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22+ Most Profitable Business In India for 2024 (Low Investment, High Profit)

22+ Most Profitable Business In India for 2024 (Low Investment, High Profit)

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Witnessing the many new faces of entrepreneurial success, one cannot deny being inspired and aspiring to start their gig. But where to start is a crucial question?  Businesses are volatile and there are many risk factors associated with them.

Knowing your strength and weaknesses and analyzing the market well before you get started help to some extent with establishing the most profitable business in India. Moreover, the genre of the business is another vital factor. 

If you are choosing the genre correctly, it can bring home exceptional profit. Some ventures are deemed as the most profitable business in India with low investment and these days witness an exceptional boom. 

If you can recognize your skills, and choose the right business model and genre, establishing yourself as a growing business owner would not be a very difficult choice. Read on to find out all about the different ventures and what makes them a profitable choice in this country.

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Why Entrepreneurs Fail Even With Profitable Business Niches?

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that choosing a profitable niche is not the only key to success. Inexperience and lack of a well-researched business strategy can prove disastrous even when you choose a business segment that is known to fetch a high profit. 

Here’s why many entrepreneurs fail even when they choose a profitable niche:

  • Being completely unfamiliar and unaware of the sector you choose and relying only on hired experts can prove disastrous.
  • Business requires a lot of hard work- more than what you might put into a 9-to-5 job. Many fail because they are unable to dedicate this effort, time, and energy consistently to their business.
  • Choosing the wrong business partners can also prove disastrous in many ways. From disagreements to fraud- the list of reasons on this front goes quite long.
  • Even if you are choosing a low investment business to get started, it will still need some amount of funding. Wrongly estimating this amount can lead to failure when you are unable to keep producing as per the requirement.
  • A lack of soft skills can slow down the business and eventually lead to collapse. In business, networking and being able to communicate, pitch, and retain clients is a crucial part to keep growing.
  • Ineffective sales or sales that generate marginal to no profit eventually can lead to bankrupting the business.
  • The wrong marketing strategy is another key reason behind a business failing. You must recognize the unique needs of your business and come up with tailor-made strategies for the purpose.
  • Adapting to the changing world, technology and overall concept of business is important to stay relevant these days in any entrepreneurial venture.

Factors That Affect Profitability Of A Business

Determining the most profitable business in India with low investment depends on many criteria. A business that fulfills these criteria and more is deemed as a truly profitable genre. Hence, as a budding entrepreneur, it is important to look into these criteria carefully to evaluate and decide the best niche to start a business:


Your expertise in a specific field can prove very advantageous when venturing into the business world. Field experience is always helpful but you can also consider learning about a specific business through different courses and programs.

Access to Skilled workers

Employees and workers are the pillars of a business. If you choose them well, it can have long-term benefits for your venture. Hence, having access to skilled workers or the ability to recognize talent is crucial.


The location can be a strong determinant of success for any business. For example, the most profitable agriculture business in India is inevitably set in locations where agriculture is a primary source of income. Thus, it is important to make the most of the location by choosing the niche accordingly.


The publicity and marketing for any business is a crucial factor that influences its success. The most profitable businesses in India with low investment are usually for products and services in high demand. Despite that, a proper marketing campaign is essential so that potential clients are aware of you and you get consistent business through them.


Unique and useful products are particularly in high demand since they are not available widely. If you can innovate such a product, your business is likely to grow exponentially. Take the example of Kruvil Patel who came up with edible cutleries or eco-friendly toothbrushes. Such items are new but have met the demands of many customers who are always looking for environmentally friendly options.


At the end of the day, the quality you offer defines your business. To stay relevant to customers, consistency is an important factor. Nothing can beat consistent quality maintenance which is a prime reason for customers to become loyal to your brand.

