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Illustrator Portfolio: 50 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Illustrator Portfolio: 50 Inspiring Examples (2024)

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If you're a  Professional Designer, your illustrator portfolio includes your calling card, personal billboard, and visual resume. It's your chance to show the world what you're capable of and what makes you different from your competitors.

An illustrator portfolio is a collection of your best works, showcasing your style, technique, and versatility. It should give an idea of what you can bring and how you approach projects. A solid portfolio should make it crystal clear what you have to offer.

Now, your portfolio isn't just a tool to showcase your mad illustration skills; it's also a way to grab the attention of potential clients, publishers, or employers. So, it's essential to ensure it's up-to-date and tailored to the type of work you're looking for. The goal is to create a portfolio that's not just eye-catching but also showcases the depth of your abilities.

In short, you can create your illustrator portfolio with the help of website builders like Fynd Platform, Wix etc. Fynd Platform allows you to put your best foot forward and show the world what you've got.

What is an illustrator portfolio?

What is an illustrator portfolio

An illustrator portfolio is a comprehensive showcase of an artist's work, highlighting their unique style, approach, and range of abilities.

With the rise of online platforms, illustrator portfolio websites have become crucial for artists to showcase their work and connect with potential clients and collaborators. One such Platform is the Fynd Platform. 

Fynd Platform allows artists to create a professional, polished online presence with its easy-to-use portfolio-building tools. Artists can display their work visually stunningly, with descriptions, project details, and personal branding elements.

The illustrator portfolio examples on the Fynd Platform showcase the diversity of styles and mediums that artists can work with, from hand-drawn illustrations to digital art.

Fynd Platform allows artists to showcase their work and serves as a marketplace for artists to connect with potential clients and collaborators. 

It opens up new opportunities for artists to grow their businesses and find new work. With its growing community of like-minded professionals, artists can share their work, find inspiration, and make valuable connections in the industry.

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List of Illustrator's Portfolio Examples

These portfolios highlight the illustrator's best work and provide insight into their style, techniques, and creativity.

The following websites offer a platform for illustrators to create and display their portfolios, making it easier for them to connect with the right people and get their work seen.


Michael Molfetas's Portfolio

Michael Molfetas's portfolio is an excellent example of a well-designed and easy-to-use illustrator portfolio website. Built using the Ora theme, a stylish illustrator portfolio website builder, the homepage is organised into a simple grid layout. 

The projects are neatly arranged by name, making it easy for visitors to browse through Molfetas's work. This minimalist approach allows the illustrations to take centre stage and showcases Molfetas's skills and style as a designer, illustrator, and graphic designer.

Using a professional and user-friendly illustrator portfolios website builder like Fynd Platform and Ora has helped Molfetas create a website that effectively showcases his work to potential clients and collaborators.

Dena Cooper's Portfolio

It is another example of how an illustrator can use a portfolio template to create a unique and effective showcase of their work. Dena used Format's Horizon Left theme to create her lookbook. The template provides a close-up perspective of her minimalist fashion and lifestyle illustrations, allowing visitors to appreciate her work's details and quality fully. 

The template's clean and modest design complements Dena's illustrations and helps to create a cohesive and professional presentation. It is an excellent example of how an illustrator can utilise an illustrator portfolio template to create a website that effectively showcases their work and style.

Eli Iguchi's Portfolio

example gives you the best idea of how illustrator portfolio websites are designed to showcase an artist's work effectively and engagingly.Eli, a digital illustrator specialising in narrative illustrations, uses Format's Peak theme to create a grid layout portfolio that allows visitors to see his work.

The website is organised into different sections, each categorising Eli's projects by type of illustration, making it easy to navigate and find specific pieces of work.

Zach Meyer's Portfolio

is a prime example of how illustrator portfolio websites bring an artist's work to life. Zach, an illustrator, uses Format's Order theme to give his website the same look and feel as the graphic novels he illustrates. 

The website is designed with a crisp storyboard, allowing visitors to see Zach's illustrations' progression easily. With just a single click, visitors can zoom in on each image and scroll through the side, giving them a closer look at the details and intricacies of each illustration. 

Alvaro Tapia’s Portfolio

Alvaro Tapia's "illustrator portfolio examples" showcase his talent in a portrait-style abstract illustration. His work features a clean grid layout with square shapes for easy categorisation.

The "Order" theme highlights his dynamic colour and line work use. Viewers can access more of his work by clicking through his portfolio, starting with a striking image.


Michael C. Hsiung's Portfolio

Check out Michael C. Hsiung's "illustrator portfolio websites" showcasing his artistic skills. With the Grace theme, his drawings, videos, and tattoo art are easily navigated through clearly labelled drop-down menus at the top right. 

BTheLA-based artist's extensive portfolio is made simple without returning to the home page. Get a glimpse of Michael's diverse range of work on his well-organized and user-friendly illustrator portfolio website.

Iveta Karpathyova's Portfolio

Iveta Karpathyova's portfolio is an excellent example of how an illustrator can showcase their unique style and interests. The left-side navigation allows easy access to specific projects such as fashion campaigns for Holt Renfrew and Variety Magazine, product branding, and custom wedding invitations. 

The portfolio is designed with a grid format using Format's Peak theme and showcases Karpathyova's feminine style, which incorporates her passion for fashion and wildlife. Overall, it is an excellent illustration of an illustrator's portfolio.

