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Best Website Builder for Restaurants (2024)

Best Website Builder for Restaurants (2024)

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The best website builder for your restaurant will provide a visually appealing experience that will attract users, an easy-to-navigate interface that won't burden your less tech-savvy staff, and restaurant-facing features that will help you to fill your eatery during the dinner rush.

According to our research, Fynd Platform is the best restaurant website builder because of its advanced business tools, attractive layouts, and welcoming onboarding process for new users.

Most individuals use the internet to place their meal orders. Before making a purchase, they research menus online, hunt for new ones, and read reviews of restaurants. In addition, at least once a week, 60% of American consumers place a food delivery order.

You lose out on many new businesses if your restaurant doesn't have a website. Do you question it? 60% of eateries claim that they increase their sales by going online. In addition, 32% of consumers purchase food online via a restaurant's website.

Best Restaurant Website Builders at a Glance

In helping you pick the best website builder for your restaurant, we've researched and evaluated restaurant website builders on everything from pricing and features to customizability and customer support. 

With a well-designed website, you can demonstrate your brand and who you are to potential consumers before they ever enter your restaurant.

Draw customers in with your menu and images of enticing foods, giggling customers or cooks busy cooking food. Photos of your interior, terrace, bar, or inviting private dining room are a great way to showcase your atmosphere.

Fynd Platform offers unparalleled value across all of its plans, enabling a wide range of features at affordable costs, and is our top-rated website builder across most industries.

Fynd Platform isn't the only choice available, like Wix or Squarespace, as several website builders are positioned to give your restaurant the features you need to fill seats with butts. View the selections below for the Best Website Builders for Restaurants, then continue reading for more detailed analyses of each service.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

1. Fynd Platform – best website builder for restaurants.

2. Wix – best for ease of use.

3. Squarespace – best for businesses on a budget.

4. Shopify – best for setting up quickly.

5. Jimdo –best for growing businesses.

Website builder

Fynd Platform





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Best website builder for restaurants

best for ease of use.

Best for businesses on a budget.

Best for setting up quickly,

Best for growing businesses.

Starting from

$8.23 per month

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$9 per month

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What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Restaurants

The most crucial element we look for in the website builder for restaurants is designing a successful restaurant website; whether you're developing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, is that it effectively communicates critical information while also luring new consumers.

It's more crucial than ever for your restaurant website to be optimized so that customers can quickly locate your restaurant online and find what they're looking for as you refine your digital ordering, takeaway, and delivery options. The cornerstone of any restaurant marketing plan is your website. Some more features we look at in the website builder for the restaurant are mentioned below:

  • Responsiveness to multiple devices.

All devices and operating systems should be able to access your restaurant's website. Optimizing your website for users is crucial, as ensuring it is responsive.

  • The website's theme should reflect the restaurant's aesthetic.

The online equivalent of your authentic restaurant is your website. People will undoubtedly evaluate your restaurant based on the design of your website. Therefore, ensure the website's color schemes, graphics, layouts, and other components accurately reflect the aesthetic of your restaurant.

  • Describe your experience in the "about" section.

Every restaurant has a unique history; the website about section is ideal for sharing that history.

  • Information about making reservations for events and catering. 

After hearing your name mentioned in a catering-related conversation, people will seek a quote. You can include a phone number for them to contact or place a form on the website, which they can fill out and then call you back with the information.

  • Incorporating several analytics tools

Several analytics solutions on the market may assist you in monitoring all the activities of website visitors.

  • Simple access to the contact details

On your website, make it simple to find the contact information. Your reception number can be added and highlighted in several locations around the website.

  • Pictures of your meals

Your staff's inventiveness and abilities are displayed if your menu features pictures of the most excellent and popular foods.

  • Options for ordering online

You can eliminate the reliance on and added expense of third-party services like Zomato and Uber Eats if you can integrate online ordering into your website. 

  • Allow reservations online.

People love to reserve a table in advance to avoid lines and waste time. You can include forms or phone numbers so customers can use the website to make bookings.

  • Display your interior with images.

Include pictures to demonstrate your restaurant's Instagrammability! People enjoy taking photos with lovely backgrounds and sharing them on social media.

  • Include links to your social media profiles.

You must have a significant social media presence in the Gen Z and Millennial realm. People frequently experience FOMO (fear of missing out). The website will benefit from diners being able to verify directly by adding social media profiles.

Things to Know About Restaurant Websites.

Things to know about restaurant websites are that your website is the foundation for your customers' initial engagement with your company because 89% of diners conduct online restaurant research before coming in person. Restaurant owners now have a unique chance to customize their customers' experiences, both in-person and online, to foster loyalty and convert casual visitors into loyal patrons.

Restaurant owners are experts at developing innovative business concepts, producing mouthwatering cuisine, and providing excellent customer experiences. Digital is now becoming an increasingly important part of that guest experience. The new entrance to your company is through your website.

The highest, optimized browsing experience is what users should find on an excellent restaurant company website. Of course, you cannot do without a few features involved in this. But don't worry; adding such capabilities to an existing site won't cost you a lot of time or money.

An essential restaurant website can increase takeaway and delivery orders and improve foot traffic. It would help if you first comprehended the function of restaurant websites. Some of the top restaurant websites worldwide concentrate on the following:

  • Establishing a trusted brand with consumers.
  • Achieving a high position in search results.
  • Attracting more customers to the restaurant's location.
  • A rise in food sales.
  • Creating awareness of the restaurant's offerings among prospective customers.

4 Best Restaurant Website Builders for Online Orders

It's essential to create an online presence in the restaurant business. Before visiting, most people want to look around your web presence. They might want to look at your menu, decide whether they like the restaurant's decor, discover your address, phone number, etc.

To make an outstanding online presence, we have researched the four best restaurant website builders for online orders, which are as follows:

1. Fynd Platform – best website builder for restaurants.

2. Wix – best for ease of use.

3. Squarespace – best for businesses on a budget.

4. Shopify – best for setting up quickly.

Detailed view of the best restaurant website builder for online orders:

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform offers restaurant operators full options for creating and managing successful websites. Fynd Platform makes it simple for businesses to rapidly and easily establish a professional website with little effort because of its intuitive, user-friendly design. 

Each user may have a distinctive and customized experience thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder and the configurable themes. 


  • Fynd Platform is a simple and best website builder which provides attractive and basic themes to make rapid websites.
  • There are several apps and widgets available on Fynd Platform that you may use to enhance your website.
  • Customization offers plenty for those with novice or intermediate skills, sitting comfortably in the center.


  • Nothing to say as cons

What We Like:

  • An excellent website builder for freelancers, businesses, or web designers is the Fynd Platform.
  • They provide huge pre-filled templates that work for various categories. As an alternative, there are empty templates to use.
  •  The drag-and-drop builder on Duda makes it simple to change templates. However, they are very limited in deviating too much from the design.

Where It Falls Shorts: Fynd Platform is a simple and user-friendly website builder. Even though many website builders make these promises, not all are true.

2. Wix


Wix makes it simple to use social media networking for advertising your restaurant business. You can add social media symbols to your homepage and offer a popup that resembles Facebook on your website.

