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43+ Best Small Business Ideas in Bangalore for 2022 (Low Investment & High Profit)

43+ Best Small Business Ideas in Bangalore for 2022 (Low Investment & High Profit)

Banglore, officially known as Bengaluru, is the capital and the largest city of Indian state Karnataka. Banglore is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. Banglore is known as silicon valley of India. Want to start your venture in the Silicon Valley of India in 2022? Check out this article and get all Best Small Business ideas at your hand.

Why Should Start Business in Bangalore?

Possessing own business is the dream of many people in India; it is like starting a new venture with new challenges. Though challenges are there, many people still believe instead of owning a small business, getting a job in a giant company. There are a few perks and benefits; here are some of those:

Entrepreneurial Spirit: It is proven that almost 76% of new-age entrepreneurs are pretty happy with their venture than any employer in a company. Running own business is not just the proof of inner entrepreneurial spirit, but also it can be exciting because of getting success by own hard work and dedication.

New Skills: Owning a business means people can monitor their lifestyle and innovate with head office orders; they will get more control over their work. It is accurate, and you have to believe that jobs mean limited skills surround you, and there will be no extra time to gain new knowledge. When one has his own business, he can mentor himself for new and developed skills that will always help him go one step ahead.

After Retirement : Those who take retirement from their job start a new business because it can keep a workaholic person busy. Of course, it will not restrict a person with a tight schedule of monitoring business.

Positive Impact: Many new-age small business ideas help the local community with their products and services. This can spread a positive impact on people. Besides, when you are the owner, you can provide jobs to other people, and you can be an active member among those who want to decrease unemployment issues in the country.

Overcome From Risk: Owning a business indeed brings a lot of risks, but it is also true that the more you will overcome the risk, the more you will reap the success and rewards.

Passionate: If you can meet a natural entrepreneur passionate about their work, you can see that they can sit for a long day without any hesitation or frustration. Because they are following their passion, they can have fun while working.

Feedback: Last but not least, you can connect with your clients real quick, and they will not be bored by automated emails. Instead, they will just get to know the business owner and can get suggestions or feedback, if any, face to face. This can make the business more successful quickly.

According to article published by, the Banglore will be the city to hit the highest GDP growth by 2035.
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So you see, there are lots of perks and benefits of possessing own business. Especially when one is planning to start his new journey in the IT capital of India, let’s check why people are moving to Bangalore to create their small-scale businesses.

A Business Ideas in Bangalore

Why has Bangalore considered the best place to start a small business in 2022?

It is not easy to find the best and most convenient place to start a new business. When a city or location for small businesses is chosen, a few factors should be considered. It can be connecting with mentors, highly skilled people, cutting-edge technology, transportation system, etc.

Keeping these all in mind, it is sure that Bangalore has the perfect atmosphere where startup ideas can grow quickly and in less time. Here we have pointed out some of the critical factors that make Bangalore the most crucial place for starting a new-age small business, especially in 2022.

List of Angel Investors in Banglore

An angel investor is typically a wealthy person who contributes seed capital to enterprises, frequently using their own finances. They may contribute one-time capital to help a firm get off the ground or continuing funding to help the business get through its challenging early phases.
The role of angel investors in early-stage firms has grown over time and is now unassailable and irreplaceable

Here are some of the Angle Investors based in Bengaluru

1.Sachin Bansal
2.Krishna Jha
3.Pallav Nadhani
4.Kris Gopalakrishnan
5.Aprameya Radhakrishna
6.Ganesh Krishnan
7.Kanwaljit Singh
8.Sharad Sharma

Reasons for being the best hub for start-ups or small business ideas

Bangalore- the “Silicon Valley of India” or “the technology capital of India.” Bangalore is equipped with the best financial support and an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Besides, this city is armed with networking facilities that adopt startup business ideas. There are more reasons why Bangalore became startup heaven.

Check these reasons below:

  • The high density of investors
  • Top-notch infrastructure
  • Cost of livelihood
  • Youth talent
  • Climate
  • Media exposure
  • Lots of foreign companies

Let’s talk about these in detail.

1. The High Density Of Investors

Funding is the most essential and first step to starting any new venture. When it comes to Bangalore, there are lots of opportunities than in any other place. 

