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Squarespace Pricing (All Pricing Plans Of 2023): Tips To Get The Lowest Price

Squarespace Pricing (All Pricing Plans Of 2023): Tips To Get The Lowest Price

If you are planning to build a website to expand your business, the primary necessity is good hosting and the right platform. There are many different platforms available today for this purpose. One such option is Squarespace.

Squarespace is known for its various plans aiming at personal as well as commercial website building. The prices, features, and overall experience altogether have added to the popularity of the platform. Read on to learn about its pricing and how it compares against similar options like the Fynd platform.

Squarespace Pricing Plan 

Squarespace has several pricing and plans. They all come with various features. The more premium packages you choose, they will have more features as well as the flexibility of usage. Here is a detail of the different Squarespace pricing plans which you will come across:

  1. Squarespace pricing can be paid in two ways-on a monthly basis and on annual basis. The annual package costs less than paying per month.

  2. They offer four broad categories-personal, business, basic commerce, and advanced commerce. Advanced commerce is the most premium package available.

  3. The cost of each package is as follows, provided you opt for an annual subscription.

square space pricing table

As you go for higher packages, you get features and services of the preceding package cost-wise as well as additional features too.

Squarespace eCommerce Pricing

For e-commerce platforms, the best choice is the basic commerce and the advanced commerce packages. They both come with almost every premium feature. However, the advanced commerce unlimited and full access to all the services provided by Squarespace ensure you have every essential tool to successfully run an e-commerce business.

  1. The basic commerce package is $27 per month.
  2. The advanced commerce package is $49 per month.
  3. In the advanced commerce package, you get additional services like comer APIs, abandoned cart recovery, advanced shipping, sell subscriptions, and advanced discounts.

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Which Pricing Plan Is Best for You?

The right pricing plan depends largely on the expansion of your business and the plans you have. Many of the features are not needed for small-scale businesses. You can start by choosing accordingly and upgrade later as the business grows. If your website is for commercial purposes, the best plan to go with initially is the business pricing plan. It is meant for smaller businesses.

However, if you are trying to establish an e-commerce platform, the basic commerce plan is more suitable. Later it can be upgraded to advanced commerce pricing. For a seasoned business that has a significant following, starting with an advanced commerce plan is wise. It has all the necessary features which can help your business rank in significantly less time.

You can select to schedule the pricing on Squarespace. You can opt for a monthly or annual subscription. Once you activate scheduling pricing, it will give you reminders in time.

Thus, you need not worry about renewing your subscription manually. Once your billing details are saved in the system, they can get deducted automatically as per the schedule, should you pick them.

Squarespace offers four types of pricing plans for its customers. They are Personal,’ ‘Business,’ ‘Basic Commerce’, and ‘Advanced Commerce.’ They vary based on the amount of money charged depending on the location or currency, but the salient features of each remain constant.

The personal plan offered by Squarespace is one of the cheapest and most affordable options. The monthly price for a Personal plan is $23 per month and for a business plan is $33 per month.

If one plans to opt for an annual subscription, the price will fall to $16 per month instead of $23 per month. If one intends to opt for a yearly business plan subscription, the price will drop to $23 per month instead of $33 per month.‍

Personal vs Business Plan: Salient Features

Here we have made a comparative study of personal vs. business plans to give you a comprehensive idea of what you can expect by subscribing to either of them.

Squarespace Personal plan

The annual subscription of a personal plan offers the following features to the subscriber:
  1. It allows a free custom domain.
  2. It offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.
  3. It gives access to approximately 140 web design templates.
  4. It provides galleries, blogging options, and basic web stats.
  5. There can be two contributors to this plan.
  6. The Squarespace support can be accessed through the mail and live chat.
  7. This plan enables the installation of extensions and possesses SSL security features.

One cannot sell anything with a personal plan because it doesn’t facilitate e-commerce. Another highlighted disadvantage is that one cannot hook up the Squarespace site with other key services like OpenTable or ChowNow; neither one can add a Facebook pixel to the site in this plan.

Last but not least, this plan doesn’t give the provision to add CSS or JavaScript to the site, which implies that one cannot go beyond the standard Squarespace visuals or functions through this plan.

This plan generally aims at individuals who want a simple website at an affordable price and is unsuitable for business applications. These plans are used to create a wedding website, a birthday party promoting site, or a simple blogging tool. Portfolio sites are the only business sector in which this plan plays a role.

