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Google Sites Websites: 27+ Inspiring Examples to Build (2023)

Google Sites Websites: 27+ Inspiring Examples to Build (2023)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

We know that Google Sites is nothing but Google's free website builder software. It is a part of the Google Workplace. Since it is a template-based website builder, one will get a set of customizable templates here.

Google site is available for free; however, these are basic. Some better, highly customized website builders (such as Squarespace) are available but are expensive. Hence, budget is the first major factor in selecting Google Sites Websites. 

If you plan to use Google Sites, you should have detailed knowledge about it. Google Sites only include one template with several style options (such as "Themes" in Google Sites).

This is why all the examples of Google Sites websites have a similar patterned look and feel. The ones with unique looks have made the most of the Google Sites by using their typography and photography. 

Note: that if looking for a free website builder, one should try Fynd Platform. It offers the best free plan among the rest of the website builders. 

List of Top Websites Made by Google Sites

Experts say Google Sites are ideal for DIY-ers building an easy-to-use website. Check out the list of the top websites here that Google Sites make.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

1. Filip Rzepka

Filip Rzepka

It is a portfolio of films and commercials which Google Sites built. With the help of this free website builder, it is possible to make an animated full-screen background uniquely styled films and commercials. 

Also, the official website of Filip Rzepka page has a sticky top bar and header along with a simple footer with social media icons. Note that you can use a top bar for more eyeballs on a particular notification.  

Filip Rzepka is a personal website owned by a filmmaker from Prague. His website captivated the user, displaying the author's creative approach. The contrasting combination of the website attracts the focus of the customers. Consequently, the visitors can watch the projects on the website's homepage and in the separate Portfolio section. 

The website also has social media accounts to increase user connection. In addition, there will be a contact page where the users can fill out the online form to receive feedback from Filip. 

2. Jae Hoon Choi 

Jae Hoon Choi

Jae Hoon Choi is an eminent research professor at Xavier University. He was developing his website with the help of Google Sites. His website is so informative that one can find his education details and resume and download some of his research about the findings.

You can see that Jae Hoon Choi's Google Site is minimalist, with a clean header and footer. All these are separated from the base with a line (here, the background colour is intact). Also, the web page header comprises the menu links and a search bar, whereas the footer includes additional business and contact information. 

Note: If unsure about the page's look, one should aim at the minimalist website design. 

3. Avox Architects

Avox Architects

It is a young architectural firm that aims to get its projects out there and uses its new website to showcase its services and portfolio to reach potential customers.  

Avox Architects invites all visitors with a full-screen image slider, where the visitors will get to experience the parallax effect. It aims to keep Avox Architects' website clean and distraction-free (without text and Call-to-action buttons) so that the visitors enjoy each slide more. 

On the other hand, the floating headers assure the navigation and search bar are readily available; therefore, one does not need to scroll back to the top. As per the experts, one should use a full-screen slideshow to capture the visitors' attention, but for more details, feel free to visit Avox Architects' official website. 

4. Jivrus Technologies

Jivrus Technologies

Jivrus Technologies software solutions provide its services worldwide. It assures that consumers succeed with excellent products, solutions, intelligent integration, and hyper-automation. Jirvus Technologies creates new programs for maintaining excellence. 

One can see that the website of Jirvus Technologies is user-friendly, where the digital transformation started with its clients. For instance, 2.1 million users connect with the services of Jirvus Technologies. The software solution specializes in applications, products, cloud, analytics, and IoT support for bringing out the business's full potential. 

Also, the constant research, production, and maintenance of excellent software products can make the customer business successful with Jirvus Technologies. Some of the significant technology partners of Jirvus Technologies are Google, Zoho, and Microsoft. If you also want to power up your business, complete the Google Form. 

5. Xu Chu's Group

Xu Chu's Group

Xu Chu is nothing but a professor's group at the University of Toronto. If you are a student of his class, you have access to the course information. Once one opens the website, one will find the full-screen hero image with a transparent header, which solidifies and sticks on the top of the screen once you scroll.

