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32+ Best Small Business Ideas for Village, Rural Areas & Small Towns

32+ Best Small Business Ideas for Village, Rural Areas & Small Towns

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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This material will undoubtedly assist you if you are searching for successful strategies for businesses in villages and rural areas. The prevalence of India's population still exists in villages. Villages have an infrastructure that is distinct from that of cities.

True, the business has a unique set of infrastructures and has a variety of requirements. This isn't to say that there aren't any economic opportunities in rural locations. Rural areas also have a plethora of business prospects. Some enterprises, such as agriculture-related firms, are only appropriate for village rural areas.

It would be advantageous for someone who has lived in the village to establish a business there. Setting up a small business in your neighborhood would demand less finance and investment.

It would also be simple to establish a business there because everybody is well-known. If you live in a rural region and want to start your own business, here is the place to be.

“Rural India's Entrepreneurial Culture So far, the Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Program has helped more than 1.86 lakh businesses (SVEP). DAY-NRLM has so far assisted 183 Producer Businesses and 1.22 lakh Producer Groups. Said by Ministry of Rural Development.

Since its independence, India has made significant development as a country, and we are today among the top countries worldwide on various measures.  Companies have thrived, and workers have relocated to cities in quest of greater opportunities.

Despite said that, a large portion of the population still lives in villages in India and works in small-scale industries in villages. This portion contributes considerably to India's GDP and could be considered the engine that drives the Indian economy.

Most of these concepts have now become an actuality, with businesses such as Fynd Platform helping people to get an online presence.  

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Why should start Business in the Village

Furthermore, because your goods would be supplied directly from the villages, you would have a high-quality product on your hands, which you can sell at city-level prices and profitably.

  • Easy availability of Organic resources
  • Well known Places and Familiar with the audiences (Customers)
  • Enrovirment friendly place
  • Low Investment, High Profit

Here we will discuss businesses in villages:

we will discuss businesses in villages

1. Organic Vegetable Cultivation

Fruits and vegetabled cultivated in the farm.

Many have begun to use vaccines produced in huge quantities. The use of which causes vegetables and fruits to mature ahead of schedule. As a result, the desire for organic commodities has been boosted.

You could begin organic cultivation and sell your products in the local market, which is in great need. You could do this by finding a suitable seller for your item so that you don't have to battle to sell it.

You can also sell your goods straight to customers on the market. However, because you are new to the market and are unaware of buyers, it is preferable to go via a seller at first. You may not be able to find the right market for your items on your own.

Additionally, doing it all yourself would raise your manufacturing costs due to transportation and warehousing costs. Furthermore, you may not have all you need right now.

2. Poultry Farming

It is not necessary to have a large amount of land to start a chicken farm. You could simply begin this business on your own or with the support of others. You would have to raise little chickens to a specific age before selling them.

You could establish this business on a contractual basis with a vendor, to start with. You would be given the hens, their food, and everything else; all you would have to do is raise the birds to a certain age or weight as per their requirements.

You would be compensated based on the number of birds or the weight of the chickens. The majority of payments are made based on the weight of the birds. It is not wise to accomplish everything on your own at first.

Because this would cost extra capital and may result in losses due to a lack of exposure, you must not take this risk at the start of your business. It would be preferable if you began on a contractual basis.

3. Fishery Farm

You could start fisheries businesses in villages in the same way that you could start a poultry farm. You must have some knowledge of the industry because it is not simple. For a fisheries business, you'll need enough acreage (Land).

In this industry, you must be extremely cautious because a single error might result in a significant loss. One diseased or infected fish could devastate the entire pond's fish population. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution in this industry.

You could sell your fish straight in the marketplace if the amount is small, but you could also sell it if the amount is large. You decide to raise the most popular and profitable fish, such as Rohu, Catfish, Hilsa, Manager, and so on.

4. Milk Centre

Milk kept in glass kept on wall.

Cows and buffalos are commonly reared in Indian villages. There are a lot of dairy farms that require a lot of milk. They get the milk from the milking parlors. Villagers' milk is collected at these milk centers.

