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64+ Best Retail Business in India for 2023 (Low Investment, High Profit)

64+ Best Retail Business in India for 2023 (Low Investment, High Profit)

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Retail is one of the most flourishing businesses in India. Though the advent of online business and e-commerce is undeniable, retail businesses continue to flourish in all corners of the country.

Needless to say, the retail industry is a lucrative segment to start your business. Small retail business is particularly popular among budding entrepreneurs. The best retail business in India attracts many because they are profitable.

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Here we have listed the different types of retail businesses which can be the perfect choice for your dream business venture. Read on to find out more about them.

As per the latest surveys, the organized retail market has increased by approximately 50% between 2012-2020. It has a current value of almost 12% of the total retail business in India. By 2025, the modern retail industry is likely to grow at 15% CAGR and reach 18% eventually.

Types of retail business

Before we delve into the best retail business in India that you can consider as a career, it is important to understand the basic segregation of business. The retail businesses can be segmented into the following categories based on the initial capital investment they require:

1. Low investment retail business

These are usually businesses that require investment within INR 50,000. These are the most popular type of business in India. There are millions of people in the country who entirely depend for their livelihood on such businesses.

2. Medium Investment retail Business

Businesses that require investment above INR 50,000 and within INR 2,00,000 are considered medium investment retail businesses. These are equally popular. Retail businesses like apparel and saree store, bike and car repair center, book store, etc. come under this category.

3. High Investment Retail Business

Retail Businesses that require investment above INR 2,00,000 and within INR 5,00,00 or even more than that are all considered high investment retail businesses. Needless to say, they are more challenging to establish. However, they are also highly profitable when done the right way.

Top 65 low investment retail businesses in India

Retail businesses are varied in India. We have listed the best retail business in India which are tried and tested and known to fetch good ROI.

1. Kirana Store

A women walking with shopping trolley looking at pineapples.

Kirana or Grocery stores are one of the most profitable retail businesses. Grocery supply is a staple requirement in our daily life. A grocery store provides all basic supplies like oil, soap, rice, spices, etc. Kirana stores are never out of business as everyone needs this basic supply to lead their life.

Now, if you want to open a retail store for groceries you have to buy this supply from a whole seller and sell them to the customers at a higher price. The price difference between the wholesale purchase and retail sale is your final profit.

2. Stationery and Books

Stationery and books are high in demand and quite profitable retail business options. Education is the foundation of every country and every student needs some basic supply to carry on with their education.

Books and stationery are the basic requirements of a student and a stationary supply shop is a one-stop solution to all these needs. Make sure you have a varied collection of books, DVDs, and other stationery supplies so that your customers are compiled to visit your store every time after a buy.

Also, your most targeted customers are school and college-going students. Try to stock up your store based on their needs and demand if you want to run a successful business.

3. Fertilizer Store

Fertilizer Store

A fertilizer store is low investment but a high-profit retail business. As you know India is an agriculture-based country and a majority of the population are farmers. A quality crop needs some quality fertilizers and it is the main ingredient of healthy farming practice.

This is the prime reason why fertilizer store makes a good amount of profit as a retail business. If you are planning on opening your fertilizer store you need to make sure that you offer good quality fertilizer at a reasonable rate.

4. Art and Craft Store

Art and craft stores are a growing retail business option in our country. Every other people around us are interested in art and craft. As per Rankme1, the profit margin is 30-40% in this business and it is developing at a pace of 8% every year.

Also, this is tough as a mandatory subject in schools. Being efficient in art and craft requires some supplies. To run a successful Art and Craft store make sure that your shop is well stocked with art supplies and good crafting tools.

Also, you can sell some crafts from the local craftsman in your area. These crafts are unique and creative and make a great gifting option.

5. Fruit Vendor

Market of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit is a part of the Indian staple diet which is great for snacking or you just eat it as it is. Fruit vendors are a great retail business option with high profitability. Due to the various health benefits of consuming fruit every other individual would buy at least one of two varieties of seasonal fruit. This is the reason why this business is never out of demand, even if the price is on the higher side customer wills still buy fruits.

Now the key to being consistent in this business is delivering fresh and good-quality fruit to your customer. Goodwill is very important to become successful in this business.

6. Hydroponic Store

There is always a high demand for saplings to grow in a garden at home. These days, people look for hydroponic saplings specifically as they are much easier to plant. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil.

The method of growing hydroponic plants is simple when you have the right equipment. They are advantageous as you need less space. As a result, store catering such saplings and required equipment are growing.

The demand for such saplings and equipment is high but the supply is comparatively low in India. Thus, starting a hydroponic store is a very viable choice to earn rapid profit.