They can post on your wall, follow your accounts, and comment on your material. You can even make coupons to motivate people to leave the sofa and visit your restaurant.


  • Helpful SEO best practice suggestions.
  • A welcoming onboarding procedure.
  • Modern business features like CRM.


  • After publication, the site design is not changed.
  • Server response time is slower than other rivals.

What We Like:

This immediately generates a VIP atmosphere. There are also some nice scrolling animations on this restaurant's website. A website that inspires!

  • Unique style
  • Great images
  • Individual touch

Where It Falls Shorts: Once your website is published, a locked template does not allow you to change it.

3. Squarespace


If you desire distinctive branding and ease of use, Squarespace is excellent. There is no preview option. Therefore you will have to accept that. Unless you password-protect your site, your online changes are immediately accessible.

You only have a few more alternatives and are restricted to dragging and dropping things into place. Positively, bugs are uncommon on Squarespace websites.


  • Sophisticated visual editor
  • Adaptable templates for mobile restaurants
  • Features for CSS customisation
  • Robust analytics four site performance monitoring (more than Google Analytics)
  • Effective SEO tools for fast ranks


  • Decreased site speed
  • No cutting-edge customisation choices

What We Like: This restaurant's website has an upscale, exclusive colour design. The pictures are mind-blowing beyond belief!

  • Includes website builder and free domain.
  • Its e-commerce and CRM (customer relationship management) tools and functionalities are extensive.
  • The amount of products used with the Basic commerce plan is infinite.

Where It Falls Shorts: The drag-and-drop website builder is not the simplest, especially for novices. To become proficient with the visual WYSIWYG page editor, you must practice using it.

4. Jimdo


When choosing a website builder for your restaurant, Jimdo should be considered your go-to low-cost solution. You may establish your website without making a significant financial commitment thanks to its selection of the most economical plans, including a free option.


  • ADI capabilities
  • Best value for the buck option
  • View specific to mobile editors


  • Blog functionality is absent
  • Limited SEO capabilities

What We Like:

Jimdo supports not just the technical side but also matters relating to marketing, advertising, and SEO, just like every other option on this list of restaurant website builders. 

Jimdo can also meet your needs if you plan to build an eCommerce restaurant website. You can advertise your restaurant online and sell your items using eCommerce-related templates. Where It Falls Shorts Internal marketing talents lack

Best Informational Restaurant Website Builders.

Website builders for restaurants should be simple and affordable while giving you the resources to provide your consumers with a positive browsing experience. You'll want menus, online reservations, interactive maps, and other contact information to be simple to integrate. 

These website builders should also be simple to use because restaurant information may often change, such as with daily specials or the availability of menu items.

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform is the ideal website builder for restaurants looking to expand their internet presence. It's quick and simple to set up, easy to use and offers powerful features essential for long-term success.


The Fynd platform is perfect for restaurant owners who want to create an impression with their informative website. Fynd platform simplifies creating a website for your restaurant by fusing cutting-edge design with contemporary technologies. 


  • Fynd Platform is an all-in-one fully hosted website builder; you won't need to bother maintaining backups or managing software or upgrades. For you, Fynd Platform handles everything.

  • You may take credit cards with the help of Fynd Platform Payments, an integrated payment system.

  • Fynd Platform receives your order payments; you may also add other payment gateways.


As of now, we didn't found any cons.

What We Like:

To build a restaurant website quickly, Fynd Platform offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the food service business. Whether you build a brand-new website or optimize an existing one, Fynd Platform can help you. Where It Falls Shorts:They impose a very costly transaction fee if you want to utilize your payment processing solution.

2. Wix


Wix is the good option on our list, with a full drag-and-drop editor, giving it the most design versatility. You may easily move things around in the editor since it is incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, it's simple to create animations and alter fonts, sizes, and colors.


  • Powerful traits.
  • Templates specific to restaurants.
  • Wix App Store.
  • It gives you a lot of artistic freedom.


  • Unsuitable for taking care of complicated orders.

What We Like: Wix has consistently shown that it is a major player in the website-building industry. It has many robust features, is excellent for novices, and has a sizable App Market where you can find programs for almost everything.

Where It Falls Shorts:

Wix branded advertising will appear on your website if you choose the Free or Connect Domain subscriptions. You must upgrade to their Combo or Unlimited subscription to eliminate such commercials.

If you ever decide to do so, relocating your website away from Wix will be difficult. You must still purchase a domain name separately because their Link Domain package only allows you to connect a custom domain name.

3. Squarespace


Squarespace is one of the best restaurant website builders and ranks first on our list of the best website builders for small companies. It is renowned for its user-friendly site editor and contemporary, expert layouts. 

Before developing your website, you may examine prefabricated restaurant templates and get a sense of which will best highlight your food and drink products and depict the ambience of your restaurant because templates are sorted by industry.


  • Email and social media marketing resources
  • Best informational resource available
  • Strong analytics capabilities
  • Support for native SEO keywords 


  • Payment processing options for their eCommerce plans are limited to Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal.
  • Additional payment gateways are added.
  • The limited number of third-party service connections Squarespace provides may prevent your business from growing.

What We Like: Squarespace has many website templates to get you started. These designs are all fully equipped to handle any kind of material. They may be completely customised, and Squarespace even lets you use numerous layouts concurrently for the same website.

Where It Falls Shorts: Squarespace only offers a small number of third-party service connections, which might be a barrier to your company's expansion.

4. Jimdo


Jimdo is undoubtedly the most basic choice on the list. This inexpensive choice does have a cost, but it might not be monetary. With no blog functionality, few SEO options, no internal marketing possibilities, and minimal assistance and support. 

If you have the cash to spend, we'd suggest another solution, although Jimdo might be useful for those additional basic requirements, especially with its ADI support.


  • Discount functionality
  • Facebook advertising is integrated automatically.


  • There are no features for automatic tax calculation.
  • No abandoned cart saver exists.

What We Like:

Jimdo also has a "Smart Apps" function that allows adding third-party apps to your website. By copying and pasting a URL from one of the most well-known web services including Calendly, Google, Airbnb, Twitter, Canva, and others into the Smart App settings, you may add interactive information from some of the web's most well-known services. After that, your Jimdo website will automatically embed content from that app.

Where It Falls Shorts:

Setting up password-protected pages is a laborious manual task that comes with selling digital goods, which is difficult to manage. You are limited to using a single Jimdo account to administer your online business; numerous staff accounts are impossible.  A "purchase now" button for other websites or social media profiles is impossible. Product data cannot be imported or exported.

Best Restaurant Website Builders for Websites With Online Ordering

Create a lovely restaurant website using the following simple builder. You may easily utilise the editor to make adjustments and updates after you've done it yourself or had one done for you.

These restaurant website builders suit various industries, making them adaptable and versatile. It features an online ordering system, allows for online sales, and offers numerous more services, social networking, booking, and payment integration options.

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform helps clients to place orders straight from the website thanks to the restaurant's inventory access. 

