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Wix vs GoDaddy (2024 In Depth Comparison)

Wix vs GoDaddy (2024 In Depth Comparison)

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Wix and GoDaddy are two top names in web hosting and website development. Which one best suits your business? This Wix vs GoDaddy comparison aims to address that very question. To determine which platform suits your needs (if either), we'll examine their basic features, design freedom, SEO, and customer service. But first, let's quickly review the profiles of these companies. Both companies assert to give technical newbies quick, affordable, and user-friendly website creation options.

What is Wix?


Wix is a website builder strongly emphasising user-friendly creativity and customisation (see our review of Wix Website Builder). Its drag-and-drop editor is quite simple to use. With hundreds of free, customisable templates to pick from, Wix offers small businesses everything they need to create websites that appear professional. Wix, founded in 2006, has years of expertise in providing website owners with excellent service. Today, Wix is trusted by over 200 million users across 190 nations. Impressive!

What is GoDaddy?


GoDaddy, in contrast, focuses largely on registering web domain names and provides a site builder. GoDaddy introduced its hybrid website builder and host for online shopping carts in 2014 under the GoCentral E-commerce solution. The simplest way to define GoDaddy's website construction tools, including its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), is that they are user-friendly, much like Wix's.

What is the Fynd platform?

Fynd platform

Fynd Platform believes in helping businesses run from anywhere and everywhere. It is one of the best, industry-leading, no-code E-commerce website builders that help merchants, retailers, creators, and manufacturers set up online stores quickly. It helps brands go global with its easy-to-use pick-and-drop website design tools and simple product upload feature.

You can easily customise your online store and optimise it for web, mobile, tablet, etc. The platform also helps in marketing, branding and promotions with features like social sharing, connecting Instagram feeds, and running sales campaigns. Fynd Platform is a cloud-based tool that offers 100% uptime and high digital security. So users don't need to worry about maintaining the hardware to support their website.

Wix Vs. GoDaddy Ratings 

Market share of website builders

The best choice between Wix and GoDaddy will truly depend on your needs, but overall, Wix is the superior website builder. Wix is simpler and offers more creative power, features, and support options. However, GoDaddy is a faster option than Wix and provides greater value. We suggest GoDaddy if you need a straightforward website to go live as soon as possible and are on a tight budget.

Wix is ideal for a user-friendly builder with scalable capabilities and creative power. You may test out Wix and GoDaddy risk-free since they provide a free plan. We have thoroughly studied both Wix and GoDaddy through our extensive research process. This post uses our research findings to recommend Wix or GoDaddy, depending on your needs. For a fast comparison, first look at their ratings below

 Fynd platform banner for free demo

Wix Godaddy
Our Verdict  The Builder That Our users Prefer Best For Quickly Constructing A Nice Website 
Overall Score  4.8 Out Of 5 Stars 4.4 Out Of 5 Stars 
 Ease To Use 4.4 Out Of 5 Stars  4 Out Of 5 Stars
 Flexibility In Design 4.4 Out Of 5 Stars 4.3 Out Of 5 Stars 
 Features 4. 9 Out Of 5 Stars 3.3 Out Of 5 Stars 
Aid And Assistance  4.3 Out Of 5 Stars  3.8 Out Of 5 Stars
Value For Money  3.4 Out Of 5 Stars 4.3 Out Of 5 Stars
Costumer Rating  4.1 Out Of 5 Stars  4.2Out Of 5 Stars 

You should use Wix if -

You are willing to spend extra money to get a platform that is simple to use and provides you greater control over the appearance of your website. Additionally, it is the superior alternative if you require a wider variety of built-in functionality and add-on app features.

You should use GoDaddy if - 

You want to get online quickly and are willing to give up some creative control in exchange for expediency. If you want to reduce your expenses, we advise using GoDaddy.

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How Did We Do Our Research?

Few websites can claim to have conducted such thorough testing before offering suggestions, so we are fairly proud of our study methodology. Here is how our internal research team identifies the top website builders available.

Every builder undergoes our exhaustive study procedure. We look into crucial aspects like:

  • Ease of use
  • Design adaptability,
  • Cost-effectiveness, 
  • Feature quality, 
  • Support and assistance,
  • Consumer satisfaction.

Concentrating on the critical elements customers have indicated are most important enables us to rank and compare the builders fairly. Even groups of regular people test out the builders for us, and they provide input that we examine. This benefits us by

  • Determining the ease (or difficulty) of the builder for newbies 
  • identifying any problems with the builder 
  • Assessing customer satisfaction.

We've used this methodology on over 50 website builders to provide the most accurate findings and suggestions.

GoDaddy vs. Wix: A Quick Comparison

Feature Wix GoDaddy Our Winner
Ease of Use   Wix is incredibly user-friendly for beginners because of its drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, it provides a quick ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) option, so everyone will find something to like about it. Your site may be up and running quickly with GoDaddy's ADI setup because of its ease of use. But its editor is not as simple to use as Wix's.
 Design Wix’s design features an enormous selection of themes tailored to various industries and almost endless customizability for nearly total creative control.    Though GoDaddy has made great strides in looks and personalisation, Wix still provides more features overall. It does not provide the same level of customizability.  Wix
 Value for Money  Several plans are available on Wix, including a free one. However, it is now more expensive than the industry average, and its pricing is no longer competitive.GoDaddy offers a free plan in addition to four reasonable price options. Of all the builders we examined, it offers excellent value and has one of the lowest monthly rates.  GoDaddy's 
 Features Wix provides many high-quality features and a sizable app store with almost every conceivable app. Wix has whatever you require.  GoDaddy's built-in features are ideal for little websites because they are basic but reliable. It does not, however, have an app store to offer assistance outside of that.   Wix
SEO   Wix offers helpful SEO Wiz and additional SEO applications and gives you good control over your SEO. To assist you in optimising your website for search, GoDaddy also offers a helpful SEO Wizard, but it is only included with the more expensive plans.  Wix  
 Aid and Assistance  Wix has more 24/7 support alternatives, including live chat, phone, and social media. It also features one of the best knowledge bases and on-page assistance. GoDaddy offers a product comparable to Wix's but lacks the same level of on-page assistance and a less user-friendly knowledge base.  Wix  

1. Ease of Use: Which Has A Simplified Learning Curve?

Ease of Use_ Which Has A Simplified Learning Curve

The Winner - Wix is more user-friendly than GoDaddy. People who tested it preferred the Wix layout, and the Wix editor is more user-friendly than GoDaddy's. If you need a quick solution, GoDaddy is a great alternative, praised for its quick speed.