Many industrialists or angel investors are there in Bangalore, so it is easy to access the fund for startup businesses or small business ideas.

Starting a business also needs a proper state of mind, business guidance, motivation, good vision, and the appropriate direction for the business ideas. When one has a guardian as an investor, he can get all of these from the investor.

It will be easier to step into the business. Another important thing can be the application to the Karnataka Government for funds. Karnataka Government provides a fund if the business owner registers the company under the Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1961.

2. Top-Notch Infrastructure

Faster economic growth is always dependent on the infrastructure of the place. To expand the new startup ideas, it is mandatory to be equipped with top-notch infrastructure that may include transportation systems (railways, road services, airports, power systems, etc.). 

It will be easier for a small business owner to expand the business if he can access a well-connected transport system to high-quality broadband and a proper network to be connected with other places.

Bangalore is one of those cities that provides all of these mentioned earlier. 

3. Cost of livelihood

When one starts his new journey with a small business, it is always preferred that the location is budget-friendly for spending his daily life.

Compared to any other megacity, Bangalore is the one that provides a lower cost of living still now. So, it is always preferred by new-age entrepreneurs.

4. Youth Talent

Bangalore has lots of technical colleges, management colleges, and business-based educational institutions, which means Bangalore is enriched with lots of young talents. Apart from these, many young tech-savvy people are moving to Bangalore.

So day by day, Bangalore is becoming the one-stop youth place that helps small business ideas to get young and new-age talent in the business.

5. Climate

Climate is another crucial part because climate can change the state of productivity, concentration on any work, and even sometimes efficiency People love to start a business in such a place where the climate is always calm and soothing.

Bangalore is such a cosmopolitan city where the climate is soothing and perfect for maximum efficiency. So this place became the ideal hub for startups or small business ideas.

6. Media Exposure

In Bangalore, there are many media or news houses, specifically the business news media covering the startups and business-related details.

So, Bangalore is the perfect place to get a huge audience or media exposure. A small business idea can expand soon through a massive reach to the business insights.

7. Lots of Foreign Companies

In Bangalore, there are lots of headquarters of foreign companies. This can help one newbie understand the worldwide business culture. This will help the businessman know his competitor in the market and their work or product details.

So, these are some primary reasons why Bangalore is at the top of the list of favorite startup places.

If you can pay attention to many companies in Bangalore, you will be amazed that those companies were just budding startups or small businesses 7 to 8 years ago. 

Business-related statistics to make you understand the value of a small business idea.

As of now, India is the third-largest startup-friendly country as per the report of 2021. The first two countries are the USA and China. In 2021-22, the Indian government gave new registration to approximately 14000 new startups or small business ideas.

Now, there are nearly 62000 startups are there in India. As per an economic survey, it was shown that in the year 2021, 555 districts hold the records of a minimum of one startup business idea. In 2016, this number was against 121 sections.

Besides, in the year 2021, nearly 44 startup business ideas got recognized as Unicorns. In case you don’t know, Unicorn is a company that has a valuation of $1 billion. As per the previous year's record, a total of 83 unicorns are there in India, which holds a total valuation of $277.77 billion. And you will be amazed that these unicorns contribute nearly 50% of India’s GDP.

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Though Covid 19 pandemic has changed things a lot, investors were still investing in India's emerging market. So, it is pretty easy to invest in startups or small business ideas even after the Covid 19 pandemic. 

So, when all facilities are just in front of the eyes, it will be beneficial if one starts a small business idea in Bangalore in the year 2022.

Before providing some small-scale business ideas in Bangalore, we must briefly describe a small business idea.

What is a Small Business Idea?

A small business can be described as a privately owned corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, including fewer employees and less yearly revenue than a corporation or regular-sized business.

Small businesses can use the same quality management systems used in any giant corporation or brand. 