The ability to display menu alternatives and inform clients of any ongoing offers is made simple by this feature. The online ordering features of the Fynd Platform also let you keep tabs on customer trends, sales statistics, and other information.


The all-in-one platform of Fynd Platform offers everything you require to launch your website. Custom food order forms, informational page designs, booking form construction, campaign management, and other tasks. Everything may be handled using the Fynd Platform.



When you have a large product catalogue with each item arriving in various sizes, colours, and designs, uploading inventory may be a major pain.

The good news is that Fynd Platform is here to ease your stress; it updated its inventory bulk editor to simplify managing inventory in one location. You may choose which columns to examine (such as price, weight, or location) without making things too hard and then update all pertinent goods simultaneously.

You can quickly design automated answers or include a chat function in your business so customers can contact you while they shop using the Fynd Platform inbox. This integrated mailbox contains all customer interactions and discussions. 

Additionally, it can interface with other chat services like Facebook Messenger, so you don't have to switch between tabs.

Sales Features:4.9

The "Buy One, Get One" idea has endured because it successfully increases Fynd Platform sales and patronage. With most other Fynd Platform stores starting their campaigns


The look of your store also affects conversion rates. Consequently, investing in a top-notch custom Fynd Platform theme boosts customers' chances to buy more from you and increase your income.

While deciding on a suitable theme, you will be perplexed, but Fynd Platform gives you a limitless amount of time to test its templates. You only need to sign up for the Fynd Platform free trial and select a theme from the Shopify theme gallery.

In general, Fynd Platform themes are clean, stylish, and appealing. You don't have to worry about each one's usability or functionality because professionals make them.

Value For Money:4.9

Before entering payment details such as your credit card information, you may test out the Fynd Platform for free.

A three-day free trial with full access to the platform's features is available. Pricing for the Fynd Platform appears to be somewhat high when compared to some other platforms. However, if your company achieves potential development with strong tools from the Fynd Platform, it is completely cost-effective.

Ease of Use:4.9

Fynd Platform simplifies the process of building a website, whereas colours-source platforms need a lot of procedures, such as purchasing a host and uploading the source code to your server. The claim that you can open your business in a few minutes is not even hyperbole.

The Fynd Platform's ease of use simplifies managing your advertising and sales channels. Additionally, it keeps all your consumer data for marketing and sales in one location. Things get even easier if you want to run an email marketing campaign!

Help & Support:4.9

If you run into any issues, the highly friendly customer service at Fynd Platform will get you to work on them immediately. Bad customer service will cost you a lot of money. To avoid complaints, Fynd Platform offers customer service that is available 24*7.

2. Wix


With Wix's ADI, you can speed up the process of creating a restaurant website which helps you get online orders faster rather than picking a template and doing your edits and then waiting for the approval of website creation.

The intelligent assistant chooses the ideal template based on your responses to its inquiries, produces material and photos automatically, builds contact forms, links your social network accounts, and finally sends the finished product to you for editing.


Wix offers a comprehensive feature set, boasting over 1,000 cutting-edge capabilities, according to its restaurant's website, regardless of the strategy or approach you use to build your company website.

In light of this, let's examine some of Wix's primary features:

  • You will get a Wix subdomain if you use Wix for free. At the same time, Wix's premium plan options allow you to design a unique one or utilize one you currently own (which will be detailed later). You can always visit your website online and through the Wix mobile app since all Wix websites are SSL Certified and hosted securely by Wix.

  • Wix also offers member login features, contact management, a chat facility, social networking and email marketing links, and web statistics tracking. Additionally, Wix allows you access to hundreds of premium and free add-ons, including analytics, company management, design, marketing, and social tools, offered in the Wix App Market.

  • Wix has a Help Center on its website where you can peruse documentation and FAQs, view videos, or file a support ticket for assistance with your company's website.

Sales Features:4.2

Wix provides company owners with an unmatched range of tools and alternatives. Depending on the nature of your business and the function you want your website to fulfil, you may choose the sort of website builder you want to use and choose from 500 various design templates. 

Additionally, Wix provides access to a wide range of add-ons via the Wix App Market, enabling you to expand your capability further.


Wix is the best restaurant website builder, enabling you to create, modify, and publish a website. You may use it to open an online store, manage events, sell tickets, or market your business.

With Wix, you can manage everything in one location and get safe web hosting and a domain name for your website. 

Wix offers free and paid website or company options, giving you access to even more features. In addition, you'll have a choice of three web builders based on your requirements and level of programming expertise.

Value For Money:4.5

For most other business uses, you'll be able to construct and manage your site entirely free, or at the absolute least, at a minimal monthly fee, even though you'll need a business premium plan if you truly want to sell online. You may also choose a plan that suits your demands and budget because so many options are available.

Ease of Use:4.1

Wix provides something for everyone, including those without technical or coding skills, with three distinct ways to create a website.

The Web Editor and ADI provide them with easily accessible tools that simplify the web-building process while giving a range of options so that you may modify the look and feel of your site.

Help & Support:3.8

The absence of customer service is among the most frequently brought up issues in critical Wix reviews. Even though Wix has a customer care number you may contact, many lament the difficulty in getting through and the useless nature of the assistance even when they do. 

Additionally, there was a rise in unfavourable reviews from customers in 2019 who the company had incorrect billing or had their accounts closed without warning.

3. Squarespace


The finest restaurant website b is Squarespace, which has excellent website themes and simple features for beginners. Squarespace is how to create a beautiful restaurant website without paying a designer. You can pick from hundreds of lovely, editable templates. When using Squarespace, choosing a template is the first step. You must search for restaurant website designs. 


With Squarespace's library of pre-made designs, creating a website is easier than ever. The templates are organised by company kind so you can simply identify which would be the greatest match. You can even preview them before joining up to get an idea of which designs would suit your business the best.

With its drag-and-drop features, your selected template is customized as much or as little as you desire, so you don't need any coding experience to build a website that you're proud of, and that presents your company in the best possible way.

However, if you know how to code, you may also use custom CSS to make any modifications (except if you choose the Personal plan). Squarespace's designs also offer a different mobile user experience, flexible content layouts, the addition of video backdrops, and more.\

Sales Features:3.2

You can see your goods and inventory in real-time on Squarespace's web platform and app. While looking through your inventory, you may also use hashtags or SKUs to narrow your search results. 

To be aware of when you're about to run out of an item, you can also adjust the stock levels and add limited-availability warnings and low-stock emails. Additionally, if you aren't accessible to run the store, you may assign a user with store manager credentials to handle inventory and orders.


Squarespace is renowned for its visually gorgeous website layouts for restaurants, so you can quickly establish a lovely website. Choose from a variety of choices, many of which are tailored to certain company kinds. 

Additionally, all of its templates have been mobile-optimized. With its drag-and-drop editor, you may quickly adapt a template to your company's demands and brand standards. If you don't have a logo, you can create one on the Squarespace platform.

Value For Money:3.8

The Squarespace Business plan costs $18 per month if paid annually or $26 if paid monthly. The main distinction between the Personal and Business plans is that the Squarespace Business plan includes some e-commerce capability.

