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Top 35 Profitable Reselling Business Ideas In 2023 [Updated List]

Top 35 Profitable Reselling Business Ideas In 2023 [Updated List]

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The word reselling means to sell something again. Resellers are people who purchase products intending to resell them for a profit. After the made-in-India scheme was launched in India the reselling business be it online or offline is blooming.

There are many people who have turned their curiosity about running reselling businesses into reality and right now, they are earning loads. There exist a lot of advantages to running an online business and one of them is this business doesn’t require a lot of financial investment.

You can start your reselling business with a small amount and provide people with the required things. Also, you don’t generally require a place to set up your reselling business. One can set up their business online and gain enough attention by using social media promotion tools efficiently. It’s very easy to start an online reselling business because one can start it with whatever resources they have in their hand.

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What Is A Reselling Business?

A reseller, as the name implies, collects products from suppliers (manufacturers or wholesalers) and resells them to end customers. Resellers, as opposed to a homegrown brand or label that sells its own products, focus on selling ready-made products to their customers.

Some resellers even source their merchandise from websites such as meesho, or the second-hand goods market. They are mostly not product-focused and sell a diverse range of products through their business model. There are millions of websites that provide people with reselling business opportunities.

Meesho is a hit in India because of its unique approach and great serving quality. Resellers have though no or less control over the defective or bad quality of the goods. But doing their own research is very important as one can not hand over to the customer the products they are paying for in low quality just because they are reselling them.

Every business is a business and their whole timeline depends on how they serve or treat their customers. Platform Fynd is a creative platform that helps businesses succeed online. The Fynd Platform is an all-in-one, future-proof retail management solution that can handle any online transaction.

It is India's leading e-commerce service, assisting brick-and-mortar businesses, major brands, new businesses, and entrepreneurs in establishing an online presence. It provides an omnichannel environment that meets the needs of all businesses, whether they are B2C or B2B, large or small, new or old!

Who Is A Reseller?

A reseller is someone who buys goods from manufacturers, liquidators, or other retailers and resells them to their customers. The permit, also known as a resale license, resale certificate, or tax exemption certificate, allows resellers to purchase the following items tax-free:

1.  Items for retail sale

2. Items to sell at a discount

3. Ingredients or components used in the production and sale of goods

Reselling is a type of dropshipping in which businesses outsource products and materials from various other suppliers and make them available to customers at a single location. This business model simplifies the process of locating and purchasing products for the average consumer.

Resellers frequently add some sort of value-add to the customer experience. Purchasing directly from a supplier is not always simple, and minimum purchase quantities are frequently required.

Resellers can sell individual units to customers at a profit while also providing their own brand-exclusive customer experience. These components could be as simple as detailed product descriptions and reviews, a customer loyalty programme, and customer support.

A reselling business has several advantages and can be a profitable business model, especially if you specialize in a specific niche. When you don't have to go through all of the steps of product development and audience building, you can launch an eCommerce business faster.

However, for you to help we have prepared a list of the top demanded reselling ideas these days. That’ll help you to think and explore your creative approach to running your business.

List Of Best Trending Reselling Ideas :

Below are the list of 35 profitable reselling business ideas

1. Fine Art Resale Dealer

Art piece are placed on the table.

If you are art-savvy and have an eye for finding pieces that will resell for a higher price, the fine art resale business may be the right one for you. However, there are a few points you need to consider when starting this type of business. First and foremost, you should become acquainted with the art market and what sells well.

Second, ensure that you have enough money to invest in this venture. As you gain experience, you can concentrate on expanding your art collection and reselling items that will increase in value over time.

2. Reseller Of Used And Vintage Clothing

Women dress is placed for display.

This tried-and-true money-making system entails purchasing wholesale clothing from vendors, fashion designers, and clothing apparel manufacturers, then adding a profit margin and reselling it, for example, in your boutique, online store, or flea market.

Standard profit margins range from 50% plus the retail price, depending on the item and designer. One of the advantages of this business model is that clothing trends change frequently, resulting in constant demand for new inventory. You can also specialize in a specific type of clothing, such as children's clothing, men's clothing, or women's clothing.

3. Estate Sales

A house with garden.

When someone shifts overseas or urgently moves out of a city or maybe the owner of an estate passes away, their known ones are faced with the task of selling all of their possessions. This can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task.

