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How to Start Candle Making Business in India 2023 (Earn Up to 2 Lakh per month)

How to Start Candle Making Business in India 2023 (Earn Up to 2 Lakh per month)

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Candles are in high demand and the supply is limited. Here we have listed step by step guide on Candle Making Business In India which will help you to clear all your doubts.

As per the data released by GVS World wide scented candles market was USD 53.5 Million in 2020 and it is expected 3.3% CAGR  from 2021 to 2028.

People fire candles for a variety of reasons, including religious and decorative objectives. Aside from the classic straight white candle, aromatic and artistic candles have a massive market opportunity.

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Before we get into the details, let's go through the basic components that go into making candles. Wax, wicks, stearic acid, colours, manufacturing equipment, and containers are the items in question.

“Global Scented Candles Market, By Product Type, Industry & By Region - Forecast and Analysis 2023-2027”

Why You Should Start Your Own Candle Business

Establishing a candle business may appear intimidating at first, however, there are numerous advantages to doing so.

Become Your Boss

You gain the freedom to become your boss and work remotely by beginning your own business, particularly a candle business. Many people have taken use of the extra time at home during the epidemic to develop new interests, some of which became full-time jobs. Working for yourself enables you to set your hours, make your plan, and devote your energy to things you enjoy.


With all of the fantastic information available on the Internet, candlemaking is simple to acquire. It's easy to find and buy supplies, and you just get a few basic tools to get started. Your candle business might be successful during the initial few years of work thanks to a low beginning cost!

Positive Society

Among the most helpful communities is the candle-making society. Some candlemakers hold in-person seminars where they promote their expertise and training. Some manufacturers even have YouTube channels with how-to videos, how-to create candle tags, shipping advice, and more. A terrific thing to begin is Memory Box Candle Co.'s YouTube course on Candle Making for Beginning.

Prospering Market

The candle-making business in Indian market was worth INR 7.15 billion in 2020, as per Certified Market Research, and is anticipated to reach INR 13.38 billion by 2028. The candle industry is benefiting and developing as a result of more individuals investing family time and putting effort into personality.

Candles are a convenient reason for customers to build their houses smell better and feel confident. Consumers are just searching for fresh fragrances to sample and fascinating brands to support, so your distinctive candle business has plenty of room to grow.

Types of Candles

Identify the goal of your candle to assist you to choose the proper design from the many alternatives open. Determine if you want your style's look and scent to be a dramatic declaration or a subtle complement to your surroundings.

1. Candles with Scents

Scented candles placed on the table.

Fragrances are the perfect daydreaming solution. They provide a pleasant light to an area, just like any other candle, but it is their aroma that gives a room its true individuality. Perfumes use a successful approach and enhanced environment by invoking emotions and creating that same mood.

There are three layers to fragrance designs: top, middle, and base components. Sweet notes are the first to be detected, followed by main notes, which serve as the core, and finally, base sounds, which are frequently more dominating and evolve with a period.

2. Candles for Decorative purposes

Decorative candles placed on the table.

Stylish candles add visual appeal and assist to define a room's style. They make lovely dining room centerpieces.  Various shaped candles allow you to explore with ratio, while various materials – from elegant alloys to ceramic surfaces – allow you to engage with touch.

3. Dinner Candles

Dinner candles placed on the dinning table.

Triangular or dinner candles fit wonderfully in centerpieces and candle holders because of their tall and thin dimensions. They have a more conventional appearance and provide dining settings with a more sophisticated air.

4. Tea Candles

Tea candles placed inside a bowl.

Tea candles are among the simplest methods to bring light into the house because they are small and compact. The little, circular candles are perfect for spreading over lower and higher objects, and when used in quantities, they have the most effect.

How to Start Candle-Making Business In India: List all the steps

This company's fire isn't going out anytime soon, now here is how and that you need to keep it lit. Before we get started on the 6 key stages of establishing a candle business, let's have a look at the various funding choices accessible to you.

1. Choose the kind of candle you would like to sell.

Candles placed on the floor.

You must first pick what type of candles you want to offer before you begin producing. It's always important, to begin with, a few items and gradually add others. A decent candle would smell wonderful and cause you to feel warm and cuddly. People prefer to buy candles that evoke certain emotions in them. It would be a disaster, though, provided your candle items are poor.

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It can add to a user's stress rather than relieve it. A candle might feel excessively smoky, floral, or fruity, or it might not feel at all if the perfume isn't strong enough. Before you begin your company, you must return to the fundamentals and perfect the art of designing a better candle that consumers prefer to burn.

You ought to be capable of creating one-of-a-kind fragrances that would be exclusively accessible at your establishment, all while maintaining the candle's fire duration and aroma intensity.

2. Construct a business strategy.

Someone playing chess with strategy.