Ease of Use Wix GoDaddy
Score  4.4/ 5  4.1/ 5 
Coding expertise is required?  No  No 
Editor  Drag-and-drop allows you to move anything you want through the ADI builder  Section-based drag-and-drop has more limitations. 
 What did the users have to say?  "Its feature of drag and drop is amazing as it makes redesigns fast and easy." “It is really simple to develop a website because to its step-by-step style. It eliminates the ability to think.” 
Our Verdict 


A very beginner-friendly game with useful advice and pointers


Movement with less flexibility might be frustrating.

An online tool known as a website builder enables you to create your website from scratch. These platforms include Wix and GoDaddy, but which is simpler to use? The onboarding procedure is quite simple for both Wix and GoDaddy. With Wix, where the fun truly begins, all you have to do is create an account, select one of the site's many templates, and then take you to the editor. 

The beginning procedure at GoDaddy involves a few more steps. This is because it is an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) builder, which means it handles most of the labour-intensive tasks for you but requires more information beforehand. It will construct a starter website for you after you respond to a few simple questions.

Describe ADI in More Detail -

Artificial Design Intelligence, or ADI, is how a platform builds a website based on your responses to a few inquiries. If you are worried about getting the perfect design or do not have the time to sit down and do it all yourself, it is a great method to go online. Both Wix and GoDaddy provide an ADI choice. However, Wix also offers a traditional editor for those of you who desire total artistic control over the appearance of your website.

It is important to remember that using an ADI builder does not eliminate the need for website maintenance. You must still edit it to fit your brand and add your content. You can still make restricted alterations if you are unsatisfied with the final layout. You will be happy to know that Wix and GoDaddy's editors provide a drag-and-drop structure, allowing you to click and drag things about the website however you see appropriate.


You can move anything you want, wherever, with Wix. This is because there are not any creative restrictions. After all, it is regarded as a "pure" drag-and-drop builder. If you are a total newbie, this could be a little intimidating. However, Wix offers useful pointers and advice along the route if you run into trouble - Just keep an eye out for the tiny question mark icons! You can also choose to employ its ADI builder.


On the other hand, GoDaddy is a little bit more organised. Blocks are used to organise the templates. Because of them, it is a little more difficult to perfect because you must stay within the limitations. In other words, you cannot move items as freely on Wix. Because of this, Wix outperformed GoDaddy in our test, earning an amazing 4.4 out of 5 for its usability compared to GoDaddy's (still good) 4.1.

We encouraged members of the general public to try creating their websites with Wix and GoDaddy to gauge how simple these builders are to use. They then graded how simple they thought various tasks were. The findings indicated that Wix was the simpler platform, but users believed they could launch a website faster with GoDaddy. These are a few of their opinions:

"Using Wix was incredibly easy. You could drag and drop items from the menu onto your webpage and move them around as needed. Additionally, scaling things was simple. GoDaddy made building a website quite quickly. It was incredibly simple to understand and intuitive. However, it came at the cost of less customisation.

Do You Want a User-Friendly Builder? The builder that our customers most frequently suggest is Wix because it is so simple to use. If you are a newbie, Wix is the right option for you!

2. Flexibility in Design - Which One Has a Better Look?

Flexibility in Design - Which One Has a Better Look

The winner - Wix offers more design versatility. Although they both received comparable rankings, Wix has a more thorough editor and a selection of over 800 templates tailored to particular industries. GoDaddy, in contrast, has fewer features; editing is still possible but has fewer options. GoDaddy is for efficiency, whereas Wix is for control.

Design Wix GoDaddy
 Score  4.4/ 5 4.3/ 5 
How many templates are there?  800+   N/A
Can I change later?  NO  YES 
Mobile Responsive?  YES   YES
Our Verdict 


Greater customization options and more templates to pick from 


Although websites are attractive, there is little room for customization. 

Design is all about how your website looks and functions. You want something that is not only straightforward to use but also pleasing to the eye. In our study, both Wix and GoDaddy performed at a high level, with Wix receiving a score of 4.4 and GoDaddy receiving a score of 4.3. Let's examine each design's functionalities in more detail below. Wix offers over 800 templates, which you can examine and test by filtering into categories like "Music" or "Travel & Tourism" before choosing the one that best suits your needs.


Although Wix has a fantastic selection of themes, you won't be able to edit your site after it has been published. If you ultimately decide to use a different theme, you will have to start over with your site. So, take some time to browse through all the options before clicking the "Publish" button.

In the Wix editor, you can then use drag-and-drop capabilities. Think of it like building with Legos: you must select your component and snap it into place to create your finished project. To place an item in the Wix editor, click and hold it, then drag it to the desired location and release it once you have made your placement decision. The best thing, though? Wix has no restrictions, so you do not need to keep to particular blocks or rows. Indeed, you can place anything anywhere! This will particularly appeal to the most imaginative among you, but it can occasionally be confusing. It might take a bit to get used to the editor's bustling and packed environment but do not worry if it does.


