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How To Sell Digital Products On Amazon (Earn up to 6 Figures)

How To Sell Digital Products On Amazon (Earn up to 6 Figures)

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Amazon is a large marketplace for a wide range of products such as shoes, food, accessories, electrical devices, and lots more. However, here's the thing: selling such stuff is not easy; there are various aspects you must tend to, so what else could you sell? You can sell digital products through Amazon as well! You can sell products like e-books, music, games, any software, and even podcasts.

Sellers may offer a variety of digital products using Amazon's services. Amazon Prime may be used to sell television series or movies. Audiobooks and podcasts can be sold on Amazon Audible. E-books can be bought through Amazon Kindle. Music and Podcasts can be uploaded to Amazon Music. Amazon Kids+ allows you to sell kid-friendly learning apps, music, and games.

You must first understand what digital products are to sell them on Amazon. Any good that is exclusively available digitally, such as music, any article, an e-book, a game, or a television program, is considered to be a digital product.

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The Advantages Of Selling Digital Products On Amazon

Advantages of selling digital products on amazon image is shown

No warehouse is required.

Digital items are software that anyone may sell online and customers must pay to download them. When you sell a product on Amazon, you normally have to store it in a warehouse, pack it according to the standards, and then deliver it. However, this drawn-out process is not necessary when selling a digital product.

Can Reach a Larger Audience

Amazon is a massive market with millions of consumers every day. When you choose to sell your digital products on Amazon, such as an ebook, music, or digital art, you have the opportunity to reach a greater audience and even develop a stronger international presence for your products.

Fast Service

Since sellers of digital items do not have to deal with the effort of packaging and shipping, the products are available to clients quickly. Customers can download the software through Amazon by just paying for it, which is a very simple process.

Outstanding Streaming Services

Amazon has also entered the music streaming service market, ranking third overall. If you sell your music on Amazon, you will gain exposure, and Amazon will handle all concerns such as licensing, royalties and tracking your physical sales.

Amazon's Kindle Service

People first underestimated the value of the Kindle, but it now has a large consumer base. Writers may sell their work digitally as an e-book and gain a lot of publicity as well as the opportunity to raise their profits. Amazon also helps with quick editing and other tools that make people more interested in your work.

Greater Lifespan

When selling physical goods, there is always a need to restock the inventory, especially if you offer on a site like Amazon. Even if the seller reaches the peak of sales and makes a great deal of money, producing the same product over and over with the same quality is difficult.

Minor modifications may occur, resulting in negative feedback. When selling digital items, however, you do not need to create that software repeatedly; it will require upgrades from time to time, which will only make your product even better.

How To Sell Digital Products Globally From India

How to sell digital product globall from india image is shown, one of the e-commerce powerhouses of the tech industry, also functions as a marketplace for digital goods. Our data indicate that by 2023, Amazon will earn $468 billion in revenue, with a significant portion coming from digital products.

The worldwide pandemic contributed to the cause. For digital goods, people visited more e-commerce sites, and they felt that these sites were more dependable for both buying and selling the products. In 2019, Amazon accounted for 47% of all ebook sales and sold 83.3% of all independently published ebooks.

But how much do you know about digital products? The answer is that anything that digitally satisfies customers' needs and desires is a digital product. Digital products are any items that provide value to end users but do not have a physical existence.

You might be wondering what digital products we can sell on Amazon. To your relief, here is the entire informative article that will answer all of your questions. Amazon capitalized on the opportunities created by COVID-19 by providing a variety of resources for online sellers to sell digital products.

What Digital Products Can You Sell On Amazon?

What digital products can you sell on amazon image is shown

Amazon accepts a list of digital products for its marketplace. Here is a list of some of Amazon's best-selling digital products that have proven their worth and popularity worldwide.


Ebooks have consistently been the most well-liked digital goods among both consumers and creators. Ebooks are comparatively easy to create and distribute through independently created online stores or significant marketplaces like Amazon.

Through its Kindle Direct Publishing service, Amazon provides a practical method for selling ebooks (KDP). "Print on demand" and "digital" are the two ways you can use KDP. Utilizing KDP has several significant benefits.

For instance, you can receive up to 70% of royalties as opposed to the typical 10%-20% you would receive from traditional publishers. Additionally, you are not required to pay a sizable upfront fee, which is typical when choosing print publishing.


Getting involved with Amazon Merch will enable you to make money off your work as a graphic designer or artist. A print-on-demand company Amazon Merch offers a variety of physical products through which artists can sell their work. It's very easy to sell and promote your art on Amazon Merch. You sign up for the invitation-only program, upload your artwork, and then select and personalize the product you want to sell (t-shirts, mugs, etc.) with your designs.