7. Retail Seed Store

Seeds kept in then spoon.
Plant seeds are particularly in demand among gardening enthusiasts. If you can provide a variety of seeds to grow a garden, the business is bound to flourish. As per Mordor Intelligence, the Indian seed market is likely to record a CAGR of 6.8% within 2023-2027.

These days, people usually look for such seeds online to access a variety of quality and quantity. You can easily set up an e-commerce store on the Fynd platform offering such seeds and it will quickly fetch a good turnover. This is one of the top small retail business ideas in India. Particularly seeds for paddy, wheat, mustard, and various vegetables are in high demand.

8. Plant Nursery

A women is planting saplings in the pot.

Similar to a retail seed shop, the plant nursery is also about agriculture and gardening. But here you get small plants and saplings that are partially developed.Homeowners and even corporate buildings look for such plant nurseries to beautify the place with shrubs, flowering plants, and similar flora.

Starting this business is a very low investment and you can easily develop it if you are skilled in growing plants. The low infrastructure cost combined with high ROI, make it a great business venture that is highly profitable.

9. Flower Shop

The demand for flower shops or florist is high in every corner of the country. Flowers are needed for so many purposes. Gifting, rituals, and even food call for quality and variety of flowers.

Thus, starting a flower shop is a profitable business venture if you have a good network of suppliers. Moreover, setting up such a store is low investment but you get lucrative returns.

These days, florists are in high demand online as well. If you have the resource for packaging and delivering to the doorstep, expanding your business online is a wise choice.

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With the help of Fynd Platform, this is made possible. You can select the package as per your business goals and get your business website set up in mere minutes and start selling.

10. Tea Stall

Have you noticed the number of small “chaiwallah” stalls popping up at every corner of a busy street? The business requires minimum investment but is highly profitable if you can draw enough customers.

Tea is a universally appealing beverage in India and abroad. Moreover, we have so many varieties of tea tried and tested every day. Even a simple tea stall offering the conventional tea flavors would work out depending on the location.

Moreover, the business is likely to grow even more if you can offer a variety of experimental flavors and snacks as accompaniment. This is a popular low-investment retail business, particularly vogue in India.

11. Automobile Parts

The number of car users has drastically grown in the past few years in India. As a result, the need for high-quality automobile parts is growing as well. Spare parts of specific car models, batteries, generic spare parts, tires, and car repair equipment and accessories are the most frequently searched items. A well-equipped automobile parts retail store in the vicinity will flourish when you are offering the essential items.

The business can range from low investment to medium investment depending on the magnitude of the store. But the constant profit and security of this business type make it a wise choice. As per the IBEF organization, the industry is expected to reach $200 billion by FYI2026.

12. Car Washing and Repair Center

A man washing his car in front of his house.

Just like the spare part retail store, servicing, repair, and care cleaning and washing are much-demanded services. These are inevitable essentials that consumers cannot do without when they own a car.

Hence, starting a car washing and repair center will be profitable. Since this is not a highly competitive business genre, you can get clients quickly without facing too much competition in a particular area.

The key to retaining customers and inviting new ones into this business is maintaining quality. If you are offering value-for-money services which are consistent, getting clients consistently would not be difficult.

13. Two-wheeler Showroom

An image of a black coloured motorcycle.

Particularly since the pandemic, the demand for two-wheelers has sky-rocketed. Many people who relied on public transport, today find a private two-wheeler more economical and convenient. You can maintain social distancing as well as save more travel time.

As a result, the sales of two-wheelers increased making it a perfect small retail business in India. Moreover, this includes bikes as well as bicycles. You can get customers for both vehicles and earn a significant profit.

However, this is a moderate to high investment retail business when you consider setting up the showroom and sourcing the vehicles. The key skill needed is regarding marketing and knowledge of two-wheelers.

14. Pharmacy

One of the most constant and secure retail businesses is starting a pharmacy to do so, one would require a license but other than that, this is one of the simplest businesses to set up.

The pharmacy business is one of the rare businesses that does not experience a low phase as such. The need for medicine is always constant. Thus, getting customers is just a matter of time.

Moreover, these days medicine delivery online has made it possible to expand your business beyond a small geographical area. You can easily start selling your medicines online by starting an e-commerce counterpart of the retail business.

15. Saree Store

A women wearing sarree.

The saree is the traditional and national garment of women in India. Women of every age, caste, and profession have a fascination for sarees. Even demand for this unique 9-yard garment is growing in foreign countries too.

