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Wix vs Shopify 2024: Which Is Better? (Comparison & Alternative)

Wix vs Shopify 2024: Which Is Better? (Comparison & Alternative)

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Two of the most popular website-making platforms are Wix and Shopify. But how do they differ? Which one is better? Are they overrated? Let us answer all these questions through this article. India is transforming in many ways. While earlier, for every facility you had to come out of your house and visit stores, today you can avail yourself of almost every facility at your home.

The credit for this goes to the internet, mainly for making websites. Now here also there is a change. How? Did you know that Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, built the first website in the world? While he launched the website on 6th August 1991, he came up with the idea to launch the site in 1989.

Yes, it took two years to go from the idea of making a website to creating one. Also, a computer scientist took that much time. But now, any ordinary person can create a website in less than two minutes. Yes, with excellent platforms like Fynd Platform, making a website has become easier than baking a cake. In this article, you will learn about two popular website-making platforms, Wix and Spotify. You will learn how they differ, what makes them unique, their pros and cons, etc. You will also learn about their alternative that could help you create your online stores in seconds.

What is Wix?

TOP choice
Value for money
Ease Of Use
Design Flexibility
Help and Support
Customer support

Simply put, Wix is a website that helps you design a website. Regarding internet or tech, it is a cloud-based website builder offering services, such as designing and web hosting. It offers a collection of more than 500 templates you can use to develop your website. The best part is you do not need to know coding or any computer language for all this, nor do you have to spend a buck on a web developer or coder. Fortunately, this is a feature of all web builders, including some of the bests, such as Fynd Platform. Before moving forward, you need to know how Wix works; that is how you can develop a site using Wix.

  • Visit the Wix website. Click on the Get Started button. This will take you to the next page in the signing-up process.

  • You must fill in your email ID and set a password there. After this, you will get an option to choose between Wix ADI and Wix Editors

  • Once you choose your type, you can select the type of website you want. For instance, you might want to make a website that could help you sell bakery products, or you might want a site to make your portfolio or put your blogs online.

  • After selecting your website type, you must enter your website's name and choose a template from the list of templates available there.

  • Wix offers a visually appealing collection of templates, but the best feature is the ability to preview each as your website before making a final decision. This allows for a more informed choice. With this feature, you can preview how each item will appear on your site when a visitor clicks on your link. It allows you to see your site from the perspective of a visitor. Additionally, it addresses a significant limitation of Wix: the inability to change templates after committing to one.

  • After this step, your creativity begins. In this step, you will get an option to choose the elements you want on your site. The best part about this step is you do not have to restrict yourself. Unlike most other platforms, Wix allows you to drag and drop an element anywhere on your site. This gives you creative freedom on your site. While this is a good thing, it has a drawback too, which you will learn in the later part of the article.

  • Now it is time to change the text and images. The template you choose might comprise many images and texts; you can customise it according to your needs. Make sure you update your blog, portfolio, or company details. Here you will also get the option to edit the font and colour of your text. Also, make it bold and italics according to your choice and needs.

  • To change the image, click on the image you want to change or swap. You will get an option ‘change image’. Click on this to easily upload a new image, add a description, and edit it as you want. If you do not have any images of your own, you can also surf the infinite image collection of Wix and choose anyone for your site.

  • The next step involves customising your background. Yes, most people skip this step, but it could change how your site looks. You can edit your background in the ‘Site Design’ icon in the left-hand sidebar. You can change the page transition, background, and colour scheme after clicking the ‘Site Design’ icon. These options allow you to give your website a different background image and work on the colour scheme.

  • Now your homepage is ready, but the work continues beyond here. It is time to add more pages to make a wholesome site. You might add a different page for your blogs and stories, or you might have different pages for different types of products. Among all these pages, do not forget about the two most important pages that almost every visitor looks for on a site: ' Contact Us’ and ‘About Us pages. Look for the ‘manage pages’ option on your Wix.

  • Now it is time to add some fantastic apps to your site. Wix has a library of more than 300 apps to add to your site. Whatever the purpose of your site is, for blogs, portfolios, or online stores, you will find one or two useful apps in the library. You can add quizzes, options to contact you, take orders, etc., with the help of these apps. Use them to make your site attractive and functional.

    While this powerful feature makes Wix a famous website builder, it also has drawbacks. With so many options, most consumers need clarification about what to add and what not. This sometimes makes your website clumsy and unorganised. It can also increase your load time, lowering its rank.