From order fulfilment to customer service and production, Amazon will handle every aspect of those orders' operational needs. You will receive a royalty as a seller and artist that ranges from 13 to 37 per cent, depending on the cost of the product, Amazon's fees, and any additional fees that may apply to taxes.


Considering our new era nowadays, for audio tracks or music, people are willing to pay. Audiobooks, musical samples, lectures that have been recorded, background music that is calming and relaxing, reusable sound effects, karaoke versions of well-known songs, and even instrumental and full lyrical tracks are some of the most lucrative audio products.

Amazon Music offers TuneCore, a component of Amazon Music if you want to sell audio content online. Different kinds of digital audio products can be created, and they can be listed on TuneCore. You can use this platform to promote your music and other audio products on more than 150 streaming services, such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

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Educational resources

For teachers or parents struggling with finding the right educational material online, I have opted for for such cases. For educators who produce and market educational resources, there is Amazon Ignite. You can look for materials in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science that were produced by K–12 educators by grade level, subject, resource type, or theme.

Customers can find the appropriate resources with ease, with big props to well-known Amazon features like verified customer reviews, customized recommendations, and the ability to preview materials with "Look Inside."


You could make a good income on Amazon if you are proficient at writing code. You can make money by writing code, regardless of your background with apps, snippets, websites, etc.

Even if your app has already been published to Google Play, you can still easily sell it on Amazon. On Amazon, you receive 70% of revenue in the form of royalties from the sale of software and applications. In comparison to what you could make by selling them on your website, it is unquestionably less.

How To Sell Digital Products On Amazon Step By Step

Sell digital products on amazon step by step shown in the image

For selling digital products online on Amazon, you have to follow 3 vital steps:

Idea and Research

Observing what works and what doesn't when generating and attempting to sell digital goods on Amazon is the best strategy. Once decided, make an effort to imitate that. Borrow some ideas, develop those concepts, and enhance already-existing products. Checking Amazon itself is one way to find out what can succeed as a digital product. Before creating it, all you have to do is look up the subject or type of content on Amazon.

Creation and validation

The idea you want to turn into a digital product should be refined and the research should begin. Afterwards, begin to make it. Remember that you might not be able to produce the ideal, marketable product in the first iteration. But trying is no less worthwhile. Create groups and ask them to evaluate the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that you produced.

Improve and change your MVP for the subsequent iteration based on the comments and general criticism of your focus group. Eventually, you'll be able to create a finished item that is prepared for the Amazon listing.

Product Listing

If you're just getting started on Amazon, you'll need to create a seller account. You have the option of selecting either a personal or business account. You only pay Amazon a fee on each sale made using the individual seller account of $0.99 per unit, excluding referral and other fees.

The Professional account, excluding referral and other fees, has a monthly fee of $39.99. After deciding on your approach, which focuses on your spending limit and sales projection, For more information regarding this, you can visit

When your content is finished being created, written, or prepared, submit it to the appropriate programme (KDP, TuneCore, Amazon Merch, etc.) to get it approved. After receiving permission, list your digital product.

Make the most of Amazon PPC to promote your digital product on the website. Amazon PPC is Amazon's advertising system. To increase traffic to your digital product listing, you should also promote your digital product on other websites and through different media, such as on Facebook or through e-mail marketing, etc. These are the most straightforward and least time-consuming steps you can take to sell your digital goods online.

How To Sell Digital Products On Amazon Associates?

Sell digital products on amazon assciates image is shown

We all know that Amazon is one of the prime e-commerce platforms in India and that it offers a great opportunity to all vendors who want to sell their goods, services, or even digital content.

Vendors can sell their goods through a variety of channels, such as Amazon affiliate programmes, Amazon advertisements, or additional social media platforms. Everything may be shared and sold through Amazon, whether it is a physical object or digital content.

If you've always wanted to publish a book or a song on Amazon but are having trouble doing so, don't worry. In this post, you'll learn how to sell digital materials via Amazon affiliate marketing.

What is the best way to sell digital content on Amazon Affiliates?

Sell digital content on amazon affiliates image is shown

Whenever you consider a niche, you should research the current trends in the market. You can consider the following points to sell digital content as an affiliate:

Research validates ideas and content.

Research is one of the most crucial steps because it informs us of the current trend; without the right research, our material won't get to the right audience at the right moment.

As a result, we should conduct extensive research on Amazon for the topic and type of content you want to create. Then, you can compose content that is similar but has been improved and created using different tools. On Amazon itself, you can look up the trend.

