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How To Sell Old Phones On Flipkart? (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How To Sell Old Phones On Flipkart? (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Worried about what you should try to do with your old smartphone? Flipkart's Sell Back Program is an intuitive solution that permits customers to efficiently sell their recent smartphones for a Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher. The method is fast and easy to access through the mobile app system and ensures that you get the proper buyback value for your used smartphone.

Following Flipkart's acquisition of re-commerce company Yaantra, the initiative tackles the escalating issue of e-waste, guaranteeing that, instead of the lowlands, recent smartphones will notice their approach to the refurbished market contributing to a circular economy. The Sell Back Program creates a streamlined system for used-smartphone sellers and value-seeking shoppers.

This blog will help you with your query on how to sell old phones on Flipkart. And, if you want to build and expand your business quickly, you can use the Fynd platform to create your business website.

Why Should You Use the Flipkart Sell Back Feature?

If you have any doubt about why you should choose Flipkart for selling, then here you get the answer:

1. The most vital principle to remember is Flipkart's growth because it broadens your reach to a client base of one billion associate degree holders and expands your business more with the assistance of an account manager.

2. Flipkart does not want a lot of documentation; it desires just one or two for marketing.

3. The level of transparency is high, as everybody gets equal opportunities for all sellers to grow.

4. Transactions are simple, and there is no fear of mishaps or money fraud.

5. The company's focus is on gaining the trust of customers. 

The corporation claims that the introduction of 2Gud was consistent with an emphasis on tapping, leading to 100 million to 200 million Internet purchasers nationwide. The company's purpose in offering such a low-cost service in the country is to increase customer trust when purchasing used items.

2Gud can use Information Solutions, Flipkart's non-heritable mobile repair and repair provider. All the products on the website are expertly constructed and tested before being given to buyers. 

How to Sell Old Phones on Flipkart Step by Step

The possibility to "sell back" is well accessible through the Flipkart app. Users will merely log in and navigate to the bottom-most bar, marked by a grid of dots. From there on, follow these straightforward steps.

Step 1:

 Find and click on the choice referred to as "Sell-Back."

Step 2:

 Tap on "Sell Now."

Step 3: 

From the list, choose an accepted smartphone model.

Step 4:

 Enter the device's IMEI range and click on "Verify."

Step 5:

 Submit your request and wait for a response; they will evaluate your cell phone and provide you with the best possible pricing.

Step 6: 

Determine whether your location is eligible for the "Sell Back" feature.

Step 7.

Confirm the request and await the pickup of your prior smartphone. When you conclude the process, you will receive your Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher in your account.

The Grade Base Determines the Price

Customers can receive their packages while also purchasing other items from Flipkart. The corporation has a 46-point check; therefore, the product must pass every level. Further, the corporation can grade devices in terms of their condition, which it says can increase transparency.

Apart from testing, the corporation will also provide a guarantee on merchandise starting from 3 months to 12 months. The product's completeness and the subsequent oversubscription event support the warranty.


Flipkart will jump into the used merchandise market, which intends to grow to $20 billion within the next 5 to 6 years, wherever the platform can perform as a client-to-client marketplace. As value-conscious shoppers at the UN agency cannot shop for the latest and most expensive merchandise, the corporate focus is heading in the right direction.

The refurbished devices oversubscribed on the platform can be priced between 50% and 80% of the item's MRP, thus determining the grade it will fall below. While the current platform is only available on mobile, it will soon be available on both desktop and mobile.

On top of the Flipkart Sell Back option, you can see a customizable panel where you can see the limits or price for selling your old mobile phones to companies such as Samsung, Oppo, and Redmi.

The gift voucher you can get from Sell Back is worth Rs. 10000, and if you want to sell Sell Back Pick mobile phones, you get an Rs. 7000 gift voucher. That means you didn't get more than Rs. 10,000 for your sell back, regardless of the company.

Product Description

You must know the condition of the old phones before selling them. Flipkart doesn't take phones that are of no use. Their condition should be good; you shouldn't break them. The touch should be in good working order, and the batteries should not be swollen or damaged. It's necessary to give the phone accessories, such as a charger.

Process of Selling Back

After opening Flipkart, give the phone details and check whether the "Sell Back" option is available in your area, as it does not apply to every place. Place a request to sell. Within 2-4 days, depending on your location, an executive will visit your business and check your phone.

