a portfolio that stands out and a list of 51+ portfolio websites to inspire you. We’ll discuss what to include in your copywriting portfolio, how to choose the right platform, template, and more to create your website.

What is a copywriter’s portfolio?

What is a copywriter’s portfolio

As a copywriter, your portfolio is your greatest asset. It’s a collection of your best writing work that reflects your creativity, knowledge, and experience. A portfolio is your chance to show potential clients the power of your words and prove that you have the skills to write persuasive and effective copy for various media channels. From social media to blogs, websites, and advertising campaigns, a copywriting portfolio will demonstrate your know-how to help your clients reach their goals. So why not make the most of your portfolio? Showcase your creativity and make sure it reflects your writing style. Use it to set yourself apart from the competition and ensure it captivates your readers. 

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How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio?

How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio

Creating a copywriting portfolio can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some steps to help you create a compelling copywriting portfolio:

Select your finest work:

Pick out the pieces of writing you are most proud of that demonstrate your talent for writing, your imagination, and your problem-solving skills. Find work demonstrating your writing capability for different media channels and industries.

Organise your work: 

Organising your work into distinct sections, such as social media, blogs, websites, and advertising campaigns, can make it easier for customers to locate relevant projects. This will also help you to keep better track of the different facets of your work, making it more efficient to manage and complete.

Choose a platform: 

When searching for a website builder to host your copywriting portfolio, Fynd Platform is a great option that provides end-to-end logistic support and is an affordable alternative to Shopify, Wix, and Weebly. It is a great choice for those seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution for hosting their copywriting portfolio.

Choose a template: 

Finding the right template for your work can be a daunting task. But don't worry; Fynd Platform has you covered! With a wide range of templates, you can find something that perfectly matches your style and work. So start exploring and find the perfect template for your project today!

Add your work: 

Include your work in your portfolio with a brief explanation for each item. It showcases your skills and expertise in developing successful client campaigns and demonstrates your ability to tailor marketing strategies to meet specific needs. Share your achievements to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Promote your portfolio: 

Show your skills and talents to potential clients by sharing your portfolio across social media and other relevant platforms. Not only will this help you to reach a larger audience, but it will also allow you to shine and attract the attention of potential business partners. 

List of websites of Copywriter Portfolio Examples 2024

Finding the right copywriter for your business can be a daunting task. There are so many talented professionals that it can be hard to know where to start. Many copywriter portfolio examples are online to help you narrow your search. From Fynd Platform to Behance, here are some of the best to find copywriter portfolio examples websites :

1. Terri Lively

Terri lively

Pinterest is a great place to find creative inspiration and new ideas for your portfolio. Searching 'copywriter' or 'copywriter portfolios' will bring up numerous results to explore. Terri Lively is a great example of how to showcase your work through this platform and how to find the perfect copywriter. So, if you're looking for something new and innovative, Pinterest is the place to go!

2. Carline Anglade

Carline Anglade

Anglade-Cole is the perfect inspiration for copywriters looking to make a mark in the industry. Her page exemplifies strategically displaying your awards and accomplishments tastefully and captivatingly. Her photos are genius; they show her in an authoritative light while still being warm and approachable. She proudly shares her name, occupation, and 3x Award-Winning Direct-Response Copywriter, Author, and Consultant, making her an undisputed leader.

3. Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen

Carbon Made is a great way for budding copywriters to stand out! Showcase your work in a vibrant, visual way with images, lists of clients, and a bio. Take a look at Joshua Allen's portfolio to get inspired - he's worked with big names like Groupon, IBM, and Dell! Make sure to include a contact section so people can easily contact you.

4. Sharon Hurley 

Sharon Hurley

Sharon Hurley Hall is an incredible writer with an impressive portfolio. Eighty-one clients and 881 projects later, Contently is proud to be the platform that showcases her work. Readers can easily explore her work and appreciate her progress through this free platform. Get ready to be inspired!

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5. Evan Benner

Evan Benner

Evan is an exceptional copywriter, and his website is the perfect showcase for his portfolio. He has listed all his projects down the side of the page, with images and dates of completion on the right. His website has succeeded greatly, appearing as a top Google result. It just shows the value of having your website demonstrate your skills.

