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70+ Small Scale Business Ideas 2024 (High Profit in Low Capital)

70+ Small Scale Business Ideas 2024 (High Profit in Low Capital)

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If you have limited capital, yet want to start a new venture then go through the following article to get Small Scale Business Ideas in India, with which the entrepreneurs got success even after starting their new businesses.

In the Global market, India is ranking at 63 position among 190 countries in 2024, after going up 14 places compared to the last year. After digitizations, India has been experiencing a huge growth in the business market.  

What is a Small Scale Business?   

A business, that is operating its business on a small scale level (in terms of capital, machineries and labour), can be called as a small scale business. More specifically, the small scale business is the part of an industry, which manufactures goods and services in terms of low scale.

 A report released by IBEF stats that MSME small business product export share of All India stood at 49.4% and 49.8% for FY21 and FY20 respectively.

A small scale business follows the below mentioned basic characteristics:

  • The small scale business can earn lower revenue and profitability compared to the large firms since the investment is limited
  • Number of employees is also limited, hence, the owner of the small scale firm cannot expect for a large based of production for a certain period of time
  • The small scale business can be covered/ expanded to a smaller markets
  • The owner of the small scale firm can run the business either as a sole proprietorship or as a limited liability partnership

Reason Behind the Starting of a Small Business

Limited capital is not only the one reason for opening a small scale business, but also the risk averse person does not want to invest a lot for such a business. Initially they want to invest less in such a business, which demands for limited capital and raw materials. So that if the owner will incur loss from the start up business, they will not face any big trouble.

In such a situation, most of the owners do not want to make a business loan (to avoid the loan repayment burden), better they are opting for their savings to start a small scale business. If the business idea is unique, then the owner of the small scale firm can be expected for a profit or good turnover after a year. 

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According to a Report Published Online, There are total SMEs in India is estimated to be 42.50 Million and Staggering 95% of total Industrial Units.

Here in the following section, the reasons for staring the small businesses are listed:

Reason behind the starting of a small business

  • No one is there to instruct you. You will be your own boss
  • Low risk of failure
  • Low capital investment
  • Tax benefits
  • Easy to start
  • Favorable government and bank scheme

Small Scale Business Ideas

Before you start a small scale business, you can go through the following content to get plenty of ideas.

1. Manufacturing of Candles

Wax placed inside glass and tied with ice cream sticks.

The manufacturers of scented candles in India have been experiencing a sharp growth since the past few years. Hence, Candle production is identified as one of the booming industries. However, to produce candles, the manufactures need only four raw materials such as wax, wicks, essential oil and mould. All of these ingredients are budget friendly. 

In the era of digitization, the manufacturers can sell the home made candles online. As a result, a candle seller from rural areas can reach every corner of the nation by making couriers.

Online platform helps the sellers to reach their small business to the large base of customers.  As per the statistical report, a candle seller can earn Rs 20000 to 25000 in a month, which is marked as a good earning of a small scale firm owner. 


2. Online/ Ecommerce Business

A girl is packing the black and white shoes.

The primary aim of the ecommerce business is to transmit the goods and services over the internet. Fynd is one of those ecommerce businesses, which got successful in its own domain. 

For the entrepreneur or the startup owner, ecommerce business is the lucrative offer to start the business with smaller investment. More specifically, being a ecommerce business entrepreneur, one does not need to search for any physical business set up, only he needs to ensure internet connectivity. Ecommerce business offers the highest flexibility, affordability and other opportunities to flourish the business. 

According to Report published by major Agency, Ecommerce Estimated online retail market size was 73 billion USD by the year 2024.

3. Digital Marketing Agency 

Watching images in the tablet.

As per the statistical report, the digital marketing industry will experience a sharp growth rate of 50% by the end of 2025. After opening a business or venture, the owners first reach to the digital marketers to promote their business, so that they can reach with their businesses to a large base of customers. 

From this point, it can be suggested that if you are skilled and want to start a business with lower capital, then open a digital marketing agency. In addition, since the entire operations will be done online, therefore, you do not need to rent and can operate your job from your home initially. Hence, there is a scope of experiencing higher profitability from the start up business.   

4. Start Home Baking

A bread with flour covered with cloth.

People are now highly health conscious or fitness freaks. Home bakers are magicians for them, who are able to bake for them in low calories. If you are a cookie lover, then do not think much about the calorie intake, better contact the home bakers through an online platform. 

Home bakers are ready on your service to serve healthy/ vegan/ keto yet thematic food on your plate. This is evidence of the high demand of home bakers. Only the home bakers need to assure that they have a good oven and also need to stock up on the required ingredients. Hence, it will be a great opportunity for the home bakers to earn a good amount of money.

The reports published by EMR says that the Indian Bakery Market stood at a value of around 7.60 billion USD, and is further estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% between 2021 and 2026 to reach a value of USD 12.39 billion by 2026.

5. Opening of a Cloud Kitchen

Burgers, fries and beverage placed together inside the box.

If you are a good cook or prepare mouth-watering food, for which anybody can drool, then go for the cloud kitchen business. For this, you do not need to take rent, only you have one functional kitchen- from where you operate the business. In most of the cases, the small scale owners initially start the cloud kitchen business from their own place. It saves the money of renting a separate functional kitchen. 

Only the Cloud kitchen owner requires to have a smartphone and needs to be tech-savvy. In this regard, the owner can ask for the help of an online selling platform. Apart from selling the food, the sellers can promote the business as well as reach out to the large scale of customers. Think Smart and Earn Smarter!