This package is intended for company owners who want basic e-commerce features for their website, but do not necessarily require a fully working online shop (see the Commerce plans). With this plan, you'll also receive a business email.

Ease of Use:3.2

Restaurants, Photographers, painters, graphic designers, and other image-focused companies wishing to promote their offerings may find Squarespace particularly enticing. Anywhere on your website, add galleries with both video and picture content.

Help & Support:3.5

While Squarespace provides email help 24 hours a day, seven days a week and live chat during particular hours, customer reviews frequently mention unhappy encounters with Squarespace's assistance and claim being paid after cancelling their account.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

4. GoDaddy


Technology is the last thing you think of as a restaurant owner. You need to concentrate on your physical store. Therefore, a website probably isn't a top priority. 

Fortunately, GoDaddy offers the most complete and efficient online website construction experience. It's quick and simple, taking customers through a straightforward procedure to launch a website as soon as feasible.

GoDaddy's WordPress Hosting is ideal for those who desire the ease and power of WordPress without the stress of ongoing upgrades and technical modifications.


You may even incorporate a physical object that has to be sent into your store if you sell it. With GoDaddy, you may choose to ship via USPS or UPS and to charge flat-rate shipping, weight-based shipping, or free delivery. You may also offer local clients the option of picking up their orders from your business.

Additionally, you can permit consumers to schedule appointments using your GoDaddy website. You can collect payments, charge deposits, and impose cancellation costs for these appointments. Your personnel may manage their calendars and specify their availability while you can construct a recurrent class and event plan.

Sales Features:3.2

GoDaddy's entry-level price was just a bit too high to be included in my list of the top affordable web hosting companies. However, their prices are unquestionably affordable.

The cheapest GoDaddy plan is $5.99 per month. Even with their top-tier shared hosting package, it costs less than $240 a year. Given the high uptime and quick page loading speeds we just described, that's impressive. GoDaddy is a good choice if you're searching for an affordable host.


While GoDaddy's selection of storefront themes is far smaller than Shopify's, many businesses may find that 20 themes are more than adequate. With GoDaddy, you can quickly add a shopping cart to your website so clients can finish their transactions, just like Shopify. Both companies provide drag-and-drop theme customisation tools. 

Customers may quickly complete their transactions on their mobile devices, and all designs are responsive, so you don't have to fear they will not have the same experience as desktop users.

Value For Money:4.2

GoDaddy is the less expensive choice, and because there is less setup required, it could be simpler to start up your online business there. Another benefit is the simplicity with which you may link your business to internet marketplaces, increasing brand visibility and boosting sales. 

You must choose GoDaddy's most costly plan if you want e-commerce functionality. When invoiced annually, its Ecommerce plan is $25 per month. The company offers other monthly programmes that cost between $10 and $20 but do not allow you to sell goods or services online. 

Ease of Use:3.5

GoDaddy has traditionally been the go-to choice for newcomers just starting with web hosting. We can confidently suggest the organisation due to its recently launched and streamlined UI, 1-click programme downloads, and enhanced support.

GoDaddy relies on dependable, user-friendly systems that its clients will undoubtedly like. Thanks to a simple drag-and-drop site builder, a large knowledge base, and 24*7 assistance, anyone can design, construct, launch, and expand a site within minutes.

Help & Support:3.8

Godaddy provides 24*7 email, live chat, and phone customers. This might be a significant benefit for entrepreneurs new to the world of e-commerce or merely for peace of mind in case your website ever has problems. After all, you stand to lose more purchases the longer a problem exists on your website.

5. Weebly


A free website builder is an appealing choice for restaurants, especially amid a pandemic that has made maintaining profitability even more difficult. Weebly is our top recommendation if you must since it provides the most feature-rich free alternative. Strong security, unrestricted bandwidth, SEO assistance, and even certain e-commerce services are provided.


An e-commerce system created for small and medium enterprises is called Weebly. Within a single suite, it provides control of mobile apps, websites, shopping carts, and inventories. The product comes with both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options.

Weebly offers web hosting and administration of online stores, enabling users to build their company websites using pre-made templates and drag-and-drop capability. These websites are mobile-responsive and compatible with various gadgets, including tablets and smartphones.

Customers may add shopping carts and checkout pages to their websites using Weebly's shopping cart management tool. On product and category pages, users may also add filtered product searches to assist customers in narrowing down options depending on their needs.\

Sales Features:3.5

You may see your sales data in a dashboard if you use Weebly to establish an online store. Weebly's feature is a powerful one.

Weebly shows you the total sales, orders, conversion rate, average order value, sales per visit, and units sold, as you can see. You may graphically compare your sales and orders to one another using Weebly. You may also see your best-selling goods and the number of sales you make every visit.

Design 4.2

You may create a website by starting with one of Weebly's themes. When creating a website, you may save time using these pre-made templates rather than starting from scratch. You can alter the components in any way you like.

Only roughly 50 themes were available, but they were all well-designed. Most are minimalistic and made to display your items or photographs.

Themes are divided into business, portfolio, and blog themes. You may modify a theme to suit your needs by adding a blog or removing a gallery, so feel free to choose any that you prefer. Most of the themes I evaluated are responsive to mobile devices, so your website should look fine on any size device.

Value For Money:3.2

Weebly boasts one of the finest free plans from all website builders. It is exceptionally liberal with e-commerce features: the free plan supports Instagram and Pinterest connections, gift cards, in-store pickup, limitless goods, and no transaction fees.

The free plan also includes phone support no other website builder does that for free customers! The free plan's biggest drawback is forbidding using custom domain names and places. 

Ease of Use:3.5

Every website builder claims to be the simplest to use. It holds in the case of Weebly. It offers unmatched usability. There is no learning curve, so that you can launch your website quickly. Simply drop new pieces onto your website by dragging them there, then click on them to change their settings and features.

An undo button and the option to save changes without publishing, though, would make things simpler. Also, occasionally a little sluggish the traditional editor.

Help & Support:3.5

There are several support methods available on Weebly. Support may be reached by phone, live chat, or email. Additionally, you may look for articles in the community forum or the assistance centre. This is beneficial, but the data is sometimes old, and customer service answered my inquiries much too slowly.

Best Restaurant Website Builders for Informational Sites

Website builders with strong menu production capabilities are required for informational restaurant websites that wish to advertise their menus online. An eCommerce restaurant building requires a top-notch online ordering system and the capability to interface with delivery providers.

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

Restaurant website builders have grown in popularity in recent years since they are specifically created to meet a restaurant's specialised needs (menu management, delivery integrations, etc.). 

The Ecommerce website builder for restaurants was called Fynd Platform. When managing menus across different places, they are made expressly for this. 

Still, more generic solutions will take more work for activities like upgrading menus, which is one reason it is beneficial to utilize the Fynd Platform website builder.