Thus, starting a saree store is a wise and profitable retail business idea in India. It is highly profitable since the margin between cost price and selling price is high. Moreover, there is a wide variety of saree that are expensive and yet highly demanded.

You do not require a big showroom to start the business. It is good enough to start from home and grow it slowly. The only investment you may require is the capital to source the sarees.

16. Gift Shop

Gift packed products placed inside a wooden box.

If you have an eye for exquisite trinkets and show pieces, starting a gift shop can prove profitable for you. The success of a gift shop depends largely on the items you host and how far you can attract customers.

The gift store business is quite easy to set up and requires low investment if you know the right sources to get such products, you can easily get a low price. Thus, improving the profit margin would get easier.

This is also an easy business to set up since people are always in search of unique gifts. Your talent to find beauty and usefulness can be particularly helpful to set up the business if you can connect well with potential customers.

17. Bakery and Shop

Bread with flour is covered half with white cloth.

Turn your passion for baking or cooking into your profession by starting a bakery. This business is a low investment if you can start a home-based bakery. With the help of the various food apps, getting your business started is easy.

Moreover, setting up a shop displaying the plethora of your creations can help you quickly expand the business. Cakes, pastries, and savory items are particularly popular snacks people look for when they are outdoors. Thus, sales are likely to boost.

By creating a brand for your business, you can even sell online. This means you can start an exclusive brand website where you can showcase your creations and offer doorstep delivery.

18. Cosmetics and Jewelry Store

Cosmetics have a huge market in India as well as all over the world. There is a constant demand for various skincare products, cosmetics, makeup, and even hair care items.

Thus, starting a shop for cosmetics and jewelry is a popular choice if you are looking for a fail-proof niche in the retail business. Stalk the latest trending products and acquire the basic knowledge of such items.

The key to successfully establishing this business is communication and knowledge to persuade customers about the best products to choose from. But one must also strike the balance between professionalism and nagging to succeed.

19. Customized perfume store

Perfume bottles placed on cloth.

There is a notable shift towards customized products. Particularly personalized perfumes are in vogue. People look for the one signature fragrance they can use forever. Making and mixing perfumes is a skill that is acquired through years of practice and very few have refined it. Thus, finding a good perfume store can be tasking. If you have the skill, you can easily set up a small retail business that is highly profitable.

The customized perfume store requires little or no setup at all. Moreover, the cost of the oils and spirits is within the range of a low-investment retail business. Thus, starting this business is easy. Expanding it gets easier when you take the help of various online platforms.

20. Indian Snacks and sweet store

Indian snack dosa served on the table.

India is the land of flavors and spices. There are so many varieties in culture and equal variety is culinary art. Thus, needless to say, the plethora of Indian snacks and sweets is uncountable. But making them at home is not a feasible choice today owing to the lifestyle.

Starting a business revolving around the traditional cuisines and tastes of India can help you earn notable profit. The demand for such products is always high and constant.  Especially if you are offering recipes that are almost lost, the sales are likely to go up even more.

The snack store is entirely dependent on the quality of the products and the variety you offer. With good resources and proper location, such a business can flourish quickly in India without too much investment.

21. Tailoring store

A tailor doing something with sewing amchine

Tailor-made garments are unique. Moreover, getting perfectly matched apparel for a certain outfit is possible when you get it custom-made. Thus, the demand for good tailors is high.

If your skill as a tailor is commendable, starting a tailor shop is going to be easy. It requires negligible investment in the beginning. Moreover, you can expand it as the clientele grows.

It is one of the best small retail business ideas in India which tend to fetch a great turnover. The key is communication, building, and networking through consistent quality and exquisite designs.

22. Apparel retail store

The apparel retail store is another popular small retail business venture. A fashionable outlook is all you need to stalk up the latest trending apparels which are bound to bring more customers.

The apparel retail business is also low to medium investment, making it easier for most people to begin. Knowledge of the right suppliers and sources and the ability to market your store well are essential to successfully establishing the business.

The apparel retail store would also be a great venture to expand online by starting your e-commerce store. If you have unique pieces and offer reasonable prices, getting clients would be easy.

23. Fabric and tailoring material store

Sewing machines accessories placed on the machine.

For a tailor shop to work out, suppliers of raw materials are equally important. Hence, the need for more fabric and tailoring material stores is growing by the day. Sourcing fabrics, and tailoring materials like needles, machines, and accessories, are low costs making it easier to start such a business. You can do this business from home itself as stocking the products does not take up as much space.

There is a high demand for a variety of fabrics. Hence, if you are stalking a good variety and offering at reasonable rates, getting consistent customers is easier. Your business would flourish without any doubt when you are offering such quality.