6. Clare Barry

Clare Barry

Clare Barry, also known as Copy Clare, is a creative copywriter with a blunt and unorthodox writing style. Her website header and about section showcase her wit and honesty, while her portfolio is now only accessible via password entry to prevent idea theft. However, this may create an extra barrier for potential clients.

7. Crazy Cat Copy

Crazy Cat Copy

Rachel Amies is an Australia-based copywriter, and her portfolio, Crazy Cat Copy, is a testament to her creativity. You'll find a three-column grid with her different projects on her page, followed by glowing client testimonials. For a more detailed look, click the View Project button, and you'll be taken to the project page with full images of her work. Rachel's portfolio will leave you amazed and inspired!

8. Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison has been a powerhouse of creativity since 2008. She has a simple yet successful freelance writing portfolio, which has seen her through multiple decades of success. Her about page is a testament to her tenacity, with many client testimonials to back it up. Truly, Amy is an inspiration to aspiring copywriters.

9. Jen Havice 

Jen Havice

Jen Havice is a talented freelance copywriter who has succeeded with her Make Mention Media website. She showcases her work through a simple list but takes the time to elaborate on her services and share glowing reviews from clients. Jen is a rising star in the copywriting world, and her website is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

10. Laurence Blume

Laurence Blume

Laurence Blume is a visionary UK-based copywriter who knows how to bring a brand's story to life. He works with companies across various industries, delivering compelling written content that captures the brand's essence. With a portfolio showcasing an impressive range of work, Laurence can tailor his writing to any sector.

11. Gari Cruze

Gari Cruze

Gari Cruze is an experienced copywriter and creative director who works directly with brands and agencies. His portfolio website is simple yet effective; an image grid lets visitors quickly browse and appreciate his work. Click on any of the items to discover more about the project. Gari's expertise and creative touch make him the perfect choice for any project.

12. Dave Harland

Dave Harland

Dave Harland is an exemplary freelance copywriter from Liverpool who offers print and digital publications services. His portfolio page is a sight to behold, with an impressive grid of portfolio items and a handy filter system at the top, allowing visitors to quickly and easily filter for the relevant portfolio items. With a WordPress plugin, you can make your copywriting portfolio stand out with the same filter effect.

13. Apryl Beverly

Apryl Beverly

Apryl Beverly is an incredible freelance copywriter who provides her services through BAAB Writing and Marketing Services. She showcases her talents through client testimonials; her attention to detail is second to none. Whether you're looking for content that packs a punch or something more subtle, Apryl is the perfect writer.

14. Marijana Kostelac

Marijana Kostelac

Marijana Kostelac is a talented freelance copywriter who creates engaging content for SaaS and marketing brands. Her portfolio showcases her impressive work, with a call to action to contact her for services. Her words have power and are worth checking out.

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15. Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger is an acclaimed freelance copywriter, having coined the term "content remixing". Her portfolio site showcases her unique style, which sets her apart from other writers. She offers a wealth of knowledge, glowing testimonials, and published works on the "Applause" page. Brittany is the go-to writer for those seeking a fresh new spin on content.

16. Elise Dopson

Elise Dopson

Elise Dopson is a freelance copywriter with a knack for creating journalistic B2B content for big-name companies like CoSchedule and HubSpot. Her style is simple and elegant, making her portfolio stand out with a simple unordered list. To top it off, she backs up her work with impressive hard numbers, such as her work with Shopify which resulted in improved content.

17. Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is a renowned copywriter, having worked with some of the biggest eCommerce and SaaS companies like Stripe and Shopify. Her simple yet effective style is what sets her apart from the rest. Her work is always accompanied by easy-to-access contact buttons and a glowing testimonial from a client, highlighting her expertise. Truly, Kaleigh is a master of her craft.

18. Alex Cattoni

Alex Cattoni

Alex Cattoni is an exemplary freelance copywriter who's worked hard to craft her brand. This has allowed her to branch out into speaking and strategy as well. Her website is a testament to her hard work, with a slick design and detailed testimonials backing up her success. Truly, Alex is an example of how hard work pays off!