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Make your content.

If you start working and start creating as soon as you have the required knowledge, you will eventually succeed. Don't worry about making everything perfect; just work diligently and with satisfaction.

Create the trendiest piece of content you can, gather feedback from experienced customers, and use that input to iterate on your subsequent item. Until you achieve perfection, repeat the process.

Place your digital goods up for sale on Amazon.

If this is your first time selling on Amazon, you must create a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account to sell digital books or other products. This will allow you to quickly reach millions of readers. Moving forward, you should submit your content for approval, list it, and then promote and sell it through the Amazon affiliate network.

Is affiliate marketing good for digital content?

Yes, affiliate marketing can be a great option for promoting digital content because your content will reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time and can produce the best results in comparison to other marketing strategies. As soon as you have a clear idea of the content you can offer, start doing some preliminary research using a variety of sources for improvement.

Is Selling Digital Products On Amazon Profitable?

Is selling digital products on amazon profitable image is shown

When you join Amazon to sell a digital product, the first thing you notice is that there are a plethora of options. While each option has advantages and disadvantages, your decisions on plans and service facilities, as well as the margin of profit you consider, can help you determine which one is best for you.

While marketing a digital product online, the first thing to consider is the risk and reward factors associated with it. Hence, we are here to clear up any confusion among the majority of people who avoid commercialism in digital merchandise, particularly on Amazon.

Amazon is more than just your average e-commerce site. Amazon has yet to go higher than the far side. With rising digital consumption, Amazon is in the race of commercialism in digital goods and also serves as one of the most convenient marketplaces for the same.

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce marketplaces, with over two billion visitors. Listing your products on such a well-known marketplace will enable you to reach a large number of potential customers.

Consider having unlimited stock on Amazon and making a lot of money. It is entirely feasible if you have a viable digital product. A multibillion-dollar market of online shoppers is there to consume it.

Whether you want to sell an ebook, an audiobook, an academic resource, a game, or a software system, Amazon has a gigantic marketplace for a wide range of digital merchandise, each with its level of profit and sales.

The sale of digital goods on Amazon is also appealing because users only have to make them once and can market them to different customers repeatedly without having to replenish their stock.

So, Why Amazon?

So wht amazon image is shown

Amazon is one of the world's hottest and leading retailers. It has a monopoly on the English-reading markets and controls roughly one-eighth of the e-book market. According to the information we have, Amazon ranked third among high mobile app developers in July 2018, with a larger following than other famous giants.

Amazon Music is the world's most popular and third-largest streaming music service. However, if you wish to have your eCommerce website for selling digital products, you can opt for counselling or demo sessions on the Fynd Platform.

Benefits Of Commercial Digital Merchandise On Amazon

Commercialism in digital merchandise is frequently an excellent business option due to inherent benefits such as high margins, improved client engagement, and hassle-free offer chains and tracking.

Unbelievably High-Profit Margins

The high-profit margin is the most advantageous aspect of Amazon's digital merchandise commercialism. Because you are not required to obtain physical materials or cover other associated costs, your profit margins are significantly higher. You place a high value on service quality and endorsement, resulting in higher and faster profits.

Handling, selling, and delivering are simplified and accelerated

When it comes to digital merchandise, it is more plentiful and simpler than physical stock; all you need is digital storage and a marketplace, and the rest is handled by the marketplace you choose, such as Amazon, which excels, in particular.

There's merely no need for everyday management, such as stocking shelves or coping with suppliers and wholesalers. Your online store is open 24/7 to meet the requirements of consumers with only one click.

Furthermore, you're not required to entertain customers in your store, and customers aren't required to wait days or weeks for delivery. Customers will begin using their merchandise as soon as they obtain it. Refunds are also easier to manage, and there's no shipping and no need to repack or stock.

Excellent customer interaction

Selling digital merchandise allows you to interact with your customers in novel ways. The convenience of social media is nothing new to us, and with promotional material options, one can easily reach a large number of customers and capture their attention.

You can, for instance, use social media and alternative applicable web communities to achieve an outsized audience for your digital merchandise (books, music, digital art, and so on). Maintaining such a social relationship boosts complete loyalty and generates a lot of sales.


Once a client visits Amazon, they're going to see an inventory of suggested merchandise, and your product might catch their attention, notwithstanding they're not trying to find you. Moreover, Amazon incorporates a massive network of channel partners who might direct customers to your merchandise by displaying Amazon ads on their online sites.

Business without selling

No standalone website will contend with Amazon's inbuilt client base. Amazon sellers get repeat customers, particularly as they offer such wonderful customer service.