Creating candles is an artistic and enjoyable experience. Stopping playing with smells and forms to develop a business strategy could be tedious for you. However, you will benefit from having a strategic plan all across the existence of your company.

Because making a strategy requires some thought, you may want to enlist the assistance of your spouses or colleagues. A sound business plan must include several components which will assist you in keeping your firm on course and also demonstrating the possibilities of your company to current shareholders. While starting a business, it's a good idea to have a plan in place. If you haven't done so already, it is not too late to start planning one.

3. Pick a name for your company

A girl confused about to choose name.

The marketing strategy will go more smoothly if you choose the right name for your company. Choose a unique and unique business name. Clients must remember your brand names, and they must also describe what you do.

Verify to see if the name you want is accessible or if someone else has previously taken it. You can confirm the status of names for your company by going to the state secretary's site.

You may even use Google to see if a specific mark is already claimed or if it is accessible. If such a name you want for your company is privileged enough to be accessible, register it as soon as possible and reserve your social media profiles.

4. Select a legal entity for your business.

The image of a gravel.

One benefit of developing a strategic plan was that it would remind you to use a commercial enterprise. This is a crucial step in launching your company, and you must not overlook it.

General partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, and corporations are some of the most popular types of business entities. If you're having trouble deciding between entities, speak with a company attorney or a tax specialist.

The danger levels rax and other critical factors are affected by the sort of creature you choose. As a result, this phase requires special attention.

5. Build a Plan for your Goods.

Some people making some plans looking at paper.

Understanding what you're making and selling is the first step in this process. The questions raised may assist you in completing this stage: Are you merely like to produce candles or would you like to build your brand to include oils and reed reflectors?

What methods would consumers use to buy your goods?

What kinds of scents would you have in your candles?

Obtain the necessary permissions, licenses, and insurance.

This phase is ensuring that your company is properly registered and regulated by both the state and federal governments. Be careful to register for GST as soon as possible if your company requires it.

The license requirements will differ based on the region and nature of your company. For a single firm, you may need to obtain several licenses. Lastly, choose a place where your business will have fewer competitors and begin controlling all of your candle supplies. Depending on your needs, you can apply for an MSME loan or seek assistance under the CGTMSE plan.

MSME certification has a plethora of advantages for enterprises. If your company qualifies, you can register under this plan. Please feel free to contact Fynd Platform right once if you have any questions or queries. Hope this article helps to clear your doubts.

Identify the proper distribution platform for your candles.

You've undoubtedly given serious consideration to where or how you'll sell your candles, but with so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Each has advantages and disadvantages. So let's figure out which network, or a mix of networks, is best for your objectives

There are 3 major avenues to think about:

  • Your site or one of the many internet marketplaces
  • Farmers' marketplaces, craft fairs, celebrations, and other community gathering
  • Wholesaling to stores and gift stores

Most leading companies start with a single network and subsequently expand their revenue by switching to a multi-channel strategy.

Develop a Website with Fynd and Sell Online

Here is the steps to follow:

About Fynd Platform.

Step 1: Create an account on Fynd Platform. You may simply make an account if you don't get one.

Overview and first step of Fynd Platform.

Step 2: Look for a "+" icon next to the Sales Channel option. Then, under the Online Store, select New App.

Second step of selling in Fynd Platform.

Step 3: A popup would open, prompting you to enter your information, select what you wish to publish on your site, and afterwards select Next.

Product posting on website.

Step 4: Next search for the domain name of your site. Choose your website name from the list of suggestions. That will be the url address for your business.

Choosing ebsite domain name of Fynd Platform.

Step 5: Next, go to the Products page and change the Type to "Digital." After that, choose the appropriate Department and then enter the Program Name. Later, insert the program's Item Name.

Step 5 of selling product on Fynd Platform.

Step 6: To create it more enticing, add some pictures or video, and then gave a detailed summary of your topic. Then press the Save button. If you have a range of options for your customers to choose from, follow Steps 5 and 6.

Step 6 of selling products online on Fynd Platform.

Step 7: Set Up A Safe Payment Method For Customers 

Setting payment step of Fynd Platform.

Using Fynd, which can be performed safely and effectively. Because you'll be offering your services online, you'll want to choose a payment method that accepts cashless transactions.

Fynd Platform, being the leading platform for business owners, puts your candles in front of a large number of people quickly. For a 0.20 listed fee and a 3.5 percent commission, you may advertise your candles or indeed any item. 

On this platform, sellers have access to a global market of over 26 million active purchasers, with annual sales in the billions of dollars. Handcrafted candles are a prominent seller.

Use of social media

Social media icon displayed on screen of phone.

You may choose to use social networks to publicize your company, but you could still apply it to sell straight to consumers. To begin started, consider the following two choices:

Facebook online marketplace, a Few of mobile interfaces for buying and selling domestically, can be added to your corporate website as a "Shop" segment to exhibit and market your stuff from Etsy or E-commerce, or you can test with Facebook Marketplace, a Craigslist-like portable functionality to make money by selling domestically. Pinterest: By integrating your eCommerce platform with Pinterest, you may earn direct selling via "Buyable Pins."

