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How to Sell Your Clothes on Instagram & Make Money 2024

How to Sell Your Clothes on Instagram & Make Money 2024

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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At its most basic, Instagram is a leading social networking app allowing users to share photos and videos with acquaintances and friends. It is free to download from the usual app stores and can be found on the smartphones of many young (and older!) people.


Kevin Systrom and Micah Krieger, both university graduates, founded the company in 2010, and it now has around 200 million users. Facebook was a social networking behemoth and a non-heritable corporation in 2012. While its basic premise is image sharing, the site's quality stems from its picture-editing functionality.


Hashtags were included, which may have made it easier for the user to find the content of interest through words. That successively introduced the term "trends," which meant that once demanded a comment, it fell into that class of recognition. So here's how to sell clothes on Instagram.

How has Instagram Gained Popularity In a Few Years As a Shopping Platform?

Instagram Gained Popularity In a Few Years As a Shopping Platform

Once a user snaps an image, dozens of Instagram filters will rework pictures similarly to old-style film prints. And as it is known nowadays, Instagram is famous for selling fashionable clothes on Instagram. Adults remain influenced by digital creators and want to look like them, which increases their interest in fashion or clothing, so they buy these clothes on Instagram. 

The app allows users to create private profiles. However, it can also be linked to existing social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to share their footage across platforms.


Instagram is a remarkable marketing tool to promote the products that fashion firms are preparing to launch in the upcoming seasons. Social media will make people aware of the clothes items their online friends are wearing and the fashion trends bloggers promote.


These few starting steps could be helpful if you need to become more accustomed to commercialism on Instagram. Recently, Instagram recorded itself as the highest-downloading app, proving it is the highest hub for selling. 

First, you wish to line up a replacement Instagram account. You'll begin with a private reserve, then switch to a knowledgeable or business one at any time to access Instagram Insights and facilitate your business growth. It increases visibility And also in the improvement of the brand image.

It is very profitable when it comes to advertising Because the age group that uses Instagram is primarily teenagers and Adults, that's affected the purchasing power of buyers and its ability to redirect traffic to your website.

What Types Of Clothes Should You Sell On Instagram?

What Types Of Clothes Should You Sell On Instagram

Some merely need to make a wardrobe. Others need to purge stuff that they do not wear. Whichever case is yours, decide which garments you wish to sell. A key factor is that the attire should be in reasonable condition with no stains, noticeable flaws, or holes.

To achieve your new Instagram business venture, you must choose what garments you want to sell. You'll be able to sell any fashion product online. It includes a wide variety of textiles and attire. You'll be able to see consumers for your things, whether they are new or pre-loved. 

On Instagram, you'll be able to sell high-street brands, high fashion, or something in between. Instagram solely sells quality products to happy and returning customers. Ensure the garments you intend to sell- do not show imperfections, such as mismatched patterns, irregularities, or defects.


To effectively sell garments online, you must seek out what individuals need to shop for and supply specific styles that meet their desires. You must keep an eye on trends to confirm that your items can attract potential customers.

Follow the seasons and also the trends that return and go. Analyze what's widespread on Instagram and different platforms so that you can supply the right products to the right customers. You can study similar things that were oversubscribed in the past to know what quiet garments you'll be able to sell. 

How To Sell Clothes On Instagram

How To Sell Clothes On Instagram

One of the best ways to use clothing you no longer wear and earn money online is to sell it. Instagram is also an excellent platform for online clothing sales. The presence on this platform is essential to selling clothes on Instagram. 

On the social media site Instagram, you may connect your store and market your products to millions of consumers. It's among the top locations for buying and selling clothing, shoes, bags, equipment, and jewellery. If you're seeking the best advice for running a successful fashion page, go to this comprehensive tutorial on selling clothing on Instagram.

Setting An Instagram Account 

You must first start a new Instagram profile. To utilize Instagram Insights and advance your business, users can begin with a personal account and later change it to a professional or commercial one at any moment. 

Instagram offers additional tools for businesses that are inaccessible to personal profiles. Individual accounts frequently gain from greater organic reach, though. So transition to trade later.

The next step is to select a payment processor. Among many others, you can use Venmo and PayPal. You could even launch your online clothing store on a different platform and advertise it using Instagram. Instagram accounts are very simple to open and easy to operate. Just follow the steps correctly!

