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50+ Business Ideas For Women At Home In 2023 (Low Investment)

50+ Business Ideas For Women At Home In 2023 (Low Investment)

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One cannot overlook the increasing presence of women in the business sector that is steadily shaping the Indian economy. Women are facing in every sector, but particularly entrepreneurial ventures led by women in India deserve a special mention in the present day. Here are the Best Business ideas for women which will help you to decide your business.

It is not only about large brands led by women but business has penetrated deep into the middle-class household. Homemakers who had a side hustle are growing in number by the day as more and more women seek ways to become financially independent.

For many women, heading out for a job is not feasible. But that does not dampen the spirit of Indian women who devise innovative business plans right from their living rooms.

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If you are looking to build your own business, read on to find out about all the genres and opportunities ahead of you. Get inspired by the stories of top successful businesswomen and their success stories to fuel your ventures.

How Women entrepreneurs Shape India’s Future Today

At present according to a study from January 2021, 20.37% of women are MSME owners in India which is approximately 23.3% of the labour force.

India has the potential to add US $700 billion to the global GDP by improving women's participation in the labour force, as per McKinsey India. With the women's literacy rate increasing by 8.8% in FY2021, there is a brighter future ahead in the country in terms of women's entrepreneurship.

Today, there are 432 million working-age women in India. Among these, 13.5-15.7 million own a business and employ another 27 million women. Moreover, the growing number of brands in every sector that are led by women further inspire millions of women across the country to give a shot at their entrepreneurial dreams.

Growth And Opportunities

Growth And Opportunities

A very crucial factor that encourages as well as deters women from considering business ventures is the chances of growth and opportunities. This is a factor that is affected by many things like the genre of your business, the feasibility of the business plan, promotional tactics, quality, demand and supply and many more. Your ability and tactics to scale the business entirely influence the growth rate of the business.

However, as far as opportunities are concerned for business ideas for women, there are many government fundings and initiatives which can be useful. Here are a few such initiatives which you can consider to finance your business at an early stage:

  • Bharatiya Mahila Bank Business loan

This was set up in 2017 to help women across India with cheap loans for their business ventures. Women can get loans for over INR 20 crore. They can also get collateral-free loans under INR 1 crore.

  • Udyogini Scheme

Women with an annual income of INR 1.5 lakhs or less can avail of this loan. Women who do not have any capital to start a business can get a loan of up to INR 3 lakhs from this scheme.

  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

The scheme is not specifically for women but for anyone who wishes to start a micro/small business and provides a loan of up to INR 10 lakhs. However, it is available mostly to women. Approximately US $ 2.78 million in loans are available by women under this scheme, compared to the US $ 1.54 million by men.

  • Dena Shakti Scheme

This scheme was launched to help women start businesses in specific sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and retail. The interest rate of this scheme is 0.25% below the base rate. Women can avail of up to INR 20 lakhs loan through this scheme

Why Women Should Start Business

Why Women Should Start Business

Today, almost 50% of start-ups in India are driven by women. Here’s how women are affecting the Indian start-up ecosystem and should consider going forward with their business plans:

  • According to a survey by Bain and company- 45% of women in rural India are driven to start a business by the urge to gain recognition. Your business or profession helps build your identity and this is a very crucial factor to the educated modern women of the present day.

  • The same survey points out most women-led organizations and start-ups have 35% more ROI compared to men-led companies.

This has much to do with the urge of women to prove themselves professionally and their organizational and managerial skills. The rate of success of women entrepreneurs inspires budding businesswomen of today.

  • Women are often the ultimate financial decision-maker in any home, even when they are not earning members.

The most basic household items to more elaborate investments are planned and executed by the women. The urge to give a better home and care to their family members often motivates women to start a side hustle and eventually grow it.

  • As women's literacy rate improves in India, as many as 40% of women graduate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics today.

Such highly educated women look for independent ways to make the most of their education and business ventures appear to be the most ambitious solution.

  • The urge to be financially independent is another reason why women must venture into business. Business is not salaried but as profit flows, there is no limit to your earnings. As a result, if your business plan is successful, you can be financially independent.

Need vs Supply

Need vs Supply

You are considering a particular business venture. However, before you set it up, the first and foremost question to ask is the need and supply ratio. To venture into any business, analysing the competition, need and supply proportion is an important factor.

Here are a few crucial questions and factors to deliberate upon when to make the most of the business ideas for women at home that you are considering at the moment.

  • Type of service or product and its demand

The product or service you are offering would fetch good ROI only when you have a concrete business plan. Such a business plan is possible if you take into consideration the demand or need for the product and service you offer.

Location, culture, purpose, geography, and even religion can affect the demand or need for specific products. You need to assess them all together to determine the feasibility of the venture.

  • Scarcity in Supply

Often certain businesses work out well even though they were considered unconventional because you assessed the demand and the lack of competition in the sector at the right time.

In such cases, far-sightedness, timing and a thorough understanding of the need and supply of the product are the key factors that help maximize your profits. There is always a risk factor associated with such a venture too which is why a thorough market study is all the more essential.

  • Quality eliminates competition

Some business genres have high competition and there is a surplus of such product and service providers in the market. If you choose such a genre, you will witness that neither need nor supply seems to work in your favour.

This is where quality plays the primary role. If you can spread the word about your business through quality, getting dedicated clients gets easier.

Demand Of Business

The demand of business refers to the popularity of specific items, products, services etc. and their ability to generate profit. The higher the demand, the higher will be the profit from a specific business.

However, competition, manufacturing cost, and profit margin altogether determine whether a specific business is profitable or not. Even though the demand is high, it is not always a feasible idea if the product does not have a significant profit margin.