The overview dashboard is where you find all kinds of reports, which you find in every plan of Fynd Platform version:

  • Order Value On Average
  • Online Store Conversion Rate
  • According To Device, Traffic, Or Social Media Source, Online Store Visits
  • Returning Clients
  • Revenue Based On Pos Location, Source On Social Media, Employee, Or Source Of Traffic
  • Leading Landing Pages
  • Top Items In Terms Of Units Sold
  • Top Referral Source Based On Sessions
  • Total Visits To The Online Store
  • Overall Orders
  • Overall Sales
  • Total Revenue From Marketing Initiatives

You get access to a live view in addition to the reports stated above. This displays real-time information, as the name implies, such as your number of customers and how many people are browsing your store (active carts, checkout, etc.)

Sales Features:4.9

Some restaurant website features are more important than others. You can call them standards for restaurant websites. 

You may use Fynd Platform to add a video of your lovely dining room or a demonstration of your food preparation process to your website. Even though some people will adore it, it won't increase sales unless you work in the high-end industry.

Later, consider including additional sales capabilities offered by Fynd Platform on your online restaurant website. Focus on the most crucial elements for now:

  • A strong domain name
  • Certificate for SSL.
  • Rapid response from the server.
  • Valid Schema markup.
  • SEO on a page.
  • The off-page SEO.
  • Reactivity on mobile
  • The "Order Online" button has been improved.
  • Stunning photos on your menu and website


All websites, including those for restaurants, can be quickly realized thanks to the Fynd Platform. Fynd Platform is a visually appealing restaurant website builder you shouldn't pass up, regardless of what you want to launch or how picky you are. 

You can be as imaginative as you like, but feel free to start with a pre-designed layout and work your way out. When you have so many lovely layouts at your disposal thanks to Fynd Platform, you don't even need to start from scratch or use a blank canvas. Choose Fynd Platform if you aren't sure which editor to use to make your life easier.

Value For Money:4.9

Fynd Platform offers four different pricing categories for your restaurant website development experience, which was previously the norm. The first plan, dubbed Basic, offers only the most basic features and capabilities at a price that is, admittedly, competitive for the industry. 

The Premium package is the best choice for a business because it increases capabilities and includes SEO help. You may manage bookings using built-in online appointment features.

Ease of Use: 4.9

Fynd Platform stands out when looking for a simple restaurant website builder. It offers elegant restaurant-specific layouts and simply editable site architecture to meet your web design requirements. 

Fynd Platforms offers so many widgets, which sets it apart. These widgets make it simple to customise your website easily.

You can strengthen your restaurant eCommerce website with assistance from the Fynd Platform advantageous world. Your sales operations and digital advertising campaigns will benefit from Fynd Platform's numerous integrations with other social media platforms.

Help & Support:4.9

For those who need a speedy answer, the customer service offered by Fynd Platform is fantastic. Calls are made in advance, or emails are sent. There are dedicated customer assistance for you if you run into billing or technical problems.

2. Wix


Wix is the most effective website builder for your company. It gives you much creative flexibility to design your website precisely as you want. It delivers the sophisticated functionality necessary to significantly increase your company's chances of luring new clients. 

Additionally, even if you're a new user, you'll be able to figure everything out with the help of a straightforward onboarding process.

Wix is familiar to everyone looking for a website builder for restaurants. The most effective eCommerce restaurant builder with amazing features is Wix. The integrated platform offers excellent social network interfaces, 800+ restaurant-specific themes, and built-in payment mechanisms.

Wix provides a free domain and hosting but also has a lot to offer eateries that require sophisticated marketing tools. It also uses SEO technologies to optimise restaurant websites, ranking them higher on search engines.


Wix provides several helpful features, including

  • A mobile-friendly storefront
  • The option of hiring an eCommerce professional
  • Uncomplicated SSL certificate
  • 50 or more safe payment gateways
  • A converter of currencies
  • Swift checkout
  • Recovery of a forgotten cart
  • Free delivery
  • Integrated SEO tools
  • Inventory and catalogue management
  • Campaigns for email marketing
  • A simple refund procedure
  • The capacity to distribute coupons and discounts
  • Integration of traffic information from Google Analytics
  • Syncing with Google Shopping applications

Sales Features:3.6

  • Wix has many effective and robust eCommerce solutions that you can use to manage your inventory and conduct online sales. Specifically, Wix allows you to develop a distinctive logo with its Logo Maker, develop a unique company name with its Business Name Generator, add a unique domain, automate your taxes, and accept payments with all the major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and more.

  • The Wix Point of Sale (POS) solution enables customers to sell digital and physical goods. Additionally, you can sell through many outlets, including eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. You can display prices in local currencies and translate your store into more than 150 languages using Wix Multilingual.


The most effective eCommerce restaurant builder with amazing features is Wix. The integrated platform offers excellent social network interfaces, 800+ restaurant-specific themes, and built-in payment mechanisms.

Wix provides a free domain and hosting but also has a lot to offer eateries that require sophisticated marketing tools. It also uses SEO technologies to optimise restaurant websites, ranking them higher on search engines.

Value For Money:4.2

A 14-day free trial is available on Wix. Wix's pricing schemes are split into three categories:

The Website plans' prices range from $14/per month to $39/per month. If you want to present a polished website, this strategy is excellent. Business and eCommerce Plans are necessary if you want to accept payments online.

The costs begin at $23 per month. Finally, the Enterprise Plans provide unique solutions to meet your company's demands. The monthly cost is $500 to start.

Ease of Use:4.6

Wix makes managing your restaurant simple. Specifically, you can manage orders, payments, and inventory from a single location.

Help & Support:4.3

If you have problems, Wix's incredibly helpful customer care will get you to work on them immediately. Poor customer service will set you back significantly. Therefore, spending money on a service offering 24/7 customer assistance is preferable to avoid criticism.

3. Squarespace


Squarespace is a standard website builder, as you can see. It includes templates for all business types and market segments. You must choose "restaurants" and your primary business objectives to reduce the list and obtain the appropriate designs for your company. For instance, you might be promoting your brick-and-mortar store or increasing the number of online orders. 


The templates are lovely, but they can't be customised as easily as something like Wix, so you're stuck with what you get. Thankfully, you receive a gorgeous website design in this instance, so that's not a major issue. Even though the site speed is improved, we recommend Squarespace for your restaurant.

You can combine your website with various third-party apps and enjoy incredible design flexibility with Squarespace.

Sales Features:3.6

Despite Squarespace's best efforts, you can still encounter issues if you construct (or at least attempt to develop) your website. If that happens, Squarespace provides a wide range of help choices. You can do several things to improve with Squarespace, like reading assistance manuals, participating in forums, and attending online webinars.


Look no further if you want to create a chic, design-focused website for your restaurant. Squarespace, a website builder, provides the best designs and templates available. It is perfect for a more fashionable website-building option because it focuses on assisting its customers in creating attractive and design-heavy websites.

Value For Money:3.5

Squarespace also has four different pricing plans, each with different features based on the price. The first plan, Personal, is not the best choice for restaurants because it is designed for those who want to launch a website. It lacks the business functionality required to get off the ground, such as corporate email and comprehensive analytics.

As you might have guessed from the name, the next plan, Business, is the one you should choose because it has these features while maintaining a reasonably reasonable price.

Unless you wish to integrate an online store with your restaurant website, you probably won't need all those extra capabilities as the following two options, Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce, are perfect for e-commerce enterprises. In Squarespace, there isn't a free plan.