24. Shoe Laundry

Show laundries are more organized and sophisticated versions of cobbling shoes. These retail stores are dedicated to repairing, cleaning, and even custom-designing shoes. Good knowledge of the shoe industry, materials, and techniques to create a new design, and proper marketing are essential for the retail business to flourish.

You would need a space to start the business and craftsmen who are skilled in the work. But all these are available in abundance in all parts of the country and hence require minimum investment. Your business can stand out when you have unique solutions and quality service for your clients.

25. Rental business

Car parked in row on the road.

This is simply about renting out essential products or items people look for. This can be anything from a venue, generator, designer dresses, and vehicles. Depending on the type of products you are renting out, the investment required for the business gets determined. A designed outfit rental can be a rather low investment but on the other hand, an industrial generator rental will require a high investment.

This is a highly profitable business since these are products people do not need regularly but when required would not wish to buy either. The most profitable retail business ideas in India would be renting out venues or designer outfits.

26. Biriyani shop

A women serving biryani in plate.

In almost every household in India, there is at least one biriyani lover. This dish has come a long way and has evolved differently and people have accepted that. Opening a biriyani shop is one of the most profitable retail businesses. There is a biriyani shop available in every other gully so the competition is naturally high.

You can only make your business stand out if you maintain a consistency of flavor, quality, and quantity. If you can fulfill these three-criteria rest assured you will earn a good profit from this business.

27. Butcher

A Butcher shop.

Butchering is a business that is going on consistently for a long period. From the start of civilization, we can see butchers running their businesses steadily. So, if you are planning on opening a butcher shop as a retail business you can execute these ideas now.

Some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while opening this shop are the source of your raw material, quality, and of course the price. To make your shop known to more people you should deliver good quality meat at a reasonable rate. Only delivering quality products and transparent business can make goodwill for your shop and every customer will be back for your service.

28. Liquor Shop

The liquor business is one of the most profitable retail business choices. The key to a successful liquor business is offering a wide range of liquor. The price should start from a minimum range to higher depending on the quality. This business requires a high investment to start but the end profit will be higher as your shop gets more exposer.

The way to attract more customers is by offering various types of liquor from different brands. Everyone prefers different liquor and if you can fulfill their requirement, they will be back to you for more service.

29. Bar and restaurant

Chairs and tables placed in the restaurant.

Though bar and restaurant are service-oriented business they still are among the most profitable business that is presently flourishing to a large extent in India. Bars and restaurants together are appealing hangout places these days. If you are providing a good ambiance, quality food, and beverages, the place will draw enough crowd.

However, this is a comparatively high investment business and depends a lot on publicity and marketing. But if you are trying to start a big business venture, this is a profitable niche.

30. Coffee shop

Coffee being filled in the cups.

Small cafes or coffee shops are becoming as popular as restaurants. These are comparatively less costly to set up and yet very promising when revenues get considered.

The success of the business depends on the location, quality, and ambiance you provide. These days, many cozy and innovative coffee shops are coming up which are low investment.

Often such businesses are set up by creatively cutting costs so that the experience does not get compromised. If you have such unique ideas and the required capital, a coffee shop would be a great business to start that is fail-proof when located strategically.

31. Shop for Puja and ritual necessities

A man placing agarbatti in puja thali.

Rituals and pujas are an intricate part of Indian culture. They are elaborate and many things are needed for these. Apart from fruits, sweets, and other edible items, very specific ingredients and products like earthen lamps, camphor, hand-held fans, etc. are needed.

There are specific stores that offer these products only. As demand for such items is high, setting up a business for the same is also profitable. Good knowledge of different items requires for different rituals and stocking a variety of these items can help your business flourish. The investment is low for this specific business type. If your retail store is located close to a temple or a holy area, the business flourishes particularly.

32. Sports Equipment Store

The demand for sports equipment is constant. There are professionals as well as kids of all age groups who look for quality equipment. Apart from that local sports clubs, schools and similar organizations look for retailers accepting bulk orders.

Starting a sports equipment retail business is simple enough if you have good knowledge of different sports, the latest updates, best brands, and can give good recommendations.

The sports equipment store is a moderate investment business that can be started easily if you have a small store. Expanding such a business gets easier when you start an e-commerce segment as well.

33. Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream placed in the cups and cones around it.

Gone are the days when the only ice cream flavors people looked for were chocolate, two-in-one, vanilla, strawberry, and so on. These days, there is a craze for experimental flavors and people particularly search for local ice cream parlors to get fresh ice cream.