How to Sell Digital Products On Amazon Giveaway

Undoubtedly, giveaways are the simplest yet most effective way to entice customers to visit your website or try out your products. One year ago, Amazon launched the Amazon Giveaway, which may be a nice promotional tool for merchants to spice up product exposure.

With Amazon Giveaway, Amazon merchants, particularly personal label house owners, are ready to get wind of campaigns to give away their products as prizes, attracting shoppers to try out their distinctive products, and will witness an increase of over a hundredth or more of traffic to the merchandise webpage in the following days.

It's as simple as choosing products on Amazon and sending the invitation to their target audiences using one of Amazon's winner selection rules. The Amazon Giveaway is used as a promotional tool to accentuate the audience’s engagement. For personal label house owners, it’s an honest chance to let potential customers try their product, boost product reviews, and create complete awareness.

For a newly launched product, by gaining more product reviews from giveaways, it will establish its quality, raise its rank, and even appear on the front page once shoppers explore it in its product class, thus drawing a lot of sales.

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Steps to Amazon Giveaways

To get started, the host will either head to or giveaway or notice the merchandise page and click on "Set up an Amazon Giveaway" close to the bottom of the merchandise detail page.

The host will choose roughly thirty physical things or fifty digital things from a myriad of eligible merchandise sold on The entire price of the chosen things cannot exceed $5,000 excluding tax and shipping. Additionally, digital merchandise like songs, movies, gift cards, etc., is not taboo to be given away as prizes.

The second step is to pick out winners, which may be one of three different methods–random, lucky variety, or first-come, first-served. The host of the campaign selects the number of prizes and also the likelihood of winning. As an example, if the host decides to give away five prizes, every participant has a one in fifty likelihood of winning.

Winners are decided on an entry basis

For instance, each twentieth entrant wins a prize till the prizes run out. This technique keeps the campaign running for an extended period and brings you additional entrants, fans, or followers.

First-come, first-served

With this technique, the primary entrants who enter win the prizes. As an example, the primary ten entrants who want to be a part of your giveaway are winners. After selecting one amongst these 3 winner choice strategies, the host of the giveaway will opt for whether or not entrants ought to complete a particular task to participate in the mentioned giveaway.

These tasks include following his/her Twitter or watching a video on YouTube. According to Amazon, this demand has assisted giveaway hosts in gaining over 2.8 million new Twitter followers.

Designing a giveaway page

The final step is for the host to personalize their giveaway page by adding a title, welcome message, and so on. Then they'll choose a payment method and place the order. When the Giveaway campaign is about to expire, Amazon can send a URL to the host, who will then share the link and launch his or her Giveaway.

The Amazon Giveaway is currently only available in the United States. However, we tend to believe that it provides an honest chance for Amazon merchants, particularly non-public-label owners, to extend product exposure, generate reviews, and create a lot of awareness. For more regarding Amazon giveaways, you can visit

Ever Paid Attention To Amazon Digital Services? If Not, Why Not Now?

Amazon Digital Services is an electronic commerce company that retails digital services and products like music, eBooks, software, music streaming, and more. Additionally, Amazon Digital Services includes the various services and products that Amazon offers as a part of its electronic commerce company offerings.

Among these digital services and products are Amazon Drive, Amazon Prime Video, Kindle Unlimited service, video games, and music subscriptions. Amazon Digital Services is a monthly subscription service.

The Amazon Digital Services subscription is either paid monthly or on an annual basis. As a buyer, you get free trials to try out what you want to buy on the Amazon website, as well as a simple way to cancel your subscription whenever you want to end it. Annual subscriptions are usually less expensive.

Why go for Amazon Digital Services?

The low initial investment with high potential returns. Digital products have proven to be more profitable than physical products because the margin improves over time, especially when no money is spent on producing more units. There is no need for inventory, production costs, storage space, or logistics, and there is no need for shipping or rent.

Delivery automation with passive income Amazon Digital Services is a convenient, cost-effective, and simple-to-use platform. Obscure to serve a niche market on a larger and global scale. The impact of COVID-19 added to the cause by leveraging the shift toward an increase in online education and online courses.

How To Sell Digital Products On Amazon Kindle

If you're interested in selling books, Amazon has at least three options for selling books, two of which are only available digitally. Using Amazon FBA, you can sell physical copies of the books, or you can use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which offers both digital and "print on demand" options, to sell ebooks.

If this describes you, you can upload your digital goods to Amazon and start selling. The best aspect is that your clients would only need to download or stream your digital product directly to a device rather than deal with the complexities of transporting physical products (which could be a smartphone or a computer).