Ease of Use:3.2

The well-liked website builder provides some of the most exquisite themes in the market, enabling customers to experience each page attractively. It also offers the seamless flexibility to scale with your business, with powerful analytics and marketing options in email and social media to expand the consumer base of your restaurant.

Help & Support:2.9

There are several assistance materials and video tutorials in the Squarespace documentation. But the search function doesn't function as planned, and using only a phrase search didn't help me much.

A few photos essential to the explanation didn't load even after finding the correct documentation file. I even managed to land in the docs for an earlier version of Squarespace at one point, which had a completely different appearance. It was perplexing.

4. GoDaddy


However, due to the speed factor, the Fynd Platform website appears far superior to GoDaddy's. Due to the support offered, these websites frequently have a very plain and uniform appearance. If you're just seeking a website that can handle basic information like menu, open times, and address, the comparable ease of use is worth it.

Running a restaurant requires a lot of effort. Customers demand a great internet presence, excellent cuisine, and customer service from you. Your restaurant website will be useful in this situation.

Nowadays, prospective clients like to view your offerings online before visiting. They are frequently less inclined to dine at your establishment if they can't easily access the menu.


GoDaddy provides people with speedy access to the internet, good functionality, and a hands-off ADI builder. GoDaddy's website builder has evolved into one of the company's key features while being primarily a web hosting and domain name platform.

GoDaddy is an excellent option for people who require a website immediately because it powers millions of websites and caters to millions of international consumers.

Sales Features:3.5

GoDaddy provides many helpful marketing tools that can assist in growing the number of patrons visiting your restaurant and raising awareness of your business. 

Effective marketing strategies are always crucial for all types of businesses, particularly restaurants. A strong marketing plan is essential to the future of restaurants since they depend on customers knowing about them, visiting them, and placing orders from them.

You can use the following advertising tools with GoDaddy:

  • Email and Microsoft 365: With this tool, you can effortlessly do your business duties with Microsoft 365, send and receive emails with Professional Email, and save money by purchasing both functions at once. 

  • With GoDaddy's Digital Marketing Suite, you can plan events with its marketing planner, target customers with personalised emails, optimise your website for search engine optimisation, keep track of your website's metrics and performance with its platform analytics, post analytics, and email analytics, advertising on social media, create email campaigns, and add an email signup form.

  • GoDaddy Studio: With GoDaddy Studio, you may add photographs, text, custom fonts, and colours to your templates to make them your own. Additionally, you may create a unique logo for your company using GoDaddy's logo maker.


Within the website builder, GoDaddy presently provides 22 theme possibilities. Every theme is adaptable to mobile devices, and GoDaddy recommends a theme for you when you start.

Based on your chosen industry, it even packs your theme with pertinent stock photos. You may get a preview of the content of your website with each theme while you browse themes. 

Most themes share the same aesthetic, with minor differences in colour, font, and default page layouts. Just click Select to install a theme. At any moment, you may quickly switch themes with a single click. The GoDaddy website offers other, more distinctive GoDaddy website designs that the industry may browse.

Value For Money:3.5

GoDaddy also provides four distinct pricing tiers for your restaurant website construction experience, which has been standard up until now. The first plan, called Basic, is exactly that:

it offers bare-bones features and functionality at a price that is, admittedly, competitive for the sector. As a business, the Premium plan is your best option because it boosts the capabilities and includes SEO support. It also has built-in online appointment functionality so that you can manage reservations.

The following plans are e-commerce plans, Commerce and Commerce Plus, as has been the case so far. Again, unless you need to put up an online store in addition to your restaurant website, you won't need these options. All plans at GoDaddy are also eligible for a 30-day free trial.

Ease of Use:3.6

GoDaddy is the best website builder that provides a hands-off ADI functionality to aid users in swiftly building and launching their websites. Restaurants that want to go online as quickly as feasible should use it. Please read our in-depth review of GoDaddy to find more information if you're interested.

Help & Support:3.6

Godaddy offers phone, email, and live chat support seven days a week. This might be a huge advantage for business owners fresh to the world of e-commerce or just for peace of mind in case your website ever has issues. The longer an issue persists on your website, the more sales you stand to lose.

5. Weebly


Weebly is not the best option on our list compared to the other options outside the free plan. Sites are noticeably outdated compared to rivals, giving the worst site performance out of all the solutions we examined. It also doesn't receive many updates so it won't improve over time. However, Weebly is the best option if you must have a free website.

Weebly is a website builder with tools for blogging, eCommerce, and building websites. Since Square Online powers its eCommerce capabilities, you already know they are reliable. Weebly powers millions of websites. It is a cost-effective website builder ideal for small eateries with a limited budget for website development.


Site Booster, Breadcrumb, H1 Tag, Positionly, MightyTags, RabbitSEO, H+ Tag, Super Titles, and other SEO apps are examples of these programs. These tools can help you improve your SEO and climb the search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

However, customers can pick from the following categories instead of templates:

  • Online Store
  • Business
  • Portfolio
  • Personal
  • Event
  • Blog
  • App Center

Sales Features

If you feel that Weebly's built-in capabilities are lacking, you can always add any of the third-party apps that Weebly provides in its App Center to expand the features and functionality of your website.

Additionally, some of the third-party tools for marketing that Weebly offers in its App Center can be quite helpful for restaurant websites, such as Apps for advertising, including Boost Sales, AdPixel, Notification Box, Traffic Booster, Job Board, SnapStudio Plus, Checkout Boost, Menu, SearchBoost, and Google Ads by Kliken.

Using some apps, you can increase website traffic, publish job openings and employ people quickly, make video commercials, generate menus, and more.

Privy, Poptin, Promo Bar, Email Signup Form, Email Opt-In Popup, MailMunch, DeepMarkit, Welcome Bar, and more email marketing applications. You can expand your email list using our described programs, make popups, incorporate an email signup form into your website, post news, and more.


Templates: Weebly does not provide templates and designs specifically for restaurants. 

Value For Money.

Only three pricing tiers with clear options for your unique needs are available on Weebly. The first plan, Personal, is designed for people who want to launch their website. It permits a custom domain and rudimentary e-commerce functions but is probably not the best option for your company.

The Professional plan is a little more suited to corporations because it offers greater versatility when building your website. Your best option is the Performance plan because it offers marketing tools that will help you attract new clients, which is a website builder's main objective.

One of the greatest free solutions we examined is Weebly's free plan, which is available.

Ease of Use

An excellent option for creating a website at a reasonable cost is Weebly. Additionally, it offers the best eCommerce functionality and other essential tools that can make building and managing your website simple. You may read our in-depth review of Weebly to find more information about the website builder.

Help & Support

You may also go to the Weebly Help Center; although they might ask you to check in, you should choose Maybe Later instead because your Flipcause Website Package prevents you from having a direct login with Weebly.

What is required in a website builder to build a restaurant website?

With so many website builders on the market, it can be difficult to know which is best for your business and to create an attractive and functional website for your restaurant, and we are here to assist and direct you.