Thus, starting an ice cream and gelato store is a great idea if you have the skill to make ice-creams. Why limit your skills to home when you can start a business out of it? Ice-cream parlors require minimal investment, and less space and have high demand in a country like India where even winters are humid. Expanding the business further gets easier too as you can deliver through various food delivery partners.

34. Fast Food Truck

Giani food truck is parked on the side of the road.

Similar to ice cream, the demand for fast food never diminishes. The best part is, that every state and even city has a very different approach to street food. People often look for cuisines they tasted in another state when they are back home.

If your forte is cooking and has knowledge of fast food from a different state, you can start a fast-food truck that offers variations on the menu. A truck is particularly convenient as you can travel to different locations and sell your food.

A food truck is comparatively unconventional in India though the number is growing these days. Thus, the competition is still fairly low. Starting a food truck can be very profitable if you’re timing and choice of the menu are correctly done.

35. Microbrewery

Image of Microbrewery.

Alcohol, particularly beer is a very popular beverage everywhere in India. As a result, Microbreweries are becoming very popular by the day. The investment is low but you get high profits once the business gets popular.

Microbreweries make craft beer of different flavors. Offering snacks and food items alongside the beverage will ensure you appeal to the right crowd. To expand a microbrewery business, accompanying entertaining factors are very helpful. Things like live music, the plethora of food items on the menu, and a variety of flavors for a beer together ensure the business attract ample customer rapidly.

36. Lebanese Restaurant

A waiter serving food.

Lebanese food in particularly Shawarma, hummus, kibbeh, etc. has recently gained popularity in India. As a result, starting a Lebanese food joint is a profitable retail business, particularly in the cities.

The investment required is rather low as the raw materials required to prepare authentic Lebanese food are available in abundance in India. They are cheap as well. If you are planning to start a restaurant business, Lebanese cuisines and restaurants are particularly appealing choices in India as they are in high demand. The profit margin is also higher since the investment required is low.

37. Old and rare book store

Book pages fliping due to air.

Even though it is the digital era and there is no book that you cannot find digitally, the demand for hardbound or paperbacks remains high. Especially if you have rare books in stock, the business is bound to flourish.

Knowing where to source second-hand and rare books and having great knowledge of different topics help to run the business successfully. To promote an old and rare book store, you can also take help of the online platforms. From starting an e-commerce counterpart of the retail business to using social media, there are many ways to increase the reach. Fynd Platform can be particularly helpful to set up such a business when you have clear goals.

38. Xerox and Printing shop

A girl doing photocopy.

Nothing can beat the popularity of xerox and printing shops. No matter how many are there in the area, the customer flow is always constant. If you offer other relevant services like binding and lamination, the business will expand further.

The investment needed is low. All you need are a good printer, xerox machine, and other equipment relevant to the business. The key is the spread the word about the business location.

Starting a xerox and printing shop does not need a huge space either. As a result, the overall cost of establishing the business is lowered further. If you are looking for small retail business ideas in India which require low investment, this is one of the best options.

39. Photo studio

A photographer taking photo of model.

Though almost every household has a DSLR or some type of digital camera other than their smartphones at home today, a professional picture is still a different story. There is a different requirement for such pictures. School ID photos, passport photos for various forms, portfolios, event and wedding photoshoots, freelancers, newspapers, and journals- the need for still photos is constant among different clientele.

If you are good at photography and have a quality camera, setting up a photo studio would not cost too much. This particular business flourishes everywhere. However, competition is strong, and hence, choosing the right location is important.

40. Hair salon

Hair cutting and grooming have become an elaborate business in India today. A lot depends on the hairstyle and its maintenance. Hence, specific hair salons are gaining popularity by the day.

Offer a variety of services so that your hair salon becomes the local one-in-all solution. Moreover, if you can provide home services the business is likely to flourish further.

Some of the services that are popularly in demand are hair coloring, cutting, styling, hairdos, extensions, etc. Training from an authorized center is important to start such a business.

If you have a passion for beauty and enjoy hairdressing particularly, this is a very good way to make the most of your talent. Make your business expand further by taking the help of digital marketing. Reaching out to new clients will get easier this way.

41. Nail Art Store

A women painting nails.

Nail art is another very popular grooming activity. With a variety of nail artistry coming up these days, it is another low-investment retail business idea that is bound to fare well.

Learning nail art is not costly at all and when you have the knowledge, certification, and creativity- starting a flourishing business is simple. Moreover, you can also start providing nail art classes to new people if you get the authorization.

The primary investments are for nail art tools and quality products. These do not cost too much and it is such a business that you can start from your home as well. Furthermore, take the help of social media or establish a website to maximize your reach.