Nayeon Lee's Portfolio

Nayeon Lee's illustrator portfolio is one of the creative and distinctive examples of showcasing work online. The portfolio's grid showcases still and animated images, all united by a cohesive pastel colour scheme. 

Using the Sierra theme, Lee separates her branding work from editorial and personal illustration projects, making it easy for viewers to access all aspects through an extensive header menu. This portfolio is a prime example of how illustrators can effectively present their work and skills.

Deshi Deng Portfolio

Deshi Deng's illustrator portfolio perfectly illustrates how animation and illustration are seamlessly combined. The portfolio features separate grid-based galleries for each type of art, all designed using the Slate theme. 

The header menu, which scrolls down the page as the user scrolls, provides quick access to other pages on the Canadian illustrator's website. Overall, Deng's portfolio serves as a great illustration of how an illustrator can effectively showcase their work and skills through animation and illustration.

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Paul Pateman's Portfolio

Paul Pateman, a talented graphic artist with clients like BuzzFeed, Financial Times, and Fast Company, showcases his impressive illustrator portfolio using Format's Horizon Left theme. 

Visitors can easily browse through his work, getting a sense of the range and quality of his illustrations. Pateman's portfolio is eye-catching with its vivid colours and text-based artwork, appearing like posters on a computer screen.

For those who want to learn more about his expertise in advertising, his portfolio is a must-see. Furthermore, such portfolios are available on the Fynd Platform, making it easy for potential clients to discover and appreciate his work.

Cressida Djambov's Portfolio

Cressida Djambov, a talented graphic artist from London, showcases her impressive illustrator portfolio using the Horizon theme. This portfolio is one of the best examples of how an artist's work can be presented online, as it captivates visitors and keeps them scrolling until the end. 

The portfolio visually displays Djambov's paintings, drawings, sculptures, and animations, showcasing her unique aesthetic. Anyone searching for inspiration or illustrator portfolio examples should check out similar websites made with the Fynd Platform.

Maria Källström Portfolio

Maria Källström, a Stockholm-based illustrator, showcases her vivid and contemporary work using the grid-based Peak theme in her online portfolio. For her entertaining characters in children's book illustrations, her portfolio is a must-see for those seeking inspiration in the field.


With the Peak theme, visitors can easily glimpse Källström's style and work. Explore this top-notch "illustrator portfolio example" now.

Genevieve Godbout's Portfolio

Genevieve Godbout is a children's book and fashion illustrator from Montreal. She has worked with some big-name publishers, like Disney and Random House, and her work can be seen on her illustrator portfolio website using the Amazon theme.

In addition to illustrating children's books, Genevieve creates beautiful fashion illustrations. She is very talented and has a unique style that is very interesting to look at. If you're interested in her work, you can explore it on her website.

Jan Bowman's Portfolio

Jan Bowman, an illustrator with a background in architecture, creates illustrations that capture the essence of people and places. 

Using the Peak theme in her illustrator portfolio allows her to easily showcase her work, giving visitors a quick overview and the ability to zoom in and view descriptions with a single click. Bowman's portfolio is an excellent example of how an illustrator can effectively display their work.

Marne Grahlman’s Portfolio

Marne Grahlman's illustrations are inspired by nature and can be found in her online portfolio using the Format Amazon theme. Her exceptionally well-designed portfolio showcases her unique and whimsical style, making her one of the standout illustrator portfolio examples.

Nick Grant's Portfolio

Nick Grant, an English illustrator, showcases his diverse portfolio using his website's horizontally scrolling Sierra theme. From linocut designs to pop art-inspired graphics, Grant's work is well-represented by this visually appealing "illustrator portfolio template." Visitors can easily browse through his portfolio, taking in the rich details of his illustrations.

Gizem Vural Portfolio

Gizem Vural showcases her impressive portfolio with the Order theme, utilizing a well-organized sidebar menu and grid-based galleries. 

Her portfolio is easy to navigate, with separate galleries for editorial and personal illustration work, paintings, patterns, and comics. Vural's work has been featured in well-known publications such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The New Republic.

By using "illustrator portfolio examples," she can inspire others and demonstrate the impact of a well-designed portfolio. These examples will give her a platform to highlight her skills and creativity, making it easier for potential clients to discover her talent and book her for their projects.

Lily Qian's Portfolio

Lily Qian's work should be noticed if you're looking for stunning illustrator portfolio examples. Her watercolor, ink, and charcoal designs are a feast for the eyes, emphasizing people, places, and fashion.

Her clean and stylized approach perfectly fits personal work or projects for high-profile clients like La Prairie and L'Oreal. The Peak theme from Format is an excellent showcase for her work, making it easy to see why she's so highly regarded in the industry.

Vickey Leta's Portfolio

If you are looking for some excellent illustrator portfolio examples? Be sure to check out Vicky Leta's work. Based in Brooklyn, her comic-style illustrations burst with energy, featuring gestural lines and light humour that will make you smile.

Her main page reads like a graphic novel, immersing the reader in a vibrant world that's all her own. Using the Ora theme, she makes it easy to switch between projects with the help of a handy sidebar. Vicky Leta's portfolio is a must-see if you're looking for creative inspiration.

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang's illustrator portfolio is a beautiful example. Her artwork is characterized by bright, bold colors that leap off the page and bring joy to any project.