Food sizzles in the kitchen. The dining area is filled with the silverware clink and the discussion bustle. This location is busy. The proprietors have given this physical place a lot of care, down to the design and menu.

No less consideration should be given to their website. Any restaurant, whether brand-new or an established fixture in the community, requires a website to attract more consumers. Here's how to ensure your restaurant website attracts many new consumers.

1. Know your audience. 

A fine dining establishment should have a more refined appearance, if not defy the trend. Using a sophisticated-sounding stylised typeface over a dark brown or black backdrop wouldn't be out of character. 

On the other hand, an ice cream shop screams for a playful design that uses vibrant, cheerful hues and strong typefaces that are as pleasant as the frozen delicacies they sell.

However, knowing your audience extends beyond making visual decisions. You should also be aware of the tools people use while deciding where to eat: You should emphasise Yelp reviews if they are Yelpers. 

You'll need that integration if they use OpenTable to make reservations for every meal. If they don't like either, there may be no need to include such bells and whistles.

2. Make it simple

Regardless of how big or small your restaurant is, you should keep material on your website minimal. Humans have an acute need for food. We feel irritated if it isn't met. Food is the greatest remedy for low blood sugar and the "hanger" it induces. ASAP. You don't want your website to obstruct that in any way.

There's a good likelihood that everyone visiting your restaurant's website is hungry. They might not have the patience to slog through long navigational options and alternatives for navigation.

These fundamental components are required for a restaurant website:

  • Menu
  • Call-in number (contact information)
  • Location
  • Operating hours Information on booking
  • Knowledge of exceptional events

Really, that's all there is to it. The list above captures what visitors to your restaurant website are searching for, while additional components could be great.

Many restaurants allow you to make reservations online or provide online ordering alternatives. This is a feature you'll want to avoid unless you have someone (or some software) committed to managing those requests, pushing users to phone in with their reservation requests instead.

3. Make use of superior photographs.

We get a multimodal experience while we are eating. The scent of a warm dish of noodles and the assortment of veggies floating in its liquid tempt us.

Even the most exquisite photograph is unable to depict that. However, a poor photograph might make this otherwise delicious cup of the soup appear made of dirty laundry water.

Unfortunately, it's challenging to photograph food that looks appealing. Photographers who focus on this exist. So, if you have the money, engage an expert. If not, utilise photographs sparingly and let the dishes' descriptions and ingredients do the talking.

You might want to sprinkle a few different kinds of pictures throughout the page. Customers may see behind-the-scenes glimpses through action photos. A chef rolling out pasta, a baker icing a cake, or a bartender mixing up a sophisticated cocktail may all be shown in a photograph, demonstrating the attention and quality your cooks put into their job. 

Additionally, it highlights what's crucial: the patrons that help your business succeed. The atmosphere of a restaurant plays a significant role in its identity.

4. Create a menu that is brief but delicious and publish it.

Restaurant operators must ensure that their menu is concise. Long, adjective-heavy descriptions might make the reader feel unsatisfied, like too much cilantro in a meal. Let your recipes' ingredient lists serve as their poetry.

But be sure to include adequate descriptive wording while naming your menu items. Nobody gets very enthused about cheese pizza. But what about a "4-cheese, woodfired, organic pizza"? That is now a good idea.

Properly group your dishes by meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and supper. Indicate whether you provide vegetarian or gluten-free choices.

Also, your menus for special occasions or seasons should be publicised and updated frequently. Anyone visiting your website will have a negative first impression if you still have Valentine's menu up in June.

5. Construct the website using a responsive design framework.

The user experience is excellent on the finest restaurant websites. Regardless of how a user accesses your website, they should get a consistent experience regardless of their device.

This is crucial for a restaurant in particular. People frequently make spontaneous or on-the-go decisions about where to eat. Everybody has experienced this: you drive past the restaurant you've wanted only to be met with a long wait. What else is around here? We take our phones out and begin looking.

If a customer discovers your restaurant on a mobile device but has trouble navigating it, they'll probably choose to eat elsewhere. Leading website builders support responsive design. Fynd Platform is the foundation for responsive design and customization.

This improves Fynd Platform capability. Due to this, Fynd Platform may now act as more than simply a company website and as an e-commerce platform with a complete CMS (content management system).

Fynd platform banner for free demo

6. Establish social media.

Launching a new website is a wonderful excuse to create social media profiles for your business if you haven't already. Although you won't need to be active on every social networking platform, you should have a few. The majority of restaurants are on Instagram, and many have Facebook pages.

These provide a fantastic method to advertise deals, interact with guests, and highlight current events at your restaurant. This is especially helpful if your restaurant is one of the increasing numbers that often changes its menu.

Your restaurant website and social media channels must cooperate to produce profitable behavioural loops. Utilize social media to promote your website and drive traffic to your social media profiles.

A restaurant will gain greater visibility if people share material, such as food images, and leave comments on its postings. This will lead to more likes and more prospective customers. Although word of mouth is fantastic, social media buzz spreads further and quicker.

Additionally, use review-focused websites like Yelp in your networking efforts. You can swiftly address irate customers, see what others say about your most recent menu changes, and more by watching websites like these.

7. Take (local) SEO seriously.

If you've ever searched for "restaurants near me" on Google, you know the significant influence search engines have on people's dietary choices. Therefore, be sure to utilise your restaurant's key phrases (i.e., the words you'd use to describe your restaurant) in crucial locations like page headings, H1s, and often in the body content. You should also make sure you have a custom domain name.

To guarantee that your restaurant appears at its best on Google, you'll want to ensure you're set up on Google My Business.

8. Combine and add copious amounts of imagination.

Both what a customer sees on a restaurant's website and what they see when they walk through the front door are crucial.

Your internet visibility is crucial. Avoid letting an outdated website devalue the effort put into operating a business. Tell folks what's inside, describe the flavours they'll taste, and direct them to their place at the table.

9. Make sure it is SEO-optimized.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which refers to structuring your website's content and code to appear among the top search engine results when consumers search.

10. Produce a simple, contemporary aesthetic

A superb restaurant website design says no to cramming the space. Visitors may find it annoying to scroll and navigate too many popular locations.

We advise against making visitors click four or five times to access the information they want. User-friendly navigation is preferable to one which is more challenging for people to utilise.

For example, keep the information on your restaurant's home page simple and clutter-free (e.g., name, logo, services, testimonials, and great headlines). Choose what to include on the remaining pages based on that. Make sure the menu site design is simple and understandable.

11. Create a mobile-friendly website for your restaurant.

The majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Because of this, considering mobile traffic while designing your website is essential. Here are some suggestions for making your restaurant website mobile-friendly:

Check how it appears on mobile devices using the Google tool. Reduce the load times by, for instance, choosing the best server for your website and saving photographs in a compressed format.

12. Have a FAQ section

FAQs, which stands for commonly asked questions, and guide site users to the data they might want. Additionally, consider including a form for anyone whose queries you did not answer on the FAQ page. These flexible restaurant website designs enhance user experience.

13. Construct a retargeting campaign.

Targeting potential consumers who have shown some interest in your restaurant website is known as retargeting. 

