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How To Sell on eBay in 2024: (Guide for Online Retailers)

How To Sell on eBay in 2024: (Guide for Online Retailers)

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eBay is an excellent website for both buying and selling products. You can get on some of the best products like any other e-commerce platform. eBay behaves similarly to an auction house, allowing buyers to bid on things they want. It is a pretty unusual strategy that has already attracted people to the website.

Selling on eBay is a profitable venture. If your product is of high quality or something peculiar and uncommon that tempts people to buy it, you may effortlessly and quickly get your hands on a great rate. 

You will almost certainly receive a large sum of money because other people will bid on the product you are selling, with the lowest price already set by you. Continue reading if you're a newbie and want to know how to sell on eBay for beginners.

eBay is an online business application where individuals can open an account and start doing online business by launching their list of products. Individuals can use the app to come forward and pursue dreams.

eBay, In addition, allows individuals to connect directly with international audiences. For some time, eBay has been a popular marketplace where beginners can begin their business by understanding the selling policy.

How to sell on eBay for Beginners?

How to sell on eBay for Beginners

Beginners must first understand the marketing goal; the products could occasionally be challenging to sell on eBay. The user can choose up to ten things to sell as a starter, which is eBay's first and principal.

After that, they must write down their list of products and sell the ones they have chosen on eBay. They must also wait until at least ten customers have given their purchased goods a favorable rating before they can move on. 

The challenge of selling on eBay is that the seller occasionally needs to sell the item at the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Still, if the item is just released, there is a potential to make more money.

Even when you can sell secondhand goods in good condition, the vendor won't make a profit. You must stay current with the most well-liked and in-demand products to increase your customer base and your company's success as a new seller.

1. Open a PayPal account.

The first step in opening a company on eBay is registering for a seller's PayPal account. You can only operate your business if you create an account. In addition, you must provide the necessary documentation to verify the account. Once you create an account, you cannot edit it again, but you can add new information.

To the novice, eBay requests the formal name of a business account. However, the brand name is a vital component when selling any product. Therefore, during registration, eBay asks you if you want a business profile or a user account.

2. Decide on a payment method.

You must choose a payment option after finishing the registration process so that you may purchase the product. In addition, customers must have access to various online payment options and the COD option.

3. Take note of the product list.

You must choose from the list of goods that you will discount. Then, click on the images of the ten products your business has chosen and will sell. The photos must be clear to make the product, brand name, and information visible. And a recent photo, not an old one, is required for the used item you will put up for sale.

4. Note the merchandise you have chosen to sell.

It is necessary to write down the list of the ten products because new sellers are only allowed to sell ten items. You need to decide which things should put up for sale. The product that buyers may find more desirable and in more demand. You may sell only ten things simultaneously since the vendor must receive favorable feedback after the first transaction.

5. Fix the return policy selection.

When you are selling something, the return policy is crucial. First, the customer must locate a return option if there is a problem with the product item that requires an exchange.

If there is a problem, the consumer can use this option to return the item they purchased. You must create a detail page with a picture of the item and a form that customers can fill out.

6. Shipping approach

eBay requests a delivery procedure up till the products are available. However, eBay offers a global shipping option, which attracts more customers. The product must arrive in good shape without damage, so you must give care during the shipping procedure. Additionally, on-time shipping is required; failing to do so could reflect poorly on your business.

7. Study part

Customers appreciate the study part since they can offer feedback and upload photos of the products beside them. It promotes the expansion of both the business and your goods. In addition, buyers may find the rating and feedback helpful in their decision-making process and in simplifying their work.

How much should you invest in selling on eBay?

How much should you invest in selling on eBay

eBay offers two of the best options for sellers, including:

  • Insertion costs
  • final cost charges

The insertion fee is for listing the goods that sellers must pay beforehand. Additionally, the sellers benefit from choosing 50 additional products from the list. eBay charges merchants 35 cents for choosing each other's items.

The seller's fees decrease when you commit to a monthly subscription for their store.While eBay only asks for the final value costs after the product has sold out. The product's category and price have a significant impact on the percentage of the fees.

Procedure to follow before starting an eBay business 

Procedure to follow before starting an eBay business

Product Listing

The seller needs to choose a suitable product to sell to the buyers; otherwise, it won't be fruitful for the seller as a beginner. The business will run at a loss. Therefore, you should know what is best for your company and choose the products to sell.