The image of Xu Chu has the parallax effect of delivering a more engaging user experience. Overall, the home page is elementary yet simple and short; therefore, one can scroll through it instantly.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

6. E-Gaming Experts

E-Gaming Experts

The website is famous for online betting, gaming expertise, and advice. E-Gaming Experts ensure you provide a consultant with years of experience in getting the most features. 

E-Gaming Experts is also a Google Site, which has a basic home page featuring a floating navigation bar, a banner with a title and text, and additional business, services, and contact information. 

The footer section of E-Gaming Experts includes clickable mail. A sticky header/ menu is beneficial for improving the website's overall experience. 


Technology and Software assistance for the workplace is perfect, which assists in making one's life much easier. uses the fastest SSD VPS servers to get creative and use Adobe stock in projects. 

Google Sites made so that everybody can get precise instructions. The website is user-friendly. Here the visitors can get simple directions to meet their purposes.

8. Flipping Retail

Flipping Retail

Flipping Retail is one of the top listed branding consultation firms, which helps sell products on Amazon successfully and in Retail. Flipping Retail is developed by the Google Site. It allows the brands to cut down the retailer cord. 

One can see that Flipping Retail has a minimalist home page with a parallax hero area, a simple grid, and a floating header, which acts as a navigator. Also, the website's footer does not have a traditional design but a company message. Nonetheless, the search icon opens a search bar that overlays the entire header area to type easily.

Note: That one should use the footer section to share a quote or a bold company message. 

9. Reston ENT

Reston ENT

Reston ENT is one of Virginia's leading ear, nose, and throat practices. Reston ENT provides a modern medical practice which offers comprehensive medical and surgical ENT care. 

Google Site made Reston ENT website is well developed, where the clients will get details like "About Us, Appointments, Coronavirus Update, Resources, Contact Us", etc. One will get detailed knowledge about the page featuring Reston ENT about the surgical and non-surgical services. 

10. PreeshNetwork


It shows the spin-off site, where music available from the show and more. This ideal website can connect one with everything that, includes people. 

The home page of PreeshNetwork is just a full-screen image background with a parallax effect, text, and title. The folds, shown below on the webpage, are several icons for social media, and the other platforms on the contrasting background will stand out more. Nevertheless, the floating header guides you to the other internal pages to find more information. 

Note: Per the experts, one should use contrasting colours to make the website more dynamic. 

11. Peters Field High

Peters Field High is a school website+Intranet site created by Daniel Wisdom (a teacher at the school) for carrying out school management activities, academic reports, website, administration workflows, maintaining student/ parent dashboards, discipline, etc. 

Peter Field High site entirely relies on using GSuite apps to collect and present data. Check here for details like COVID-19 tips, student affairs, General Assembly Videos, and Intranet logic- every detail is available on the webpage. 

The vibrant choice of colours of Petersfield High School assures to grab the visitors' attention. It is part of branding that makes the page stand out. The Google Site has a top bar notification, a CTA, and a header with a drop-down menu for floating. 

Apart from the embedded videos, the Petersfield High School page has a flipbook, making the content an incredible experience. Note one can use branding strategically in web design. 

12. Moalboal Adventure Tours

Moalboal Adventure Tours

Moalboal adventures offer a customized adventure activity in the South of Cebu, Philippines. Here one will get several tour planners, such as Technical Canyoning, Snorkeling Tours, Trekking, etc.

Hence, one can choose the tour option as per their preferences. The options available in the Moalboal Adventure Tours are easily visible on the website. This indicates that Google Sites makes a user-friendly website where the users get easy instructions.

13. PVFT


Putnam Valley Federation of Teachers is a Board of teachers from Putnam Valley. These teachers work together to maintain the teaching standards and discuss important issues such as pensions and raising funds per the requirement.

Google Sites made the PVFT in such a way that it can advance the standards of the teaching profession. Also, PVFT supports a commitment to the genuine spirit of professional ethics. PVFT ensures to protect and promote the welfare and rights of the members. 

14. Leo Kee Chye

Leo Kee Chye

Leo Kee Chye is a famous internet magazine author who shares articles as a hobby. The internet magazine author is based in Singapore and wrote an eminent magazine titled Molton Dew. 