Which type of Clothes should you Sell?

You must choose the clothing to sell if you want your new Instagram business to flourish. One can sell any fashion item, generally in good condition, online. Numerous forms of textiles and clothes, as well as garments, bags, shoes, and other footwear, are included. You can find buyers regardless of whether your things are new or used.

To successfully sell clothing online, you must ascertain what customers want to purchase and provide tailored designs that satisfy their requirements. Keep tabs on trends to ensure your products will appeal to potential clients.

Observe the ebbs and flows of the seasons and fashion. Old fashion trends frequently tend to resurface. Make sure you provide what is in demand by researching what is currently trending on Instagram and other platforms.

About Your Item

To successfully sell products on Instagram, you must define the type of clothing you are offering. In your Instagram posts, be sure to provide a detailed product description.

A detailed product description can encourage shoppers to trust you and encourage hesitant buyers to purchase your clothing. Your products will sell themselves if your product description is compelling enough.

The secret to successfully selling clothing on Instagram is getting the correct item in front of the consumer at the right moment. Therefore, ensure that your potential clients can quickly understand your message.

Post-high-quality Pictures 

You should publish high-quality images, mainly if you sell clothes on Instagram. Too many fashion vendors shoot their items with poor lighting and then wonder why the products don't sell.

Make a statement and gain an advantage over your rivals with distinctive, crystal-clear, eye-catching, colour-matching, varied, and brand-consistent product images. Make sure you look excellent in every photo you post to your feed so that potential buyers can quickly determine whether or not what you have to provide is what they need.

Take a photo of yourselves wearing the apparel whenever it is possible. Present your clothing in a great environment without overusing filters or lighting effects.

Set a Reasonable Price

To successfully sell your apparel products on Instagram, you must correctly price them. Only sell clothing for a reasonable price. The most lucrative pricing ranges are in the middle.

Many customers will undoubtedly turn off if you provide a deal that is too good to be true or significantly reduce an item. Discounting your clothing is only sometimes the wisest course of action. Your brand and the perceived value of your products will only improve if you set your prices higher.

You'll sell your clothes faster and keep customers engaged if you price them fairly—the likelihood of prospective buyers purchasing one of your product selections increases if the pricing is appropriate.

People's perceptions of the pricing as fair and a good deal for the product's quality matter. If you want to be successful in selling your apparel, you must get it properly and set the price appropriately.

Have a Good Logistics 

Having effective operations in place is essential to success. In advance, you need effective procedures and preparations if you want to sell clothing on Instagram. Take your time with shipping charges, or you risk losing money. You must charge more for shipping packages containing many items and sending orders abroad.

Prepare the necessary shipping and packing materials, such as packages, boxes, stickers, bags, paper, bubble wrap, strapping, and tape. Remember to log it all and send invoices.

You must keep track of every sale, follow up on unpaid invoices, and relist any items that don't sell. Only ship an item after receiving payment first, so keep that in mind. Also, let the client know you got their amount and express gratitude.

Be Genuine

Utilizing Instagram as a platform, you may successfully sell clothes online. Ensure that the brand, design, style, and publication schedule are all consistent. Stay active on the marketplace daily and post as frequently as your schedule allows. You'll sell your clothes more quickly and maintain consumer enthusiasm for your company and goods.

Instagram is a terrific social networking site for the fashion industry. You can post a few photos of yourself wearing various items every day. Then allow buyers to get in touch with you.

Engage with Your Followers 

Engage potential consumers and community members as frequently as you can. Gain more and keep them interested in the fashion world and your selected topic. You need to prioritize posting articles with product links every day. By constantly contacting your audience, you can pique the curiosity of your followers about your services.

You can plan a closet sale, discuss your favourite items beforehand, and use anecdotes to advertise your sale. Upload numerous photos in a carousel, combine still and moving images, and don't forget about Instagram Reels.

Bring Attention 

You must promote your brand to potential customers if you want to sell clothing on social media sites like Instagram. Increasing awareness of your company's identity and services is essential. But using Instagram solely to develop your account requires a lot of effort. Millions of users are on the network, and everyone is vying for attention.

Utilizing additional platforms is one of the best ways to notice growth in your following. Engage in social media activity to attract more customers and followers to your Instagram clothing store.

