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How to Sell Services on Amazon 2024 (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How to Sell Services on Amazon 2024 (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What comes to mind when people think about Amazon? The fact that Amazon is a platform where we frequently purchase goods. However, did you know that Amazon now offers its consumers the option of acquiring services? Learn with us how to sell services on Amazon. 

Rather than simply selling stuff on Amazon, individuals can offer their professional skills to clients, particularly if they excel in that field. It is easily possible with the help of Amazon Home Services. Customers can hire specialists to complete their tasks using Amazon Home Services.

Customers can, for instance, make an appointment with a handyman, an electrician, or someone to assemble furniture. The website allows for directly acquiring all of this and much more. Several services are offered, including T.V. wall mounting, furniture assembly, home theater installation, and junk disposal.

These services on Amazon are only provided by people who are professionals. Amazon makes certain that they carefully select those who can serve as professional experts; this is carried out to preserve the standard of Amazon's services.

Most of the time, these individuals would be required to verify their licenses. Amazon may even perform background checks on them. If you want to build your own website to sell services to your potential client, then book a demo session with Fynd Platform

What is Amazon Seller Service?

We all know that Amazon is a huge global market where you can buy various goods. But how do these goods even get into our hands to be purchased? Exactly who sells all of them on the website? Well, it's the Amazon sellers. 

The companies and individuals who list things on Amazon and allow buyers to purchase them are known as "sellers." The assistance or services offered to every seller that sells goods or services on Amazon are often referred to as "Amazon Seller Services". Amazon Seller Services runs a forum that enables sellers to market their products locally and internationally online.

These services are primarily designed to help sellers understand the Amazon Marketplace more thoroughly; this essentially tries to assist sellers in operating their businesses and get training on how the website runs. 

All sellers can benefit from Amazon Seller Services, which serves as a tool and reference guide for those who use Amazon Seller Central. By using Amazon Seller Services, sellers may increase client exposure to their brands. These even provide sellers with straightforward and adaptable advertising options and advice and tools for developing and improving campaigns.

What is Amazon Service Provider Network?

The Amazon Service Provider Network, widely referred to as SPN, is a network of authorized external service providers that help Amazon sellers worldwide establish, operate, and develop their operations on international Amazon marketplaces.

The community of authorized third-party service providers on Amazon can also supply sellers with everything they need to start, grow, and promote their products online on the website.

The service providers on Amazon serve as a huge resource for sellers on Amazon, helping with anything from taking photographs for the sellers to sharing tips and techniques to increase sales. The Amazon Service Provider Network consists of three major components. These three factors contribute to Amazon sellers' ability to expand their businesses.

The first and most important aspect is to provide Amazon sellers with reviews and feedback. These evaluations, reviews, and feedback greatly assist sellers in better understanding the market and the areas in which they need to continue strengthening their activities to develop their business.

The network is all licensed, and only certain service providers are made eligible to be listed on the SPN or Amazon Service Provider Network; this is the second significant characteristic. Therefore, their recommendations or guidance for the sellers are pretty much the best.

The third aspect is that there are more than 850 service providers in the Amazon Service Provider Network. Every one of those service providers supports the sellers' business operations in 21 countries worldwide; this is a major advantage for the sellers, especially if they wish to make their business huge and global.

These Amazon services lend a helping hand in several areas, such as translations, international returns, F.B.A. preparations, storing excess inventory, and so many more. The Amazon Service Provider Network also assists Amazon sellers in analysing their overall profit and cost-per-product so that they can fully concentrate their strategic plans on what is productive for them.

To meet reply constraints and deliver great customer service, sellers will also receive assistance when responding to consumer inquiries. These are, but a few of the numerous features offered by SPN.

How to use the Service Provider Network?

Every seller that wishes to sell their goods locally and internationally can benefit from Amazon's SPN. A seller on Amazon must follow certain steps to use the Amazon Service Provider Network.

1. Register as an Amazon Seller

Everyone who intends to sell anything at all on Amazon must first register on the website as a seller. The Service Provider Network is only available to those registered as sellers on Amazon Seller Central.

