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Top 10 Cheapest Website Builder in 2024: From $3/month

Top 10 Cheapest Website Builder in 2024: From $3/month

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Don't miss out on potential revenue by not having an online presence for your business. Creating a website has become simple and cost-effective. With numerous website builders available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. But fear not! Our article on the best and cheapest website builders will guide you through this process. Research reveals that 94% of website complaints are related to design. Modern and appealing designs leave positive impressions on visitors. Starting your website no longer requires high costs or hiring developers. You can even seek help from friends, family, or coworkers.


Affordable website builders cater to various needs and goals. Follow the setup instructions, and your site will be up and running quickly. Our expert recommendations focus on the most cost-effective options. We provide summaries and suggestions to help you make an informed choice. While hiring a designer is an alternative, our suggested affordable website builders offer better value. Many budget-friendly platforms have free versions with minimal limitations, such as ads and custom domain restrictions. Prioritising affordability is a wise decision. Leap and establish your online presence without breaking the bank. Choose the ideal website builder today and unlock the potential for business growth.


Businesses must have an online presence to avoid losing money. Creating a website is now simple, with affordable website builders available. We've compiled a list of the best options to make it easier. Research shows that 94% of website complaints are related to design, so it's important to have a contemporary design. Use our guide to choose the most suitable and inexpensive website builder. Avoid free plans, as they come with restrictions such as advertisements and the inability to use a custom domain name.


Which One Is The Cheapest Website Builder?

In the image โ€“ Market share and usage of website builders As per HubSpot's report, the US market for web design services is worth about $40 billion. It has increased by an average of 4.4% a year since 2016. According to our analysis, the Fynd Platform will be the top free website builder in 2024. It is straightforward, user-friendly, and jam-packed with functions that other inexpensive website builders lack.ย 


Additionally, it will only cost you โ‚น599 a month, less than two coffees monthly. However, it is not the only inexpensive website builder we have examined; GoDaddy and Squarespace competed for the second and third spots. Profitable sites are superior to company websites, which are also a great method to exhibit your brand.ย 


Therefore, we list the top inexpensive E-commerce platforms if you seek an economical solution to sell your products or services online. Thanks to our independent research, user testing, and professional analysis, we can identify which affordable website builders and E-commerce platforms would be perfect for your business. Continue reading to compare how these providers' costs, features, and functionality stack up.


How Did We Choose The Top Most Affordable Website Builders?

In this image-The top reasons why a user might leave a website For more than ten years, we have tested website builders. We have witnessed both excellent website builders during that time. Along the road, we learned to consider the value in addition to the price after seeing both fantastic free platforms and extremely terrible paid platforms. Today, value for money is a key component of our technique and the focus of our research. This comprises:


โ— The existence of a free plan or trial plan on a platform

โ— The least expensive paid option offered

โ— The most costly paid option offered

โ— What features are offered with each plan?


We can especially benefit from the last "feature versus price" area of inquiry to determine whether a platform provides good value for the money. It is fantastic to have a low plan, but how much storage does it provide? Will advertisements be displayed on your website, or will you have access to SEO tools so that your website can start to rank on Google's results pages?


As per research, Users make an opinion about your website in roughly 50 milliseconds, or 0.05 seconds, which affects whether they like it or not and if they'll stay on it. Every website builder on this list has been tried and tested by us, so we are confident that each one will be useful to the proper user. Finding your ideal platform is the last step before you can begin creating your website!


Does a Low Price Always Mean a Good Deal?

In this image - What does a user want to see on your webpage The percentage of people online worldwide is 59%. (Source) That translates to 4.66 billion individuals actively using the Internet to research information, find novel solutions, and conveniently purchase what they require without setting foot inside a store. Despite your thoughts, we assure you this is not a trick question. It is not always true that a website builder offers good value for money because it is inexpensive.ย 


Sure, it may be simple on your wallet, but frequently really low-pricing plans do not have a lot of features. Because of this, not all the website builders we have placed first below have the highest overall ratings. Before choosing a website builder, it is crucial to consider what is vital to you and what features are non-negotiable. If you choose one based on price, there's a good chance you will find it deficient in other respects.


Our List Of The Cheapest website builders 2024

โ— Research says 59% of users prefer visiting "beautiful and well-designed" websites over simple ones. Even when creating a website, staying within your budget is crucial.ย 

โ— The Fynd platform is our most affordable portfolio website builder at just USD 17.52 (INR 599) monthly.

โ— Weebly is the most affordable builder for small businesses at just USD 5 months when creating an online store, but Square Online's USD 6-per-month plan wins out in this category.ย 

โ— Finally,, which costs USD 4 per month, takes the top spot for blogging.


Each website builder on this list has been tested thoroughly; some are more deserving of your money than others, but they are all reputable companies. This list has been divided into different website niches to make it easier for you to pick the right builder -


1. GoDaddyย 



The cheapest and fastest website builder for small businesses is GoDaddy.


The cheapest and fastest website builder for small businesses is GoDaddy.

  • Hands-off ADI creation
  • Great marketing focus
  • The cheapest plan has restrictions
  • A free programme is offered
  • Paid Programs: USD 6.99 to USD 29.99 monthly


A Quick Look at GoDaddy,

The quickest way to create a small business website is with GoDaddy, thanks to its artificial design intelligence; it is affordable at USD 9.99 monthly! Every plan includes GoDaddy Insight, the ideal solution for small businesses, which offers a customised action plan to increase your online visibility.ย With an overall score of 4.4 out of 5, GoDaddy has climbed significantly in our rankings, displaying a sincere desire to improve. Anyone searching for long-term growth in their website builder should be encouraged by this!


Basic plan information:

โ— 6.99 dollars a month

โ— 30-day free trial

โ— No advertisements on the website

โ— 24-hour phone support

โ— Analytics from GoDaddy Insight

โ— No integrated SEO website optimiser

โ— Sync with a single social networking site

โ— Offer one-off consultations (no recurring bookings)

โ— No E-commerce


It is incredibly beginner-friendly since GoDaddy handles most of your laborious tasks. It employs Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which queries you and then builds a tailored website based on your responses

Because of this, it passed our tests for usability with a stellar 4.1 out of 5 stars. Because of the ADI builder, your template includes all the necessary components, allowing you to quickly personalise it and add your content before posting.

In addition to its four premium pricing options, each providing a one-month free trial, GoDaddy now offers a free plan that allows you to try it out risk-free before committing. When paying annually, the least expensive premium plan is USD 14.99 monthly:

  • โ— Basic: USD 9.99 monthly
  • โ— Premium: USD 10.49 monthly
  • โ— Commerce: USD 14.99 monthly
  • โ— ommerce Plus: USD 16.99 monthly

Despite offering various capabilities, the Basic plan is only appropriate for simple websites. Due to its lack of SEO tools, restricted social network integrations, and constrained appointment functionality, most small businesses will probably feel its limitations quickly.

With GoDaddy, your site is already developed for you using the ADI editor, so you do not need to choose a template at first. But while you may quickly change your layout and design, it does not mean you have to accept what it decides for you.