To get the milk center up and running, you'll need to approach a dairy farm and form a partnership with them. You'll require a dedicated space to store the weighing equipment as well as the machine that measures the purity of milk fat and other items.

You'll require some fundamental qualifications because you'll be keeping track of accounts and performing simple calculations. You could, meanwhile, manage your accounts without mistake using the billing system. To keep the milk from spoiling, you'd have to keep the milk container clean.

Establish good client interactions and pay your bills on time so that everybody comes to your center.

5. Fertilizer Wholesale

A man sprinkling fertilizer on plants.

Agriculture is the primary source of income in the villages. One of the finest possibilities for your organization would be to open a fertilizer wholesale store. For this enterprise, you may need to obtain a license. You'd have to double-check the legality.

Because most people in villages are farmers, and fertilizer is among the most important necessities for agriculture, there are very few chances of losing money in this industry. Seeds could even be kept in your shop.

6. Drinking Water Supply

A man is drinking water from the bottle.

In the settlement, inhabitants mostly used handpumps, ponds, rivers, and other water sources. However, practically everybody now has a hand pump at home, and some people have even begun to purchase drinking water canes.

This is a business that may be started with very little money. You could open your store from the comfort of your own home. If possible, transport the canes in a four-wheeler such as a Tata Mahindra. You could even get by with two-wheelers at first.

If you don't like the idea of home delivery, you can continue your enterprise by having consumers come to your store and take the canes home personally. It would be simple for you to promote your businesses in villages because you both live in the same village.

7. Retail Establishments

You can certainly open retail stores if you want to. You could open a grocery/Kirana store, a clothes store, a mobile accessory store, a hardware store, and other businesses.

Now is the time to get your retail store up and running with the Inventory and Billing System. Your company's information would be in your hands.Another possibility is to open a tailoring enterprise. These are some usual stores in villages, including a sweet shop, a fruit stall, and so on.

8. Flour Mill

Flour placed in the utensil.

Those in cities buy flour packets immediately, whereas people in the countryside frequently go to flour mills since they cultivate wheat in their fields. If you're going to start a mill, don't just utilize it for wheat. Use it to cook corns, turmeric, chili, and coriander, among other things.

You could also acquire a machine to make flattened rice. Ascertain that you have a stable electrical connection. Individuals in villages normally don't buy all of them from a shop because they have raw materials on hand because cultivate them on the farms. If you supply everything in one spot, it would be highly advantageous for you.

9. Threshing Machine

If you have sufficient funds, you could purchase a tractor. To begin, you could purchase a threshing machine and a seed drill machine. It isn't something that everybody holds to themselves. It's generally rented.

As this is constantly necessary for agriculture, it would be a very successful company concept. These are needed in each season, both before and after harvest. You could even maintain the machine that is utilized to water the fields if you have these (pumping set, boring). In this manner, you'd have everything you need on hand, and folks wouldn't have to go to others for varied needs.

10. Oil Mills

Oil filled in the bowl.

Leading to a shortage of oil mills, residents are compelled to either travel long distances to have their oil processed or sell their production at a lesser price. You could start the oil mills after you have sufficient money.

People that cultivate mustard, soybeans, groundnuts, and other crops on their farms frequently have the oil extracted in mills for usage. People may not be able to obtain oil in huge quantities because it is solely for their usage. They use the material that is left over after the extraction as livestock fodder.

You would not run out of clients because this is something that every household in the village does. These are some more excellent village businesses to start. You can choose your business based on the quantity of money you have. Before launching a firm, research your rivals and the market.

11. Flower Farming

Flower placed in the bucket.

Floriculture is the term for flower farming. Many states in India, including Karnataka, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Gujrat, Orissa, Haryana, Jharkhand, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, grow flower gardening for business reasons.

Flowers such as Rose, Tuberose, Gladiolas, Anthurium, Carnations, Marigold, Jasmine, Hibiscus, and others are cultivated in India's fields, poly houses, and greenhouses. The cut flowers are shipped to be dried.

Fresh flowers are in high demand for religious activities in India. These are given in temples and are even utilized in private residences. Although labour is required, flowers could be grown all year, specifically if seeds are readily accessible and greenhouse resources are utilized, ensuring a non-seasonal profit.

