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25 Beauty Websites: Top Inspiring Examples (2024)

25 Beauty Websites: Top Inspiring Examples (2024)

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In this article, you can find the best beauty website examples available. The internet is a powerful tool for accessing vast information, products, and services.

Lately, online shopping has become increasingly popular for those looking to purchase beauty products. Beauty websites are an excellent resource for those seeking to find the best products for their needs. 

These websites offer a wide selection of items from popular brands, tips, and advice from experienced professionals. The article aims to look for the advantages of using beauty websites and discuss how they can help make the shopping for beauty products more straightforward and convenient.

Why do you need Beauty websites? 

Why do you need Beauty websites

Beauty websites are essential for anyone interested in being at the top of various latest beauty trends and products. The internet allows customers to access the newest beauty trends and products anywhere. Beauty websites provide customers with a wealth of information, from beauty tips and tutorials to product reviews and recommendations.

Beauty websites also allow customers to purchase beauty products directly from the website. This is convenient for customers who cannot visit a physical store or need help finding what they need in the stores.

Additionally, many such websites offer exclusive discounts and promotional deals, making it easier for customers to get the needed products without spending too much. Beauty websites also help customers stay informed about the latest beauty trends. With regular updates on the latest trends and developments, customers can stay up-to-date on the latest looks and trends. 

This is especially useful for customers who want an edge against the competition and to find the newest and hottest products. Finally, beauty websites are also great for networking. Customers can find and connect with other beauty enthusiasts and professionals, allowing them to exchange tips and advice. This can benefit customers who are just starting in beauty.

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How to get it started?

Going live with an E-commerce website builder is the best way to kick off your online store with a bang in today's digital age. However, before going live, you must understand the concept. If you are a beginner, this may be a difficult task. However, as the saying goes, every problem has a solution. This universal rule does not apply to the creation of an E-commerce site.

Are you concerned because you lack the professional expertise or skill sets required to build a website? You don't have to be any sort of programmer or a designer to complete the task. The Fynd Platform's simple and effective tools will assist you. Using the Platform's tools, you can easily create visually appealing and professional web pages for an E-commerce site.

How much does it cost to build a website?

How much does it cost to build a website

Developing a website necessitates financial investment. A website costs around $200 to build and $50 per month. Hiring a designer or developer can cost up to $6000. You have three website creation options: use WordPress, hire a designer, or use a website builder. Among them, a website builder is the most affordable option.


Estimating a designer's fee is difficult because prices vary between web designers and projects. It also impacts the costs, whether you choose an agency or a freelancer. You should set aside $5,000 to $30,000 to hire a designer to prepare your site.

The Gold Standard of Beauty Website Design

The gold standard of beauty website design optimises the user experience. UX means creating an intuitive website that is easy to navigate, with a clear and organised menu structure and a page layout that allows users to get the information they seek quickly. Additionally, the website should be aesthetically pleasing, with a modern design and high-quality visuals that complement the beauty brand.

The website should also be mobile-friendly, with a responsive design that ensures a seamless user experience across all devices. The website should adapt to screen sizes and respond quickly to user inputs. Furthermore, the website should be secure, with robust security measures to protect customer data and transactions.

Finally, the website should be optimised for search engines, with relevant content and meta tags, optimised page titles and descriptions, and a polished internal link structure. This will ensure the website can be easily discovered in search engine results, leading to more organic traffic and higher user engagement.

Overall, the gold standard of beauty website design emphasises usability, aesthetics, mobile-friendliness, security, and SEO, resulting in an intuitive and enjoyable user experience that drives conversions.

Best Beauty Websites

here's an explanation of the best beauty websites I listed



Doe Lashes' branding is well-known. With its vibrant colours and bold typography, it's easy to identify Doe Lashes products without seeing the brand's name and the product page is no exception. Aside from the soft sunset-looking pink background (which fades into purple as you scroll), many products have bright blue, pink, and yellow backgrounds that contrast as you browse.