19. Benji Shaw

Benji Shaw

Shaw is an artist with a penchant for minimalism. His portfolio features his name in large font against a black background. Two large images representing his work are featured in the foreground, and you can learn more about his projects by scrolling down. Clicking the images will take you to a page with greater detail. Shaw's portfolio is the perfect inspiration for those who want to include imagery in their work but prefer a more minimalistic approach.

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20. Aly J. Yale

Aly J. Yale

Aly J Yale is the perfect example of a minimalist. Her portfolio speaks for itself, with her name boldly written in black text against a white background and tabs leading to her bio, homepage, and contact page. Scroll down to find the logos of the outlets she has written for. Yale's portfolio proves that sometimes less is more and powerful portfolios can be created without relying on bold images.

21. Kelsey O’Halloran

Kelsey O’Halloran

Kelsey O’Halloran is a creative professional providing services through her website. With an attractive design, her website welcomes visitors with images of herself and engaging copy. The footer is an important part of the website, with CTA buttons, menu links, social media icons, and an Instagram feed. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your needed services!

22. Shanley Cox

Shanley Cox

Shanley Cox is a talented copywriter with an eye for minimal and feminine design. Her website perfectly exemplifies her creativity, with a sleek navigation bar and hover effects. Connecting with Shanley is easy with the social media icons included in the navbar. Her home page also features a client testimonial slider, portfolio, and contact form, so you can easily reach out to her.

23. Brooks Lockett

Brooks Lockett

Brooks Lockett is the hero we need! His actionable section with text and CTA buttons is top-notch, and the additional CTA button in the header is a great way to boost click-through rates. His glowing client testimonials leave no doubt about the success of his services, and his process presentation is clear and informative. Working with Brooks is sure to be a breeze!

24. Lemon Tree Editorial

Lemon Tree Editorial

Lemon Tree Editorial is a website that will brighten your day with its fun and inviting colour scheme. The hero section adds a touch of vibrancy with its yellow background and prominent call-to-action button. The transparent header emphasises the page's pristine look, and the sliding text animation adds a nice touch of liveliness. It's a great experience overall, making browsing through Lemon Tree Editorial a pleasure.

25. EST Creative

EST Creative

EST Creative is the perfect website for any copywriter looking to showcase their work. It will make a statement with a modern, clean design and a catchy hero area.  Combining the image, title, text, and CTA button harmoniously on a “wavy” background. The grid layout of testimonials, logos from previous clients, and the footer subscription form make it a great asset for any writer.

26. Kristin Macintyre

Kristin Macintyre

Kristin Macintyre is a web design genius! Her responsive web design, with content loading while you scroll, is stunning and sure to engage any user. As you scroll, the minimalistic header with a menu and CTA button disappear, only to reappear when you scroll back up - such a handy detail that prevents the need to scroll to the top every time to access the navbar.

27. Meg Peery

Meg Peery

Meg Peery is a creative designer who draws attention with her website's full-width design, large images and text, and plenty of white space! The header magically appears and disappears with scrolling, and the footer is simple and provides easy access to additional links. Her website is the perfect combination of sophistication and simplicity.

28. Katie Lemon

Katie Lemon

Katie Lemon is a copywriter whose website is a visual treat. With its vivid colours and backdrop, it is immediately likeable. The hero section has an eye-catching title, informative text, and a CTA button for bookings. To top it off, Katie offers a free guide and workbook in exchange for an email, thus building an email list.

29. Sarah Breeze

Sarah Breeze

Sarah Breeze is a website created by a minimalistic master with a keen eye for detail. Her website is a single page, except for her blog, where you can easily navigate to learn about her services, view her portfolio, and more. Her header and footer are simple yet feature all necessary quick links.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

30. Gio Marcus

Gio Marcus

Gio Marcus is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her website draws you in with a top bar notification, a hamburger menu icon, the main banner, and a bottom bar with client logos. Not only that, but she's also offering a freebie in exchange for emails to help grow her list of potential clients.