Flowers are incredibly essential in India in more ways than one might imagine, therefore it would be a highly successful company. They are utilized for religious festivals, events, marriages, as offerings to God in temples, and so on, and are not only beautiful decorations.

12. Writer who works on a Freelance basis

A man writing something on book with laptop on table.

Rural towns might be wonderful settings for independent freelancers because they frequently have cheaper living expenses. To set up shop, whether writing for local consumers or conducting commerce online. As a result, you could establish your own freelance writing company and save money on a range of costs.

Nowadays, conventional periodicals still have some freelance writing chances, but the real possibility is in content marketing online. Commercial and consumer-oriented websites are hurrying to publish more and more material relating to their industry to capture google rankings and establish a presence in the thoughts of the target clients.

13. Blogger who is Self-employed

A girl is watching images in the phone and the laptop.

Blogging is among the most effective methods to market a company online. The activities that independent bloggers provide bring in thousands of rupees per month. It is one of the top small-town startup concepts for businesses in villages for modern folks.

Or, if you have sufficient Internet connectivity, you could establish your site and generate money through adverts, affiliate links, or sales goods that make benefit from cheap living conditions and facilities.

A blogger could make an income by developing their website and then monetizing it through adverts, online advertising, and online product sales. But this is only the beginning.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

There is much more to do after you start blogging. You will select from the given points:

  • Other people's advertisements
  • Begin your email marketing campaign.
  • Product Reviews to Write
  • Blogging on social media
  • Create a company blog.
  • Blogging about DIY projects and recipes

14. Auto Service Centre

You could establish a shop in town if you are already an expert in car service. You could draw customers from distant cities, particularly if you serve a village where you are the only shop for miles.

Villages in India might be wonderful sites to set up shop for businessmen who are experienced in-car services, specifically if there are no other fixes nearby.Although distance might be advantageous, it could also be detrimental to the enterprise when shipping components or providing specialized solutions, so bear this in mind when conducting analysis OR attempting to establish your shop near the area where customers and travelers go through.

15. Tutoring- Service

Two teachers teaching in class to some students.

There would be children where there are houses, and there would be tears over mathematics and grammar where there are children. Furthermore, while online tuition facilities are no longer available, tutoring facilities are among the most successful tiny business concepts in rural villages.

Many children are having difficulties with arithmetic and grammar. Establishing your own tutoring business might help you make a lot of money. Employ a tutor who isn't trying to be a jack of all trades. Who is less priced and knowledgeable in a subject?

The majority of small business concepts necessitate collaboration. Tuition facilities are in a similar state. You'll need to form a group. Hiring some professors is a good idea, but only professional tutors should be hired.

It's important to remember that not all kids are motivated to study. Some students may put their patience to the test. While accepting it, you need to make up your mind, but the good thing is that you may do it part-time while doing other work. The following is step-by-step guidance:

  • Make a location for your services.
  • Decide what subjects you'll be able to teach. Tutoring services for different subjects are available.
  • Make a list of the pupils you'll be teaching.
  • Obtain all of the necessary permits.
  • Create a company strategy.
  • Make a pitch for your services.

16. Clothing Manufacturing/Store

People from tiny towns and villages frequently have to drive long distances to get outfits for special events. Despite the accessibility of internet businesses, individuals still preferred to buy in stores since they can try things on before they buy them.

A clothes store could succeed if you can supply the latest trends and styles, as well as variations. In India, which is the world's second-largest supplier of clothes and textiles, textile manufacturing is also a big business.

India has a significant raw material basis in both natural and synthetic fibers, but the weaving sector confronts hurdles due to low technological levels and small-scale activities.

The government also supports this business, which is characterized by small and medium-sized businesses.

17. Vending Machine for Fruits and Vegetables

Another basic and frequent enterprise that could be launched in villages is this one. To begin, go straight to the bulk marketplace and purchase veggies and fruits at a cheaper cost, then earn by offering them at a greater cost.

A fruit vending machine may simply generate between 30K and 60K in monthly sales with the correct placement, location, items, and a simple user interface. Although most vending machines endure 12 to 24 years, if they are not operated properly, they may appear older than they need to.

