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Features to boost your online business

If you're a startup or running a large business, Fynd platform is your go-to place to build an online store with all the features you need to kickstart your online journey

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Parishri jewellery
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Delivery & Logistics Support
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SEO Friendly Website

Bring ideas to life

Choose the best-suited theme for your e-commerce website from a wide range of customisable premium themes

All-in-one platform to scale your online store

Scale your business easily in just 3 step

Why you need an e-commerce website?

Online store opens up new possibilities by increasing your brand visibility to millions of customers on the web.You can ship your products across India and expand your business outreach beyond the local market

Create your e-commerce website in 3 steps

Maximise sales and enhance customer engagement effortlessly by creating and launching your online store in minutes.Grow your business with unlimited product uploads,payment gateway and e-commerce solutions

Leverage the power of ONDC to boost your Sales

Get your products discovered by more that 6 million+ ONDC customers on all buyer apps at no extra setup cost or operational hassle

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Skyrocket your online business

Advanced add-on services for long-term success

Grow your business with Fynd Platform

Find out why Fynd Platform is the go-to e-commerce solution for successful brands. With a fully customizable no-code website builder, 99.99% uptime, and round-the-clock support, we've got everything you need to take your online business to the next level

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Fynd Platform Fostered Our Online Business Success

We are a women-owned homegrown Indian brand based in Jaipur, creating gold-plated statements and daily-wear contemporary jewelry. We believe Fynd Platform is the perfect place to house some of our pieces! The team at Fynd Platform has been helping us provide the ideal platform to present our work to our customers and gain their trust

Paridhi Patodia & Shrishti Agarwal
Founders | Parishri Jewellery

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Fynd Platform believes in helping businesses run from anywhere and everywhere. It is one of the best, industry-leading, no-code e-commerce website builders that help merchants, retailers, creators, and manufacturers in setting up their online stores in no time. We help brands go global with our easy-to-use pick-and-drop website design tools and simple product upload feature.

You can easily customise your online store and optimise it for web, mobile, tablet, etc uses. The platform also helps in marketing, branding and promotions with features like social sharing, connecting Instagram feed, and running sales campaigns.

Fynd Platform is a cloud-based tool, that offers 100% uptime and high digital security. So users don't need to worry about maintaining the hardware to support their website.

Fynd Platform is built for everything and anything in the e-commerce and retail space! We excel at offering everything you need to scale your e-commerce business. We deliver what's best for you and continuously bring innovation in the e-commerce and retail space. Unlike other e-commerce website builders, we are niche specific and our customer support team is available 24/7 to solve your technical queries and ensure business continuity.

We offer solutions to problems that other e-commerce website builders fail to address, like:

1. Taxation problems
2. Payment gateway issues
3. Lack of marketing solutions
4. No customer support
5. Poor integrations

Our platform offers a fully customizable website builder with user-friendly themes. However, if you wish to focus on what you do best (Creating better products for your customers) and delegate the task of website creation, we have a solution for you.

Our Growth 10X plan takes away your load of website design and development. This is an extensive plan that offers everything from basic setup to product uploads. Subscribing to the Growth 10X plans will ensure your business goes from offline to online in no time.

Fynd Platform offers a 30-day free trial period. You can avail your free trial, no credit card details are required.

Our free trial period is one of the longest among all the e-commerce website builders. Once your free trial ends, you can move forward with a paid plan depending upon your use case, product and the scale of operation.

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Sell online and showcase your products to millions of customers on the web. Sell products on an online store that’s open 24/7!
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