This is an ideal tool for any artist or photographer to showcase the content attractively. However, the business option is perfect for larger business operations, where one aims to sell products at a larger scale or wishes to monetize the site.

Squarespace business plan

The annual subscription of a business plan offers the following additional features to the subscriber apart from the ones mentioned under the Personal Plan:
  1. It enables to sell unlimited products.
  2. It possesses the option to accept donations and has gift card functionality.
  3. It encloses the option to work with unlimited site contributors.
  4. It offers complete access to Squarespace Premium integrations and blocks.
  5. It provides the option to customize the site with CSS and JavaScript.
  6. It offers more marketing options like a promotional pop-up or announcement bars.
  7. It also offers a free Google workspace account for a year.

This plan doesn’t offer e-commerce analytics and advanced discount codes. It also doesn’t allow one to sell the product on Instagram, which is a trending market targeting specific audiences. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t have an abandoned cart saving function and a point of sale function as feature.

It also doesn’t allow customers to set up their accounts on your website or users to check out on your domain rather than a Squarespace URL. If one buys a business plan, there is another major disadvantage they are bound to suffer, which is the transaction cost. Squarespace charges 3% on every purchase from the site.

The Business Plan is best suited for web owners who wish to have the flexibility to connect the site to a third-party tool or who want to customize the site with CSS or JavaScript. It can be a safe option for users in the very primitive stage of starting a business.

Squarespace Non-Profit Pricing

Squarespace Non-Profit Pricing

Squarespace can be an excellent option for any non-profit if utilized effectively. They do not offer anything specifically for non-profits; however, some plans can be implemented judicially in the non-profit sector. It allows the user to build a website without the support of a web developer, and hiring a web designer may account for huge money.

Squarespace also has specifically designed templates to accept donations directly through the website, which can be a very important feature for the non-profit sector.  The Business plan of Squarespace has the feature to accept donations or start selling the product online.

However, it needs to be customized using third-party tools because of certain limitations by the user. Third-Party applications like Neon CRM and Donorbox should be linked with the plan to maintain the donor data. 

Basic Commerce vs Advanced Commerce Plan

Basic Commerce vs Advanced Commerce Plan

While Squarespace offers various plans, for business owners the basic and advanced commerce plans are most suitable. But which one of either of these does your business need? A lot depends on the type, expanse, and magnitude of your business. We have shared all the details about each plan here to give you a comparative idea about both of them.

Basic Commerce Plan vs Advanced Commerce Plan: Price

Of all the four types of plans offered by Squarespace, the basic commerce plan is the more affordable choice for business owners. If you are planning to start a business online, this is the plan for you. It has enough features to get started and eventually can be upgraded as per your requirement.

The Basic Commerce plan offered by Squarespace is one of the most economical e-commerce plans. The monthly price for a Basic Commerce is $36 per month and for an Advanced Commerce plan is $65 per month.

If one plans to opt for an annual subscription, the price will fall to $27 per month instead of $36 per month for a Basic Commerce Plan. If one intends to opt for a yearly Advanced Commerce plan subscription, the price will drop to $49 per month instead of $65 per month.

Basic Commerce Plan vs Advanced Commerce Plan: Main Features and Limitations

In terms of features and limitations, there are several common grounds between basic commerce and advanced commerce plans. We have provided a breakdown for each in detail to simplify the concept:

Basic Commerce Plan

The Basic Commerce Plan enlists a Business Plan's features and removes the 3% transaction fee that Squarespace charges for every purchase from the site. Hence, the Basic Commerce Plan makes the transaction process with zero fees.

Additionally, it offers many important e-commerce features not found in the Business Plan. The salient features added in this plan are:

1. Point of Sale feature: This feature allows the user to sell the product in the physical location with the help of Squarespace and a card reader. 

2. Creation of accounts: This feature allows the customer to create an account which may lead to faster checkout and enhanced conversions

3. Complete transaction: This allows the customer to complete the transaction on the seller domain instead of the Squarespace URL. This is important as it adds value to the store and enhances sales. 

4. Improved Website analytics: Detailed and advanced e-commerce analytics will give a better picture of the business and allows one to navigate a better strategy for improved sales. This feature provides complete e-commerce analytics. 

5. Option to sell on Instagram: This is an essential feature as this channel has recently gained popularity and is extensively used for various e-commerce businesses. The Basic Commerce plan allows one to place the product on Instagram for shopping. 