Different Types Of Businesses That Are Most Profitable

You can categorize businesses into different segments based on the operations, processes, the types of products and services being offered, and more. Every different form of business-like manufacturing, service-oriented, agencies, and retail has its own set of processes to streamline the business. To start and be successful as an entrepreneur understanding these and choosing your genre accordingly is important.

1. Product-Based Business

As the name suggests, product-centric businesses are referred to as a product-based businesses. There are innumerable varieties of products to deal in. In India, the most profitable businesses in rural areas are mostly product-based. From handicrafts, food, and garments to electronics- any provider of products we use every day can get listed under product-based business. 

2. Service-Based Business

When you are offering a soft skill as a service instead of any physical product through your business, it will be called a service-based business. From hairdressing to digital marketing- anything that requires soft skill or expertise that is saleable can become a service-based business.

3. Agency Business

When you are a third party acting as a mediator between different services and products and catering to the client, it becomes an agency. This means, you have numerous service providers and product suppliers working with you who sell through your network and you earn a percentage of the profit being the mediator. This is one of the most profitable small businesses in India with low investment.

4. Online Business

The advent of the internet and technology has attained new heights over the years and enabled online businesses. This is a form of business where all other types of business can be provided virtually to the clients. Many platforms enable budding entrepreneurs to build their e-commerce websites for any type of product or service they offer.

Top Most Profitable Businesses (by category) In India

Let us delve into the specifics of the most profitable business in India with low investment. Budding business owners are always in search of such business ideas to quickly earn profit. If you have the skill and creative approach, you can launch a business at a budget as low as INR 10,000. Listed here are a few such businesses categorized under different types to inspire you with new ideas.

Product Based Business

A variety of products are always in high demand among the growing population. Here are several such products which have proved time and again that the demand never ebbs. Hence, a business for any of these products is always profitable.

1. Handcrafted Products

Hanging Beautiful Handicrafts Products on Wall

Work from home has become the new normal for many during the lockdown. During this time many small-scale businesses flourished and made a decent profit from their sale, and handcrafted products are one of the best small-scale businesses. 

Handcrafted goods may include various kinds of products like scented candles, handmade cards, soaps, woodcrafts, etc. All these products have had a steady market in recent times. 

As customers are inclining more toward using environment-friendly and biodegradable products, handcrafted goodies are getting more important in the Indian market. Also, these businesses need a minimal investment as you can use wasted or broken raw materials and turn them into something unique and beautiful.  

As per the report released by Expert Market Research, Handcraft Products Market will reach 1,204.7 billion by 2026.

As more and more people rely online on to find suitable gifts, an e-commerce website offering such handcrafted products can tap into this group of consumers. With Fynd, you can easily build the perfect website for this purpose.

2. Food And Beverage

Burgers, Fries, and Soft Drinks

Food and beverages are items that are never out of business. Everyone needs to eat and drink to survive and this kind of business always has steady customers. The key to succeeding in this business is your creativity with the recipe, having an organized retail execution plan, good packaging, and finally advertising.

India is a country with a mixed culture where you can find a variety of flavors and cuisine. The majority of the population in this country prefers spicy food. It is best to include packaged food based on Indian taste buds then you can certainly expect speedy growth for your business.

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3. Online Bakery

Bread With Flour

Online Bakeries are blooming and flourishing in no time thanks to the presence of social media customers are becoming more aware of these online food-based services. There are many examples of online baking businesses starting with a small amount and growing big in number and orders. Indian customers are all-time foodies and have an all-time sweet tooth. 

If you can provide a quality product at a reasonable price your business will stand out. Manu bakers started this business single-handedly in the initial stage. But once they gained more popularity, orders started to pile up.

4. Fashion Boutique

Cloths Hanging in Hangers in Clothing Store

The clothing and fashion business can never get outdated when you specifically deal with the latest fashion trends. These days, boutiques are especially in high demand and can prove very profitable. 

This is because boutiques have unique and even customized pieces of garments that are not readily available from retail garment chains and malls. The key is to find a signature niche for your boutique’s theme. 