When you move your cursor over the products, the images change so you can see a different angle of Doe's lash tools and kits or see what a specific lash set looks like on a genuine pair of eyes. Customers can see if a product matches their desired look without clicking on a particular page.

Personalisation is essential when it comes to the products you recommend to customers. With personalised recommendations, Doe Lashes collected 3X more emails and increased AOV by 11% using an E-commerce quiz.

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is another excellent example of a brand with solid branding (due to the name behind the brand). Still, Jeffree's personality shines through in every aspect of the website and its products not just the design. 

If you look at the names of the products on the page, you'll see items called "Thirsty Palette," "Conspiracy Palette," and "Cremated Eyeshadow Palette. " The product names are interesting because Jeffree terms many products based on personal events.

For example, the Conspiracy Palette is created in collaboration with another popular YouTuber, Shane Dawson, who's well-known for his conspiracy theories.  Each shade in this palette is named after something Jeffree and Shane love. 

Jeffree Star's product page shows the importance of ensuring your website design, copy, product naming, and messaging align with your brand's voice.

3. 100% Pure

100% Pure

100% Pure is one of the leading beauty and skincare websites offering various products for various needs. They are committed to providing natural, cruelty-free, vegan products free of artificial ingredients, toxins, and synthetic fragrances. Their products are designed to help users maintain a healthy and beautiful complexion. 

From facial cleansers and serums to body and hair care, 100% Pure has something for everyone. The website is well-designed, with clear product categories and descriptions to make it easy to navigate. All products are clearly labelled with ingredients, so customers know exactly what they purchase. 

The site also offers detailed information on the benefits of each product, how to use it, and how to get the best out of each product. The company also has a blog where users can read up on tips and tricks for achieving a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Their blog also offers product reviews from real customers and recipes for creating homemade beauty products. The products offered by 100% Pure are also reasonably priced, making them accessible to customers of all budgets. Additionally, their customer service team is friendly, helpful, and willing to answer customer questions. All orders are shipped.

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4. JLO Beauty 

JLO Beauty

JLO Beauty is a beauty website offering various products designed to help people look and feel their best. JLO Beauty has everything you need to create your perfect look, from makeup and skincare to haircare and nail care. Products contain natural and organic ingredients, so you feel good about using them and trust that they will work for you. The website also offers a range of tutorials and articles to help you get the most out of your beauty routine.

The JLO Beauty website is easy to navigate, with clear categories and descriptions of each product. The site allows customers to shop by brand, price, and product type, so they can find what you need. The website also offers helpful advice and tips on different looks and how to use products for the best results. The JLO Beauty website is also filled with content to help you learn about the latest beauty trends.

The blog is an excellent source of information, with posts on product reviews, how-tos, and interviews with experts in the beauty industry. You can also find product reviews and swatches from customers who have already tried them. JLO Beauty is an excellent resource for anyone looking to spruce up their beauty.

5. Fenty Beauty 

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a beauty website that offers an incredible range of products to help you look and feel your best. The website, founded by singer Rihanna, offers makeup, skincare, haircare, and body care products that cater to all skin tones and types. The website has a comprehensive range of foundation, concealer, blush colours, lip colours, eye colours, and face paints designed to work with any skin tone.

The website provides a diverse selection of brushes, tools, and accessories that can assist you in achieving a flawless makeup look efficiently. Additionally, Fenty Beauty has a distinctive collection of products intended to address various common skin concerns. These products include moisturisers, serums, masks, and exfoliators formulated to nourish, hydrate, and safeguard your skin.

The website also has an extensive selection of makeup removers and cleansers, so you can easily remove your makeup without damaging your skin. The website also offers incredible skincare products to help you achieve glowing, healthy skin. These products include cleansers, toners, moisturisers, and serums designed to nourish and protect the skin.



INH HAIR is a beauty website that offers various hair care products and services. They offer everything from haircuts and colouring to styling and styling tools and shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Their website also features a blog that provides advice on how to care for and style your hair and tips on finding the perfect style. 