Advantages of small businesses

  • Small business owners can decide with whom they can do business or when they will do the business work. Besides, these businesses are pretty flexible. In a small business idea, any step can be done instantly if needed.
  • As a small business owner, one must focus on a compact skill set. This can give two side benefits- the owner can understand their specialism particularly; on the other hand, the client can know that the owner is good to go for a deal. Customers will also appreciate the owner’s in-depth knowledge of the manufactured products.
  • A small business means the owner has wholesome freedom to create something innovative within a specific market parameter.
  • Possessing a small business means the owner revolves around a particular niche where they can connect with clients quickly. It will be more satisfying when the customer loves the buzz of manufacturing something unique. Besides, nowadays, clients love to meet face to face with small business owners. And q 15 minutes of face-to-face meetings can be more fruitful than a two-three day's virtual emails or chatting.
  • Small businesses include fewer employees, fewer layers of business, and a compact business model. That means the small business owner has a great understanding of his business and other related details.
  • Before making any new decision, the owner does not need to get permission from any company's management body because the entrepreneur is his own boss here.

So, now you are aware of the advantages of a small business, you are ready to rush into various small business ideas that can be expanded in 2022 in Bangalore.

Best small business ideas in Bangalore in 2022

As we mentioned earlier, Bangalore has the perfect hyperactive economic scenario that energizes any startup or small business ideas to gain a lot of reaches; those who want to be the ones with valuable business ideas and financial stability in Bangalore can expect a tremendous rate of profit in return.

Here we are adding some of the best small or low-cost business ideas in Bangalore in 2022

1.Grocery Store with Delivery facilities

A Girl With Trolley Bag is Buying Pineapple From Grocery Store

The first and fundamental business idea is a grocery store, but now it can be armed with delivery service. Bangalore is a bustling city where people run to the office and then home.

They have less time to go shopping. They find it tough to buy daily needs because of the shortage of time. In this scenario, this business idea can be the savior and profitable for the business owner.

One just needs to locate an appropriate place to start this business. No doubt, this business has the potential to expand quickly.

2. Healthy Fast Food with Delivery Service

Burgers, Fries and Soft Drinks Are Ready to Serve in Box Display at Store

People are busy, and they have no such time to prepare a breakfast or a meal for lunch to carry to their office. So, usually, they grab fast food from the local center. But as they are health conscious, they search for healthy food centers.

You can think of a healthy food truck or a healthy food counter that does not need a massive investment. Remember, you need to find out the prime location, like outside a huge corporate sector office or any other neighboring office.

You can also start a delivery system for those who can not get out of the office. It can work as one of the best business ideas in Bangalore. 

3. Think about Organic Food Corner

Different Types of Organic Foods Kept in Bags Display At Store

Many people in Bangalore are health-conscious, and they started loving organic food products. You can start cultivating in your area or just in a rented place to develop organic food products.

You can also begin delivering at the doorstep to get the best result soon. Because nowadays people love to get everything just at their doorstep.

4. Bakery or Homemade Chocolate

Different Type of Cakes and Sweets Display in Showcase At Bakery Store

Bakery is always in demand- let it be a small town or a giant megacity. Who doesn't love the flavor of freshly baked hot cake!

Though there is a lot of competition in the market, you can start this bakery business with a little twist like personalized cakes, handmade chocolate, a live frosting counter, a live chocolate counter, etc. You can also sponsor any corporate events, and by this, you can get bulk orders.

5. Catering Business

A Food Display in Chaffing Dishes At Restaurant

As Bangalore has a vast population, there are many events, social gatherings, housewarming parties, birthday ceremonies, and other grand celebrations.

You can add orders for these huge parties if you own catering business in Bangalore. That means you are getting a chance to reach more people. Maybe it needs a bit high investment, but that is less than any big-budget business idea.

According to The Hindu Business Line , The NRAI have revealed that the Bengalurus organized food service market ranked third among all other metros in India valued at Rs 20,014 crore in the year 2019.

6. Paying Guest Services

View of Room with Doubleted, Sliding Window, Two Chairs and Hanging Lights on Roof

In Bangalore, lots of people come for jobs, education, etc. They always need a reasonable accommodation, but they can not find one because complete paying guest services are not so professional.

If you can handle this business idea, you can be one of their choices. Think about it! You just need your own empty spaces.

7. Gift Shop

A Decorative Box Filled With Gifts Kept on Table

Bangalore is a good hub for tourists. When they return home, they want a small gift or souvenir. To use this idea, you can start checking out the local handicraft industry. This can help you set up a perfect souvenir shop that can gain a considerable profit.

8. Luxury Tourist Plans 

A Girl is Walking With Travelling Bag at Outside of Airport

As we mentioned earlier, Bangalore has a lot of things to explore by tourists.

