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How to Sell Globally on Amazon in 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

How to Sell Globally on Amazon in 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Amazon Global Selling is a simple and efficient way to launch and grow a substantial export business in India via e-commerce. You can sell internationally on Amazon regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, reseller, or emerging brand. You can directly access 300 million or more clients globally using the tools and services offered by Amazon Global Selling.

Amazon Global Selling is your gateway to worldwide markets and global growth. With the aid of the e-commerce exports initiative, over 100,000 Indian sellers can now expand internationally. Businesses are eager to launch their products globally through Amazon as they recognise the growing significance of eCommerce.  

If you want to own a business website just like Amazon for your own business, Fynd Platform will help you reach your destination in just 30 minutes. You can build your e-commerce website or application with various tools that will help you to grow your business online.

How to Sell Globally through the Amazon App?

How to sell globally through amazon app.

To sell products, suppliers can easily sign up as sellers on Amazon's website, log in, and then sell their products over there after completing the necessary steps. However, sellers do not always have access to their PCs or laptops and may need to manage and control something urgently. So dealers may now utilize the Amazon Seller App to make things easier and faster.

The seller's app will enable them to do everything from list products to re-pricing them and track delivery. The app enables sellers to make updates and handle their accounts in any country in which they have a seller account.

Sign in to the Amazon Seller App.

To access the Amazon Seller App, first download the app, which may be done on any device. The software is simple to install on both Android and iOS. After installing the app, sign in using your Amazon Seller ID.

How to list your products?

The seller can add products and listings from any location at any time. They can do so by clicking the "add product" tab on the main page to create a new offer for an existing Amazon product or a new listing for a fresh product.

Keep Track of Your Payments

The seller does not need to log in to the website each time to check payments; this can be done on the app via the manage payments option. View your current and previous statements, and if you have any problems, you may contact seller support via the app.

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Regulate Returns

With the help of the app, the seller can effortlessly manage returns. The seller may also review returns, authorize return requests, and track the shipment process.

Carry out Day-to-Day Operations

Using the app, you can effortlessly adjust the pricing of any product after comparing it to your competitors to get the best deal and even instantly alter offers and monitor SKU sales.

Interact with your customers.

Using the app, on the product description page, the seller may even respond to any questions or comments a customer has made about their product, as well as check their feedback. This will aid them in obtaining a high seller rating. Do this by going to the home page and clicking on the feedback tab.

Keep an eye on your online business.

The app's home page contains several tools that can help you monitor your online business. There are several choices, such as analytics for your brand's storefront, selling account sales, and performance. You can quickly monitor your company's sales and the traffic to your brand's storefront with the app.

Enhance the quality of your product images.

Since the image of the product is the first thing a buyer sees, the image must be of high quality. A seller can quickly take decent images of their products using their phone or tablet, and then edit them using the tools provided by the Seller App's photo studio to improve the quality of their products.

Utilize the specialized features.

When selling globally, you must ensure that your account appears authentic and appealing to clients. Use the app's health dashboard to discover the areas that require your attention and improve on them to grow your sales.

Share Your Listings.

Using the share listings feature, a seller may quickly share their listings with relatives, acquaintances, and followers to advertise their items on social networking sites.

How to Sell Globally on Amazon Affiliate

How to sell globally on amazon affiliate.

The Amazon Affiliate Program, often known as "Amazon Associates," is one of the most popular affiliate programmes online, allowing content providers, publishers, and bloggers to monetize their work. Creators receive links they can publish and promote to their followers after registering for the free service.

Depending on the product category, affiliates may earn a commission of up to 10% from eligible sales and programmes when a sale is made through their unique link. People are looking to their favourite celebrities, influencers, or bloggers for help as the online environment has been more frequently used for shopping suggestions and reviews. The Amazon Affiliate Program was developed by Amazon to encourage influencers and content producers to promote goods on its site.

How Do Affiliate Links Work?

How do Affiliate links work.

Using affiliate links couldn't be simpler! You can publish your connections to your numerous websites, blogs, channels, and social media pages once you sign up for the programme and create them. Amazon will pay you in one of three ways after you've been accepted into the programme and your links have been used to make purchases: a deposit, a gift card, or a check.

Direct Deposit

You must have received at least a $10 payment to be paid via direct deposit. You will need to give Amazon access to your financial information to get paid in this way (bank name, account number, and other identifying information). After you've finished these steps, Amazon will send you your payment.