Once you choose a theme after thoroughly understanding the target consumer’s demands and requirements, there will be no turning back. Starting a boutique is surprisingly low-cost as well in rural India.

According to Fashion United, the Indian textile industry contributes 5% of the GDP and 13.5% of India’s total export which is around 42.24 billion dollars.

Remote corners of our country are a treasure trove of handicrafts and fashion motifs that are produced at nominal cost. Sourcing from the right places along with building a website for the boutique on any quality domain provider can help you start a boutique business at extremely low rates.

5. Safety And Hygiene Products

Sanitizers and Masks

Ever since the first cases of COVID in India were reported, our lives have not been the same. The pandemic has shut down many job opportunities but also opened the way for many new businesses. One of them is safety and hygiene products. 

Products like handwash, sanitizers, gloves, and masks have always been around, but the demand has grown exponentially since the Pandemic happened. It is not likely to diminish any time soon either as people have become more aware of their general benefits today.

The best part is becoming a retailer for these products does not require extra skills or education. Moreover, manufacturing these products is also low-cost. Together, it has become one of the most profitable businesses in India with low investment.

6. Pickle And Snacks Shop

Pickles are in White Bowl

India is the land of spices and gourmet and needless to say, we have a plethora of snacks and pickles from different states. But making these snacks and pickles is rather time-consuming and complex which is not feasible in the present-day hectic lifestyle. But does that mean we will forget about the age-old grandmother’s hand-me-down recipes? 

To cater to the cravings of the masses, pickle and snack makers enjoy a booming business. This is a low investment business where all raw materials are easily and widely available. Moreover, you do not need to hire special chefs and chefs to make these items which are mostly traditional recipes known to all. 

The best part is, that you can sell such products online as well. Start a website by designing with Fynd and you can market the items to potential consumers. Creating such a platform is very cost-effective and you can quickly reach out to a wider consumer base.

7. Antique Shop

Standing Antique Statues Are in Store

The Antique Shop business is something that represents the culture and history of our nation. This segment of business needs thorough research and knowledge about the antique items you plan on selling. 

This kind of business has a targeted group of customers and being a curator shop owner, it is your job to get hold of these targeted customers. For some, these antique items are something that is showcased in their home, and for some; they are used to beautify their interior. This business requires money, time, and most importantly dedication if you can invest all this then it can be a rewarding experience for you. 

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8. IT Hardware Business

Mother board

The demand for computer accessories and related IT machinery is always consistently high. You can start a retail store for the same. It is a comparatively low investment business if you know where to source from. Hardware businesses can make an average of 10% profit daily from the sales.

9. Building Material Supply Business

Wall of Red Bricks

Stone chips, bricks, TMT bars, and cement are some of the items which fetch the high profit. The demand for such products is high as the real estate market is booming all over the country. If you can promote your business online, the chances of earning a profit doubles as you get more exposure to clients all over the country.

10. Leather And Perfume 

Two People Are Checking Quality of Leather Bag

Both leather and perfume are signs of luxury and are in high demand. Especially if you can supply low-cost products with lucrative designs, the leather business is likely to soar high. 

Similarly, perfume businesses which offer customized fragrances, are likely to earn more profits. Creative sales ideas like sample size sets, solid perfumes, etc. are in vogue these days.

Profitable Service-based Businesses

Among the service-based businesses are many options that are services that you cannot live without. Here are a few such businesses you can consider:

1. Event Management

Decorative Tables and Chairs At event Centre

Event management is one of the most profitable and booming businesses in India. As Indians love to celebrate any occasion, festivities, and parties it is apparent that event management is a major business sector in this country. 

Doing the business of event management is all about the right planning and execution of the plan within a fixed time gap. If you are skilled in event planning and have good communication skills, event management is the ideal business for you. 