If you also love to explore the city every day, you can start your own tourist business that will help people get the idea of traveling to various sports in Bangalore. You can also operate your tours to be the guide for tourists.

9. Real Estate Manager

Front View of Working Office With Desks, Chairs, Lights and Doors

There are lots of people who are in search of new accommodation or they want to shift to a new apartment.

You can give them advice about the perfect real estate. If you can handle clients with your perfect customer relationship skill, you can be a professional real estate manager. 

10. Daycare or Childcare business

A Child is Walking on Branch of Tree By Helping of His Mother

Working parents are quite confused about how to take care of their children during the office time, you can be the savior by taking care of their children.

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Not only you can just take care of their children, but you can also teach them new fun activities that will grow the mental health of the child.

11. Cleaning Service

A Man Is Cleaning Office Glasses By Using Viper

Cleaning services are now quite in demand because it is not just for commercial purposes but also it is helpful for households too. People are getting engaged more with their office work or professional life.

They have hardly any time to take care of their home. In this situation, a cleaning service is the only option to take care of their home. This business can provide a huge return because it is in demand nowadays. 

12. Handyman Services

A Person Operating Drilling Machine To Hole in Wooden Strip

This is something every busy places need. Especially in huge office buildings or top-notch apartments, there is always a need for handymen. Just you need to find out a busy area to start with your business idea.

13. Floral Business

Beautiful Flowers Are Display At Flower Store

 Nowadays almost every celebration or party needs flower arrangements. If you are also in love with flowers and want to start your business with your loving things, you can start this one. You can start to personalize flower bouquets as per orders; besides you can also deliver those to get more reach. 

According to, from the total flower production in India Karnataka contribute 75%, also the India's first and only flower auction centre is located in Karnataka.

14. Mobile Parlor

A Woman Taking Facial Service At Salon

The mobile food truck is now quite common but have you any idea about mobile parlor? Yes, this can be a new kickstart to your business.

Just rent a big van and equip it with personal care accessories. You can start your business by roaming in various places and providing the beauty services like hair care, face care, skincare, manicure, pedicure, etc.

15. Designing

Someone Has Drawn A Design in Paper with Using Pencils and Scale

By any chance, if you have a good sense of designing things, you can start designing various products like customized dresses, handbags, shoes, ornaments, etc.

You can also personalize these designs as per the order.

Also, to get huge traffic to your small business, you can sponsor any corporate special events where these kinds of things are gifted. 

16. Tailoring


You can start this business because nowadays people are demanding their very own design of their dresses.

If you can open a tailoring business, you can start personalizing their choices as per orders. 

17. Photography or Cinematography


If you are passionate about photography or cinematography, you can start your own studio where you can take various orders for photography for corporate events, social get-togethers, parties, wedding ceremonies, and so on.

Before starting, make your own professional portfolio and be clear about your price rate.

18. Gym and Personal Trainer

People are now very much health conscious and they want to be trained on physical work out at their own pace. If you are confident enough to give them proper instructions on working out in or gym, you can start working as a personal trainer.

19. Social Media Influencer

 Social Media Influencer

As we all are living in the digital era, we are looking forward to learning something new and effective for our lives from social media influencers. If you think you have this much capability, you can start working as a social media influencer.

You can target various niches like fitness training, cooking, gardening, painting, interior designing, self help, personality development, language learning, etc. You can also choose a special genre on your own.

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When you are living in Bangalore and making social media a place to influence people with a positive vibe, you can get huge exposure easily.

20. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Living in an age of digitalization makes us used to with everything that can be digitized. The marketing strategy also can be done through the digital medium. You can start this as your business from your home.

Though you need to be very professional before starting this business, the success rate is huge for this modern age business idea.

21. Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

People love to decorate their homes in a unique way. To help them out, you can start giving them planning on interior design. Though to start this business, you need to possess a professional degree in interior design or architecture, you can earn very well from this business.

Besides, you can start working at your own home. You can also customize some designing materials and sell them to clients to enhance their interior design.

22. Event Management


Busy schedules and a huge gathering- can not be done together, especially in a city like Bangalore because it works 24*7. To provide the support in throwing a party overnight or a grand event, you can start work as an event manager.