42. Spa Center

Spa and massage centers are gaining popularity as more and more people realize the necessity of self-care. There is a variety of techniques and you need to learn them formally to start the business.

Setting up a spa would cost moderately. You can start the business by acquiring a perfect location. Moreover, these days, people also look for the at-home spa experience. If you can provide mobile service, this would flourish.

With the help of Fynd Platform, you can establish your business online as well. By selecting your business goals, you can choose the package accordingly and get your website up and running in no time at all.

43. Aquarium House

The Aquarium house is another flourishing business. This is because goldfish or any kind of fish are among the most hassle-free pets. Thus, aquariums are common for many households as well as offices and corporate spaces.

Fish food, different types of fish, aquarium accessories, and similar items are always highly demanded. Thus, starting a business to cater to this specific requirement will flourish.

Moreover, setting up this retail business is simple. The investment is low as most items for aquariums are quite a low cost. The main expenses are regarding sourcing a variety of colorful fishes and tending them till they are sold.

44. Crockery Store

Crokery placed on the table.

Crockery and utensils are necessities in every household. Thus, consumers look for these items whenever they can. Starting a business-like crockery store is highly profitable because of the demand.

Like any other business, you must know where to source the best quality crockery from. Many customers look for high-quality exported items as well. Moreover, the craftsmanship of crockery is also diverse within the country.

The key to establishing this business success is having a good stock of products that are bound to catch the attention of your potential buyers.

45. Hardware Store

A drill machine placed on the table.

Items like ropes, buckets, soap cases, shelves, screws and nuts, screwdrivers, bulbs, pipes, dusters, drill machines, various adhesives, and epoxy all come under the category of hardware.

These items are essential and are highly demanded in every household. Thus, the consumer base is immense. Starting a hardware retail store would be highly profitable owing to the demand.

Most of the items stocked at hardware stores have minimal cost price and hence low investment is required to start such a business. The profit margin is rather high though and hence, you can get significant profit by choosing this business type.

46. Electronics and Light Store

Our lifestyles sustain on electricity. As a result, the accessories and products related to electricity are elemental goods. Starting a retail store that caters to this necessity is highly profitable as a result.

Different types of lights, light holders, lamp shades, and electric items like extension cords, electricity testers, etc. are some essential items that every home stocks.

The business is a medium investment option but can fetch high profits when you have an established clientele. The competition varied from one region to another. Thus, choosing the location wisely is important.

47. Furniture Store

Furniture near the white wall and paintings on the wall.

Furniture is the bare minimum necessity for any household. However, investing in branded and fancy furniture is not always feasible for homeowners. Hence, local furniture stores are highly popular all over the country.

Starting this business require high investment, but offers a much higher return. Moreover, the business owner must have a thorough knowledge of the latest trends, best yet affordable raw materials, etc.

To start a furniture business, you would also need good craftsmen working for you. The furniture business is one of the best retail businesses in India. This is also a business that you can establish and expand online.

48. Pet Store

A women feeding to a pet dog.

The demand for pets has hiked particularly since the pandemic started. This is hence the best time to start a pet shop. Pet shop refers to businesses that offer all kinds of treats, medicines, apparel, leashes, and toys for pets. Moreover, such stores also collaborate with pet clinics and vets.

If you love pets and are passionate about the well-being of animals, a pet store would be an appealing business for you. It requires low to moderate investment. Moreover, there is plenty of scopes to expand the business if you have different creative ideas. To start a pet store, the key skills required are communication skills and knowledge about handling different pets.

49. Mobile or gadget store

Mobile accessories placed in the store.

This is a high-investment retail business but the return is lucrative. Mobile and gadget stores refer to retail businesses for mobiles, laptops, and other similar essential electronic gadgets.

Stocking the product, setting up the store, and finding the perfect location together can appear rather expensive. However, the profit on electronics is astoundingly high, making it a great retail business idea in India.

Moreover, you can market the business well through an e-commerce website too. This is particularly helpful as many consumers look for such products online as well to get a better price quote. Marketing the business thoroughly and getting in touch with prospective clients is the key to successfully starting a mobile and gadget business.

50. Ladies garment store

If you have an eye for fashionable items, then starting a lady’s garment store is the perfect retail business idea. It is also a low-investment retail business that can be started from your home itself.

You need to understand the present trends in clothes and keep a close tab on new designs and garment styles that are coming up. Once you are familiar with them, eye-catching stocking items get easier.

Do note that to establish the garment business successfully, you must have good communication and marketing skills. The idea is to compel your consumers to buy the products and keep coming back for more. The key to getting loyal customers is providing trending designs and high-quality products.