An estate sale company can take care of everything for the family, making the process much easier. This business concept combines product resale and service fees in one unit. Start an estate sale company to arrange for the sale of the sudden abandoned belongings and profit from item sales and service fees.

You'll charge service fees to set up garage sales, arrange appraisals, and place advertisements in this type of business. Furthermore, some of the much more valuable items can be sold for higher profit margins in the market.

4. Sneaker Business

White sneakers are placed with basketball in the background.

From athletic shoes to stylish heels to trendy sneakers and everything in between, shoes cater to a wide range of needs. People will always need shoes, and seasonal designs will keep things interesting. Starting your own shoe business is a viable option. Many shoe businesses are run online and earn great profits from their services.

After a few times, you can also launch your shoe brand followed by reselling shoes from niche companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. Veg Nonveg, a sneaker company started by Aanad Ahuja, is one of the most well-known shoe reselling companies in India.

He believes that reselling provides him with the satisfaction of a successful business and provides the customer with the things of their choice then it is all worth it. Many companies opened after VegNonveg which followed the same concept and are still running their businesses with large profits.

5. Designer Handbags Reselling

A women holding handbag.

Luxury handbags are a multibillion-dollar industry in which you can make a lot of money. Because there is no sizing and a very standardized pricing structure, reselling handbags is simple. The best part about this business model is that luxury handbags are in high demand, so you can charge a high price for them.

Increase your profits by providing refurbishing and customization services for your handbags and purses. Many vintage handbags require repair, cleaning, and restoration. One can increase their sales even more by including men's products in your fashion resale boutiques, such as briefcases, wallets, belts, and bags.

6. Reseller Of Jewellery

There are several ways to start a jewellery business. Joining a direct sales company, which is a type of reselling, is an easy and effective way to get started. Another option is to buy used jewellery from bazaars and thrift shops, either costume, vintage, or fine jewellery, and then resell it for a profit to the people

When it comes to reselling jewellery, the possibilities are unlimited. Make sure you're up to date on the latest style and fashion trends to provide your customers with the most up-to-date options and choices with good variety and quality.

7. Antique Dealer

Anitque items are hanged.

A person can consider becoming an antique dealer if they enjoy collecting antiques such as furniture, china, glassware, and jewellery. You can buy antiques to resell at flea markets, thrift stores, or estate sales and then resell them online or in an antique mart.

The key to success in this business is to find a niche market, such as specializing in Depression-era glassware or early American furniture. Antique dealers with extensive knowledge of their products can command the highest prices.

The great thing about this business model is that you can start small with a small inventory and grow your business as you acquire more antiques. The Banjara market of Gurugram is one of the best examples of antique reselling businesses if we talk about India.

8. Reseller Distributor

Three person working together for distribution.

A form of reselling is becoming a distributor for a product line of merchandise. You work directly with manufacturers and resell their products in a particular market or region. One of the advantages of this business model is that you can often negotiate better with the manufacturer discounts and sell the products at a higher profit margin than if you bought them at retail.

It's critical to have a great understanding of your nearby local market and what products would appeal to your customers to be successful in this type of business.

9. Entrepreneurial Consultant

Two men working on a laptop.

Other valuable items, such as a money-making small business, can be resold in addition to physical products. It's possible to make a lot of money as a business broker. This business idea is to connect entrepreneurs who want to buy businesses with business owners who want to sell them for their reasons.

Business brokers assist lawyers and accountants in completing the necessary paperwork and negotiating the sale of a business. Consulting fees, listing fees, and commissions are all sources of income for them.

10. Reselling Business Idea For Clothing Resale Business

Colourful tshirts hanged in hangar on the pipe.

Clothes are as much of a necessity for people as food, and they have a massive marketing campaign all over the world. You can start an extremely profitable online garment reselling business for as little as 20,000 rupees.

If you know how to use social media platforms effectively, you can turn your creativity into cash. To start a profitable garment reselling business, all you need is a smartphone, good pictures, some good garment suppliers, and a targeted audience.

Bombay Closet Cleanse is one of the famous thrift stores in India which resells branded as well as designer clothes online as well as offline and earns huge profits from it.

11. Pet Supplies Reselling Idea

A  dog is eating food placed in the bowl.

Pet supplies can vary from pet food to bathing, with rope and bowls thrown in for good measure. With so much to choose from, starting a reseller pet business is an incredible idea. To begin with, canine and feline toys and frill are undoubtedly the most well-known items, but reseller business ideas abound, and you can branch out into small rodents or fish.