For many bloggers, selling the eBook online once it is finished poses more of a challenge than actually creating the book. The obvious places to sell your eBook are on your website and as an affiliate product for other blogs, but what about other channels?

How does Amazon allow you to sell your eBook? For many bloggers, selling the eBook online once it is finished poses more of a challenge than actually creating the book. To know more: How well does Amazon allow you to sell your eBook?

Do You Want To Sell Your Ebook On Amazon?

Do you want to sell your ebook on amazon is shown in the image

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Amazon is one of the top websites to purchase and sell books online. You must list your eBook on Amazon because doing so gives you access to many more customers than you could ever expect to reach with a regular website.

Since Amazon only takes Kindle formats, many bloggers may be discouraged from joining the service because they assume the process must be challenging. This isn't the case, though, and it shouldn't cause you any trouble since Amazon will transform your eBook once you upload it.

Set up an Amazon KDP account.

The first step is to create an Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account. In the following, you can register for this for free. You have to use the same login information when you have an Amazon account. When everything is completed, you will be directed to the "Bookshelf." All of your books that are for sale on Amazon will be listed here.

Fill The Bookshelf With Your eBooks.

It's that simple to get your e-book listed on Amazon for sale in just a few more steps! You will see a tab labelled "Add New Title" in the upper left corner of your KDP account. To access the area where you may begin inputting all the information for your book, click this tab.

The majority of the sections on this page are self-explanatory, but if you get lost, there are prompts to help. Make sure to complete all of the areas and give as much information as you can about your book.

Putting Your eBook Online

You will be surprised at just how quickly this may be completed. Your eBook is in Kindle format to be available on Amazon. You could either upload the PDF or Word file or ask Amazon to convert it for you, or you might arrange for it to be translated beforehand.

You must review the finished upload before moving on because conversion might occasionally cause formatting to be distorted. You should be pleased with the final product as this is your book.

Pricing & Royalty Options

You must select between Amazon's two royalty options, which are 35 percent and 70 percent. You will receive this portion of the book sale, and Amazon will retain the remaining sum.

The e-pricing book must fall between $2.99 and $9.99 to qualify for the 70% royalty option. If your e-book is priced at or below this amount, you must select the 35 percent option. Play around with some numbers here; for example, you might find that offering your book for $9.99 rather than $14.99 might result in a bigger profit for you.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

What is a digital item on Amazon?

An intangible asset or piece of media that can be sold and disseminated frequently online without needing to restock inventories is referred to as a digital product. These goods frequently take the form of digital files that can be downloaded or streamed, including MP3s, PDFs, movies, plug-ins, and MP3s. You've used digital products if you've ever downloaded a song, a PDF manual, or an ebook, for example.

Are digital products profitable?

Digital goods are very appealing to sell since they have many benefits. Low overhead expenses: You won't need to keep any inventory or pay for shipping.  Since there are no ongoing costs of items, the majority of your revenues are kept as earnings. 

However, Since it's quite simple to start selling digital goods, there may be fierce rivalry. Additionally, you'll probably face competition from people who are giving out identical information if you decide to sell anything. You should take security measures because it's simple for thieves to steal and sell digital goods.

How can I sell digital products without a website?

arrow down

Retailers can sell online without building their website in three major methods. These include becoming a wholesaler and selling goods to retailers that already have an online store, via social media sites like Facebook and eBay, and through online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Regardless of the kind of digital product you are selling, Instagram and Facebook are the best social media sites to start selling on. On social networking, you may sell for nothing!

Can I resell digital products?

You can resell your digital products in two different ways. The first step is to post your goods on well-known online stores like Amazon so that customers may find and buy them. Constructing your internet store is the second option. The process of creating your internet store is difficult and time-consuming.

How does digital copyright work?

Digital rights refer to the relationship between user permissions and rights to computers, networks, and electronic devices as well as copyrighted digital works (such as movies, music, and art). Digital information access and management are frequently referred to as "digital rights."

Some digital materials can be digitally safeguarded using watermarking, encoding, or both. These procedures are intended to stop the unauthorised use of property that has been licenced by a third party, such as images, videos, music, or software.

Copyright infringement in the digital age takes many forms, including downloading and uploading copyrighted content without the required authorization, derivative works, hotlinking, and software piracy, to name just a few.

Amazon has a few restrictions placed so that digital copyright doesn’t affect its sellers. You grant Amazon-and only Amazon-the right to sell your book by your copyright. Unless you give written notice to terminate the contract, you are not permitted to distribute the digital book outside of KDP Select, not even on your website.

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