Complex branding will be challenging due to the restricted customizability, but adding your unique stamp to the site is still possible.

GoDaddy's range of marketing tools makes it apparent that it is made to promote entrepreneurs and small businesses. GoDaddy Insight is especially helpful because it ranks your website against those of competitors and offers a personalised action plan to help you improve.

However, unless your small business is spanking new, you could find the features on the most affordable plan to be restrictive. The lack of sophisticated SEO capabilities and the absence of recurring online appointment bookings are also major disappointments. Additionally, there are no free domains, so make sure you account for the cost of purchasing one.


Do We Suggest GoDaddy's Most Affordable Plan?

Yes, but not indefinitely. The cheapest package from GoDaddy is excellent if you need a straightforward website and want to launch it immediately. It is the ideal place to start, especially considering how helpful its GoDaddy Insight feature is! But when your company expands, you will want to update. This is due to the better value that GoDaddy's more expensive plans provide, particularly when it comes to cutting-edge SEO tools.


2. Weebly



The most affordable place to start for a small company website is Weebly.



The most affordable place to start for a small company website

Very Good
  • Good website characteristics.
  • Customization is constraine
  • Not formatted for mobile.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 6 to USD 29 monthly


Weebly Quick Look

For newly established small enterprises, Weebly is a fantastic website builder. It is simple to go online quickly because of its low prices, but the premium packages will also be helpful when your company expands and needs a more feature-rich offering. Weebly received a perfect score of 5 out of 5 in our study, taking the top spot for value for money overall. Weebly is a member of the Square toolkit for online commerce.ย You can sell goods through your Weebly website even for nothing if you need to! You must set up a Square Online account to manage your Square-powered online store and Weebly website. The best advice is immediately to create an account at Square Online (Weebly will redirect you there anyway).


Features of the Personal plan that you must be aware of:

โ— USD 5 monthlyย 

โ— Connect your domain.

โ— No free domain

โ— 500 MB storage

โ— display advertisements on your siteย 

โ— Email and chat assistance (no phone support)


Despite having a drag-and-drop editor, Weebly is not always the easiest builder. Our analysis shows that it is 23% more challenging than Wix , and its user interface is a little archaic. Given that it could take time to understand how everything works together, it only received a 3.4 out of 5 during our user testing.

But once you get the hang of it, designing your site will go very quickly because you can pick and choose the parts you want and then just drop them into place. However, Weebly still has to improve in a few areas, such as the generally restricted level of customisation and the absence of mobile formatting. Additionally, our users found the lack of an 'undo' button particularly annoying.

Weebly is incredibly affordable, not least because it offers a free plan. However, the free plan does include some annoying website adverts. Therefore, we recommend choosing one of its three paid plans.

  • โ— Individual: USD 10 monthly.
  • โ— Professional: USD 12 months.
  • โ— Performance: USD 26 monthly.

Weebly's account costs USD 10 monthly and is a terrific option if you are just starting. However, it does come with some restrictions. For instance, you will still have to deal with ads on your website, and you only get 500 MB of storage.

Additionally, there is no free domain included. Furthermore, you must commit to a two-year plan to attain that low pricing point. Weebly performed exceptionally well in our analysis, earning a stellar 5 out of 5 for value for money!

Weebly does not have the largest collection of templates, and the limited number could be improved, especially regarding smartphone optimisation. Weebly struggles to adapt its layouts well to different screen sizes.

However, all the templates have a polished, businesslike look that would work nicely for a ssmall company. Additionally, since they are free, you will not need to spend more and increase your monthly expenses.

Weebly received an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 and placed third among all the builders we examined regarding features. It offers many functions, including helpful instructions for newcomers to Search Engine Optimization. Weebly performs quite well in the SEO field.

It also has a chatbot feature, a password-protected members' section, and a built-in analytics system for monitoring the success of your website. With Weebly Promote, you can even include email marketing on your website. Upgrade to a paid plan starting at USD 8 or use the free one.

If you require online store capability for your Weebly website, you can add it through the incredibly affordable plans supported by the well-known E-commerce platform Square Online. You can even choose a Square E-commerce package for your Weebly site, but be aware of higher-than-usual transaction fees.


Do we recommend the cheapest plan on Weebly?

Yes, but not always. Any new business can quickly and easily get online with a Personal plan, making it a great place to start. However, as your brand gains traction, you will quickly outgrow this plan. We advise immediately upgrading to the Professional plan for a more professional feel. The Professional plan has a significant price increase at USD 12 per month, but in our opinion, it offers superior value. Square Online, a well-known E-commerce platform, powers Weebly's respectable E-commerce feature.ย 


Although this is a cost-effective E-commerce option, we advise you to be aware of higher transaction costs than on low-cost premium plans. The best advice is this: to access and manage a web store on Weebly, you must first create a Square account. If you want to build an online store or sell products through a Weebly site, we recommend going straight to Square Online.


3. Zyro



An inexpensive website builder for small businesses is Zyro.



An inexpensive website builder for small businesses

  • Experimental AI tools
  • Decent customer rating
  • A free trial is offered
  • Paid Programs: USD 2.69 to USD 39.99 monthly


At A Glance: Zyro

Despite being a newcomer, Zyro is already significantly impacting the website-building industry. Its most distinguishing quality is its simplicity, making it accessible to almost anyone for quickly launching a website. It also offers cutting-edge capabilities, such as an AI writer, which is incredibly helpful for small companies that cannot afford to hire freelancers. Due to these qualities, it has received a customer score of 4.1 out of 5, placing it in fourth place. However, as a new platform, some aspects are still relatively simple.


What the USD 2.61 monthly "Website" plan offers you need to know -

โ— Unrestricted capacity

โ— Unlimited capacity

โ— One year of free domain use (or the option to connect your own)

โ— Internal AI tools

โ— Tools for blogs

โ— Three months of free email

โ— Ability to connect to Google Analytics

โ— Note: This plan does not support selling.


Zyro scored a 4 out of 5 in our ease of use assessment, making it one of the easiest builders to use, thanks to its grid-based drag-and-drop editor. It provides a considerable deal of creative freedom without being too complicated.

This is ideal if you want a simple, no-frills attached website to accompany your business. But it is simpler because it has fewer features than some other builders. It offers the fundamentals, but to obtain anything too complex, you must know a little about code, which is not what we'd call beginner-friendly.

Zyro does well in the value-for-the-money category, earning 4.2 out of 5. Additionally, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to launch your website without risk. There are four different plans available for selection:

  • โ— Basic - USD 2.90 monthly
  • โ— Premium - USD 3.90 monthly
  • โ— Commerce - USD 9.90 monthly
  • โ— Commerce Plus - USD 14.90 monthly

The Business plan, which includes some fundamental sales tools, is perfect for small enterprises because it has enough functionality to support you while you are first starting.

However, we advise moving to the Online Store package if you want to use your website to sell goods. Keep an eye on Zyro's rates because it frequently runs promotions that can cut the overall cost by up to 71%.