6. Social Media Influencer

YouTube logo displayed on screen.

If you are a creative thinker or if you have a large base of followers, then you can think of a social media influencer. Only you need to maintain the engagement with your social media followers. The followers are looking for creative and unique content now-a-days, which can make them unique from the others. 

If you are able to do the stuff smartly, then collaborators will show their interest in promoting their products and services. Being an asset to any brand, you can for a handsome PR package in turn.

7. Personalized Gifts

Gift packed placed inside the wooden basket.

Exchanging gifts during special occasions and festivals is an integrated part of Indian Culture. With the time being, the taste and preferences of the people have been updating. People are now looking for customised and personalized gift items to make their near and dear ones happy. 

The personalized gift item concept has come from uniqueness. Everybody wants to gift their relatives something new, which is not readily available in the stores. Hence, if you are creative, then you can think of starting a business for selling personalized gifts. 

Nonetheless, the entrepreneur should engage only the similar minded and deserving employees for production to meet the increasing demand for the same. 

8. Organic Farming

Planting fruits plants.

Demand for home grown or organic products among the Indian citizens have been increasing over the years. The target customers of organic farming are those, who are living healthy lifestyles. These organic foods are free from harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

If you have done your higher study in Agriculture or if you have enough relevant knowledge and also want to start your own business with lower capital, then you should definitely opt for organic farming. Considering the current trend, this particular industry will experience a sharp growth in the near future. 

In this regard, the owner of an organic farming business can open an account on an online platform to promote your business, so that a large customer base will be able to know about the business and can make purchases from it. 

The buyers can get to know about the detailed knowledge about the product range, the service the business owner offers and the shipping story for delivering the products. 

According to the reports by APEDA the total organic export was valued at 1040.95 million USD in the year 2020-2021.

9. Opening of Cafeteria

Cafe name displayed with lighting.

Cafeteria is the one stop destination for hanging out with friends. In India, Indian Cafe business is marked as the world’s 10th fastest growing market and the demand for tea, coffee, cookies apart from chilling out are never ending. Based on the statistical report by market researcher 

Euromonitor International, it can be speculated that the cafeteria businesses in India will grow by 6.9% a year. Most importantly, for raw materials supply the Indian cafeteria should not depend on the export from other countries. Hence, if anybody is thinking of opening a cafeteria with lower investment, it can be a good decision to make profit from the business. 

Only make sure that you open the cafeteria to a crowded place. So that it can get recognition easily, within a short period of time. Word of mouth can be a good promotional strategy to reach out to the target customers after opening it. 

10. Online Tutoring

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for online tutoring is getting high. The guardians do not want to send their child to the coaching center for maintaining social distancing, instead they want to register their children names for online coaching center. 

On the other hand, being an online tutor, one can get flexibility of scheduling the classes. It is also a time saving process. The teacher should not travel and can save that time.

If you are an expert, if you have efficient knowledge or have a dream of becoming a teacher, then you can start tutoring online. Only you need to have good internet connectivity with a smartphone or laptop, through which you will take the class. 

11. Pet Sitting and Pet Grooming

A women cutting nails of a pet dog.

To take care of the pets, in the absence of their masters or for a specific period of time, the pets are sent to the pet sitting centre temporarily. More specifically, when the family members are going to the office or college or staying outside the house, the pet will feel lonely during that time. 

Pets are like a kid, they always seek attention and if you are lacking to give them enough time, then you can take them to the pet sitting centre. A pet sitter can be charge from Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 per day across several states of India. The rate is basically varied with the location and demand for them and availability of the pet sitter.  

If you love pets and can connect with them, then you are good to become a pet sitter and can earn a good salary. In addition, along with the pet sitting, the pet grooming industry is also growing. 

For the well being of the pet, their owners can go to great extent. For instance, from spaws to pawdicure are few most demanding services to the pet owners. Hence, the entrepreneur can start the business as a pet sitter and pet groomer with nominal investment (for purchasing of pet grooming equipment) and can expect a good profit/ return from the business. 


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Though pet sitting and pet grooming business are in demand, however, many people are not aware of the concepts. A pet owner sometimes canceled their trips for not keeping his pet alone. 

Now, they should not be worried, rather they can go for a vacation in peace since their pet is now under the supervision of a pet sitter. To reach out to a large base of customers, the pet sitter can take the help of an online platform. Where they can make their business accounts and can connect to the target audience free of cost. 

12. Salon Services

Two boys are cutting hair in salon.

If you are a makeup artist or a hair stylist, then opening up your own salon can be a good small scale business. People seek spa/ salon care not only for their beauty regime, but also for getting relaxation.

This is one of the major reasons why the salon industry in India has been experiencing a sharp growth. For instance, the salon revenue and the growth rate of the industry will be increased by 20% in the coming years. Hence, opening a salon in India with low investment can be a good idea for the entrepreneurs.


Initially, if you cannot take a rent for your parlor/ make-up studio, then you can start to provide the service directly from your house. Once you arrange enough capital, then you should think of expanding the business. 

13. Handmade Jewelry Business  

Pink bangles with diamond and stones.

Women are very fascinated about their styling. They are more likely to carry customized jewelry, which can go well with their outfits. Hence, the demand for handmade jewelry has been increasing over the years.

The customers do not want to spend more for purchasing only one stuff. Instead they are looking for some budget friendly yet beautiful pieces, which can team up with any dresses. 