To set up any business, judging the demand is essential. There are many businesses women can start at home but if the demand is not high enough, they will not generate enough revenues.

For example, there is a high demand for pickles and various Indian snacks. But it is essential to understand the demand for specific products as per the location so that you can maximize the profit.

This is because Indian snacks are diverse and vary drastically from one state to another. What is popular and profitable in one region may not witness as much demand in another.

Short Success Stories Of Successful Women Who Started Business From Home

Men for ages have always dominated the business industry, and women were always locked inside the houses. Fortunately, the times have changed, and we see a lot of women as the leading face behind many new ventures.

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Here are some motivational living examples of women who have stepped beyond their boundaries and achieved wonders.

Aditi Gupta: The Co-founder Of Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta_ The Co-founder Of Menstrupedia

Menstruation is a biological process that has been surrounded by numerous myths and taboos. The challenge of addressing those taboos was further strengthened by the lack of awareness in the population.

These myths and misinformation-associated issues and the urge to change them became the sole inspiration for Aditi Gupta to invent the concept of menstrual education through an innovative strategy.

She co-founded Menstrupedia in 2012, along with her husband. She was also listed as Forbes India under 30 in 2014 for her contribution to educating girls about menstruation and busting the myths around menstruation.

Aditi Gupta is also a TED talk speaker and has been featured in "The Wall Street Journal", BBC, and CNBC for her noble and innovative work for society. Menstrupedia is used in over 10,000 schools and has benefitted over 13 million children across India in various languages.

Menstrupedia is a comprehensive guide that explains menstruation in comic books, Workshops, and animated videos and is being adopted by more than 10,000 schools and various NGOs.

Ashwani Asokana: Founder Of Mad Street Den

Ashwani Asokana_ Founder Of Mad Street Den

Ashwini has always been fascinated by the concept of the intersection of people and systems to blend computers with the culture. She founded Mad Street Den (MST) in 2013 along with her husband, Anand Chandrasekaran.

Mrs Asokan is a versatile dancer and has acquired tremendous experience and expertise in her field. This immense knowledge about the field made her curious and motivated to work toward the Artificial Intelligence concept.

Ashwini has been listed in the Fortune's 40 under 40 List and is acknowledged by various publications like TechCrunch, Nikkei, Vogue etc. Mad Street Den is a company based out of Chennai that uses Artificial Intelligence for retail automation. The vision of this company is to create models of intelligence that can be made available to millions across the world.

Divya Gokulnath: Co-Founder Of BYJU'S

A Learning Management System is the most commonly seen mode of education in today's world. Divya Gokulnath is the co-founder of one such innovative educational platform, which is very famous across the globe.

She co-founded this educational venture with her husband to ease the learning process and enhance students' understanding levels in 2011. Divya also got featured as LinkedIn's top voice in the year 2019

BYJU'S is a multinational education-based company that offers to learn through applications and a website for students and competitive exams. Its Flagship Product, The Learning App, was launched in 2015, and at present, it has over 45 million registered students.

Basudha Srivastav: Founder Of Express Earth Digital

Basudha Srivastav_ Founder Of Express Earth Digital

We all have hodophile in us; in a few, it is evident, and in a few, it is hidden. Basudha is the human angel for all those who love to travel. Bachelor from Delhi University with tremendous experience in the Telecommunication sector, Basudha was always interested in developing an innovative venture in the field of travel.

She, along with her husband, established the Earth Express digital in the year 2015. Express Earth Digital offers all types of services concerning travel based on the client's requirements.

Basudha is the leading face of a Tech Program by Facebook and has also been one among the 10,000 women selected for Goldman Sachs at IIM. She has also bagged the 2020 Entrepreneur Award in the Travel Category.

Express Earth Digital offers an exceptional platform to travel across the globe as per the requirement. This company has bagged various awards like ''Most Innovative Travel Management Company''.

Chitra Gurnani Daga: Cofounder Of Thrillophilia

Chitra Gurnani Daga_ Cofounder Of Thrillophilia

Intense Passion can convert the impossible into the possible, and Chitra Gurnani is a classic example of it. Being born and brought up in a family nowhere involved in Business, Chitra decided to be the first in the family to step into this world. Along with her husband, she co-founded Thrillophilia in 2009. She formed a team of energetic adventure-loving professionals and nurtured her venture to touch heights.

Thrillophilia is an adventure travel company that carefully arranges and presents local and unique travel experiences in the form of travel stories. It is one of the biggest online platforms famous for documenting travel experiences. Currently, the company has more than 3 million users and is one of the most searched websites among travel lovers.

Falguni Nayar: Founder Of Nykaa

Falguni Nayar_ Founder Of Nykaa

Falguni is the founder of Nykaa and is one of the famous faces on the list of entrepreneurs in India. She comes with 25 years of experience in finance and holds a master's degree from IIM Ahmedabad.

She was entitled "Most powerful business" by Business today and has bagged the "Women ahead" award at the Economic Times. She also held the responsibility as Managing director at Kotak Group.

Nykaa is a beauty and wellness platform exclusively designed for women. They are famous for authenticity and trustworthy products. It has also hosted various Beauty awards and has entered the unicorn club recently. It is also tagged as Most Influential Companies in 2023.

Nykaa expanded to selling products apart from beauty and retails over 2,000 brands and 200,000 products across its platforms. Falguni Nayar’s net worth is 440 crores USD and counting.

Farah Nathani Menzies: Co-Founder Of The Mumum Co.

Farah Nathani Menzies_ Co-Founder Of The Mumum Co

Farah Nathani Menzies co-founded the Mumum Co. with her partner Shreya Lamba in 2017. Mumum focuses on helping people get the proper nutrition and build a healthier life.

