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How To Sell Toys On Amazon (Requirement, Process, Earning)

How To Sell Toys On Amazon (Requirement, Process, Earning)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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The pandemic has changed customers' behaviour and almost 70% of Indians have shifted to online shopping from traditional shopping. According to Investopedia, 48% of the customers say that their shopping habit has been permanently changed in a survey conducted by AlixPartners.

Ecommerce has emerged as a golden opportunity for many businesses as it has a lot of advantages. It has come as the holy grail to some companies. Let's list the advantages of taking a business online.

  • Customers can browse through a variety of products and buy them. They can find even those products which are not available in their locality
  • You can personalize your product listing Using a single step, sellers can add many images, prices, description categories etc consuming very little time
  • Sellers will enjoy cost reduction as they have to pay a lot to maintain their physical stores like rent, electricity, repair, store design and inventory
  • You will have a quick way to advertise your products online

The benefits of selling your products online are uncountable. Amazon is one of the best e-commerce products on which customers rely to buy their products be it clothing, jewellery, home decor or toys for their children.

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Do you want to sell toys on Amazon? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will assist you in knowing the whole process to sell toys on Amazon. In 2021, Amazon generated approximately 103.4 billion dollars in third-party seller services which 23 dollars have increased from the previous year.

Amazon has been the most preferred e-commerce website till now. Over 200 million new monthly customers prefer to make purchases from Amazon. The results for selling on Amazon depending on the category of products and other items as well.

Following are the reason why a seller wants to sell on Amazon:

There are millions of new customers visiting Amazon every month. According to Statista, In 2021, the website gained over $470 billion in revenue. As Amazon is popular to provide trust and excellence so registering as a seller on Amazon builds credibility and trust in the customer's mind.

Amazon can help you create your base because the customers visit amazon to find the product and not the shop so they will visit your shop in search of their product. Once they have bought their first item from your shop, the future of your shop will depend on the quality of the product you have offered to them and the experience they had with your product.

Amazon is one of the most trusted buying and selling platforms. Amazon has launched their sites in 13 countries and ships over more than 100 countries worldwide. The customer can buy from anywhere in the world, it just depends if they want to pay the higher fees or not.

The sellers will be able to test their products if they will appeal to the global market or not by just listing their products on the local Amazon. The best thing for international expansion is that Amazon will take a huge responsibility off your shoulders since the sellers will not have to be worried about the local systems, logistics or operations.

Amazon has millions of customers and daily new customers visit Amazon and you get access to a large crowd for which you will not have to make any marketing efforts. Amazon has its search engine so the customers searching for your item will get your shop.

As the competition is fierce on Amazon, you have to make sure to stand yourself out and List your Products in a way that can pay you off. Although Amazon can lower your marketing efforts due to its wide number of customers, still you can advertise to increase your visibility on the search page

There are four ways by which you can advertise on Amazon

  • Sponsored Product
  • Sponsored Brand
  • Lock Screen Ads
  • Sponsored Display

Amazon has more than 175 fulfilment centres across the globe and you can ship all your products and relax. It will be their responsibility to store, pack and ship your products to the customers. Instead of worrying about your products, you can enjoy the increase in your orders.

Amazon FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon) is an excellent inventory warehouse, manager and shipper at a very low cost in comparison to what you will pay to the third-party owners for these works. You will be able to free yourself from the hassle of these works and the item you are listing will qualify for prime shipping which will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

Why Do Toys Sell Well On Amazon?

Why do toy sell well on amazon image is shown

Toys are the best categories which sellers prefer to sell on Amazon. Although the toys are sold throughout the year, they can be sold like crazy during Q4. Let us see why we can sell toys on Amazon so well.

  • Amazon is the most trusted website and consumers take it as a priority to buy toys for their children. Gone are the days when customers went outside their homes to buy toys
  • Amazon sells a limited category of toys so it leaves ample opportunities for savvy sellers to grab this opportunity and make a huge profit
  • Although Amazon sell toys well, the retailers usually run out of stock during Q4 and here come the customers who are ready to pay double or triple when they found an item  to be worth
  • Amazon has great tools to help the sellers to find the best tools to resell on the platform to maximize the profit margin

Is Amazon A Good Place To Sell Toys?

Is amazon a good place to sell toys image is shown

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces where people and famous companies are listed for a variety of uses. Amazon provides a variety of platforms for its users beginning from shopping for groceries, apparel and accessories to booking a flight ticket or watching movies.