INH Hair provides an easy-to-use website with plenty of helpful information and customer service.  They have a wide range of affordable and luxury products and various custom options. They also offer free shipping and free returns. The website has a modern, sleek design and is easy to navigate. They offer a variety of tutorials and tips, as well as product reviews, to help customers make informed decisions. 

They also have a rewards program, which allows customers to earn points when they purchase products and services. These points are used to buy additional products and services. INH Hair also offers a variety of styling options, such as up-dos, braids, and extensions. They even offer unique services such as scalp treatments, hair extensions, and growth treatments.

7. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a beauty website that has revolutionised the makeup industry. Kylie Jenner founded it, becoming a successful beauty website worldwide. It offers various products, from lipsticks and eyeshadows to highlighters and bronzers. The website has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows customers to navigate various products easily. 

The website also offers multiple makeup tutorials to help customers perfect their looks. For example, customers can find tutorials on how to apply foundation, blush, and eyeshadows. Kylie Cosmetics also provides tutorials for different occasions, such as weddings and proms. Furthermore, customers can get tips on managing their skincare routine and applying makeup for different skin types.

Kylie Cosmetics is also known for its unique and innovative packaging. The website offers unique and stylish product packaging, often inspired by Kylie's style. Furthermore, the website also provides a variety of discounts as well as promos to attract customers for purchases. Kylie Cosmetics is an excellent website for makeup lovers seeking high-quality products and services.

8. Colourpop Cosmetics 

Colourpop Cosmetics

Colorpop Cosmetics is a beauty website that provides customers with high-quality makeup products. They provide various products, including eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, and foundations. Their products are designed for all skin tones and types, allowing customers to customise their makeup looks to fit their unique style. 

The website is easy to navigate, making it simple for customers to find the needed products. The website includes detailed descriptions of each product, along with pictures and swatches, so customers can get an accurate representation of what they are purchasing. 

The website also contains tutorials and reviews that help customers make informed purchase decisions. The website also features a rewards program, allowing customers to accumulate points with each purchase. These points are used to receive discounts on future purchases, special offers, and promotions.

This encourages customers to return to the website, as they are rewarded for their loyalty. The customer service provided by Colorpop Cosmetics is also top-notch, with friendly and knowledgeable staff always ready to answer any customer questions. They also provide free shipping for orders over a certain amount and offer a wide range of payment options, making it.

9. Soko Glam 

Soko Glam 

Soko Glam is an E-commerce platform offering customers the finest Korean beauty items. It was established by Charlotte Cho, a Korean-American esthetician, and her husband, Ryan. 

The website is made to provide clients with top-notch, secure, and efficient products sourced ethically. The range of products available on the site comprises skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, wellness, and lifestyle items.

Charlotte and Ryan hand-picked all the items, so customers could feel comfortable knowing they were getting the best. The site also offers tutorials, tips, and advice from beauty experts, so customers can learn how to use the products and get the most out of them. This makes it an excellent resource for those just starting with Korean beauty or wanting to expand their knowledge.

Soko Glam also has a blog that covers various beauty-related topics, including reviews, product launches, and interviews with beauty influencers. This makes it a great source of information for those who want to be up to date with various trends in the beauty industry, with its focus on quality and its comprehensive selection, Soko Glam.

10. Muddy Body

Muddy Body

Muddy Body is an online beauty and wellness brand dedicated to providing natural and organic products that help individuals achieve a higher level of health and beauty. They aim to provide easy access to natural and organic products that promote wellness and self-care. 

Muddy Body offers beauty and wellness products, from face masks and scrubs to Body butter and oils to beauty supplements and teas. They offer affordable products that are free from harsh chemicals and animal testing. Their products are also safe for all skin types, from oily to sensitive skin. 

The website is easy to navigate and provides detailed product descriptions and helpful product reviews. They also offer education and advice on using their products and lifestyle tips to help customers reach their wellness and beauty goals. Muddy Body is focused on providing quality products and services that promote wellness and self-care. 