As an event manager, your duty will be to provide them with the whole of any event. From decoration to maintaining guests, from food to celeb’s presence-each and everything will be your responsibility. If you can throw your best at those grand events, you will get a huge reach there too.

23. Vlogging

Three Person Make a Vlog by Using Mobile Tripod Stand

Video blogging or vlogging can be an interesting business idea if you can do well. Vlogging paves a path of direct connection with your followers or customers.

Vlogging can be a good small business because it will provide a human face to your products or services.

To start vlogging, one must have an aesthetic mindset as well as professional video editing capability. This industry is now in trend and in Bangalore, no doubt this small business can turn out as a huge one.

24. Medical Help

A Two Doctors Wearing A Mask is Doing Surgery By Using Scissors

Sometimes medical emergency at home is very much important. Because it is not possible always to go to the hospital. In that case, you can be a medical care provider at the doorstep.

You can start very basic medical care facilities like teaching yoga, physiotherapy, speech therapy, emergency medicine, etc. This business idea is going to boom the market, especially after the covid 19 pandemic situation. This idea can work anywhere in Bangalore.

25. Disc Jockey

A Disc Jockey Operating Electronic Instrument

Party without a DJ or a disc jockey is so boring. You can be the cause of ultimate fun at any casual party. Bangalore is filled with lots of pubs, restaurants, events, etc. If you want to start your career as DJ, you can start easily without any hesitation.

26. Handmade Soaps and Organic Healthcare Items

A Handmade Soap is Display in Bowl Kept on Decorative Desk

Handmade soap, skincare products, or other homemade organic products are in huge demand.

You can try making charcoal soaps, rose soaps, pure rose water, natural shampoos, DIY hair care oils, etc, and start trading them through an online site or any social media platform from your home only.

27. Garden Cafe or Unique Cafe

A Name Plate of Café Lighting Hanging On Wall At Outside of Store

If your house is near any office area, you can try some unique cafe ideas in your side garden or a small verandah. You can add some funny activities in a cafe like reading books, standup comedy shows, guitar competitions, etc.

You also can opt out of some exciting rewards for winners. Besides, add some unique dishes son coffee, teas, and other beverages, snacks, etc.

28. Cold Storage

A View of An Empty Cold Storage

People are in need of fresh foods always. To keep them fresh, one has to use cold storage. You can start this business to supply fresh foods to people. 

29. Thrift store

Different Colors of Shirts Hanging in Hangers in Clothing Store

This idea of the thrift store is unique as well as sustainable too. Those who are in need can collect old clothes from a thrift store at the lowest price. It is profitable and quite helpful for needy people too.

30. Packaging and Moving

A Person Properly Packaging Something in Paper Box

When someone is moving to a new place, it is very tough work to move all households together, IN that case, they are in need of a logistics service who will help them in packaging as well as moving things without any damage.

This business idea is always in demand and quite profitable too. 

31. Book Counter

A Open Book is Kept on Table

Those who are fond of books can think about this business.

Along with books, you can collect various journals, magazines, and old manuscripts so that people can buy them from you. Booklovers are everywhere.

So this business can be unique as well as profitable too.

32. Software Engineer

IT professional Writing A Code in Laptop

Those who are good at computer science can open their own software design firm. As Bangalore is one of the most important tech hubs in India, no doubt this business idea will great a huge exposure in this city. 

33. Graphic Designing

A View of Women Digitally Drawing Design in Tablet on Her Desk Kept with Cup of Coffee, Flower Pot, Laptop, Books and Pen Stand

Graphic designing is now one of the highest-paying business ideas, especially in a megacity like Bangalore. You can take contracts for bulk orders from any other companies or individuals.

34. App Development Services

A Screen of Laptop Display Calculator and Web Code

Bangalore is enriched with technology and there is always a huge demand for apps through which businesses can be operated. You can start developing apps as per your client’s needs. This is an evergreen business idea, especially in this digital era.

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35. Pet Care

A Woman Cutting Nails of a Pet Dog.

 It is not always easy to take care of pets within a busy work schedule. You can just start your own pet care center where all kinds of pet care services will be available. 

36. Fashion Stylist

A Girl Wearing Red Jacket, Sunglasses and Hand Gloves Holding Shopping Bags in Hands

Nowadays all want to be unique when it comes to fashion or style.