18. Store for Electronics, Mobile Phones, and Accessories

Mobile accessories placed in a store.

You might also build an electronics store in your community and make a lot of money. Mobile phones have become a requirement for about all villagers who would like to contact their relatives.

On aggregate, you should expect a net margin ranging from 50% to 75%, based on the accessories. Per the founder of a retailing consultancy, the profit margin on mobile accessories is far higher than the margin on mobile phones, which is typically 10%.

In India, there are seven steps to starting a mobile accessory business.

  • Examine the market.
  • Location
  • a place to get funds and make investments.
  • Recognize the legal requirements.
  • Find a supplier.
  • Remember to buy things that sell quickly
  • Create a marketing strategy.

19. Making Jute Bags

Because jute is a recyclable and environmentally benign fabric, bags manufactured of it have a high consumer need and export potential. You could establish a jute bag business in your hamlet with affordable equipment.

As a result, these are some successful enterprise concepts for rural areas or villages. If you require details on a specific establishment, please use the comment box provided here.

20. Point of Tea

Tea served in two white cups.

In major cities, there are street tea stands that see hundreds of clients daily. Villages do not yet have these gathering places where individuals could have a cup of their favorite beverage.

Beginning a tea enterprise does not necessitate a large sum of money. It's even possible to do it outside. Should choose a good spot, such as a bus stop or a peepal tree where customers congregate.

21. Farming Pearls

White pearls.

Pearl farming is a one-of-a-kind enterprise that could be launched in a tiny pond for as little as a few thousand rupees. You might make lakhs if you have experience in pearl cultivation.

Uncontrollable and unexpected factors, including strong storms, water pollution, sickness, freezing weather or heat, infestations, and so on, can all threaten pearl farms. An oyster must put in a lot of effort, patience, and care to produce a pearl, but the ultimate result is unquestionably worth it.

22. Making Banana Chips

Yellow banana chips placed in the bowl.

Banana chips are in huge desire, and you could begin a business creating and selling them for very minimal money. Because there is such a great demand for banana chips, the profit margins range from 50% to 60%.

In a small-scale firm, you could anticipate a profit of Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 6 lakhs each year. You can even start making banana chips at home because they just take up a little amount of space, to begin with.

23. Making an Egg Tray

Egg tray placed on the table.

This is another innovative start-up concept that only requires a 400-square-foot plot to start an egg tray production firm. Egg trays are created from scrap paper pulp, this expenditure will be little aside from the cost of setting up the facility.

As per standard rates, the wholesale price of eggs in the province ranges from Rs 199 to Rs 200 per dozen. At the retail level, though, it costs roughly Rs205-210 per dozen. Andhra Pradesh is recognized as Asia's egg bowl since it is India's greatest egg producer.

24. Making Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger and garlic with chillies.

In cities where individuals no anymore like crushing these cooking staples, ginger garlic paste is in great need. The manufacturing procedure is straightforward. A small investment in manufacturing and advertising could make a big difference.

Ginger Garlic Paste Business in 7 Easy Steps

  • Prepare a business strategy. Starting this business necessitates the creation of a business strategy.
  • Organize your finances.
  • Assemble the unit.
  • Purchase machinery.
  • Obtain raw materials.
  • Flowchart of the Production Process
  • Marketing & Distribution of Ginger Garlic Paste

25. Cafe with Internet

Peoples playing game in internet cafe.

An internet café sometimes known as a cyber café is a company that offers internet connectivity and associated services to customers through specialized computers and other devices. It frequently provides food and beverages in addition to its principal services.

Cyber cafés are not only profitable, but they are also a quick-paying form of operation. The payback period for a cyber cafe might range from 9 to 14 months, based on geography and other considerations.

Internet access in communities is not yet commonplace in the country. As a result, you can open a cyber cafe and charge consumers an hourly fee. It only needs a small initial investment and could provide a reliable source of revenue.

26. Bakery Business

Bread with flour and half cloth ciovered on it.

Among the most successful small businesses in villages is a bakery. Owning or renting space might be used to start this enterprise. You must choose goods based on regional needs.