2. Visit the SPN Website

A seller can visit the Amazon Service Provider Network website after registering on Amazon Seller Central. The seller must enter all required information on this website. It would help if you answered questions about the seller's location, where the seller typically sells, and where the seller intends to sell.

3. Select the Service

After visiting the website and responding to the required questions on the Amazon Service Provider Network website, the seller must select from among the many services Amazon offers. These services include training, imaging, taxation, and foreign tax returns.

4. Sort the Results

The preferences of each seller vary. Each seller can select a filter and filter the results by their preferences, needs, and specifications. By service kind, region, language, and user reviews, sellers may filter the results.

5. Make a Request

After determining which products or services are of interest, the Amazon seller must select the "Contact Provider" option. When you click this, a service request is sent.

6. Await Response

The Amazon seller must wait for the provider to contact them after initiating a service request. After the service provider contacts the seller, the entire procedure typically doesn't take too much time, and the services are even delivered as swiftly as possible.

Benefits of Amazon Home Service

You should be aware of these advantages of Amazon home services because they have improved and made our lives more convenient compared to 10 years ago.

1. Possibilities for the labor force

Given India's size and the intense labor market competition, workers may have trouble finding employment. In these circumstances, Amazon Home Service is extremely important in helping to create jobs for workers. They only need to create an account on Amazon Home Service by following a few simple steps.

They will be granted access to the market, where they will find plenty of opportunities if they put in the necessary time and effort. Therefore, it presents excellent prospects for employees to expand their jobs and generate more leads online.

2. Completely free or less cost

Regarding Amazon home services, there are no fees, as we all know that starting anything on Amazon requires some form of initial funding. We don't have to pay Amazon monthly subscription or advertising fees for this functionality. Because of this, Amazon is a very dependable and economical business platform.

3. Special facilities for customers

Customer satisfaction is a key marketing component, and Amazon does a fantastic job of taking care of its customers. Suppose a customer is unhappy with any aspect of the Amazon home service. In that case, Amazon will resolve the issue, or the customer will receive a full refund, demonstrating that Amazon pays close attention to customer happiness and is making significant progress in this area. Alexa, Amazon Prime, and all other services offered by Amazon for the home are the greatest.

4. Living is incredibly simple and convenient

Thanks to Amazon Home Services, which also offers a variety of functions that can support your daily activities. You only need the Amazon seller services app on your phone to begin using the services.

Amazon Home Services offers a unique financial function: if you forget to pay your payments on time, Amazon will remind you. Apart from that, there are many features which will help you.

5. Real work

If you have experience and are serious about performing work or providing services, Amazon Home Service can greatly assist you and do so in a very short amount of time. Yes, all you need to do to qualify for the work is to go through a quick registration process and register as a trader on Amazon. It can be very difficult because you'll have to chase down leads for a long time, and sometimes you might not find any. During this time, you'll need to be patient and keep working.

6. Recruiting specialists to do work

Every household wants a professional to help with their homework, but they often have trouble finding one. For many issues, Amazon Home Service is the best option a customer can get.

Whether you're looking for a man to fix technology-related problems or someone who can fix appliances, you can find everything on Amazon Home Service. The family can trust the expert's services and, in reality, will be pleased with the service provider's work if they choose them.

7. Easily accessible workers with training or licenses

You will find a good worker or someone who has mastered a certain task if you use Amazon's home services because it is now quite tough to find a relevant and clever person for your domestic difficulties.

As a result, Amazon Home Service is the place where you can find everything under one roof. Somehow, if a person has a good grasp of a particular task, he will complete it more quickly and possibly for less money.

How to Sell Services on Amazon Step by Step

Suppose you deliver your product to the customer and confirm the shipment or let Amazon fulfill the order for you through Amazon FBA Service or Amazon Easy ship Service. By Amazon, money is directly deposited into your bank account after you take away the fees.

Let's learn how to sell services on Amazon. You must register and go through all the details and documents. You should have to check the list of all documents that need you to start registering on Amazon as a seller.