After checking your phone, which will include downloading Yaantra diagnostic apps to check various conditions of the phone like WiFi, the screen, the camera, etc., the executive will offer a final price for your phone. Once you have informed the delivery executive to hand over your device and accept the offer price, the transaction is complete.

You will receive the offered value in the form of a gift voucher card or a transfer to your bank account ( as per the layout mode selected during order creation within 24 hours of pickup) By default, a Flipkart gift card will be yours as the option for consideration for the users. However, the user can change to "Bank Account." 


When the user clicks the bank account option, they will be given two options: choose from the accounts previously added to Flipkart or add another account. On clicking "Add the Account Number," the user needs to input the IFSC code, account number, and account holder's name. If the verification fails, and they cannot proceed within the same bank account, the user must enter an alternate bank account for the validation and payout later.

Conditions to Fulfill

Many conditions might create a difference in the value of a phone. If there are any screen issues, like a cracked screen that is not working correctly or the cracked screen coming out of the body, touch screen issues, discoloration, lines, or any visible defect in the screen, contact Apple.

The value decreases if the display is inappropriate or has many spots or dead pixels. If there are any cracks on the body of the phone or if it is bent, bulged, or reshaped. Any parts (buttons, camera, SIM tray, etc.) are missing if the battery is swollen or not working correctly.

Suppose you have the charger and the original box (which should contain the phone's IMEI number). If you attempt to trade it in, you can also hand it over to the delivery executive. If either of the two isn't available, the other also can't be accepted, and there might be a price reduction due to the same. Depending on the conditions of the phones, the value can be reduced.

The deal is pre-decided by Flipkart. Customers can find the drop in value vs. state on the chart in the "view checks" section of the order on the "My order" page. In the case of a drop-in sell-back value, you can accept or reject the new offer value.

Should you take the final deal, you will need to provide consent via a link that will be shared with you in an SMS as acceptance of the sale of the device and approval of the offer value. The SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number while placing the order.

The following components will lead to rejection:

1. The phone does not turn off; the phone may turn off repeatedly.

2. The brand or model differs from the information provided by customers to Flipkart at the time of a new device purchase.

3. Pattern, PIN, password, fingerprint, face recognition, smart lock, and other types of screen locks are all available. Must be deactivated so that the executive who can check your phone can quickly scan, or if iCloud (for Apple phones) is not removed, your phones must be rejected for sale.

4. The IMEI obtained by dialing *#06# does not match the IMEI information provided by the customer to Flipkart at the time of the new device purchase.


5. If customers don't like the sale value offered, they can choose not to sell their phone on Flipkart.

Things to Remember

Kindly ensure all your data is backed up and cleared from your old phone before giving it to the executive. You may also discard the memory card. If the device is not working, or the pickup execution cannot be done due to an IMEI check due to a phone being "factory reset," the device will not be picked up by the executive, and the sale will not go through.

Lastly, please keep your phone charged to at least 50 percent to ensure the pickup executive can conduct all the tests without running the battery. Once you have decided to hand the device over to your delivery executive, kindly ensure the device is factory rested before the handover. Once your old phone has been successfully picked up and you've received the offer price, the phone cannot be returned to you.

Flipkart Pays Using a Gift Voucher 

1. Go to and choose the things you wish to buy.

2. After your area unit can explore, click "Proceed to Payment."

3. Select the "Pay with a gift card" possibility. Enter your 16-digit gift card variety and the corresponding 6-digit PIN once prompted.

4. If the gift card's value is insufficient to cover the order total, you will be prompted to select an additional payment method.

5. The validity of the gift voucher is for one year.

6. You need to pay extra for packaging.


Were you planning to get a replacement smartphone on Flipkart? Then, prepare to pay an additional Rs. 49, which could be a new "packaging charge" levied by the corporate. The corporation has already started charging an additional Rs. Forty-nine on most smartphones offered on Flipkart, and the company will also have evidence relating to identical phones.


According to Flipkart, the corporate is charging an additional Rs. 49, which can be used to add extra external tamper-proof packaging that is claimed to cut back on any reasonably expected injury that may happen once the devices are in transit. For this reason, users need to pay an extra fee on top of the smartphone's retail price.