Bakery or baking is, without a question, a lucrative enterprise. Bakery items such as bread, biscuits, and cakes are constantly in need, therefore anyone who begins an enterprise in this field would never go broke. Furthermore, if you give (bake) more things in your bakery, you would make more money.

Investment in a small bakery, for whatever purpose, may be beneficial to a community while also being beneficial to your wallet. Bakeries are growing, and if you could acquire on the first floor of a successful one, you could make a lot of money.

27. Bridal Shop

Indian bride wearing jwellery.

In many Indian cultures and settings, marriage ceremonies are a significant affair. Villagers must drive long distances to towns or cities to purchase wedding-related clothes while excellent goods are often unavailable in local shops.

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In rural locations, a bridal store with appropriate bridal gowns and related bridal accessories is a viable operation.

28. Making Candles

Wax placed in small glass on the table.

Popular scented decorative candles are popular. It's also given as a present. Candle-making is a modest business possibility that may be established with little money in rural locations.

Women, in particular, could start this enterprise and sell it to local businesses. By purchasing a manual candle manufacturing machine, you could establish a home-based candle-producing business for a small investment. In India, meanwhile, a modest scale candle production operation would demand an expenditure of 5 Lac to 10 Lac.

29. Coconut-Based Business

Coconut oil placed in the bowl.

The coastal industry relies heavily on coconut farming. Consider starting a coconut-related enterprise if you reside in a location wherein coconuts are plentiful. Using edible oil, which is produced from the kernel of the coconut fruit, would undoubtedly be the greatest Coconut Product Business Plan because it is widely and frequently in use in cooking. This oil is used in confectionery, baked goods, popcorn, and snack meals, among other things.

Tender coconut water has a huge amount of potential as a healthy alternative in India and around the world. For entrepreneurs, this is among the most lucrative coconut-based start-ups.

  • Coconut oil's commercial potential (market opportunity)
  • Petroleum businesses must register and obtain a license.
  • Coconut oil production necessitates a large amount of land (location)
  • Coconut oil is made from this raw ingredient.
  • Production of coconut oil necessitates the use of specific equipment.
  • The process of making coconut oil.

30. Medical Supply Store

A girl standing in the medical store.

Individuals in village areas frequently go to neighboring cities to obtain medications that are not widely available. One of the business concepts for rural areas is to open a medical store that sells all types of diabetic, blood pressure, and insulin medications, as well as paracetamol.

To ensure consistent delivery, you'll need to form a partnership with a local provider. Furthermore, you could place orders with your provider on a just-in-time (JIT premise for medicines that you don't stock due to market forces. This could be among the most profitable small business concepts for Indian small villages.

31. Food Joint( Cafes, Restaurant)

Food Joint( Cafes, Restaurant)

Birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, and other events are also hosted and celebrated in rural areas and villages. One of the enterprise concepts in rural areas in such a scenario is to create a fast-food joint or a tiny restaurant with seating space.

The profitability is larger in this sector, and once word of mouth grows, there is no stopping you. In places like this, it's the out-of-the-box company concepts that become profitable throughout time.

32. Make a Space Rental

A space renting

Many governments, as well as private banks, are continually on the search for locations in villages where they might establish their branches or ATMs. Leasing out an extra house, an unused store, or other similar space is one of the greatest small businesses in villages' ideas to generate extra revenue.

The rental would be paid to you for a month until the lease time ends; this would be your other source of income. You could also keep functioning at your current job to supplement your income.

33. Providing inaccessible items in the village

An electric bulbs in the dark place.

Several items are almost impossible to come by in communities. As an outcome, if you begin marketing items, you'll have a firm handle on all of those marketplace economies.

A particular crop and/or grain, computerized and mechanized systems, and so on are examples of these goods. Villages in India are constantly advancing due to technological advancements.

Considering that nearly every Indian village has electricity, providing electrical things including cell phones and computers, for instance, could be a game-changer. In conclusion, all you have to do now is figure out what these goods' distinctive selling points are, and you'll be ready to sell them quickly.

What are the advantages of village-based small-scale industries?