Please your Clients

Instagram makes it easy to sell clothing. Like any other business, you must maintain your customers' satisfaction. Respond briefly to customers as soon as possible—no later than one day.

To satisfy your customers and provide better items over time, you want to build a solid reputation and become recognized as a trustworthy seller. Give as much precise information as you can about the product. You can also provide a quality guarantee or warranty when selling apparel products on Instagram.

Be customer-focused and trustworthy. The satisfaction and happiness of your customers should be your top priority. The most significant source of income and marketing comes from repeat customers.

Tips For Selling Clothes On Instagram 

Tips For Selling Clothes On Instagram

Placing the sale under a different account than yours is advisable. People who wish to track the sale can do so in this way, but only some followers will have to receive constant updates about your shoe collection. 

When you announce your deal on your account, create it and submit all the images of your things along with their descriptions (or keep it a private account until it's over). Doing so may allow you to customize something to your liking and prevent others from placing bids before the auction is live, among other benefits.

The Pictures are Quite Significant.

It is also important to take clear, well-lit photographs of all your items on a neutral background because your customers can't try the garments on in a virtual dressing room.

Multiple images are also beneficial, particularly if a dress has an unusual back or a detail that one should check closely. If you have one, post a photo of yourself wearing the item so people can see how it fits in real life.

Clean up your Things

Before taking photos and shipping, make sure to wash correctly and wipe all the things. It is crucial because, aside from the obvious factor that nobody wants to purchase contaminated clothing, an item might have a spot or stain that may or may not be removable. If it does, you don't have to describe it as damaged, while if it doesn't, you should think twice about whether it's in good enough condition to sell.

Be Specific with Sizing and any Flaws.

Make sure to include all information that the buyer might want to know in advance in the item description to avoid any surprises when they receive their goods. If the size on the tag differs from how the item fits (for example, if it's small yet fits like a medium) or if it has a loose cut that might include a variety of sizes, take note of how it works. 

If the item has worn areas or stains that you cannot remove, include a picture or note to let the buyer know. Unless otherwise noted, people think all products are gentle to use, so you don't need to picture every small loose thread but glance over everything.

Make Your Sales Rules Explicit

After you've placed all of your products, create a "sale guidelines" post (make it last, so it is at the top of the page) and remind consumers of the terms customers should review in their shop's Instagram bio. 

Remember to include all the pertinent information- 

  • The day and time the sale finishes
  • How and where to bid (making comments with their purchase price and PayPal email is best)
  • Which nations do you ship to, and which do you not
  • Any other information you want potential purchasers to be aware of? 

It will be easier to promptly reply to any difficulties or complaints if you have clear standards.

Set a 24-hour Payment Deadline

The sale rules state that customers have 24 hours from when they get their PayPal money request to pay the invoice; otherwise, they forfeit the item, and the next highest bidder receives it. It will encourage customers to pay promptly to take advantage of their chance and keep the payment procedure from dragging on for too long.

Avoid Selling too many things all at Once

Keep the number of items you're selling modest because, like most things, headaches double the more you sell in a single sale. Keep it around 50 stuff because there is a noticeable difference between selling 35 goods all at once and 135 articles.

Consider the Weight when Estimating the Cost of Shipping

Weight affects shipping prices. Therefore wherever possible, ship things in lightweight bags. Even though a box may occasionally be required because of an item's fragility or because You cannot fold it, strive to use the lightest mailers whenever possible.

Include a Small Message or Present with Each Order

Sending your clients a brief note or special surprise with each box may not be considered a formal small business relationship with your consumers, but it's a grand gesture. You want the customers who initially purchased things to have a positive experience and buy again, especially if you're going to hold the sale more than once. 

Remember to think about something light and avoid making a bulky item your special surprise because you'll end up paying much more for delivery. You must learn, and you must understand the hard way!

Why Should People Go To Sell Clothes on Instagram? 

Why Should People Go To Sell Clothes on Instagram

Selling on Instagram has long been known as heaven for influencers. Commercialism via social media platforms is common among entrepreneurs, particularly Millennials or younger.

Instagram has over one billion active users, and as the world's sixth most popular social networking platform, it has emerged as a significant player in eCommerce.