In addition to illustration, Alice offers various other creative services, including graphic design, mural painting, and motion design. With her expertise and artistic vision, Alice can bring your ideas to life stunningly and unforgettably.

Alexis Johnson Art

Alexis primarily works with ink to create intricate and captivating art pieces, but she also experiments with pastels and other materials to further her craft. Alexis pushes herself to try new techniques and styles with each project, constantly expanding her artistic repertoire.

Whether you're looking for bold black and white designs or colorful and whimsical creations, Alexis's portfolio offers a diverse range of impressive and inspiring works.

Clara De Lorenzi

Clara has worked with numerous businesses to create compelling brand identities, stunning print designs, and beautiful illustrations. 

Her simple yet effective approach to art creates a distinctive and memorable aesthetic that can help elevate any project. With Clara's expertise and a keen eye for design, you can be sure that your next project will stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Courtney Makes Stuff

Courtney White's work is worth checking out for anyone looking for versatile illustrator portfolio examples. With skills in painting, drawing, event production, and more, she's a true artist who brings many abilities to the table.

She has a particular love for colourful animation, where she can let her artistic freedom shine. Whether you're looking for illustrations that are whimsical, bold, or something in between, Courtney's portfolio has something for everyone. So take advantage of this talented illustrator and designer's fantastic work.

Nate Moody

Nate Moody's portfolio is an excellent example of the versatility of an illustrator and concept artist. With experience in retail, gaming, graphic design, and traditional illustration, he is open to any artistic project that comes his way. 

His passion for his craft shines through in every piece; whether it's a character concept or an editorial illustration, Nate's portfolio is a must-see if you're looking for a talented artist who can bring your project to life. Take the chance to discover his unique style and range of skills.

That Artista

Philece Roberts stands out among illustrator portfolio examples, known as "that artist" for her stunning artwork showcasing black women's strength and beauty.

Her illustrations are not only visually striking but also celebrate the power and resilience of her subjects. She's illustrated several books and created her artwork using paint and pencil, demonstrating her incredible talent and versatility as an artist.

For anyone seeking an inspiring and unique voice in the illustration world, Philece's portfolio is a must-see. Get ready to be amazed by her powerful and uplifting work.

Ashley Idell

Ashley Idell's incredible body of work is based in Colorado; she's an illustrator and educator with over a decade of experience in the field. Her enthusiasm for her craft is evident in every piece she creates, which is found in everything from children's books to editorial work. 

Her unique style combines bold use of colour with delicate linework, resulting in eye-catching and thought-provoking illustrations. Take the chance to explore Ashley's portfolio and discover her incredible talent.

Schorsch Feierfeil

Schorsch Feierfeil's portfolio is a prime example of the incredible range of artistic abilities of an illustrator, graphic designer, and animation artist astonishing range of creative skills. 

Based in Vienna, his work is characterized by a unique and unconventional approach that makes his creations stand out. He applies his artistic talents to various projects, from album covers for musicians to editorial illustrations and beyond. 

The breadth of his skills is on full display in his portfolio, which is sure to impress anyone seeking an artist who can bring a fresh and innovative perspective to their project.

Rachel Sanson

Rachel is a talented illustrator from the United Kingdom with a degree in illustration from the University of Lincoln. Her illustrator portfolio examples highlight her vibrant and eye-catching work designed to captivate young readers.

Rachel's unique style and colourful illustrations have gained her representation with The Bright Agency, where she illustrated children's books are a standout. Her portfolio demonstrates her ability to bring stories to life through her artwork and her commitment to producing engaging, high-quality illustrations.

Samantha Hahn Illustration

Samantha Hahn is a multi-talented illustrator, author, and creative director based in Brooklyn. Her illustrator portfolio examples showcase her unique and beautiful portraits, food, and editorial designs featured in several design books.

Samantha's work is characterized by her exquisite attention to detail and ability to convey emotion through her illustrations. Her diverse portfolio highlights her versatility as an artist and her ability to bring a range of subjects to life through her stunning artwork.

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Beatrice Blue

Beatrice is a highly skilled writer, illustrator, and art director whose work has been featured in various books and companies. Her illustrator portfolio examples highlight her unique and dynamic style, which can be seen in her creations for animation and publishing.

Beatrice's talent and creativity are evident in her portfolio, showcasing a diverse range of work demonstrating her ability to bring her artistic vision to life in various mediums. Her portfolio is a testament to her exceptional talent and commitment to producing high-quality illustrations.

Simeon Elson

Simeon Elson is a professional artist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with an impressive list of clients and has a diverse portfolio of illustration and design projects, with a strong focus on sports and music. To showcase his work and reach a wider audience, Simeon can use an "illustrator portfolio."

Thanks to this Platform, it will be simpler for potential clients to find his skills and hire him for their projects, enabling him to establish a professional web presence and show his portfolio orderly. A well-designed portfolio is helpful for artists to display their abilities and attract new customers.

Corinne Alexandra

Corinne Alexandra is a seasoned artist who has honed her skills since childhood. Her edgy portfolio has grown through her work with diverse clients, including design, photography, illustration, and other services. To showcase her work and reach a wider audience, Corinne can use an "illustrator portfolio website." 

With the help of this Platform, she will be able to establish a credible online identity and arrange her portfolio, making it more straightforward for prospective clients to find her skills and hire her for their projects.

Luke Adam Hawker

Luke Adam Hawker is a London-based calligrapher with a background in architecture. He has applied his unique training to design and illustrate remarkable buildings.