Farah is a master's graduate from Harvard Business School and is a mother who emphasizes the importance of nutrition in childhood. She, along with her partner, creates snacks that are natural and healthy with no added preservatives or additives.

Khushboo Jain: Co-Founder Of ImpactGuru

Khushboo Jain_ Co-Founder Of ImpactGuru

Khushboo Jain co-founded the famous crowd funding platform in 2014. Khushboo is a master in Business Management from Sydenham Institute of Management Studies and is an active member of the marketing and communication department.

Khushboo has been listed in Fortune's 40 under 40 List and is one among the Top 15 winning women at NITI Aayog and UN. She has also bagged the 2019 Women Transforming India Awards.

ImpactGuru is a crowdfunding platform that provides crowdfunding solutions to various NGOs, Social organizations, start-ups, and individuals. It has mobilized over 150 crores for many NGOs in more than 15 countries. ImpactGuru has been funding numerous small companies to flourish.

Isha Choudhry: Co-Founder Of ZoloStays

Isha Choudhry_ Co-Founder Of ZoloStays

Isha Choudhry is the co-founder and the Head of the Human Resource Department at Zolo. ZoloStay, as the name suggested, is a startup that helps students find accommodation and food. It is a Bangalore-based company founded in the year 2015. She is a graduate of St. Xavier's College.

Zolo provides safe, hygienic & premium co-living spaces to students, professionals & organizations and is currently located in 10+ cities in India. ZohoStays has over 600 employees and is one of the fast-growing start-ups in India.

Shahnaz Husain: Co- Founder Of Shahnaz Husain Group

Shahnaz Husain Co Founder Of Shahnaz Husain Group

Shahnaz Husain is the founder and chairperson of the famous Shahnaz Husain Group. She has been awarded the Padma Shri for her contribution to trade and industry. She has been invited as the guest of honour at Harvard Business School to speak about her success story as a motivational speaker.

She has also delivered a talk at MIT and LSE. She has also represented India at Barack Obama’s Summit and has walked down the Cannes Film Festival carpet. She has been the leading face in bringing out novel Ayurvedic products for beauty care.

The Shahnaz Husain Brand is an international brand known for beauty care based on Ayurvedic Science. It has bagged various international awards for bringing ancient ayurvedic knowledge with advanced techniques.

Vandana Luthra: Founder Of VLCC

Vandana Luthra_ Founder Of VLCC

Vandana Luthra founded the VLCC Health Care Limited in 1989. She was appointed as the first chairperson of the Beauty and Wellness sector Skill Council in 2014 and is the chairperson of the B&WSSC. Vandana also received the Padma Shri award in 2013.

She has also been awarded the Asian Business Leaders forum Trailblazer award., Enterprise Asia Women Entrepreneur of the year and has also embedded her name in the Fifty most influential women in business in India

VLCC is a beauty and wellness service centre mainly focussing on lifestyle modifications through various programs to enhance beauty and wellness. VLCC has its presence in 326 locations in 153 cities and 13 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the GCC Region, and East Africa. VLCC is a leader in the beauty and wellness industry with over 4000+ employees.

Meena Bindra: Founder of BIBA

Meena Bindra_ Founder of BIBA

Meena Bindra founded BIBA in 1988 as a standalone outlet in Mumbai. Meena was a creative person and started designing as a hobby which gradually became a source of her pocket money. She took a loan to start this small business which eventually grew into a vast empire.

Today, Meena Bindra’s net worth is INR 710 crore.

BIBA is one of the fashion brands for girls and women and has over 150 outlets across India. BIBA has been one of the top choices for many Bollywood movies and has represented ethnicity through various brands. The brand's signature designs are combined with fine detailing, making it stand out in the market.

These untold stories of the success of these successful women are a huge source of positivity and motivation for all. Their journeys will always be inspirational if one wants to step out of their conventional life.

Pros And Cons Table

From inspiring stories of successful women entrepreneurs to innovative business schemes by the government- women can find many opportunities today to boost their business and elevate it to a new height. But before you undertake such a venture, understanding the benefits and drawbacks is important. Here’s a gist of how business ideas for women at home can be fulfilling and challenging at the same time.

Pro  Cons
Business from home helps you balance your personal life and profession better. Often, as the business grows, maintaining the work-life balance gets difficult when it’s from home.
Online business ideas for women, specifically with the help of Fund platforms and similar ones are much easier to handle.  A basic understanding of online platforms and digital marketing is needed for such businesses to thrive these days.
The profits are significantly high when you have a proper business plan. The profit margin will be high only when your business structure is well-designed.
At-home businesses do not require major capital investment in warehousing and showrooms which makes them simpler.  
Different government loans and schemes can make such ventures simpler to tackle.  

Online Business For Ladies At Home

Before you start with your business, just go through plenty of ideas given below which can help you:

1. Blogging

When looking for online business ideas for ladies, you should consider blogging. It is an easy way to build your brand and make money from home. You also have the freedom to choose your working hours. To start your blogging journey, you need to first build a website of your own. Next, fill it up with your written articles.

You can research topic ideas on social media and search engines to find out what is trending, and add your unique flavour to it. This might take some effort on your part initially as you try to gain visitors. However, once you have a decent number of audiences, you can start earning through sponsorships and ads.

It is the latest trend in India today with 6.7 billion people blogging today on different platforms. There are 77% of internet users read blogs.

2. Event Planning

The ability to plan and organize events is a highly sought-after skill. If you are a woman with such a skill set, then you can become an independent event planner. You must be very good at multitasking and coordinating with various departments at the same time to succeed in this field.