You have your website

A person using laptop.

Content creation isn't as difficult as it appears. It allows you to have authority over your network and could help you make more money. And if you're not a tech whiz, a few of these systems can help you create a website quickly and cheaply:

To launch your brand, Fynd Platform allows you to construct a bespoke online store, accept credit card purchases, execute delivery, add social media platforms, and connect plug-ins.

Aside from that, Fynd Platform features a plethora of instructional resources. A website is ideal for artistic companies who would like to highlight their photographs and create a gorgeous site. A web retailer could also be included.

Selling in your neighborhood

Do you prefer to interact with others? Human rapport is a big benefit of selling at community events vs selling items. People can communicate with you by seeing, touching, and smelling your candles before buying a product. An industry, craft fair, or event will almost certainly provide you with excellent selections.


Selling your candles in quantity to shops for reselling at a profit is known as wholesale. One may vary your revenue streams by selling in bulk to a specific customer, reaching out to current customers, and receiving constructive advice on what performs well.

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Wholesalers require "window sill" goods as well as a competent brand. Prepare a buyer's pack including sampling, a lined page or sell products, purchase orders, and advertising exhibits and resources to persuade merchants to sell your goods. It's also time to become used to huge quantities, accurate wholesale prices, and low order minimums.

To begin began, consider the following choices:

1. Stores

Local stores are an excellent place to start if you're new to wholesale. Learn about the proprietors of the stores and their market segments, then connect your brand image with them and keep in contact. Do not even restrict yourself to smaller stations; several candlemakers have had success targeting stores in other regions.

2. Shops and boutiques

Shops are also a great place to sell your candles wholesale, and they cater to a higher-end clientele. It's critical to exhibit your candles in a competent, luxury manner.

What Are the Steps to Starting a Wholesale Candles Business?

Market investigation

The very first thing to decide on candle consumption in your location ought to be to analyze the market. This study must also assist you in learning more about current wholesale companies and the wholesale candle providers they use.

You may come up with great concepts to set your firm apart from the competition using the data you gather.

Searching for a Candle Supplier

Locating a reputable candle producer or supplier is a vital step along the way. You can look up possibilities in search engines and directories to help you with this. Candlemakers, distributors, and vendors from all around the world are listed in these listings. You can examine every one of these financial firms' product catalogs and pricing.

To capture a wider number of consumers, you should know about the many varieties of candles you might offer through your wholesale candles company. They are available in a multitude of sizes, sizes, patterns, and scents, depending on the maker or provider. Also available are candles with various themes. Candles for weddings and Christmas, for example, may be designed differently.

Candles with love notes and poems can also be purchased. There is no restriction on how many different kinds of candles you can sell to candle customers. Lastly, to obtain loyal clients, you must market your wholesale candle company.

Searching for a Candle Maker

Locating a reputable candle manufacturer or distributor is a vital step. You can look up possibilities in search engines and directories to help you with this. Candlemakers, wholesalers, and vendors from all around the world are listed in these directories. You can examine every one of these financial firms' product catalogs and pricing.

To reach a larger number of consumers, you should know about the many varieties of candles you might provide through your wholesale candles company. They come in all sorts of dimensions, sizes, patterns, and scents, depending on the maker or provider.

Also available are candles with various themes. Candles for weddings and Christmas, for example, may be designed differently. Candles with love notes and poems could also be purchased. There is no limitation to how many different kinds of candles you can sell to candle customers.

Company's Promotion

Lastly, to get client retention, you must market your wholesale candle company. Internet directories can assist you in this endeavor. You might also create a business site and market it using different online marketing strategies. Creating and marketing a company portfolio might also assist you in this regard. Make sure you provide a variety of options for clients to find you.

The wholesale candle company has a lot of potentials to succeed and make a lot of money. The greatest option is to collect candles in varied shapes and sizes from various providers.

Selling Candles: What Are the Legal Standards?

Having a candle-making business in India taught you a few stuff. It is something that I hope I had known before I began selling candles. Good manufacturing techniques and regulatory criteria for selling candles are not always the same. Although with the activities we like and at the most basic level, we have a civic obligation.

When you start to make candles for sale, keep in mind that you're creating an item that will be used in somebody's house. As a producer, it is your responsibility to be aware of and comprehend all (local, and state) regulatory obligations related to that procedure and the release of information about that item.

A very well approach is required when selling candles to the general public, neighbors, or family members. If you want to start a candle company, this post can assist you to get started. Constantly seek advice from professionals in your community.

We sometimes get caught up in the artistic pleasure of handicrafts and miss all of the less-than-fun consequences. Let's take a constructive role in promoting improvements involved in starting a candle-making company.