Additionally, he conducts instructional workshops and has been featured in several publications. To showcase his impressive portfolio and inspire others, Luke can use "illustrator portfolio examples" to highlight his work and skills. 

These examples will allow him to share his creativity and ideas with a broader audience, making it easier for potential clients to discover his talent and book him for their projects.

HelloVon Studio

HelloVon Studio, run by the talented illustrator and designer Von, is based in London. His unique and contemporary illustrations, including portraits, nature, and sports themes, have earned him recognition from big names like Nike, the Oscars, and American Express.

Von can use an "illustrator portfolio" to showcase his impressive portfolio to share his work with a broader audience. This Platform will enable him to present his art in a professional and organized manner, making it easier for potential clients to discover his talent and book him for their projects.

Kristián Mensa

Kristian Mensa is a multi-talented artist who combines her passion for dance and illustration. As a freelance illustrator, she offers various services, including mural painting and graphic design. Her work is inspired by her surroundings and incorporates multiple mediums.

To showcase her portfolio and attract more clients, Kristian can use an "illustrator portfolio website builder" to build a professional online presence. This Platform will enable her to easily display her artwork and services, making reaching her easier for potential clients.

Ive Penkova

Ive Penkova is a talented illustrator and graphic designer with over seven years of experience. Discover her illustrator portfolio showcasing her expertise in infographic design, brand identity, and more.

Ivelina is available for hire, offering her services to businesses seeking exceptional design work. Explore her portfolio today and see why she is the perfect choice for your next project.

Jamie Mills

Jamie Mills is an accomplished artist who draws inspiration from nature to create stunning collages and sketches. As a professor of illustration at Leeds Arts University, he shares his expertise with students. Jamie has made an illustrator portfolio website to showcase his works using an easy-to-use website builder. 

This website highlights his talent and serves as a platform to promote his art. With the help of this portfolio website, Jamie can reach a wider audience and showcase his skills as an illustrator to the world.

Carlos Nieto

Carlos Nieto is a Spanish artist known for his passion for comic books. He brings these comic novels to life with vivid illustrations and engages in character design and advertising. Carlos's work showcases his talent and is an excellent example of an illustrator's portfolio.

Artyom Ernst

Artyom Ernst is a talented artist based in Russia. He showcases his impressive illustration and design work through a straightforward website, making it easy for visitors to see and appreciate his talent. 

In addition to his portfolio, Artyom shares his journey and growth in the art world through his blog, making his site a comprehensive source for anyone looking for an illustrator portfolio.

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Courtney Brendle Art

Courtney Brendle Art is an outstanding artist from California who is currently making a name for herself as a backdrop painter. Her portfolio showcases her versatility as an artist, with notable work for Airbnb and Cartoon Network. Courtney's work is worth checking out for anyone searching for inspiration or illustrator portfolio examples.

Cory Thomas Illustration

Cory Thomas Illustration is an accomplished artist with a digital design and graphics portfolio. With years of experience, including creating the popular comic book series "Comet Cat", Cory has established himself as a talented freelancer.His illustrator portfolio is a must-see for great digital design and graphics examples.

Martin Ballie

Martin Ballie is a talented artist based in Edinburgh, where he received his art degree in 2007. He operates a studio to showcase his work and offers services such as typography, branding, print, and illustration to companies in need.

Martin's portfolio is an excellent example of an illustrator portfolio template, highlighting his skills and showcasing his work clearly and effectively. Martin's work is worth checking whether you are looking for inspiration or ideas for your portfolio.

Mary Kuan

Mary Kuan is a versatile artist known for her observant nature. She produces many works, including sculptures, drawings, illustrations, and prints. Mary's work is investigative, often focusing on personal matters and more profound global issues. 

With her unique perspective and ability to delve into complex subjects, Mary's portfolio is an excellent example of the depth and versatility of an artist's work. Whether you're looking for inspiration or admire great art, Mary Kuan's portfolio is worth exploring.

Alicia Holtz

Alicia Holtz, also known as Art by Aleash, is a talented illustrator and graphic designer. She constantly explores new artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, and costume design. With her passion for the arts, Alicia always has fresh ideas, and her work is always innovative and unique.

Her portfolio is an excellent example of the versatility and creative potential of an artist constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of their craft. Alicia Holtz's portfolio is worth checking whether you want inspiration or appreciate great art.

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson, raised in California, is a talented artist with a passion for her craft. She uses ink to create her works and explores painting and other illustration styles. Nature often serves as a source of inspiration for her creative works.

Natalie's portfolio is an excellent example of an illustrator portfolio template, showcasing her skills and highlighting her unique style. If you're looking for inspiration for your portfolio or appreciate great art, Natalie Anderson's portfolio is worth checking out.

Paula Cohen Illustration

Paula Cohen is a talented illustrator known for her beautiful colour and black-and-white illustrations. In addition to illustrating books, she also writes them. Her portfolio is an excellent example of an illustrator portfolio, showcasing her skills and creativity.

The Cat Agency Inc. is proud to represent her as her current agent. Paula Cohen's portfolio is worth checking whether you're in the market for an illustrator or appreciate great art. It serves as a fantastic example of what an illustrator portfolio should look like.

Rebecca Zomchek

Rebecca Zomchek is a talented illustrator and teacher at the Ringling College of Art and Design. She has created a diverse portfolio of game designs and illustrations for children's books and has received numerous awards for her work. 

