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How to Sell Branded Products on Flipkart (Step By Step Method)

How to Sell Branded Products on Flipkart (Step By Step Method)

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There are many opportunities for selling branded products on the internet. You can learn how to sell branded products on Flipkart by reading this article. Selling branded goods on Flipkart requires that you take care of a few important tasks. You can sell branded products on Flipkart with little work and for a healthy profit. You will be successful if you use the advice in this article.

Even if you don't produce your goods, the Internet is still a valuable resource for staying current. You won't need a third party's permission to purchase branded goods online. In addition, reselling something that you legally bought is generally not against the law.

Flipkart Makes Selling Brands Simple!

Flipkart Makes Selling Brands Simple!

E-commerce sites in India are expanding daily. The content of online shopping has had a significant impact on the general populace. Flipkart and other shopping apps have changed the landscape for e-commerce platforms.

To become one of the largest online marketplaces in India, Flipkart has come a long way. From a seller's perspective, Flipkart is nothing less than a well-known person in business. You must first locate a reputable and trustworthy supplier who can provide high-quality products if you want to sell branded goods on Flipkart.

The next step is to design a polished website that is simple to use and contains all the potential information customers require. Finally, to increase traffic to your website and boost sales, you must market your website and promote your products.

Why Sell Branded Products?

Why Sell Branded Products

Products with brands are in high demand. Selling branded fashion has the major benefit that items from well-known brands have the highest profit margins, with markups of about 50%.

You can make the most money by selling branded products like women's designer handbags and sneakers from well-known sports brands. In contrast to selling less expensive products with low-profit margins, you also do not require a high sales volume to turn a profit.

Things To Consider Before You Sell Branded!

Things To Consider Before You Sell Branded

When selling branded products online, there are a few things to consider. First, review the conditions of use for the website or marketplace where you're selling. For example, there are rules for what products can be sold on various platforms and what kind of permission the brand owner must grant. 

Second, confirm your agreement with the brand owner. If you are a licensed reseller, there might be particular rules regarding online sales. Lastly, be on the lookout for any gray market or fake goods. Your reputation and relationship with the brand owner could suffer if you sell these products online.

Reselling lawful purchases is not required of you. The terms of a written contract between you and the property owner may govern how your supplier resells the intellectual property. You must get the manufacturer's approval before using one of their logos in an advertisement. 

Multinational corporations are currently making few efforts to prevent major online retailers from blocking standard sellers. Reselling is not technically illegal as long as you adhere to the platforms and avoid selling a product directly from the manufacturer.

Selling high-end products to an individual is prohibited in the US. Most of the time, it is not regarded as a copyright infringement when the work is sold again as part of a deal.

How To Get Approval To Sell Branded Goods On Flipkart?

How To Get Approval To Sell Branded Goods On Flipkart

Before using photos of branded products, you must get Flipkart's approval to sell those products on the platform. You must also get the owner of that brand's permission to use their photos. Flipkart will file a copyright infringement complaint against you if the copyright holder does not permit you.

Typically, you can submit a request through the company's website. After carefully considering your request, the brand owner will decide whether to approve your request to sell their goods.

Include the justifications and strategies employed in selling the company's products if you're doing so. You need the permission of the trademark owner to engage in legal business. To accept your brand on its website, Flipkart must first receive its approval.

If Flipkart finds that a business is violating its intellectual property rights, it has the legal right to request evidence of your consent. Contact businesses you want to do business with and discuss buying a number of their goods to resell them. Ensure all the necessary documentation and legal requirements for reselling are in place.

Can You Sell Brands Without A License?

How To Get Approval To Sell Branded Goods On Flipkart

A company does not need to acquire a specialized business license to sell goods with a trademark attached. You must first get the owner's consent of the product by a trademark. You might also need a resale license, which enables you to purchase clothing from a distributor without paying sales tax. To sell products bearing a trademark, permission from its owner is necessary.

As long as they have legal documentation, it is acceptable for anyone to sell products that contain copyrighted content. You need to provide resale certificates as a requirement of the seller's permit to manufacture or sell goods at wholesale or retail levels. Reselling a product is legal, but platforms typically restrict it to a select group of customers without the manufacturer's involvement.

A license agreement between you and the trademark owner is the only way to sell a product protected by a trademark legally. Contesting these trademarks against a small, local business has a serious disadvantage.

Benefits Of Registering Your Trademark

Benefits Of Registering Your Trademark

Federal registration offers better protection, though, as you may use the trademark anywhere in the nation. In addition, registration with the nation's Patent and Trademark Office grants the right to bring an infringement lawsuit. Some retailers might be given the sole authority over a certain region.

The company or brand may agree to a licensing arrangement with you so that you may market their goods. A retailer may be required by a licensing agreement to sell a brand's goods exclusively, or they may be forbidden from promoting or selling goods from rival brands.