When customers visit a store, they put more emphasis on finding the things instead of finding a particular store which can give a massive advantage to sellers as the customers will not go after the popular brand instead they will give importance to the quality of products.

If you are thinking of starting a business on Amazon, it will provide you with a lot of advantages with Fulfillment by Amazon as the sellers will be able to take advantage of Amazon's extensive supply chain capabilities. With FBA, the sellers will be required to ship the products to Amazon, the Amazon will then handle the merchandise storage, packaging and shipping to the customers.

If you are planning to start a business on Amazon, then it will be proved to be quite simpler than building your website. Amazon will take care of all your processes of storing your inventory, packaging and shipping them to the consumers. You will not have to worry about creating a fancy website as your product will be sold on the most fantastic eCommerce website.

By listing your products on Amazon, the sellers can easily determine whether their products will be able to appeal to global audiences or not. You will be relieved from the burden since your marketing efforts will be reduced and you don't have to fuss with logistics, payment system and operations of the business.

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Steps To Start Selling Toys On Amazon

Steps to start selling toys on amazon image is shown

The following information will help you to start your journey as a seller to sell toys on Amazon. Amazon is India's largest toy store with more than 8 lakhs units shipped monthly. The sellers can reach crores of customers across India and if they want to deliver to nearby customers they can also use local shops on Amazon. Local shop on Amazon is a program which helps the sellers register their physical stores on Amazon and sell to more customers in your area.

You will be amazed to look at the figures and how beneficial it can be to sell toys on Amazon. More than 25,000 units of toys are shipped from Amazon in a day. There is more than 50% of year-on-year potential growth in this category on Amazon and the toy sellers can sell two to three times more items during the festive season.

Register As An Amazon Seller

Register as an amzon seller image is shown

To sell toys on Amazon, you will be required to create a seller account. You will have to provide information to complete setting up your profile including name, legal name, and contact information. You will also be required to provide an active bank account for payments and your GST and PAN information.

Amazon gives you choices to choose the individual and professional selling programs. These strategies will help you to sell many goods. If you offer to sell less than 40 items monthly on Amazon, you will be charged a $0.99 fee per item sold in this plan along with the shipping prices set by Amazon.

If you are opting for a professional program, you will be free to sell more than 40 products in a month. You will have to take a monthly subscription for the professional program which will cost you around $39.99.

After choosing the program, you will have to select the toys and games category in the ‘Business type’ section. Amazon has restricted the toys category to maintain its quality and standard therefore, you will have to complete a brief form to request an auto approval.

Listing Your Products

List your products  image is shown

The sellers will need to display their products on Amazon for the customers to make a purchase. You will be required to add the number of items for sale, item price, delivery option, item data like what category it belongs to, a thorough description and images from all angles of the product.

If the toy you are listing on Amazon is available before, you can add a new offer by matching it with the existing one. You can also find this by scanning the product barcode or ISBN through the seller app.

If the toy you are listing is new and no other toys on Amazon match your listing then you will be required to create a new listing by uploading the images of the product and filling in the required details.

Following are the types of toys you can list on Amazon:

  • Infant and preschool toys
  • Role Play Games
  • Remote control vehicles
  • Family board games
  • Sports activities and playhouses
  • Ride on
  • Building set
  • Learning and educational toys

Deliver Your Products

Deliver your products image is shown

Once your product is listed and customer orders for your product, you will be required to deliver them to the customers. Amazon provides you with two choices, you can either choose Fulfillment by Amazon or go for Fulfillment by the Merchant.

Sellers who wish to maintain the ownership of their order management can choose Fulfillment by Merchant. For the sellers with limited operating capabilities, it is suggested to go for Fulfillment by Amazon, where Amazon will pack, store and ship the products on behalf of the sellers.

Amazon has more than 175 fulfilment centres across the globe therefore the sellers are required to ship their products to one of the fulfilment centres where their goods will be stored. The Amazon officials will carefully pack the products when the order will be placed, get them ready for delivery and will ship the products.

Amazon will oversee the refunds too. The sellers only have to keep a count of the inventory and have to restock them once they get out of stock on a timely basis. FBA service will save the seller from finding a courier partner and is cost-efficient.

Amazon also provides you with a choice if you want to choose your shipping partner.  The seller can choose their courier company to deliver the product but they will have to ensure that the products are delivered on time. The sellers can buy the amazon packaging material online at a reasonable price to ship their products.

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Get Paid

Get paid image is shown

Amazon will pay you for your delivered objects on 7 days of the payment cycle after deducting the amazon fees. The amount will be directed to your bank account by Amazon.