Proper strategy

Making a business strategy before starting a business is necessary for the company's betterment. A system helps you achieve your goals faster. As it is a competitive market where e-commerce marketing is running at the top, a strong strategy is needed to compete. 


You must have proper planning before you start executing your business. Budgeting, branding, and promotion are all important considerations when starting an eCommerce business. Planning lets you figure out how and from where to start your business.

While deciding the product to sell and how to sell it, another question is who will be the targeted audience for your products. If your product is for all, then the circle will be massive; if not, you must put more effort in. 

Relation with customers

Maintaining positive customer relationships is essential. In the case of a return policy, shipping issues, or anything else, the company must present itself as well-mannered for the customer to leave a positive review. Furthermore, maintaining good customer relations helps to attract more buyers to your store.

Protocols that you need to follow as a seller

Protocols that you need to follow as a seller.

Beginners must follow specific rules patiently when opening a business account on eBay. As said earlier, the product listing limitation is up to ten items, not more than that as a beginner, so the seller must wait a month until they sell the ten items. 

eBay also asks for ten positive customer reviews on your company's products, so make your company trustworthy. There is an option for eBay bulk listing, which allows the seller to choose more than ten products at a time to sell, but a beginner for up to 90 days isn't allowed to select the eBay bulk listing option.

eBay works as an eCommerce marketplace and considers the customers' safety. To avoid duplicate and false companies, they ask for a detailed explanation of all these restrictions from the seller to follow as a beginner. Otherwise, eBay will only get a bad review from a customer. 

After the seller passes the examination, eBay is unrestricted with the product listing process and allows you to select more products to sell to increase the company's growth.

How should a company model be chosen?

How should a company model be chosen

eBay offers a variety of business models for your firm to choose from when it starts.

Hand delivery

This process is a by-hand delivery process preferred by sellers. The seller drops the ordered products at the doorstep of the buyer's place. Drop shipping doesn't need storage; the seller delivers the product to the customer after placing the order.


The wholesale model sells the bulk of the same item at a retail rate, but the quantity is enormous. If the seller has a considerable stock of each item, they can sell it to the other sellers who order it for their shop at a retail price, keeping their profit. Each buyer can sell dozens of products by keeping a good amount of profit as a seller.

Exclusive products

These products are exclusively for their buyers. The products with their branding and design are prepared and launched and are considered private-label products. Private-label product sales are comparatively hard to sell as it is a new item that only the early adopters will buy. Once it gets popular, the product will run on demand.

Retail and sell products

This retail process includes the seller buying a product from another store or manufacturer at a low cost and selling it on eBay at a double profit rate. This business model gains a significant profit as a seller, which needs the seller to choose the perfect product to buy and sell.

Recycled goods

Instead of used goods, the vendor prefers to sell used goods that are part of a limited run. Since each item of those things will be a maximum of one. The seller sells the goods at a minimal price to make a profit. You can sell your unused item in good condition at your business using eBay.

These few business models enable the seller to expand their company by adopting any particular business model. Both novice and seasoned sellers can use any of these models on eBay to grow their companies.

How to sell more products on eBay?

How to sell more products on eBay

You need to search for trending items with more demand to sell more products as a seller. Accordingly, you may launch your product in your store. To get the source as a beginner seller, you need to search out other eCommerce marketplaces and eBay. Thus, the effects of trends or demand help the sellers gather more buyers in their store and sell the product at a profitable price. 

So, stay up to date on every detail of the products currently on the market so that your store can provide buyers with an unlimited supply of the product, making it easier for customers to trust your company and eBay.

More than 100 million customers prefer eBay as an eCommerce marketplace, according to the survey. eBay allows users to connect directly with sellers and buyers. It provides sellers with access to 1.7 billion listings on eBay.

Does eBay Allow You to Sell Handmade or Creative Items? 

Does eBay Allow You to Sell Handmade or Creative Items? 

Well, the answer is yes. eBay lets you show your creativity in their store and helps you earn money by selling those creative items. Moreover, eBay has this facility for sellers to sell their handmade items. Nowadays, these items are also in demand; individuals buy handicraft products. 