31. Brandon Van Buskirk

Brandon Van Buskirk

Brandon Van Buskirk knows how to make a page stand out. His home page is simple yet captivating with the strategic use of emojis. The header and footer are unified with the same background colour, creating a neat and organised look. But the real showstopper is his work page, filled with detailed examples of his work.

32. Content Bistro

Content Bistro

Content Bistro’s website truly reflects the copywriter’s creative genius. It has a personal feel, from the custom icons to the unique images. The cleanness of the website is enhanced by the details, making for a great user experience. Additionally, having the live chat/contact form widget in the bottom right corner adds to customer service.

33. Grace Ventura

Grace Ventura

Grace Ventura is a master when it comes to copywriting and storytelling. She knows how to captivate her audience with her visual content. Her website has a top bar notification and a navigation bar with a CTA button and social media icons. Grace keeps her footer simple, consisting of just the copyright and “designed by” text, keeping things minimalistic yet effective.

34. Suzie Bakos

Suzie Bakos

This copywriter's website is a hero banner of words, inviting readers in with its welcoming text. With a simple navbar, you can explore this site's pages and learn more about the writer with the hover effect “About Me” button in the footer. Get ready to be inspired!

Fynd platform banner for free demo

35. Jennifer Locke

Jennifer Locke

Jennifer Locke is a creative copywriter with a knack for immediately capturing her audience's attention. With her clever use of a question in the hero section and a CTA button for quick action, her website allows for easy navigation with its single-page layout, sticky header, and footer with a contact form and two CTA buttons. 

36. Copy Blogger

Copy Blogger

Copy Blogger is the website of a creative genius, offering minimalist design and text-rich features. It features a hero section and a single opt-in form to access the free training. The header and footer have a neat look, and the post-grid layout with pagination makes navigation easier. Plus, there's a different opt-in form at the footer in case you missed the first one. 

37. Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon is an inspiring copywriter who makes her website stand out. With its cartoonish feel and soothing colours, it’s sure to make any visitor feel welcome. The large text and plenty of white space make her content easy to read and enjoy. Emma's website is a perfect mix of professional and cool, and you'll surely find something inspiring!

38. Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison's site is a masterpiece of simplicity and style. You know you're in for a treat, from the basic navigation bar to the captivating animated background with a pause and play button in the bottom right corner. Even the free evaluation section works as a footer, taking you to the free consultation form like the header CTA. It's the perfect blend of beauty and function.

39. Samantha Hubay

Samantha Hubay

Samantha Hubay is a talented copywriter and content marketer in Cleveland, OH. With her creative eye, she creates organic designs using transparent headers. Her images add a unique touch to each page, while her portfolio and contact page are always within easy reach. Her website shows off her skills as a professional while still providing a personal flair. 

40. Steven Westwood

Steven Westwood

Steven Westwood is an experienced copywriter, and his portfolio speaks for itself. His tropical colour scheme and easy-to-navigate website make it obvious that he values quality work over flashy design. Don't miss out on his social media presence either - with buttons prominently displayed, it's easy to find him online.


41. Lubna


Lubna is a highly qualified and experienced freelance medical copywriter and PA-C. Her portfolio is a stunning showcase of her professional accomplishments and customer reviews. She also has a portfolio of articles and services pages, making it simple for new customers to understand her services and fees. 

42. Gracia Kleijnen

Gracia Kleijnen

Gracia Kleijnen is a firecracker of a copywriter from the Netherlands. Her portfolio homepage gives a glimpse into her creative soul, storytelling, and the type of work she does. Not only does she provide a Tools and Resources page, but she also knows how to make a buck with her affiliate links. Gracia's portfolio is the perfect example of a successful blend of professional and personal.

43. Alice Connolly O'Brien

Alice Connolly O'Brien

Alice Connolly O'Brian is a master in the writing world, bringing to life the unique stories of the outlets she works with. Her choice of textured background images in soft colours adds a touch of sophistication. By creating a navigation sidebar to keep track of her projects and utilising both column and grid formatting, her pages are always immaculately designed and easy to navigate.

44. Allen Wildes

Allen Wildes

Allen Wildes is a dream copywriter with Nike, Architectural Digest, and Trendhim, among the brands in his portfolio. He's an expert content specialist, creating impressive projects with precision and ease. His blog posts are rated highly, so why not check out his portfolio page to get an insight into his work with top brands? You won't be disappointed!