You would also need to build a reputation as a master event planner to fetch a bigger clientele. Start small, with birthday parties and local events, and then you can even try your hands at corporate events. You can also promote your event management brand on social media. Once you are confident enough, you can start hiring to build your team as well.

3. Freelance Content Writer

A content writer writing something in the book.

If you want to work from home, freelance writing is another great idea you can follow. With the increasing popularity of the internet and e-commerce, the need for high-quality content is on the rise. If you feel that you have the creative skill and passion for writing, then you should consider this profession.

The best part about being a freelance content writer is that you do not need to invest a ton of money to become one. You can even promote your work on websites like UpWork and Behance for free. Since content is required everywhere, you have the market supply-demand ratio in your favour. With time, you can build a better portfolio and attract bigger projects.

4. Bakery Business

A piece of bread with sprinkled flour.

If you enjoy cooking and baking for your family and loved ones, you can work on building your own bakery business. Start your journey as an entrepreneur by turning your passion into a profitable profession. As you increase the demand for your baked goods, you can even open your shop.

However, it is important to network and builds a loyal customer base. You need to also work on your presentation to attract new customers. In today’s world, having your website and social media pages can go a long way in promoting your business. There is a small investment on your part as you need to buy the ingredients. But this business can take off if you have the right mindset.

5. Crafty Ideas

Hand crafted items are hanged on the wall.

Female entrepreneurs can use their creativity and passion for crafting to their advantage when trying to build their own business from home. You can easily sell your handmade products online safely from the comfort of your house. There is a huge demand for exclusive and customized goods, like wooden crafts, scrunchies, jute bags, toys, junk jewellery, etc.

With enough persistence and creativity, you can create a demand for your products and then sell them at a high price. You can also work as a seller on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc, and earn a hefty amount. You would also need to make a small investment for the items you need to make your products.

6. Online Retail/Wholesale

A women packing black and white shoes in brown box.

Women can also work as online retailers and sell various products and services. Digitization makes it easy to promote your services to a huge number of customers and sell at your convenience. With more and more people opting for online purchases, this is a good opportunity for you.

The best part is that there is no limit to what you can sell online. For instance, you can start your online boutique on Facebook or Amazon and sell your products, like clothes, handicrafts, etc.

The only catch here is people will take the time to trust your business. So, you need to be persistent with your product quality, promotion, and client handling and stay updated with the latest market trends.

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7. Day-care Services

A women taking care of the child and playing with him.

A day-care service or day-care centre, also known as a nursery, is an excellent idea for a business from home. If you enjoy spending time with children, then you will love working in this profession. Your duties will include looking after the infants and small children whose parents are working professionals. You need to keep the children engaged using fun activities.

You would also need enough space to accommodate the children and some small beds for them to sleep in. Other than that, minor investments include buying toys, chairs, children’s books, etc. You do not need to make any big investments to start your day-care centre, as long as you ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere for children.

8. Tiffin Service

Frits, biscuits and sandwiches placed all together in the tiffin box.

Do you often receive a lot of compliments on your cooking skills? For those women who enjoy cooking and creating their recipes, starting a tiffin service is a great business idea. Just like a bakery service, your business needs to gain customer loyalty and word of mouth before you can make a big profit.

However, there is more flexibility as you can include a lot of different dishes on your menu. You can easily work from home and cook for working professionals who are too busy to do it themselves. Start with your neighbours and friends on social media and tell them about your services. You can even print flyers or create a digital menu and share it with them.

9. Image Consultants

An image consultant’s work revolves around helping others shop according to their personality and bringing out their best selves. If you consider yourself an expert on dressing sense, then you can help other women with this. Not only will this help your customers to create the right image in their personal lives, but also ace their professional careers.

After all, in any profession, image is everything and dressing right is the easiest way to create the right one. This is a terrific business idea for women who want to start at a small scale with no major investments needed. All you need is a great sense of fashion and what is trending.

10. Photography

A women wearing wrist watch is holding the camera.

Photography is a booming profession in today’s times, thanks to everyone being active on social media platforms. Be it a wedding or a vacation, everyone wants good photographs to flaunt. That’s why there has never been a better time to flaunt your passion and skills if you always wanted to be a photographer.

You can also take it to the next level and consider photography as a full-time business opportunity. However, you would need to invest a lot of money in getting the right equipment.

From a professional camera to lenses and lights, setting up a studio is expensive. you need to upgrade your skills and would also need to build your portfolio to attract customers and grow your business.

The photography business is booming in India and is pegged at over INR 1 lakh crore and growing at the rate of 25-30% per year.

11. Home-based Hobby Classes

Any home-based business opportunity allows you to turn your passion into a profitable outcome. By conducting home-based hobby classes, you can help other people achieve their dreams as well. There is a demand for coaches in every segment today. You can teach various skills, like creative writing, cooking, painting, pottery, etc.

Anything that you feel you have sufficient knowledge about, you can teach others. This can also work as a side-business to your main business. For instance, if you are working as a photographer, you can train other people in the nuances of photography online.

You do not need to make any additional investments and simply record the courses at home with any video streaming apps online.

12. Travel Agent

A women wearing blue jeans is walking with trolley outside the airport.

You can turn your knowledge and love for travelling into a business by becoming an online travel agent. As a travel agent, your task would be to make the travelling arrangements for your clients and make their journey smooth.

This includes booking flight tickets, hotels, travel insurance, and many other aspects related to a safe trip. You can easily earn a decent amount of money every month by setting up your website and promoting your services.

If you are a newbie, then you can find an online job and work there for a while to gain experience before working on your own. With time, you can even open your travel agency and app and grow your business.

13. Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

Being a pet sitter is a great opportunity for the ladies to start their own business from home. For pet lovers, this is a complete win. Not only do you get to spend more time around cuddly animals, but also get paid for it. Many people due to their busy schedules are unable to cater to their pets.

Sometimes, they may even have to cancel their travel plans to stay home with their legged companions. You can be a life saver for such customers by offering your assistance in taking care of their pets while they are gone. However, it is important to build a reputation as a caring pet sitter. Afterwards, you can even charge by the hour.

14. Social Media Influencer

Do you love being on social media and also have a decent number of followers? You can become a social media influencer and use your popularity to gain sponsorships. As an influencer, you can persuade your followers to purchase several products and services.

The best part is that you can do this on any social media platform. So, you can get started on any platform you feel comfortable with. As an influencer, you would have to engage with your audience almost regularly though.

If you do not mind living in the constant limelight, then this is the right profession for you. All you need is some good lighting and a high-quality phone camera to start your social media journey.

15. Soap Making

Organic products are the new craze with awareness about chemical-free living on the rise. You can use this opportunity to make organic soaps at home using only natural ingredients. The only thing you need to do here is to learn how to make your soaps.

Once you master this skill. You will have tons of customers online who will happily buy your product. Once your business becomes a hit, you can expand it, but you can start this from your home.

You can also teach people about which products are natural and completely harmless on your social media. This way, you will establish your brand authority and influence others to purchase your homemade soaps.

16. Proof-reader

Laptop and books are placed on the table.

If you love to read and have impeccable grammar, proofreading is the ideal business idea from home. It is a freelancing job but work is much different from content writing. A proofreader has to read various types of documents and edit them or suggest edits in terms of grammar, writing style and tone.

The demand for proofreaders is particularly high in many major organizations and legal firms. The pay rate is also high for the profession as excellent proofreaders are hard to find. So, if you have the skill, all you need is a computer and the internet to start the business. You can also start training others to expand your business further.

17. Life Coach

A women guiding a girl with the help of a whiteboard.

Being a life coach is a lot about enlightening others through your perception of life. If you love helping others and have a very optimistic approach to life, you can counsel others making it a profession. Our lifestyles these days have become extremely stressful and as a result, we all need an outlet for that.

A life coach becomes such an outlet while adding value to others’ lives. Communication skill, a calming demeanour and sound advice that can truly help others is all you need to become a life coach. While formal education in human behaviour and psychology can help establish yourself, it is not always essential.

The key to being a life coach is helping others find the true meaning of their life. You can do this through your life experiences and understanding. With the help of the Fynd platform, you can market your service to gain substantial clientele.

18. Transcription

A machine related to transcription is placed.

Transcription is creating documents from any audio or video. There are many ways in which transcriptions are useful and hence there is a high demand for good transcription. Transcription is quite demanding as a job, especially if you are creating subtitles for videos but if you have the skill, it is a high-paying profession to pursue.

The only investment you need is getting good headphones, a laptop and the internet to transcript any audio accurately. The rest are soft skills like understanding of the language, typing speed and patience.

19. Food Service Business

A variety of work can be classified under the food service business. It can be a catering service, home delivery, specific snacks or a sweet business, beverages and so on. If your cooking skill is good or you have helping hands with such a skill, the food service business is a great business idea for women at home.

There is no need for storage or a warehouse and you can get started right from home. Home-cooked food is in high demand, especially in many metro cities where people come from all over the country for jobs. Moreover, the profit is high depending on how you source the raw materials and the price rates you have set.

The Indian food service industry is estimated to be approx. 110 billion US dollars by 2025.

20. Stock Trading

Stock market details are shown on the display.

As the name suggests, anyone who buys and sells stocks on behalf of others is a stock trader. The business has high skill demand but the ROI is high too. You must have a good understanding of the stock market in your country as well as internationally.

The stock trader gets a handsome commission instead of their service which is the profitability of this business. Communication skill is equally important here to establish a connection with potential clients.

Manufacturing Business for ladies

Manufacturing is a major industry in India. There are several manufacturing business ideas for women to start from home. Especially in rural India, manufacturing businesses start at a grass root level and many of these are easy to start from home. Here are a few such manufacturing businesses that you can start from home:

1. Snack Making

Dosa served in the plate on the table.

India has a wide variety of cuisines, especially snacks. They differ drastically from one part of the country to another. But it is a hassle to make traditional Indian snacks. As a result, the demand for bulk manufacturing of such products has risen.

Women particularly find this an ideal manufacturing business idea since they are generally proficient in local and traditional cuisines. You need not have a formal culinary art degree or any education for this business except good knowledge of traditional snacks. This is one of the most popular cottage industries in rural India where such cuisines flourish the most.

2. Papad and Pickle Manufacturing

Mango pickle placed in the bowl.

Papad and pickles are dire necessities in many households. It is hard to sustain most Indian families without either of these. But making papad or pickle is a complex task that takes a lot of time and effort.

As a result, you will witness numerous pickles and papad brands coming up and if you trace their origin, most of them are headed by women. This is another popular manufacturing business, especially among rural women.

The key to success in this business is knowing a variety of pickle and papad recipes. You can train fellow women or men to grow the business further. This is another small-scale business in rural India which has gained major popularity as a profitable niche.

The Indian papad industry is worth approximately INR 1000 crore and has a market share of 5%. It is growing by the day and becoming a highly profitable industry in the country.

3. Wicker Basket and Showpiece Making

Wicker basket placed on the table.

Wicker, wild reeds, and palm leaves are some of the natural materials that have been widely used from ancient times to weave daily necessities items in India. Baskets, show pieces, and even chairs are weaved using wicker. Even in the modern home, wicker products are highly demanded as stylish home décor items too.