It can take a while to obtain trademark rights. To find out if the company or brand is interested in negotiating a licensing agreement and in making sure they are ready to provide the best terms, get in touch with them.

Can Brands Be Sold Again?

Can Brands Be Sold Again

You might wonder how to sell branded products on Flipkart again. The possibility of doing so exists. You may market designer or branded products if the parent company has given you a license. You have the legal right to resell branded items you bought from a liquidator or a large department store and any other goods they sold or distributed.

On Flipkart, virtually any item from those that are brand new to those that have surfaces that are worn or cracked—can be sold. Advertisements using a manufacturer's logo require permission from the manufacturer or trademark owner. If you didn't buy it illegally, it's usually okay to sell something again.

If you have an email address that has been verified, you can buy and sell items on Flipkart. Certain laws must protect the transfer if luxury goods are sold on Flipkart. Real estate sales are typically not against the law. A member company does not need to be authorized to sell branded products online.

Selling Authentically Purchased Items Is Acceptable

Selling Authentically Purchased Items Is Acceptable

The practice of reselling things you've already purchased legally is generally acceptable. However, once a product is sold to its first customer, manufacturers frequently have little to no control over it.

You can expand the rights associated with a trademark by registering it with the state or the federal government. The secretary of state's office typically handles trademark registration, which gives the owner sole authority to use the mark throughout the state. 

Some brands may request that retailers sign licensing agreements prohibiting them from marking their products. In contrast, others may request that retailers sign agreements prohibiting marking down or discounting their products.

Reselling is not forbidden unless you have the brand's consent, but you must take the following into account first.

1. Making sure the goods are genuine comes first. To ensure you are purchasing the real thing, research as many counterfeit goods are on the market. 

2. The second step is to look into the item's market value. You must ensure that the item is priced appropriately to turn a profit. 

3. The item needs to be shipped out quickly and safely, so you must be ready for that. A few things to remember when reselling branded products are listed above.

Normally, it is not against the law to sell something you have already lawfully purchased. However, you must get the manufacturer's approval before using their logos in marketing materials for your reselling goods. In addition, sales tax must be paid when you purchase something at retail and resell it. 

To sell your goods, you need to acquire a resellers' license. In addition, you could be subject to fines and interest for breaking sales tax laws. To ensure your safety, you should consult a professional if you are determined to move on.

How Do You Launch A Brand?

How Do You Launch A Brand

Before choosing the sign-up option, go to the Flipkart seller hub and enter the required information, including your mobile number, email address, full name, and password. You will then be prompted for your PIN code, which you will use to pick up your product. You must enter the complete address after the PIN code has been approved.

You must provide the address information, GSTIN, etc., after verifying the pin code. However, you can also sell things that don't require a GSTIN, like books that you can purchase on Flipkart without paying any tax.

In the subsequent steps, you must provide the necessary bank information related to your business. You can select that option and proceed accordingly if you have been assigned to complete the task and the information is expected.

When you have given all the required information, the seller dashboard will disappear, revealing all the remaining requirements before you can begin selling on Flipkart. You must enter your company's name and your store's description for later viewing by online consumers of your goods.

Choose the proper vertical.

The first step you must take when deciding to expand your business by selling on Flipkart is to list your products properly. A catalog with product details, a description, pictures, variations, and a price is being created.

1. Select Vertical from the menu options on the left-hand side when adding a listing.

2. Next, type the category you want to sell under into the search box. You can also choose it manually from the list displayed on the screen.

3. If you pick a category, you aren't permitted to sell in, you'll receive an error message. Then return to "My Listings" and choose the relevant category.

4. If the desired category is unavailable, submit a request for category approval by answering a series of questions.

Choose the proper brand.

1. After choosing a category, click "Select Brand" to enter brand information.

2.You should type the brand name on the following page. Next, select "Check Brand."

3. You can choose "Continue" to move forward if the request has been granted.

4. If your request is denied, select "Apply for Brand Approval."

For a product to begin selling on Flipkart, you must make at least one listing. Although there are no listing restrictions on Flipkart, a seller may list up to five quantities of each item to better understand sales. Flipkart pays commissions. As a product is sold on Flipkart, shipping costs are deducted from the item's price.

Pricing Is Everything!

Pricing Is Everything

A product's price may vary depending on several factors, including its quality, quantity, packaging, etc. The cost of your commodities is a major concern for you as a trader. However, you shouldn't be drastically undercutting your rivals in terms of pricing.

Instead, you must set your prices so that customers can be confident in the items' quality and affordability. Analyzing the pricing of the product category that is comparable to yours is a good idea.

If your product is distinctive and unique, you can undoubtedly demonstrate it at a high rate, but make sure that marketing and advertising are driving demand for it. Remember that Flipkart charges a specific fee for its services, and the goods you sell will be beneficial. This will enable you to think about the price more effectively.