Shipping Structure on Flipkart

The shipping fee structure on Flipkart helps you learn about the weight categories and availability of products accordingly, so here you come to know the following things: With the most competitive rate card within the trade, clear delivery charges that support the load and dimensions of your merchandise, and a small fixed fee, commerce on Flipkart is very efficient.

Commission Fee: 

Percentage of an order item's worth ( depends on class and sub-category). Shipping fees are calculated based on product weight and shipping location—payment method or money selection fees per call. A collection-free fixed fee is a small fee charged by Flipkart on all transactions. To ensure simple commerce and the absolute best client expertise, we tend to mandate delivery to all customers via our supply partners and deduct the shipping price from the damage before creating a payment to you.


The shipping fee is calculated on the actual weight or meter weight, whichever is higher. This is often to account for things that square measure light-weight; however, they occupy a lot of shipping houses. Volume Weight (kg) = Length (cm) X Breadth (cm) X Height (cm)/5000 The shipping rate for forwarding shipments is applicable for Bronze Sellers only.


There is a 2 percent and 100 percent discount on the forward shipping fee for gold and silver sellers, respectively. The mentioned rates are exclusive of all taxes. Interactivity is a product delivered within city limits. Zonal (Interzone): An item returned within a zone's borders (North, South, East, and West). National (Interzone): An item that has been shipped across zones.

Fee Structure

With the most competitive rate card within the trade, clear delivery charges that support the load and dimensions of your merchandise, and a small fixed fee, commerce on Flipkart is very efficient. Flipkart's Market Place Fee Structure Commission fee Percentage of order item value (varies according to class and sub-category) Shipping fees are calculated based on product weight and shipping location Collections fee Payment entry fees or money collection fees are charged for each sale.


A small fee that Flipkart charges on all transactions. The settlement amount will be credited to your checking account between 7 and 10 business days after shipment. Order Item worth The selling price and delivery fee paid by the client do not include the vendor's discount (plus GST). 18% of the Marketplace Fee includes shipping, fastening, and commerce commission.


Shipping fees To ensure simple commerce and, therefore, the absolute best client expertise, we tend to mandate delivery to all or any customers via our supply partners and deduct the shipping price from the damage before creating a payment to you. The shipping fee is calculated on the actual weight or meter weight, whichever is higher.

This often accounts for things that square measure light-weight; however, they occupy a great deal of shipping house. length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) x interactive: Payment gateways are supported; a money collection fee for a preorder is supported. The gathering fees will be calculated based on the ultimate damage, and the total amount could be paid by the client and shipping charges.


Fulfillment Types

1. Seller Fulfillment

Under vendor fulfillment, you're accountable for processing and managing your orders and inventory. Once you've packed your orders and labeled them RTD, an associate-degree Ekart agent can pick them up and deliver them to the individual client.

2. Smart Fulfillment

Smart Fulfillment is a program in which you receive assistance from Flipkart for consistently composing your warehouse, simply maintaining your inventory, and successfully delivering it to your customers via a Flipkart supply partner.

All you've got to do is try to adjust to the excellent construction norms to reap the advantages. This construct helps you boost sales and ROI and reduce the value of doing business.

3. Flipkart Fulfillment

At Flipkart, we tend to assist you with the most returns with minimum investment. That's why the Flipkart Fulfillment Service offers you the employment of our progressive fulfillment centers at terribly low prices. You store your merchandise in our fulfillment centers, where we tend to take the utmost care of your inventory.

Basic Return Policy

Online shopping is straightforward and fast. You might like shopping for your favorite product with a few clicks or taps. Sometimes, however, once your order arrives, you'll notice that the merchandise isn't precisely what you expected. It's going to be of the wrong size or color, or, in rare cases, you may realize it's defective or broken.

What does one do now? This often happens wherever the Flipkart Product Returns method makes your life easier. The Flipkart Product Returns Method This handy reference guide helps you perceive how the Flipkart product return method works:

However, here is how the Flipkart Product Returns Method works:

1. Log in to Flipkart and move to the Orders tab. Faucet or click on "Come Back" to make a call for participation.

2. Select your applicable reason for coming back—it seems that the choice of exchange, wherever applicable, can be supported. 

Three choices are available:

1. Exchange:

Your order is replaced with an identical product in a different size or color.