6. More tools: This plan offers more merchandising tools and allows one to show images of related products or allows the people visiting to join the waiting list. It also lets the site visitor know if the product is low in stock. 

7. Collect Feedback: This plan allows one to send an auto-generated mail to all customers after 14 days of the fulfillment of the order to collect feedback. Customers can provide feedback comprising 1500 characters on the site and a rating. 

One of the major missing elements in this plan is abandoned cart recovery. This feature allows the seller to send auto-generated mail to all site visitors who drop the purchase at the final stage. This feature has the potential to enhance sales by 15% and is treated as a powerful weapon.

The Basic Commerce Plan is reasonably well-equipped with all the required features the sellers need. However, spending $36 every month might be an expensive offer for a few medium and small-scale businesses, especially when other competing platforms offer similar features at a lower price. The Basic Plan is meant for smaller businesses that do not need advanced integration, especially for marketing. 

Advanced Commerce Plan

This is one of the most advanced plans of Squarespace and unlocks many key features which are very important for professional sellers and large-scale businesses. The added features of this plan are:

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery: This feature sends an automated message to customers who did not make the transaction at the last stage. This unique feature is exclusive to this plan, and no other plan has this option. 

2. Sell Subscriptions: This feature enables the option to sell subscriptions for physical products or services. 

3. Better Discounts: This feature allows one to create a unique discount code that may be limited in use or automatically applied during checkout to attract sales. 

4. API access: This feature allows one to code one's own custom e-commerce integration with Squarespace. This enables the creation of modified processes and automation. 

5. Track Shipping: This feature enables one to link the Squarespace site with the postal or courier companies allowing real-time and accurate shipping charges. 

Squarespace offers a beautiful approach to designing and content management. When coupled with the above features, the Advanced Commerce plans stand to be the best plan offered by Squarespace. The Advanced Commerce Plan is one of the best choices for e-commerce. 

The Basic Commerce plan offers the essential options a merchant requires, but the unavailability of abandoned cart recovery tools and advanced discount tools might be a significant disadvantage.

The abandoned cart recovery is a powerful tool to improve conversion rates, and it can boost sales to a large extent. The Advanced Plan is meant for businesses that process multiple orders and need advanced marketing and shipping features. 

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Which Squarespace Plans Have We Recommended the Most?

Which Squarespace Plans Have We Recommended the Most?

The recommendation for Squarespace plans depends entirely on the type of business you have. But it can prove rather expensive for upcoming businesses and start-ups. Alternatives like Fynd Platform can be the best choice in that case. Similar to Squarespace, Fynd Platform has several plans to choose from.

The set-up is much easier too. Once you select your business goals, they will be able to recommend the best plan for your purpose. Select and subscribe to the plan, and you can start designing the website from scratch in a few hours. 

The selling process is set up soon as well and within a day or two, you can start selling through the website on the Fynd platform. The huge followership of the platform is an added advantage. It makes your website discoverable to relevant and potential customers. Hence, right from the beginning, your business has an extra edge.

The transaction fees are the percentage of profit deducted by the platform for every successful sale. It is 3% for those opting for a business plan.

However, with the Fynd platform, no such charges are there if you are opting for the Enterprise plan which is most suited for e-commerce websites.

The email pricing is null for the first one-year on Squarespace. However, after a year, there will be an additional charge based on your email list and the features you require.

On the other hand, the Fynd platform does not have such charges. A very nominal additional charge may apply if you require very exclusive features.

The domain pricing on Squarespace depends on the plan you select. It is in dollars universally, irrespective of the country where your business originates. This can be rather expensive for Indian business owners since the cost becomes rather high.

Fynd platform is developed in India and for Indian business owners from the remotest corners. As a result, their pricing is kept per the business standards without compromising on the benefits, features, and results you can expect.

Starting a store on the Squarespace platform comes with varying charges depending on the chosen plan. For a small business owner, it can be rather expensive.

Tips to Get the Best Deal with Squarespace

Tips to Get the Best Deal with Squarespace

To get the best deals from Squarespace, it is essential to understand their different pricing and their breakdowns. Squarespace offers four types of pricing plans for its customers.

They are Personal,' 'Business,' 'Basic Commerce', and 'Advanced Commerce.' Depending on the pricing, the features increase as your package level gets more premium. 