Thus, manufacturing these items is significantly profitable today. The key is to come up with new and innovative products made from wicker which are unique. The main investment is in sourcing the materials. However, if you are from a rural area, you will find sourcing these materials much easier.

4. Jewellery Manufacturing

Fashion jewellery is in high demand all over the country. There are many types of fashion jewellery available today. Oxidized silver, threaded jewellery, woven jewels, and terracotta jewels are some of the most popular varieties today.

If you have a knack for jewellery design, this is the perfect business for you. You will have to learn the different methods of making jewellery to establish this business. Moreover, you need to find a skilled artisan who can help you expand the business.

Fashion jewellery and customized jewellery are particularly in high demand and hence this is a profitable business. The manufacturing does not cost much and the profit margin is particularly high here.

5. Herbal Hair Oil and Skin Care Products

India has many age-old recipes and ayurvedic formulas for hair care and skincare. There are different traditional homemade hair oil recipes which have been handed down from one generation to another.

These are very effective but making these oils are quite time-consuming. As a result, many industries are coming up with well-packaged and branded hair oil and skin care products. These are the age-old traditional recipes in modern packaging.

The ingredients, and methods of making these products are easily accessible and hence low costs. You will get a high-profit margin from this specific business. You can easily start such a business from your home since brewing these formulas is easily done from your home kitchen itself.

6. Potato Chips Manufacturing

Potato chips with white background.

Who does not love potato chips? This is one of the best-selling snacks you can find in India. You can earn high profits by manufacturing potato chips alone. It is one of the best-selling snacks in the country. If you can come up with new ideas and recipes that click with your customers, your potato chips manufacturing business can fetch a high return on investment.

The required raw materials do not require high investment. This is another business you can start right from your home. Market the business online as well with the help of the Fynd platform or any other similar platforms.

7. Candle Making

Wax is placed in the Glass tied with ice cream sticks.

Have you ever wondered where the scented candles are coming from? In most cases, the high-end scented candles are manufactured by small-scale home-based industries. Candle making is quite easy and hence can be considered by anyone.

You can also market your business online as well. The candle-making industry thrives when you are setting the perfect business strategy. You can start this business from your home itself with the minimal possible investment. Wax, colours, perfume oils, cast, etc. are low-investment materials which you will need to start this specific manufacturing business.

8. Hand Stitched Bags and Purses

Handcrafting, stitching and embroidery work are some of the age-old traditional crafts in India. They have been a source of income for women from all eras and age groups. The demand for such products is high.

Especially demand for bags and purses that are embroidered is noteworthy. Irrespective of age, caste or class, the demand for embroidered bags and purses is witnessed all over the country because they complement ethnic outfits best.

As a result, the manufacturing of such products is highly profitable. Many boutiques, fashion chains and even local stores demand such products to supply for their clients. You can even get individual clients whom you can sell directly.

Fynd platform is the perfect place to expand your business online. You can select your business goals and then establish an online branch of your store so that your client base can grow.

9. Customized envelopes, files and folders

A women holding Customised envelops.

Envelopes, folders and files are essential products in our day-to-day life. Many of us love to use customized versions for such products. The demand for such customization is high. You can easily start a business for customized envelopes, files and folders and supply them to local stationary stores and online stores.

Such products are exquisite and you can create more and more unique designs to grow the business. To start the business nominal investment is required and storing them does not require much place either. Moreover, it is a business that can be grown exponentially if you strategize the business correctly.

10. Women Footwear

Red women sandals are placed on the table.

Women's footwear comes in a variety of designs and styles. If you have a flair for creating new designs and are willing to learn, starting a customized women's footwear store is a great idea. This can be done in many ways. You can create entirely new designs or customize existing shoes for your customers.

The primary skill needed to start the business is learning all about shoe design art. There are courses that you can pursue. Painting skills and embroidery knowledge can also help you design the shoes well.

Sourcing leather, canvas, paints, glue etc. requires minimal investment. You can start the business right from your home as they do not need much space to store the products. Thus, it is a great business to start from your home.

The women's footwear industry is expected to grow by 13 % and reach INR 302.6 billion by 2025.

11. Designer Blouses

A women wearing black saree posing for a photo.

Saree is the national outfit for Indian women. Irrespective of age, state, caste, or class, women all over the country at some point in time wear sarees. Blouses of various styles, colours, materials and designs are hence highly demanded. These days, readymade designer blouses that match various styles of saree are particularly in demand.

Stitching skills, fashion sense and staying updated with the latest ethnic fashions are all you need to start the business. Manufacturing designer blouses right from your home would require a few stitching machines, employing few skilled workers and enough material to produce the first batch of blouses.

Once the business gets rolling, you can expand it further. These days, there are online platforms as well that exclusively deal with blouses and petticoats for different sarees. Hence, starting such a business will be a great idea.

12. Recycled Goods

Paper plates made from recycling goods.

From old newspapers to twigs from trees- everything can be recycled into something useful. If you have a knack for creating new things from scratch using discarded items, starting a business of recycled goods is perfect for you.

The inventory required is minimal and at times, has no cost and you can make items which are useful daily. There is a fairly significant client base for such products, thus making this a profitable business.  

Paper Mache products, recycled wood furniture and show pieces- the possibilities are immense. Creativity and thinking out of the box are the key to establishing such a business successfully.

13. Indian Handicrafts

India is a treasure trove of various handicrafts. You can start a manufacturing business choosing any of these handicraft genres. It depends largely on the accessibility of craftsmen and raw materials and your creative prowess. Hand-painted vases and potteries, outfits and sarees, bone carving products- there are several arts which you can explore and they fetch high ROI.