Leo Kee Chye showcases some of the more commonly-used strategies to integrate the Google Site into his workflow. The website is laughably simple, and the design of the website is also very unique. It represents the more common GS uses reasonably.

The Google Site would look way better and offers sleek-looking templates like Leo Kee Chye. In addition, Google Sites provide some additional functionality. If you want a more attractive-looking and smart-designed website, you should contact the Fynd Platform.  

Fynd platform banner for free demo

15. Huegel Eagles PTO

Huegel Eagles PTO

Huegel Eagles PTO is nothing but an elementary school parental organization. This website will give you an additional effort to bring school and home life together to align the goals of both places. 

For provisioning better services, Huegel Eagles PTO is keeping the option of arranging meetings through the Zoom Link. The meeting will be organized every second Tuesday of every month, from 6 pm to 8 pm, through a Zoom link. Also, Huegel will organize an in-person meeting once a quarter.

More precisely, the primary objective of PTO is to enhance the educational experience's support and build a strong connection between the school and home by encouraging parental involvement. 

16. Best Robot US

Best Robot US

Best Robot US is an ideal example of a Robot and AI Agency which is California based. The organization aims at the digitalization of the entire business process. It has remarkable evidence of developing software products and services that can convert human-machine interaction according to the new generation trends. The design of the website looks innovative and impressive.

The projects made by Best Robot US look trendy, up-to-date, and also highly digitalized. The website's homepage comprises many relevant images and videos that present the Sanbot in action.

On the other hand, the visitors will get the potential industrial applications of the products here. The experts say this is a perfect example of a Google Site-Powered website. 

17. Japan Day

Japan Day

Japan Day organizes the events and festivals of Japanese culture in New Zealand. Hence, the residents of that area can find out the relevant information on sponsors, rental fees, and venues in a detailed manner. For instance, Japan Day can organize events of more than 10000 guests (approximately). 

For instance, the upcoming event organized by Japan Day will be held on May 13, 2023. People, who are excited about Japan Parade and Japan Street Fair, can visit the official website, gather information, and participate in the festival. In the Japan Parade, units, groups, and organizations can participate.

Some of the applications for the upcoming Japan events are here in the following section:

  • Partnership Guidance
  • Stall and Rental Fees
  • Space Allocation Map

The clients can contact the support team for further information or other queries. Apart from that, there is a convenient pop-up menu which shows Visitor info, Galleries, participation, contacts, etc. Also, the website has a social media presence so that clients can connect via social media.

18. Tonto National Forest

Tonto National Forest

It is a forest revision group in Arizona. One will get detailed information about the process's venue and can visit the local events in person. Tonto National Forest will plan your trip for recreation/ camping etc.

Also, here you can prepare for a wedding or a family reunion or request a fuelwood permit. You can ask for the event planning/ permit per your preference and planning. 

Fynd platform banner for free demo

19. Google Drawings

Google Drawings

Google Illustrator portfolio and tips on all the images are created with the help of Google Drawings. One can visit the process tab to check the resources and then download the free resources if he likes to give a similar look to his webpage.

Google Drawing has a full-screen responsive web design with full-width image sections that display artwork. The hero image has a parallax effect, including the text overlay, which gives quick information about the artist. On the other hand, the header has a classic sticky Google Site Header along with the menu links and social media icons.

20. AL- Ghareeb Trading Co. Ltd

AL-Ghareeb Trading Co. Ltd

AL-Ghareeb Trading Co. Ltd sells pharmaceutical products widely used in Yemen's pharmacies, hospitals, and physician offices. AL-Ghareeb Trading Co. Ltd assures one to serve quality and modern products per their facilities. 

The webpage design of AL-Ghareeb Trading Co. Ltd is simple and easy to understand. The visitors will not be confused with the webpage instruction. For further help, they can contact the executives directly. 

21. Abiodun Egbetokun

Abiodun Egbetokun

Sharon and Danilo Vasic are a married couple who have built Abiodun Egbetokun with the help of Google Sites. Both have experience in fashion and advertising, which overflows into the portfolio of weddings and editorial. 