GoDaddy has improved its design since our last round of testing of all the builders we have looked at. Due to its fresh, more appealing website designs and greater customizability options, it has a new score of 4.1 out of 5, 14% higher than its previous score. This accomplishment is remarkable, considering how different GoDaddy is from the standard Wix builder. Many of the aesthetic decisions are made for you by its ADI feature, which constructs your website. However, we do not believe the designs' sleek and authoritative appearance will disappoint you.

Even while GoDaddy makes it simple to create a website, personalising it is a very different story. Due to GoDaddy's block-based layout, you will not have complete creative control over the design of your website, unlike Wix. You can add more parts or pages, resize images, and move them around in a little space, but that is about it. As a result, GoDaddy's websites all naturally have a similar appearance, making it challenging to separate from the competition.

What Are the Differences?

It is vital to remember that Wix also offers Wix ADI, an ADI product. Like GoDaddy, this allows for tweaking, although not to the extent of Wix's primary editor. Wix caters to a wider range of customers looking to construct their website than GoDaddy because it offers an ADI option, configurable templates, and the possibility to write your site from scratch.

A group of web design pros concurred that Wix provides superior templates. They thought you could more easily personalise them to reflect your particular brand and that they were more aesthetically beautiful. Would You Like a Beautiful Site? There are more than 500 lovely templates available on Wix. Why not look immediately to see if your dream design awaits you?

3. Choices for Customization

The design has already been mentioned. Still, because it is so crucial, we are going further and devoting a whole section to design flexibility:


Wix offers an incredible 500+ template options, but you should not be overwhelmed because they are arranged into simple categories that make it easy to select a template that will work for you. The following are some of the Wix website template categories:

  • Commercial photography, 
  • music, 
  • an online store, 
  • restaurants.

A blank page option is also available, which may be useful if you wish to start from scratch when designing your website. Before choosing one for your website, you may experiment with these templates using the drag-and-drop editor in Wix. Once your website is published, you are unable to change templates. If you do, you must start over and add everything. Therefore, pick your template wisely! Additionally, you can access a huge collection of stock photographs (more than 1,000) from Unsplash and Shutterstock. It would be worthwhile to look at some of them since they are fairly high quality.

Editor X for Wix

Editor X from Wix was released in February 2020. Even though it is still in development, this feature received much attention. Wix's drag-and-drop interface and a wealth of responsive design tools are still available in Editor X, including:

  • You may generate scalable font sizes for text.
  • A CSS-based method called grid layout allows you to anchor elements when the user's point of view shifts.
  • You can also resize and stack the media for a more responsive, seamless design.

4. Flexible Design: Does It Automatically Configure The Content?

Flexible Design_ Does It Automatically Configure The Content

Editor X from Wix has no device restrictions, and you can adapt the designs to any viewpoint. The best part is using these sophisticated web design tools without learning CSS coding. As a result, you do not need to be a tech wizard to make websites on a designer level. Here are Editor X's advantages and disadvantages so you can decide if it provides what you require:

  • Totally receptive
  • Extremely adaptable
  • It is simple to produce aesthetically beautiful designs.
  • You can easily see how your designs and layouts will look on various devices.
  • Wix's conventional editor has a smaller selection of templates compared to it.

  • Still in beta, so some kinks or bugs may need to be worked out.
  • Only the English language is supported.
  • Compared to Wix's standard editor, it is more suited for seasoned users.

Please be aware that Editor X is technically a product, but it functions as a completely independent website builder. You must go to and join up there to use Editor X rather than Wix's standard interface.

Wix Velo

Wix Velo

You might find Wix Velo useful if you have experience with web development. With the help of this full-stack development platform, you can create and publish expert web applications. You may use the Wix API right away in a no-setup environment. Additionally, Velo has a visual user interface editor and other time-saving development tools. Once more, this is an excellent Wix add-on to be aware of. However, it is not required to utilise Wix's simple, user-friendly website builder to its full potential.


GoDaddy utilises an ADI, as mentioned earlier. Don't worry if this sounds complicated. Simply put, GoDaddy creates your website based on your responses to questions, such as your website's purpose, whether you already have a site, and whether you want to integrate with social media. This process is not as miraculous as it may seem at first. Providing these details enables GoDaddy to select a suitable template for you. 

After that, they only add the absolute necessities. You will still need to add content and personalise the layout of your website! Like Wix, you can choose from hundreds of GoDaddy's industry-specific templates rather than using the ADI builder. Additionally, GoDaddy offers theme filters, making it simple to use more than 20 distinct layouts, fonts, and colour schemes on a theme. Like Wix, you can edit your selected template using a straightforward drag-and-drop editor. GoDaddy's mobile app lets you edit your web designs while on the go.

The following web design aspects are also worth mentioning at this point:

  • Promotional Banners for Advertising
  • Drag-and-drop menus
  • Backups
  • Calls to action
  • Message boards
  • A centralised image library to keep all of your photographs in one location, even if you are managing numerous sites.

GoDaddy plans to expand its selection of options to include password-protected Members-Only pages. Wix already has this function.

The Over App 

Over is a tool for creating content that GoDaddy has acquired. With the help of this tool, which is a part of GoDaddy's website builder, you can produce content for numerous web channels. It is a useful tool for formatting social media posts. You can quickly download Over on your smartphone and begin editing content there. Regarding design, Wix is the winner. They provide better templates, an easy drag-and-drop editor, ADI, and more creative flexibility. However, there are other design elements on GoDaddy that we truly appreciate, such as its theme filters. Overall, Wix still offers more in terms of design.

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5. Value for Money and Pricing - Which One Provides More Value for Your Money?

Value for Money and Pricing - Which One Provides More Value for Your Money

Factors that affect the cost of website builders

GoDaddy offers superior value for your money with more reasonable plans that include fantastic features and a complimentary plan. On the other hand, while Wix requires a larger monthly fee, it still provides excellent value with its range of premium features and design options.

