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Searching Extensions on Marketplace

Finding Extensions

You can search extensions for your website on the Extension Marketplace. When choosing an extension for your website, begin by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What additional features does my website require beyond Fynd Platform's core offerings?
  • What measures could boost my website's sales, such as marketing campaigns or scheduled sales?
  • What tools or functionality would simplify the management of my website, e.g. the ability to generate coupons in bulk?
  • What is my budget for purchasing website extensions?

Visit Extension Marketplace to find extensions that integrate seamlessly with your online website. Furthermore, you can add extension functionality anywhere in your theme by using 'Appearance' section of your Fynd Platform.

Ways to find extensions in the Fynd Platform's Extension Marketplace


Figure 1: Searching Extension In Marketplace

  1. Search for extensions using the searchbox by entering the extension name.
  2. Sort extensions by category using the Categories dropdown menu, such as Customer Service, Marketing, etc.
  3. Narrow down your search results using the Sub-Categories filters, e.g. Channel Management with options like Business Insight or Shipping Solution.
  4. The Price filter can be used to limit the list to free or paid extensions.

Pay for an Extension

  1. Paid extensions can have a monthly fee, a yearly fee, or a one-time fee. You can review the pricing details for an extension by clicking the extension and scrolling down to the Pricing Plan section.
  2. Third-party extensions can have a monthly fee, a one-time fee, or a fee every time you use it.

If you pause or deactivate your website, you might still continue to be billed by the extension developer of any extension you have installed.