Following are the fees for the Amazon processes:

  • Referral fees: It is a fee which is based on the product category and varies for each product. It starts at 2% but varies for different product categories.
  • Closing Fees: It will be based on the price of the items sold. It starts at Rs.5 but it will differ by product price range.
  • Weight Handling fees: It is the fees for shipping and delivery. The fees start at Rs. 29 per item shipped, and vary by item volume and distance.
  • Other Fees: Baes on program/service: It is applicable for certain fulfilment channels and service

Promote Your Toy Business

Promote your toy business image is shown

Utilize the promotional services provided by Amazon to raise the interest of your customers in the listing and sales of your items.

Pay per click (PPC)

The pay-per-click function is quite similar on Amazon as well as on Google. You will be required to pay Amazon on each click on the listing of the items by your customers.

Discount Coupons

You can offer your toy items at a certain percentage off for which you can provide discount coupons to the customers. This will surely help you increase the volume of the sales. You will be able to attract customers by creating a price difference.


Amazon provides limited-time offers on its page which are known as lightning deals. The eligible products are shown by Amazon on the deals page. By paying a certain charge to Amazon, you can get your product into the lightning deal which will instantly increase your sales velocity and will qualify your items for a lightning discount.

Amazon Requirements To Sell Toys In Q4

  • The sellers have to make their first sale by September, the sale does not necessarily have to be in the games and toys category
  • The sellers must have processed and shipped 25 or more seller-fulfilled orders between august and October

The sellers are required to fulfil these two criteria if they want to sell the items related to Games and Toys in the month between November to January. For the rest of the year, the sellers are free to sell the items in the games and toys category. The sellers will be free to sell all other category items during these months as the restriction is only applied to the games and toys category.

Additional Criteria To Sell Toys In Q4

It is advised for you to use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) so you can be relaxed and use the time to enjoy the benefit. If you are fulfilling the order yourself, you will be required to fulfil some other additional requirements.

  • Your order defect rate must be less than 1%: The order defect rate must be less than 1% in comparison to the number of orders placed in the time frame of 60 days. Amazon uses this rate as a measurement of the experience the customer had.
  • The late shipment rate should be less than 4%: It is advised to ship the product before the expected ship date to avoid worsening the late shipment rate. Sellers should always try to order before or on the expected shipment date.
  • Pre fulfilment cancellation rate should not be higher than 1.75%: The pre-fulfilment rate refers to the number of orders cancelled by the seller. During the holiday, it has to be maintained lower than 1.75% otherwise on regular days it can be kept below 2.5%. Try not to cancel any FBA orders to stay compliant with Amazon's requirements.

All the metrics are always in place if you have opted for Fulfillment by Amazon except the Pre fulfilment rate for which you have to ensure to keep it in place.

Check Your Seller Account Health

Check your seller account health image is shown

It is important to check your seller account health, To choose rates log in to your Amazon seller account and locate the performance section in the seller central. Regarding eligibility, you will receive a notification from Amazon before November 1st.

If by any chance you don't meet the above-mentioned criteria, you are still eligible to sell toys using FBA in Q4. You should also try to include merchant fulfilment along with FBA to enhance your Q4 strategy. This will also allow you to sell the items as late as December when sales may be still high.

Ship all the products at Amazon Warehouse to avoid the hassle of occurring at the last date. Merchant fulfilment will also help to take advantage of the time when Amazon had a hot selling item out of stock.

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Why Amazon Has Holiday Selling Requirement In Toys And Games

The holiday season is the busiest season on Amazon, so Amazon tries to maintain and exceed the customer's expectations. Amazon is popular for being the customer's dream as it provides 24/7 customer service, ultra fast shipping and providing quality.

Amazon is all about customers' happiness and satisfaction and during the holiday season, customers shop a lot from Amazon not wishing to face any delay or mistakes from the seller's end. Amazon mostly builds its business around merchants so it trusts merchants because in the end if a customer faces any issue, they will blame Amazon and not the merchants.

Tips To Meet Amazon Holiday Requirement To Sell Toys

Q4 is regarded as the most important time for the sellers to sell their toys on Amazon as there is a lot of traffic during this time to buy toys. Most of the sellers are unknown if they will be eligible to sell the toys on Amazon during the fourth quarter or not.

Amazon will start sending emails during August month to the sellers informing them whether they meet the criteria to sell the toys on Amazon during Q4 or not. The sellers who are not sure if they will be able to meet the criteria or not start worrying as the last quarter is essential for their business.