The investment depends on the raw material. For example, hand-painted terracotta products would require much less investment compared to marble cutting and crafting. Bangles, show pieces, utensils, cutlery- there are a wide variety of handicraft items which you can start a business with.

14. Dairy Products

A glass filled with milk placed on the wall.

Dairy products are highly popular and in-demand in India. Milk-based food items are an essential part of the Indian diet and almost everything we cook requires something or the other that is derived from dairy.

This is comparatively a moderate investment business since you will need to source milk and even own a dairy farm, to begin with. Other than that, this is a great business idea for women to start from home. If you know how to make butter, buttermilk, various dairy-based sweets and so on, the business will take off in no time.

The dairy-based business too has a high ROI when you promote it online. You can start an app through which dairy products will be delivered to your doorstep fresh. You can explore the various ways in which this business can be made profitable.

15. Garden Landscaping Products

A women planting a sapling n the pot.

Gardening is a passion for many of us. Be it on the lawn or even on the rooftop or balcony, gardening has become a very coveted hobby these days. Thus, the need for gardening products is high. Saplings, gardening tools, accessories, fertilisers, pesticides etc. are highly demanded in many parts of the country.

If you know about gardening, you can start a business by manufacturing such products. You can start a nursery for saplings at your home or make customized fertilisers for specific plants. Such items are highly demanded since many people who enjoy gardening do not have access to or knowledge of the right methods.

16. Homemade Chocolate and Cookies

Homemade choclates are placed inside the glass bowl.

Homemade chocolate, cookies and gourmets are becoming more and more popular. People look for the purest and high-quality products and hence are willing to pay the right price. Thus, such businesses are very profitable too.

If you have the right kitchen utensils and gadgets, you can start this business easily from home. The cost of raw materials is not too high either. Moreover, you can distribute your products through various food delivery apps which make them easier to market.

Self-employed Ideas for Females

Starting a business where you need to work for others is secure, but starting a thoroughly self-employed employed venture is even more satisfying. Here are a few such businesses that you can start from scratch that gives a high return on investment:

1. Fashion Designer

A women is holding many bags wearing glasses.

Whether you have a formal degree in fashion designing or a simple knack to design clothes- a fashion designing business can be started from your home and with minimal investment. It is an entirely self-dependent business venture where your knowledge forms the basis of your business.

However, it requires moderate investment for raw materials, and creativity turns your home into a boutique. Fashion designers can start a store eventually and even open their on-fashion chain which is often the ultimate goal in such businesses.

2. Marriage Bureau

Have a great network of people and are extroverts enough to make new connections? This is the perfect skill to start a marriage bureau. Register as a marriage bureau and start the business of matchmaking easily.

Marriage is a thriving business in India, and everyone looks for their perfect life partner through such organizations. Hence, getting clients would not be very difficult if you can spread the word as the marriage bureau in the neighbourhood. It is another independent business which requires nominal investment and can be started from your home.

3. Yoga Instructor

Two women performing yoga on a yoga mat.

Your passion for fitness and traditional Indian fitness technique can easily become the best source of income. The demand for yoga instructors and schools is high. You can easily start a yoga school at your home by publicising your skills.

Usually, you would need to show certification of your training if you have a bigger goal with the venture but starting such a school locally would not call for such degrees at all.

Being a yoga instructor also requires no investment to start the business but has a high return. The best part is you get to practice what you love and remain fit while sharing your knowledge and earning from it.

4. Cooking Classes

If your cooking skills are enviably good and you have often been complimented for it, starting a virtual cooking class is the perfect self-made business for you. You can do this from the comfort of your home and earn significantly too. You would be surprised to find that many people do not have basic cooking skills and hence the demand for such classes is always high.

The key is to market yourself well. Good communication skills are essential for the business. You can also use different social media platforms to build an audience and then earn a profit through them.

5. Painting Classes

From toddlers to adults, many wish to learn painting and related hobby ideas from an expert. If you have the skill, you can start a painting and hobby school from your home. Spread the word about the class and you will soon find potential students coming in.

You can also provide such classes online which is also gaining more and more popularity these days. There is no investment required in such a business but the profit is high. All you need is a calm presence, good communication skills, knowledge of your genre and the ability to explain the art and its concepts well to your students.

6. Grooming Classes

A barber is cutting beard of a man.

A well-groomed personality is a must in every segment of life these days. Especially for working professionals, learning proper etiquette and ways to portray their personality is very important. When you have these skills, you can turn them into your profession to help others.

The business does not require additional investment and you can set up a virtual business too. Offer virtual classes for all such grooming sessions and provide flexible timing which is very helpful for working professionals.

The key to establishing such a business successfully is communicating well and providing genuine help to your clients so they recommend you to others. You must also market the classes accordingly so that you can consistently expand your client base.

7. Private Tuitions

Providing private tuition to school and college students is the easiest business to start in India without any investment. The demand for private tutors is exceptionally high all over India. Moreover, online classes are becoming more and more popular, allowing you to provide classes to more students at once from your home.

The ability to start such a business entirely depends on the subject you have mastered. If you are planning to teach primary students, you can opt to teach all subjects but for higher standards, you have to choose a specific subject of expertise.

8. Daycare Services

A women taking care of child holding his hands.

Daycare refers to taking care of children or the elderly for a specific time in the day when their family members are away. You can start this business if you have a good network and connections with your neighbours.

Let them know about the services you are providing and expand your outreach in the neighbourhood. Providing day-care service is a great task. Your patience, ability to care for others and compassion is all you need to start the business.