They offer various payment options that make it easy to purchase products and free shipping on orders over $50. They also provide a satisfaction guarantee so that customers can ensure they are receiving the expected quality. Overall, Muddy Body is a great online destination for beauty and wellness.

11. Ella + Mila 

Ella + Mila

Ella + Mila is a beauty website that provides vegan, cruelty-free, and toxin-free cosmetics. Ella + Mila has become one of the eminent online stores for those looking for safe and high-quality cosmetics. The website offers a range of products, from eyeshadows to lipsticks and even skincare.

What sets Ella + Mila apart from other beauty websites is its commitment to providing customers with natural, non-toxic products. All their products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and other common chemicals in cosmetics. Ella + Mila also has a unique selection of products not found in other stores. 

Their makeup line includes a wide range of vibrant, matte, and metallic shades and products designed to enhance features such as the eyes and lips. In addition to their website, Ella + Mila has an app that allows customers to shop easily. The app makes it easy to browse the latest collections, track orders, and keep up with the latest trends. Overall, Ella + Mila is great.

12. Wakeheart 


Wakeheart is a beauty website that offers a wide range of products from top beauty brands. The website provides a wide range of beauty products, from cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrances, and body care. Their products are sourced from the best brands in the beauty industry, such as Lancome, L'Oreal, Olay, and Clinique. 

The website is user-friendly, with a simple, easy-to-navigate design that makes finding the right products easy. Customers can also use the website to search for products by brand, category, or price range. The website also provides customers with helpful information such as reviews, product descriptions, and how-to videos. Wakeheart also offers a loyalty program where customers can earn points for every purchase.

These points are further redeemed to get exclusive discounts and offers. The website also provides customers with a newsletter, where customers can stay informed about upcoming sales and special offers. The website also gives customers helpful suggestions for using their beauty products. They provide tips on applying their products correctly and advice on which products are best suited for different skin types. Customers can also find out which ingredients are in their products.

13. Vanity planet 

Vanity planet

Vanity Planet is an online beauty store that offers a wide variety of products for customers to purchase. They carry items from popular beauty websites, such as Revlon, Maybelline, and L'Oréal. They also have a line of products, including skincare, makeup, haircare, and body care items.

The website is easy to navigate and has a great selection of items. You can easily search for articles by category, brand, or price range. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and have frequent sales and promotions. With their rewards program, customers can receive points for every purchase and redeem them for discounts or free items. 

Additionally, they have a helpful blog with beauty tutorials and advice. Customers can also get personalised assistance from their beauty experts. Vanity Planet is one of the best and most comprehensive beauty websites around.

14. Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty

The function of Beauty is an innovative beauty website that offers personalised beauty products. Unlike other beauty websites, Function of Beauty allows customers to customise their hair and skincare products. Customers start by filling out a survey about their hair or skin type and then receive a personalised formula tailored to their needs. 

The website also offers a wide selection of products, including shampoo, conditioner, styling products, masks, and serums. The function of Beauty is to provide customers with an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. The website is easy to navigate, and customers can easily find the needed products. The customer service team is always available to answer questions and provide assistance. 

Plus, with their subscription service, customers can receive personalised products monthly. The function of Beauty is committed to providing high-quality, natural products that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins. All their products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and other hazardous ingredients. The website also features many eco-friendly packaging options, such as compostable mailers, refillable bottles, and biodegradable packaging.

15. Green People Organic Lifestyle

Green People Organic Lifestyle

Green People Organic Lifestyle is a beauty website specialising in natural, organic products. The company is determined to offer the best natural skincare and makeup products available on the market. The website provides a wide range of products for all skin types, from facial cleansers and moisturisers to foundations and eye shadows. The company also offers natural and organic body care products, including bath and body oils, scrubs, and soaps.

Green People Organic Lifestyle is committed to providing customers with ethical, sustainable, and organic products. All of the products are certified organic and made with natural ingredients. The company also offers a variety of cruelty-free and vegan products and products free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, and other potentially harmful ingredients.