Here the visitors will get detailed information related to the Economics of Innovation, Technology, and Innovation Management, Development Economics. Also, you will get the relevant information if you are looking for postgraduate teaching. The visitors can also connect via social media (such as Skype, Yahoo IM and Google Talk) with the support team. 

22. Maine Educational Technology Directors Association 

Maine Educational Technology Directors Association

A group of directors in Maine spends time improving the local schools' technology systems. Maine Education Technology aims to promote the effective use of information technology and services to enhance educational opportunities for students and teachers. 

Maine Education Technology provides equal access to the distance curriculum. Here the visitors can also check out the news feed to get the latest updates related to Maine Education Technology.

METDA comprises the information technology of leaders from different regions. The executives and the support team of Google Sites have played a major role in shaping and planning the education technology infrastructure and policies. 

23. CSE 


CSE is a K-8 Hmong Language and cultural school in Minnesota. They aim to welcome various children to expand and educate them on several cultures. This school is managed by a dedicated group of educators, parents, and community members willing to start a school to provide a world-class education for the students.

The CSE website includes functionality, informational value, and ease of navigation. Visitors will find the main menus in the website's left panel. For instance, the About Us section, Directory, programs and features, employment, media centre, staff resources, etc., are presented. Besides, the search filter option will help reduce the search time. Furthermore, one will get school-related photos and videos and essential schedules here.  

24. Joshua Pomeroy

Joshua Pomeroy

Joshua Pomeroy is an eminent designer and educator of all things design. He wrote books, decor, magazines, and much more. To assist own creative products, one can watch videos.

The home page of Joshua Pomeroy works as a portfolio; nonetheless, one can check the art and design pages for more projects. The header and footer have menu links to quickly get to the desired page. In addition, Joshua has a transparent header to create a cleaner look.

However, it would, in turn, create a solid and stick to the top of the screen. Note you can turn the home page into an online portfolio so that everybody will be familiar with the work you are searching for.

25. Flanders Hotel Bruges

Flanders Hotel Bruges

It has been one of the top 15 ranked hotels in Belgium for several years. One can view the gallery of Flanders Hotel Bruges to book a stay and learn about the amenities, including the canal tours. Here the visitors will experience the services like a cocktail bar, indoor pool services, on-site parking, etc.

Flanders Hotel Bruges is a highly classic hotel website with an image background. This Google Site comprises a cool animated text section, rolling out customer reviews and several badges. Also, Hotel Bruges builds the other layer of trust. Embedded videos and Google Maps are handy additions to getting familiar with the location. 

26. JSV Foto

JSV Foto

JSV Foto's Google Site, along with the three 'Cards' with image backgrounds and titles, is one of the primary examples. There will be a full bar notification and a header with similar background colour as the base page for a flawless look.  

JSV Foto is an instance that Google Sites that can successfully build a photography portfolio. It is a minimalistic portfolio website design. The white background of JSV Foto can do a beautiful job of directing the viewer's focus on the photographer's work. For more details, one can get connected via email at 

27. Morton Park Hall

The website of Morton Park Hall is developed by Google Sites using a sticky navigation bar, a parallax hero image, Google Maps, and embedded video. Moreover, the footer provides additional contact information, comprising the charity number. 

Morton Part Hall is the ideal example of successfully developing a non-profitable website by Google Sites. Morton Park Hall's website is not dealing with eCommerce or any community business service. The primary aim of Morton Part Hall is to provide the core information about the church website. Here are the basic features offered by Morton Park Hall-

  • The webpage aims at highlighting the fundamental issues for describing the website owner.
  • Here the visitors will get the time schedules and calendars of meetings and church services along with a Month View Google Calendar feature.
  • One can use Google Maps and the written address to find the webpage of Morton Hall Park.



It is a Google Site example with a boxed layout and an image background for spicing things up. HIJSA's header has a large logo and menu links, whereas the footer action comprises the visitor with email, phone number, and social media icons. 

HIJSA is the perfect example of building a good-looking and stylish website through Google Sites while dealing with recommendations and consultations associated with the organizational structure and talent selection. The website is the perfect example of developing a flexible template by Google Sites. The blog section of HIJSA is also looking very professional. 