All the handmade jewelries are pocket friendly in nature, and this is the main USP of high demand for the products. To open and run such a business, the handmade jewellery owner does not need to invest a lot, rather they need to spend a few amount for purchasing the raw materials, like junk charms, clay (for making clay jewellery) etc.

To increase the familiarity, the seller needs to bring variations and new designs in their stuff. Also they need to reach out to a large customer base, so that these handmade products can be sold to any corners of the country. In this regard, the sellers can take the help of online platforms and can increase the connectivity with the buyers. 

14. Event Management and Party Planner

Decorative Tables and Chairs At Event Centre

Indians do not need occasions for partying-either it be the Rice ceremony of a baby or a success party for promotion in the professional field. In addition, social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram set the bar high. Hence, the new-age events are planned to a top-notch level. 

The event planners are also ready to satisfy your taste, either it be a public or private party. Their professional touch can create magic in a party. This is the evidence that the people of this country are looking for event planners when it comes to organizing a party.

As per the statistical report, in 2016-17, the industry stood at Rs 5631 Crore after a growth of 16% CAGR (compound growth rate). Based on the past years’ growth rate, it can be assumed that the Event Management industry in India will cross Rs 10,000 crore by the coming years. On the other hand, if you are a creative artist, then you opt for this business with investing lower capital.  

Digital activation (through online platforms), innovative theme decoration, personal events, new service launches, and government initiatives are the key growth drivers for the industry. 

15. Personal Fitness Trainer 

A Man is Doing Exercise on Floor.

The fitness freaks people are often looking for a personal fitness trainer. Under the supervision of the fitness trainer, the people can get the proper guidance. The trainer also guides their clients with proper diet charts. Hence, if you are efficient enough and have good knowledge, then start your career as a personal fitness trainer.

A well skilled fitness trainer usually charges Rs 5000 to 10000 for every session. In turn, the personal trainer does not need to invest any single penny. Hence, it is one of those profitable businesses, where one can start his career with zero investment. 

16. Handmade soap and perfume seller

Handmade soap and perfumes are in demand now-a-day. People are ordering such handmade items not only for personal use, but also for gifting purposes. On the other hand, the hand made soaps are priced between Rs 100 to 200; whereas the price of the hand made perfumes are Rs 300 to 500. 

The handmade perfume sellers can also create the same fragrance of the costlier brands such as Gucci, Zara etc., which are sold in the market at higher prices. Hence, demand for handmade soap and perfume have been increasing at a rapid pace.

Once can start their business in this respective field and start to manufacture from their home only. Only they need to advertise their products/ brand through the online platform, so that they can reach out to a large range of consumers. 

17. Start a Venture as a Photographer

A Photographer Capturing A Photo of Playing Violin Girl

People are fond of capturing their special moments and hence, if they throw any event (such as pre-wedding to maternity photoshoot to rice ceremony), they hire professional photographers. Photographers in turn charge a high amount for their top notch service from the clients. This is another option of starting a small business with zero investment. 

Only you have to be a pro to click candid photographs and cinematic poses. As per the current trend, it can be anticipated that the demand for the photographers will be increased more in the coming days.

As per the report, considering the growth towards digitization, photography is one of the highest demanding professions in future.  If you have a plan to be a successful photographer, you can start photography using your smartphone.  

18. Open Your Own Dance Class

People Are Practicing Dance in The Dance Studio.

Dance is not only a beautiful art form, but also a form of exercise. Generation Y is highly inclined towards dance. The new age Choreographers are also inventing techniques to engage people in the creative form of art and exercise. 

If you are a dance artist or a social media influencer, you can make short videos or reels of your dance and can post it. It is a great way of attracting the attention of the followers. If dancing is your passion and you want to make it your ambition, then you can start your career as a dance teacher. Meanwhile, a professional dancer can earn a handsome salary per month, where you only put in nothing but your labour. 

No financial investment is there to open a dance class. First, you start the classes at your home. Once you get success and earn money and want a good business exposure, you can rent a big studio or hall for taking the dance classes.

19. Website and Application Developing Business 

Website and Application Running in Laptop Along Calculator Display.

If you are a software engineer, are good at coding and also want to start your own business in the similar genre, then you can start to develop websites and application developing businesses.

For developing websites, the owners of the organizations are ready to pay a lump sum amount. As per the statistical report, a web developer with 1-4 years experience, can earn Rs 3,04,000 per annum. 

On the other hand, it is completely a home based job. You do not need to rent a separate house for opening your business. Hence, the entire earning will be treated as your profit share. Over the years, the payscale will be increased. Hence, this can be a profitable business idea to start with. 

Once you start your career as a web developer in India, you can promote your business through an online platform, so that a large group of people can come to know about the start up business of yours. 

20. Blogging

A Girl is Sitting in a Chair and Thinking of Something At Looking Out Laptop

Blogging is another home based small scale business, which is growing with the time being in India. If you are a writer, creative thinker and have a good follower base in social media,

then you should take blogging or vlogging as a serious career, from where you can earn money. Only you need to keep in mind that you should focus more on engaging with your followers through social media. It will in turn help to increase your posts’ reach. 

Apart from creative write up, you can post interesting videos or vlogs. A creative content creator can expect to get paid based on the total number of views from a post. Hence, blogging is another example of successful small scale business ideas, where the revenues will be generated in turn of zero investment. 

However, if you do not want to increase your post reach not only in organic way, then you should take help from an online platform. You can contact a digital marketer to run a paid promotion. 