The website is easy to navigate and provides detailed information about each product. Customers can easily find the product that fits their needs and read about its ingredients and benefits. The website also offers helpful tips and advice on using the products correctly. Green People Organic Lifestyle has a great selection of products, from makeup to Body care. Their commitment to quality and sustainability makes them stand out from other beauty websites—their commitment to providing customers.

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16. Spongelle


Spongelle is an innovative beauty website that provides a unique range of products to help people look and feel their best. They aim to offer customers luxurious, spa-quality beauty products that are an affordable alternative to expensive spa treatments. Spongelle is known for its signature Body wash-infused buffers in various shapes, colours, and scents. These buffers are designed to cleanse and exfoliate the body while providing a luxurious spa experience.

They are also infused with body wash and body cream, making them the perfect two-in-one product. Spongelle also offers a range of other products, such as body lotions, oils, and bath bombs. All their products are free of parabens, sulfates, and Phthalates, so customers can be sure they're using safe, natural ingredients on their skin. 

The website also offers advice on skincare, makeup, and beauty tips to help customers look and feel their best. They also offer a variety of gift sets for special occasions and holidays, making them the perfect gift for someone special. Spongelle is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, affordable products and excellent customers.

17. Spectrum


Spectrum is an online beauty store that offers women various beauty products. The website offers products for skin, hair, and makeup. The products are all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan, so customers can be sure they are using products that are good for their bodies and the environment. Navigation is easy to comprehend & the products are laid out and described in great detail. 

Each product describes the ingredients and how they can help alleviate the look and feel. There are also customer reviews for each product so customers can understand what others think about the product before purchasing. The website also offers tips on using the products and what to look for when shopping for beauty items. There are also videos available that demonstrate how to use the products properly. 

Customers can also benefit from free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Spectrum also provides various services to customers, including free consultations and personalised beauty plans. Customers can join the Spectrum rewards program, earning points on purchases and receiving special offers and discounts. Overall, Spectrum is an excellent source for finding quality beauty products.

18. Curlmix


Curlmix is a beauty website dedicated to helping women with curly hair achieve their desired look. The website offers a variety of products ranging from shampoos to styling products. The products address curly hair's unique needs, helping nourish, protect and enhance its natural beauty. 

The website also provides helpful tips and advice on maintaining and caring for curly hair. Curlmix offers tutorials on different hairstyles and techniques, product reviews, and guidance on selecting the right products for your hair type. Curlmix is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about curly hair care and styling.

19. Glossier


Glossier is a beauty website offering customers a wide range of beauty products to customers worldwide. Glossier offers an extensive selection of products, from skincare to makeup, that caters to all beauty needs. 

The website is easy to use and provides detailed product descriptions, clear images, and helpful reviews from other customers. The website is also very user-friendly, with helpful categories and filters that make finding what you're looking for easy. Glossier has various products and services, from skincare to makeup. 

They offer a range of foundations, concealers, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip liners, and mascaras. They also offer body care products, like body lotions, body oils, and hand creams. In addition, they offer a wide variety of fragrances, both for women and men. All of the products are cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients. 

Glossier also has an online store where customers can purchase their products. The store offers a variety of payment methods and shipping options, making it convenient and easy to shop. Customers can also take advantage of their rewards program, which allows them to earn points for every purchase.

20. Get Beast 

Get Beast

The category icons beneath the product photo on Get Beast's product pages. As shown in the image below, each product has one or more icons beneath it that indicate which category it belongs to. For example, the small bottle beneath the "balancing mask" indicates that it belongs to the skincare category. 

The "YAWP Face Wash" icon on the right-hand side indicates that it belongs to the shave, shower, and skincare categories. Customers can use these icons to search for other similar products for their routine by clicking into a category. The site offers various beauty products, including hair care, skincare, and makeup. 

Get Beast also offers customers a chance to join their VIP program, which entitles them to exclusive deals and discounts. Customers can also take advantage of their loyalty program, which rewards customers who shop frequently and make repeat purchases.