Wholesalers are providing items that address every issue that pets have as the pet industry grows. Utilize any appearance of web-based social networking to disseminate your products to your audience to profit from your products, while also encouraging customers to share their products online.

12. Resell Services

A agency with working staff, tables, chair and curtains.

You can resell the services of others and profit handsomely from the transaction. If we consider an example, you could become a booking agent for musicians, entertainers, or models. This is where you make money by reselling their services.

You can also consider establishing an agency to resell freelancer services such as graphic design, web development, and writing as an ad or web content provider. One can start a very profitable SEO search engine optimization agency; all of the work was done by others under someone; One can just be simply the reseller with a brand name.

13. Subscription Boxes

Two womens talking with a box on its side.

Consider putting together collections of items to resell to customers regularly. Snacks foods, beauty products, books, and old and exclusive DVD movies are the most popular monthly subscription box services. A themed box, such as a beauty-based, water-themed, or superman theme, is also an option.

To begin, you can purchase pre-existing boxes and then inquire about wholesale prices from the manufacturers of the items contained within. Because you can charge more than the cost of purchase and shipping by including it in your monthly pricing, subscription box businesses are very profitable.

The owner of Vowed Box Co. said that she got this idea of subscription boxes when she got married in the year 2016. Her wedding was very beautiful and overwhelming but the only thing that troubled them was the wedding gifts.

Her friends and family were very confused and troubled about gifting the things of her own choice and taste and she too found it difficult to choose return gifts for her family and bridesmaids.

That is how she came up with the idea of subscription boxes in various theme sizes and tastes. It’s been around 6 years and her business is still growing day by day, making people’s lives full of surprises.

14. Toys and Games for Resale

A toy is dancing on the table.

If you have a passion for toys and games, focusing on selling those items is a great reselling business idea. Toys and games can be found new and used at thrift stores, garage sales, and online shops, and then sold for a profit on eBay, Amazon, and other online marketplaces.

Specializing in a specific type of toy or game, such as action figures, LEGO, toy cars, puzzles, or board games, is one way to differentiate your company. You could also provide free shipping on all orders and accept returns for items in their original packaging. You could also buy and sell brand-new items to increase the profitability of your reselling business.

15. Reselling Home Decor

Another excellent reselling business idea is to specialize in selling home décor items. You can find new and used home décor items at thrift stores, garage sales, and online shops, then resell them for a profit on eBay, Amazon, and other online marketplaces.

Furniture, artwork, and rugs are usually the most popular and profitable items. However, selling smaller items such as lamps, mirrors, and knick-knacks can also be profitable. You could also buy wholesale home décor items and resell them at a profit to make your reselling business even more profitable.

This will necessitate some additional startup costs, but it has the potential to be a highly profitable business venture. Specializing in a particular type of home décor items, such as rugs, lamps, paintings, or mirrors, is one way to make your business stand out. You could also give all orders free shipping and accept returns for items that are still in their original packaging.

6. A Resale Vehicle Dealer

Many black cars are placed in one straight line.

If you enjoy cars, becoming a reseller could be a great business opportunity for you. Cars and trucks are not only a necessary part of daily life, but they are also among the most expensive purchases a person will ever make. Despite this, people are always looking for new vehicles, regardless of their financial situation.

Consider starting a reseller business in the automotive industry if you're looking for reselling business ideas with high potential profit margins. This type of business can be started in a variety of ways.

One option is to obtain a dealer's license. This will enable you to buy cars and trucks at a reduced price and then resell them for a higher profit. Another alternative is to buy cheap cars at auction, refurbish them, and then resell them for a profit. Remember to look into business opportunities in niche markets such as motorhomes, boats, and recreational vehicles in addition to cars and trucks.

17. Online Cosmetics Reselling

Cosmetics are placed on the table.

Is it necessary to state that in the cosmetics reselling business, you will never lose a single per cent of your money? I don't believe so, because almost everyone is aware of India's women's nature. Furthermore, cosmetics products have a very high-profit margin, and you can sell them both online and offline through your network.

Due to the lack of availability of various products in various cities and states, online reselling of cosmetics generates more revenue. Let's say you're from Assam and you run an online cosmetics reselling business from there, and a lady from Pune likes your products because they're not available in Pune or the surrounding areas.