21. Selling of Handicraft Products

Handicraft Antique Statues Are Display in a Store.

Handicraft business is the backbone of the rural economy of India since the past decades. The Government of India has taken initiatives to promote the sale of handicraft products across the country.

India is blessed with such talent, so that it exports around Rs 24,000 crore products every year to the global market. ut for the nation, handicraft business can be a good choice for further exposure. 

The central government has come up with plenty of financial schemes for helping out the craftsmen if they have been facing any challenge. For instance, the Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yojana collaboration with Dastkar Sashaktikaran Yojana aims at supporting the artists, when they are required.

So even after starting this business, you will not face any financial crisis. The Govt of India will expand its hand for supporting your business.  This proves how the handicraft products of India are demanding to the international market. Based on the current trend, it can be expected that the growth rate will be increased more in the future. 

If you are thinking of showcasing some talent of your handicraft products, then take it seriously and open a business. To run the business and get immense success from it, the candidates should promote the business to an online platform.

22. Catering Service 

Food are Displaying in Chaffing Dishes.

Though the catering business incurred loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the industry is trying to revive. After such a pandemic, the business owner should focus on health and sanitation. While working, the staff should follow the best hygiene practices. 

Apart from that, Indians are foodie, whether it be a wedding ceremony or house party, people are ready to invest in the caterer in order to receive good quality food.  If you think of starting a catering service, then do not think of taking the order of more than 100 people initially.

First start the order of the house party, where 15-20 people will be there. Then gradually think of exploring the business. To get success in catering service, word of mouth will play a major role.

If people will like your food quality and service, they will like to place orders again and also suggest to the others. Hence, try these things in your mind if you want to run your business successfully in the long run. 

And if you are a lady and want to start your career with an opening catering service, then you can ask for some lucrative business loan schemes, some of them are Cent Kalyani scheme, MUDRA Loan, Srinagar and Annapurna Loan Scheme, Shakti Scheme etc.  

As per the statistical report, the Indian Catering service has been worth of Rs 15000 to Rs 20000 crores and can experience an annual growth of 25%-30% during the post covid period. Hence, you can get an opportunity to be successful if you open your own catering service. 

23. Mobile Garage Service

A Service Man is Repairing A Car in A Garage.

Mobile garage service in India has gained popularity as a small scale business, especially after lockdown. If you think of running a mobile garage service, then you should take a rented vehicle packing with the right tools for car and motorbike repairing. 

This is basically a door step service, when the client will give you a call and cannot come to you for repairing their vehicle, the mobile garage owner should be presented to fix the problem.

To take the service, the client should give a call or message to the mobile garage service owner and book your appointment. Hence, you are requested to turn on your mobile number during the working hours, so that you will not face any hassle to get a call or receive a message.   

To open such a business, you will need to have a certified car mechanic apart from having the relevant skill and knowledge in the respective field. As per the statistical report, after opening one can expect to get a return of 30% from the mobile garage service.

Hence, mobile garage service can be an innovative yet profitable small scale business idea. To promote the start up business, the owner can take the help of email marketing, social media ads etc for online marketing. 

24. Spoken English Class

Students Are Learning in Spoken English in a Class Room

If you are fluent enough in English, then why don't you think of opening spoken English classes? Initially, you can start from your home. Only you have to be dedicated towards your work and you can expect a good income from it.


In India, there are many people who are capable of writing in English, whereas a bit nervous in speaking English fluently. Some of them are suffering from pronunciation problems. It is one of the major parts of fluent spoken English. 

A lot of students take admission for spoken English before they appear for any interview to MNCs, where speaking and writing in English is mandatory. Hence, if you earn good money with zero investment, you can start your journey as a spoken English teacher. 

25. Travel Agent 

A Girl is Walking With Trolley Bag At Outside of Airport.

Indians are fascinated by traveling. To get rid of monotony, people usually travel at least twice a week. Here, travel agents are ready to provide you the best guidance and you will get the premium care in your vacation. 

The tourists should not take any burden about tour planning to their accommodation. Everything from fooding and lodging to sight seeing, everything will be planned by the travel agent at the best charged price. 

As per the statistical estimation, the Indian travel agency industry will touch $25 billion by FY 27. This proves that there is a sharp future in travel agency business in India. If anybody is thinking of starting their career as a travel agent, then it will be a good decision to take. 

Apart from that the small scale travel agents can expect financial support from the govt. After covid, the tour operator and traveling business went down. To boost up the business, the Government of India has decided to extend loans for further business exposure. 

So being a start up business owner of a travel agent firm, you will get all the required financial help and can easily flourish your business in the Indian market. Apart from the large trip, the people are showing their interest also for budget friendly solo trips, road trips, and day trips. So, try to keep yourself updated with the newly aged traveling experience, so that you can satisfy your client with your service.  

26. Insurance Agents

People are sometimes getting confused about their future planning and where they should save their hard earned money. Insurance agents help you out to choose the best suited insurance policies for you based on your demand or business niche. Some of the popular insurances are life insurance, health insurance etc.

As per the statistical reports, the private life insurers can expect a growth of CAGR over 17% by the end of 2024. Hence, if you are well skilled in policies, then you can start your career as a private insurer. 

To increase your sales even after opening a startup form for an Insurance agency, the candidates should build deep knowledge about industry’s risks. Try to gain advantage over the competitor firms. And once you start to gain a reputation, more clients will like to take service from you. Hence, earning a referral can help you to gain more advantage in the business. 