Many people are selling products on Instagram and raising their business. They are earning more profit from selling products on Instagram. It is also a primary reason for selling products on Instagram.


In the quest to get new merchandise, Statistics say over two hundred million Instagrammers visit a business profile or a lot daily. In other words, your option to sell on Instagram can inevitably increase the globe of your oyster. This post's core theme is how to sell garments on Instagram. First, you want to decide on a product that sells that, in this case, is wearing.

Instagram may be a unique social media network with unbelievable advertising potential. It's no surprise that billions of individuals are stuck within the platform for hours looking at stories, IGTV, live broadcasts, and scrolling through their feeds.


Merchandising online, particularly on Instagram, may be an excellent plan for a fledgling business. For whatever reason, several brands and people still do not see the potential.

Don't be like them. By selling over Instagram, you can convert your profile into a business account. That way, you have access to numerous advertising tools and analytics that assist you in succeeding with your ambition.


Begin selling on Instagram right away and reach the eighty per cent of Instagram users who buy on the social media network while browsing the app. Besides, merchandising on Instagram is much more fascinating than on alternative platforms.

As a result, you are not losing cash to additional fees charged by websites, and you'll be able to develop an intimate relationship with your audience or readers simply. After all, you're causing them to access your account.


Essential Tricks To Remember For New Users

Essential Tricks To Remember For New Users

Describe your Product 

You must describe your products carefully and neatly as certified to incorporate a radical product description into your Instagram posts. Instagram captions may be up to 2,000 characters. It's broad enough to make every user understand what you're promoting and expressing through posts. 

It's also advisable to keep your copy temporarily. Instagram captions get visualized to an end at around one hundred twenty-five characters, and most users do not browse through them.


You should also use product tags in business accounts' posts. Product tags allow you to focus on merchandise from a catalogue and help customers learn more about your product offering. If your product description is appealing enough, it will sell your items for you.

Upload Quality Pictures

Especially once you commence selling garments on Instagram, you will have to transfer high-quality footage. Too many fashion sellers take low-quality photos of their garments and marvel at why they do not sell.

Stand out from the group and jump ahead of your competition with distinctive, clear, unmistakable, colour-matching, diverse, and on-brand product footage.


Ensure that every image you upload to your feed shows your clothes in a flattering light, so potential customers can quickly determine that what you offer is what they have.

High-quality photos show a specific thing to attract potential customers. Make sure to put enough time and focus into your product footage. Whenever possible, you must imagine yourself carrying the worn things. Give your garments a realistic appearance in a friendly setting with few filters or lighting effects.

Get photographs of the garments you wish to sell. You'll be able to embrace the measurements of every item too. Visuals matter once it involves merchandising on Instagram.

Photos are essential to constructing a prolific and profitable profile on Instagram. The descriptions are also sensible. However, visuals are crucial. And you shouldn't take them lightly.

Set the Price Right 

On Instagram, you will have to price your clothes correctly to be ready to sell them. Avoid wearing commercial garments at the bottom or a high value. Middle-range costs are the foremost made. If you decide to heavily discount an item or create a deal that appears too good to be true, it'll most likely flip many folks off.


Offering your clothes at a low rate is a more complex strategy. If you set your costs too low, Sell your used items at an excellent price to get rid of them faster and keep people interested. Potential patrons are much more inclined to buy one of your products if it is worthy.

Don't Sell too Many Items at Once

If you sell too many things simultaneously, it is not worth it because you have to post everywhere. If you post too many photos of different products, it causes people not to see all your posts, and your other posts are less used. People can say timing is everything when you post something about your product at a fixed time. 

You can only sell a few products at a single time as it will decrease the product's value, and the customers will only be able to justify some products adequately, which can cause serious harm to your business and account. So you must be patient while selling clothes on Instagram as sometimes it will give a return definitely but Not immediately.

Be Updated with Trends

You need to sell trendy and comfortable clothes, or if you want to sell designer and heavy gowns and other types of clothes, you can sell them on Instagram. But if your customer prefers comfortable clothes, then, In that case, you should focus on customer demand and sell more comfortable clothes than other varieties of clothes. You should be more punctual in the fashion industry because everyday trends will change, so make sure your clothing list is updated.  