However, she can easily obtain that product by placing an order on your portal, website, WhatsApp, or another social media platform where she saw your products, and you can also obtain a perfect rate for your product.

18. Business of Domain Reselling

A paper with Domain Search written on it.

Are you aware of the domain name's potential? If you don't, you should be, and then consider starting an online reselling business. You can get domain name for a maximum of Rs 1,000 from Godaddy, Bigrock, and other domain registrars for a year.

You don't have to start a blog or website with this domain; simply purchase it and keep it for at least two months. After that time has passed, list the domain for resale with the same domain registrar or on domain reselling sites.

19. Ticket Reselling Business Idea

Tickets and some money are placed on the table.

Another great reselling business idea could be reselling tickets through any platform online or online. You can purchase tickets for any concert, movie, or cricket match and resell them at a good price.

The exclusivity of the event can be a matter of fact for the price margin of the tickets in a particular area or region. However, this business might be troublesome in a few cases as some places consider this business to be a black market business.

20. Software Reselling

A man doing coding in a laptop.

The software reselling business idea is an excellent way for new entrepreneurs to get started in the tech industry. You can easily start your own business specializing in selling premium software at a lower price than retail stores. Furthermore, you can sell both physical and digital copies of programmes, as well as licensing rights.

There are numerous ways to get started in this type of business. One option is to become an authorized software dealer. This will give you discounted access to popular software brands. You can then resell them at a higher price.

Another option is to look for and purchase discontinued software programmes that are no longer available in stores. You can then sell them on auction websites, online stores, or even in your software store.

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21. Online Boutique Business Idea

Online Boutique Business Idea

The idea behind this reseller business is to set up your e-commerce site and sell products. Your product line could include dropshipping items, handmade crafts, or wholesale merchandise. An online resale business is a great way to make money from home part-time or full-time.

As a reseller, you could open an online boutique. You could use this business model to sell other people's products and earn a commission on the sales. You'd need to find one or two suppliers with whom you have trust and a good working relationship. Here are some pointers on how to launch an online boutique.

22. Activity Reselling

Activity Reselling

This is a business idea in which you would sell activities performed by others to make money. Tourists could be sold flying lessons, helicopter rides, museum tours and other activities.

There are a lot of people in India who run their own touring companies. They hire travel guides in a particular region and pay them for their services to the company. There are many businesses which have successfully established their business on the online portal and are running them with great profits.

23. Reselling Wedding Gowns

A bride and a groom holding hands.

Another excellent idea for a reselling business is to specialize in selling wedding gowns. Brides-to-be always need a lovely, high-quality wedding gown, and there is a thriving online market for used wedding gowns.

Buying gently used wedding dresses from popular bridal stores and selling them through the online portal is a great way to get started in the reselling business. In contrast to selling pre-owned clothing, it is critical to thoroughly clean the dresses before reselling them. The last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is to be given a dirty used wedding gown!

24. Books Reselling Business Idea

Books are placed on the table to sell them.

I believe that reusing books is the best thing one could do. Rather than purchasing books, many people also prefer to visit libraries and read books there or go to cafes. As everyone has their way of reading books or utilizing their time, some prefer to buy first and then read the books, while others prefer to keep a collection of them.

Books are one of those essentials which once read, are not generally re-read again. So, for people who want to earn some money by selling their old and reading books. They can start their own online reselling business of old books and earn a good amount of money from them.

25. Sales Of Imports And Exports

Ship with contaiers is waiting to get unloaded.

Being an importer or exporter is reselling because you are transferring goods from one country to another. Successful import-export companies specialize in either a specific product, such as food, clothing, or raw materials or in selling to a specific country.

To get started in this reselling business, first research what products are in demand in the countries you want to sell to, and then find a supplier. You can also become a member of an organization like the National Association of Importers and Exporters. For simplicity, It is recommended that you begin by reselling products from global sources in your home country.

26. Kitchen Utensils Reselling

Different utensils are hanged in the kitchen.

Kitchen utensils are an excellent item to resell. The trick is to keep an eye out for sales and special offers at your local grocery stores and homeware stores. Purchase the products on offer and resell them for a profit online.

You can establish a good routine and sign up for the store's email lists to stay up to date on when their next sale is. You can even discover some local artisans and discover their unique work on utensils that might attract your customers more.

27. Books For Kids

A book and a ebook is placed on the table.