As a regular seller, you come up with the work and sell as many items as possible to increase the number of buyers in your store. It will encourage you to sell more nicely crafted products on eBay. The items can be anything: crafted gift boxes, hanging photo frames, shirts, or coffee mugs with art. 

Even handmade accessories are also in high demand now. As a seller, you can make handmade jewelry for your buyers, which you will exclusively design. Or you can create custom items for your buyers as well.

eBay is one of the rare online marketplace platforms that offers its sellers the opportunity to sell innovative and unique handmade products to their customers. These handmade products can help sellers to market their products on an international basis. At the same time, it provides the seller with an opportunity to earn more as they engage more buyers in their store on eBay.

List of items that can attract more buyers

  • Home appliances
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Wall hanging
  • Itineraries

Products that you should not list

  • Illegal weapons
  • Drugs
  • Liquor item
  • Effective medicine
  • Any harmful items for kids

Can a new seller sell used goods on eBay?

Can a new seller sell used goods on eBay?

Any experienced or new seller can sell used goods to customers. However, to sell a used item on eBay, the item must be in good working order and be able to be used. It could be anything, including furniture, toys, home appliances, gadgets, or anything else. The vendor also considers the possibility of a high price for the used things on the market. 

Sell those things at retail pricing or a minimum rate if you want your business to expand. The rate of customers declines as the price of your company's goods rises. So, you must fix the prices according to the product's condition. Selling recycled products will let you earn less profit, as they are secondhand.

Why choose eBay?

Why choose eBay

It is a difficult question, but eBay is the most successful eCommerce marketplace. As one of the best e-commerce platforms, eBay offers the best-selling opportunities. eBay also connects sellers with international viewers, allowing them to reach many people with their products. Before you start your business, eBay justifies itself.

Buy It Now is a feature that many customers are unaware of. If you don't want to make bids and wait to see if you won the auction, buying it now is a great option. With Buy It Now, you find the item you want to purchase for a predetermined price. Then, you can buy it immediately, and it will be delivered to you before you know it.

One significant advantage of shopping on eBay is the feedback provided to buyers and sellers. If you buy something from someone with a high feedback rating, you can expect the same excellent service that the seller provided to previous customers. Sellers do not desire they don't want to lose their positive feedback rating, so they work hard to keep it.

eBay rose to prominence through its auctions and has remained the leading auction marketplace on the internet ever since. As a seller, this gives you many more options you can put items up for auction to get a better price. Setting a reserve price ensures you will not sell something for a fraction of its value.

Mistakes to avoid while selling on eBay as a beginner

Mistakes to avoid while selling on eBay as a beginner

eBay has become much more competitive in the last 22 years; it is now far too easy for new sellers to fall off the edge and never reflect again. Some eBay sellers fail due to a few simple, avoidable errors. Here are a few listed mistakes one should avoid for establishing an effective selling market on eBay.

Not Taking Original Photographs

Suppose you're selling a standard item on eBay, such as a video game or a DVD. In that case, it's critical to take photos of the product photos so that a buyer can see that you genuinely own it (unfortunately, there are many eBay scams) and judge its quality.

Your eBay listing can include up to 12 images. Photograph the product from every angle possible, and use close-ups to highlight details. Make sure your photos are clear—no shadows, a plain backdrop, and high resolution.

Avoiding international selling

eBay is available in 180 countries around the world. It offers you high-quality international attainment for promoting your product. While global delivery may be complicated, with elements along with customs and the threat of your package deal going missing, it can additionally be financially rewarding. 

If you're promoting a precious object, you must consider permitting global delivery. A product promotes nicely in your own home country. However, an extraordinary thing will appeal to customers from all around the world. If you try this correctly, you could make quite a lot of cash by promoting on eBay.

Setting an Incorrect Auction Start Price

When you list a product for auction on eBay, the site will look for similar items and determine the best starting price. Setting a low starting bid for an auction can assist in attracting buyers. However, the auction pool will be smaller if your item is uncommon and not frequently sought after. As a result, you can sell for a low price.

You also want to make sure to price it appropriately. It's human to get caught up in the excitement of an auction, but this won't happen if people immediately believe your product is overpriced.

Leaving out Product Categories and Description

Every week, people sell millions of items on eBay. If you don't label your listing correctly, it will get lost in the shuffle. Everything starts with the title, with the critical keywords included. Examine your spelling.