After these steps, set up your blog or online store. Then shift to optimising SEO for maximum reach of your site. This will also include optimising your site for mobile use. Then choose a domain name for your site and launch it. While you can easily do all these through Wix, there are certain drawbacks that you can overcome by using some fantastic platforms, such as Fynd Platform. It provides almost every feature to make a site quickly, without drawbacks. While you learn more about it in subsequent paragraphs, let us return to the main topic and learn some things about Shopify.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

After these steps, set up your blog or online store. Then shift to optimising SEO for maximum reach of your site. This will also include optimising your site for mobile use. Then choose a domain name for your site and launch it. 

While you can easily do all these through Wix, there are certain drawbacks that you can overcome by using some amazing platforms, such as Fynd Platform.

It provides almost every feature to make a site easily, without drawbacks. While you learn more about it in subsequent paragraphs, let us return to the main topic and learn some things about Shopify.

What is Shopify?

TOP choice
Ease of use
Design Flexibility
Sales features
Website features
Customer score
Help and support
Value for money

Shopify is an E-commerce platform that small businesses can utilise to establish an online presence, much like Wix. With Shopify, you can quickly expand your business beyond your physical store and into the online world, including websites and social media. A little-known fact about Shopify is that it also offers software that allows business owners to manage their online and offline stores simultaneously. It offers various plugins, such as Shopify Payments, Shopify shipping, and Shopify markets. 

Shopify allows its merchants to open and customise an online shop and simultaneously sell at various other locations, such as in-person, web, brick-mortar, and mobile. It also allows the merchant to build a presence on pop-up shops, online marketplaces, and multiple social media channels. Shopify offers various tools to minimise your time in stitching the various requirements of your business, such as shipping, delivery, managing inventory, and payments. Here are various layers of tools Shopify offers. This will also help you to get a hint of the difference between Wix and Shopify.

This layer includes the core products of Shopify. You will get these products as soon as you choose and purchase a plan on Shopify. This will include templates for a fantastic website look, a payment processing system, tools to build stores on multiple online channels and in-person, marketing and SEO toolsetc.

To further enhance the experience on your site, you can also access some developmental tools and Shopify APIs. This first layer is the foundation of the other two layers of tools in Shopify

The product and services under the second layer boost your already set-up store. Once your business grows, your requirements will increase. These tools will help you to upgrade. They would provide easier access to capital, better payment options, etc. These features will help you get a hold of the market.

This layer stores apps and various other features from third parties. These tools help you to customise your site without being a tech person. You can add a chatbox to your site, social media icons to direct the customers there, and almost everything. All these things will help you build a valuable and attractive site. But is it enough? Also, how much money does Shopify charge for all these facilities? Is the fee charged worth it? You should know many more things before committing to any website builder. Now you know the basics of both Wix and Shopify. It is time to learn the difference between the two.

The Summary Of Differentiation

The Summary Of Differentiation

Before going for the apparent difference, look at the primary difference table. This will help you get some clues about the points discussed later in the article.

Wix Shopify
 The website builder was launched in 2006.  The website builder was launched in 2006.
Wix is perfect for any small business, content writers, etc., looking to have an online presence.   Shopify is comparatively better for people who want to expand their business and do not want to limit it in any way.
It offers the feature to optimise your site for mobile use.    You can directly edit the CSS and HTML of your site, which might be challenging for some people.
Wix is particularly famous among people who want to create an online presence, such as blog content writers. Thus, there are very few online stores on it. It is particularly among business owners who want to open an E-commerce site for their business. Thus, Shopify has comparatively more features to cater for your business requirements.  
Wix is for a diverse population because it offers multilingual support. This means you can change the language of your website according to your target audience.  Shopify needs to catch up here with only two language support. This means that even if your target audience is particularly Tamilians, you cannot make a site that offers them a personal touch of the Tamil language.
If you want to avoid showing taxes on your store's products, you can turn it off on Wix.   Shopify also offers the feature to turn on and off tax views on the prices of products in the store.
Wix offers almost 60 E-commerce themes for free  Shopify has almost 100 themes, most having a sleek or modern design and being responsive on mobile.
Their servers and data centres ( the central data system) exist in the United States and Europe.  The data centres and servers of Shopify are in Ontario, Canada.
Recently, Wix has aborted the feature to recover carts    Shopify does not offer any such feature to the sites.
Wix is among the most intuitive and accessible online presence platforms. Using Shopify could be challenging for some people, but it has been mainly built for E-commerce stores. 
Customer service is where Wix lags. It offers support only through its forum or phone during fixed business hours.  Comparatively, Shopify has better customer support with a 24*7 hour support facility via chat, phone, and email.
With Wix, customers cannot receive a customised email regarding order confirmation.  Shopify offers a feature to enable customers to receive a customised email for order confirmation. 
The most hyped features of Wix include creativity freedom, attractive templates, and infinite fonts to match the aura of your site. The most hyped features of Shopify include business friendliness, powerful API integration options, and an intuitive interface.
Some popular companies using Wix include ConseySy, Embibe, DeviantArt, and HoneyBook. Some popular companies using Shopify include Wikipedia, Tesla Motors, Gatorade, and Soylent. 