Pricing Wix GoDaddy
Score   3.4/5 4.3/5 
 Free plan or free trial? Free plan  Free plan 
Number of plans   8 5
 Starting price  $16 $9.99 
 Personal plans

Combo Plan - $16

Unlimited Plan - $22 

 Basic Plan - $9.99
 Business plans  Pro Plan - $27

VIP Plan - $45

Standard Plan - $10.49

Premium Plan - $14.99

 Ecommerce plans

Business Basic Plan - $27

Business Unlimited Plan - $32

Business VIP Plan - $59 

 Ecommerce Plan - $16.99
 Enterprise package $500  NA 
 Our Verdict


Despite offering more plans, they are more expensive  


Its features are comparable to Wix's, yet its price tiers are far less expensive.

Wix's three most expensive premium plans range from $16 to $59 monthly, allowing online sales. It also offers a free option. GoDaddy offers four plans with monthly costs ranging from $9.99 to $16.99 and a one-month free trial (when billed annually).  Although low costs are always welcome, we prefer to look beyond them to see what you receive for your money. Are there any freebies, though, before we go into all that? 

Wix, however, offers a completely free option. You did not mishear us; you can create and publish your website for nothing.  Of course, having tacky Wix advertisements on your website and even in your subdomain (such as "") comes at a cost. If you prefer utilising ADI, GoDaddy also offers a free plan, so you can still get online for free. Like Wix, it is a wonderful beginning place, albeit you will still have to deal with ad banners and not have access to all services, like complex SEO tools.

Wix Costs

Wix Plans

Wix offers more pricing options than you can count. It offers four non-E-commerce and three E-commerce programs, with monthly prices ranging from $16 to $59. Naturally, you receive more for your money.  All premium plans guarantee a minimum of 1GB of bandwidth, are free of Wix advertising, and provide access to your unique domain. Wix only received a dismal rating of 3.4 out of 5 for value for money compared to its rivals. 

Although its entry-level services are significantly more expensive than GoDaddy's, it offers a robust selection of additional features and apps. Even if it could cost more, you get what you pay for. Wix offers a variety of plans, so it is crucial to consider your options and choose the best one carefully.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

GoDaddy Costs

GoDaddy offers four pricing tiers in addition to its free one, but only one allows for online shopping. These are designed for various needs and range in price from $9.99 to $16.99 monthly. It may seem apparent, but GoDaddy's Basic plan is the best option if all you want is a personal website. If your company is just starting, consider the Standard or Premium plans. 

These subscriptions offer more generous features, including monthly email marketing campaigns and social media posts. GoDaddy Insight, a marketing tool that leverages data to give you ongoing advice on how to keep enhancing your online presence, is a feature included in all of GoDaddy's plans. This is included in your GoDaddy package and other components like SSL security.

GoDaddy received a 4.3 out of 5 rating in our research, and this is because even its most expensive plans are very reasonable. GoDaddy's plans are frequently among the most affordable options available. Additionally, the features it provides are fantastic. Yes, there is no app store, and you must choose the Standard subscription at the very least if you want extensive SEO capability

Nevertheless, GoDaddy offers many capabilities perfect for modest websites or online companies. Do you desire a high return on your investment? GoDaddy has fantastic value and more reasonably priced options than Wix. Additionally, a free plan is available. Why not try it out?

Compare Wix and GoDaddy Side-by-Side


6. Which Is The Most Cost-Effective Option?

Which Is The Most Cost-Effective Option

GoDaddy Plans

Winner: GoDaddy is the overall most cost-effective option. While Wix's Business Ecommerce plans offer a more cost-effective option for creating a moderately sophisticated online store at $27 or $32 per month, GoDaddy's entry-level offerings are more reasonably priced than Wix's regular pricing. It's important to note that all GoDaddy website builder plans are offered at introductory rates for the first year, making them significantly less expensive initially. 

However, for comparable plan tiers, including basic E-commerce, Wix's regular pricing is less expensive than GoDaddy's. Wix also offers more robust E-commerce plans at competitive prices. To determine the true worth of a plan, you must consider its features and price. GoDaddy provides unlimited storage and bandwidth on all its plans, while Wix offers 2GB of storage and bandwidth on its entry-level plan. 

On the other hand, Wix allows users to create up to 100 pages, whereas GoDaddy only permits up to 50 pages. Overall, choosing the most cost-effective option depends on individual needs and priorities, considering both the pricing and the features each platform offers.

7. Which Is The Best Free Option?

For the Best Free Plan, Wix and GoDaddy are tied. The key differences between Wix and GoDaddy's free plans are in storage (Wix has a storage cap) and design tools (GoDaddy has a design tool cap). Your choice will also depend on which provider offers the paid plans that align with your scaling needs. Both companies offer free plans that are available indefinitely. These plans host your website on a provider subdomain, including free SSL security and featuring Wix or GoDaddy branding. While we don't recommend using the free version for your business, it is an excellent way to discover which site builder suits you best. 

Additionally, both Wix and GoDaddy offer free online registration if needed. On Wix's free plan, you get access to their amazing, fully featured drag-and-drop editor with no limitations on design tools and complete access to templates. It also includes security features like SSL encryption and built-in SEO tools. However, it does have limitations on storage and bandwidth, both capped at 500MB.

GoDaddy's free plan (or any plan) provides many fundamental features that are helpful for small businesses on a very tight budget. These include native appointment booking, Google Business Profile, social channel connections, and chatbots, although there is restricted access to templates. Despite this, if your main focus is on stunning website design, Wix remains the superior choice.

With GoDaddy's free plan, you can access a powerful online booking platform for one-time appointments, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and SSL encryption. Native appointment scheduling is unavailable on Wix until the Business plans; however, you can integrate third-party app scheduling in the free version. While GoDaddy permits you to schedule appointments, accepting payments requires a subscription to the Premium plan.

Ultimately, the winner depends on your specific needs. If you prioritise outstanding design and marketing for your free website, Wix is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if basic features like storage and bandwidth, as reliable and powerful built-in appointment scheduling, are important to you, GoDaddy is the superior option.