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Features by Fynd Platform

Features by Fynd Platform

Considering the features offered by Google Sites, one can state the Fynd Platform provides more features, and after building the websites, each page has been running successfully. The Fynd Platform assists in building the business and can reach millions of customers. It is possible to develop and launch an online store in 30 minutes. 

For instance, one can create a website with the help of the Fynd Platform at just $7.30. Also, if you are not an expert or have any technical knowledge, you can easily develop the website with the help of the Fynd Platform.

The support team of the Fynd Platform also assures you to provide several language support for creating a diversified audience worldwide. Here, one can avail of the trial version to run the website.

Or else, he can pay the basic minimum charge for developing the website with the help of the Fynd Platform. The pricing plan is less than the others, whereas the other website builders typically charge $304.87 to $2439 for creating the eCommerce website. Hence, the simple pricing strategy of the Fynd Platform is the main reason for attracting millions of users for website development purposes. 

Here you can check out the basic features offered by the Fynd Platform-

  • Create a brand website and mobile app: If you are not an expert, you can create a website and mobile applications with the help of the Fynd Platform in less than 10 minutes. One can create a fully featured website with the help of custom pages, an Android App, and an iOS App.

  • Multiple Language Support: The support team of the Fynd Platform will provide language support for catering the diversified clients worldwide.

  • Training Materials: Here, the clients will get help guides and videos while using the features of the Fynd Platform with their quick help. 

  • Seller Panel: You do not need to worry if you are new to the eCommerce website. You can onboard in no time and can get the inventory up online in no time. And also you can start selling.

  • Development Kits: You can access the development kits to create custom pages and themes. In addition, you can do a lot more with the help of the development kits, considering their ease of usage.

  • Payment System: It is essential to run an eCommerce business successfully. One can select the favourable payment option from the exhaustive list of payment modes they want to apply for support.

  • Data Insight with Tracking and Analytics: It is beneficial to get the figures and data from the cart, order history, and payment in the format of graphs and tables. You can download the facts and statistics in PDF and CSV format. Also, you can use the application tokens such as MO Engage, Firebase, Segment, and GTM for the application analytics.

  • Multiple Customization: Customizing the website's theme, design, and colour is possible. One should select the elements displayed on the product page, home, cart, landing page, and registration page.

  • Store Setup with Staff Management System: If you have yet to receive the banner or logo for your eCommerce business, you can expect to get it uploaded in no time and view it across all channels. For the same, you can send invites and can add people. In addition, you can also set access levels and can manage the entire system effectively.

  • Order Management System: If you choose the Fynd Platform for your eCommerce business, you can get the order management system and track the product order lifecycle. Also, you can manage the delivery and refunds.

  • Marketing Collection and Coupons: With the help of the marketing features of the Fynd Platform, you can customize and create your collection of products. Besides, you can also create your coupons as per your needs. 

  • Brand Promotion: Fynd platform runs SMS and emails promotional campaigns to reach a wide range of customers. The eCommerce website can increase sales by 20% by promoting the business. 

  • Marketplace Catalog Generation: The best part is that the Fyns Platform allows you to run the eCommerce business and sell the products across several marketplaces by uploading the catalogue on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, Facebook, etc.

  • Feedback Capture Mechanism: To know your customers better, connect with them and collect their valuable feedback and suggestions. More precisely, the Fynd Platform includes services like

  • SMS marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Custom audience targeting

  • Coupon creation

  • Short-link generation

  • NPS

  • Ratings and reviews

  • Influencer marketing

  • Linking Facebook and Instagram stores, and many more. 

  • Expand the Reach: With the help of the Fynd Platform, your online store/ E-Commerce business can get an extension to the social media pages and expand the business's reach. Hence, you can gain an unlimited number of potential consumers.

  • 24/7 hours Support: The clients of the Fynd Platform will get 24/7 hours of support. If you need help, you can connect with the executives of the support team of the Fynd Platform via email, and you will get a response within 24 hours.

  • SEO-Friendly Attributes: If you choose the Fynd Platform, you will be assured that you will get a unique search query. The product catalogue of the Fynd Platform includes the highest number of attributes for defining the products and helping the consumers make an informed decision. 