So these were some significant differences between the two popular website-building sites. With this, you must have got a clear hint that both systems have specific cons. If you are not ready to deal with these cons, you can switch to the Fynd Platform. It is among the top sites for a website or E-commerce store building. It ensures that you can offer various features to your consumers. Now let us go to the details of the differences you learned in the above paragraph. It will help you closely examine the differences between both website-building systems.

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Pros And Cons Of Wix And Shopify

Pros And Cons Of Wix And Shopify

Looking at the points of major difference might help you to know the difference between the two website builders but it would not help you to know which one you should prefer. Moreover, a detailed discussion will help you to know what are the major features of a site that you should check before committing to it.

1. Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

Here is a table to summarise the comparison of both these website builders on the basis of ease of use.

Rating of ease of use ( in 5)  3.5  4.0 
Coding requirements  Not required  Not required
Approx building time  3 Days approximately  1 Day 
Users Opinion 

Review by a consumer taken from a well-known website

“It’s as expected, it’s the inverse of Wix, where the inventory stuff is really good but the design is more difficult to do.” 

Review by a consumer taken from a well-known website

“I found Wix so much easier to use, due to all the clickable elements. I was looking on the Shopify Sidebar and I couldn't tell you which part was which.” 

 Conclusion Once you come up with the site, it is a treat to your business but building the side is quite tough.  Building the site is easy and the drag and drop feature makes things as easy as baking a cake. 

Before choosing a website builder, consider why you need it. You likely want to create an online presence without having to do much coding. The platform you choose should make building and managing your store easy. Difficulties in managing your store can negatively impact your sales. Opt for a user-friendly interface to give your customers flexibility and customised features. While Shopify offers infinite features for your E-commerce store, Wix is easier to use.

Wix offers a website-builder assistant called Wix ADI, which uses AI to understand your needs and provide relevant elements for your website. With Wix, building a website is easy and does not require knowledge of CSS or HTML. On the other hand, Shopify is geared towards creating the best E-commerce stores, but there may be better options. While you can start your store with just a few clicks, it may take several hours to configure it properly. Additionally, opening a Shopify store is a significant undertaking that adds to the configuration phase. On the other hand, WIX focuses on ease of use and, without a doubt, fulfils the claim. It is one of the most uncomplicated website builders in the market. They offer a step-by-step guide and tutorials to make work easier.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

The Winner

WIX is the winner of this round

The simplicity offered by WIX in editing is comfortable to open a store in minimum time. Although it might not have as broad a range of eCommerce facilities as Shopify, it saves a lot of your time and effort.

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2. Design And Themes

Design And Themes

Here is a table summarising the comparison between these website builders based on design, themes, or creative control.

Rating Design score ( in 5 3.9 4.0
Available templates  73   114
Price of template ranges between   $0- 180 almost all templates are free to use 
Mobile friendly design   Yes  Yes
Ease in switching templates  You can switch your template as per your choice.   You cannot switch after committing to a template
Conclusion  Most attractive templates are expensive, so you might feel a creative limitation.  Offers a range of attractive templates for free 

One of the most important things to focus on while setting up your site is its appearance on various sites. You might have encountered various sites that look good on a desktop but need help to deliver ease on mobile. A survey shows that 45% of users prefer mobile for online shopping. So, if you are opening an online store, you cannot provide a site to your users that feel uncomfortable on mobile. Fortunately, both Wix and Shopify offer mobile-responsive sites.

Regarding templates, Shopify offers up-to-date options for various industries. Moreover, their themes have multiple styling options, allowing you to build a version suitable for your site. Although these might look expensive for a small business owner, a one-time investment in your store might give you a lifetime return. Also, the paid themes offer better designs. On the other hand, Wix has almost 114 templates for free. A point to note here is Wix has 800 templates, but only 114 of them are mainly for E-commerce. The best part is you can pick any template out of 800, edit it easily and quickly, and make it suitable for an E-commerce store.

The Winner

Wix has more templates

The features offered by the Shopify paid templates are worth a try. So, you can pick the one that suits your pocket.