Her portfolio is a fantastic example of what an illustrator's portfolio should look like, showcasing her creativity and expertise in the field. Whether you're a student looking for inspiration or appreciate great art, Rebecca Zomchek's illustrator portfolio is worth checking out.

Larissa Marantz

Larissa Marantz is an accomplished illustrator for children's books and is represented by Rachel Orr at Prospect Literary. With years of experience, she creates stunning illustrations that captivate young audiences. 

Besides her successful illustration career, Larissa also runs OC Art Studios, where she shares her skills and knowledge with aspiring artists. Her passion for art and teaching is evident in her impressive portfolio and dedication to supporting the next generation of artists.

Ann Church Gagliano

Ann is a skilled illustrator and painter with a degree from New York's prestigious Parsons School of Design. Her illustrator portfolio examples showcase her unique style and attention to detail, making her a sought-after artist for greeting cards and invitations.

Ann's work is whimsical and refined, reflecting her strong design background and dedication to her craft. Her portfolio includes examples of her illustrations and paintings, highlighting her versatility and creativity as an artist.

Lera Mishurov(a)

Lera is an illustrator and teacher specializing in toy-making and etching art. Her illustrator portfolio examples showcase her creative and unique style, which reflects her passion for education and nurturing young artists.

Her portfolio also features toy-making and etching work examples, demonstrating her versatility and artistic skill. With a dedication to both her craft and her students, Lera's portfolio is a testament to her talent and commitment to the world of illustration.

How To Make a Compelling Illustration Portfolio Website

How To Make a Compelling Illustration Portfolio Website

An online illustration portfolio is critical for obtaining work and furthering your career. For those who choose to make their portfolios beautiful, you can create your illustration portfolio website with the help of website builders like Fynd Platform.

An illustration or a graphic design portfolio is more likely to gain clients and full-time positions because their work, skill level, style, and personality are easily visible and discoverable.

In this article, we'll review some pointers for creating an online illustration portfolio and tips for making it stand out. We'll look at examples of incredible portfolios to inspire and guide you so that you're fully prepared to create a perfect portfolio you're ecstatic to share. 

Why Do You Need a Portfolio?

Why Do You Need a Portfolio

Every graphic designer should have a portfolio. Essentially, your portfolio is your source of income. It demonstrates to potential clients what you can do for them, which leads to your hiring.

You cherish artistic freedom since you are an illustrator. Online portfolios allow you to create a space for your creativity and expression that expresses who you are while also allowing you to share your favorite works.

Professional illustrators maintain internet portfolios to find work. You require a portfolio due to the following reasons:

It displays your prior work, demonstrates your skill, and sheds light on your creative process. It aids potential clients, employers, and partners in determining your suitability for a project.

  • It also serves as a location to sell your prints and other goods.
  • It increases your discoverability.
  • You join an online artists and designers community as a result.

Every type of illustrator, whether freelance or full-time, on everything from children's books to fashion, need an online portfolio. A physical portfolio is no longer as crucial as it once was. Maintaining a physical portfolio of any completed hard-copy projects is still intelligent.

Illustration Portfolio Tips

Illustration Portfolio Tips you can follow are as follows:

  • A stunning portfolio that is simple to use can make all the difference.
  • To create a job that you enjoy, 
  • You must invest time and effort into your portfolio. 

Check out the below suggestions to help you either start again or give things a fresh coat of paint.

Find the Right Platform

Find the Right Platform

Many websites host portfolios of illustrators. You may build a personal website with one of the great CMS platforms like Fynd Platform, Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress. You may also decide to put your portfolio on one of the well-known portfolio websites.

Some hosting platforms have limitations, so having your website gives you a lot more creative freedom. You can go above and beyond with creative nuances to create an engaging and professional experience.

Curate With Care Your finest effort is chosen with the goal of your target customer. Everyone has some work that they dislike.

Fortunately, you don't have to include everything in your portfolio. Much like a personal social media feed, you can curate your portfolio. Just a couple of your works should be on show.

The choice to share more upon request is equally yours. Select and construct the portfolio you are genuinely proud of Second, you should be aware of the types of clients you would ideally like to work with and your areas of style strength. 

Your portfolio should be aimed toward becoming a children's book illustrator if that is your career goal and you excel at producing such illustrations.

Your portfolio should focus on this if you aim to design intriguing labels for craft beer cans. Consider planning if you'd like to build a speciality and the kind of work you'd like to attract so your illustration portfolio may align with this. Having a niche can be quite helpful.

Spread It Out in Layout

Show off your design sense and creative flair by utilizing the website design for your portfolio. Everything needs to be well organized and simple to use, but there's always potential to innovate. 

However, get inspiration from illustration portfolios like Aurelia Durand and Neil Stevens. You'll see how to make it stunning, vibrant, and imaginative while effectively showcasing the work.

Play it safe with a simple grid structure and plenty of whitespaces. The minimalist portfolio style of Philece Roberts, which features a tonne of white space, may also look amazing!

You must also think carefully about how you will present each project in your gallery, no matter how you decide to arrange it. Although each project is unique, you can choose one image to highlight it. However, you may select several photos to demonstrate the project from different perspectives.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Display Your Talents and Personality

To demonstrate your versatility, it's a good idea to provide a variety of tasks. Even with a simple artistic style, you must be adaptable and match project requirements and client expectations. To showcase your abilities and style, pick a variety of tasks.