  1. The personal plan offered by Squarespace is one of the cheapest and most affordable options. The monthly price for a Personal plan is $23 per month and for a business plan is $33 per month. If one plans to opt for an annual subscription, the price will fall to $16 per month instead of $23 per month.

  2. If one intends to opt for a yearly business plan subscription, the price will drop to $23 per month instead of $33 per month.

  3. The Basic Commerce plan offered by Squarespace is one of the most economical e-commerce plans. The monthly price for a Basic Commerce is $36 per month and for an Advanced Commerce plan is $65 per month. If one plans to opt for an annual subscription, the price will fall to $27 per month instead of $36 per month for a Basic Commerce Plan.

  4. If one intends to opt for a yearly Advanced Commerce plan subscription, the price will drop to $49 per month instead of $65 per month.

  5. Squarespace is worth the money spent as it offers a range of features, including unlimited storage and bandwidth on the cheapest plan.

  6. The other similar sites also offer plans in the same range. Wix is the biggest competitor of Squarespace, which provides functions in the same bucket.

  7. There are no substantial-hidden costs except for two or three add-on features.

  8. Squarespace offers a fourteen-day free trial, where one can avail of the features without paying anything.

  9. Though the cheapest plan is the Personal Plan, experts recommend the Business Plan as one of the most recommended options offered by Squarespace.

  10. Multiple discount options are available to further reduce the overall cost.

Ways to Save Money

Ways to Save Money

Squarespace is one of the reasonable offers against the money spent; however, a few tips can be helpful to get the best out of your luck. The three golden ways to save some pennies are:

This is the golden rule to follow if one plans to adopt Squarespace for a longer duration. The initial amount to be paid in case of an annual subscription might appear to be huge, but it is the most cost-effective and economical.

One can save up to 30% annually by paying for a year with a single click. For example, the monthly cost for a Basic Commerce Plan is $36, and the annual plan will cost $324, which will account for $27 per month.

Each plan has advantages and disadvantages. However, the experts recommend Business Plan as one of the most advantageous in terms of money and features offered.

The Business plan offers a lot of features and is the primitive model for e-commerce. One can sell products or services through this plan without the higher cost of an exclusive e-commerce plan.

Multiple discount coupons can be availed when one signs up for Squarespace. When people sign up for the first time, they are eligible for a discount offer. In addition, Squarespace also offers a student discount of 50% off for first-year students if they sign up with a valid mail id.

The only red flag is that one cannot use more than one discount offer, so if one is utilizing the student discount, one will not be eligible for the discount offered during sign-up. A 14-day free trial is provided by Squarespace, where one can avail of the features without paying anything.

Things To Note To Get The Best Deals

Things to note to get the best deals

Squarespace offers a set of features for every plan, and there are certain things that one needs to purchase extra while setting up the website. These extra things make up for the additional cost that one is expected to make to set up the site for success. The transaction fee is another important area that one needs to know in the case of an e-commerce site. 

A percentage of the customer’s order total, including the shipping fee, is called a transaction fee. Squarespace charges the Business Plan subscriber a transaction fee for every transaction made through the website. The Business Plan charges a 3% transaction fee on the transactions.

This transaction fee does not apply to the other two e-commerce plans, i.e., Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce. The business plan is designed for smaller businesses; hence, the transaction fee is charged to cover the transaction processing cost.

Every website needs a customized domain name to give a professional appeal. The domain name offered by Squarespace is a generic one and doesn’t give a professional touch. One can customize and personalize the domain by purchasing it through Squarespace at the cost of $10-$20 per year.

An email is an excellent way of engaging and reminding site visitors to engage in a purchase. It is an effective tool to boost sales and share new announcements like the release of a new product or a blog.

The Business Plan of Squarespace offers a professional Gmail, and a G suite accounts for a year for free.

However, Squarespace offers a comprehensive marketing platform called Squarespace Email Campaigns that allows them to strategically attract customers. It lets one create customized emails directly from the website. The cheapest plan starts at $5 per month.

Squarespace Pricing vs Competitor Pricing

Squarespace Pricing vs Competitor Pricing

Squarespace is a popular platform but has several competitors across the world which are equally proclaimed. Here are some of the competitors and their pricing to help you get a better idea and take an informed decision:

Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

It is one of the largest offline to online eCommerce platforms today. With world-class technology and cloud infrastructure, the Fynd platform has become true omnichannel helping business owners of every magnitude.