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3. Sales Features

Sales Features

With the rapid growth of the digital world, more than selling in your store is required. You must be limitless with your sales channel to increase your customer base. Expanding your business to social media platforms and other online marketplaces can boost your revenue multiple times. Fortunately, Shopify and Wix can integrate with social media channels and marketplaces. Here is the table to sum up the available integration channels of both sites.

Channel Wix Shopify
Instagram Yes Yes
Facebook Yes Yes
Amazon Yes but only available on a business unlimited plan for Yes available on and
Messenger No Yes
Handshake No Yes
eBay Yes but only available in the business unlimited plan You can avail the option through the app store.

Besides these possible integrations with only a few clicks, Shopify and Wix offer other sales channel integration via their app store. The sales channels in the Shopify app store include TikTok, Google, eBay, LYST, Walmart marketplace, Etsy, and Pinterest, among others. Be aware that using this sales channel might include subscription or referral fees. On the other hand, you can expect little from the Wix app store. It has some options with its business plan, but you have to think twice before spending a good amount of pounds on an additional sales channel.


The Winner

Wix offer

While Wix offers integration with some good sales channels, it cannot defeat Shopify here.

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4. Plugins Or App Store

 Plugins Or App Store

Here is a table that summarises the plugins of these two website builders.

Wix Shopify
App Store Yes Yes
Number of eCommerce apps offered  54  5,763
Number of free apps   Yes Yes 
Price range ( approximate)  $10 to more than $100 in a month  $5 to more than $250 a month 
Standout app  Ecwid  Shop channel 
Conclusion  Wix does not offer a lot of apps in its app store  Shopify has a wide range of plugins 

Of course, Shopify has a lot to offer, giving you quality resources to scale up. With its app store, you can add the following things:

  1. You can offer your consumers a wish list.
  2. You can set drop shipping.
  3. You can offer your consumer the option to give product reviews.
  4. You can avail of currency conversion.

In addition, Shopify has recently introduced another plugin, the Shop app. It will help consumers get the list of their favourite Shopify stores in one place, track orders, and get product recommendations. Wix does not offer as many great plugins as Shopify. However, if you want to work with a website builder with limited easy work options, you can opt for Wix.

The Winner

Shopify has a good collection of apps

Without a second thought, you can conclude that Shopify has a good collection of apps that you can add to your website for a unique touch.

Visit shopify Alternatives

5. Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Making a site and leaving it for the audience to notice without doing anything is vague. You cannot wait for people to discover your site and buy your products. You have to work for it continuously. You need to work on the marketing of your site. While you can do marketing at your level, you should go for a website builder that offers quality marketing tools for promoting your site. 

Here is a table summarising the available marketing tools in Wix and Shopify.

Remember to appreciate Shopify's marketing capabilities. While it may appear that way based on a table of integrated marketing tools, it's important to note that Shopify offers a variety of practical marketing tools through third-party apps available in their app store. Although it may seem overwhelming to choose from the many options, it provides flexibility and the opportunity to find the best fit for your needs.

But wait!  Wix is not ready to back off! It has almost revolutionised the marketing game in the industry with the introduction of Wix Ascend. It is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps to manage and maintain your marketing campaigns in one space. To avail of this marketing solution, you must take a separate subscription. So, it is better to work with the integrated marketing tools initially, and after a specific time when you have the capital to invest, you can take a subscription to Wix Ascend.

The Winner

Wix wins from Shopify with a small margin

Most Wix users when asked about their experience with marketing on Wix praised its SEO tools, blogging tools, and social media integration.

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6. Product And Inventory Management

Product And Inventory Management

Regarding product and inventory management, it is impossible to beat Shopify. Only a few website builders, such as the Fynd Platform, might do that. Shopify scores a 4.5 out of 5 in product and inventory management. On the other hand, Wix has some great features to manage inventory and products, but Shopify is stronger. But here, a significant thing to note is Wix lacks inventory management tools but can offer you the proper tools for a simple business. If you aim to have a small store with limited products, you might love the simplicity of Wix. However, if you want to develop an extensive online store with thousands or lakhs of products, Shopify would be a better option.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

The Winner

Shopify with its amazing feature

Manage lots of inventory wins but only for the big business owners. For someone who is less ambitious with their online store should prefer Wix as the complexities of Shopify might feel tough to them.

Visit Shopify Alternatives

7. Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

When you make an online purchase and click the "pay now" option, you'll see different payment options available through the app, made possible by payment gateways. Incorporating a more comprehensive payment gateway into your website builder will enable you to provide customers with a broader range of payment options. This is crucial because it ensures all customers can find a payment method that works for them. 