Based on the classifications, a commission is assessed as a percentage of the value of the ordered item. There is also a shipping charge depending on how much the product weighs and where it will be delivered. 

The collection fees are deducted from the seller depending on the customer's payment method (such as COD, NEFT, digital wallet, credit/debit card, etc.). In addition, the seller has assessed a fixed fee determined by the value of the ordered item.

Become Successful On Flipkart 

Become Successful On Flipkart 

Here are some crucial pointers that will enable you to boost sales and succeed on Flipkart. 

1. By spending money on the product listing ads

You can increase the sale of your products by advertising them, which will enable you to generate impressive sales figures. Impressive sales numbers will help you increase your sales by bringing in more customers to the product pages. You must choose the product you want to advertise for and create a campaign for it before you can promote your product listing. 

When you're done with this, Flipkart will display it in various ways pertinent as a featured product. Then, if they want to purchase them, visitors to those pages can click on the advertisements.

2. By taking part in frenzied sales

To boost sales, Flipkart even hosts a few special events, such as spike Sales. Flipkart offers a variety of deals on the various products it has available throughout this event. In addition, customers can learn about such events from television commercials. 

Sales are increased because of events of this nature, which draw customers to purchase goods. Therefore, if a seller wants to increase their goods' sales, they can participate in such events.

3. Keeping your inventory stocked 

For an E-Commerce company to succeed, maintaining a full inventory is crucial. Making sure you have a wide enough selection of products will help you serve customers more quickly as a seller. A healthy inventory or stock is also crucial when Flipkart hosts events like spike sales. In situations like this, it will assist in effectively handling the demands.

What Goods Are Primarily Sold On Flipkart?

What Goods Are Primarily Sold On Flipkart

The highest percentage of sales, or 84%, are in accessories and clothing. Buying electronic goods comes next—25% of all sales. With 64% of the market, personal care and cosmetics products are ranked third. In addition, 64% of shares are held by household goods, while books hold 62%. 

Therefore, the sellers who sell these items are more successful and profitable than those who sell other items. Furthermore, due to the high demand for these products, retailers who sell items also see a lot of repeat business.

Benefits To Selling On Flipkart

Benefits To Selling On Flipkart

Both buyers and sellers find Flipkart to be a very user-friendly platform, and it has a simple registration process. As a result, many businesses have relied on Flipkart and succeeded. One of the biggest benefits is that you can sell any kind of product on Flipkart. You only need to register yourself and provide the necessary documentation, and you are ready to go. 

Some of the numerous benefits are listed below.

1. Multiple audiences

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India, with more than 100 million users nationwide. Your business will undoubtedly take off and attract a sizable audience if you use the right tactics and strategies.

2. Developing a brand

When you start getting orders and receiving positive feedback, your brand will grow its reputation in the online market. Customers will depend on your product's guaranteed quality.

As a result, more people become aware of your products as they begin to appear on the home page. Additionally, people will associate your brand with high-quality product suppliers.

3. Support for advertising

To accelerate sales growth on Flipkart, you can buy banner ads. You can spend more money, so the website editor can suggest your products to visitors without their knowledge. On Flipkart, you can find some fantastic offers of that nature. By doing this, you can increase sales even more and expand your business to its full potential.

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Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Is there a brand I can sell on Flipkart?

Anyone with brand-new, authentic goods is welcome. However, you must possess the following before selling: GSTIN. PAN Card (Personal PAN for "Proprietorship" business types and Personal + Business PAN for "Company" business types).

How do I add my company's name to Flipkart?

1. After choosing a category, click "Select Brand" to enter brand information.

2. You should enter the brand name on the following page. Next, select "Check Brand."

3. Click "Continue" to move forward if the request is granted.

4. If your request is denied, click "Apply for Brand Approval."

I don't have a trademark. Can I still sell my goods on Flipkart?

arrow down

No, registering a trademark is not required to sell on Amazon or Flipkart, but doing so is advised to prevent brand hijacking. 

Is Flipkart required to receive brand approval?

The top online shopping destination in India is Flipkart. However, the brand must be approved before you can sell products online. While the brand name will be approved as an Open Brand for some categories, brand approval is required for food products. Complete the required information after choosing Apply for Approval.

Is GST allowed when I sell on Flipkart?

Only if you sell exempt goods online can you sell without paying GST. If you sell items for which GST is applicable, you must obtain a GST number to conduct online business. Even if your annual revenue is less than Rs. 20 lakh, you must obtain a GSTIN.

Is it possible to sell generic goods on Flipkart?

Yes, you can sell unbranded goods on Flipkart if you are the product's manufacturer or possess a legitimate invoice. The lack of a trademark certificate, bar code, etc., means you lack these things. You cannot sell first-copy products, so take care.

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