An illustration portfolio needs to be compelling and memorable. Sadly, only a few people are successful. Even if a designer is bright and accomplished, a lackluster presentation will cause clients to yawn rather than be impressed and go on to the following portfolio.

Design portfolios should concentrate on selling the designer. The designer may only have a brief window of opportunity to make an impression, present a compelling personal brand, and showcase their style.

Personalized touch

Take advantage of the chance to add your unique touch and reveal more about yourself. Pick a color scheme for your website's design that accurately represents your personality. You'll want to emphasize this in your portfolio if, for example, your graphics are all about vivid colors.

Some illustrators put a brief bio in the "About" part of their contact page, while others simply write a one-paragraph biography there. This part frequently also includes an illustrator's customer list.

Regularly update your portfolio and add your personal touch to make it pertinent to the clients you want to work with, have a solid organizational structure, and reflect your distinct style.

An illustration portfolio should be distinctive from your competitors to stand out. You won't have any trouble standing out from the crowd if you do that.

Maintain Freshness

Maintain a current portfolio! Losing a potential lead because of an outdated illustration portfolio is one way. Ensure you include any honors or distinctions you may have received, and double-check that all the links to your social media accounts are operational.

Your artistic career may be made or lost by your portfolio. Maintaining it can help you find new work frequently and projects you enjoy working on. Keep them current, relevant, and a consistent portrayal of yourself.

How to Disperse Them

Making a great portfolio that serves its purpose is one thing. Making it truly stand out is a different matter. You may make your illustration portfolio stand out by remembering a few tips. The best approach is sure to have a creative illustration portfolio resulting from considerable thinking and effort.

It promotes customer hiring, increases commissions, and boosts your income. You will be more successful if your illustration portfolio is vital. That is how highly I place an illustrator's portfolio. Unfortunately, it has to be outstanding; it can neither be average nor decent.

Innovative Style

Make it exciting and engaging by using your creativity. Include animated pictures and interactive graphics. From the beginning, the whole thing should be aesthetically beautiful and imaginative.

Consistent with your work is fantastic, but it's best to incorporate some variability so the client can evaluate your innovation and potential. That doesn't imply that you take on side projects to satisfy that diversification. However, try accepting some paid jobs outside of your comfort zone to gain experience and build a more comprehensive illustration portfolio.

Utilize Your Words

To improve the experience of your illustration portfolio, use language to your advantage. A copywriter may assist you in writing a great bio and developing some catchy words to utilize on your website.

Use language's expressive power to distinguish your portfolio and make it stand out. Hire a copywriter to assist you in creating an engaging bio and including attention-grabbing language throughout your website. You can draw visitors in and present your unique abilities and knowledge with the appropriate words. 

Language has the power to leave a lasting impact, whether it's through clever comedy, thought-provoking ideas, or intense arguments. Don't undervalue the power of your words, and hire a copywriter to help you present yourself in the best possible light online.

Evangelize Your Passion. 

Personal projects in your portfolio can help to develop your brand and show your passion for your art. Consider writing up and describing these initiatives to provide more context and insight into your abilities and resourcefulness.

Incorporating visuals or visual aids can also assist in bringing your thoughts to life and engaging your audience. Make an effort to write about your struggles with energy and excitement, allowing your enthusiasm for the activity to shine through.

An illustrator portfolio incorporating personal work can make a solid first impression and help you stand out in a crowded field.


Collaborating with other artists can be an excellent way to stretch yourself, acquire new methods, and expand your audience.

Working with others who have diverse viewpoints and skill sets allows you to obtain new insights and develop your abilities. It can also be a chance to show off your work to a larger audience, as you can promote each other's portfolios and reach out to new potential clients.

Consider including examples of your collaborative efforts in your illustration portfolio and showcasing the various abilities and perspectives each artist provided to the project. It exhibits your ability and willingness to collaborate with others and take on new tasks.

Make more content. 

Adding blog entries, films, interviews, and printable coloring pages to your portfolio website will help you stand out and exhibit your creativity and expertise in new ways.

These different aspects can provide insight into your method and inspiration and demonstrate your artist's variety. A blog, for example, with behind-the-scenes insights and step-by-step lessons, can provide value to your audience while building trust with new clients.

Including downloadable coloring pages can be fun for people to interact with and share your work. By combining these elements into your illustrator portfolio, you may develop a well-rounded and dynamic representation of your abilities and personality.

Considering User Experience

Remember the user experience when creating an illustration portfolio to guarantee visitors a positive and memorable experience.

Creating an intriguing and user-friendly website will encourage people to investigate and interact with your work. This could be performed using an easy-to-use layout, clear and concise content, and visually appealing design elements.

Furthermore, making it simple for visitors to contact you, such as through a contact form or social media links, can aid in the building of a relationship and the establishment of potential business opportunities.

By putting yourself in the user's shoes and understanding their needs, you can create an illustration portfolio that effectively displays your work while also appealing to your target audience.


Our illustration portfolio features our most current and proud projects, demonstrating our creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail. We also display testimonials from delighted consumers to give you even more trust in our expertise.

These recommendations demonstrate our dependability, competence, and capacity to achieve outcomes, as well as the strong influence we've had on their company.