For example, you purchased a dress from an online store, and during payment, you find that the credit/debit card you own is unavailable in the list of payment options. What would happen? You will either go for cash in delivery or drop the idea of purchasing from that site. You would eventually leave the cart without purchasing if the amount were significant. This means the application owner will lose a consumer and revenue. This could happen with your website if you need to provide good payment options to your consumer.

Here is a table that summarises the payment gateway options of Wix and Shopify.

Wix Shopify
 PayPal Yes  Yes 
 POS  Yes, through square and Sum up. WIX POS is also available. But only for the US.  Yes through its own Shopify POS 
Credit Card payment  Wix does not charge additional fees, but there is a payment processing fee that depend on the region. It has various payment gateways  Yes, with a transaction fee between 2.4 to 2.9 if you use Shopify pay
ment. But it does not include anu additional fees. If you use other payment gateways instead of shopify payment, there would be an additional fee between 0.5-2%
Apple Store/Google Pay  No  Yes 
Multiple currencies  You can display the price of a product in different currencies, but cannot sell in multiple currencies  Yes, but you will need to work on the feature to make it possible 
Other channels  Accepts via external apps such as Instagram and Facebook Support external apps such as Facebook Amazon, Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram 
 Stripe Yes   Yes
Square   Yes No
Klarna  No  Yes 
 Conclusion   Wix has some good payment gateways but does not stand firm in front of Shopify It has almost every payment gateway you would want to offer your consumer.  

Shopify offers customising text during payment. You can ask your consumers for donations for specific causes or tip your executive. Wix has all the traditional payment options, favouring small business owners who do not aim to reach a broad consumer base and have less capital to pay additional transaction fees. The only disadvantage of Shopify payment gateways is its transaction fees. You must wait to use Shopify payments to pay a reasonable amount to Shopify on every transaction.

The Winner

Transaction fee Part of Shopify

If your revenue is not enough to pay additional transaction fees, you might not enjoy using Shopify payments gateways ( other than its own Shopify payments).

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8. SEO


SEO is a crucial marketing tool that deserves special attention. Understanding why SEO is essential and how website builders can help improve your site's SEO. If you have a bakery website, for example, there are already countless other bakery websites online. To ensure your website appears at the top of search engine results, you need to give search engines a reason to prioritise your site above others. A simple way to attract more visitors to your website is through SEO. 

By optimising your site to meet the search engine's algorithm requirements, your website can receive a significant amount of organic traffic. This will help search engines discover your page and drive consumers to your site. Luckily, both Shopify and Wix provide exceptional tools for search engine optimisation. You can modify page descriptions, titles, headings, redirects, and alt texts. These elements allow you to incorporate relevant keywords into your site, making it visible to potential customers. It's important to note that the success of using these SEO tools depends on how effectively you utilise them on both platforms.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

The Winner

There is no winner when it comes to SEO

Both the sites have good, quality tools. You can use them to get your site a good rank on search engines.

Visit Shopify Alternatives

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9. Security


For every business owner, their business is their lifetime effort. They are not ready to take any risks. They want their business to be in safe hands. Thus it is essential to know whether these website builders are secure.

The following table differentiates the two website builders in terms of security.

PCI Compliant  Yes  Yes 
 Free SSL Yes  Yes 
Built-in security measures   Yes Yes 

The table clearly shows that both Wix and Shopify are good security. You can avail of SSL security in both website builders' plans. This security is more important for your users as it protects the personal details they enter ( name, email, number, etc) on your site. Both these website builders are PCI DSS compliant, which means they are safe for credit/debit payments. 

This protection keeps the credit/debit details and other business details secure. It also helps in reducing fraud. You also need your site to be protected from malware and viruses. The built-in security system of Wix and Shopify keeps these things in check, giving overall safety to your site.

The Winner

No website builder is a winner

It is a tie! Both of them have good security features that keep your business and consumers safe.

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10. Customer Support

Customer Support

Building a website becomes easier with website builders. Still, even after that, you might need a helping hand who can guide you about the various features of a website builder. Someone who can tell you the best way to utilise a feature. If the website builder you choose has weak customer support, you might feel alone and fail to solve any issue with your site. Here is a sneak peek at the customer support of both these website builders.


While both website builders are tough competitors in customer support, the live chat facility and 24*7 phone support give an edge to Shopify. However, most consumers believe that the customer centre of Wix is better. Another thing that helped Wix score more than Shopify is its in-editor. You might have to switch repeatedly to check the guide with Shopify, but you can get guidance while editing with Wix.

The Winner

Here both of them are winners

While Wix customer support is better during the making of the site, Shopify's customer support is help throughout.