It is all about working with the right people and managing a team who will get your work done under your supervision. If you are successful in building goodwill in this field of business you will be able to grow your company and earn a better revenue in no time. 

2. Restaurant And Cloud Kitchen

People Are Eating Food and Drinking at Restaurant

Running a restaurant and cloud kitchen is one of the most profitable business ideas. Indians are big-time foodies and with the diversity of our population and blended culture Indian population has a very distinct taste palate.

According to Fortune India, Cloud Kitchen is set to be a $2billion industry by 2024.

So, it is apparent that running a restaurant or cloud kitchen can be a big hit if it is done in the right way. Even if you don't have a big budget to invest in your business it is better to start your cloud kitchen. You won't need to rent a big space but you can run a cloud kitchen in your own home. 

You can start this business on a smaller budget and can gradually expand it. A great way to reach out to clients is by establishing a website through a domain provider. You can create a website easily for your genre and then use the various marketing tools offered by them to expand the business at a nominal cost.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Growth Chart Display in Laptop

Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of those businesses that require zero investment. If you have a well-established website or blog which fetches good traffic, you can run ads from other businesses. 

When your users click on these ads, you earn a commission for every profit these businesses make through the traffic they pulled from your website. This business process is called affiliate marketing. 

The best part is, that you can have your eCommerce website where you earn through such affiliates as well. This means the profit gets increased by manifolds. The main hindrance would be owning and running a popular website. 

But with domain providers and e-commerce website building platforms, this gets easier as you get a brand platform to establish the website. This way, you get significant followership right from the beginning.

4. Café

Café Store Image

Café businesses are blooming in this country, if you can provide quality service then this business has a lot of possibilities to grow. The café business can be quite competitive as there are several coffee shops around us. 

Now the question is what will make your business stand out. The first and foremost criterion is the decoration; if you can present the interior of your café creatively customers will be automatically tempted to visit the place. 

Next is the food, if you can add a few specials to the menu for every week then there will be variation and you will need to prepare a lesser number of items. The last part is service, if you are polite and amiable with your customer, they will remember that. If you maintain these criteria rest assured your café will be popular in no time.

5. Copywriting Business

This is another zero-investment business. All you need is a steady internet connection, a good desktop or laptop, and the skill to network with prospective clients where you earn the work by showcasing your writing talent. 

Once you establish yourself as a freelancer by the quality of work, you can steadily expand the business by hiring more writers and increasing the bulk of the work, and establishing a full-fledged agency. 

The earnings are quite lucrative in this business, making copywriting a great choice. Moreover, finding work is much easier in this genre since the demand grows steadily as our lives are becoming more and more dependent on the internet. To reach out to clients pan-India, you can create a portfolio website for your agency using any e-commerce website building platform.

6. Driving School

A Boy is driving a car

Driving is a necessary skill that everyone wants to learn. With the increasing number of private vehicles on the road, the demand for driving lessons is also increasing simultaneously. This is the prime reason why the Driving school business is booming in India. 

Driving has become a necessary skill for all; with a private car in every other house in our country, a large part of the population is willing to learn how to drive. This business will require a lot of investment but once you have been successful in setting up your driving school you will surely earn good revenue.

7. Cooking Classes

A Small Girl Learn How to Cooking in Kitchen

Cooking is a skill that needs practice and guidance like any other profession. In India, each cuisine holds a lot of significance and history. As food holds so much importance for us it is important to learn how to prepare it adequately. 

Cooking classes are a profitable sector and require very little to no investment. You may start an online or offline cooking class, both options are feasible. Rather the first option is easier as an online cooking class doesn’t require any capital. 

You can conduct it on various virtual platforms without spending anything. Another plus point of this profession is that you can grow this business single-handedly without hiring anyone. 

8. Party Planner

As more and more people are showing an inclination towards throwing an Instagram-worthy party, the demand for party planners is also growing rapidly. if you have a knack for design, décor, and planning events, being an independent party planner can be a very lucrative business to start. 