It was established in October 2015. It is a user-friendly platform for business owners to start their e-commerce venture without any knowledge of coding.



They have a wide range of plans that includes a free plan also. However, Wix comes with a lot of limitations. If one plans to opt for a free plan, they will be stuck with the advertisement for Wix and will not be able to connect a domain. 

In addition, the storage limit is restricted to 500 MB, and the bandwidth is also limited to 500 MB. The website plans offered by WIX do not possess an e-commerce function which is a major disadvantage compared to Squarespace. The unavailability of e-commerce functions affects the site's versatility developed through this platform. 

The limited storage and bandwidth option significantly pull down the value of the Wix plans. Nevertheless, a few business plans offer e-commerce options that stand at a better spot when compared to the Squarespace plans.





If we compare, WIX plans are more affordable than Squarespace offerings, especially for selling subscription products. If one can manage with limited storage, then WIX can be more advantageous than Squarespace. The major point that can be highlighted here is Squarespace’s best value for money plan (the Business plan) is cheaper than Wix, whose comparative plan comes in at $27/month.



Shopify is an international online marketplace that started its journey in 2006. The portal hosts more than one crore of businesses in more than 170 nations. The platform has a footfall of 1.16 billion visitors monthly and more than 2.1 billion daily users. 

It is known as one of the most user-friendly platforms due to its simple structure. The registration process on the platform is free; one can sell the products for free for the first fourteen days, and then a small amount is charged per transaction.

Unfortunately, Shopify is quite an expensive option. The Basic Shopify plan starts at $29 per month, which is higher than the Basic Commerce Plan offered by Squarespace.

The other plans offered by Shopify, like the “Shopify” and “Advanced Shopify”, come at $79 and $299 per month, respectively. Squarespace is a more budget-friendly option when compared with this platform. It is also suggested that if one plans to sell products in Canada or the US, then Shopify is better than Squarespace.  

WordPress+3rd party hosting


WordPress is more of a blogging site and not exactly a website builder like WIX or Shopify. Nevertheless, multiple plugins for e-commerce and other features make the site open for many merchants.

The biggest highlight is that this platform can be used free of cost. The money that needs to be paid on WordPress is for web hosting. Multiple sites operate well on the shared hosting plan, and such plans can be accessed at a lower rate, like $3 per month.

There are also plans offered by various sites at a low price, like $3 per month, that can manage and update the WordPress Updates and links with the WordPress experts.

When compared and analyzed with Squarespace, one can state that WordPress is an economical option. But it is more of a learning domain. Squarespace is more professional and provides better templates for each industry.

The unified API solution lets you easily integrate apps with the Squarespace platform. The feature is available in the advanced commerce plan only.

This largely depends on the website and themes you choose. There are hundreds of options-some are free of cost while others are premium. Depending on which you opt for, the prices of templates and themes get determined accordingly. It is in addition to the monthly or annual subscription you already pay.


Squarespace is one of the leading platforms for building your e-commerce website. But for a budding Indian start-up, it can prove to be rather expensive. Though it has a plethora of features, to get the best out of it, the advanced commerce plan is the right choice.

If you are looking for similar features, and equivalent performance but more affordable rates, Fynd Platform can be your go-to option. It is designed to provide all kinds of solutions to business owners from every corner of the country.

In the end, it all comes down to your marketing and business strategy as well as product quality. The right platform can only help with giving an extra boost to accelerate the prosperity of your business.


Is there any contract on Squarespace?

You can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription which can be canceled anytime you want to. However, there is no binding contract for the consumers.

Which is cheaper- The fynd platform or Squarespace?

Without second thoughts, Fynd Platform is much cheaper than Squarespace. However, you get to enjoy all the features equivalent to Squarespace. Moreover, there is no compromise on the quality of the service which is an added benefit.

Do Squarespace offer email accounts?

arrow down

You can purchase email accounts through Google Workplace mail for the Squarespace domain. It will include all the features like Google calendar, Docs, Drives, etc. There is no need to learn and train to make the most of such an account.

How do I accept payments with a Squarespace commerce account?

Once a customer makes a payment, there are several ways to accept it through the Squarespace commerce account. Apple Pay, PayPal, and Stripe are some of the options to integrate and receive payments in minutes.

How to cancel service?

It is a very straightforward and no-questions-asked method. You can simply cancel the service online through the site manager settings.

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