Top Small Scale Business Ideas for Women and Housewives

The Indian market has been growing over the years and the housewives now want to earn in their free time, once they are done with household chores. Here the list of small scale business ideas have been provided for the women, more specifically for the housewives. 

1. Home Service

Different Type of Food is Displaying in Box.

 If cooking is your passion, then show your excellence in this same aligned field. You can start a home service business. In the fast paced world, there are a number of people, who don’t even get time for cooking, they are completely dependent on home service food; otherwise they will have to eat junk foods. 

Home service ensures the service takers to prepare their office going tiffin to their dinner. Apart from home service, cooking classes are in huge demand and hence, it can be a good source of income for the housewives. 

Investment: Investment to home service or cooking classes is very less, around Rs 1000 or less. The investment as well as net earning will be completely depending on the price of materials in the marks and the ingredients used in the cooking.

2. Handmade Items

Handmade items are displayed.

The housewives can think of starting to sell handmade items with uniquely designed packaging styles, if they are creative or artistic. People are preferring to purchase handmade and customized gift items to their near and dear ones and for a good gesture, they are ready to pay. 

Being an artist, one should also showcase her talent. Handmade products can be painting, wall décor, homemade cookies, perfumes, jewelry, candles etc. Demand for such handmade unique products has increased over the years. People also like to own it over the traditional gift items. 

Not only for gifting purposes, people also like to buy the stuff for their personal uses. This is another way to channelize your creativity into an income source.   

Investment: Investment is highly dependent on materials you use for the business. For instance, the price of raw materials can be Rs 500 to Rs 10000. You should charge the price accordingly. Many people acknowledge the handmade products, hence, the housewives can easily earn a handsome salary every month from it. 

3. Online Consultancy

Two men Are Working in Office.

People are looking for good consultation, either for their business, health, relationships, work, marriage, education, career, family etc. When they are feeling confused and looking for the best suited guidance, they keenly take advice from the online consultant. 

If you have enough knowledge of human psychology or knowledge related to the respective field, then start your career as an online consultant in your free time. Only keep in mind the other relevant pre-requisites like medical, taxation etc. 

Manage your time for one-to-one consultation. You can arrange the sessions through masterclasses or webinars. If required you can make small audio, video clippings and can share with your clients, when they are required. 

Investment: Ideally online consultation is a zero investment venture for housewives. Profits will be depending on the number of clients you contact and also on your fee structure. 

4. Open a YouTube Channel

 YouTube Logo Display in Mobile Phone.

If you have talent in making creative content, then you capture short videos, make a vlog and post it to YouTube. If the users find your content creative or informative, they will subscribe to your channel and share the videos. It will in turn help you to gain viewers organically. Moreover, the reach of your posts will be increased as well.

If you travel somewhere, you can post the travel vlog, including all the required details such as cost of the tour, what about the food of the place, hotel price etc. With the number of viewers, and subscribers, paid collaborators will also show their interest. This can be a good option of earning money from YouTube. 

Investment: Only good internet connection is required to start a YouTube channel. Profitability percentage is depending on how you upload unique, informative and quality content. You also need to have a good knowledge of video editing. 

5. Captcha Entry Job 

Laptop, Books and Pens Are on Desk Table.

Captcha entry job is a good choice for housewives, who are willing to earn money after their household work, in their spare time. Only you should have a computer/laptop and good internet connection for starting captcha entry works.

Gradually you should increase your typing speed.  If you earn more than 30+ words per minute, then you can think of earning a good monety. Moreover, to start a captcha entry job, you should not invest a single penny.

6. Association with PTC Sites

A Girl is Doing Work in Laptop From Sitting At Home.

PTC sites are referred to as the pay to click websites. You will be paid for viewing and clicking the advertisements. Though the earning from PTC sites are low, however, one can start to earn from here with zero investment, better sitting idle.

In addition, to earn money from PTC sites, the housewives should not require any skills or professional knowledge to have. Housewives can earn extra money from here in their spare times. 

7. Reselling of Products through e-commerce or Social Media

A Girl is Packing Shoes in Box.

The housewives can earn from reselling ecommerce products. The main funda of such business is to purchase the products at wholesale price and sell it to the profitability rate. For reselling you can use social media platforms. 

Based on the current trend, it can be assumed that a housewife can earn cumulative profit from the reselling of e-commerce items. Only make sure, the quality of the products should be top notch. Otherwise, no one will show their interest to purchase the product. Maintain the trust of your clients, this is the pillar of the success of online business. 

8. Book Review Blog   

Someone is Watching Images in Mobile Phone

If you have knowledge in content writing and simultaneously you are reader and critic, then you start to earn from book reviewing blog.Once you complete reading a book, you can post the review of it.

Mention what you like and dislike of the books, because a book review blogger needs to provide all the detailed information. Do not mention the climax and ask the readers to read the book on their own to know the climax. Leave a twist to grow their interest. 

It in turn motivates the other readers too and drives their mind to go through the books. Hence, with the rising popularity, one can earn a good amount from book review blogs.  

9. Answering Service Jobs

A lot of professionals are looking for such employees, who are competent to communicate with their clients regarding their queries and can provide the best services to the clients. If the housewives have good communication skills, then they can start their career with answering service jobs and can get an opportunity to earn a lucrative amount. 