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Use a Good Platform for Your Illustrator Portfolio Website

Working in the arts can be difficult. You can display your online portfolio and show off your outstanding work to set yourself apart. Additionally, it can assist you in improving your works of art and receiving helpful criticism from other designers and artists worldwide.

Fynd Platform 

Fynd Platform

Creative professionals from all around the world depend on the Fynd Platform website building platform. Thanks to Fynd Platform's simple yet effective drag-and-drop website builder, client galleries, eCommerce, and blogging options, you can manage your online presence through one intuitive platform. Discover all the attributes that make the Fynd Platform ideal for designers and creative professionals.



For artists, graphic designers, and other visual creators looking to promote their work and gain inspiration, Behance is a great resource. With 10 million users, the platform has a sizable user base and is supported by Adobe.

The easy registration process allows artists to create projects, add design pages, and share their work. Artists can benefit from "appreciation" or feedback from other specialists in the area, which can help them develop and enhance their abilities.

Behance also provides several employment options, making it simpler for artists to locate full-time work or contract gigs. For artists looking to reach a broad audience, creating an Illustrator portfolio on Behance is a terrific option.



Designers and artists frequently use Dribbble to promote themselves and their work. Dribbble, in contrast to Behance, is renowned for its exclusivity because only carefully chosen professionals are permitted to upload their work. Despite this, it is still a fantastic tool for illustrator portfolio promotion for artists.

Create a free account on Dribble to get started, then upload your photos or designs. You must create your portfolio and register for a designer account to access more features. On Dribbble's Find Work page, you may look for high-paying creative employment openings from reliable businesses. You can further focus your job search based on your preferred working environment and area of expertise.

Additionally, Dribbble allows artists to establish an illustration portfolio website so they may present their work in a more polished and unique way. Using a portfolio website, artists can easily showcase their abilities and experience, build their brands, and share their work with clients and employers.

The user-friendly Dribbble portfolio website builder lets artists personalise their website to their requirements and tastes. A portfolio website builder is a useful tool for Illustrator artists trying to advance their professions because it has features like configurable themes, drag-and-drop capabilities, and interfaces with well-known programmes like Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio

You can present your work to prospective clients and companies on a polished platform by creating an Illustrator portfolio on Adobe Portfolio. The user-friendly interface of Adobe Portfolio and its interaction with other Adobe products, like Behance and Lightroom, make it simple to manage your projects, share your work, and maintain an up-to-date portfolio.

You can build a one-of-a-kind portfolio website that highlights your flair and ingenuity using one of the many editable, readily available themes, letting you stand out in a crowded market.

Additionally, by having the option to import designs from other Adobe programmes, you can focus on producing new and engaging work rather than spending time and effort growing your portfolio.

Adobe Portfolio can be the ideal tool for advancing your career and connecting with your target market, regardless of your level of Illustrator experience.



Illustrators must establish an internet presence to show their work and abilities to potential clients and companies. An eye-catching and expertly designed illustrator portfolio website may be easily established using Carbonmade's user-friendly platform. You can create a website that highlights your best work in no time.

You can demonstrate the development of your designs with the Before/After Block tool, from the initial draft to the finished article. This feature gives your portfolio a distinctive touch by exhibiting your ingenuity and attention to detail.

You can purchase a subscription to Carbonmade starting at $9 per month or $99 per year to unlock limitless services after a limited-featured free trial period. Carbonmade can be an excellent alternative for Illustrator artists wishing to build an online portfolio to display their work because of its reasonable pricing and user-friendly design.



When showcasing their work and expanding their audience, illustrators should consider using Squarespace. Illustrators may showcase their work in a polished and attractive way thanks to the platform's visually appealing templates and configurable layouts. 

Illustration professionals can share their portfolios with specific clients through password-protected portals, protecting the confidentiality of their work.

For illustrators to better understand their audience and increase their online visibility, Squarespace provides various SEO tools, statistics, and presenting features. Illustrators can tailor their material for optimum reach by monitoring the number of visitors, the pages they browse, and how they find the site.

Squarespace is an affordable choice for independent contractors and small enterprises, with monthly prices starting at $16 or $14 with a yearly membership.

Additionally, illustrators can sell their work straight from their illustrator portfolio website with an advanced commerce plan, which starts at $65 per month or $49 for an annual membership.

In conclusion, Squarespace offers illustrators a complete option for building and managing a polished web portfolio. For artists wishing to promote their work and gain a larger audience, it's a terrific option because of its configurable themes, SEO tools, and analytics.



Coroflot can be the best option if showcasing your portfolio is primarily motivated by your search for employment. On the website's job board, you can search for designer positions in any industry or region.

Additionally, you can discover pay insights that you might use as leverage when negotiating an offer. Like Behance and Dribble, you can create portfolios to display your creative work on the platform. Additionally, you can examine the profiles of the top designers in any design category to find inspiration.



Another excellent platform for showcasing your art, finding inspiration, networking, and earning money is DeviantArt. The website allows designers to publish their art and features various topics, from paintings and sculptures to 3D art, digital crafts, movies, and anime.

DeviantArt is a great place to showcase your creations, gain motivation, connect with people, and make money. The website, which covers various topics such as paintings and sculptures, 3D art, digital works, movies, and anime, accepts contributions from all types of designers. You can sell your artwork on the website and keep track of your earnings through your profile.



With a huge selection of fully configurable design themes and a very responsive user interface, Crevado assists you in creating an online portfolio of your creative work. Your designs can be easily uploaded or rearranged by dragging and dropping.