The Kindle and ebooks may have obliterated the traditional publishing industry, but children's books are one segment of the industry that will never die. Books for children or toddlers are a great deal to the parents as they hold beautiful memories of their child growing up.

But what’s better than watching other kids re-reading those books and enjoying their time of innocence. Aim for books for children aged 1 to 10, as this is the age group that lacks access to ebook readers, tablets, and smartphones and resells them online through many platforms.

28. Refurbished Tech Reselling

Laptops are placed on the table with a book.

Reselling used mobile phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices is a lucrative business. On a part-time or full-time basis, refurbish used items and resell them at a healthy markup profit.

It is considered one of the most profitable businesses with a great profit margin these days. People consider buying refurbished gadgets be it laptops or mobile phones and then again change them after a few months.

You can set up this business online as well as offline and earn a good amount of money through the business. However, it may take some time to set it up but in the end, it’ll be worth it.

29. Reseller Of Games And Apps

Someone is playing game in the phone.

The app and video game industries are booming. As a result, it's no surprise that starting a reseller business in this niche can be extremely lucrative. The key is to identify the most recent and popular games and apps that are in high demand, and then sell them for more than you paid for them.

You can either sell them online or resell them in a local store to accomplish this. Whatever path you choose, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the market and what people want. The best way to get started is to visit local stores or use online resources to find out which games and apps are the most popular in your area.

30. Business Opportunity As A Computer And Electronics Reseller

A man wearing shoes is pressing device with legs.

Today's technology moves quickly, which means that computers, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices are always in high demand. Furthermore, you can get wholesale computers and other tech equipment at deep discounts from vendors, distributors, or manufacturers. Once you've applied your markup percentage to the products, you can resell them for much more than their original cost.

31. Pet Food Reseller

The demand for online pet foods has been extremely high after the pandemic hit. You could form a partnership with a wholesaler and begin reselling pet food online. Rather than focusing on the accessory aspect, perhaps food would be a better choice as every pet has its own eating choices and pattern and some products might not be available online which might be a trouble for pet owners.

Chewable treats, fish pellets, cat food, and ready-to-eat meals are just a few of the items you can resell online. The best way to do this is to create a page on Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and other similar platforms and begin promoting it. You can also offer a few discounts to get the business started by partnering with a pet food supplier. The owner of The Anxious Pet

32. Sarees Reselling

A women wearing sarree is standing in a pose for photoshoot.

This timeless ladies' garment has a wide variety of variations but is always in demand. It's a traditional Indian outfit worn by women of all ages and backgrounds. Several housewives and small retailers are getting into the saree reselling business to make quick money because of the ever-increasing demand. This is a viable option if you're interested in starting a textile business. It may be one of humanity's oldest forms of clothing, but the whole concept is here to stay!

33. Vintage Watch Reselling

A number of watches are placed in the box.

Many people are very fond of maintaining their watch collections and especially collecting rare or vintage products. Vintage watch reselling can be a good business idea if you’re choosing those people as your target audience.

You have to be active on other websites or vintage stores to check out the collections and exclusive edition watches. The profit margin in this business is very high. You can even hold an auction for very exclusive watches just in case you get very lucky finding them.

34. Art Supplies Reselling

There are some art supplies brands which are not found easily in some regions or even in some countries. You can start a reselling business for such supplies online. The establishment of such a business may take some time but in the end, it will be all worth it as the profit margin would be high as compared to other products. You can set up an online store for selling medium and have contacts with sources outside the country to maintain a regular supply.

35. Plants Resellers

A women is planting saplings in the pot.

There are various nurseries which after growing the plants from their seeding stage to the budding phase, resell their plants to people who wish to plant that plant in their garden or any such area.

In this business people are at the convenience as they don’t have to wait much longer for their plants to grow from stage zero and for the resellers, it is profitable as they can sell those plants at higher prices. This business can be run online as well as offline. With good brand marketing and advertisement, it can become a phenomenal reselling business idea.

Tips To Start Online Reselling Business

The following are some of the considerations for starting an online reseller business:

1. Select the appropriate type of reselling business.

As you may know, a reseller is someone who buys items to resell them and earn extra money. There are numerous ways to buy and sell it online to supplement your income. The first step is to decide what kind of reselling business you want to launch.

You can buy items at wholesale prices and resell them at a profit, or you can refer your sales back to wholesalers to earn commission on the products. It is critical to streamline your business processes and find the best fit for you.