8. Which One Is The Best for Beginners?

Which One Is The Best for Beginners

The winner - GoDaddy While Wix's genuine drag-and-drop editor is simple to use, it may be intimidating for beginners. In the site editor of the GoDaddy website builder, changing themes, fonts, and colours is straightforward, making it suitable even for new users. Both Wix and GoDaddy are generally user-friendly.

However, a beginner without design knowledge might find Wix's drag-and-drop editor unnecessarily complex due to its endless flexibility. Using Wix's ADI to pick a template and set up the site can save time as there are fewer design decisions to be made. On the other hand, GoDaddy offers fewer design options, making it excellent for beginners. 

While it lacks a template library, you can choose from various layouts and customise colours and fonts. With the GoDaddy site builder, you can easily add or edit pages and customise them with preset content blocks once you have created a template based on your responses to questions. This simplicity in customisation makes it quicker to build and launch your website.

Wix is ideal for intermediate and advanced web designers but can also be suitable for beginners, especially those looking for a wide range of design options. Wix's user-friendly editing interface allows anyone to create a site quickly. However, beginners without prior design knowledge might find the numerous customisation options overwhelming. 

In contrast, GoDaddy is the best option for beginners or small businesses looking to develop a website quickly and expertly. Although the segmented site builder in GoDaddy is easy to use, it lacks Wix's genuine drag-and-drop editor and extensive template library. Nevertheless, its limited design options may make it difficult to deviate from a template or create a site that looks less polished. Overall, GoDaddy is the preferred choice for beginners due to its easy use and straightforward customisation options.

Utilizing Wix to Create a Website

You can use the Wix ADI or pick a template after indicating the kind of website you are building (beauty, sports, online store, etc.). Based on your responses to a few questions, the Wix ADI uses artificial design intelligence to develop a website for you.  Although it is a quick approach to get a design, you might not like it. Remember that if you use Wix ADI for setup, the renowned drag-and-drop editor of Wix will be replaced by a section-based editor.

Select the template that best represents your brand, then click edit to begin using the drag-and-drop editor. You will land on the site editor right away. You may find everything you need to develop your website in the left-hand menu. Simply drag and drop the various possibilities from each element onto the page to make your selection.

Using the GoDaddy Website Builder to Create a Website

The first step with GoDaddy is to determine the purpose of your site. Are you creating a nail salon website, a personal website, or a marketing site? GoDaddy generates a rough draft of your site, complete with a template, based on your response. You can easily select a slightly different theme, create pages, and add sections whenever possible. Unlike Wix, you do not have complete access to the template library. The menu on the right side is simple to use but not as intuitive as the menus on most website builders.

GoDaddy presents a few design alternatives as you select an element type. After adding them to your website, you can customise the text and photos to suit your company or blog. Winner: GoDaddy wins for usability because its sectional editor is easy to use and offers less design flexibility, which speeds up site development. While Wix's UI might be slightly more user-friendly, the actual drag-and-drop builder (and the freedom it provides) allows for more design errors while giving you the most flexibility to change the appearance of your site.

9. Tools and Features - What can your website accomplish?

9. Tools and Features - What can your website accomplish?

The Winner - Wix offers superior functionality and tools. By a wide margin, Wix wins the title in this category. It provides an impressive array of features, both built-in and accessible through apps, supporting the creation of any website. In comparison, other builders may find competing with Wix's offerings challenging.

Features Wix GoDaddy
Score   4.9/5 3.3/5 
Industry-specific features (e.g. menus, RSVP forms, etc.)  YES   YES
Edit from mobile  YES  NO 
 Email Marketing YES  YES 
Social Media Integration   YES YES 
 App Store  YES  NO


Wix's extensive features and app store ensure it has something for everyone. 


GoDaddy offers a limited number of high-quality Products but no app store. 

Features set elite platforms apart from the average ones, and your final choice will greatly depend on what you can or cannot do on each platform. In a straightforward conclusion: Wix stands out as the industry leader in this field. While GoDaddy received a score of 3.3, Wix achieved nearly a perfect score of 4.9.

GoDaddy Tools and Features

We will delve deeper into a few important topics below to explain the thinking behind these scores and highlight the differences between the two.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

1. E-commerce

Wix and GoDaddy allow you to sell things; however, neither is an E-commerce-only platform. They both offer a variety of E-commerce functionalities, such as:

  • Ability to market any number of different product types and quantities,
  • Selling tangible and digital goods alike,
  • Using secure payment gateways to process payments, such as PayPal, Stripe or Square (although Wix provides a wide range of gateway choices)
  • The website builder charges no transaction fees.
  • Mobile applications for running your business on the fly
  • Numerous options for shipping and accounting
  • Sale and discount coupons

Wix, however, has the more robust E-commerce selection of the two. This results from the platform's concerted efforts to strengthen its selling tools over the past few years. Now, it is possible to import products in bulk and sell across various channels, making it the perfect platform for aspiring E-commerce masters. You should consider specialised E-commerce systems like Shopify or BigCommerce to build a strong online store. With these adjustments, the text is clearer and more concise, providing a better understanding of the E-commerce capabilities of Wix and GoDaddy and suggestions for those seeking more advanced E-commerce features.

2. Blogging

Wix, along with Squarespace, is one of the top blogging platforms, offering a lot in this regard. Your blog posts can be categorised, socially bookmarked, and tracked using analytics. You can also add additional features like a search bar or comments area through the use of apps. Moreover, Wix allows you to add writer profiles, pre-schedule your posts, and use SEO tailored specifically for blogs. In comparison, GoDaddy's blogging capabilities may seem a little underwhelming. While GoDaddy allows you to build an RSS feed for subscriptions and includes analytics, comments, and category segmentation, it lacks search functionality, an archive, or writer profiles. Can you still design a useful and appealing blog with GoDaddy? Yes, you can. However, it may not be as sophisticated compared to what Wix offers.

