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Crucial Factors That Make An E-Commerce Platform Convenient For Entrepreneurs

Crucial Factors That Make An E-Commerce Platform Convenient For Entrepreneurs

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What is important for an entrepreneur to look at while setting up a business or starting an eCommerce website? It is not just about selecting an eCommerce platform and building a website. It is all about convenience, which is the backbone of eCommerce and a major reason behind the online shopping boom.

52% of customers say that half or more of their purchases are influenced by convenience. It would be pretty beneficial if you knew what goes into making your e-commerce business convenient. Several reasons include ease of use, a secure payment gateway, a positive user experience, and integrated marketing capabilities.

eCommerce entrepreneurs' challenges and how does Fynd Platform assist them in making an eCommerce platform more convenient?

Fynd Platform can easily handle these crucial issues faced by e-commerce entrepreneurs to make an eCommerce platform convenient for online business.

1) Lack of experience in selecting an open-source platform or SaaS eCommerce platform

Many first-time startups or entrepreneurs get stuck in this confusion at the very first stage. They are aware of open-source platforms and prefer to launch their online businesses on them.

But they are unaware of its numerous disadvantages, like website vulnerability, slow page speed, costly themes and plugins, frequent updates, performance issues of the hosting service provider.

Advantages of SaaS eCommerce platform like Fynd Platform is that every crucial element like performance-boost, marketing, analytics, and website optimization features come pre-integrated into the platform.

The robust and business-friendly eCommerce platform is fully accountable for performance, speed, bug fixes, uptime, software updates, security, scalability, free plugins, SEO controls, inbuilt payment gateway.

These are some of the essential features of Fynd Platform - one of the top SaaS eCommerce platform if you decide to opt for them. Unlike open-source platforms, the eCommerce business websites powered by Fynd Platform come with an all-in-one package of crucial applications to manage technical, operational, and performance-based issues.

That makes it easy for businesses to focus on growing their business rather than repeatedly investing in open source websites, wasting time and worrying about their performance. 

2) Uploading the product catalog across channels

Uploading the product catalog can be a real problem for new e-commerce businesses when hundreds of thousands of products are waiting to go live on brand websites and marketplaces.

The crucial task can be time-consuming due to multiple challenges like managing product listings across sales channels, product structures like serialized items or kits, and the strong possibility of making manual errors like missing images and product descriptions.

Catalog management is a breeze on Fynd Platform. eCommerce brands can run an online business and ensure good sales from every channel just by uploading product catalogs on

  • Brand websites
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Ajio
  • Google 
  • Facebook 

Check out how easily you can import or export catalogs on Fynd Platform.

3) Order management

A new eCommerce website may have to deal with fewer orders initially. But after some time, when customers have identified your brand on the marketplaces and trusted you with voluminous orders. It can be challenging to manage thousands of orders, right from product ordering, shipping, delivery, and returns. 

How can Fynd Platform Order Management System (OMS) help new online businesses? Fynd Platform has a integrated Order Management System (OMS) for managing orders from different sales channels and marketplaces, including Amazon, Flipkart, and others. It is a reliable, enterprise-grade system for monitoring orders and fulfillment procedures.

Here is how Fynd OMS can help an eCommerce brand:

A) Get aggregated order views

Get Aggregated Order Views

Fynd Platform helps you get aggregated order views under four groups: All, New, Processing, and Returns.

B) Worry-free shipments

Sellers do not need to worry about shipments because Fynd Platform ensures that orders are picked up from the storefront and delivered to customers via their trusted network of integrated delivery partners.

Products, destinations, and shipping providers are automatically assigned with every ordered product. The seller can receive order tracking updates to inform the transaction's final mile delivery.

C) Order Cancellation

For some unavoidable reasons, retailers may not complete or ship an order. To ensure that orders are fulfilled efficiently, they can cancel the orders and reassign them to another store within their company.

4) Assuring safe payments from customers 

Payment gateways support safe transaction between the eCommerce business and the customers. If a payment gateway does not approve your transaction, the transaction will not be completed, and you will not receive the funds.

New e-commerce businesses are wary of finding the best payment gateway under their comfortable budget as their transaction fees are high. That's why retailers, both large and small, have come to regard them as money-grubbing middlemen who take advantage of their customers.

eCommerce brands onboarded on the Fynd Platform do not have to worry about identifying and selecting a safe payment gateway. Their eCommerce websites have an inbuilt Fynd Payment gateway that accepts safe online payments from multiple payment modes.

Subscription plans starting from INR 599/month come with the Fynd payment gateway as a standard feature, and the plus point is that customers do not have to make an extra payment for debit or credit cards transactions.

5) Email and SMS marketing tools

Email and SMS marketing tools are impressive engagement touchpoints between a brand and the customer, and are of the proven marketing tools to increase eCommerce conversions.

For a new eCommerce startup or online store, even if you have a small customer base that can grow to a huge one in some time, it is pretty challenging to get in touch with every customer personally and sensitize them about your products. The fear is that if you frequently use customer care to call them, they may start ignoring the calls and finally abandon your business.

Email and SMS marketing tools are among the safest ways to connect, introduce, and engage first-time customers without bothering them. There are a lot of email and SMS marketing tools on the market that offer excellent service. But some are costly, while some may not have a reasonable success rate in the business.

Go no further in your search for good marketing tools. Fynd Platform gives you bundled email and SMS tools for your marketing campaigns. eCommerce brands can get free email and SMS in every subscription plan. 

About Fynd Platform Email Marketing Tool:

You can easily create impressive email templates on Fynd Platform to sign up & log in, order processing, order cancellation, and order return. 

Email Marketing Tool

Image Source: Email – Main Screen

Steps to access email tool on Fynd Platform : 

Platform Panel  >>  Sales Channel (select application)  >>  Communication  >>  Email

About Fynd Platform SMS Marketing tool:

The primary purpose of sending an SMS is to make customers aware of the order status. Example: If a customer has placed an order, they will receive an SMS stating that the order has been placed. Similarly, if a customer cancels an order, they will receive a cancellation message.


Image: SMS – Main Screen

Steps to access SMS tool on Fynd Platform: 

Platform Panel   >> Sales Channel (select application)  >>  Communication >> SMS

Each of the above factors deal with the everyday challenges of an eCommerce entrepreneur and discusses how Fynd Platform-worthy features help to make eCommerce business convenient for them. 

Build your eCommerce website today and grow your brand by reaching more customers online. Get a market-ready brand website with unlimited products, inbuilt payment gateway options, and an in-house delivery partner. Launch, grow, and scale your business online. Connect with Fynd Platform to Get started for Free or Book a Demo today.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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