Following are the tips that will help the sellers to meet the Amazon requirement and sell their toys without worrying:

  • Sell Cheaper Toys From Retail Stores

You can find low-priced items at retail stores such as Walmart. You can also compare the price of the toys with the toys sold online. You can also research other retail stores where you can find the toys at a low price that can give you profit by reselling them.

  • Activate FBM Instead Of FBA

If you have been using the Fulfillment by Amazon service and still have some inventory left in your warehouse, pause and activate the Fulfillment by Merchant service. Keep the offer until you reach 25 FBM, this will work fine if you are the sole seller on your listing.

The important part is to set up your shipping template so you don't lose orders and disappoint your buyers with late shipments. If you have not used Fulfillment by Merchant on Amazon, it will take time for you to master the process but you will be able to do so.

Things To Take Care Of While Selling Toys On Amazon

Things to take care while selling toys on amazon image is shown

If you want to stand out while selling your toys on Amazon, you will have to build a brand by providing good quality products to the customers. Customer satisfaction should be your utmost priority. Once your product is sold, you should be in constant touch with the customers to build long-term relationships with them.

Following are the things you will have to take care of while selling on Amazon:

Effective Photoshoot

The way you will represent your products on the Amazon page will give the first impression on the customer's mind. This can give you a competitive advantage and can be very beneficial in the long run. Get a professional photographer hired to take a shot of your product or use the professional camera if you are doing it by yourself.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Product

As today's world depends on social media, do not make the mistake of neglecting social media. It is a strong tool to advertise your products. Most companies reach buyers on social media as it has millions of users.

Make people aware of your brand by promoting it on the relevant social media handles such as Google Ads, Facebook Pages and Instagram. You can also use it to get reviews and feedback from your customers.

Provide detailed Description

It is advised to use attractive and good-quality images to display your toys. The sellers are required to use A+ content. It will help you to get more attention and clear all the doubts of the customers. You can also increase the effectiveness of your products by using storytelling. With a detailed description of your product, you can have a better conversation with your customers.

Sell Toys On The FYND Platform

With the use of, you can build your e-commerce website. The website has a lot of advantages and can give you a platform to take your retail business online. You can effortlessly manage your order, payment and logistics in one dashboard.

You will get access to professional themes to build responsive websites and mobile apps. With a single click, you will be able to list your products on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

You will get access to the inbuilt payment gateway options and in-house delivery partner. You will also be able to monitor your business performance using business analytical tools. With all the benefits listed above, what are you waiting for? Build your e-commerce website today with the FYND Platform.

Final Words

Amazon is the best e-commerce platform to sell toys as it has millions of new customers along with the existing ones every day. The holiday season is the busiest season on Amazon and at this time sellers try to increase their sales volume as much as they can. The above article will provide you with tips and criteria you need to fulfil to become eligible to sell toys during the fourth quarter of the year.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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How much money can I make by selling on Amazon?

The amount of money you will make on Amazon is not predictable as it will depend on several factors. New Amazon sellers are earning a profit of $30k per year but it is not the same for everyone.

Can sell toys profitably on Amazon?

Selling toys during the holiday season can give you huge profit as at the time of this quarter, toy demand is at a peak and often sellers become short of their supply. You can also buy and resell toys during this season to earn a decent amount of profit.

How to get approval to sell toys on Amazon?

arrow down

First, you will be required to register as a seller on Amazon. Amazon has restricted the sale of toys to maintain high standards therefore you will be required to fill an online form to become eligible to sell toys on Amazon.

Can the item be returned on Amazon?

Most of the items on Amazon can be returned but some items are restricted. To check the returnable policy, you can go to the ‘Privacy Policy page of Amazon. You can also check the description of the items where it is mentioned whether the item is returnable or not.

What are the items that cannot be returned?

The items can be returned under the following conditions:

  • The items delivered have a part or accessories missing
  • There is a fault in the product shipped
  • The item received is different from the description provided on the website
  • The item is physically damaged or looks like a used item
  • The received product is different from what you have ordered

How can I cancel my order?

If you have changed your mind or don't want to buy the product, you can simply cancel your order by following these steps:

For cancelling your items that have been dispatched:

  1. Go to Your Orders
  2. Request Cancellation
  3. The items you have cancelled will be returned to Amazon storage and the return will be initiated if the order is prepaid.

For cancelling items that are yet to be dispatched

  1. Go to Your Orders
  2. Select the item you wish to be cancelled
  3. Select the option why you want to cancel the items
  4. Click ‘cancelled checked items’
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