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45. Vinati Sukhdev

Vinati Sukhdev

Vinati Sukhdev is India's top-notch journalist, copywriter, and author with an impressive portfolio of advertising campaigns for Compaq, Tampax, Motorola, and others. She has an eye-catching website with a drop-down menu of her campaigns, each page including an explanatory description and visuals. Her minimalistic colour scheme helps to spotlight her work, allowing you to browse her portfolio samples and videos easily.

46. Kunal Sharad

Kunal Sharad

Kunal Sharad is a creative powerhouse working in the social change, nonprofit, and arts sectors as a copywriter, researcher, and producer. His homepage is a visual feast, with a vibrant design and eye-catching colours. His works are shown off with pride, and his About Me page and contact information are easy to find, making it easy to get in touch and find out more. Kunal is a truly talented individual, and his works speak for themselves.

How To Make a Compelling Copywriter Portfolio Examples

How To Make a Compelling Copywriter Portfolio Examples

As a copywriter, having a compelling portfolio is key to showcasing your skills and landing new clients. With many freelance writers, you must ensure your portfolio stands out and showcases your unique style and abilities. Here are some tips on how to create a compelling copywriter portfolio:

  • Choose your best work: Your portfolio should include only your best pieces of writing. You want to showcase your range and abilities, so include various types of content. From blog posts to social media copy to longer-form pieces, your portfolio should demonstrate your versatility as a writer.
  • Use visuals: While the words are the most important part of your portfolio, visuals can help to make your work stand out. Use high-quality images and graphics to showcase your writing appealingly and professionally.
  • Make it easy to navigate: Your portfolio should be easy to navigate and use. Ensure each piece is clearly labelled and organised in a way that makes sense. Consider using categories or tags to help clients find the type of content they seek.
  • Showcase your personality: Your portfolio should reflect your personality and style as a writer. Don’t be afraid to inject humour or personality into your writing samples or bio. This can help clients better understand who you are and what you can bring to their brand.
  • Highlight your experience: Your portfolio should showcase your experience as a writer. This can include your past clients, any awards or recognition you’ve received, and any relevant education or training. When creating a portfolio, the Fynd Platform can be a helpful tool.

With their easy drag-and-drop tool, you can quickly and easily customise your website to showcase your writing professionally and visually appealingly. And with their affordable pricing options, you can create an effective and budget-friendly portfolio. So a compelling copywriter portfolio is key to landing new clients and showcasing your writing skills. 

Use a Good Platform for Your Copywriter Portfolio Examples

Use a Good Platform for Your Copywriter Portfolio Examples

As a copywriter, your portfolio is your most important marketing tool. It showcases your writing skills, style, and experience to potential clients. But creating a copywriter portfolio can be daunting, especially if you lack a technical background or coding skills. 

The Fynd Platform is an easy-to-use website builder that allows you to create a compelling copywriter portfolio without hassle. With this platform, you can build a professional-looking copywriter portfolio in minutes, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. You don't need any prior technical knowledge or coding skills to create an outstanding portfolio.

Fynd Platform provides various customisable templates and designs, making your portfolio look unique and professional. One of the great things about this platform is its affordability. As a cost-effective copywriter, you don't have to worry about spending much on website design and development. 

Fynd Platform offers nominal pricing plans, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Moreover, ensuring that your copywriter portfolio is fully responsive and mobile-friendly is crucial. This means your portfolio will look great on any device, whether a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. With most people browsing the internet on their mobile devices, you don't want to miss out on potential clients simply because your portfolio is not mobile-friendly.

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Choose a Copywriter Portfolio Examples Template That Matches Your Work

Choose a Copywriter Portfolio Examples Template That Matches Your Work

When choosing a template for your copywriter portfolio, selecting one that aligns with your work is important. For example, a clean and professional-looking template would be suitable if you specialise in writing for the healthcare industry. Conversely, if your writing style is more creative, choose a template with design elements to showcase your creativity. Many copywriter portfolio website builders offer templates for creating portfolios, but not all platforms are equal. Some platforms may have limited customisation options or lack templates that complement your work. This is where Fynd Platform stands out from the crowd.