  • Small enterprises in rural locations could assist create jobs and have a beneficial impact on the economy as a whole.
  • Increasing local income and purchasing power through several small companies in rural locations can greatly improve the local level of living.
  • This also assists India's rural and small-town communities in becoming self-sufficient.
  • It enables city migrants to travel to cities in search of work; if opportunities are offered in the local region, they will not have to leave their homes.
  • Rural places make it simpler to establish a small business because there are fewer paperwork, regulatory requirements, and other hurdles to deal with.

In India, the percentage of individuals working in various small enterprises in rural areas.

  • 48.4% are owned by a company.
  • 4.7 % for a partnership
  • 27.6% of the population works for the government or the public sector.
  • 6.2% of the total is made up of private limited companies.
  • NGO / Trust – 3.1 %
  • Others accounted for 9.9% of the total.

Small Business Challenges in Villages and Rural Areas

Challenges in Villages and Rural Areas

1. A monetary issue

The shortage of capital money is a major issue for small firms. As a result, many villages and small-time entrepreneurs decide to either not establish businesses in villages or close down an established one. They frequently are unable to qualify for loans or other forms of financial assistance due to a lack of credit worthiness. Small businesses have a poor credit history.

2. The supply of raw materials

The manufacture of goods necessitates the use of raw materials. The quality of the final product is determined by the raw material utilized. Due to a lack of funds, these small enterprises are unable to purchase high-quality raw materials for manufacture.

3. Leadership talents

To complete many responsibilities, small enterprises in towns and villages depend on small personnel. Usually, a single individual handles the whole enterprise with no assistance. When there is no aid or support, this might have an impact on the effectiveness of the work and the business.

4. Professionals

For most jobs, small enterprises must rely on unskilled or semi-skilled employees. Furthermore, because the incomes are poor, employees are typically uninterested in executing the job correctly. This reduces production, which harms the firm and leads to the closure of small businesses.

5. Making a profit

In rural areas, marketing and advertising are still relatively rudimentary. Customers can learn about your goods through a flier or a mobile loudspeaker. These are ineffective methods of attracting additional clients. These companies also lack knowledge of new advertising techniques. Marketing strategy is not possible due to a shortage of adequate instruments.


In metropolitan regions, there has been an increase in the number of possibilities in the manufacturing business and other industries. Several of the jobless people, meanwhile, live in cities and villages. As a result, small-scale companies in villages could address two major issues confronting the Indian economy: poverty and low output.

These simple village business concepts could assist local children in generating cash in their backyards. These tiny enterprise concepts for rural communities are tiny yet successful, and they could enhance rural lives without relying on government assistance or initiatives.

These were some of the most creative small business concepts for small businesses in villages in India, and we've highlighted the top 33 for you. Given the endless business prospects, this is a long list. Fynd Platform can provide you with more business ideas.

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hero image

Which of the village's businesses is profitable?

Poultry farming, milking, flour milling, and drinking-water supply are among the most successful village small business ideas.

How can I make Rs 50,000 per month and become wealthy?

PPF, FD, EPF, and even mutual funds are some of the most popular investments. To acquire Rs 50,000 per month, you'll need to save a significant quantity of money. PPF, Fixed Deposits, and Mutual Funds, especially equity mutual funds, are some of the assets that can assist you to build a sizable corpus.

Which side company is the most profitable?

arrow down

Web design, translating, and illustrating, writing, editing, graphic design are just a few instances of in-demand efficient actions that give themselves nicely to hourly or agreement jobs as a side enterprise.

How do I pick a company concept?

  • Simple steps to selecting the best business concept
  • Concentrate on your abilities, expertise, and enthusiasm. If you don't mind memorizing rapidly, stick with what you already remember.
  • Examine whether your work and personal lives are compatible. If condensing work and family life is important to you, stay away from careers that need you to work more than 60 hours per week.
  • Put your concept to the test.

What are the four numerous ways of small enterprises?

Partnership, corporation, and Limited Liability Company, Sole proprietorship, or LLC, are the four major categories of business elements.

Is it simple to start a company?

In any economy, starting a small business is difficult, but it's considerably more difficult in a downturn. This is partially due to the complication of attaining finance when credit markets are closed. Small business owners should improve their business ideas for this reason.

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