Zyro includes a selection of elegant and mobile-friendly layouts ideal for advertising small enterprises. Additionally, you can create a website from scratch, which is excellent if you want to emphasise your company's identity.

When it came to personalisation options, Zyro used to struggle. You couldn't do too much to your templates to make them stand out from the crowd, keeping things basic.However, this was the cost of having an intuitive editor.

Since our last evaluation, Zyro has made significant advancements in design with the Smart layout function. With this new functionality, you can use visual guides and dynamic columns to precisely position elements where you want them.

Zyro only received a score of 2.4 out of 5 for this category in our analysis because it is a relatively new website builder with a small selection of features. It lacks an app store and instead uses Zapier to connect with all third parties.

However, its most affordable Website plan does come with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, a free email address for three months, a free domain for a year, and basic SEO tools to aid with growth. Not too shabby for only USD 2.90 a month!

All of Zero's blueprints include a special collection of AI tools that give the impression that the builder is highly modern. These include a keyword-rich copywriting AI tool and a logo maker, which are both quite helpful if you need to keep prices down and do not want to engage a designer. These include a keyword-rich copywriting AI tool and a logo maker, which are both quite helpful if you need to keep prices down and do not want to engage a designer.


Do We Suggest Zyro's Most Affordable Plan?

Yes, we do, but not if your goal is to make sales. With a monthly cost of only USD 2.90, the Website plan is incredibly cost-effective and ideal for small business websites. However, if you wish to use your website as a resource for information and sell a few items, we suggest choosing the USD 3.90 monthly Business plan. But if you require your website to function as an online store, we recommend using the Online Store plan.


4. 1&1 IONOS



The least expensive plans, although they include few features


1 & 1 Ionos

The least expensive plans, although they include few features

Over the Average
  • Fantastic loading speed.
  • Customization is constrained.
  • Quite dated in general.
  • A free trial is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 0.5 to USD 30 monthly


1&1 Ionos Quick Look

Aiming to help businesses go online, 1&1 Ionos stands out from the competition with exceptionally affordable price options starting at just USD 1 per month for the first year! Additionally, it allows you to translate your website into multiple languages for a wider worldwide audience, which is ideal for scalability as your business expands.


Starter plan features -

โ— USD 1 per month

โ— Free domain for the first year

โ— Reputable email address

โ— Limited ability to customise and design

โ— Beneficial online marketing tools

โ— No advertisements

โ— After the first year, prices increase at a faster rate.


1&1 Ionos had a low rating of 2.8 out of 5 in our ease-of-use testing, indicating that it is not the simplest website builder. The sectional layout of the editor might make it difficult to manoeuvre objects, although it keeps your website design neat and orderly. This restricts the editing process significantly. On the other hand, adding new pages to your website is fairly simple.

Additionally, since every new page is a blank slate, you have creative freedom in arranging it. This is great if you prefer more creative freedom, but it could be problematic if you want to launch your website quickly.

1&1 Ionos provides two pricing tiers: one for E-commerce stores and one for website builders. Both offer options starting at USD 1 per month, but you can add a second store function to the website builder plan if desired.

Value for money is an area where this builder excels, achieving a score of 4.2 out of 5 for this category, thanks to its incredibly affordable entry-level plans. There are three options for website builders:

  • โ— Starter: (6 months) USD 5 per month, then $9/mo.
  • โ— Plus: (12 months) USD 1 per month, then $15/mo.
  • โ— Pro: (6 months) USD 15 per month, then $25/mo.

It is important to remember that these are introductory rates; the price will increase when you renew your plan for the following year.

Unfortunately, 1&1 Ionos is not renowned for its innovative design elements. Users have complained that the offered templates feel outdated, and there is no search bar to browse them easily. Customisation options are limited, and templates often impose restrictions.

Despite its unimpressive looks, 1&1 Ionos does offer a modest but effective set of tools to aid small firms in going online. It includes a personal email address, a free domain for the first year, and powerful SEO tools to promote your brand.

The MyWebsite Now builder is also designed with beginners in mind, making it simple for them to get online. This is the best option if you don't care about having all the bells and whistles attached to your website but want something useful to market your business.


Do We Recommend the Cheapest Plan at 1&1 Ionos?

Not really. We advise switching right away to the Plus plan. Despite being incredibly affordable at just USD 1 per month for the first year, the Starter plan has restricted customisation options and lacks scalability. However, with the Plus plan, you can develop a more dynamic website and translate it into multiple languages. It also enables you to include a blog, advanced features like photo galleries, parallax scrolling, and video backdrops, and connect your website to social networking.ย 


5. Squarespace



Best for elegantly styled small company websites is Squarespace.


Best for elegantly styled small company websites

  • Good marketing elements and a strong brand presence.
  • Embedded analytics.
  • A free trial is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 16 to USD 49 monthly

At A Glance: Squarespace

One of the major players in the world of website creation is Squarespace, and for a good reason. Thanks to its built-in statistics tool, strong SEO performance, and extensions library, it is the perfect option for small businesses. It offers a solid foundation for small enterprises to expand their reach and strength. What's even better is that you get full value for your money.


Personal plan features you must know of:

โ— USD 12 per month

โ— Custom domain connection

โ— The first year of the domain is free

โ— No advertisements

โ— Unlimited capacity

โ— Complete SEO capabilities

โ— 24/7 customer service and assistance

โ— No e-commerce on the cheapest package

โ— ย Simple analytics programs


Squarespace has had a reputation for being difficult to use, but it has recently made significant efforts to streamline its editor. As a result, it has earned a rating of 4.0 out of 5 during our user testing, making it one of the easiest website builders to use, with a huge 15% rise from its previous rating! Its editor employs rows to arrange designs, allowing you to easily reorganise the pieces within a section.

This may be too restrictive for people with little design knowledge who want to maintain their website as neat and appealing as possible. However, it is wonderful if you enjoy having complete freedom to drag and drop anything wherever you please.

Squarespace provides users with a 14-day free trial, which allows them to explore the platform and evaluate its suitability for their needs. However, to publish their website and make it accessible to the public, users must upgrade to one of Squarespace's paid plans. These plans offer a range of features and pricing options, starting from USD 12 and going up to USD 40 when paid upfront.

While some may prefer website builders that offer completely free subscriptions, Squarespace's trial period enables users to thoroughly test its capabilities and make an informed decision about investing in a paid plan that aligns with their specific requirements.:

  • โ— Personal: USD 16 monthly.
  • โ— Business: USD 23 monthly.
  • โ— Basic Commerce: USD 27 monthly.
  • โ— Advanced Commerce: USD 49 monthly.

This is where Squarespace truly shines. It is the current king of visually attractive design, and its templates are built to support high-resolution media. Unlike other builders like Shopify, its templates are all free and will look stunning no matter what screen they are viewed on.

