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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Listing

These are the most commonly asked FAQs regarding product listing on AJIO. They are divided into 3 categories as shown below.

Product Creation FAQs
What are the requirements for creating a product catalog?
  • Start with gathering product information such as Product name, Variation details, Size, Color, Material, Dimensions, HSN, Barcode, and Price
  • All product images must be professional photoshoots and keep the image as per AJIO Image Guidelines
  • Brand should be registered on AJIO
  • Keep the inventory/stock information for the products
  • Note: * mark is for mandatory fields
  • What is the Image guidelines for AJIO?
  • Images must meet the following requirements:
  • QG2

    Figure 1: Image Guidelines

    What are the minimum and the maximum number of images allowed by AJIO?
  • Minimum 1 and Maximum of 14 images are allowed. You can arrange the order after uploading
  • What is the image dimension supported by AJIO?
  • Image should be more than 1000 pixels in both height and width
  • How to upload images on AJIO?
  • We can upload the images through the AJIO template to put the URL
  • How to do bulk listing on AJIO?
  • Step 1
    • In Seller Central, click on Catalog under Products.
    • Select Product Template Download
    • Chose the respective category and click on AJIO Format.
  • Step 2
    • Prepare your bulk Excel file with attributes
  • Step 3
    • Go to the 2nd tab in Products Catalog Upload: Upload your Catalog File
    • Click on Browse FOR XLS
    • Select the prepared excel sheet and upload
  • Step 4
    • Go to the 3rd tab in Upload History for Monitor Upload Status
    • Check the upload file status
  • Step 5:
    • Go to Catalog Report under Reporting and click on Generate Report you will get a file which is successfully added or live AJIO.
    How to create product variants?
  • In the AJIO template format there is no style SKUs row , We can fill the data based on variant SKUs
  • How can I contact seller support?
  • Go to the Right side top and click on Help center, Then click on RAISE NEW TICKET
  • Chose your queries available in dropdown list and raise a ticket to support team
  • QG2

    Figure 2: Available Queries

    Can we create a duplicate product listing on AJIO?
  • AJIO does not support duplicate listings.
  • How to register the brand on AJIO?

    Documents Required for AJIO Seller Registration RRSR User Manual for New Registration.pdf

    • PAN Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • GST Details
    • Current Account Details + Cancelled Cheque
    • MSME Certificate (Optional)
    • Logo if any
    • Trademark Certificate (Alternative stated below)
    • CIN & TAN certificate in case your company is a private entity
  • Getting On-boarded as a Seller on AJIO
    • Reliance has created a single portal for seller registration, whether they sell on AJIO. They treat any seller on their platforms as a “supplier”. So the common steps to register on any of these platforms are as follows. Do note, it helps to treat this registration as a college application or loan application- as AJIO is very careful about who they on-board as a seller. So put your best foot forward.

    Visit AJIO Seller Registration

    • Register yourself on Reliance portal as a supplier
    • Fill up the remaining details as required which includes your registered office address.
    • Provide documents: Pan card, aadhar card, GST details, current account details, cancelled cheque
    • Select your product categories
  • Tips on Increasing Your Chances of Being On-boarded
  • As mentioned earlier, AJIO is selective about the sellers it on-boards.Hence the following help increase your chances in your application:
    • MSME Certificate: It’s a proof of your company being registered as an MSME with the government
    • Logo: It helps project your company and products as having a distinct brand imagery
    • Trademark: This further strengthens your brand positioning and also is proof of you owning the brand. If you do not have a trademark certificate or it’s in the processing stage; then you can submit a self-declaration; when indicated, during your application.
    • Website Address: A website increases your credibility. It also helps the AJIO team know more about your business and your products. This helps them make a decision.
    Is there a way to list a product if a similar product is already listed on AJIO?
  • AJIO does not support duplicate listing.
  • Product Updation FAQs
    How to download the existing sku data in AJIO
  • Option 1:
  • In Seller, click on


  • Select Catalog
  • Go to the 3rd tab : Upload History
  • Find your old listing file and download success one the sheet
  • Option 2:
  • In Seller, click on


  • In Seller, click on Catalog Report.
  • Click on Generate Report
  • Get the file download
  • How to add new variants for existing products?
  • AJIO doesn't allow creation of variants for existing products, we need to create them at the time of making catalog sheet
  • How to delete the variants for existing products?
  • AJIO doesn't allow deletion of variants for existing products, we need to contact the account manager to delete/disable that product listing
  • How to add/update image for existing products?
  • You can put the image url in the in AJIO template for existing SKUs, save the sheet and upload on seller panel via Upload your Product Catalog
  • How to update product information in AJIO
  • Download the existing catalogue file from Upload history tab as per feed id.
  • Update the filed information which you required and save the file.
  • Upload on the AJIO seller panel, If file is processed successfully then product information will be update.
  • Common Errors while Listing
    How to download the rejected file from AJIO?
    At the time of cataloging some time you will face Rejection in listing (QC), download the rejected file and see the Remark column for error. You need to correct that error and upload again for catalog


    Figure 3: Rejected File

    If you are facing 'Duplicate Feed product id' errors, how to rectify them?
    If you are facing this issue, please delete the data from the sheet and save the file and upload the same blank file on AJIO seller panel File will be successfully upload on panel, After that you can update/create the SKUs which are getting errors
    AJIO Errors - Guidelines and Resolution