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21. Nykaa


Nykaa is a beauty website that has become a go-to destination for all beauty and wellness needs. It was founded in 2012 and has become a trusted online source for makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, and fragrances. The website offers products from leading brands like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Olay, and more. Nykaa also offers exclusive beauty services, like beauty consultations and beauty makeovers. 

Nykaa has a simple and user-friendly website with a great selection of products and services. The online store is well-organized, making browsing and searching for products easy. The website also offers helpful product reviews, allowing customers to make informed decisions. Nykaa offers various discounts and promotions, making it an amazing place to get deals. 

Nykaa is considered a one-stop shop for all beauty and wellness needs. Its range of products and services makes it a popular destination for beauty lovers. Customers can find whatever they need, from makeup and skincare to hair care, body care, and fragrances. The website also offers great customer service and helpful product reviews, making it a great place.

22. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is one of the leading beauty brands in the world. It offers an extensive range of cosmetics, skincare, and makeup products, making it a destination for makeup lovers everywhere. The brand is known for its vibrant colour palettes, innovative formulas, and quality products.

MAC Cosmetics' website is a one-stop shop for all your makeup needs. It offers a wide selection of products, from foundation, eyeshadow, and lipsticks to brushes, accessories, and more. You can also find helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you look your best. The website also offers exclusive collections, limited edition products, and sample sizes for customers to try before they buy. It's easy to navigate and find what you're looking for. 

The website also offers a rewards program where consumers procure points for every purchase. These points are used to purchase additional products or exchange for discounts. Customers can also join the MAC Pro Membership Program, which offers exclusive access to events, special offers, and discounts. Overall, MAC Cosmetics' website is a great destination for makeup enthusiasts. It's easy to use and offers a wide selection of products

23. The body shop

The body shop

The Body Shop is a global beauty retailer offering a wide range of ethical, natural, and sustainable skincare, body care, hair care, makeup, and fragrance products. The company is an influential and beloved beauty brand in the world. 

The Body Shop is committed to enriching people's lives with the best of nature while protecting the planet. The company's core values include protecting the environment, defending human rights, supporting community trade, and campaigning for animal rights. The Body Shop's website is a great place to explore its products and learn more about its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 

On the website, customers can browse the company's extensive selection of products and place orders online. The Body Shop also offers a wide range of helpful resources, such as how-to guides and tutorials, product reviews, and advice from beauty experts. 

The Body Shop also offers a loyalty program, which lets customers redeem points for discounts on future purchases. The website also features a blog which provides the latest news and tips from the beauty world.

24. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a leading beauty website and store offering a wide array of top-quality bath and body products, including soaps, lotions, body sprays, candles, and more. Founded in 1990, the company has a long and rich history of providing quality products to its customers. 

The vast product selection ensures that customers can find what they need. In addition to their product selection, Bath and Body Works offers several special services, such as product and gift Wrapping services and a rewards program for the most frequent shoppers. Bath and Body Works also offers a wide selection of scented candles, including popular seasonal scents.

Customers can also shop for gift sets and special offers, such as discounts on select items. With its wide selection of products and services, Bath and Body Works is the perfect destination for quality beauty products.

25. Maccaron


Maccaron, which debuted in May 2019, is one of India's best beauty brand websites. They love to pamper your skin with safe ingredients, 100% natural Korean skincare, and global beauty brand products. Skin that is nourished, plumped, and healthy is the top priority. 

Maccaron has various best-selling brands enriched with natural and organic ingredients, including Goodal, COSRX, The Plant Base, Klairs, Keep Cool, and many more. They strive to ensure customers have access to the latest beauty trends and products, helpful information, and advice on achieving their desired look.

How to Create Your Beauty Website Design

How to Create Your Beauty Website Design

Whether your company is new or established, developing a website is one of the wisest investments you can make as an entrepreneur. It expands your company's reach, increases credibility, reduces regional boundaries, and provides a permanent online address. Let's check how to launch your E-commerce website using the Fynd Platform. The process to build your website using the Fynd Platform.