Payment System

Payment System

Set a payment deadline of 24 hours. Consumers have twenty-four hours from the time they receive their money request from PayPal to pay the invoice, or they relinquish their item, which goes to the next highest bidder, according to the sale rules. It can facilitate keeping the payment method from dragging out too long and encourage individuals to pay quickly, so they do not lose their chance. 

You need to organize payment methods and also check your growth. You can share your shop link in your Instagram bio so they can pay you directly through your platform. If someone doesn't have any other website or forum, they can give the customer their Paytm number or further payment details.

If you gave the shipping facility to the buyer, it would be more helpful and convenient because if you could provide a cash-on-delivery option, which gains customer trust, you could make money both online and offline.


Instagram now provides further options for businesses that other platforms cannot use. However, it is common for individual accounts to benefit from many organic reaches.

Therefore, switch to business solely once in a while. Then, you will need to decide on a payment processor. You'll use PayPal, Venmo, or several others. You'll even establish your online shop on another platform and use Instagram as a promotion tool.


If you draw any conclusions from this article, selling clothes on Instagram is a perfect option because this social media site has a large customer base and all the practical features needed for an online business to run smoothly.

In addition, if you have a comprehensive understanding of the Instagram algorithm, you can reach more and more customers through various channels, such as stories, hashtags, and influence marketing. So that's how to sell clothes on Instagram. 

About Fynd Platform

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So, watch out for it because, with numerous beneficial attributes, they are also offering a demo so you can experience their website creation closely and know it much better. So, book your demo and enjoy the legacy of selling.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Can you sell clothes on Instagram?

Instagram is a great way to sell apparel online, and it is undoubtedly one of the best applications available today. You can connect your store to Instagram and market your products to millions of consumers. It's one of the top sites for buying and selling apparel, accessories, shoes, purses, and jewellery. Instagram is excellent for selling clothes since, in addition to selling, it offers lots of functions like advertising the goods through stories and posts and letting you share them with each person linked to your account or page.

Why should I use Instagram to offer clothes to customers?

Offering your merchandise on Instagram can increase revenues and extend the audience significantly.So there are some explanations for this popularity, including:

1. Large audience 

You have a significantly larger chance of conviction by visitors because Instagram is in trend worldwide.

2. Its user base is enormous:

Globally, users log onto social networks for 145 mins every day or almost two and a half hours. Many people are watching that, with over a billion daily active users!

What sort of clothes should we sell on Instagram?

arrow down

As all types of users and customers are active on Instagram, you can choose to sell any clothing there. The only thing to remember is that you must target the right audience and the people interested in the clothes you sell. You can perform this by using the appropriate hashtags and tags; if you do this, you will be very successful.

How can I obtain more New leads?

  •  You should post eye-catching and high-quality images so that consumers may understand the genuine worth of the goods.

  • Improve your Instagram reach by regularly posting blogs and stories to attract a larger audience.

  • Creating lasting relationships with your customers is one of the most crucial aspects of product sales. Your relationship with your customers will determine whether you are on the right track.

  • Increase your response time; you must respond to customers promptly.

  • Create a rapport with influencers,

           You must do this if you want your product to gain more popularity.


  • Make an interesting Instagram competition.

  •  You can maintain your content calendar for Instagram. It will allow you to set up campaigns well before time, so you'll be able to steel yourself for them ahead of time. In a field like fashion, this may be an actual profit, as it's a seasonal business. As such, You must design your seasonal Instagram initiatives months in advance. This way, you'll be able to keep ahead of the curve.

If I want to sell anything on Instagram, do I need a business license?

No. You don't require a business license to sell on Instagram, but you need to comply with Instagram's commerce eligibility requirements, which are as follows: Observe the rules on Instagram. Represent your company and domain.

If you post content that violates community rights or does not abide by Instagram policies, you may encounter problems with your sales. Aside from that, there are no formal legal requirements to begin selling clothing on Instagram.

Is it successful to sell clothing on Instagram?

There are many examples where small businesses have done incredibly well through Instagram sales and its algorithm. However, apart from that, to get information about the current trend and styles, Instagram has a strong customer base.

A large number of young people are engaged on this social media platform. You can undoubtedly say that selling on Instagram is very convenient and profitable. You only have to do perfect marketing through posts and stories.

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