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Top 10 Tips to Increase Orders on Your Ecommerce Website

Top 10 Tips to Increase Orders on Your Ecommerce Website

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Top 10 Tips to Increase Orders on Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce was responsible for 19% of retail sales in 2021. As per eMarketer, eCommerce sales will grow by 46% in 2024. Developing an eCommerce is one thing, and converting them to customers is different. When a consumer enters your website, you control his path from the homepage to the order fulfilment. Fynd Platform offers extensive website enhancement options via its settings and extensions.

Competition is tough with thousands of eCommerce websites and a low conversion rate of just 2%. Businesses rely on sales; if there are no orders, there's no revenue generation. This blog focuses on techniques and methodologies to increase your eCommerce sales using the settings and extensions available on the Fynd Platform. Let's dive right into it!

1. Increase brand awareness to pull customers to your website

Blog pages of social media has shown

People must identify your brand and should give it a priority while buying. However, the objective should not be to become the next Amazon but to be the best in a specific category. To achieve this goal, we have multiple options for brand awareness.

  1. Blogs: You can create a blog section on your website built on the Fynd Platform. These blogs can be SEO optimized and used for organic marketing and lead generation.
  2. Announcements: Create announcement banners to showcase discounts, offers, and new product updates on your website.
  3. Enable Social Share: Social Share Extension of Fynd Platform allows you to set up social sharing icons on your website. It allows site visitors to share your website on their preferred social networking platform.
  4. Level up your social game: Share products and details about your eCommerce business on Instagram, Facebook, etc. It will drive customers to your website and generate massive brand awareness.

2. Optimize your website design and content

More than half of eCommerce traffic comes from mobile users. Your website should work well with all devices; mobile, tablets, and PCs. The website should cover the following checklist:

  1. All the categories and products offered by your website should be visible on the home page. Product descriptions pages should mention details of the products.
  2. The use of HD images and videos should be standard practice. Customers perceive the brand as fake based on the quality of content and illustrations added.
  3. It is advisable to use error-free content for your website. Proofread your content for any grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  4. Increase your Google search ranking by implementing SEO strategies. Fynd Platform offers multiple SEO enhancement options. Implement these techniques to rank high and pull customers to your online store.
  5. Many customers leave an eCommerce website and opt to buy from their competitors due to size unavailability. Offer a broad range of size selections to the customers along with size charts with conversions in multiple types of sizes.

3. Clear and concise return policy

After a hefty discount, what excites a customer the most is the return policy. Most brands offer free returns, and some offer just exchange and no refunds. Although there are multiple return and refund options, you should mention them on the product or checkout page.

If a customer faces issues while returning a product, it can result in bad reviews and loss of new customers due to bad ratings. Building customer is important thus, offer them multiple return/refund options that include original mode of payment, wallet balance, etc.

4. Work towards reducing cart abandonment rates

Work towards reducing card abandonment rates

The amount of abandoned carts globally is $4.6 Trillion. It is equivalent to 68% of the total shopping carts. Convincing customers in person in a physical shop is quite easy, but doing the same in a marketplace is a breathtaking task.

  1. Ensure that the checkout process is fast. If the time taken by a customer from product page to payment completion is less, the abandonments will reduce drastically.
  2. Most customers opt to buy a product from a marketplace after comparing its price. If you display hidden charges on the checkout page, it will lead to customers leaving without completing the payment.
  3. Offer free and fast shipping, one of the most attractive conversion tools for an eCommerce website.
  4. Offer guest checkout for new customers.

5. Upsell and cross-sell by recommending products

Order volume increases when customers buy more and more products. Upselling and cross-selling are selling more products to the same customer. Anuj Kumar of the University of Florida observed that implementing the product recommendation tool on your e-commerce business will enhance store sales by 11%.

Fynd Platform offers a product recommendation extension that allows you to display products based on viewed items. You can easily configure the product recommendations and showcase products on the product page. Customers buying shirts will have a choice to explore pants and add them to the cart.

6. Showcase offers, discounts, and latest product updates

Showcase offers discount and latest product updates

Displaying discounts and offer banners on the screen helps with customer retention by making them stay longer. Fynd Platform offers the Screensaver extension to showcase your best products, promote offers, and share discount codes with customers. It allows you to display images, videos, and ads on the landing page of your website.

  1. Upload multiple images and videos to display them as a carousel on your webpage.
  2. Link landing page and description pages individually to images and videos attached.
  3. Edit, delete, enable, or disable the screensaver from the extension settings easily.
  4. Boost sales by letting your customers know about the latest discounts and offers available.
  5. Customise background colours and CTA button appearance from the settings.

It can act as pop-up announcements and notify customers about live offers on the website. It will majorly help in customer retention and increase sales.

7. Offer discounts based on the number of products purchased

Increasing orders is all about increasing the volume of the cart. Fynd Platform offers a Modern Price Ladder extension. It assists in determining the price of products based on the number of items added to the cart. Once installed on Fynd Platform, it offers two types of ladder pricing for products added to the cart; Fixed discounts and percentage discounts.

  1. You can the pricing ladder based on custom prices or percentage discounts.
  2. It attracts customers who are looking to buy more products for less.
  3. Allows you to run promotional campaigns for products with flexible start and end dates.

Ladder pricing helps in increasing the average order value and improves business growth.

8. Run flash sales and festive offers on your website

One thing that attracts customers to your website is 'Sale'! Flash sales, clearance discounts, holiday promotions, and so on are all opportunities to significantly enhance your store sales. You can use your social media marketing to pull customers and notify them about the sale.

Fynd Platform offers a Bulk Coupon Generator extension that allows you to generate up to 50,000 coupons in one go. You can configure these coupons to provide percentage-based discounts, flat discounts, bundle discounts, buy X get Y free discounts, and more.

9. Maintain inventory to avoid customer dissatisfaction

Inventory management is crucial when running an eCommerce website. If products are out-of-stock, it will lead to low second-time visitors. It will result in poor sales since you do not have the product when the customer needs it. Inventory management and tracking are critical for avoiding a stockout situation.

Fynd Platform offers an Out of Stock Products Report extension that sends low stock alerts and out-of-stock reports to your email. You get inventory data on a product or item level.

10. Enhance consumer engagement and trust

Enhance consumer engagement  and trust

More than 93% of customers visiting your eCommerce store will buy products if they find positive reviews and feedback. A good rating on products influences the buying decision of store visitors and helps to convert them to customers.

The Ratings and Reviews extension offered by Fynd Platform displays reviews on your eCommerce website. It allows customers to add text, image, and video reviews while allowing others to upvote, downvote, and comment on them. You should revert to unhappy customers and work on improving their experience. Websites with the highest customer ratings and positive reviews get more repeat customers.


Selling on an eCommerce website is more than just listing products; the majority of your effort should be focused on developing strong brand recognition, providing competitive prices, obtaining excellent customer ratings, and other more. These points may look difficult, but gradually applying these strategies will result in improved order volumes.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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