You can also include descriptions of your designs, mentioning the clients you've served and the specifics of the projects. Additionally, you can adjust privacy settings based on your requirements, such as limiting who can download photographs from your website or password-protecting your website.



Dunked is a great way to present your creative work fashionably. You can choose from several neat and attractive templates on the website. Dunked offers you the same flexibility with layouts as some of the websites on this list.

There is a 10-day free trial available on the website. After that, you can choose to upgrade to a professional plan with a certain number of projects, pages, and template options for $8 per month paid annually or $29 per month or to an agency plan with unlimited projects starting at $19 per month billed annually or $29 per month.



You may develop and maintain your portfolio website more easily using Brushd. You can experiment with a dozen modifying choices for your site on the platform. You may improve your portfolio by adding more pages, pictures, and videos.

You can post up to 20 photographs or videos to your website using Brushd's free plan. You can upgrade to the pro version for $12 per month to get unlimited access, a custom domain name, and the ability to password-protect your pages.

Choose an Illustrator Portfolio Site Template That Matches Your Work

Choose an Illustrator Portfolio Site Template That Matches Your Work

Choosing the right illustrator portfolio site template is essential to showcase your work effectively and impress potential clients or employers. Many options are available, from simple and minimalist designs to more complex and interactive templates. 

1. Platform selection: 

To determine which template will match your work best, consider the following factors:

  • Style: Consider the style of your illustrations and what kind of impression you want to make. Do you prefer clean and modern designs, or do you have a more whimsical and creative approach? Choose a template that matches your style and will showcase your work in the best light.

  • Format: Consider the format of your digital or traditional illustrations. Some templates might better suit digital illustrations, while others might work better for traditional media.

  • Features: Consider what features you want your portfolio site to have, such as a gallery or blog. Ensure the template you choose includes the features you need to showcase your work effectively.

So in selecting the right platform, Fynd Platform will be a problem-solver with 24/7 support to assist in the development of your online marketplace and website that links companies and individuals with outstanding graphic designers, illustrators, and other creatives. 

Anyone wishing to create a professional illustration portfolio website will find the Fynd Platform a great option because of its user-friendly design and extensive capabilities.

Fynd Platform can assist you in showcasing your work and reaching a broader audience, whether you are an established artist or just getting started. 

2. Consider user experience:

Considering the user experience when choosing a portfolio site template is also important. A well-designed template should be easy to navigate, with clear and concise information about your work and contact information.

Your portfolio site should be visually appealing and engaging, and it should be easy for visitors to view your work, learn about you, and get in touch.

3. Mobile responsiveness: 

Another important factor to consider is mobile responsiveness. With the increasing number of people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, your portfolio site is optimized for mobile viewing. A responsive design will ensure your site is accessible and easy to navigate on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

4. Customization: 

Choosing a template that lets you personalize your portfolio site to your liking is also important. Customisation options, such as color and font choices, can help create your site's unique and professional look. 

You should also consider the ease of customisation, as some templates may require technical skills or programming knowledge to modify.

5. Cost and features:  

Finally, consider the cost of the template and any additional features or services you might need. Some templates may be free, while others may cost a fee or subscription. Ensure you understand the costs involved before deciding and choosing a template that fits your budget.


Even for design students, showcasing your work online using a well-made portfolio website builder like Fynd Platform is essential. You can use your student portfolio website to apply for employment, internships, graduate school, and even if you want to start your own design business. 

Your design portfolio website plays a bigger and bigger part in helping you attract new clients as your professional standing advances. It serves as your front door to the outside world and the first point of contact with most potential customers. Therefore, your design portfolio website must complement your work perfectly and clearly and subtly display it.

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What should be in an illustrator portfolio?

An illustration portfolio must be organized, focused on your work, clear, precise, and impressive. You will succeed if you can ensure that you have these elements.

How do I make an illustrator portfolio?

It will attract the client more if it is comfortable and well-organized. Giving your clients what they need is what matters most.

  • To establish your illustration portfolio, look for a website builder like Fynd Platform.
  • Publish your finest work.
  • Keep your portfolio organized and structured.
  • Present a diversity of work.

Do you need a portfolio for illustrators?

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Focusing on your portfolio is one of the most crucial things you should do because it can sometimes be the only thing that separates a candidate who gets hired from one who doesn't. 

A well-organized portfolio makes a great first impression and simplifies closing the business. It serves as a résumé, presents work graphically, and depicts your progress so the customer can decide if you're the ideal fit for them.

What is a portfolio in illustration?

Your portfolio serves as a visual résumé, giving potential employers a sample of your greatest work, a sense of who you are as an artist, and the chance for you to create a great first impression.

How much does an Illustrator get paid per book?

The type of book, the publisher, the experience, and expertise of the illustrator, the market, and other factors can greatly impact rates. Accordingly, an illustrator may earn up to $3,000 for each book.

Can you make money as an Illustrator?

As an illustrator, you can earn money in the following ways:

  • Use Shopify, Etsy, eBay, or Fynd Platform to build your website and sell your original artwork.
  • Your art prints are for sale.
  • Start selling on 99 Designs.
  • Start a business on Fiverr, glance, etc.
  • Obtain a job creating art for advertising.
  • Create portraits for weddings, corporate occasions, etc.
  • Instruct classes.

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