Fynd Platform is a website builder with an easy drag-and-drop tool, allowing you to customise your website in minutes. What sets Fynd Platform apart is its wide range of templates specifically designed for copywriter portfolios. Whether you're an experienced copywriter or just starting, Fynd Platform has a template that suits your work. Moreover, Fynd Platform offers its services at very nominal costs, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious copywriters. You can create a professional-looking copywriter portfolio that showcases your work without breaking the bank.

Various platforms are available to build copywriter portfolios, each with features and benefits. Choosing a user-friendly and visually appealing platform is important when creating a copywriter portfolio. Let's explore some popular website builders and see how they compare to the Fynd Platform. Wix is a well-known website builder that offers a wide range of visually appealing templates. However, their templates can be challenging to customise, especially if you have specific design ideas. Additionally, Wix can be quite expensive, with their premium plans costing significantly more than other website builders.

Squarespace is another popular website builder with beautiful templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. However, their pricing can be steep, making it less accessible for those on a budget. Furthermore, their templates can be somewhat limiting, making creating a unique portfolio challenging. In contrast, Fynd Platform offers a variety of customisable templates for creating a copywriter portfolio at an affordable price, starting at $7/mo. Their drag-and-drop editor is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to easily customise your portfolio without requiring coding knowledge.

Tips for creating your copywriter portfolio

Tips for creating your copywriter portfolio

Are you looking to create a compelling copywriting portfolio? Look no further because we've got you covered! In this guide, we'll discuss the essential traits a top-notch copywriting portfolio should possess, along with some tips on curating an impressive online portfolio. Moreover, for those interested in joining the Fynd Platform, we recommend incorporating relevant Fynd projects into your portfolio to showcase your versatility and expertise in various niches. So let's dive in and create a portfolio that stands out from the rest!

What to include in your copywriter portfolio?

To curate an impressive copywriting portfolio, showcasing your best work samples is crucial. As a copywriter, carefully select projects demonstrating your versatility and range of skills. Your portfolio should include examples of various formats, such as TV commercials, radio spots, digital ads, landing pages, email marketing copies, print advertisements, and more.

Additionally, incorporating logos of the prominent brands you have worked with on the Fynd Platform can enhance the credibility of your portfolio. When describing each project, consider presenting them as concise case studies. Explain the project's background, the problem you needed to solve, your approach to tackling the problem, the finished solution, and, if possible, its impact. Providing measurable results can be a powerful testimony to the effectiveness of your copywriting. As a copywriter on the Fynd Platform, integrating Fynd-related projects into your portfolio can demonstrate your expertise in various niches and increase your chances of attracting potential clients.

What makes a good copywriting portfolio?

It's important to consider their needs and preferences to create an exceptional copywriting portfolio that impresses potential clients and hiring managers. Since they may not have much time to explore an extensive portfolio, ensure that your name, bio, contact information, and social links are easily accessible. Including your resume can provide further insights into your background and experience. The presentation of your portfolio is also crucial, as it can either captivate or discourage potential clients. If the design is uninspiring or overloaded with text, they might not give your content a chance.

Using the tools provided by Fynd Platform, a website builder offering attractive design options, you can effortlessly create a visually appealing portfolio that captures your audience's attention. While it's essential to make your home page and thumbnails visually appealing, the content of your portfolio is what matters. Carefully select and showcase only your best copywriting examples, presenting them clearly and concisely. Each project should tell a story, highlighting the problem you solved, your approach, and the results achieved. With Fynd Platform, you can create a stunning copywriting portfolio in just 30 minutes, leveraging their easy-to-use tools at your fingertips.

Why Build a Copywriting Portfolio?

Why Build a Copywriting Portfolio

A copywriting portfolio is crucial for showcasing your writing skills and abilities to potential clients. It is a powerful tool to demonstrate your expertise, style, and creativity, allowing clients to see how you can help them achieve their business goals through persuasive writing. A copywriting portfolio is essential for aspiring copywriters who aim to attract high-paying clients and build successful careers. Without a portfolio, it can be challenging to demonstrate your skills to potential clients, which may hinder your ability to secure work.