It's important to note that if you opt for the Personal plan, you won't be able to modify your website's underlying code. This restriction is lifted for the Business plan and higher tiers, granting users sophisticated customisation options. However, for beginners, this restriction can be seen as a safeguard, preventing unintended modifications to the code and preserving the stylish look of your website.

Squarespace's plans include a generous selection of premium features typically created in-house and designed to work with your website.

The more expensive your plan, the more features you will have access to, but the Personal plan offers a great selection of blogging tools, excellent SEO features, and room for up to two website contributors.

Additionally, its fundamental statistics provide you with a good picture of how you are doing. The Squarespace extensions library is a great resource if you require more features. Like an app store, you can access plugins from Delighted, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and Smart SEO plugins.


Do We Suggest Squarespace's Most Affordable Plan?

Yes, we do! The plan includes just the right number of tools to launch your small business, and the elegant templates will impress any potential clients. If you outgrow this one, you can confidently scale your business because Squarespace offers three alternative plans.


6. Square Online

Square Online


The cheapest online store builder is Square Online.

Square online

Cheapest online store builder

Very Good
  • Sell an endless number of goods.
  • 2.9% plus a USD 0.30 transaction fee.
  • Very simple to use.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Monthly fees range from USD 12 to USD 72.


Square Online - Quick Look

Square Online's low entry costs and expandable features strike a wonderful balance. On the Professional plan, which costs USD 12 monthly, you can sell unlimited products immediately. It is very simple and excellent for integrating an offline business with your online store.


What a professional plan user should know

โ— USD 12 monthly

โ— Sell as many items as you want

โ— A year's worth of free domains

โ— No ads on your store

โ— Automatically synchronised with Square POS

โ— Offer shipment, delivery, or pickup

โ— No cart abandonment feature

โ— No product evaluations

โ— A transaction fee of 2.9% plus USD 0.30


Square Online is simple, making it a perfect option for new users or vendors hoping to make money immediately. The setup procedure is quick and easy, and it guides you by requesting information about your company so that your site can be customised to your needs.

Once you enter the editor, though, things can become a little more complicated. This is because Square uses its terminology for well-known E-commerce capabilities, making it occasionally cchallenging to locate the component you seek among the numerous toolbar tabs. However, opening your store could not be simpler once you become familiar with it.

Square Online features a free plan, and because you can sell unlimited items, it quickly outperforms the competition. Choose one of Square Online's three premium options, which start at USD 12 per month when you pay annually, to eliminate advertisements from your shopfront.

  • โ— Professionals - USD 12 months.
  • โ— Performance - USD 26 monthly.
  • โ— Enhanced - USD 72 monthly.

The cheapest Professional plan provides several benefits, including connecting to your custom domain if you already have one, removing advertisements, and a free domain for a year. This package also offers additional services such as Instagram integration, Square POS syncing, curbside pickup, gift cards, and more.

In our analysis, Square Online received high marks for design. Instead of letting you begin by selecting a template, it builds a custom shop based on the details you enter during setup. This results in a store that adheres to the best E-commerce standards for your sector. You are given good options to tweak your design, and the finished output is typically a sleek, contemporary shopfront that does its best to highlight your products.

Square Online offers typical E-commerce essentials, such as gift card generation, shipping tools, and inventory management. The more expensive subscriptions, however, provide access to more sophisticated features like abandoned cart recovery and delivery discounts.

Additionally, it incorporates a few more unique features, demonstrating that Square Online is responsive to the needs of merchants and evolving with the times. Examples include curbside pickup, order text alerts, and in-store customisation, which allows customers to change their orders and pick-up times. The cheapest package includes access to all of these services.


Do We Suggest Square Online's Most Affordable Plan?

Yes! Square Online's USD 12 monthly Professional plan will greatly benefit a modest online store. Despite lacking more significant capabilities like abandoned cart recovery, it still delivers outstanding value for novice sellers who require a beautiful, feature-rich store.


7. Wix



The best E-commerce website builder available is Wix.


The best e-commerce website builder available

  • Sell an endless number of goods.
  • 0% of transaction costs.
  • Outstanding creative freedom.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Plan Range: USD 16-USD 59/month.


Wix - Quick Overview

Wix, a website builder, offers E-commerce plans for people who wish to create an online store. Its entry-level package, priced at USD 22 per month, balances brand-focused creative flexibility and growth-driven sales tools, making it ideal for small businesses with expansion goals. Additionally, opting for a three-year plan will only cost you USD 16 per month, saving USD 5 monthly.


Business Basic Plan features that you must know - USD 27 monthlyย 

โ— Sell as many items as you want

โ— A year's worth of free domains

โ— No ads on your store

โ— 20 GB of space

โ— Cart recovery for forgotten items

โ— Social media marketing

โ— Customer accounts available

โ— No connectivity with the marketplace; 0% transaction fee

โ— Not compatible with multiple currencies


Wix is a user-friendly platform for creating an online store. It's easy drag-and-drop editor is fantastic for branding because you can plop anything anywhere. As you design, you also receive useful suggestions and hints; Wix's on-page support is a truly outstanding feature!

It is the simplest if you have a limited selection of products because there is a tiny disconnect between maintaining your store inventory and designing your shopfront - you have to flip between the two in your dashboard.

Only three ofWix many options allow for online selling. The least expensive plan is USD 18 months if you choose a three-year plan and USD 23 monthly if you opt to pay annually:

  • โ— Basic Business: USD 23 monthly.
  • โ— Unlimited Business: USD 27.
  • โ— VIP for business: USD 49 monthly.

Features for starting and expanding an online store are included in the Business Basic package. For starters, you may sell an unlimited amount of items, plus you get access to social media selling and abandoned cart recovery, both of which are helpful for increasing sales. All of Wix's plans are free of transaction costs.

Wix offers around 110 online store themes spanning various sectors and businesses, including CBD, fashion, pets, and sports. You have complete control over customising your chosen template, allowing you to alter fonts, colours, and layouts to your liking.

However, suppose you are unfamiliar with E-commerce best practices. In that case, this customisation freedom can be overwhelming and result in a cluttered design, but it can also be wonderful for developing a distinctive brand.

The cheapest Business plan on Wix, the Business Basic plan, offers basic E-commerce capabilities to get you started and is intended for new or small online enterprises. These include:

  • โ— There are countless goods.
  • โ— 5 hours and 20 GB of video storage.
  • โ— Marketing on social media.

A USD 300 worth of ad vouchers, abandoned cart recovery, customer accounts, and more sophisticated capabilities are also included to help you expand your store.


Do We Suggest Wix's Most Affordable E-commerce Plan?

Yes! We also like that it allows you to develop capabilities like abandoned cart recovery. It is a great value plan for small online enterprises. Even on the most affordable USD 27 per month Business Basic plan, there are no transaction fees, and you can sell unlimited products.


Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!


8. The Fynd Platform

The Fynd Platform


The best value for stores that prioritise customers is the Fynd Platform.