2. Replace:

If the merchandise in your order is broken (broken or spoiled) or defective (has a purposeful flaw that causes it not to work), it is replaced with a consistent product.

3. Refund:

If the merchandise of your selection is out of stock in your most popular size, color, or model, or if it's out of stock, you'll decide that you wish for a refund. During this state of affairs, you'll opt for a refund to have your cash returned to you.

1. Depending on the type of product you would like to come back to, your return request could have to be compelled to endure a verification method. 

2. Following verification, you'll need to substantiate that your call supported the class of products ordered.

3. Keep all the necessary items for a swish return method on hand, including the invoice, original packaging, price tags, freebies, accessories, and so on. 

4. Pick-up and delivery of your order are regular hand-in-hand just in case of exchanges and replacements. Refunds are initiated and processed if applicable.

5. Your request is consummated in keeping with Flipkart's returns/replacement guarantee.

How long will the Flipkart Product Return Method take?

After completing the online returns form, you will receive an email at your registered email address and an SMS on your registered mobile range. You'll additionally track the method by visiting the My Account page on your laptop computer or smartphone and clicking on My Orders.

If you're getting in for an associate degree exchange, your replacement products will be delivered to you at a similar time because the pickup, in most cases, is the same. Bear in mind to chase your order. The Flipkart Product Returns Policy for Various Product Class Returns may be a service provided by various sellers directly below this policy.

You can choose between a replacement and a refund. The returns policy brings many changes, keeping our loyal client base in mind. One little thing: All products listed below a selected class might not have a similar returns policy.

To understand Flipkart’s current policy, consider four buckets.

1. 10 Days

You may request a replacement at intervals of ten days from delivery for all physicists (large appliances, mobile phones, laptops, etc.) and some verticals in modus.

2. 30 days 

You may request a refund, replacement, or exchange for the approach to life class, which includes covering (excluding intimate apparel, innerwear, socks, and freebies), footwear, eyewear, fashion accessories, and non-precious jewelry, within thirty days of delivery.


Bear in mind that for orders higher than two buckets, Flipkart's returns policy applies as long as the items are unused, uninjured, and with all original tags and packaging intact. No returns Certain commodities can't be taken back.

Product Returns: Common Situations:

When is your order eligible for commodity returns, exchange, replacement, or repayment?

Explore a number of the situations to realize a far better understanding, so you create an alternative and peace of mind once you search on Flipkart.

When your order is broken, defective, or tampered with.

First, check if the merchandise that you just ordered is damaged. Sometimes, the package might seem broken because of shipping and handling, but the merchandise inside the packaging could also be in good condition.

However, if you notice that your package has been tampered with or the merchandise isn't appropriately sealed in its box, you'll reject the order. If you see this when you settle for the package, you'll prefer to raise a comeback request. Click on the Orders tab within the Flipkart mobile app or desktop website to search out the ‘Come Back’ option.

Select this and follow the subsequent steps of the method. The Flipkart Product Returns Team can take over from here. Product returns and replacements are only available in the case of out-of-stock items. Did you order a t-shirt and discover that it didn't fit? What if there's no replacement out there in this size?

You can get a full refund from the My Orders tab for the tee shirt. You'll get a refund for any product you order from the Approach to Life class. However, if you like the t-shirt and want to be notified when it becomes available again, use the Pine Tree State send message feature.

Once your favorite shirt is out there with a marketer on Flipkart, you'll receive a notification, so you've got another chance to shop for precisely what you prefer. You ordered one product but received another. So, you ordered a Captain America mobile case for your Moto G; however, you bought a gold iPhone once the package arrived. While rare, such situations should be treated as a warning shot.

Once we are notified that you are coming back, our delivery personnel can collect the delivered merchandise and supply you with a replacement for the product you just ordered. Remember to browse the comeback policy on the page wherever your product is delineated.

The Flipkart Replacement Guarantee Covers all Returns

If you would like a refund, If you're unhappy with your replacement, or if the specific product or model you want is out of stock, our client support team might advise you to select a refund. Choose the "Request a Comeback" option when filling out the main points from your My Orders page.