Here is a list given below of what documents you should require:

1. Active Mobile Number 

2. GST Number (or you are selling a product in a GST-exempt category)

3. You also required your PAN Card Details

4. Active Bank Account

5. Email ID: For quarries

To become an Amazon seller, visit the SPN website and click the service category you want to sell. After that, filter the results by service type, select your location and language, and find some reviews you need. If you search that you're interested in clicking the contact provider to grow a service request, then they (provider) will contact you back as soon as possible.

They all know about their customer requirements and understand how shoppers catch on with products and brands as they research and purchase online. They can help you find the audience that's more relevant and willing to purchase and enhance your business.

They get you the right customer for your business, and Amazon provides many tutorials, answers all your questions, and helps you grow your business internationally and locally. They all know about their customer requirements and understand how shoppers catch on with products and brands as they research and purchase online. They can help you find the audience that's more relevant and willing to purchase and enhance your business.

Amazon's fulfilment means that Amazon stores your products in the Amazon inventory, processes your orders, and offers all customer service. You must require an Amazon seller account to use the Amazon FBA service. You can easily add FBA to your account. It's necessary to set your business up in abidance with the guidelines on the website.

As we know, Amazon is the largest household brand sold on Amazon, and small and medium size businesses also emerge with Amazon, and large numbers of people join Amazon world widely. They take your order to their website using their proven software and secure servers. They supply, package, and ship the product, among other things, and charge the customer.

They collaborate with several people and send weekly activity reports with all the information. You can make a list and sell products easily and gain more profit, which increases your marketplace value. Amazon finds and attracts lots of colours to your business. Also, you don't have to make any e-commerce website.

It also takes care of payment processing, making it easier for you to start and hardly takes a few minutes to get started. Also, you don't feel any tension if you get a fraudulent charge on a stolen credit card. It's totally upon them. 

You require all your details about your company, and when you address your business, you can apply for your category and start your business with Amazon. It is easy to handle and grow your business. If you want to grow your online business with an attractive website of your own, just like Amazon, Fynd Platform is the right place for your future success. 

Amazon Home Services Fee

Firstly you should use professional services on AHS and begin selling services on Amazon after completing an application known as eligibility criteria; Because you'll need to meet Amazon's fundamental needs, which comprise basic liability and providing the suitable licensing for your trade.

Then, Amazon will do a business backdrop examination to ensure your company's details are copacetic. Any employees participating in in-home services will require a proper background check. You will get an email From Amazon if your application is accepted with an activation code and instructions for setting up your Amazon Home service profile.

If you have been selected as an Amazon service provider, you must create your shopfront and make a profile page where you can upload your information. And Customers get new things to learn more about.

In the company, you also write a business introduction to your business address, zip code, collect reviews and more. Suppose you get the benefits of selling services on Amazon. It leads to no need to pay upfront, or advertising fees are deliberate as a percentage of sales, so Amazon only charges. 

Transaction Fee: 

It includes 5% of each transaction's cost. It is invoicing Payment processing and fraud protection. 

Platform fee:

Include 10% and 20% of each transaction [to cover marketing and advertising costs: seller tools and Customer Service.]

Pre-Packaged Services:

Amazon collects 20% for the part of the facility cost above $1,000 (5% business fee and 15% Service Platform fee) and 15% for the part of the service price more than $1,000 (5% business fee and 10% Service Platform fee).

Custom Services:

 Fees for Custom Services amount to 15% for the facility price above $1,000 and 10% for the part of the price greater than $1,000.

Recurring Services:

If any company books your recurring service for, e.g., training sessions, weekly fitness, etc. Amazon takes a 10% facility price to complete orders over $1000. Some people have made successful businesses selling on Amazon.

As you know, Amazon collects all transaction and platform fees as a percentage of the service price rather than at a smooth rate.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Describe AWS

An on-demand, subscription-based cloud computing service is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It gives people, companies, and organizations access to many virtual goods and services. These include analytics, content distribution, networking, storage, developer tools, and processing power. Many firms turn to AWS to obtain enterprise-level cloud computing services without significant upfront investments in hardware, implementation, and ongoing maintenance.

