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How to Sell Customized Products on Amazon India in 2024 (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How to Sell Customized Products on Amazon India in 2024 (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

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Amazon is well-known for being among the leading web marketplaces, not just in India but also in many other countries. In addition to offering fantastic prices and discounts to customers, it is also reasonably practical for sellers. This platform allows retailers to grow their businesses and increase their revenue quickly.

The platform offers sellers the chance to expand their businesses and several tools and features. On Amazon, sellers may now sell customized items in addition to their typical products, which allows them to grow their existing businesses. Amazon now lets the customer customize merchandise with their wording, photographs, or logos, and sellers can benefit from this.

Amazon Custom aims to assist sellers by guiding them through the process to make it much more straightforward. Any company can produce and sell customized items through Amazon Custom, which includes apparel, furniture, and jewellery. With the support of the seller's options, customers may even discover customizable items from the seller.

Even though Amazon sellers can sell customized versions of various products, they will still need to be authorized to sell that product. The customer can modify any product that a seller produces with text, a picture, or even by letting the seller offer the client various design options to create their exceptional product.

How to Sell Handmade Products on Amazon India?

How to Sell Handmade Products on Amazon India?

India has long been renowned around the world for its handcrafted goods. In actuality, many handmade goods originate from India, where many people have worked in this field for a long time. Indians have become more entrepreneurial throughout the years and have begun to market and advertise their own handcrafted goods.

Due to the high quality and sincerity of handmade goods and the simple fact that they are carefully constructed of authentic materials and endure significantly longer than factory-made goods, many people seek such products.

With the expansion of Amazon's selling opportunities, artisans may now quickly sell their handcrafted goods on this platform. With Amazon's help and assistance, artists may sign up as Amazon sellers, begin marketing their handcrafted goods to customers, and reach out to customers across the nation. Small business owners can use this to promote their businesses and expand them. 

Amazon has made it possible for anyone to start their own business, even if they have the skills and abilities to make and sell handcrafted goods. Amazon gives artisans of all levels a great chance to improve their sales and showcase their talent substantially. On Amazon, everything marked and sold as handcrafted is all genuine, and the company is strict about its rules on selling such products. If a product is labelled handmade, it must be created, modified, or assembled by hand.

There would never be a possible loss of exposure since millions of people browse Amazon India's website or use the app daily. Even without producing additional advertisements, people can get massive exposure by selling on Amazon; this significantly increases the value of the service. The materials sellers must purchase to manufacture handcrafted goods must all be authentic and genuine.

Such materials are extremely costly, and they are also difficult to source. So, artisans may improve their margins to increase their business when they join a platform like Amazon. Even if the individual wishing to sell their goods on Amazon India is unfamiliar with the platform, they will have no difficulty selling their handcrafted products on the forum.

Many services are available from Amazon India to help and support sellers to market their products. Sellers can quickly obtain extra help running their business by approaching a platform like Fynd.

What is Amazon's custom program?

What is Amazon's custom program?

Amazon is improving its services for both customers and sellers. As a result, it is the best platform for growing your business and shopping experience. Amazon custom program is one of the Amazon facilities that stand out.

Consider the following scenario. You are a vendor, and a customer walks into your store. You showed him all of your product options, but the customer is still dissatisfied. What happens next? Will you disregard it? A genuine seller will consider the problem and come up with a solution. 

What if sellers can customize your product to the customer's specifications? "Yes!" It's a great idea. Similarly, Amazon gives sellers the same opportunity to make their products customizable and personalized. It provides customers with a dynamic shopping experience. Customers can get what they want. If you want to start your online business with your website, go for it.

There are numerous ways to create your website, which you can find on the Fynd platform. Regardless of the product, you wish to sell, and you get every detail required for setting up your website. Besides, they also provide demonstrations to help you with the same. So grab the opportunity and visit Fynd.

To use this feature, you must be an Amazon Seller Central professional seller. You can transition to professional sellers by taking the following steps:

  • In your Amazon seller central account, go to "settings."
  • In the drop-down menu, select "account info."
  • Then, in the "your services" box, click "manage." 
  • Then hire a professional seller.

After creating a professional account, you must sign up for a "custom program." You can access it via the menu bar's "program" option. You must be the sole seller of the product on Amazon. You will not be able to use an Amazon custom program if another seller sells the same product. When a customer visits your customized product, he will see all the options that sellers can change. The seller would be the sole provider of these options.

Colour variations, pattern variations, quality variations, and the rest are all possibilities. Customizing images and text in seller products is possible on Amazon. It would help if you created a new listing for your customizable products.

  • You can change it by going to the "inventory" tab. 
  • Then select "manage inventory." 
  • Select "add product." Sellers will take you to a new page. 
  • Then select "I am adding a product not listed on Amazon." 
  • Further click on "add/edit customization information" from the drop-down menu. There are numerous customization options available. You can select any alternative that you want to provide to customers.
  • After making all your choices, you must save the changes.
  • Amazon will reflect all changes on your personalized page.