3. Apps and Plugins

One thing that sets Wix apart from GoDaddy is its excellent and wide app market. While Wix's built-in features are extremely good quality, a large selection of apps ensures you can always access additional functionality. On the other hand, GoDaddy does not include any additional plugins or programs, limiting you to the platform's built-in functionality only. 

Wix's app market undoubtedly offers numerous benefits. Still, it also has a significant disadvantage in that many applications cost money, making it more expensive to include them on your website. As we've already established, Wix is not the most budget-friendly builder, so be aware of how rapidly your monthly charges can mount if you want to rely on many premium apps.

4. Email Promotion

With Wix, you can use G Suite to create your personalised email account with your domain. If you already have an email marketing account with another platform, you may be able to integrate it using the Wix App Store. Wix now supports several services, including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Smoove, and Privy. 

Additionally, it features marketing capabilities that can be integrated through apps like Wix ShoutOut, making it simple to create, send, and share email marketing campaigns with your users. On the other hand, all of GoDaddy's email functions are integrated, but you won't be able to connect to any outside marketing tools. However, if you opt for GoDaddy's email marketing solution, it will cost you more than the monthly charge you already pay (starting at $6.99 per month).

5. Integration of social media

Wix offers numerous ways to integrate social media into your website. Your website can include buttons, live feeds, and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram image galleries. This is now also available with GoDaddy; however, Wix still provides more formatting choices.

6. Analytics

Monitoring the traffic to your website is a terrific method to see how it is doing. You can check page views, visitor totals, and bounce rates. With Wix, you can choose between using Google Analytics or installing the Visitor Analytics app on your website. On the other hand, adding Google Analytics is your sole choice with GoDaddy, although its built-in GoDaddy Insight makes up for this.

10. Which SEO Tool Has The Resources To Help You Rank Higher?

How Important is SEO

Regardless of your plan, Wix includes many SEO tools to help your website rank higher in search results; its SEO Wiz and additional SEO applications are especially helpful for newbies. GoDaddy offers similar SEO Wizards. However, they are only included in the more expensive plans, leaving the less expensive plans as their only option.

SEO Features
Wix GoDaddy
Customisable meta titles  YES YES
Meta descriptions YES   YES
Image alt attributes YES  YES
SEO specific app YES  NO
SEO prompts  YES NO
Keyword Support
 Google Integrations

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Headings  H1 to H6  H1 to H6 
 SSL Security YES  YES 
 Personalised SEO suggestions YES  NO 

How well your website is optimised for search engines like Google will impact how highly you are ranked there. More people will visit your site as a result of your improved ranking. Simple, right?


Wix gives you control and improves the SEO of your website. It lets you change SEO-related elements, including meta descriptions and titles, URL slugs, and header code. Do not worry if you are struggling to get started. Through its SEO Wiz and other tools, including Site Booster, Wix provides keyword assistance so you can monitor the SEO effectiveness of your website.


Your pricing plan significantly impacts the SEO support you get from GoDaddy. Customers with the Standard, Premium, or Ecommerce subscription can access its sophisticated SEO tools, such as its website optimiser and SEO Wizard. It is great for beginners in SEO but is unavailable to those on free or regular accounts. You will have to get by with the bare necessities. By 'basics,' we mean that you will still be in charge of your meta descriptions and titles, URL slugs, and image alt tags, but you won't get canonical tags or SEO best practice reminders. Do you like the way the Wix SEO tools sound? Wix's built-in features simplify SEO, allowing you to boost your site's ranking without any coding experience!"

11. Assistance and Support: Which One Lends A Better Helping Hand? 

Assistance and Support_ Which One Lends A Better Helping Hand

The winner - Wix provides superior customer service. You may choose from a greater variety of support choices with Wix, and you can get individualised assistance whenever needed. Additionally, its help centre and on-page support are some of the best. In contrast, GoDaddy provides fewer contact options and a less user-friendly knowledge base.

Help and Support Wix GoDaddy
Score 4.3/5
24/7 support YES  NO
Live chat  YES NO
Phone Support
Email support



Video Tutorials
Advanced specialist support YES  NO

Wix has a larger selection of assistance and support tools and a more thorough knowledge base.


GoDaddy provides fewer help alternatives, and navigating its knowledge base is more difficult.

No one enjoys becoming stuck or perplexed, but it is wonderful to know that assistance is available if you do. Wix and GoDaddy offer many help services if you run into trouble.


Wix Support

Wix scored 4.3 out of 5 in our assistance and support category because of its robust support programme. It provides phone service during the day for most other languages and around the clock for customers who speak English and Spanish. You may contact Wix via live chat and social media if you would rather not pick up the phone (and we do not blame you for that).

It also features the best help centre of any website builder and a helpful forum. The Help Center on Wix is a website where you can look up instructions and tutorials. Imagine it as being somewhat similar to a Wix-only search engine. A list of relevant search results will appear when you enter a query. We are confident that Wix's help centre can assist you because we have thoroughly evaluated it. It even alerts you if you have sought assistance with a topic Wix does not cover!


GoDaddy Support

GoDaddy's help and support rating was worse than Wix's. It received a mere 3.8 out of 5. However, this is not because the support it provides is not good enough; rather, it is because there are fewer options available for you to locate the assistance you require.

Like Wix, GoDaddy provides live chat, social media assistance, and a 24-hour phone line. Its information centre is one of its biggest flaws. It is not as thorough as Wix's, and during our testing, we had trouble getting complete, correct responses to all of our inquiries. Additionally, it does not provide any video training to accompany its support articles.

Help Center

Wix has one more trick: its built-in editor assistance. If you run into an issue while working on your website, click the question mark bubble to get the solution without leaving the editor!