Fynd Platform

Best value for stores that prioritize customers

  • Sell a limitless number of products.
  • The transaction cost of 3%.
  • Top shopfront layouts.
  • A free trial is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 7.5 to USD 31.39 monthly
See Pros & Cons


  • Excellent analytics and an inventory system.
  • Beautiful templates for online stores.
  • Great SEO.
  • Strong tools, such as blogging and SEO.

Read Review


At A Glance: the Fynd Platform,

The Fynd Platform, offers its cheapest E-commerce plan at Rs.600/mo, billed annually. This is an ideal option for small E-commerce firms prioritising branding and design, as it allows them to build stunning stores using the Fynd Platform's top-notch designs.ย 


Monthly Standard Plan: features that you must know Costs USD 7.5 monthly


โ— Costs Rs.600/moย 

โ— Sell as many items as you want

โ— A year's worth of free domains

โ— No ads on your store

โ— Contemporary Website analytics

โ— Unintegrated POS

โ— Cart Abandoned recovery feature available

โ— Items are integrated with Instagram

โ— The transaction cost of 4.5%.


The Fynd Platform, which achieved the highest score of 4.9 out of 5, won the contest for the best builder in our usability tests, proving that a first impression can be misleading. Even more impressive is that this represents a 15% improvement over its previous level in our pre-2022 rankings.

The Fynd Platform offers three E-commerce plans. The Standard plan is the cheapest option, costing Rs.600/mo when invoiced annually.

  • โ— Standard plan: Rs.600/mo
  • โ— Professional plan: Rs.1.350/mo
  • โ— Premium plan: Rs.2,250/mo.

The Standard plan is a partial E-commerce solution primarily designed for commercial websites that want to host their main website while selling products. The professional package provides access to basic E-commerce features, allowing you to sell various goods, create gift cards, and accept donations. There is a transaction fee of 4.5%, which is lower for the Premium plan, the most expensive E-commerce program.

The Fynd Platform consistently delivers impressive designs, which is true for their online store templates. They offer prebuilt E-commerce-specific designs with beneficial pages and automatically added features, such as "Shop Now" calls to action and product galleries.

While the platform provides a robust selection of E-commerce features, the most important sales features are primarily in their Professional and Premium Commerce plans. The Professional plan, priced at Rs.1.350/mo, includes useful features such as:

  • โ— Integration with other marketplaces
  • โ— POS (Point of Sale).
  • โ— Priority Support
  • โ— 5,000 free emails and SMS
  • โ— Percentage-based selling locations
  • โ— Up to 10 team members
  • โ— Advertising pop-ups.
  • โ— Donation functionality
  • โ— Creation of gift cards.
  • โ— Order, supply, and product catalogue management.
  • โ— Payment, tax, and shipping tools


Do We Suggest the Fynd Platform's Most Affordable E-commerce Plan?

Absolutely! If you have a side business selling goods or focusing on subscriptions or digital sales, we highly recommend it. The Standard plan, priced at Rs.600/mo, offers POS integration, E-commerce analytics, and the option for website visitors to purchase on their domain. It's exactly what you need when starting a dedicated online store."


9. Shopify



The best affordable choice for bigger stores is Shopify.


The best affordable choice for bigger stores

Very Good
  • Sell an endless number of goods.
  • Transaction costs of 0% to 2%.
  • Modern sales techniques.
  • A free trial is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 29 to USD 299 monthly


Shopify Quick - Overview

Shopify is a specialised E-commerce platform that primarily assists merchants in creating, managing, and expanding online stores. Its layouts, themes, and features are designed for online sales, making it particularly suitable for larger firms. If you commit to the yearly package, the cheapest plan costs Rs.1,499/mo. Therefore, ensure that you truly need the services it offers.


Basic Shopify plan - some information you must know


โ— The cheapest plan costs Rs.1,499/mo

โ— Sell as many items as you want

โ— No free domain; no advertisements; no free hosting

โ— Multiple-channel marketing

โ— Recovery of a forgotten cart

โ— The generation of gift cards and promo coupons

โ— Shipping reductions are offered (up to 74%)

โ— Make shipment labels.

โ— If you do not use Shopify Payments POS integration, there is a 2% transaction fee.


Shopify may require more time to set up than a simpler online store builder, making it less intuitive for beginners. This is because it is a robust platform with many features. However, our users overwhelmingly preferred Shopify's logical design and inventory-focused strategy during testing.

This demonstrates that even non-techies can quickly get up and running with a powerful platform like Shopify!Our users appreciated how Shopify helped them set up their stores. While you won't be able to launch your store in five minutes, you also won't feel like banging your head against a wall.

Shopify's pricing reflects its position as a sophisticated E-commerce platform. While there isn't a free plan, you can try it out for 14 days without payment. The least expensive plan starts at Rs.1,499/mo if you billed annually:

  • โ— Basic Shopify: Rs.1,499 monthly.
  • โ— Shopify: Rs.5,599 a month.
  • โ— Shopify Advanced: Rs 22,680 monthly.

Before committing, it's important to consider your options as the rates for different plans increase quickly. Shopify does provide the opportunity to upgrade your plans in the future. To enhance the functionality of your site and avoid frequent subscription upgrades, Shopify heavily relies on applications.

There are both free and paid apps available. As you establish and expand your store, we recommend exploring Shopify's app store and adding up the potential apps you might require to estimate additional costs.

Shopify's designs are specifically created for online stores. There are nine free themes available, but most of them require payment. The least expensive option costs around USD 100, while the most expensive is USD 180. Remember that if you don't find any of Shopify's free themes appealing, this can be a significant upfront expense you'll need to budget for.

The themes offered by Shopify have excellent designs. They are all mobile-responsive, catering to various industries, and some even offer multiple style options. Each theme is tailored to a specific industry, automatically including relevant elements.

Shopify is a robust platform for creating feature-rich online stores. With the least expensive option, you can expect:

  • โ— Two employee accounts.
  • โ— Social media and marketplace multichannel selling.
  • โ— Synchronizing inventory with up to four locations.
  • โ— Recovery of a forgotten cart.
  • โ— Coupon codes.
  • โ— Credit cards.
  • โ— Shipping reductions.
  • โ— Make shipment labels.
  • โ— Analysis of fraud.
  • โ— Accept cash payments in-person with Shopify POS Lite.
  • โ— It allows you to sell in 20 different languages and 130+ currencies.

The advanced plans offer even more fascinating features, including real-time shipping prices, manual foreign exchange rates, and expert reports. One of the best things about Shopify Shopify is its extensive app store. Since it heavily relies on third-party integrations, you may need to download a few apps to maximise your business's potential.


Do We Suggest Shopify's Most Affordable E-commerce Plan?

Kind of, but it depends on whether you require its powerful features. Undoubtedly, Shopify is a robust E-commerce platform. However, even the cheapest plan, Rs.1,499/mo, may seem pricey if you don't need most of its tools. Budgeting for a theme, applications, and domain is important since none of Shopify's tiers includes a free domain.ย You must be committed to growing your store and utilising its features to obtain significant value. Consider the necessity of features for your store's expansion. When you make full use of Shopify's features to grow your store, it provides the best value.