In this case, the housewives have to be soft spoken apart from having good communication skills. To solve the queries, they should also be good listeners. It will in turn help them to get the point of the clients, so that they can address it quickly.

10. Virtual Assistant

A Girl and Old Man Operating Laptop.

Sometimes, the companies are recruiting some freelancers for their virtual assistance in different works. For instance, the organizations engage such freelancers for managing the finances, or for assisting the accountant in his works or to reduce his work burden or to promote products online. 

Since it is a work from home based job and since there is no fixed time of working, hence, the housewives can apply for the same and can earn some money. Most housewives find this virtual assistance job suitable for them since they get a chance to earn money even after working in flexible working hours. 

11. Counselling for College Preparation

A Girl is Standing With Holding a Books.

If you have prior knowledge of working as a counsellor with any recognized institution or college, however, cannot continue your work after you are getting married, then it can be a good opportunity for you to resume your work as a college preparation counsellor, since the entire sessions will be commenced in online mode. 

As per the report, the online counsellor for college preparation can earn a respectable salary since their fees for every session is quite high. Hence, don't think much or don't sit idle, rather resume your work in the same field. 

12. Help with Writing Resumes

A Man is Writing in a Notebook With Pen.

Sometimes it can be found that young adults find it difficult to write their resumes, which is one of the important aspects of getting a job. If the women are proficient enough to fetch out the skills of the novice and can represent them attractively in front of the recruiter, then they should opt for the resume writing as their profession. In turn, they can earn a good amount from this profession.  

13. Sewing Classes 

Tailor is Operating Machine.

If you have knowledge in sewing, then you can make crochet or woolen made of products and can start a venture on it. One can operate a part time business with it. As per the demand, one can customize the order and can sell the products. Demand for such customized items has been growing with time. Hence, one can start sewing classes with nominal investment. 

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Starting a business in the manufacturing sector with higher investment is way risky. In turn, one can earn higher profit with fewer investments in the manufacturing sector in India. Here, a list of small scale manufacturing business ideas are provided.

1. Manufacturing of Coconut oil

Taking Coconut Oil with Fingers From Bowl.

Coconut oil is widely used to cook food. Not only in cooking, but also coconut oil is used for manufacturing the oil, cosmetics, soaps, hair tonics etc. If one has a budget of less than 1 lakh, then you can start with manufacturing coconut oil with this amount. 

The primary raw material for manufacturing coconut oil is dried coconut. If the manufacturers maintain the quality, then they can sell it both in local and global markets and can expect to earn a decent amount.

Because of the growing awareness about naturally prepared oil, the demand for coconut oil has been growing with the passage of time. You can start the business either from home or can hire a small space for manufacturing of coconut oil. 

2. Manufacturing of Paper

Paper is extensively used in every sector. Hence, the demand for papers is never ending. Though the demand for the product is very high, nonetheless, the investment for starting such a business is moderate. Hence, one with lower investment can easily think of manufacturing the paper.


However, the manufacturing of paper business cannot be possible to start at home. You should search for a commercial place. There you can easily set up your paper making machine.

The demand for paper has increased more after banning plastic bags. Being an eco-friendly product, the demand for paper is growing at a rapid pace. For instance, the initial investment for such a small scale business in the manufacturing industry can be Rs 1 lakh to 2 lakhs. 

3. Production of Fertilizers

Production of Fertilizers

Fertility is one of the high demand products in India, since it is essential for growing plants. More specifically, the local farmers are always in search of pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides. If you are from a rural area and have interest in farming, then you can start the manufacturing of fertilizers.

Apart from that, India is an agricultural richest country and two-third of the land of the country is used for cultivation, hence, the demand for raw materials like fertilizers are in demand. 

Once you start to manufacture fertilizers, you need to look after its quality. Using high quality fertilizers can make your soil more fertile and you can expect to get a proportionate crop in return. As per the current trend, you can also start a venture on the production of organic demand. For instance, one needs approximately 50000 investment for starting such a venture.

4. Manufacturing of Disposable Plates, Cups and Crockery 

Two Disposable Plates With Paper Glass.

Demand for the disposable plates, cups and crockery have been tremendously increased after banning the usage of plastic or plastic made of products. Hence, getting into the manufacturing of disposable plates and cups industry can be a profitable and wise option for you. You can get a long run profit from it. 

From any occasion to street food selling vendors, all prefer the selling of disposable items. The disposable products are extremely light weight and eco-friendly. Though the disposable items are comparatively expensive, the products are highly demanding. As per the report, the growth rate will be increased sharply in the near future to deal with the global warming problem. 

5. Manufacturing of Hand Sanitizers 

Masks And Hand Sanitizers.

Considering the current situation (especially the post covid period), demand for hand sanitizers have been immensely increased. It is now mandatory to use the hand sanitizers frequently, either at home, or at office, or at a mall or at a restaurant. 

Unless you manufacture hand sanitizers in large quantities, the higher demand for the product cannot be met. For instance, during Covid, the shops and the supermarkets were running short of sanitizers.

To supply the products, one should start the manufacturing of hand sanitizers on a large scale. Whatever be the price, the people are bound to purchase the product. On the other hand, the manufacturer does not need higher investment for starting the manufacturing of hand sanitizers. 

6. Soda and Flavored Drinks

The Soda and Flavored Drinks manufacturing sector is growing at a faster pace across the tropical regions. The manufacturers charge approximately Rs 5 to 10 for 300 ml glass and they are good enough to earn profit from this business.