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Gift Card

You must earn a minimum payment of $10 to get paid through a gift card. Amazon will deliver the gift card to the email address you supplied throughout the application process once you reach this goal.


If you would rather get paid by check, you must first earn a minimum of $100 before paying the $15 check processing charge. Give Amazon a mailing address for this payment option, and you're set to go.

You must first register as a seller for Amazon Affiliates to link to your products. You'll pay monthly seller fees after completing this step in addition to several additional expenses, including referral fees and fulfilment fees.

The Affiliate Program is where referral fees come into play. Depending on the goods sold, these particular costs can range from 3 to 45 per cent of the product's cost. The money that Amazon charges you will be used to pay the affiliates' commission, even though you won't be paying them directly for the sale of your product.

Why Do Amazon Sellers Use the Affiliate Program?

Why do amazon seller use affiliate program.

The Amazon Affiliate Program may be a fantastic tool for sellers to increase brand recognition and increase sales. Affiliates validate the legitimacy of your items by recommending them to their followers, building a relationship of trust between your company and their audience. It is word-of-mouth advertising over the internet. You can develop dependable, long-term clients using this marketing strategy.

Sellers can collaborate with influencers who advocate Amazon products if you want to include the Affiliate Program in your marketing plan. They should ideally already be a part of the programme, or you can make them sign up for it before they partner with you. You may make sure that any promotions won't come as a surprise to followers by partnering with influencers who already feature products in their content.

As marketers, our main objective is to connect with a target market that will value and profit from our offering. It is crucial that we carefully select our influencers because we want someone who represents our company to embody our brand values, such as high-quality, luxury, or family-oriented.

How to Sell Globally on Amazon, Step by Step

How to sell Globally on Amazon.

Amazon offers more than 12 million products in more than 200 nations and territories. Here is how you can use Amazon to sell your goods in other countries, regardless of whether you currently have a successful offline business, are an exporter of goods online, or both:

Create a Seller Account.

The first step for Indian merchants who want to sell on Amazon is to set up an Amazon seller account. You need a valid bank account with pertinent details, such as a PAN number, to register as an Amazon seller.

As soon as you register, you'll have access to Seller Central, a one-stop shop for anything selling-related on Amazon. It is recommended that you receive the necessary documentation for your exported products at the same time that you register. Through the Exports Compliance Dashboard, Amazon helps you with this step.

Where to Sell?

One can conduct online business with Amazon in more than 200 nations and territories. You can sell your products on one or more of Amazon's global markets.

Create your listings

You must list the goods you want to sell internationally after signing up online. You have two options for listing your products: using the tools on Seller Central or the Seller App. These portals are uncomplicated and user-friendly. You can even employ experts from the broad Service Provider Network to assist with product cataloguing or photography.

Your customers can browse the products anywhere in the world once you've posted them. Use sponsored advertisements or incentives that allow you to target the relevant customers to further improve your listings.

Shipping and Delivery

On the Seller Central dashboard, Amazon alerts you of your customers' purchases. When exporters select Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon will handle all end-to-end operations, including product storage, packing, picking, and delivery to your customers. You will be responsible for handling shipping, refunds, customer service, and more on your own if you have not activated this option.

Receive Payments

Your money will be credited to your bank account after the order is placed and paid for. On the Seller Central Account, you can see the balance.

How to Sell Globally on Amazon as an Individual

How to sell Globally on Amazon as an Individual.

Do you know that, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India's exports surpassed $34 billion in March 2021? This represents a growth of 58.23% from March 2020. This demonstrates how Indian goods are available to clients around the world. Indian exporters can expand their business beyond 200 nations thanks to Amazon Global Selling's e-commerce platform. Sellers may move their products globally with only one click.

Amazon Global Selling has given business owners the ideal platform for marketing and selling their products globally. Entrepreneurs have prioritized businesses that sell leather, home decor items, books, shoes, toys, textiles, or commodities like tea and herbal products.

This is due to the ease with which we can now launch an internet export business and quickly reach millions of customers. You will learn everything there is to know about becoming an Amazon seller in this article, including the steps you need to take. Here are the steps you should take to sell your product in other countries via Amazon, whether or not you currently have a successful offline business that exports goods.

Generate an Amazon Seller Account.