Visit Wix Alternatives

11. Pricing


Here is a table summarising the comparison of both these website builders based on pricing or value for money.

Wix Shopify
Rating for the value of money (out of 5)   4.4  3.0
Free trial   offers a free plan Has a free trial of only 14 days 
The available number of plans   3
cheapest plan starts from  $34 a month  $29 a month 
Mid-Tier plan costs  $38 a month  $79 a month 
Most advanced plan costs  $64 a month  $299 a month 
Enterprise plan  customise cost  Monthly cost starts from $2000 
Type of extra costs  Apps  Domain name, apps, and transaction  
Conclusion   The plan are cheaper and suitable for initial phase The plans are expensive yet the feature that come with it might compensate for the cost 

So this was the comparison, now have a look at the pricing table for both Shopify and Wix.

All About Wix Pricing

The most appreciated plan of Wix is its free plan with decent features to open a site. It is also a way to test this website builder and decide whether you want to pay and avail more features from it or not. With this free plan, you cannot collect payments or earn revenue. For that, you have to buy an E-commerce plan. Here are three E-commerce plans by Wix.

  1. Business VIP that costs Rs 500 per month.
  2. Business Unlimited costs Rs 300 per month.
  3. Business Basic costs Rs 225 per month.

Here is a list of features that you will get with each plan.

Feature Business VIP Business Unlimited Business Basic
 Recurring payment   Yes Yes  Yes 
 Secure online payment   Yes Yes  Yes 
 customer account Yes  Yes  Yes 
Free domain for a year   Yes  Yes   Yes
 Custom domain  Yes Yes  Yes 
 bandwidth   Unlimited   Unlimited  Unlimited
Remove Wix Ads   Yes  Yes   Yes
Customise  report   Yes No  No  
video hours  Unlimited  10 hours  5 hours 
 storage space 50 GB  35 GB  20 GB
 customer care 
 Support on priority basis 24*7 customer support   24*7 customer support 
Abandoned cart recovery  Yes   Yes Yes 
Unlimited products  Yes   Yes  Yes
 Multiple channels of sale Yes  Yes  Yes 
Accepting multiple currencies  
Yes   Yes  No 
Loyalty program  Yes by  No   No 
Drop-shipping  Unlimited products   Limited to 250 products  No  

Besides these plans, there is also an enterprise plan that you can opt for further growing your business. Now, have a look at the pricing of Shopify.

All About Shopify Pricing

The first thing to know here is that you can skip taking any Shopify plan if you need clarification on the site. It is better to take a 14-day free trial. This does not require any credit/debit card or other payment details, ensuring no risk. You can use your mail id and test all the features of Shopify in 2 weeks. If you can commit to it, you can switch to its various plans. 

Here are its available E-commerce plans.

  • Shopify Plus: You can quote your price and bargain with the company to settle for a price both parties agree on. This plan is for businesses with no budget restrictions or enterprise-level companies. 
  • Advanced Shopify: It costs ₹30,164/mo. Besides, it involves 2.4% fixed transaction fees for online transactions and 2.4% per transaction fee for in-person transactions ( both these payments are only when you use Shopify payments). This plan is for those business owners looking to scale an already established business.
  • Shopify: It costs ₹7,447/mo. Besides, it involves a 2.6% fixed transaction fee per transaction for online transactions and a 2.5% per transaction fee for in-person transactions ( both these payments are only when you use Shopify payments). This plan could magically work for growing business. It offers features such as making gift cards. 
  • Basic plan: It costs ₹1,994/mo. Besides, it involves 2.9% and a fixed transaction fee per transaction for online transactions and 2.7% per transaction fee for in-person transactions ( unless not using Shopify payments). This plan is for beginners. It only offers the essential functions of opening a store. Start with this plan to see how your business performs on Shopify.
  • Shopify Lite: If you're considering Shopify, there are two plans to choose from: the Lite or Starter. The Shopify Lite plan costs ₹742.53/mo and has a 5% transaction fee. On the other hand, the Shopify Starter plan costs ₹412.52/mo but does not include hosting or a domain.

So, now you know everything about the pricing of the two website builders. 

The Winner

Wix & Shopify some amazing plans

It could give good growth to your business. It is best to go with the one that your pocket allows and the one that could fulfil your needs at that price.

Visit Shopify Alternatives

12. Dropshipping


Dropshipping is one of the most significant features you would want on your site, delivering a product directly from manufacturers to consumers or a retailer. You must carefully differentiate between the website builders to understand which will provide better dropshipping facilities.

The following table will make your work easier.