However, it's important to note that creating a copywriting portfolio goes beyond simply assembling a few writing samples. Your portfolio is the most critical sales piece you'll ever create and must be done correctly. Adopting a copywriter's mindset and crafting a portfolio that presents you in the best possible light is crucial.

When building your portfolio, remember that potential clients are busy individuals who may not have hours to review your work. Ensure that your name, bio, and contact information are easily visible, and present your work visually appealingly. Fynd Platform can assist you in creating stunning thumbnails and maintaining a consistent design throughout your writing portfolio.

How do you create a site based on these copywriting portfolio examples?

How do you create a site based on these copywriting portfolio examples

Creating a portfolio based on copywriting examples can be daunting, particularly if you're a copywriter without a strong background in design or coding. Many website builders and portfolio sites were primarily designed for designers, which can make them challenging to use for writers. 

However, tools like Copyfolio now cater specifically to copywriters, allowing them to focus solely on their writing while creating a visually stunning portfolio that looks great on any device. Using Copyfolio is a simple process. Choose a copywriting portfolio template you like, upload a photo of yourself, and write your tagline. 

From there, you can add your copy by utilising pre-filled pages and sections that provide ideas if you're struggling to find content to write about. The next step is to select and add your copywriting projects highlighting your portfolio. Copyfolio even provides prompts and guiding questions to help you write compelling case studies, exactly what clients and creative directors want to see.

In just a few hours, you'll have a complete portfolio that looks amazing and converts visitors into clients. Copyfolio eliminates the guesswork from creating a portfolio, making it easy and accessible for all copywriters, regardless of their design or technical skills. With Copyfolio, you can focus on what you do best - writing - and leave the design work to the experts.

Where to start?

In today's digital age, establishing a professional online presence is crucial, especially for copywriters seeking to showcase their work to potential clients. However, the process of building a website can be daunting. Luckily, website builders are available to make it easier, faster, and more affordable. One exceptional platform in this regard is Fynd Platform, a cutting-edge solution allowing you to create a stunning website quickly. With Fynd Platform, you can build a copywriter portfolio website that reflects your brand's personality and style. It offers a wide selection of modern and stylish templates you can easily customise to meet your needs. 

Fynd Platform provides essential features like 24/7 support, reliable hosting, a domain, an SSL certificate, and a set of SEO settings, ensuring you have everything required for a professional online presence. The platform's intuitive and user-friendly editor makes website creation a breeze, even for those without technical skills. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can add and customise text, images, and videos, creating a website that truly represents you and your work. However, Fynd Platform goes beyond website creation; it also equips you with powerful tools to help grow your online presence. From seamless social media integration to effective email marketing campaigns, this platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to promote your brand and attract new clients.


Building a strong copywriting portfolio is crucial for aspiring and established copywriters. With the list of 51+ websites that serve as copywriter portfolio examples, you can find inspiration and learn how to make your portfolio stand out. By utilising top-notch themes and website builders like Fynd Platform, you can create a professional-looking portfolio that effectively showcases your skills and talents. Remember to update and tailor your portfolio to your target clients regularly, and you'll be well on your way to success in the copywriting industry.

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What should a copywriting portfolio include?‍

A copywriting portfolio should include diverse writing samples to showcase your skills, such as website copy, blogs, social media content, emails, and product descriptions.

How do I start a copywriting portfolio?

To start a copywriting portfolio, identify your target clients and the types of writing projects you want to work on. Then, create writing samples demonstrating your skills and expertise in those areas. 

How do I write a copywriting portfolio with no experience?

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Create writing samples or offer free/discounted services to build your copywriting portfolio. Showcase your ability to write effective copy and your unique style.

What are the 6 core copywriting skills?

The 6 Core copywriting skills are:

  • Audience understanding
  • Persuasive writing
  • Research
  • Product knowledge
  • Structure
  • Adaptability

What are the four Ps of copywriting?

The four P's of copywriting are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

What are the four principles of copywriting?

The four principles of copywriting are:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

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