We did some study online before writing this, and what I discovered shocked me. The first simple tip is to be skeptical of anything you find on the internet. So much of the material I discovered was, at the very lowest, erroneous, and, at the very worst, dangerous. There wasn't everything wrong, but there was quite enough cause for concern. I can't overstate how important this is.

Does selling candles require a business license?

Candle-making business in India You'll need a business permit if you lease a retail outlet. To sell at a yard sale or dealer exhibition in certain cities, you'll need a business permit or permission. Consult the office of the city clerk. Also, if you've signed up for a show, ask the producer if you'll be performing.

Smaller craftsmen and minor candle companies are frequently allowed by the license for the facility or event. To do commerce with someone, request a set of regulations or standards. "No Open Flames" was one of the regulations when I booked a table space at a flea marketplace.

I've also hired a modest spot within a marketplace that required a business permit. A code inspector and the Fire Inspector have to check the property as part of the process.

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Be always sure to double-check with your local government. A permit from the city is often not required to make candles at home and sell them online. It could be tricky to sell candles from your house.

The yard sale section attracts the majority of visitors to your house for a company. It doesn't apply to running a public-facing company from your house. My city limits me to doing this double the year and needs a seven-day license. A large punishment could be imposed if you violate the local law.

Is insurance required when selling candles?

When you submit a lawsuit, insurance providers are on your side. Many owners' health plans cover disasters caused by personal activities all around the house. Verify your insurance to see if you are covered.

Household insurance should not be confused with business insurance. Creating candles for sale from your home may not have been protected by your insurance policy. Building insurance should not be confused with product insurance coverage. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with insurance policies and benefits.

A small firm must safeguard its assets. The system is normally covered by homeowners' insurance, but the goods and technology are not. Before you can get it, make sure you're protected!

Insurance for Candlemakers

You can get a licensed insurance broker, and I recommend that you seek advice from one. It's also a good idea to get legal counsel. You must keep track of your possessions. I'd want to direct your attention to three alternative possibilities.

Insurance for renters

Keep in mind you have the landlord's formal permission before running a candle-making business in India company out of an apartment or house you don't own. You were liable for losses if your pastime or company sets fire to something. This may be disastrous or even illegal.

When you lease, your landlord's homeowners insurance may not protect the contents of the premises. This implies that you will be not covered in the case of a fire, a pipe break, or a theft. A renter's coverage that protects the furnishings of your home is recommended.

Insurance for Home Owners

Check to see if company insurance would cover you whether you have an incident while producing oils at home as a pastime, as a holiday dealer, or in a small shop. To protect the belongings of your house, you may have to acquire a supplement.

People concentrate on the candles as a fire risk because they are, in fact, a fire risk. Many issues which go awry at home are frequently overlooked by us. The dangers of lighting a candle do not end there.

It's risky to make candles. Our tools can be dangerous. If anything ever goes wrong when you're working as a company under your landlord's insurance plan, you could be in danger.

Unlawful procedures aren't covered by insurance. They are adamant about not needing to pay, so make sure you've got the regulations. It is your responsibility as a company to determine what this is. No one informs you about this.

We learned the hard way that damaged work must be shown to be yours. When the house was broken into, the insurance company requested verification of everything I possessed and how much it was valued.

What couldn't prove possessed, we couldn't get back. It was completely unprepared for that, so it was a disaster. We are confident that to see you've read plenty about starting a candle-making business in India, you are prepared to be the next great candle maker or businessperson. Read the following FAQs to learn a little bit more.


Candle-making is a lucrative business and a fantastic place to start if you're new to the industry. Candles are in high demand all year, and you'll make a lot of money with this business.

Candles, both ornamental and scented, are always popular. Develop a strategic company plan to help you start making money in the market. So you can start implementing a candle-making business in India.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Is candle-making a profitable business?

Yes, candlemaking is a great way to do business. During the year, candles are in high demand. It's a good time to invest in a rising company.

Is it possible to establish a candle-making business with small investment?

You certainly can. It is a business that does not necessitate a large amount of capital or investment. You may make a lot of money in this business with simple methods and products.

How can I establish a home-based candle-making business?

arrow down

All you have to do is write a business plan that outlines all of the stages involved. The candle-making business can simply be run from home if you already have the necessary skills and marketing methods.

What kind of profit can you make selling candles?

Candle manufacturing is the best way to earn INR20-25,000 each month. Candles are also in great growth in India owing to religious beliefs. Human existence is the final to diverge from the good and wicked, according to the Indian Vedas.

What can I do to keep my candles smell better?

At 185°F, add the aroma essence and mix softly but completely with the hot wax. This is the optimal condition for the wax and perfume to bond, resulting in the most effective perfume dispersion. Allow your candles to dry until putting them to the trial.

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