Your refund is going to be processed upon approval. Once your refund has been approved, your cash is going to be attributable back to you in one of these three ways: As an IMPS transfer if you've been paid via cash-on-delivery. as a refund via constant supply that you just procured (called "Back to Source"). Via IMPS into a checking account, such as by you, whereas making a comeback is more likely if you decide to induce a refund into a checking account rather than take the refund back to supply. (Available for open-end credit and Net Banking forward payments.) A product bought from Flipkart isn't useful throughout its assurance period.

The Flipkart replacement guarantee is valid up to the desired amount, depending on the seller's return policy and product class. First, check the Replacement Guarantee amount on the merchandise page and provoke a "Return."

If, for whatever reason, you discover that the product you ordered has a flaw or isn't working correctly after the warranty period has expired, contact the authorized service center of the manufacturer in your area, just as you would with any product purchased from a physical store.

If you want to run an online business like Flipkart or Amazon and make it global, then build a business website through the Fynd platform, which is the best place to build your website quickly.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

How to Use the Flipkart Sell Back Program to Recycle Old Cell Phones?

1. Launch the application, then select the center option from the bottom menu.

2. Click the "Sell Back" option when you see it.

3. This will show you how much your old smartphone is worth.

4. For various brands and models, you will receive considerable savings.

5. Pick the make and model of your previous phone.

6. Click Verify after entering the IMEI of your old mobile device.

7. How to Find My Phone's IMEI: Dial *#06# to learn about IMEI.

8. Depending on the state of your phone, it will show you the exchange value.

9. You may be compensated with a Flipkart gift card.

What is 2GUD?

Only things that have been returned or used and professionally refurbished are sold on the new e-commerce site 2GUD. A new platform called 2Gud has been introduced by the e-commerce site Flipkart to sell certified reconditioned goods. 2Gud will provide refurbished computers, cellphones, tablets, and other devices starting with a mobile site. The new platform will be used to sell products and operate independently of Flipkart's primary marketplace.

The business claimed it would oversee these used products' entire certification, packing, storage, and shipping procedures. The corporation claimed that the introduction of 2Gud was in keeping to reach the country's additional 100–200 million internet buyers. The company hopes to gain customers' trust by offering this service nationwide when selling secondhand goods. 

2Gud will use F1 Info Solutions, a mobile servicing, and repair business that Flipkart had previously acquired. But before they are sent to customers across the nation, all the devices sold on the site will be examined and repaired by experts.

What are the things that fetch the most cash?

arrow down

1. The phone will be worth more if it is in good condition.

2. "New," between the ages of one and two years

3. A high-end device (rather than a budget one).

4. iPhones and Samsung phones are very popular.

5. In a well-liked hue (black or silver might net more than other colors).

How much is your old smartphone worth?

A phone in mint condition with a box and all the original accessories will undoubtedly be worth more than one with scratches and no box or charger. But you'll need to research to receive the most cash for your old smartphone. The best possible prices typically result from a private sale to someone, but that is also the riskiest manner of purchase.

Although trade-in agreements are simple and uncomplicated, you won't get paid as much, and payments are typically provided as credit or money off a new item. The simplest option to get rid of an old smartphone is to sell it straight to businesses dealing with secondhand devices, although this method pays the least.

How to wipe your smartphone?

Before selling your smartphone, sign out of all its accounts and thoroughly wipe it clean. Two things need to be considered: To disable the Activation Lock or Factory Reset Protection, you must back up all of your important files and ensure that no one else has access. 

We advise logging out of every account on the smartphone you're selling before wiping it clean once all of your files have been backed up. Additionally, you should switch it off, take out the SIM card, and, if applicable, the MicroSD card. Restart it and check that the battery is at least 50% charged. Then, you're ready to wipe it clean.

How to list your smartphone?

After performing a factory reset on your smartphone, you should use a soft microfiber cloth to clean it gently. If you're selling to a firm like Flipkart, using a buy-back service, or doing a trade-in.

1. You must get your listing ready if you're selling. In decent lighting, snap multiple pictures of your smartphone. Consider taking photos of the box as well as any original accessories you were able to locate.

2. It's preferable to note any damage to the phone in your listing and take a picture of it to prevent future disagreements.

3. Whenever you write up your listing, be as detailed as you can.

4. The condition of your phone should be accurately described, along with any extras that came with it and whether or not it is tied to a particular carrier.

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