You can start working as a personal fashion advisor for people. You can also contact any modeling agency too.

Besides fashion, you can also take care of makeup and other style statements too.

37. Dry Cleaning Services

Two Women Are Arranging Clothes At Laundry Store To Wash Them in Washing Machines

You can say that it is one of the highest-paid business ideas among Bangaloreans. If you have all kinds of facilities for dry cleaning, you can start your own dry cleaning service and cut down the huge rate of other service providers. 

38. Preschool or Playschool

A Child Draw Drawing in a Book by Using Crayons

If you love spending time with loving children, you can start your own preschool. It is a very lucrative yet profitable idea in Bangalore. You can also buy a franchise of any preschool. 

39. Tattoo Parlor

A Tattoo Artist Draw A Tattoo on a Girl's Arm

Demand for tattoos is growing day by day and it is now a lucrative option to start with. It is quite popular with the young generation, celebs, and other people too. If you are quite good at this, you can earn handsome money from this tattoo parlor of yours. 

40. Tutorial Center

A Group of Children Taking Coaching Classes from Teachers

Coaching or tutorial center is now flourishing business idea. Maximum guardians and students look for a premium quality coaching center where they will be provided with quality education. 

41. Recruiting Agency 

A View of People Are Working in Office

There are lots of recruitment agency who is already in the city. But as Bangalore is facing new companies every single day, here is a chance to start your own recruitment firm to help those new companies. 

42. E-commerce Business

A Woman is Oder on Ecommerce Site In Her Mobile With Holding ATM Card on Hand

Nowadays all kinds of businesses are looking to connect with internet audiences to sell their product or services. As Bangalore is enriched with technology and brands, this service is much needed here. If you have an idea for an e-commerce marketing platform, you can make use of this platform to earn a good buck easily.

43. Freelancing Writers

A Man is Writing in Notebook by Using Pen At His Desk Having Laptop, Cup of Coffee and Pen Paper

Marketing and advertising are always the main parts of any business, and for these two, all companies or firms need to start with their marketing copy.

To work on their marketing copies, you can start working as a freelancing content writer. It is now a very unique and trendy business idea, especially among young generation.

44. Juice Corner

Oranges and Glass Filled With Juice Are Kept on Table

 If you have a passion for preparing new beverage ideas, you can start your own juice corner to serve people.

It can work well in any busy location like near office areas, corporate sectors, etc.


It is not necessary now to tell you that Bangalore is the perfect place to start a new small business to get a high return.

Though there are many risks in business, you can settle down your business in Bangalore with the help of the Fynd platform, a new-age e-commerce platform that gained the trust of many business owners.

To start a business means you have to keep your eyes on every single side of the business. With this Fynd platform, you can get all the tools to sell and manage your products at your own pace.

Any newbie small business owner can also start their own website to sell products or services with the help of the Fynd platform. So all the best for your new ventures in Bangalore!


Which business is most profitable in Bangalore?

There are lots of business ideas that are profitable in the megacity like Bangalore. Some of those are:

  • Grocery store
  • Food stall
  • Personal work out trainer
  • Tattoo artist
  • Daycare service
  • Dry wash services, and more.

Is it possible to earn money without investment in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, it is possible to earn money without investing like:

  • Blogging
  • Online surveys
  • Tutoring
  • Web designing
  • App development, and others

What business can be done with 50000 at hand?

arrow down

With an amount of 50000 at hand, one can start photography, cinematography, clothing designing, customized gift store, etc.

What are the legal steps to open a shop in Bangalore?

Here are the steps through which you can start your own shop:

  • Approve your company name
  • Get the director's identification number
  • Get the digital signature certificate
  • Stamp the papers of your start-ups or business
  • Get the certificate of incorporation
  • Make a seal for your business

Which businesses are in trend in Bangalore?

Nowadays, these below-mentioned business ideas are in trend:

  • Freelancing copywriting and creative writing
  • Online tutoring
  • Social media influencer
  • Vlogging
  • Website designing
  • App development

What are the trendiest home-based business ideas in Bangalore?

Here are some of the trendiest home-based businesses in Bangalore:

  • Freelancing writings
  • Social media influencer
  • Vlogging
  • Web designer
  • Cake baking
  • Verandah cafe
  • Organic soaps and personal care items, and others.
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