This business is running successfully especially in summer. On the other hand, the investment or the cost of raw materials for preparing soda and flavored drinks is very nominal. Hence, one manufacturer can earn a decent salary with small investment in this manufacturing business. 

7. Making of Readymade Chapati or Paratha

Readymade Chapati Are On Dishes.

In the present era, people are now very busy with their tight working schedule and they are left with little time to make chapati or paratha. Hence, due to the lack of enough time or other facilities, the people are now looking for readymade chapatis or parathas.

On the other, roti or chapati is the primary diet in India, hence, the demand for the food is very high. Hence, people buy pre-packaged chapati or roti from the departmental store. 

However, you can start roti making business at a reasonable price and people are fond of handmade roti or chapati over the packaged food. If you want to sell roti or chapati on a larger scale, then you should take help from a roti making machine.

To purchase a roti making machine, the manufacturers need to invest around 1-2 lakh at a time. After that they can expect a good return in the long term.     

8. Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

Tempered Glass and Mobile Phone.

People are highly caring about their smartphones and want to keep the screen safe with tempered glass. With the growing demand for smartphones, the demand for tempered glass has also been increasing. Hence, the demand for smartphones and tempered glasses are going hand to hand. Consequently, the industry has been flourishing for the past few years.

Tempered glass manufacturing business is one of the highest profitable businesses in low investment. As per the statistical report, approximately 3 crores smartphones have been sold. Hence, one can imagine how many tempered glasses have been sold. Therefore, you can start your business in manufacturing tempered glass to earn a good amount.  

Small Business Ideas in 2024 without Investment or Minimal Investment

If you are not able to invest or ready for minimal investment for starting a business, then you can check the below mentioned list of small business ideas.

1. Review of Products or Services

You have full authority to review a product or service from your social media account/ social media page. bnTopic of the review can be anything, where you find interest or you feel you can represent nicely.

Some of the most popular topics for review are: Travel, food, beauty, book review, sports, health, lawn care etc. Only you need to remember that you should not be biased when you review a product or service. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Keyboard, Cup of Coffee, Glasses and Mobile Phone is On Desk.

It is a part of promoting a product and service in the era of internet marketing. For each sale generated based on the product review of yours, you will earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest ways of earning money, when you do not need to have your own product for its review. 

For affiliate marketing, you should have your own social media handles such as YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest etc. Hence, this is considered as one of the best small business ideas in 2024 without investment. 

3. Creating Music Videos

Small Girl Learning How to Play Violin From Her Teacher.

A lot of organizations are now looking for music videos for their brand building activities. For this reason, the organizers hire freelancers, who can make music videos. Artists and singers can apply for the same for creating music videos with zero investment. 

4. IT Security Consultation

Some One is Writing a Code in Laptop.

IT Security consultation is one of the most trending and profitable home based business ideas. If you are efficient and have skills, then you can start your career as an IT Security consultant from home with nominal investment. 

5. Making of Mobile Applications

The mobile app making business has huge potential and vast opportunities of growing. With the passage of time, demand for such service has been leaping. After the launching of smartphones and iPhones, varieties of mobile apps are now demanded by the users. 

As per the statistical report, approximately 30 millions applications are downloaded every day. Hence, it is evident that the growth rate of downloading the mobile application has been increasing at a rapid pace. Based on this data, it can be stated that the making of mobile apps from your home can be a good suggestion for a start up business in nominal investment. 

6. Senior Caring

A women holding hands of an old man.

The aged people require assistance for performing their day to day household activities like washing, cleaning, laundry. If you are interested in starting your own business in a lower investment or in zero investment, then you can initially start a home based business locally. 

7. Driving School

A Girl Is Driving A Car.

If you know how to drive, then you can open a driving school. With the same vehicle, the driving instructor can teach 5-6 people at a time. It is not very difficult to apply for a business loan and buy a small car. Moreover, with the tuition fees, you can easily repay the loan interest every month. 

Successful Small Scale Business Ideas in India: State Wise Business Ideas

Here in the following section, a rough overview of successful small scale business ideas across the Indian States (which are assumed to be the business hubs of India) have been provided. 

Small Scale Business Ideas in Delhi

Small Scale Business Ideas in delhi

1. Tattoo Parlor

A Tattoo Artist Making a Tattoo On Young Lady Hand.

People of Delhi are highly fashion conscious. Hence, getting a tattoo in your body is highly demanding. One can have a small sized tattoo only by paying Rs 1000 to 2000. On the other hand, the profits are also very high from this business. There. If you are from Delhi and want to start a venture on your own, then go for opening a tattoo parlor.

2. Open a Coaching Institute for UPSC Aspirants

A Teacher Is Explaining To Their Students in Coaching Classes.

Every year, thousands of aspirants come to Delhi from every corner of the country to start preparation for UPSC. The parents of those aspirants are ready to pay a decent amount in turn to get a quality service, so that the aspirants can crack the most highly paid administrative jobs of India and can earn the respect. Hence, you can think of starting coaching institutes in Delhi and can expect to earn a decent salary. 

3. Space Renting

If you have your own house in Delhi and if there are many unused spaces, then you can utilize the space for renting purpose. Since, there are a number of people living in Delhi for their studies or job purposes and buying a new house is difficult for them. Hence, renting can be a good option to earn money every month. 

4. Party planner

Decorative Tables nd Chairs at Event Centre

Delhi is popular for doing parties. The people who live here often arrange parties. Hence, being a party planner of Delhi, you have an opportunity to get good payment for arranging a happening yet successful party.


