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Product Queries

What is SKU, EAN etc?

It is a size-level product identifier.

What if the category I want is not visible?

You can raise a ticket and request for creation of the category.

Do I need to fill all the attributes?

It is recommended to fill all the attributes but you need to fill the mandatory attributes to save/upload a product.

What is a set?

Set is a bundle of same products that you would like to sell together.

Do we have to add sizes separately?

No. You can add it in the catalog file.

What is a variant?

Variants are products that have similarities, they are based on the same model, but differ in some aspects. For e.g. Blue Colour Bag, Red Color Bag. Another example would be a smartphone that is available in 64GB and 128GB memory variant.

How do we add discounts?

We are currently working on introducing this module in Fynd Platform.

How do I upload images in Bulk Upload?

Click on Import Assets to upload images in bulk.

What is the naming configuration of images while importing assets?

Prepare and store images in folder named after primary identifier (SKU Code / EAN / UPC).

How do we name item code. How do we name SKU?

A seller is free to define the item code/SKU format. Make sure there are no spaces in between or special character and it should be unique.

What is the relation between SKU and image name?

You have to upload the image according to the SKU.

When people upload inventory, will the inventory be deducted automatically when an order is placed?

Yes. Once an order is placed, the quantity will be deducted from your inventory.