This strategy, according to MailChimp, increases your likelihood of making a sale by 50% and reduces cart abandonment (i.e., visitors who start to buy yet never follow through). Additionally, it increases your online store sales by 20%.

14. Ensure your brand is present.

Some of the greatest restaurant website design examples can be seen in chains like McDonald's and Domino's, thanks partly to their brand promotion. Their branding initiatives incorporate the website's colours, languages, and offerings.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Expert Opinion About Restaurant Website Builders

Recently, we've talked a lot about what makes a great restaurant website and why such websites must be mobile-responsive. However, this does not imply that any website will do.

After reading these pieces, we know that some restaurant owners, for example, will have started Googling "restaurant website builders" to discover the most affordable answer.

In our Expert Opinion, sites like Fynd Platform, Wix, and Squarespace offer a low-cost alternative but do not deliver an effective answer. These websites might cost you far more in the long term than a website a qualified web designer created.

Select hundreds of customizable designs and styles to build the ideal website for your business. Fynd Platform offers several strong content management systems, making adding and editing material simple.

Owners of restaurants can easily and quickly develop stunning, responsive websites optimized for search engines and mobile devices with the aid of the Fynd Platform's user-friendly website-building platform.

How Can a Website Builder Help You as a Restaurant Owner?

Use restaurant website builders to take advantage of the magic of the online world for food businesses wishing to expand their clientele.

You must use these website builders to help you develop and perfect the tidiest, tastiest, and most unique websites. You may also utilize the site editors listed below for websites for restaurants, quick food joints, food trucks, cafes, bakeries, caterers, and other businesses that provide food and beverages.

You can do much more with your website than allow potential new clients to see how professional you are online. The online reservation system is a restaurant page's most valuable and important aspect.

Your consumers can make a reservation by completing the form you've provided on your website without choosing a specific Customers don't have to pick up the phone to make a reservation.

Additionally, you can make them drool over the delicious pictures of your dishes and presentations. Additionally, you may show them your menu of food and beverages so they can get a taste of your restaurant before they even go there. With an appealing website, you can do much to take your food and restaurant business to the next level.

And finally, creating such an internet presence is a piece of cake. You can quickly create a restaurant page using the drag-and-drop functionality, ready-to-use layouts, and web elements. No technical expertise is required either! Make it fit your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Which Website Builder Is Right for Your Restaurant Site?

Which website creator is best for a restaurant? Our top pick for website builders after evaluating the leading names in the industry is Fynd Platform, which offers superb usability, first-rate assistance & support, and a wide selection of themes. 

Additionally, it provides a wealth of marketing tools to draw in new clients, an essential element for any owner who wishes to keep his restaurant busy from opening to closing. Wix, which includes a variety of fantastic restaurant website designs, has the best templates from a strict design standpoint.

Above all, using a website builder doesn't require you to be an expert. These beautiful tools allow you to customize items using slick templates and drag-and-drop functions easily.

Another thing to keep in mind is how inexpensive website builders are. You can often establish a website, publish it, and maintain it online for less than $10 monthly.

Final Recommendation (Recommended Fynd Platform As a Best Website Builder For Restaurant)

Final Recommendation (Recommended Fynd Platform As a Best Website Builder For Restaurant)

When choosing a website builder for your restaurant, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, consider whether restaurant-specific tools are available, such as restaurant-themed templates, online ordering options, the capacity to embed user reviews, various menu options, and comparable features.

For restaurants, Fynd Platform is a fantastic option. The drag-and-drop functionality of the website builder makes modifications quite simple. You can create a custom menu using its custom menu builder service. 

It contains all the features a restaurant would require, including a delivery and ordering system, a commission-free ordering system, a booking system, marketing tools, etc. It would also help to consider how well the program interfaces with third-party marketing tools like email, social media, and other channels and the overall cost.

The best restaurant website builders:

1. Fynd Platform – best website builder for restaurants.

2. Wix – best for ease of use.

3. Squarespace – best for businesses on a budget.

4. Shopify – best for setting up quickly.

5. Jimdo –best for growing businesses.

Just keep in mind to take into account your unique requirements before selecting a restaurant website. Fortunately, every option listed here offers a free plan or a free trial, allowing you to try out the platform's capabilities before deciding to subscribe to a premium plan.


Today, there are many website builders for restaurants. Unfortunately, you will only be able to select one. First, list the qualities in ascending order of significance important to your company and customers. Then choose a site builder usefully meets the majority of those requirements.

In these competitive times, life is challenging. Most newly founded firms fail. I'm sure you're aware of this. And if you're opening a restaurant, you're facing various difficulties that I cannot even begin to understand. 

However, developing your website doesn't have to be one of those hurdles. Modern website builders don't need the creator to have technical knowledge. Instead, the layperson and laywoman may efficiently utilize Fyeasily and Platform, Squarespace, and Wix. Each offers vertical restaurant-specific solutions that keep your patrons informed and well-fed.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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How do I make a restaurant website from scratch?

Determine the features your website needs first. A one-page or ordering page-style website might not be the best if your restaurant is big and offers a variety of menu items and ordering options. 

Avoid drag-and-drop style builders if you need a lot of customisation. Additionally, if you're interested in online delivery and pickup choices, search for a function Object() { [native code] }, which offers fantastic online store options that are customized to the products and methods you sell.

Once you've done some research, dive right in! Play around with a couple to get a sense of the features you would like and which ones match the style and feel of your restaurant website. Many restaurant website builders provide a free trial period. Fynd Platform is the best suitable website builder for restaurants.

Is Squarespace good for restaurants?

As a basic restaurant website builder with restaurant-specific layouts, Squarespace is a fantastic option. It is mobile-optimized and offers e-commerce possibilities on more expensive plans like most general builders.

However, it doesn't allow for complete customization. Most users' main issue with Squarespace is the page loading speeds, which the company attempts to reduce. Examine whether its features make the most sense for your company, like other restaurant website builders.

What makes a good website for a restaurant?

arrow down

A good website builder will assist you in creating your website and provide useful features at a reasonable price.

How much does Wix restaurant cost?

If unsure, you can sign up for Wix's free plan without affecting your company's finances. Building a website for your business won't cost you more than their least expensive plan, which starts at $14 a month.

How do I create a restaurant website on Wix?

You've come to the right place if you want to create a restaurant website with Wix! Wix is a straightforward drag-and-drop website that enables anyone to easily create a website without coding or design knowledge.

Wix is simple, but it cannot be very comforting when first using it, especially if you've never created a website. So, I produced this step-by-step guide for novices to walk you through the entire procedure.

1. Registering with Wix

2. Choose a Wix site template

3. We present the Wix website builder.

4. Artificial Design Intelligence with Wix (ADI)

5. Making changes to your Wix site

6. Putting your Wix site online

7. Keeping up with and managing your Wix site

Can I customize the design of my restaurant website with a website builder?

Yes, most website builders for restaurants come with customizable templates and design tools that allow you to create a unique and professional-looking website. You can customize the fonts, colors, images, and layout of your website to reflect your restaurant's branding and personality.

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