Customer service

It is fantastic to use a website builder since customer support can help you with any problems you have when creating a website. If customer service can merely assist you in resolving that one annoying problem, it can improve your awful day. So how do Wix and GoDaddy's customer service levels compare?

Customer service of Wix

Wix has good customer service and offers many ways for consumers to seek assistance with questions. For instance, you can ask your website editor for assistance immediately because your page has question marks. When a button is pressed, a pop-up box containing advice on the tool it is connected to Wix’s Help Center appears. 

If that's not enough, you can always use Wix's live callback service or contact Wix's customer care team directly by filling out their contact form. You may also contact Wix through social media or ask a fellow user for assistance on the Wix forum. Unfortunately, Wix does not provide live assistance, but the available options should be able to answer any queries you may have.

Customer service of GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers a variety of ways for clients to get assistance if they require it. You can call or use live chat to ask the support staff at GoDaddy any questions. The phone line and the live chat are available around-the-clock, Monday through Friday, from 5 am to 6 pm. You may use the knowledge base and forum on GoDaddy as your go-to resource for any queries, freeing up your time from having to plan it around the team's working hours. There is a problem, though. General inquiries are acceptable, but if your query is more focused, you probably won't get a quick response and will need to research. Overall, both builders provide a variety of ways for customers to get assistance, but Wix's support is better and more comprehensive.

12. Performance: Which One Performs Better?

The Winner - Performance tests show that GoDaddy completely dominates, outperforming Wix on every parameter. Although the results were disappointing, Wix still performs well in actual situations. An excellent website loads quickly. You can make your website look like a Louvre masterpiece, but who will stay to see it if it takes forever to load? We used GTMetrix to measure the load times of the test websites and the platform's overall optimisation.

The outcomes for the GoDaddy website builder are as follows: GoDaddy's hosting history is visible. Compared to Wix, their website builder site loads in just 1.3 seconds. Compared to GoDaddy, Wix takes less than a second to load the website's main page. Overall rankings are also quite revealing: Wix fails the class, whereas GoDaddy receives an A. I do not, however, entirely concur with the test results.

The thing about GoDaddy being extremely quick is accurate. However, Wix is not as sluggish as it is supposed to be. Wix loads the important part of the site in just a few seconds, which is rather good. Performance tests revealed that GoDaddy performed superbly. Wix has lagged, but most users should have no issues with its performance.

13. Best Appointment Booking Tools

The winner - GoDaddy, has a slight advantage. Since all plans, even the free ones, come with native appointment booking features, we are giving the GoDaddy website builder the advantage in this category. Because of this, it is the perfect option for service- and sales-focused companies looking to add online booking functionality to their website quickly. On the cheapest GoDaddy account, you can set up online appointments with the website builder (but not online payments) (or even the free one). However, once an appointment has been scheduled, you can use Pay Links to collect money online. If not, you must accept payments in person, but your monthly plan will cost less. 

You must upgrade to the Premium plan with GoDaddy to collect payments online. If you would want, you may also combine GoDaddy with other booking software. The cheapest Wix plans do not provide native booking tools. However, even the free version allows you to add appointment scheduling via a third-party app.  You should get one of Wix's Business and E-commerce services if you require native booking tools. If you do, the good news is that the cheapest E-commerce account includes all of Wix's important features, such as recurring payments and subscriptions. Regarding online service sales, GoDaddy triumphs, all of its subscriptions have access to its built-in appointment scheduling feature, and using it to handle online payments for online reservations is less expensive than using Wix.

14. Most Capabilities

Most Capabilities

The winner - Wix. Wix Marketplace has more than 300 apps to increase the functionality of your site, whatever you need. Godaddy: For most small firms, robust (plan-dependent) features will be sufficient. Due to its extensive app store, Wix easily outperforms GoDaddy in terms of functionality. However, most of the capabilities a small business will require are scalable in GoDaddy's pricing. 

The true decision is whether you want native functionality at your fingertips or are ready to incorporate third-party programs to acquire the suppliers and customised features you desire. This is similar to the design decision. Winner: Wix offers endless customisability, from the massive third-party app marketplace to the design freedom of its drag-and-drop website builder. If you are searching for third-party integrations or specialised functionality, you should opt for Wix. However, GoDaddy will be more suitable for you if you want the greatest ease of use with native tools.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

15. Extra features

The Winner: Wix! Wix has so many apps that it can be the finest option for many website categories. While building your site is an excellent place to start, you must add plugins, code snippets, etc, if you want more possibilities. All one-click instals are preferred because you should not need to learn how to code to use more features. We will now see how Wix and GoDaddy handle them.

Godaddy Additional Features

Simply said, there is no app store. There are, however, a few integrated add-ons, like a pop-up widget and a live chat tool. Additionally, you have additional choices created for particular industries. MLS/IDX Real Estate Listings and Zillow Reviews for real estate. Reservations for restaurants through Open Table, ordering from restaurants online through ChowNow, etc. Remember that upgrading to the BusinessPlus plan is necessary to add features like Appointments & Services.

Wix Additional Features

The best app store of its kind is offered by Wix. Most apps are free, although some may charge extra for premium features like collecting online payments. The number of added features is extensive. Since Wix itself creates many apps, they integrate easily. Among my favourite applications are Wix Bookings, Wix Hotels, Wix Music, Wix Forum, Wix Events, and many others.

What about Wix and GoDaddy alternatives?

What about Wix and GoDaddy alternatives?

You should be aware that other website builders exist besides Wix and GoDaddy. If neither Wix nor GoDaddy meets your needs, choose one of the alternatives listed below.

1. The Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform

The Fynd Platform is the best option if you want to sell products online and desire a little extra pzazz for your online store. It comes at a moderately low cost, starting at INR 599 monthly, and will be well spent. Unlike being just a website builder, The Fynd Platform is a dedicated E-commerce platform jam-packed with features to get you up and running and position you for success.