Generate an Amazon seller account by registering your business. This is the first step for Indian entrepreneurs looking to sell products on Amazon. You need a valid bank account with pertinent details, such as a PAN card, to register as an Amazon seller.

As soon as you register, you'll have access to Seller Central, a one-stop shop for anything selling-related on Amazon. It is recommended that you receive the necessary documentation for your exported products at the same time that you register. Learn how to take your offline store online - Click here.

Where to Sell?

You will now need to choose your marketplace before you can sell your product because they provide services in 200 different nations. America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region are among the four global marketplaces that Amazon has segmented into. You must select a region from several options. When choosing your marketplace, you need to think about things like which region will provide you with high sales in the long term.

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Upload listing

In the following step, you must list the goods you want to sell internationally after signing up online. You have two options for listing your products: using the features on Seller Central or the Seller App.

These portals are uncomplicated and user-friendly. You can even employ experts from the broad Provider’s Network to assist with goods categorized or shot. Once the products are displayed, buyers can order anything they want and use them anywhere in the world.

Delivery of the products and shipping.

The platform where Amazon informs you of your orders is called the Amazon Central dashboard. For exporters who have selected FBA, Amazon will handle all logistics, including storage, packing, and product delivery. However, you will be responsible for handling shipping, refunds, customer service, and everything else if this functionality is not enabled.

Obtain payment.

The money will be credited to your bank account after the order has been placed and paid for, and you can check the balance on your seller central account. This was a procedure we should follow for registration. Follow this link to learn more about selling branded clothes on Amazon- Click here.

How to sell globally on Amazon Business Prime

How to sell globally on Amazon business prime.

Business primes are essentially a separate membership programme specially designed for businesses and fully accessible on Amazon Business. Amazon's selling plans are further divided into many parts, and Amazon Business Prime is one of them.

Unique to Amazon, Business Prime is a membership service created especially for companies. Amazon Business blends tools that can help you run your business efficiently with the variety, ease of use, and value you've come to expect from Amazon.

Some unique services offered by Amazon Business Prime are not included in other subscriptions. So, as we continue, we'll learn about the unique benefits that Amazon Business Prime has to offer.

Analyze your purchases.

Every business performs an analysis of its progress after a set amount of time. It is one of the important factors in business. This service is offered by Amazon Business Prime to help its sellers achieve greater results. Isn't it fantastic that you have access to everything on your dashboard and that you can examine your interior at any time, anywhere, and from any device?

Guide your team's buying

It is more like exercising control over personnel expenditure and time savings. By directing them to the proper products or supplies and identifying market segments that employees shouldn't purchase, this approach makes it simpler to manage employee consumption and compliance. Simply choose a policy type, a product, or a seller, and then add an optional remark for the buyer to start using this service.

Return on investment

Every business strives to make a profit, and as we all know, the higher the ROI, the greater the profit. Here are some crucial considerations you should bear in mind when calculating the possible return on investment for your company's use of Amazon Business Prime:

  • Increasing procurement efficiencies
  • Increasing the cost of stories and rogne
  • Improve shipping advantages and company pricing.

These are the top three factors for profits.

Improve cash flow.

With 30-day payment plans, Pay by Invoice gives your company more flexibility and control. You can apply for 45-day terms with the Small and Medium plans and 60-day terms with the Enterprise plan if you have a Business Prime membership. These are the services that Amazon Business Prime offers to its sellers, and they can have a significant impact on your company. What product should we sell on Amazon? To learn more about this, click here.

How to sell globally on the Amazon brand registry

How to sell globally on Amazon brand registry.

A service called the Amazon Brand Registry was created to assist brand owners in safeguarding their intellectual property and merchandise on Amazon. The system's direct impact on manufacturers' transmitting information is its most substantial advantage. It also provides registered Amazon merchants with access to a wealth of optimization tools.

Who can enrol in the brand registry?

  • Manufacturers or private-label company owners. wholesaler or distributor with a license, trademarks, and patents.
  • Only people who have written permission from a brand owner are included in this category.

What are the features of the brand registry?

We encourage

In addition to providing resources, knowledge, and instruction to safeguard and develop your brand, we also assist you in registering intellectual property.

We proceed.

Infringing content is prevented, found, and removed online using technology and human resources, but we don't stop there. To put an end to criminal players in our stores and hold them responsible for their crimes, we collaborate with companies, law enforcement, and customers from all around the world.