5. Green Consultancy

A Man Rope a Plant in a Pot.

Delhi is the greenest city in the country, and also one of the greenest capitals in the world. If you have a plan of opening an energy-saving firm in Delhi, then you can expect a great profit from this small scale business idea.

Moreover, the Government of Delhi is highly concerned about the environment and hence, electricity bills of this state are quite high. Therefore, energy saving gadgets can be very useful to the citizens of Delhi. 

Small Scale Business Ideas in Mumbai

let's start with small scale Business Ideas in Mumbai

1. Real Estate Consultant

View of Office.

With a growing population, the demand for real properties in Mumbai has increased widely. Before investing or before purchasing a property, the people are looking for a real estate consultant. Hence, you can start your career as a real estate consultant if you are from Mumbai and can expect a good profit from the business.

2. Grocery Delivery Service

A Delivery Guy Handover Food Delivery to a Man.

This is one of the most profitable and innovative small scale businesses of Mumbai. Mumbai people want to get delivery of the grocery items at their doorstep. You can start this venture online. And if you already own a stationary or grocery shop, then you can expect double sales from the business.

3. Open an Acting Teaching Institute

Three People Are Playing Drama in a Auditorium.

Mumbai is the hometown of bollywood industry. People from every corner of the country come here with a dream in their eyes to become an actor. Hence, if you open an acting institute, you can earn a good amount every month. Moreover, you can start such a business with low investment.

4. Bollywood Dance Class

Bollywood Dance Class

Along with the acting institute, you can start your own dance academy. It is equally important to know bollywood dance apart from knowing the acting. Besides, Bollywood dancing is also a very successful genre in the film industry. 

5. Mumbai Tour Operator

Mumbai is one of the tourist spots. People come to visit the place to witness the famous locations of the city. Hence, being a tour operator in Mumbai, you can earn a decent money from this business. 

Small Scale Business Ideas in Bangalore

The hyperactive economic scenario of Bangalore is favorable for the entrepreneurs of small scale business to flourish more in the business. Here the list of small scale business ideas in Bangalore has been provided.

1. Open a Grocery Shop

People Are Buying Vegetables From Grocery Shop..

People get less time to buy daily required grocery things, while they are living like a busy city, Bangalore. Hence, opening a grocery store with a free home delivery facility can be effective for the shop owner to increase the sales. 

2. Start a Car Rental Business in Bangalore

A Multiple Cars Are Parking At Roadside.

Renting a car is one of the popular small business ideas in Bangalore. From there, one can get a wide scope of making money. If your budget is limited, then you can collaborate with cab provider operators like Uber and Ola.

3. Opening a Food Restaurant

People Are Watching Making Of Barbeque By Chef in Restaurant.

The people of Bangalore love to have good healthy food. In this respect it can be stated that the demand for organic food in Bangalore has been growing in rapid manner. In addition, if you have your own land, then you can start organic farming and can sell it to meet the rising demand of the customers and can earn higher profit. 

4. Mobile Food Truck Business

Giani's Mobile Food Truck is Park At Roadside.

The concept of Mobile Food Truck Business in Bangalore has been updated since the past few years. After that the mobile food truck concept got huge facilitation from the customers. Only the entrepreneur should follow the basic guidelines to run this particular business in Bangalore. 

Small Scale Business Ideas in Kolkata

Lets Start with the list of small scale business idea in Kolkata

1. Start a Manufacturing Business

Different Types Packaging Are Ready in Manufacturing Unit.

The city of Kolkata is densely populated. Hence, demand for the local manufacturers is very high. If you have limited capital. And want to get a fast payback, then go for the manufacturing of masks, sanitizers, pollution masks etc., considering the current situation. 

2. Start a Tea Shop

Someone is Serving Tea from Teapot to Cup.

Darjeeling is very close to Kolkata, which is the hub of tea leaves production. Demand for good flavored tea is never ending. Hence, one can easily start a business by selling tea here.


3. Open a Sweet Corner

Kolkata is famous for its sweets. A variety of traditional sweets are prepared here. Being a sweet seller, the entrepreneur of Kolkata can earn profit from the business. As per the above discussion, it can be concluded that the people of Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore are also able to make profit with the small scale businesses. Apart from that plenty of small scale business ideas are there, which can be started either as  a career option or in their full time. 

Only the start up firm owners need popularity, which can be got from proper business promotion. In this regard, you can take the help of online platforms like Fynd. Through this ecommerce platform, the business owner can reach their target audience and can increase their sales. 

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What are the most profitable small business ideas in India?

 Some profitable small scale business ideas in India are:

  • Home improvement services
  • Cleaning services
  • Tutoring services
  • Personal training and fitness instructors
  • Delivery services
  • Grocery services
  • App development services
  • Accounting services

What are the top five small businesses to start?

The top five small businesses are:

  • Open a coffee shop
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Web designing
  • Online Advertising
  • Social media management
  • Cleaning

Which is the most profitable small scale business?

arrow down

The most profitable small scale businesses are:

  • Cake baking business 
  • Candle making business
  • Handmade chocolates
  • Making of Papad
  • Manufacturing of jute bags
  • Organic soaps

What business will grow in 2024?

Here in the following the list of business ideas have been provided, which will be growing in 2024:

  • Residential remodeling
  • Home health care
  • Animal care and services
  • Digital events
  • Wedding planner
  • Food delivery service
  • Online tutoring classes

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