Anyone can use The Fynd Platform, an omnichannel E-commerce platform, to launch a new online business or expand an existing one. The platform effectively helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles when launching their online operations.

It serves as an all-inclusive E-commerce website solution, assisting companies in quickly and affordably developing stunning online stores. Companies can quickly start an internet store, take orders, and run PR and marketing efforts for their target demographic. In more detail, let's examine some of the Fynd Platform's main benefits.

1. Business Branding

Following these simple steps, brands may use the Fynd Platform to construct a website in around 30 minutes:

Step 1: Make a catalogue listing all your products.

Step 2: Select a theme.

Step 3: Add your domain there.

Step 4: Create the business website.

2. The Order Management System

Supports Order Management Across a Range of Channels. On the Fynd Platform, you may use a blended OMS for all your channels. It offers the following benefits:

  • Automation saves time by removing the need to enter information like customer and delivery data manually.
  • Real-time reporting: Brands can track products using an app from the point of purchase to order shipment and delivery.
  • All outlets, including physical stores, online stores, and marketplaces, are supported.

3. Analyses and Monitoring

It might be hard to track your company’s growth. Do not be concerned; the Fynd Platform offers analytical capabilities to track the operation of your organisation efficiently. Information and data from the shopping cart, order, and payment are displayed in graphs and tables. They are available in several formats, including PDF and CSV. Brands can leverage Firebase, MoEngage, Segment, and GTM app credentials for analytics.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is the best option if you are looking for amazing designs. It has the highest quality templates available and features of the same quality. Prices begin at $16 per month, and it is worth it! Although it is a little more difficult to use than Wix and will take longer to set up than GoDaddy, it is worth the extra work for aesthetics.

3. Weebly

A reliable website builder with straightforward layouts and functionalities is Weebly. It is one of the most affordable platforms to start selling products online and works well for portfolios and small businesses. Weebly, like Wix, offers a free plan, and its monthly costs start at just $10. it is ideal if you want more direction on your design options because its templates have more structure than Wix.

4. Zyro


Zyro is an excellent option if you search for a platform similar to Wix but less intimidating for newbies. It is one of the newest website builders on the market. Zyro uses a grid-based drag-and-drop editor, making website creation incredibly simple. Additionally, it is reasonably priced, and our users loved using it. Remember that it may lack certain more sophisticated features. Thus, creating a straightforward website without any frills or gizmos works best!

5. Jimdo

Since Jimdo also uses ADI to create websites from scratch, it is a fantastic alternative to GoDaddy. That makes it perfect if you are in a hurry and want a professional-looking website without all the work, similar to GoDaddy! The website capabilities of Jimdo, like Zyro, aren't quite as advanced as those of Wix and GoDaddy, but the builder is still quite affordable.

Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

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GoDaddy vs. Wix: Our Overall Winner

Godaddy vs Wix Our overall winner

Although the performance from the two leading platforms was excellent, Wix ultimately won. As previously stated, Wix offers more capabilities, customisation, and help & support. Wix received a better total score of 4.8 than GoDaddy's 4.4, which reflects this. Compared to GoDaddy, Wix is a more potent builder, allowing total creative control, better-quality features, and more expandable options. 

But the price is higher, and there are so many personalisation possibilities that it might confuse newbies. On the other hand, GoDaddy has fewer capabilities but provides excellent usability thanks to its simple ADI builder. Additionally, it has made fantastic advancements in design and customisation. Its rating in this category has improved by an amazing 14% since our last evaluation!

We suggest Wix if...

You desire complete control over your design but do not want to waste time navigating a challenging learning curve. Wix provides scalable websites that work well if you want to start selling. Wix is also preferable if you have more money because it has a more expensive pricing plan on average than its rivals.

We suggest GoDaddy if...

You want to launch a well-designed website online quickly. If you do not have the time to create, GoDaddy's ADI builder makes building a website easier. 

We suggest the Fynd Platform if….

If you want total control over hosting, customisation, security, and general site upkeep, the Fynd Platform is preferable. Your company will constantly receive assistance from Fynd Platform in developing it into a top-tier consumer brand.

Additionally, it is a lot less expensive than Wix, making it preferable if you need to watch your spending! Both of these website builders are worth considering, but ultimately, the Fynd Platform is the one we'd suggest to anyone who is not in a rush to launch their website. Spend a little more time on the design, and you will get a stunning website that you can keep enhancing with fun and interesting features!

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hero image

What's better, Wix or GoDaddy?

If you want your website to look exactly the way you want it to, Wix is preferable to GoDaddy. On the other hand, GoDaddy greatly streamlines the entire website creation process and also includes a few intriguing business tools to use. You must select the choice that offers the qualities you find most intriguing.

Can you switch from Wix to GoDaddy?

You cannot switch from Wix to GoDaddy or vice versa without losing all of the data on your website. This is due to the stark differences between the two platforms. We advise manually copying the text.

Does using Wix or GoDaddy require knowledge of programming?

arrow down

No! No coding skills are necessary for either, but you can access Wix's code to make more complex adjustments if you like. You can find many manuals in Wix's help section that will lead you through using Wix Code

What further services does GoDaddy offer?

The biggest domain registrar in the world, GoDaddy also provides hosting and website security. Although GoCentral, its all-inclusive website builder, is a convenient option, you may also create your website elsewhere and buy specific components using one of GoDaddy's other services.

Which is more effective for creating an internet store?

If your primary goal is e-commerce, Wix is a great choice because it has superior sales options that GoDaddy. GoDaddy only offers one eCommerce plan, whereas Wix offers three, giving Wix more potential for long-term business growth. With Wix, you can build a whole store for just $27 a month.

Which website builder is quicker, Wix or GoDaddy?

Actually, this is a draw! Wix and GoDaddy both provide ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). Your answers will be used by the website builder to quickly develop a unique website for you after asking you questions like "What is the objective of your site"! You have the option of using Wix ADI or its manual editor.

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