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Google Merchant Center

How to access on Fynd Platform


The seller can upload their product catalogue on Google Merchant Center. Based on that, subsequent ads (advertisements) could be created and can be displayed to their potential customers.


An active Google Merchant account.

Steps to upload your catalogue on Facebook

  • Step 1: Go to --> Products (menu on left-side) --> Feeds.

    Figure 1: Create Feed in Merchant Center
  • Step 2: Fill all the basic information.

    Figure 2: Basic Information
  • Step 3: Enter name of the feed and choose an input method.

    Figure 3: Name and input method
    Figure 4: Feed name and Schedule fetch
  • Step 4: Setup your catalogue feed.

    Figure 5: Setup Page
    Figure 6: Name, schedule and copy your catalogue link and paste it as shown
    Figure 7: Your feed is visible under Primary feeds
  • Step 5: Check processing status and potential issues.

    Figure 8: Check the process status
    Figure 9: Click on 'Fetch Now'
    Figure 10: Initiate feed processing
    Figure 11: Processing completed