Preservation of a trademark in advance

To proactively remove suspected illegal or false content, our automated protections analyze the information about your business. The more details you submit, the more effectively Brand Registry can safeguard and enhance your company's image.

Reporting infractions

You can locate and report suspicious infractions using our effective search tools by using a straightforward, guided procedure. This guard against fraud cases for manufacturers and sellers.

One of the most crucial features of Amazon is trademark registration since it safeguards you against fraud and legal trouble.

How much does it cost to sell globally on Amazon?

Cost of selling globally on amazon.

The cost of selling your products is divided into three categories geographically. You have the option to sell your goods either in North America, Europe, or the Middle East. The fees associated with selling on Amazon global vary depending on your selling strategy, product category, fulfilment method, and other factors. The options are diverse, enabling you to select the export price from India to the USA that best suits your company's objectives.

Amazon's Pricing Policy for Global Selling

You can sell on (USA), (Canada), and by signing up as a seller in North America (Mexico). The usual global selling charge structure with Amazon is described in the Amazon North America Pricing Plan.

You can sell on (UK), (Spain), (France), (Germany), (Netherlands), and Amazon. it (Italy), and by signing up as a seller in Europe (Sweden). The usual Amazon Europe seller charge structure for Indian exporters is described in the Amazon fees structure to sell in Europe.

As a limited-time offer, there is presently no monthly subscription charge for you to use Amazon Global Selling to sell your goods in the UAE or Saudi Arabia. Depending on the product you sell, you will be charged a referral fee on your sales, in addition to any shipping fees and other marketing expenses you might pay. For more details, check Amazon Seller Fees in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The subscription price per month, the referral fee, and the delivery cost make up the three primary components of the Amazon pricing strategy as indicated in the Amazon seller central fee calculator. Depending on the provided option regarding fulfilment you've chosen, there are different delivery costs.

As a seller, Amazon provides you with a lot of benefits in terms of shipping, and advertising. You are provided with two options when it comes to product fulfilment by Amazon: self-ship; You can send the items by yourself to the customers once you are notified about customers' purchases, or you can use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). You can send the products to Amazon's overseas fulfilment centres through FBA. Once a consumer places an order for the products, Amazon delivers them to the desired location.

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Subscription Fee

As an Amazon seller, you can choose to pay per sale or a set monthly Amazon Global Selling fee. You can always change or revoke your plan. Our suggestion is to select a Professional plan for your selling account (monthly fee). For the individual plan, you must pay $0.99 per item sold in addition to any other fees. For Pro, however, you must further pay $39.99 each month. For locations in Europe and the Middle East, the sum can be different.

Referral Fees

For every product sold, sellers are required to process Amazon a minimum fee (starting at $0.30) or a portion of the total price, which includes the unit price, delivery charges, and any wrapping expenses. There are some referral payments to pay including selling plan fees.

Shipping Cost

Based on the fulfilment option you select, the cost of delivery varies. With Amazon, you can either use Fulfillment by Amazon or "self-ship" the goods to customers (FBA). The third-party logistics company you select will determine the shipping cost when you self-ship.

The cost of each unit for FBA covers order selection and packaging, shipping and handling, offering customer care, and handling returns of items. The costs are determined by the size and weight of your product. Depending on the shipping option you select, Amazon Global Selling costs may apply.

Other Fees

The expenditures for "Multi-Channel Fulfillment," or the act of sending products to customers who have made purchases offline or through a seller's e-commerce website, as well as any other service that sellers are utilising from Amazon, go toward the international selling fees.

How to Find High-Demand Products on Amazon

Find high demand products on amazon.

Sellers or entrepreneurs who consider beginning their own business and have the goal of standing out from the competition in the marketplace, even though India already has millions of merchants who are making money by offering millions of different items for sale, must have a few things in mind before moving forward.

In a world full of sellers, or we can say competitors, you should think about a few factors that can have a positive effect on a new business. Therefore, choosing the one product that will differentiate itself from the other sellers and rule the market is advisable for a new business online.

Investigate Your Prospective Customers

Sell commodities that are in high demand all year long.

Small business owners should seek things that have a probability of selling all year round. To be more specific, it would be ideal if you could avoid marketing seasonal goods.

They sell one-of-a-kind items.

Select a product that will help you stand out from your market competitors. Selling unique or specialized goods would be simpler and certainly more successful for a small business than selling standard goods.

The item is small and light.