10. Big Cartelย 

Big Cartelย 


Cheapest website builder for E-commerce is Big Cartel.

Big Cartel

Cheapest website builder for e-commerce

Over the Average
  • Sell up to 50 items.
  • Basic sales equipment.
  • 0% of transaction costs.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 9.99 to USD 19.99 monthly


Big Cartel - In A Nutshell,

Big Cartel is a straightforward website builder for E-commerce, ideal for those looking to sell on a platform that offers more control than a marketplace. While it may offer user-friendly features and enhanced functionality, it is a great low-cost option for selling a few items. Big Cartel's standout feature is its affordability. It provides a free plan, and its most affordable subscription plan costs just USD 9.99 per month when billed annually.


Things You Need to Know About the Platinum Plan -

โ— USD 10.00 per month

โ— Sell up to 50 items

โ— 0% transaction costs

โ— No free website

โ— No advertisements on your store when you connect your own custom domain

โ— No cart recovery feature

โ— ntegration with Google Analytics

โ— Maximum of 5 pictures per item

โ— Sell online and offline for added convenience


Big Cartel provides an easy-to-use onboarding procedure that offers helpful suggestions and pointers. While this is beneficial for beginner sellers, our users found it challenging to progress with Big Cartel during our testing, making it the most challenging E-commerce platform we have explored so far!

It is important to note that, despite its appearance of being beginner-friendly, having coding abilities is necessary to utilise Big Cartel fully. This requirement may deter individuals without coding experience.

If you need to sell more than five products, upgrading to a premium plan is an option. Three paid options are available, with monthly prices ranging from USD 9.99 to USD 29.99:

  • โ— Platinum: USD 9.99 monthly
  • โ— Diamond: USD 19.99 monthly
  • โ— Titanium: USD 29.99 monthly.

You can sell up to 50 products with the least expensive Platinum plan. This plan offers various selling capabilities, including shipment tracking, using a custom domain, uploading five photos per product, and inventory management.

Big Cartel does not offer a wide variety of designs. However, the available designs are mobile-optimised, contemporary, clean, and fun. You have the flexibility to change your template at any time.

Nevertheless, Big Cartel's themes may not be the most visually striking, and customisation options are limited. Having coding knowledge becomes essential to enhance your shop's appearance. Without it, your visual branding may leave you and your clients feeling uninspired.


11. Jimdoย 



Good for creating a budget-friendly, ad-free portfolio.


Good for creating a budget-friendly, ad-free portfolio

  • ADI and classic editor Fundamental capabilities.
  • Affordable plans without adverts.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 9 to USD 24 months


Jimdo Quick - Overview

When building a website with Jimdo, you have the option to use either the ADI builder or the conventional editor. In this overview, we will focus on the ADI builder as it allows you to quickly launch your website. Both approaches offer a free plan, but it provides limited features, which can make it challenging to grow a website.


Start Plan information that you must know:

โ— Rs.300/mo

โ— Ten GB of bandwidth

โ— 5 GB of free domain storage

โ— Customer service response time ranges from one to two days

โ— Maximum of 10 pages per website

โ— No social media tools


The ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) editor on Jimdo, similar to GoDaddy, allows for quick and easy website creation. By filling out a questionnaire and specifying your preferences, Jimdo will build a website that precisely matches your requirements, including your desired color scheme.

However, things can become a bit confusing once you enter the editor. The layout is not particularly clear, and it can be challenging to understand the meaning of each indicator. Furthermore, additional customisation options may feel limited compared to the straightforward ADI procedure. As a result, Jimdo received a usability score of only 3.4 out of 5 in our tests.

There are three distinct pricing options available for Jimbo's ADI builder, one of which is a free plan:

  • โ— Play: Rs.0
  • โ— Start: Rs.3000/mo.
  • โ— Grow: Rs.500/mo
  • โ— Unlimited: Rs.1,250/mo

The free plan allows access to the internet without any cost, but it comes with many restrictions. There is a maximum limit of five website pages, which can be quite limiting for a professional portfolio. Additionally, there is no available help or support if any problems arise.

By opting for the Start plan, which removes ads and includes a free domain name, many of these issues are resolved. Users also gain access to enhanced SEO capabilities.However, the limitation of 10 pages and the potential one to two-day response time for support services still prevent us from giving it a higher rating.

While not bad, Jimdo's designs could benefit from some modernisation. Their ADI websites and templates provided with the manual editor have a decent appearance but lack a particularly inspiring feel. Moreover, customization options are limited, which restricts the level of individuality you can add to your website.

Jimdo offers a limited selection of features, to say the least. All of its plans come with limitations, requiring additional spending to receive even a fair deal from the site. As a result, it received a disappointing rating of 1.9 out of 5 in our testing. Without purchasing the most expensive Grow plan, you are limited to only 10 pages on your website, and integration with social media is not available.

Perhaps the most concerning aspect is the prioritisation of support and assistance based on your plan level. Customers on the Grow plan can expect a response in as little as four hours, while those on the Start plan may have to wait up to two days. If you choose the free plan, you will not receive any assistance or support at all.


Do We Suggest Jimdo's Most Affordable Plan?

Actually, no. This is due to the fact that, although being ad-free, Jimdo's most basic plan has a very small feature set and will not work for you if you want to increase your digital footprint and grow your portfolio. Even though it is an excellent opportunity for you to test out the Jimdo platform and decide whether you like it, we would not particularly suggest the free plan.


12. Strikingly



Decent for inexpensive one-page portfolios is Strikingly.


Decent for inexpensive one-page portfolios

Over the Average
  • Create 1-page portfolios.
  • Dependable client service.
  • Sell up to five items.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 8 to USD 59 monthly


Strikingly - At a Glance.

Strikingly specialises in creating single-page portfolio websites and aims to offer a user-friendly editor interface, especially suitable for beginners. While the single-page style allows for large portfolios, it may not be ideal. Additionally, it can sometimes appear a bit too plain. However, it is well-suited for digitally showcasing a modest quantity of work.


Limited plan information must be aware of:


โ— USD 8 per month

โ— Connect your domain

โ— 1 year of free domain space

โ— Ideal for single-page websites

โ— 1 GB per-site storage

โ— 60 GB of space

โ— Sell up to five items

โ— 5% transaction fee

โ— On-site live chat and round-the-clock service

โ— Publish two sites under the Limited plan for the price of one


Strikingly is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to change templates using its editor easily. The on-page live chat feature is particularly helpful when encountering difficulties and needing assistance.

However, the platform's simplicity can sometimes be a drawback. As you gain experience, you may find that the features offered by Strikingly are limited and may not meet your growing needs. You may quickly become impatient and desire more advanced features.

Strikingly offers three paid programs to choose from, as well as a free option. The monthly costs range from USD 8 to USD 49 when paid yearly:

  • โ— Free: USD 0 monthly.
  • โ— Limited: USD 8 months.
  • โ— Pro: USD 16 monthly.
  • โ— VIP: USD 49 monthly.