51. Professional Musical Instrument store

Guitars hanged on the store.

A musical instrument store is another unconventional retail business idea that is very profitable. The competition is low and if provides quality service and products, establishing a brand in this business is quite easy.

Musical instruments, as well as repair services together, help this business flourish. There are not many people who are skilled enough to repair a variety of musical instruments. This is why the demand for such stores is high.

To establish this business, a good craftsman working with you and stocking the best instruments is the key to success. However, the investment depends largely on the location and the magnitude of the business.

52. Chaat and snacks

A man having snacks.

Chaats and snacks are particularly unique food items in India. There are a variety of chaats and snacks you will find all over the country. These retail stores are characterized by their small-scale stature and investment. However, they can fetch the maximum profit when you establish a clientele. To do so, you must choose a good location and high-quality product.

Next comes the marketing. If you are serving quality, the consumers are bound to come back and even bring more customers. Starting a chaat and snacks store does not require too much investment. It all comes down to your culinary skills.

53. Aviary

Birds kept in the cage.

Aviary is a pet bird store. It is a popular business as demand for pet birds is growing by the day. However, it is a moderate to high investment business as you will need a license to trade with live animals.

Moreover, birds are expensive to source, and maintaining the aviary is costly as well. However, if you have the knowledge and passion for this genre, you can start it successfully. Marketing the business is easy with the help of online tools.

From social media to a personal website showcasing your collection- there are several ways to reach out to the maximum clients possible in the country. You can also trade with foreign buyers as well as demand for exotic birds is high in India too.

54. Tea retail shop

Tea leaves filled in the jar.

Tea is one of the staples in Indian households. On a global basis, it is the second most popular beverage. India is the top-most consumer and the second-largest exporter of tea in the world.

There are more than 3000 varieties found all over the world, with only about 10 types popular in India. Thus, a store with a diverse range of teas can be a huge success. This is an expensive and high-budget business as stocking different varieties will prove to be costly. Also, they need to be preserved and stored carefully to save their aromas.

Finding new and exotic varieties will require good and reliable sources. Marketing through social media and other sources will create awareness about the store and help in its flourishing.

55. Thrift Store

Tshirts hanged on the hangar in the store.

Starting a thrift store is a great low-investment business. It can be done even from home or in a small space. You can source in and sell anything from clothes and home essentials to books and aesthetic pieces of furniture.

It is important, to be honest about the condition of your products. They must be clean, fresh, and hygienic. You should not sell what you would not use. In case of any defects, mention them to the customers to maintain transparency.

The products must not be very high-priced as they are mostly used. For new products, keep the tags on to provide authentic details. Social media, especially Instagram, is the best platform to grow this type of business. You have to click good, eye-catching pictures of your products and post them regularly for user engagement.

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56. Zero-waste store

Home essentials placed on the reck.

Unlike ordinary stores, a zero-waste Store helps customers create and live a more zero-waste lifestyle by using organic or sustainable products for packaging. With climate change, the efforts of Zero Waste Store are an effective way to save the earth from global warming.

A Zero Waste Store is a long-term investment process. As per the latest research studies, within the first ten months, you will see profit from your zero-waste business depending on the scale of business.

Online Zero Waste Store can also be profitable as the interested people around the states can make orders. Many businesses can draw revenues by choosing sustainable packaging materials and offering discounts via online and offline advertisements.

57. Toy store

Toys placed on the floor.

A Toy Store, a retail business sells toys for all children of various ages. These days, the competition throughout the world has grown over the years. The presentation of Toy Store has been developed to make it more attractive and presentable to kids. You can design eye-catching unique, and moving toys for children from 5 to 7 years of age.

Also, attending toy-based charities is a good way of spreading your name and brand. The product description should be thorough. As for the online toy store, pictures and reviews from the customers can scale your sale take another level. Building a friendly website or app along with your toy store can help the local customers to locate you and take orders directly.

58. Eyewear store and clinic

A girl wearing specs.

An Eyewear Store and Clinic is where you can check up on your optical health and buy the required glasses as per your choice of look. Glasses and sunglasses protect our eyes in various ways, but buying the perfect frame and lenses is also important.

The primary aspect of the Eyewear Store and Clinic is having a good optimist and an OD practitioner. With proper tools and machinery, the doctors examine diseases, injuries, and disorders of the eye should be examined and recommends medicines, exercise and glasses accordingly.

Eyewear Store and Clinic also provides eyeglasses, lenses, contact lenses, and vision therapy as per the recommendations. With proper business planning, Eyewear Store and Clinic can make more than 35% within a year of the business opening.

