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What is Fynd Platform?

What is Fynd Platform?

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Coronavirus hit us at a time when the world was unprepared for such a big adversity. We took the hit together and are trying to steady ourselves. The economy is at a standstill and business entrepreneurs are trying to comprehend measures to stay relevant. Traditional “shopping” as a verb, is completely going to change as customers look for new avenues to discover and shop products.

One thing is certain — It’s time now for the entrepreneurs to take their business online. Fynd Platform · The ultimate solution for omnichannel retail business is a one-stop solution that enables brands to create online web stores, take online and COD payments, and access cost-effective delivery partners to deliver products across India and globally.

Fynd Platform is India's largest offline to online eCommerce platform with world-class technology and cloud infrastructure. It has true omnichannel potential that leverages other multi-channel platforms.

Fynd Platform is created keeping in mind the difficulties entrepreneurs face while creating their own brand store. Typically, an entrepreneur pays anywhere between Rs. 25,000 — Rs. 200,000 to create an ecommerce site.

Not to forget the engineering overheads, marketing add-ons, and the maintenance charges that come later. With Fynd Platform, we have come up with honest pricing to ensure that entrepreneurs have complete control when they transition to an online business.

Features of Fynd Platform

A complete retail management suite and has innumerable features available for any type of e-commerce transaction. The leverage that this platform has over other available retail tools is its true omnichannel potential compared to other multi-channel platforms. Thus making the retail data available across all channels.

1. Create brand website & mobile app:

Even if you are not an expert in creating a website or mobile applications, you can get it done from Fynd platform in less than 10 minutes. Create fully featured website with custom pages, Android App and iOS App.

2. Multiple Language Support:

Fynd Platform provides multiple language support to cater the diverse audience all across the globe!

3. Blog, Forum & Chat:

Weave your own community of users, generate ideas and innovate unique solutions! Get access to ask and answer questions on chats and forums.

4. User & API Documentation:

Utilize the vast encyclopedia of Fynd platform product suite which is extensively covered in documentation. Get all the platform APIs and build your own e-commerce business!

5. Training materials:

Get redirected to help guides and videos while using any feature of Fynd Platform with the help of quick help.

6. Seller panel:

New to e-commerce? Don't worry Fynd Platform will simplify it for you. Get onboarded in no time and get your inventory up online in no time! Start Selling!

7. Development Kits:

Use development kits to create your own custom pages and themes. Plus, you can do a lot more with the kits owing to its intuitiveness and ease of usage.

8. Payment system:

Payment systems are vital for running a business smoothly. You can always opt from an unexhaustive list of payment modes that you want your application to support.

9. Data insights with tracking & analytics:

Get figures and data from cart, order and payment in graph and tables. Download them in PDF and CSV too! Use application tokens like Firebase, MO Engage, Segment and GTM for application analytics.

10. Multiple customization:

Now customize the appearance of your application by changing its color and themes. Choose the elements to be displayed on the product page, landing page, home, cart and registration page.

11. Store setup with staff management system:

Got a banner and logo for your business? Upload in no time and view it across all channels. Send Invites and Add people to your staff. Set their access levels, incentivize and manage effectively.

12. Authentication & access management:

Set the access level of staff towards the usage of your application. Control the registration and login options and their subsequent display on its respective pages.

13. Order Management System:

Get your order management system and track the order lifecycle of the products ordered by your consumers. Manage delivery and refunds too.

14. Marketing Collection & Coupons:

Customize and create your own collection of products. Moreover, you can create your own coupons from a variety of examples.

15. ML-assistance:

Now, get a list of visually similar products when your customer lands on a product page.

16. Marketplace catalogue generation:

Fynd Platform allows you to run your business across various marketplace by uploading your catalogue on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Facebook, etc.

17. Feedback capture mechanism:

Now you will know your customers better! Provide your consumers with an option to provide their invaluable feedback and suggestions.

While there are a lot of agencies that provide add-on marketing tools, Fynd Platform has bundled them as part of their offering. Services include:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Coupon Creation
  • Custom Audience Targeting
  • Short-link Generation
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • NPS
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Linking Facebook and Instagram store & so much more

Why Fynd Platform?

Here are the reasons why you need to get your online business started with Fynd Platform!

1. Expand your Reach:

Your online store is an extension of your offline store/social media pages. While you can reach only a limited number of customers through your social media pages, having an online website with Fynd Platform helps you gain an unlimited number of potential customers, thereby increasing your presence.

2. Have an Online Address:

COVID-19 has changed the way we look at the world and shop. Having a physical address is no longer a viable way to reach customers. With Fynd Platform, you get the option to choose hyper-local delivery to serve people in the same city and deliver goods as soon as possible.

3. Ease of Access:

Social Media is the first step to help customers find your brand. Though it is a great stepping stone, your customers would always want to know more about your brand + product offerings through a custom online ecommerce store.

4. 24-Hours Support:

Fynd Platform understands that you require 24/7 support. You can always email your queries on customer support, and they promise to respond within 24 hours.

5. SEO Friendly Attributes:

Search queries are usually different for each user. Fynd Platform ensures that  product catalogue includes maximum attribute that defines the product and helps customers make an informed decision.

6. 1-month Free Trial on Fynd Platform:

Fynd Platform offers 1-month free trial so that you have the chance to get accustomed with the Platform. You can enter your credit card details on the last day of the free trial to continue with Fynd Platform. Free trial is also valid for plans run during promotional events as well.

7. Unlimited Products:

Be it our Standard plan or Ultra Premium plan you can get the maximum output from your online ecommerce website/app on Fynd Platform. Irrespective of your pricing plan, you can list unlimited products on Fynd Platform.

8. Handpicked Collection:

We understand that you require marketing tools that set you apart from the customers. Fynd Platform allows you to create a handpicked collection that can be further segregated based on filter, brand, category, price etc.

9. No Hidden Charges:

Fynd Platform’s prides itself for honest pricing. We have listed the exact features you get in each of our plan. Our commission structure includes payment gateway integration as well.

Supporting your brand's retail to retail journey, Fynd Platform offers all the tools you need to get your business going right. Build an online website and start selling in no time. Let's connect right now and get started!

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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