1. Purchasing a domain.

The first step in starting a business and preparing it for launch is to choose a name. A distinct name distinguishes your company from the competition. Though Fynd Platform provides its users with a free domain ending in ',' for example,, some users may prefer to use their domain name rather than our free domain. There are numerous domain name providers, such as Hostinger and GoDaddy.

2. Modify the look of your website.

Now that your domain has been established, it is time to update the look of your website. Coding and UI/UX design knowledge are required to create websites, but Fynd Platform provides readily available themes that are easily applied.

3. Look into other features used to improve your website's appearance.

Screensaver - This option generates responsive sliders that display a carousel of multiple products or images.

Landing page - This is the first page a user sees when visiting your website. This can be made as creative as possible by displaying your products, brand motive, and other details.

Page customization - Navigate to Fynd Platform > Sales channel > Settings > Brands. You can update or change the brand logo, name, and banner here.

General settings - Enter your name, address, logo, and social media handles to be displayed on the website.

5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Website Beautiful and Highly Converting

5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Website Beautiful and Highly Converting

1. Only include elements that add value to the site.

Getting caught up in adding too many elements is easy when designing your website. Visual appeal is important to your site, so you keep adding elements to give your page a new dimension of visual interest. It can cause your site to become cluttered or overwhelming.

2. Create for the user first.

When creating visually appealing websites, you should keep the user in mind. Your audience will interact with your website and learn more about your company. You must create a site that works for them. Consider how to create a design that gives your audience the best experience as you build your awesome website design.

3. Select colours that are consistent with your brand.

Beautiful websites use colours that complement the company's brand. When designing your website, you should select the appropriate colours. People's perceptions of your brand are influenced by the colours you use. Different colours represent different things. You must understand what different colours mean and how they affect your target audience's perception of your company.

4. Include visual elements to make your website more visually appealing.

When users visit your website for the first time, they want to see elements that pique their interest. Beautiful websites have visuals that entice users to check out a business. They help to balance your page and break up the text.

You can use a variety of visual elements on your page, such as photos, videos, and infographics. Many businesses will use many photos and interspersed videos as points of engagement. You can use as many visual elements to help design your site.

5. Select the appropriate font.

Beautiful websites are more than just the right colours and visual elements. The text on your page also contributes significantly to the aesthetics of your site. Not only does the content matter but so does the ability of your audience to read it.

Your typography will influence how your visitors interact with your website. If your site has too many competing fonts or fonts that are difficult to read, your audience will have a negative experience. They cannot read your content, making your pages difficult to navigate.


In conclusion, the beauty industry is a highly competitive market, but with the right strategy, creating a successful beauty website is possible. By understanding the features that make top beauty websites successful, such as having a clear and well-designed website, providing various products, and offering quality customer service, you can create a website that stands out from the competition. 

Additionally, by leveraging the power of social media, you can create an effective online presence to help draw in more customers. With the right approach, you can create a successful beauty website to help your business succeed.

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hero image

What makes a good beauty website?

A good beauty website should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. It should have a wide selection of products, accurate descriptions, helpful customer service, user-friendly features such as wishlists and product reviews, and the ability to filter products by category or type. A good beauty website should also provide secure payment options, fast shipping, and clear return policies.

How to create a beauty website?

You can use the Fynd Platform for complete professional guidance to make your beautiful website today.

How much does a beauty website cost?

arrow down

The cost Varies depending on the services you opt for and the website's complexity.

What are some popular beauty websites?

There are many popular beauty websites, including Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Glossier. These websites offer a wide range of beauty products, including skincare, makeup, haircare, and fragrance.

Can I purchase beauty products directly from beauty websites?

Yes, most beauty websites have an e-commerce component where you can purchase products directly from the site. Many of these sites offer free shipping, returns, and rewards programs for loyal customers.

How can I create my beauty website?

You can create your beautiful website with Fynd Platform, one of the best Ecommerce Website builders. Fynd Platform provides all the necessary tools to build a website from scratch, including website templates, drag-and-drop website builder, payment gateway integration, and more. With Fynd Platform, you can create a beautiful and functional beauty website without any technical skills.

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