Fill in as many information as possible about the product. When a user searches on eBay, these fields display on the front end. The more information you share, the more likely someone looking for an eBay deal will find your product.

Include product details in the description. Describe what it does, where it came from, its current state, and other relevant information. Less isn't always more.

Inadequate Product Selection

Some sellers begin selling on eBay believing that listing many items will increase the likelihood that someone will buy at least one thing from them each month. They prioritize quantity over quality.

Spend time researching which items are in high demand and limit your listings to just a few. Find high-demand items that only a few other eBay sellers are selling. If you concentrate on obtaining only a few high-quality items to sell, you will make more money and have an easier time sourcing your goods.

Insufficient Fees to Cover eBay Fees

You want to be fair to your customers, which is good, but you will lose money if you don't account for the cost of listing your item. You should realize that eBay not only takes a percentage of your sales price but also a percentage of the shipping price you charge. 

Before listing your item, you must consider both of these charges to avoid losses. Then, to avoid unpleasant surprises later, use eBay's fee calculator to calculate all fees.

Failure to Use eBay's Variation Listing Feature

The variation listing feature on eBay allows you to list multiple similar items under one listing. This feature saves you money on listing fees and provides customers with a better buying experience. In addition, it gives them various options, increases traffic to the listing, and raises its visibility in eBay's search results.

Not Using the "Buy It Now" option.

If you are selling a used item at a price well below the market for a similar new article, or if you have a minimal quantity of a hard-to-find item, consider holding an auction to see if you can drive up the price.

According to the record study, Buy It Now listings have become the most popular listing on eBay. In that year, less than 15% of eBay listings were auction-only, while auction-only listings constituted the vast majority.

Consider this! Who wants to wait a few days to a month for an auction to end to receive a shirt? For the best results, Buy It Now is always ideal for most types of merchandise. 

Refusing to Respond to Messages and Offers

Unlike other selling platforms, such as Amazon, eBay provides a more personalized experience. Each listing includes a link that allows the buyer to contact the seller. Try to respond to messages as soon as possible. It will help your product sell faster, and the buyer will rate you favorably when reviewing your communication—feedback that will influence future browsers.

Similarly, if someone makes you an offer on your product, pay attention to it. If you do, they may purchase it elsewhere, and you will have lost a sale. But, of course, you can only accept some offers; you can always counteroffer.

How to increase sales on eBay?

How to increase sales on eBay

Provide excellent customer service

It is critical to provide excellent customer service to distinguish yourself as a trustworthy seller and generate repeat business. Here are three methods for doing so on eBay:

  • Inform buyers when you will deliver their purchase: One crucial part of the online shopping experience is keeping buyers informed about the status of their shipment.

  • Provide a clear return policy: Customers are more likely to purchase when they know they can return an item if necessary. Furthermore, eBay now gives brands that offer free 30-day returns more exposure.

  • Use eBay's Resolution Center: This is the most straightforward and secure method of communicating with and resolving issues. 

Fast shipping via eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Buyers are always looking for items with a quick turnaround time, which eBay Guaranteed Delivery (EGD) guarantees. EGD is an eBay feature that allows customers to filter goods based on their guaranteed delivery date. The program calculates delivery times and will enable customers to search eBay using their preferred delivery date.

Customers can choose "Guaranteed 3-day delivery" in the top right corner. They can then choose between 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day shipping. When a listing is already in the EGD program, the listing is more likely to appear in a search.

Upload good-quality images

Each listing allows up to 12 free images, so try to get as close to that number as possible. Aim for at least eight images per listing if you need help getting to 12. Even if you believe your listing requires less than 8-12 appearances, it's beneficial for search results.

To increase your chances of a high search ranking, upload the images directly to eBay. If you use a third-party listing service, your photos may end up in the listing description area, so double-check and upload them to eBay.

Use promotions to attract buyers.

Because online buyers have so many options for searching and comparing prices, you must capture their attention and keep it on your listing. The best way to increase visibility and sales is to run promotions.

How well-Prepared are you Financially to Launch an eBay Business?

How well-Prepared are you Financially to Launch an eBay Business

You need to assess your financial situation before launching your eBay business. Any business needs strong finances to get off the ground, and operating a business on eBay requires solid financial stability. It doesn't help your business expand if you only start with a few things. 