It will cost more to deliver the item both inside and out if it is large and heavy. Smaller, simpler-to-pick-and-pack products would be preferable for small sellers so that they can cut costs not only on shipping but also on returns and storage.

Consider the future growth

Consider your second, third, and fourth products. Consider the big picture: the market, the chances it offers you as a seller, and ultimately, the brand you want to build. You should have a long-term plan so that you can utilize the resources effectively and have a clear idea of how you want to expand your company.

Investigate's Best Selling Products.

Looking through the list of India's best-selling online products to see what is currently selling on Amazon is one of the quickest ways to identify a successful product to sell there. In our Facebook group, you can converse with other merchants. In addition, you might review your significant reports on Seller Central's mobile application. Once you've identified a select few things that are selling on Amazon, you'll want to confirm that the market is lucrative enough for you to consider selling such products.

Examine the Competition

The following step is to analyze the competition when you have confirmed that specific products may be sold profitably online. You can read the product reviews to analyze the competitors. For instance, selling a product may be very difficult for you to compete with if your competitors are selling the same product with great reviews. You must be certain that you can sell online and surpass the competition, to be more precise.

After you've determined which product is most likely to be profitable for your company, you may sign up to sell on Amazon. Simply registering for an account and posting your products on Amazon is all that is required. You can also make use of Amazon's services to increase sales and please your clients.

How to Stop Selling Globally on Amazon?

Stop selling globally on amazon.

As a seller, you might sometimes face an issue with international selling. As we know, language is one of the barriers that we can face when communicating with our customers. However, there are other reasons why a seller is required to stop selling in global markets.

If you are one of the sellers who is facing issues with global marketplace selling, you can contact the Amazon Help Center. However, to stop selling globally, you can follow these simple steps. Put other nations on vacation mode using the simplest method by going to Settings > Account Information > Holiday settings. You can also delete your listings on other marketplaces to stop selling globally.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

How does Amazon Global Selling work?

Access to 18 foreign markets in the Americas (the US, Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, and the UK), the Middle East (the UAE, Saudi Arabia), and Asia-Pacific is provided through Amazon Global Selling (Japan, Singapore, and Australia).

With the help of this programme, Indian MSMEs, entrepreneurs, and retailers can list and sell their goods on Amazon's international marketplaces, including,,,, and others. This gives them the chance to reach millions of customers in more than 200 different countries and regions.

What do I need to register as a seller on Amazon?

In just 15 minutes, you can set up shop on one of the foreign Amazon marketplaces:

  • Email address and phone number
  • An authentic business address
  • A credit card with international transaction capability
  • Proof of national identity (Aadhar or passport or driving license)
  • Personal or business bank statements

You would require a few extra documents and licenses, depending on the country of destination and the category of product the seller is exporting. For example, you require a VAT document if you want to export your product to Europe. The reliable third-party service providers on Amazon's list can assist you in obtaining the necessary export documentation.

Are there any country-level regulatory requirements?

arrow down

Sellers must have appropriate export documents and adhere to laws to export goods from India. The specific product, the country of origin (India), and the country seller wants to export, all affect the export paperwork and compliance. Amazon can help you get your documentation in order and ease your export journey by helping you through the necessary rules and laws by connecting you with professionals through the Exports Compliance dashboard.

What are the documentation requirements to sell and ship globally?

If your product requires additional documentation, such as an FDA certificate for health, beauty, and grocery products or a CPC for toys, you would need to have an IEC (Import Export Code), an AD code from a bank (Authorized Dealer Code), KYC documents for both you and your company, and product-specific documentation. Additionally, you need papers relevant to the destination Country to conduct business there (e.g., European VAT).

How do I list my products on Amazon's international marketplaces?

You can list your products individually using our web interface or in bulk using inventory files based on excel. Depending on whether your products are currently included in the Amazon marketplace catalogue, different steps and information are needed. You can also get assistance from Amazon's global seller support team if you need it.

You will be given instructions on how to list your products once you have registered to sell on Amazon. You may decide to use Service Provider Network's listing services as well.

How do I get started with Amazon FBA in Europe?

It is possible to use Amazon's fulfilment network by selling in Europe. With just one Amazon European marketplace account, the listing is made simpler, and Fulfillment by Amazon makes managing cross-border transactions simpler (FBA). You must sign up as an Amazon global seller and configure FBA for European marketplaces to export via Amazon FBA to Europe.

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