Is Selling Customized Products on Amazon profitable?

Is Selling Customized Products on Amazon profitable?

Customers must be satisfied after visiting your business website. A personalized product is an excellent choice for such a personal bond. QAM Customized product maintenance is, of course, more complex than standard product maintenance. You can choose various products for your customized business, such as mugs, wall art, clothing, bags, and stickers.


Amazon offers A+ content benefits, enabling sellers to include videos and text in their product descriptions, making your product stand out among competitors. Selling customized products on Amazon is profitable for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Customers from all over the world would flock to you.
  • Customers would be able to create their graphics and designs. You are only required to provide essential materials. 
  • Customers will feel more at ease if they receive personalized products. They will develop a stronger attachment to your brand. It has a long-term impact on customers. 
  • Customers will look for your brand whenever they want a personalized product. When it comes to personalization, the customer isn't concerned about money; thus, this business would be more beneficial. This strategy will assist you in getting to know your customers. You can use this information to design future products.
  • Fashion changes from generation to generation, and customization is essential for staying current. Because of the selective customization options, it reduces competition among other companies.

It would help if you kept a few things in mind to make your business more successful. Request higher resolution images. So you can print all the necessary information. It varies a lot because each design requires a different approach and time. Amazon has provided guidelines for custom programs.

So, don't type or print anything just for profit, as this could be detrimental to your company. Some designs are costly and challenging to implement. To avoid this problem, limit your customization options to a certain extent. Make your customization options more user-friendly and straightforward to use.

Expose every product detail, including size, colour, pattern, and cloth. It takes a long time because of the specific design implementation. You can save designs for future orders. In a nutshell, Amazon's custom product business is profitable.

How to Sell Customized Products on Amazon Steps by Steps

How to Sell Customized Products on Amazon Steps by Steps

In this dynamic environment, which has significantly changed the sector, numerous personalized products are available on e-commerce websites. Many firms entered the scene and soon began to make much money. Customers are also looking for various items and want something customized to meet their demands.

The seller should research the market and act in such a way as to fulfil the customer efficiently. The procedures we should use when selling a customized product online have emerged. You have a great chance to grow your customer base by offering personalized products through your online store. Here are the steps we should consider while selling customized products online.

1. Identify the beneficial and Effective Commodity

To sell a customized product, you must undergo a comprehensive market analysis to identify the personalized product. Selling a commodity is only advantageous if it generates profit for the seller.

Finding a successful outcome is essential and constitutes the first step in this process because you will require an initial investment in this field, which will serve as the foundation for a firm.

2. Choose a suitable E-Commerce network selling strategy for customized products. 

After selecting a valuable and profitable product, the following essential task is determining how you will sell your product or Commodity to the customers. When attempting to sell your customized product online, there are two options to take into consideration:

The first method is the standard selling method; It allows you to purchase a commodity, customize it to your preferences, and then sell it on various platforms. The second method is a fulfilment method, where you modify the product to meet consumer needs. Due to the importance of customer satisfaction, the print-on-demand method is the one that is in use the most frequently today.

3. Create a customizing tool

Meeting the specific demands of consumers regarding the Commodity is one of the biggest challenges you will face while making customized products. It may occur that despite selling many products, you cannot consider your customers' viewpoints. To address this issue, give your customers access to a unique tool that allows them to customize your Commodity in their unique way.

4. Choose the right supplier for raw material.

It is crucial to gather raw materials at an affordable price because this will determine the cost of your finished product. To do this, you should work with the best local suppliers to ensure that you get high-quality raw materials at an affordable price.

Different and Amazing ways to market your customized Commodity 

Different and Amazing ways to market your customized Commodity 

After creating your personalized web store, your work is not complete yet; this is when the real effort starts. One of the most crucial elements in selling a product is marketing.

Therefore, you must now select the many channels to inform potential clients about your offerings. There are numerous platforms for affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and e-commerce. Let's read briefly about these platforms.

  • Search Engine Optimization

For your website to rank effectively in search engines, ensure that you have integrated the appropriate keywords into the material of your online store. Additionally, optimize and frequently evaluate the site's performance. For the website to reach potential customers, ensure you comply with the best SEO strategies.

  • Email marketing 

One of the most effective strategies to promote your online marketplace is through email marketing. It is known to us as a direct marketing strategy.

  • Influence Marketing 

One of the hottest trends in business is influencer marketing. Influencers are persons who have established brands by becoming subject-matter experts in a particular field. Famous people or other people with a large following should promote these marketing initiatives.

Get Professional Assistance to Create a Customized Online Store 

It takes a lot more time and effort than you might think to develop your online market and attract clients, so you should get advice from an expert before opening your online business. Asking specialists questions will give you the knowledge and competitive advantage you need for a niche market.

Some Tips To Market Your Customized Product

Some Tips To Market Your Customized Product

Customized goods are distinctive and made to order. These things typically come in various variations, such as furniture made of different materials and colours and jewellery with multiple settings and gemstones. Or they might be customized, like picture frames with a name engraved or t-shirts with printed logos.