Many people look for such individuals rather than going for organizations offering such services. The main requirement would be to build a network as well as a portfolio that you can use for promotion and showcase to potential clients. 

Using e-commerce website platforms, you can establish a website in a few minutes and get started with the promotional tools. Decide your business goals and select a package accordingly to get the maximum outreach for your business.

9. Day Care Service

As lifestyle is becoming more hectic by the day and both parents are working outside, the need for daycare service is growing rapidly. Nuclear families, single parents, and sometimes even joint families need daycare services. 

As a result, this is one of the most profitable businesses in India with Low Investment. Good knowledge of basic childcare and medicine and soft skills to get along with children are the only things needed to establish yourself as a professional in this business. 

You can grow the business by employing skilled people and creating an organization. The daycare service is in demand all over the country and hence, it is a business that can surely bring consistent profit.

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10. Pet Training And Grooming

A Lady Cutting Hair of Pet Dog

Pets are the dearest family member for all of us. Present-day, a significant number of families across the country are taking in pets- be it cats, dogs, or any other animal. Pet training and grooming is becoming a popular business as a result. 

No one wants to compromise on any aspect of caring for their pets and hence, such businesses are sure to get profit steadily and consistently. If you have a passion for pets and love them, this business is just right for you. Clients are likely to pour in when they sense the amount of love and care their pets will receive from your brand.

Getting trained for grooming and training pets will help you establish this business. Moreover, proper marketing is the key to establishing and spreading the word about your new business. This is possible with a popular website that you can build in minutes on different website-building platforms available today. 

11. Wedding Planner

Two Person Are Marrying At Beautiful Beach Site

A wedding is a big event in anyone’s life and it is one of the most significant life-altering events for every Indian of age. Thus the demand for a wedding planner is growing rapidly. The business is one of the most profitable since everyone wishes to enjoy the wedding hassle-free with their family. Thus, everything about organizing the event is managed by a professional third party.

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12. Career Counseling

Two Women Are Discussing With Each Other

If you understand the nuances of different careers and their trajectory, becoming a career counselor is a great business without any major investment. The demand for such counselors is high and you can work with an organization and eventually build a brand of your own since it is a high-paying job.

Manufacturing Businesses

Creating products that are then distributed to sellers is also profitable in India. Some of the most profitable manufacturing businesses in India are listed below:

1. Organic Farming

Planting of Fruit Plants

The youth of India have become more diet conscious and health freaks nowadays. They want to eat clean and organic farming is the answer to this demand. Organic farming has always been an integral part of Indian agriculture and gained more popularity with time.

It is expected that 10% of cultivated land in every state will convert to organic farms by 2025 in India, as per Pure and Eco India.

Taking in respect to the profitability of this small-scale business, organic farming is more revenue-earning than regular farming. As organic is preferred by many who want to eat fresh food without any harmful chemicals in it this market is holding a steady ground in the market. Also, organic farming doesn’t require any special climatic conditions or extra care to grow. But the product is a more nutritious and healthier option.

2. Garment Tailor

Some one Is Operating Tailor Machine

The demand for garment tailors has increased with time. Cities like Kolkata and Mumbai are the fashion hubs and people are particularly conscious of their fashion. Everyone likes to wear something they designed which is unique and different. 

This is the reason why the demand for good Garment tailors is increasing.  Also, it is more economical to invest in Tailoring than to buy a ready-made product from the market. 

The best part of this business is that you will need very little investment; only a good quality sewing machine will be enough to start this business. All you need is to have good tailoring skills, if you can deliver the garments as your customer wants then they will come back for your service.

3. Hair/Wig Business

Hair/Wig Business

Falling hair is a dreaded nightmare for many of us but to make a business out of it? You would be surprised to know the numbers that the hair or wig business fetches from India alone. 