59. Customized name plates

Nameplates hanged one on each other.

Customized Name Plates are an important part of building a new home or redecorating the memories. People love to include art in their home decoration and make it appealing to the heart.

Creative interior designs and color schemes play a vital role in the home décor industry when Client’s emotions and culture influence the mode of their requirements and wishes.

The profits from Customized Name Plates can range from 20% to 40% based on the product prices. It is advisable to start an online Customized Name Plates and Home Décor store to achieve the desired revenue quickly. As the competition is low, promoting an offline Customized Name Plates and Home Décor store can also become profitable within a few months.

60. Home décor store

The essence of one’s home lies in the décor and the way it appears to everyone. Hence, handpicking the best ornaments and accessories is important. If you have a tasteful choice and have always loved picking up the best items for your home décor, you can easily start a successful retail store for home décor items.

The key to starting such a business is knowing what would appeal to the clients. Also being familiar with the new trends in décor and home accessories can help you too. It is a relatively low investment business since such products are usually low-cost when sourced but can fetch a high-profit margin.

61. Home essentials and gardening tools

A women plantng saplings using gardening equipments.

As the name suggests, home essentials and gardening tools include items that are necessities for homes and gardening. It is a good business with the increasing number of people wishing to decorate their spaces with aesthetic tastes and accessories. The passion for gardening has been on a rise, as well, with mini gardens being in trend these days.

This is a business for both low and high investments. You can stock simple and inexpensive products in the beginning, and then move on to fancier and costlier decorative pieces.

In this business, it is important to target your clientele and understand their taste. Long-lasting and sober pieces that are pocket-friendly will work great to grow such a store.

62. Kids' school uniform store

School kids wearng school uniform.

Kids School and Uniform Store is not a very common business. It would require a good network and exposure. You can visit schools and form tie-ups with them, as many schools, these days, provide their uniforms and accessories to students themselves.

In other cases, they have tie-ups with stores that are recommended to the students. Thus, forming a good network with all the schools in the nearby vicinity will prove beneficial for this business.

You also need to focus on maintaining quality with speed. With most of the students buying uniforms at the onset of the session, there is a rush with high demand. In such scenarios, you must be able to deliver finely stitched uniforms in the least possible time.

65. Mobile repair and accessories store

Mobile Repair and Accessories Store is a fast-growing business these days. This requires moderate to high investment as you need to stock both inexpensive and expensive high-quality products.

Along with that, a person with good knowledge of a mobile phone’s hardware and software is crucial. You also need to pick a location without any pre-existing similar store. A good clientele will be formed only with superior and prompt services.

Consumers will come back if they can trust you with their expensive devices. Word of mouth comes very handy for marketing and promotions. Apart from that, you can take the product franchise of some popular brand to make it more noticeable.

Retail Business in India is flourishing every day. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, this is a segment to tap in. If you are unsure where to start, the Fynd Platform can be of immense help to give your business a boost.

Strategize your business plan and choose the most suitable genre. At Fynd, we will provide a package as per your business goals so that you can attain the epitome of success in your field.


Retail Business in India is flourishing every day. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, this is a segment to tap in. If you are unsure where to start, the Fynd Platform can be of immense help to give your business a boost. 

Strategize your business plan and choose the most suitable genre. At Fynd, we will provide a package as per your business goals so that you can attain the epitome of success in your field.

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What is the most profitable business in retail?

Retail businesses are particularly profitable when you choose products that have high profit margin. Some of the products which have high profit margin include sarees, toys, sports goods, perfumes, skincare and cosmetic products etc.

What businesses are in high demand in India?

Some of the retail businessed which are in high demand in india include bookstores, stationary, art and craft supplies, cosmetics, perfumes, kids clothes and toy stores etc. These are particularly popular retail businesses which you can consider as an entrepreneur.

Is retail business profitable?

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Retail business is significantly profitable depending on the type of retail business you are choosing. There are various types of product that you can trade in which are particularly notable for fetching high profits.

Do I need to establish a warehouse for my retail business?

The need for a warehouse depends largely on the type of retail business you are opting for. Warehousing will become essential when the business grows. However, in the initial stage, if you have space, warehouse may not be a necessity.

What kind of store should I open?

The type of retail business that you can start entirely depends on your available capital and your skills. It is crucial to choose the genre of your business after much deliberation to ensure maximum profit. Choose a genre where you have minimum clarity with conception.

What business have highest margin?

Retail business in clothes, textile, apparels, sarees, farming products, legal advisory, supermarkets are some of the businesses which have the highest margin.

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