  • Unlimited Products: If you choose the standard or the ultra-premium plan, you will get the maximum output from the online eCommerce website/ the Fynd platform application. 

  • No Hidden Charges: The fair pricing policy of the Fynd Platform is the best part. Only the commission structure comprises the payment gateway integration.  

Also, read l Features of the Fynd Platform.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Top Listed Websites Made by Fynd Platform

In the following, some of the top listed websites made by the Fynd Platform are here-

1. Chaula & Yesha

It is a renowned fashion apparel brand made by the Fynd Platform. The website is developed in such a simple manner, where the visitors can get the relevant information such as brand and categories. 

The website is structured so that the visitors will get different sections comprising the respective products such as "trending items, newly launched products, new styles items, sale items", etc.

In addition, here, the clients will get casual shirts, tops, kurta sets, Indowestern Kurta, etc. For further details, if required, one can get a 24/7 executive support team from the Chaula & Yesha team. Check out the contact details of Chaula & Yesha here, email id: and the contact number: 8767087087.

2. Milioni Nail Art

Milioni Nail Art is a famous Nail parlour that has run its business successfully. The website is developed by the Fynd Platform, where the visitors will get detailed knowledge about the services, offers, products, etc. The brand also has a social media presence to get all the latest updates. 

Some popular Nail art services Milioni Nail Art offers are nail care, gradient nails, free hand, wedding nails, Ombre, Swirls, French tips, and basics. If anybody wants, she can connect with Milioni Nail Art via social media.

Hence, you can book your nail extension appointment through the official website or social media. The appointment booking process is very easy. For further help, call them directly at 8104247759 or mail them at  

3. Beauty Eats

Beauty Eats specializes in selling Thai curry pastes, and nothing can beat the aroma and taste of the freshly combined ingredients. The website is built, so clients get all the relevant information on one page, such as tracking orders, my order, privacy policies, contact us, return policy, etc. Also, one can connect to the Beauty Eats team via email and their contact number. 

Here the website is developed, so the developer has added a section for some delicious Thai recipes. Hence, you do not need to be confused about the uses of Thai spices. You will get an idea about how to cook the same.  

4. Shuddha

Shuddha exotic skin care products are made of pure fruits, which are perfect and specially made for sensitive skin. The Fynd Platform builds the website, where one will get facial oil, soaps, hair oil, natural mosquito oil, scrubs, lip balm, and stretch marks. 

One will get detailed knowledge of the tracking orders, my orders, contact details, and privacy policy at the end of the web page. Also, one can get in touch via email at 

5. Tessera

Apart from the fashion apparel brand, beauty care brand, and food item group, the Fynd Platform is popular for developing a home decor item page. Tessera is one such example of building a home decor webpage. If you want, you can stay connected with the social media page (both on Facebook and Instagram) with Tessera. 

There is no other website like the Fynd Platform, which offers multiple features for successfully running an online business, an eCommerce website, and a budget-friendly price. 

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

What websites are made with Google Sites?

Here are the names of the top listed websites, which are made with Google Sites-

  • Filip Rzepka
  • Jae Hoon Choi
  • Jirvus Technologies
  • Avox Architects
  • E-gaming Exports
  • Flipping Retail
  • Reston ENT etc.

Is Google Sites website completely free?

Yes, one can build a Google Site free of cost. Also, there are no pricing tiers; hence, one can get all the features for free. 

Is Google Sites a website?

arrow down

Google Sites is a free website builder from Google. One can develop a website with collaborators by giving Google user edit access. Google Sites are highly compatible with Google Services such as Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

How much is a website on Google Sites?

It is already mentioned that the websites on Google Sites are available at zero cost.

Can you make a real website with Google Sites?

Yes, you can make a real website with the help of Google Sites. Check out the above-highlighted top-listed Google Sites websites here.

What websites are made with the Fynd Platform?

Here are the top listed eCommerce websites, which are made by the Fynd Platform and have been running their businesses successfully-

  • SANA. K
  • Playful or Pastels
  • Havva Fashion
  • Dreamy Owl
  • Richa Goenka
  • Crafted for You
  • Drive Your Nuts, etc. 
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