According to a major News report India exports INR 3500 crore worth of human hair every year which is 80% of the world’s supply. Hair and wigs are always in high demand. Acquiring the material has a negligible cost, making this business extremely profitable. 

The main skill required is networking with the sources to get the best quality hair. The main sources of quality hair are in villages of South India where for many women, selling fallen hair to the dealers is a significant source of income. You can start the business with a group of dealers and by building a network to acquire the hair from the sources. 

4. Ice Cream Business

Decorative Ice-creams Scoops With Cones

One can never have enough ice-cream, especially in a humid country like India. These days, demand for a variety of flavored ice cream is growing by the day. You can easily start an ice-cream manufacturing business and add Indian signature flavors to your menu to maximize the profit.

5. Homemade Chocolate Business

Culinary art has always been a consistent source of income for those who have mastered it well. Hence, the demand for homemade chocolates grows by the day rapidly. If you are adept at making chocolates, this is a business you can start from home and grow rapidly with minimal investment.

6. Honey Making

Taking one spoon honey

Extracting and purifying honey is a very profitable business. The demand for organic products grows by the day and consumers always look for the best quality items available.

Maintaining a beehive is not very expensive but requires expertise. If you have that or have access to people with such expert knowledge, this is one of the most profitable businesses in India.

7. Fertilizer Manufacturing

A man is fertilizing on its plants

India is an agriculture-based country. The requirement for fertilizers is hence very high. Thus, it is a profitable business in India. Manufacturing fertilizers is also a very low cost business which is why it is easy to start with. Basic knowledge of fertilizers will be helpful to start this business efficiently.

8. Furniture Making

The skill of woodworking and craft of furniture making is very useful. You can start a furniture making business. The demand for affordable but stylish furniture is high. You will find this business very profitable since sourcing timber is rather cheaper in India and so is finding skilled wood-workers. All this together makes this business highly profitable.

9. Carpet Making And Retailing

India is the hub of oriental carpets. Kashmir manufactures the majority of the most exquisite oriental and persian style carpets that are of the best quality. These are in high demand all over the world.

Starting a carpet manufacturing business where these designs are reproduced through machines is quite low cost and helps to cater to more clients since you can maintain a more affordable rate.

10. Kitchen Utensil Manufacturing

Hanging Kitchen Utensils in Store

The making and manufacturing of kitchen utensils is becoming highly popular in the country. This is a very good option as a profitable business in India. The demand for luxury kitchen utensils, designer options and similar items is growing by the day. If you market your business online and otherwise, you can gain high profit from this business.

Agency-Based Businesses

Starting an agency can cost the least and yet is a very fruitful business if you are good at networking. Here are some of the agency-based businesses which are easy to establish in India and surely fetch good profit:

1. Travel Agency

A Girl is Walking With Trolley Bag Outside at Airport

There are very rare examples of people who do not like to travel or go on a vacation. Moreover, traveling can be for any reason- be it vacation or work. For a regular person, travel agents and agencies are the lifesavers in such a situation. 

If you have mastered the art of acquiring train, flights, and bus tickets at the nick of the moment and can establish a network with various hotels in different locations, this business will boom. Travel agencies are always in demand among common people who cannot get these things done as easily as the agents. 

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If you can offer good rates and packages for popular destinations to clients, the business will grow consistently. These days, operating a travel agency virtually is so much easier and you need not worry about marketing when you have the power of the internet and website building platforms by your side.

2. Social Media Agency

Different Social Media Icons

Social media marketing has become one of the most trending ways to expand your consumers and clients these days. However, not everyone has the time or expertise to make the most of the various features of such platforms. 

If you have witnessed growth in your own social media pages, you would know the nitty-gritties of the same and help others with your expertise. Many businesses look for such individual experts to manage their social media handles. 

You can find plenty of such works and make a lot of profit by simply surfing through social media all day. If you have the network, you can collaborate with other such people and form an agency offering social media services solely.