The next step after designing customized products is to market them and increase the number of sales. Here are some pointers to assist with that. 

  • Please share with your Friends and Families to let them know about the product.
  • The first step is sending and transferring the product to your loved ones and asking them to check out your goods.
  • Different marketing tools can create a contact list and share the new customized items in the inventory.
  • You can start crafting a nice email that tells about your new product. You can also personalize the email. 
  • Tell your community about the product you made; you might want to include why you were excited about designing it.
  • You can also have a link in the email that directs readers to that particular item in your shop.

1. Including a Product Description on the Website

Always include a product description on your website. Why did you create this thing? What motivated you? Why does this design have meaning for you? You may persuade customers to buy your goods by adding a brief description next to them. Navigate to the Products Page. You can click on any item to add a description. This method will display all the products in your shop.

2. Ask your contacts to post your creation on social media.

When connecting with community members, ask them to post a product with its respective links to your profile. More customers will become aware of your store this way. You can share your product on social media if you do so.

3. Inspire your friends to market your goods as well!

Your contacts should also sell products that you produce. You receive $5 for every product they sell! Encourage your buddies to open a Mighty store and sell your goods there. They are also capable of producing their unique goods, and you can trade designs.

4. Gathering and Understanding Customer Data

Marketers can start gathering client data at every touchpoint throughout the purchase experience if the appropriate technology is in place. Marketers may easily target customers with pertinent material, incentives, and even advice when they know what they are searching for or frequently clicking on.

Marketers must monitor metrics like email opens, link clicks, shopping cart information, and even transaction history to collect this data. The more information gathered the more specific and valuable customized content might be.

5. Upload the Top Selling Variants

When purchasing customized goods online, customers frequently search for specific variations; submit information on size, colour, and other pertinent characteristics to appeal to these potential buyers.

You could have too many modification options depending on your product to submit them all. If so, think of the most popular and widely accessible alternatives.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What is my first step in selling products on Amazon?

Firstly, You have to register. You have to go through all the details and documents handy. It would help if you had to check the list of all documents that need you to start registering on Amazon as a seller.

Here is a list given below of what kind of document you should require : 

1. Active Mobile Number 

2. GST Number (or you are selling a product in a GST-exempt category) 

3. You also required your PAN Card Details

4. Active Bank Account

5. Email ID: For quarries 

How to advertise your products on Amazon?

Visit clients while they are shopping. Amazon helps you meet your best advertising objectives by assisting people in their product searches. Please, you should have to select the financial plan that's right for your business. You conclude how much you want to expand. Just $10 is enough to enhance your sales.

Generate and Launch a campaign in Scantly 5 min. Amazon ads are designed for everyone and don't require any advertising involvement to launch a campaign. They all know about their customer requirements and understand how shoppers catch on with products and brands as they research and purchase online. They can help you find the audience that's more relevant and willing to buy and enhance your business.

What kind of product sells on Amazon?

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All kinds of products you can sell on Amazon, but you have a comprehensive understanding of your customer. And you should understand their requirements and what they are willing to purchase. 

Here is a list of product categories given below:

  • Electronic
  • Fine Arts
  • Office
  • Musical instrument
  • Jewellery
  • Amazon Kindle

Amazon focuses on a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) company. Given the wind of products accessible on Amazon, progressively focused small businesses turn to the website for supplies and procedures for applying to start a specific industry. It hardly takes time to initiate a new company with Amazon.

How can I make it easy for my customer to find my product?

You must check out your product listing properly or complete and suitable title, author/artist/actor, and subject details. These details help customers quickly discover items they want to purchase in your store.

Amazon offers customers many tools to aid them in their hunt. Offer them discounts and incentives to new customers. It would help if you connected with your previous customers. Bring offers like buy one-get one free. Raise your profile, and your title must be proper and use search engine optimization to give ads of your product that aim to attract more traffic to your business.

How can I remove the outdated listing from the Amazon catalogue?

As you may know, Amazon provides an opportunity to the customer to locate out-of-print books and other products no longer available during their Marketplace feature. They aim to list a wide selection of titles for our customers' reference and persuasion, so they do not practice removing a listing even when it is out of print.

If there is any such case where a new edition is replacing the edition they list in their store, you'll be required to help them get the latest version online. You need to consult the following pages for instructions on how you can add new titles to their store:

  • Books
  • Music
  • DVD & Video

You should look and understand that they are posting both new and old versions of specified publications. It should be clear to customers to buy the available edition, and they realize the OP version may prove to divert. Rest assured, they are working on ways to improve the exhibit of new and old editions on their site.

How to link a webpage to Amazon? 

You can check the associate's program! You'll have to receive a referral fee based on Amazon book sales you should mention from your web pages. Then Amazon becomes your order clarifying and fulfilling.

They take your order to their website using their proven software and secure servers and do all the necessary things like supply, package, and ship the product. They work with several individuals and send you all information weekly activity reports. 

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