Ultra-modern POS for delightful salesGet the most sophisticated technology delivered in the form of POS and exponentially scale your omnichannel sales.
Easily operable POS hardware
Incredibly friendly user interface
Assistance at every step
Manage from one placeMake maximum sales comfortably without going anywhere!
Swiftly take crucial actionsOmnichannel platform makes it possible for you take decisions quickly for online and offline sales
Put an end to monotonous tasksManage every touchpoints at one place and instantly sync them together.
Get realtime numbers of your inventoryWith integrated analytics you can now choose what's contributing the most to your sales
Enhance your customer's shopping sprintGet recurring and delightful customer experience on every channel
Get loyalty-driven reputationPass benefits to your loyal customers by awarding them with loyalty points and credits. Give a personal touch to every customer visit.
Set up shopping flexibilityConvert muted sales into real sales by engaging the customer offline or online.
Make customer a topmost priorityGrant provisional freedom for the customers to buy, exchange or refund without any hassle