3. Real Estate Agency

The real estate business from every aspect is a profitable one. But perhaps, starting an agency to help others find their dream home requires the least investment. It is all about networking with the right people and recognizing potential clients. 

Real estate agencies are like mediators in any real estate transaction between the builder and the potential buyer. Knowing the city well, recognizing prime locations and real estate projects, and collaborating with top builders together can help you to establish a real estate agency at nominal investment. 

You can even cut down the expenses further by providing virtual consultation through your website. Build a website as a real estate agency on reputed website building platforms in a matter of minutes and get started with your business right away- It is that simple!

These are some of the most profitable businesses in India with a small investment that you can easily establish online as well as offline. Having a prominent online presence these days helps to a large extent so that you can find good clients easily. 

Platforms like Fynd can help you by providing a foundation for your e-commerce business. Select a plan based on your business goals and you can set up a website in a matter of minutes. Start selling right away as soon as the website is published and witness your business achieve all that you dreamt of.

4. Branding and Ad Agency

Help other businesses to establish a brand with your marketing skills. You can start a brand-building agency which helps other businesses to gain consistent growth and higher stature.

Similarly ad agency is also another creative and popular business model which is low investment. You can simultaneously have a branding and ad agency which requires mostly soft skills to begin with.

5. Health and Fitness Agency

A Man is Working Out

Businesses offering health and aesthetic advice combined are gaining popularity by the day. Such agencies have several professionals working together who can help with diet, fitness, nutrition and everything about health.

Starting such a business requires the relevant education but minimal investment apart from marketing cost to promote the business and gain exposure.

6. Consultancy Agency

Tow man working in it laptop

Recruitment and consultancy agencies are some of the most profitable and common agency based business practices in India. The consultancy agency helps many people get their desired job. Your ability to connect with companies and good soft skill is all you need to start a consultancy business.

7. Driver Service Agency

A girl is driving

This is another very profitable business if you have the right network. You can start a driver service agency by employing a few drivers who can cater to all your clients. Though private cars on the road are increasing by the day, many people prefer professional chauffeurs and drivers, making this agency business a very profitable option.

These are some of the most profitable businesses in India with a small investment that you can easily establish online as well as offline. Having a prominent online presence these days helps to a large extent so that you can find good clients easily. 

Platforms like Fynd can help you by providing a foundation for your e-commerce business. Select a plan based on your business goals and you can set up a website in a matter of minutes. Start selling right away as soon as the website is published and witness your business achieve all that you dreamt of.

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hero image

Which business is the most profitable in the Future in India?

Some businesses are likely to thrive best in India and are likely to grow shortly. These are:

  • Outsourcing business
  • Internet of Things or IoT industry
  • Renting out Co-working spaces
  • 3D printing services
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Healthcare industry

Which business is highly profitable in India?

Many businesses showcase the potential to become highly profitable in India. These are education technology, event management, real estate, job consultancy, and digital marketing to name a few.

Which is the top-ranking business in India presently?

arrow down

As per Fortune500 India, Reliance Industries is the top-ranking business in the country presently. It is closely followed by the State Bank of India, Indian Oil Corporation, and ONGC.

What businesses are in demand?

There are certain products and services which are always in demand, making them the perfect genre for establishing a profitable business. They are as follows:

  • Social media consulting
  • Senior care services
  • Healthcare consultation
  • Organic beauty and cosmetic products
  • Healthy fast food and beverages
  • App and smart device development.

What is the fastest growing business in India?

Presently, Indian pharmaceuticals are the fastest growing and the most competitive of their kind globally. The revenue in the financial year 2020 was approximately $55 million which is indicative of the growth the segment will experience shortly.

Which businesses have the highest margin?

Here is a list of businesses that provide the highest profit margin in India:

  • Real estate business or real estate agency
  • Legal services
  • Financial planning and advising
  • Dental clinic and practices- medical and cosmetic
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Digital marketing and social media marketing

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