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Category Listing

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The category-listing page display all the product in any particular category


Arguments to be passed

is_logged_inBooleanUser is logged in user or not
favourite_idsArrayids of products that are added in the wishlist
compare_slugsArraypreviously compared product slugs
app_featuresObjectApplication specific configurations
pageObjectPagination object consist details like has_next, has_previous, `item_total which can be useful to display pagination```
product_countNumberTotal number of products that are live
itemsArrayFirst 12 products that are live
filtersArrayList of filters by which displayed products can be filter out
sort_onArrayOptions to sort products like Ratings, Discounts or price
page_errorObjectIt will have error details so that you can handle errors gracefully on theme side
loadingBooleanWhile products are being fetched from backend you can indicate progress bar on theme side