2. Identify your company's market and target audience.

Identifying the market and the target audience for your online reselling business is the next step. You should be aware of your customer's preferences. How will you ship the products to them—will you dropship? By way of recommendations?

Or perhaps by developing an online website? What will the cost of shipping products to customers be? Selling your art, handmade goods, books, thrift clothes, photography, and other items are among the best online business ideas in India.

3. Determine the industry in which your company will operate.

Your online reselling business will benefit from your knowledge of the industry. It is easier if you are familiar with the products you are selling online. The e-Commerce marketplace has changed dramatically over the years, and it is critical to understand the specifics of your products to effectively market them.

You must research industries, market trends, inflation, and their effects on your business. It will provide you with information on the pricing of various products and services, customer service, rules and regulations, and so on.

4. Research your competitors

If you have fewer competitors in the market, your new reselling business will be more profitable. This is why people choose a specific niche and do something no one has done before. It significantly reduces competition. Many suppliers do not allow resellers in their territory because it starts a price war that hurts everyone.

It is critical to conduct research and plan your actions. Investigate how much your competitors charge. What distinguishes your new reseller business from the competition? How will your company become more profitable? Selling beauty and fashion products is one of the best online resale businesses.

5. Check if the business is viable

After identifying the right type of reseller business, latest market trends, competitors, and product information, the next step is to check if your reseller business is viable or not. Starting a business that doesn’t have the potential to be successful is a waste of your time and resources.

It is important to predict the business’s future and forecast the financial analysis of the business. Do you need to know how much it will cost for a website? How will your product be circulated to the customers? How much will it cost for affiliate marketing if needed? How much would it cost for advertisements?

What will be the outcome? How much profit will you earn? These questions help you prepare for your business efficiently and effectively. You can play around with the best- and worst-case scenarios of the business and can find out the solution if things go out of hand.

6. Begin your online reseller business.

After you've incorporated all of the information and weighed the pros and cons of the business, the final step is to launch your reselling business. The incorporation of the company is simple and can be completed online.

Set up a website and purchase a domain name after incorporation to begin an online reselling business. You can also find a domain on a free website and buy it for free or at a low cost to begin processing orders online.

After checking the availability of your suppliers, you can add all of your stocks to the website and begin selling. To summarise, a reseller business is an excellent way to launch your online business.


Starting a business as a reseller on the internet is a great way to get started. You'll need to brush up on your company's product knowledge as well as market trends. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the legalities and licensing requirements before jumping into the pool.

Always remember that even a small amount of experience can be beneficial. The reseller business can help you earn more money and increase your profits. We hope that this article has provided you with enough information about the reselling industry in India.

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Is it possible to make good money by reselling?

Yes, of course! This is especially true when the resale is done over the internet. There is little or no investment required, and you have the freedom to quote pricing that suits you. You also have a variety of marketing options.

What is the best way to start a reseller business?

  1. Offer a low price on a high-competition product choose a low-competition product
  2. Choose high-quality products
  3. Sell products with a high-profit margin.
  4. Make a stocking strategy
  5. Create a Personal Brand
  6. Make a website and improve it

Is it illegal to resell products?

arrow down

It is generally not illegal to resell an item you purchased legitimately. When you buy something at a store, it is yours to do as you please. Manufacturers typically have little or no control over a product once it has been sold to the first customer.

What exactly is a Distributor Reseller?

Distributors are technically a type of reselling. They purchase products from manufacturers and resell them to retail stores, which then market them to the end-user.

Most distributors have a close relationship with the manufacturer and, in the case of food distributors, may distribute multiple lines of products.

The majority of distributors physically stock inventory and thus function as an extension of the manufacturer. Some distributors are in charge of branding and marketing these products.

What makes a good reseller?

When it comes to running a business, the best policy is always to be honest. Anyone serious about reselling items as a full-time job should do the same.

It's very easy to purchase a piece that appears to be in perfect condition. Then you get it home and discover that it has a hairline crack down the middle, making it practically worthless.

What method do you use to determine the value of used goods?

Generally, there is no rule to determine the value of the reselling items in the market used by people frequently. However, if you are very confused about the pricing and percentage of the products you can go by the 50-30-10 rule.

THE 50-30-10 RULE: Near-new items should be sold for 50% of their retail price; slightly used items should be sold for 25-30% of retail, and heavily worn items should be sold for 10% of retail.

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