The least expensive option, the Limited plan, is quite substantial as it includes a free domain for a year and the ability to publish two Limited features for the price of one. It is also uncommon to find E-commerce features included in a basic package, but Strikingly allows you to sell up to 5 goods.However, even with these benefits, you cannot remove the Strikingly branding unless you upgrade to a Pro subscription.

The template designs in Strikingly are not uninteresting but lack groundbreaking elements. While they can help you create a visually appealing website, they do not push the boundaries of design, and you may eventually feel limited by the customisation options available.

However, changing templates at any time is a valuable feature. We believe it is a better option than attempting to change your current website's layout, which can be more challenging and stressful.

Strikingly websites are designed as single-page sites, so if you have a larger online portfolio, we do not recommend using it. However, if you have a few items to showcase, it works well. The ability to sell up to five products is a great feature if you have items for sale.

As mentioned earlier, the Limited plan includes a free domain for the first year. However, it is important to note that each custom domain will renew at a cost of USD 24.95 per year. This can be quite expensive compared to other domain registrars , so we advise exploring other options before deciding.


Do We Suggest Strikinglyโ€™s Most Affordable Plan?

Actually, no. The Limited plan at USD 8 per month has a significant flaw in that it does not allow the removal of Strikingly branding. This can greatly diminish the credibility of your portfolio. Furthermore, due to its one-page style, it may not be suitable for larger portfolios. We recommend considering the Pro plan if you want to make a good impression on your visitors and showcase more of your work.





Cheapest blogging website builder is

Cheapest blogging website builder

Over the Average
  • Developed for blogging.
  • Integrated analytics.
  • Coding abilities useful.
  • A free programme is offered.
  • Paid Programs: USD 4 to USD 45 monthly

โ€ In a Nutshell is a robust but inexpensive website builder designed specifically for blogging. It offers four paid plans, the smallest of which costs about USD 4 monthly when paid annually. It also offers a free plan.ย 


Personal plan must-know information


โ— The plan costs USD 4 per month.

โ— You receive a free domain for one year.

โ— You get 6 GB of storage space.

โ— There will be fewer advertisements displayed on your site.

โ— The branding will appear in the footer of your site.

โ— Email assistance is available, but there is no live chat support.

โ— Integration with Google Analytics is not included.

โ— You can accept payments through the plan.

โ— Simple design modifications are possible.


Compared to other website builders, is not particularly user-friendly for beginners. However, it is considerably simpler than the well-known open-source platform is a fantastic option if you want the strength and blogging tools of without all the technical speak. However, you could have trouble getting started without a user-friendly website builder. obtained poor "likely to suggest" ratings from participants in our user testing because they found it difficult to use. However, does offer helpful tips and hints while you construct, which is a big help in overcoming its challenging learning curve. offers four paid options in addition to a completely free plan. It is a scalable option and, most importantly, a very affordable website builder. The entry-level plan, Personal, costs just USD 4 per month when paid annually. The pricing options are as follows:

  • โ— Free: USD 0.01 each month.
  • โ— Individual: USD 4 monthly.
  • โ— Enhanced: USD 8 monthly.
  • โ— Organization: USD 25 monthly.
  • โ— Online shopping: USD 45 a month.

The Personal plan, the least expensive paid option, provides 6 GB of storage space and a free domain for a year. While there are fewer advertisements compared to the free plan, branding will still appear in the footer of your site. Although the plan lacks certain capabilities like integration with Google Analytics or the option to upload videos, it still offers great value for the price.

If you are creating a blog, the template designs available on are excellent. There is a design for every budget, as both free and paid options are available. However, the lack of customisation in's design is a drawback.

Unless you know how to code, you can change your site's CSS for more creative freedom. This feature is included in the most affordable plan. However, the Premium plan, priced at USD 8 per month, is required for full customisation possibilities. offers an enormous selection of blogging capabilities. It is no wonder that it received an amazing 4.3 stars out of 5, as it was designed as a website builder for blogging. Various features will support your blog, including social network integration, comment management, bookmarking, and practical analytics tools.


Which one is the Top Affordable E-commerce Platform - Our choice

The best option if you do not know how to code is to use an E-commerce platform to build a stylish online store. Fortunately, selling your products or services online does not have to break the bank, owing to various cost-effective options. According to our analysis, the Fynd platform offers the most affordable E-commerce platform, with monthly costs starting at USD 7.5.ย However, Squarespace and Wix are equally cost-effective solutions, earning values of 4/5 for both systems. Our internal research team evaluated the leading E-commerce platforms and concluded that the Fynd Platform was the most cost-effective option. Its affordability is genuinely unmatched, earning an exceptional value score of 4.9.


In contrast to other significant E-commerce platforms, the Fynd platform allows you to start selling things online for nothing. Its free plan does not scrimp on vital services. However, offering SEO, delivery & shipping, and Afterpay capabilities. However, its free tier does come with transaction fees on all sales, just like its other plans. Although startup expenses are extremely low, they may eventually rise. Aside from being one of the most affordable options, the Fynd platform is also among the simplest-to-use platforms. The platform's user interface is simple and does not overwhelm you with extraneous information. Because of this, the system is perfect for organisations that are just beginning to use E-commerce software and those on a restricted budget.


How Can A Website Be Made In 30 Minutes With The Fynd Platform?

In this image - the Fynd platform Omni ecosystem All brands, from small businesses to large corporations, can launch their operations online thanks to the Fynd Platform. Many people may find this time-consuming process. However, firms can simply plug their products into the Fynd Platform to begin selling online! For a simple signup process you must first have a mobile number or email address. Next, you must enter the following information about your business:


โ— Your company name and address

โ— Details of your GST or PAN card

โ— Your company's logo (Not compulsory, you can always fill this out later).


You will be one step closer to building your dream website if you complete out the information above. Once you step onto the platform, you have a lot of options. To simplify it for you:


There are two ways for brands to add products to the Fynd Platform. The first option allows you to mass import products using an Excel or CSV sheet that needs to be filled out with various properties and parameters.

Real-time inventory integration on the Fynd Platform makes it simple for brands to contribute their products. The second choice is to manually enter your products and photographs using a simple form.

There are already integrated predefined categories from which you may select using the drop-down menu. No matter the plan you select, Fynd Platform supports an unlimited number of items.

Your sales channel serves as a portal to your website's inventory, analytics, themes, and communication. Choose a free domain from Fynd Platform or incorporate your own domain name while building a sales channel.

After that, you can select your website's structure by going to Themes. On the Fynd Platform, there are numerous free and premium themes that can assist you in building your ideal website.

The Fynd Platform enables you to invite several people and grant them private access to your dashboard, regardless of whether you are a one-man or one-woman army in charge of things or have team members. You can add individuals as admins or staff. Unless you grant someone access, they cannot come into your space.

Use the following tools after your website is live to ensure higher success for both businesses and customers: In-house logistics integration is made easier with the Fynd Platform. Every time an order is placed with the brand, we automatically choose the delivery partner with the cheapest price.