An explanation of AWS certification

Based on their understanding and competence within the AWS environment, AWS users are evaluated and certified through AWS certifications. Every certificate level aims to make essential AWS concepts clearer. Introduction components needed to interact with and adapt to customized IT settings are provided by the fundamental Foundational and Associate Certifications.

AWS certifications can give people a way to broaden their professional skill set. AWS certification can give business owners peace of mind that future employees and IT staff have the knowledge and ability to administer cloud-based apps and services.

Which AWS database should I use?

For the individual requirements of users and the apps they use, AWS provides a selection of databases. A data warehouse, an in-memory data store, and relational and non-relational databases are all options. Your particular needs should guide your choice of database. A list of AWS databases, along with their distinguishing qualities or use cases, is as follows:

  • PostgreSQL and MySQL compatibility with Aurora
  • Amazon's managed relational database
  • A NoSQL database by Amazon
  • A data warehouse by Amazon Redshift
  • An in-memory data store from Amazon
  • Neptune by Amazon: A graph database
  • AWS Database Migration Service is a service provided by AWS.

Which AWS certification should I pursue?

arrow down

Different AWS certifications are available. Some of these offer basic details on using AWS and the AWS dashboard. Some organizations offer specialized training on different cloud services. There are four categories of AWS certifications:

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certificate offers a fundamental understanding of AWS architecture's rules. These essential services, like fundamental security, compliance, deployment, and operational concepts, are offered by AWS.

Associate: These certificates are focused on technical roles. They concentrate on a range of abilities and offerings. Associate-level credentials consist of:

  • AWS Solutions Architect Certification
  • AWS Certified developer 
  • AWS SysOps Administrator Certification

The highest-level credentials that you can obtain are professional. The necessary associate certification must first be obtained by anyone who wants to fulfill this certification level.

Professional accreditations include the following:

  • AWS DevOps Engineer Certification
  • Architect for AWS Solutions

Those who have earned the Cloud Practitioner Credential or any Associate certificate may also apply for speciality certificates. Among the speciality certificates are:

  • AWS Advanced Networking Certification
  • AWS Big Data Certification
  • AWS Security Certification

Is it necessary to tag AWS services?

AWS users can "tag" it by putting metadata on a resource. Resources can be managed and analysed more effectively, thanks to tags. Among other things, tags can distinguish various purposes, such as environments, billing features, and owners. You can use an API to manage tags automatically.

What are AWS offerings cost-free?

AWS has a free usage tier. It offers several services, including access to the cloud. Numerous services are cost-free as long as you have an AWS membership. Other AWS services end within a year of registration (or until usage limits are exceeded).

Free services may include time, location, or cost restrictions. For instance, Amazon EC2 Compute Cloud customers will need to pay for additional services after consuming 750 hours of access each month. Following a 12-month trial period, the AWS services will continue to be free;

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Cognito
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • AWS X-Ray
  • Amazon Web Services Database Migration Service
  • Amazon Web Services Storage Gateway
  • Chime
  • Glue
  • CodeBuild
  • SWF, SQS, and SNS
  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  • The Key Management Service
  • CodePipeline Device Farm.
  • Step AWS Functions
  • SES
  • QuickSight
  • Glacier
  • Macie
  • AWS Lambda

After a 12-month trial period, the following AWS services are billed for:

  • EC2
  • S3
  • EFS
  • RDS
  • The Amazon Cloud Directory
  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon GameLift
  • Data Transfer
  • The Amazon Data Pipeline
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • API Gateway by Amazon
  • Amazon Sumerian
  • Elasticsearch Service
  • Amazon Pinpoint
  • AWS Opsworks (Chef Automate and Puppet Enterprise)
  • Polly
  • AWS IoT
  • Lex

What AWS services are the most widely used?

AWS provides a variety of cloud-based services that are tailored to the particular requirements of people, businesses, and organizations throughout the world. Each account holder has unique needs. The following services are among the most popular ones offered by AWS:

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) on Amazon
  • Amazon SNS
  • Elastic Beanstalk on AWS
  • AWS Lambda

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