Feature Wix Shopify
Free shipping   Yes Yes 
Rates based on the weight of product  Yes  Yes 
Flat rate  Yes Yes 
Print and buy labels   Yes Yes 
Create shipping rules,   Yes Yes 
 Dropshipping carries   Yes offers drop-shipping  carrier with Pocket, modalyst, and 365 Drop-ship  Can start with a few clicks through various integration such as shipwide and Rakuten, and Amazon fulfilled App integration is also available with Dsers
Real-time shipping   Only corries (Brazil) and USPS (USA) Yes but no in the entry plan 


Both website builders have good shipping options, but Shopify is one level above Wix because of its shipping services. Shopify is available at every step of the shipping process, from syncing with other shipping providers to offering free shipping. On the other hand, with Wix, you get some benefits, such as maintaining tax rules for every product, order tracking, etc. But for global shipping, you will need a third-party app.

The Winner

Shopify wins this category

You can deliver the product to your consumer in the way you want it to be through Shopify. It is quite difficult with Wix which is more dependent on a third-party app. After learning all these differences in the major features of a website builder, you can easily pick which website builder would suit you well.

Visit Shopify Alternatives

Wix Or Shopify: Which One Should You Go For?

Choosing between Wix and Shopify is a subjective thing. A copywriter or photographer who wants to present their work and attract consumers through blog posts, offer them direct contact features, etc., can choose Wix. They can develop sites that do not require investment but give good returns through daily consumers. On the other hand, if you want to start selling bakery products, plants, chocolates, furniture, etc., through a site, you might like Shopify more.

Shopify will require some investments that you should be ready to make. Another significant thing you should know is that you can find an affordable website builder, such as Fynd Platform, that could help you develop a site as attractive as Shopify. It is one of the best website builders that allows you to build a website to show your creativity or open an E-commerce store. The best part is that it is super economical. This means spending less and getting more.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

How Is Fynd Platform Better?

How Is Fynd Platform Better?

If you want a Wix and Shopify alternative, you might need help finding a better website builder than Fynd Platform. Starting in December 2012, Shopsense has seen success from time to time and finally reached the Fynd Platform. With an experience of more than ten years, Fynd Platform understands the website-building market to the core. This means they understand the user requirements in the best possible way and bring solutions accordingly.

Here is a list of some of those features:

Yes, you heard it right! Fynd platform does not let you stop at a website. It helps you to come up with a brand website and mobile application in less than 10 minutes. You do not have to be a coder to do that. You can just use the Fynd platform and create a website with custom pages, an ios app, and an Android app.

Fynd platform serves a global audience. Thus, it supports multi-languages to ensure that none of its audience feels left out.

Fynd platform understands the importance of audience engagement in a successful business. Thus, it offers you the option to connect with your audience through blogs, present new ideas to them, share about your product, etc.

Also, its chat and forum features will let you communicate with your consumers easily, directly boosting your sales. You can ask questions and get their feedback through these features.

Fynd platform understands that even without coding you might need certain help or guidance for your site. To ensure this support, it has quality training material for all your needs. Besides its amazing customer support system, these materials work as 24*7 guides for you. You can refer to them and understand various things about website building.

For people who are new in the world of eCommerce, managing inventory online and offline could be a challenge but not with Fynd Platform. It offers a seller panel that simplifies your work of uploading inventory and managing it. So, you can quickly begin focusing on sales.

Of course, you want your site to have the most amazing features and plugins so more and more consumers purchase from you. Fynd Platform development kits are known to create custom matches that are unmatchable. Moreover, they are also known for their ease of use.

One of the things that attract a range of customers is available payment options on your app or website. If your site does not offer a payment method that is globally popular or preferred, you might fail to garner heavy sales. Fynd platform offers an infinite list that includes almost every payment mode that you would like to have in your application or website for smooth sales.

If you want to own your website in every possible way, the Fynd platform is for you. It gives you multiple customisation options that help to change the themes and colour of the site. Moreover, you can also select the elements you want to display on the home, product page, cart, landing page, and registration pages.

You can easily manage the level of access anyone has on your application. Moreover, it gives you the option to manage the display of login and registration options on their respective pages.

If you are into online shopping, you might have seen that sometimes an app offers a separate collection of products that are for sale. The fynd platform gives you the option to come up with such marketing lists.

With this, consumers can easily check the products that are on sale and purchase them. You can also create coupon codes for various discount offers and offer them to your consumers.

To reduce your efforts and make things super easy and comfortable for you, it offers you to generate marketplace catalogues. You can quickly upload this catalogue to various marketplaces, such as Ajio, Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Facebook, and Google.