The essential resource you will require is money, which you will use to invest in branding, packaging, shipping, creating the goods, and many other things. Only having a lot of money allows the merchant to provide all these things. eBay is a costly online marketplace to start a business on; as a beginning, you will make money once you invest.

Why does eBay hold up to 90 days of listing ten products?

Why does eBay hold up to 90 days of listing ten products

Beginners on eBay should hold on for up to 90 days to sell their first listed products in their stores. You can only sell the limited ten products if eBay doesn't allow it. And eBay restricts it to 90 days to check out the authenticity of the company's products. Once 90 days are completed, eBay allows the seller to select more products to sell on eBay.

To protect the customers from buying any random duplicate items. As eBay has a connection with the international market, it is concerned about the company's authenticity by adding them as a store on its online market.

eBay also sees whether the particular store is receiving positive reviews or not. This study part is vital when selling any products on eBay. eBay observes at least more than ten reviews which have to be positive; otherwise, eBay might not allow you to sell a bulk of products on your store. 

As a beginner, the seller needs to choose a suitable product to sell to the buyers; otherwise, it won't be fruitful for the seller. The business will run at a loss. Therefore, you should know what will be best for your company and choose the products to sell.

To Start an online business, what compromise are you ready to opt for

To Start an online business, what compromise are you ready to opt for

Starting a business is simple, but staying committed can be challenging. Selling products on eBay, in particular, requires a significant effort to position your company favorably. Time is of utmost importance when running a business. The seller's top priority in their business is time, and the second most important is effort. 

Making a small effort to avoid making changes to your business is worthwhile. You must conduct extensive research and use your brain to improve the company. The last thing that can bring the entire industry down is dedication or courage to succeed.

It is much more difficult to envision your company in any significant position if you are not committed to it. It can be challenging to sell a product at a profit. As a seller, eBay expects all of these characteristics from you.


So that's how to sell on eBay for beginners. Owning a store in this eCommerce marketplace requires a higher level of dedication and a high-quality product to sell. eBay is regarded as one of the best online marketplaces, providing numerous benefits to its sellers and researching what customers prefer. eBay is the best place to start if you are a beginner and want to achieve your goal. eBay benefits its sellers by connecting them directly with international buyers. 

About Fynd

You can go for this fantastic website which showcases multiple features and equips you with every requirement you need as a seller. They have vibrant elements and themes to decorate your online store with customizable preferences. From generating coupons to tracking your shipment, Fynd has various tools you can access.

So, watch out for it because, with numerous beneficial attributes, they are also offering a demo so you can experience their website creation closely and know it much better. So, book your demo and enjoy the legacy of selling.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

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Is it hard to get your first sale on eBay

Beginning any business seems like a challenging task for the sellers, but they grab the opportunity with time. The same goes for eBay. As a beginner, it can be challenging to sell your products, and on top of that, if it's a new product from your company, then it's a little hard to task as eBay is a global eCommerce marketplace. But once you sell the product, it is easy.

Is selling on eBay worth it

eBay is the best choice for you as a beginner at selling a product with a limited list of products. Since eBay doesn't charge any fee to sell a restricted item in your store, Thus, eBay offers you the chance to connect with worldwide buyers and reach them out with your products to market.

Does eBay always take a 10% charge?

arrow down

EBay asks for a final fee after selling the products. The charges primarily depend upon the category. But it's not necessary to ask for 10% every time. The charge limit is 5% up to 15%, so each time, it depends on how much eBay will take

What is the safest and most proper way to sell on eBay?

Follow all the guidelines and put in the appropriate product definitions, which will define the product best. Mention all the good qualities and features of the product items. The listed products must have and return policy for the buyers.

Can I sell personal items on eBay?

eBay has this option for sellers to sell their used items on eBay. Any item used and considered secondhand, such as toys, furniture, or other products, can be sold in your store. When opening an account on eBay, it asks the user to select a business model, and this falls under one of them.

What time is best to sell on eBay?

Almost every week is a perfect day to sell products on eBay. Except for other days, according to research, Sunday is the best time to market from 7-9 pm to sell your products. Sunday, it grabbed more buyers on eBay stores. The sellers must know the exact time to sell their listed products.

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