Integration of Payment Gateways: The Fynd Platform is connected to well-known payment gateway services like RazorPay, JusPay, and Stripe. This assists businesses in receiving payment for their orders via Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallets, Pay Later, and other methods.

Brands must make sure that their customers receive communications on time by integrating communications. You can communicate with all of your businesses by using the internal marketing tools provided by Fynd Platform, such as SMS and Emailers!

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other third-party tools can be integrated by brands to help them make data-driven decisions. Brands may take their business online with Fynd Platform's full spectrum of services.

The entire platform is made to provide entrepreneurs with straightforward solutions that expand the scope of their businesses. You can ask for a demo, and someone from our team will get in touch with you!


Website Builders Versus Expert Web Designers

Creating a professional website requires time and expertise, which not everyone possesses; therefore, designing one costs money. It's similar to having a custom-made suit; you can't expect to pay the tailor merely USD 200 for the suit, can you? Some advertisements from low-cost (false) web designers claim they can create your website for USD 100 or USD 200. However, this style of low-cost website design often comes with significant drawbacks:


โ— They don't improve your rankings through SEO - Either someone is lying, or they won't do a good job if they claim they can build your website and handle your SEO for USD 200. It's best to create a website that is optimized for search engines.

โ— Duplicate content - Texts are occasionally recycled for various purposes, resulting in fake-sounding content and potential SEO issues.

โ— Poor designs - They often use pre-made templates that may appear unattractive. These templates are not highly customizable and may not fully meet your needs.

โ— Difficult to update - Making simple changes, like altering the background colour of your website, usually requires coding knowledge (HTML or CSS).

โ— Security - These offers may sometimes include harmful malware that could damage your company, such as providing backlinks to other pages.

โ— Future assistance - After creating and charging you for the website, they may not be willing to assist you if you encounter any issues (unless you pay for it). It's important to work with someone you can trust for ongoing support.


As an alternative, you can create your own website. There are several inexpensive website builders available, some even for free. The key feature of these solutions is their ease of use. They provide graphic layouts with sections, text, photos, and sometimes videos that you can add. Additionally, they offer editable templates that can be customised to suit your requirements.


Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!


Pros And Drawbacks Of Using A Website Builder To Create Your Own Website

Website builders are not always the best option, of course. Due to this, we would like to quickly summarise the positives and negatives, so you can decide if it is a suitable fit for you.


There is no cheaper method to build a website than cheap web design.

Simple to update: You can update it yourself whenever you want because you do not require any technical knowledge.

There is no technical upkeep: You do not need to do anything; maintenance and security are handled by the website builder.

The website can be made however you like: The design and content of your website are within your control.

The SEO and content are under your control: The success of your website depends on its quality content and SEO optimization.

Support: Website builders offer individualized support as part of their services, so you can get in touch with them at any time if you need assistance.

Requires time: The project will be under your control, therefore you (or whoever is assisting you) will need to put in some time.

Complex projects: Website builders typically fall short if you require something complex (such as a directory or social network).

Large projects: Website builders are not the ideal choice if you are starting a big project because they are challenging to manage.


The Price To Create (And Maintain) A Website

All websites are expensive, but some are more expensive than others. Making your own website with a cheap website builder is the most affordable choice if you want a cheap website. By using a web builder, you can avoid paying an expert (or pretend professional) to make your website for you. You will make the biggest savings there. Additionally, some professionally designed pages could need add-ons (plugins) that have an annual fee, such as one to handle online payments or produce contemporary image galleries. Most website builders, including Wix and Weebly, come with these tools for no additional charge.


To be online, your website needs to be hosted on a server. It resembles how a book is essentially "hosted" on a library shelf. There are many types of web hosting services available at various price points, but even inexpensive web hosting will run you about USD 4 or USD 5 each month.ย With website builders, hosting is already incorporated, so there is no further cost. If you do not have any technological knowledge, it will be difficult for you to alter your website on your own. To get it, you will need to contact a developer, who will charge you. You can make adjustments quickly and yourself using tools like Wix or because they are simple to use and intuitive. The same is true for unavoidable updates and maintenance. If you use WordPress or any similar platform, you might need to get in touch with the coder. In contrast, website builders take care of these duties so you do not have to.


To Conclude - Which Cheap Website Builder Is The Best?

According to our research, the Fynd Platformโ€™s website builder will unquestionably be the best inexpensive website builder in 2024. Although GoDaddy and Squarespace do provide competing packages, the Fynd platform ultimately prevails due to its adaptability and accessibility. The Fynd platform is wonderful for a variety of enterprises overall, therefore we thought it deserved to be at the top of the list. It is perfect for new and expanding Indian businesses wishing to create a professional-looking website on a budget because it is intuitive, simple to use, and has hundreds of configurable layouts. Our study indicates that it may be worthwhile to give the Fynd platform plan a try, even if costs start at Rs.600 a month, and you can test one out for free.


Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Which free website builder is the best?

We found that the Fynd platform is the best free website builder. Building a new website business is straightforward with the Fynd platform's free plan since it is flexible and employs an editor that is basic and intuitive. The service also comes with free integrated web hosting, which is a huge advantage.

Is Square the greatest, most affordable online shopfront?

According to our study, Square is now one of the most affordable ecommerce platforms, although it does not surpass the Fynd platform. For companies who want to keep costs as low as possible, the Fynd platform offers completely free product sales through an online store.ย 

Although its free plan has a few fewer features than its premium ones, it is still a good overall option. However, because Square does impose transaction fees, prices may eventually go up.


Can I make a website without paying anything?

arrow down

A few contractors provide free blueprints, but they are essentially enhanced examples. For instance, Wix offers a free plan, but your site will have adverts and you will not be able to link a domain to it, which makes it look less than professional. Free plans are excellent for exploring options, but essentially nothing else.

Which website builder is the most affordable for small businesses?

Because it contains the best tools to help you scale your website and the most apps, the Fynd platform is the best website builder for small businesses. Additionally, it is the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) builder, which is essential for making it easier for customers to find your company online.

Is Wix truly cost-free?

Yes, technically. The Wix website builder is free, however, it depends on your demands and the bundle you choose. Wix does have a permanently free plan, although it has certain limitations. The first is that you will not be able to utilize the platform ad-free, so Wix adverts will appear, and you will have less control over your domain name, which could make it a little difficult for people to locate your site. A free version of Wix will likewise have fewer features available, although a premium Wix package may still be had for as little as USD 16 monthly (as normal).

Wix costs how much monthly?

Plans for the Wix website builder start at USD 16 monthly, but the plan you choose will depend on your demands. The Combo plan costs USD 16 a month for personal usage, the Unlimited plan is USD 22 a month, the Pro plan is USD 27 a month, and the Wix VIP plan is USD 45 a month.ย 

Additionally, Wix provides plans especially made for e-commerce, providing companies with the option between Business Basic (USD 27/month), Business Unlimited (USD 32/month), and Business VIP (USD 59/month).

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