To understand the growth of your application, you need string data and insights to analyse. The fynd platform offers insights not only in the form of tables but graphs too. You can download this data in the form of a PDF or CSV. Then for analytics of the application, you can use tools, such as Segments, GTM, MoEngage, and Firebase.

Other than data insights, something that is highly helpful in understanding the required improvements in your site are feedback. Fynd offers the option to add a feedback mechanism on your site and app. This ensures a better connection with your audience. You can also bring subsequent updates on your site as per those feedbacks.


The pricing clearly shows that the Fynd platform offers many features at a very economical price. Besides all these plans, Fynd also offers an enterprise plan. Some significant features of that plan include custom fees, 100 selling locations, and domain integration. This plan is mainly for people with custom requirements from their site or who want to try the Fynd platform for their enterprise.

If you are still deciding which plan to take, you can begin with the standard one and slowly switch to a professional one with the growth of your business. With the aim of “To Power Delightful Shopping Experiences for Everyone, Everywhere”, Fynd Platform ensures that your business does not encounter any technical issues and your shoppers can have the best shopping experience on your site.


Seema Taparia from Indian Matchmaking says, “You have to be flexible”. This is not only true while searching for a perfect match for you but also while looking for a perfect website builder. You cannot expect 100% from either Wix or Shopify, and you can expect 70-80%. But some platforms, such as Fynd Platform, might give you a satisfaction level near 100%. So why wait? Your customers are waiting for your perfect website.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Can I use Wix and Shopify Simultaneously?

This question is similar to whether can I drink lemon juice and orange juice simultaneously if I feel dehydrated. Well of course you can, but it does not make sense to consume two things for the same purpose.

Your purpose is to have an online presence that you can achieve from any of the two website builders, so why use both and increase your complexities?

Even if you want to do it, opt for two different types of commodities. For example, if you are a writer who also has an online quirky jewellery store, you can show your writing website on Wix and open a jewellery site on Shopify.

How many visitors can Wix Handle at one time?

At a given time, Wix can handle thousands of visitors or consumers on your site at the same time. However, this also depends on your plan. The amount of data and visitors your site can handle will widely depend on the premium plan of your site.

While initially, you do not need to purchase any expensive plan just for the sake of bandwidth, with increased traffic on your site, you might need to buy a comparatively expensive plan to ensure that visitors do not face any issues.

But this is not a problem because more traffic means good earnings and you can invest it on an expensive plan and more features to impress your visitors.

What Happens to my domain if I close my Shopify store?

arrow down

In case you have decided to close your Shopify store, you can deactivate your account easily. After that, you will lose access to your account admin. Now if you want to reactivate it, you have to enter your credit card details.

Then you can log in again. Also, after deactivating your store, you cannot come up with an online store that uses the same Shopify domain. You can undoubtedly keep your brand name in your new store, but your Shopify domain is unique and you cannot carry forward it.

To understand this clearly, take this example, you have an online store on Shopify with the name ‘The animorld’. The URL of the store is Now you want to close this store. After some time, you decide to open another store on Wix using the same name. So you can take The animorld but cannot use the whole URL for it. 

Another thing that Shopify mentions on its official page is, “If you plan to deactivate your store and transfer your domain to a new platform, then be aware that Shopify's HTTP Strict Transfer Security (HSTS) policy remains in effect on your domain for 90 days after you deactivate your store.

This policy helps to ensure the safety of the information about your business and your customers.”So if you want to close or transfer your online store, it is better to do it under the guidance of a customer support person. 

Are there other good options available than Wix and Shopify?

Well, there definitely are many other options in the market that you can opt for instead of Wix and Shopify. While the Fynd platform is among the top user choices, some other good options include Squarespace, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Weebly, Ecwid, Duda, Squarespace, Square Online, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, Easy Digital Downloads, Volusion, WP Easy Cart, MemberPress, Form builders, Jobber, Vcita, PrestaShop, Gumroad, Site123, Cart66, GoDaddy, WP eCommerce, and Strikingly.

Which have more expensive plans: Wix or Shopify?

The pricing table for both website builders is there in the article. You can check the details there. However, talking in brief Wix has some cheap plans that you might use. But if you have an aim to expand your business, go for Shopify plans. You can also check the Fynd platform as the prices are low with amazing features.

Can I customise the design of my website/store?

Wix offers a drag-and-drop editor for flexible design customisation, while Shopify allows some customisation through coding or the theme editor. Alternatively, the Fynd platform is a user-friendly option that enables non-coders to design their website or store with complete visual control.

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