Day-care is especially essential in the larger metro cities for children and the elderly. You can provide the service from your home as well. It is a very rewarding business emotionally and financially.

9. Rakhi and Mask Making

Rakhi and Mask Making

Rakhi is celebrated all over the country extravagantly. Some families start preparing for the festivity way ahead. Starting a Rakhi-making business is a great way to establish your business. It is a seasonal business and hence you can consider making face masks alongside.

The investment is minimal and you must have basic stitching skills and creativity to make this business work. Starting a business from home is also easy. You can design and sell the products to local retail stores or sell them online from your home.

10. Vlogging

Three people standing in  front of camera.

Vlogging is becoming more and more popular as a profession these days, especially among women. Even the daily lifestyle can be clogged and earn millions of views if you do it right.

The key is to choose the right niche for your vlogs and get a good camera. Basic knowledge of video Editing is also needed. If you have a good smartphone, you will not need a camera either to start a vlog.

Opening your vlogging channel does not have any cost but the key is to gain followers. You must have a thorough digital marketing strategy so that your vlog gains more followers and eventually you can earn a significant amount through it.

11. Stand-up Comedy

Stage with red curtains.

Though a rather unconventional idea for a business, stand-up comedy is becoming more and more popular among women too. If you have a great sense of humour, you can start sharing videos of your comedy sessions to popularize your acts. You can eventually participate in stand-up comedy shows and gain more and more audiences.

This is a great business where you can do something you enjoy. Stand-up comedy is becoming popular in India and more and more people indulge in such shows. Thus, the scope of such business is high since the competition is not yet too high. Get your business rolling with your sense of humour and without any other investment.

12. Nutritionist

A nutritionist guding a women with the help of a paper.

Becoming a nutritionist is a great self-dependent business to start. If you are trained as a nutritionist, you can start a consultancy for the same from your home. Online nutrition consultants are in demand.

You can register with any medical organization or start the business independently by establishing a website and spreading the word about the business. You can also establish an online presence for your consultancy to gain more and more clients.

The key to keeping this business running is providing consistent and high-quality service to your clients. They are likely to come back for more and also recommend you to other potential clients.

13. Travel guide

This is not an at-home business idea but ideal for those who love to travel and know their city well. If you are living in a place known as a travel destination all over the country, you can become a travel guide here. Many travel enthusiasts look for the true flavours of a place.

If you know the nooks and crannies of your city well, including the offbeat places, you can become the perfect travel guide. Create a profile as a travel guide all over the internet. Social media marketing and sharing pictures of your latest travel ventures and marketing over the right channels is the key to becoming the perfect travel guide.

14. Online Reselling

Online reselling is a hassle-free business to start from home. All you need to do is source products from different brands and resell them to prospective clients. Online reselling can also be done by sourcing products from other small businesses.

You can start this business from home with minimal investment and will not require a warehouse either since such businesses' stocks are usually kept low. There are many platforms where you can register as an online reseller and start the business right away.

15. Financial Consultant

A financial consultant giving advice to his clients.

If you have a background in economics and commerce and a thorough understanding of finance, then becoming a financial consultant from home will be a great business to start. You would be surprised to find out the number of people who have a minimal understanding of finance and are willing to pay a hefty amount for a good consultation.

As a result, becoming a financial advisor is quite simple and requires no investment. Online consultations will only require a good internet connection and a smart device to provide your valuable services.

List the ideas

Apart from the businesses listed here, there are several more business ideas which you can try out from home. If you have the provisions to start a business outside the home, those listed here are perfect options.

1. College application counselling

2. Music Lessons

3. Dance lessons

4. Massage therapy

5. Personal shopper

6. Babysitting

7. Pet creche

8. Remote customer service

9. Payroll service

10. Health care

11. Veterinary services

12. Web security specialist

13. Accounting

14. Self-grooming

15. Skincare and haircare consultation

16. Beauty consultant

17. Law firm

18. Antique and thrift store

19. Amazon seller

20. Social media influencer


The right business ideas for women at home depend largely on your skill, interest and the types of opportunities you get. Online solutions like the Fynd platform can be a great way to get started with a variety of businesses. The success rate will depend on the quality and the overall service you are providing. Our suggestions can help you determine a path and get a head start but to make the most of the innovation and ambition are elemental.

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Which online business is best for housewives?

As a housewife, you can start any business based on the skills you have. Cooking classes and food delivery, life coach, image consultant, and blogging are some of the businesses that any housewife can do, extracting knowledge and skills from their day-to-day life.

What business can I start sitting at home?

Any business that requires minimal setup can be started from home. Businesses that do not require a storage facility or even a showroom can be started from home. Life coaches, career consultants, travel agents etc. are a few such businesses.

What is the most accessible business to start?

arrow down

The most accessible business to start depends largely on your skill set. The various skills you have that are tradeable can be turned into a business. Some of the easiest businesses to try irrespective of your skills include food and catering service, data entry work, freelancing, image consultants and many more.

What is the best side business?

Writing, editing, illustrating, and graphic designing are some of the side businesses which you can start from home. Even if you have a profession or another business, these can become a secondary income source.

How do I start a business with no money?

Even if you do not have any money, you can still start a business. There are many government schemes specifically to help women entrepreneurs establish a start-up. They give good loans for all types of business. Besides that, you can also try out free business ideas which do not require any investment. Freelance writing, food home delivery, and transcription are some of the businesses that do not require any investment.

How do I start an online business?

To start any online business, you must determine the niche first. Chalk out a business plan that is backed up by thorough market research. Once you have a clear concept of the business, register on the Fynd platform or similar places to get started with an e-commerce website. Such platforms have a good SEO which in turn can help your business get the much-needed boost.

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