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How to Sell Meesho Products on Flipkart? (Step By Step Method)

How to Sell Meesho Products on Flipkart? (Step By Step Method)

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Do you know that Meesho products can be sold on Flipkart? Meesho is a well-known and extensively used reselling tool that enables you, as a reseller, to sell the products on their platform with a higher profit margin. You can also choose to sell Meesho goods on Flipkart. 

As a result, this post explains in detail how to sell Meesho goods via the Flipkart Platform. Therefore, use the step-by-step instructions below to sell Meesho products on Flipkart and grow your company.

Why Should You Sell On Flipkart?

Why Should You Sell On Flipkart

As an entrepreneur, your biggest goal is constantly growing your business. Selling products here gives unlimited access within the country. Flipkart is a leader in the e-commerce industry.

This makes it so evident that it offers its customers and sellers several benefits. Flipkart handles the shipping of products. As soon as you pack a product, it keeps the customer updated about the progress in the product shipment.

Although Flipkart is the platform where you sell your products, that does not mean that you cannot decide the prices of your products. Flipkart allows you to determine your product's cost by yourself. No extra price is charged when you list your product on Flipkart. It is free of cost. Flipkart settles the payment of a particular product within 7-15 days.

In case of return of the product, Flipkart keeps up with the shipment charges and bears the product cost in case of damaged product. When you sell online, you don't have to worry about how to deliver products to the customer or how much you will have to spend on this. You can easily use the logistics network created and perfected when you choose the right platform, such as Flipkart.

To stand out among lakhs of other sellers of the same product, you need not worry. A seller needs to spend the required amount on photography and a catalog of the product.

This way, Flipkart recommends advertisement benefits that help in increasing reach. It gives access to market trends. The research team collects information and provides their analysis for the product. 

Eligibility To Sell Products On Flipkart

Eligibility To Sell Products On Flipkart

No specific qualification is required to sell products on Flipkart. Anyone selling quality and genuine products is eligible to sell. The seller can be an individual, a partnership firm, Limited Liability Partnership, or a company.

They just need to fulfill the paperwork formalities, and they can begin work as a seller on Flipkart. However, you can only sell goods/products on Flipkart, not services. Flipkart charges a commission on the product value. It also collects a fee on the prepaid payment method or cash on delivery method.

To a new customer, prices may look high. Still, it should be kept in mind that you are given access to millions of products at your fingertips, saving extra money you pay to intermediaries in offline shopping. The customer need not worry as the products come with a replacement/return policy, and cash is refunded to their bank account. 

How To Sell Meesho’s Product On Flipkart?

How To Sell Meesho’s Product On Flipkart

Selling on Flipkart is very reliable. There is a vast business open door for the individuals who offer on Flipkart by turning into a Flipkart merchant. To become a seller on Flipkart, one needs to complete the following steps-

1. Business Registration On Flipkart:

If you want to register as a Flipkart seller and create a Flipkart seller account to sell things on Flipkart, you must meet these basic requirements. You start the process described, during which we demonstrate how to sell on Flipkart.

2. Listing Products on Flipkart:

If you want to sell products on Flipkart, listing on Flipkart is more accessible than on other online marketplaces. There is a self-service portal on Flipkart. To record and sell products on Flipkart, you must have 10. Keep product photographs on hand, then submit them with text and price details. Decide which category best fits your goods.

3. Dashboard:

After completing the Flipkart seller registration process and uploading your product listings, you can begin selling on Flipkart. Flipkart offers a dashboard for managing every operation. 

Additionally, Flipkart offers advertising, incentives, and analytical help, so you can learn whether products are performing well in terms of cost and other elements. The dashboard allows you to alter all the details, such as pricing, bullet points, descriptions, etc. However, you cannot change the title or MRP even if your listing is updated.

4. Flipkart's Product Logistics and Shipping:

You can benefit from shipping and logistics help by opening a Flipkart seller account. Flipkart has agreements with couriers to pick up and deliver packages across India. They even offer training, resources, and support for packaging. After receiving an order, the seller packages the item and prepares it for delivery.

It gets picked up by the logistics partner for further distribution. Please be aware that Flipkart does not provide packing materials. Sellers are required to develop their plans. It is simple given that Flipkart has 200 collection hubs and 10,000 delivery employees selling and shipping items.

Flipkart Has Two Different Types Of Shipping Methods -

Flipkart Has Two Different Types Of Shipping Methods

1. Flipkart Standard Delivery: 

Flipkart's delivery service benefit is that it handles product warehousing and order fulfillment. Sellers provide products to Flipkart and ensure they are shown on the product page, demonstrating the use that Flipkart always has effects in stock for delivery.


2. Flipkart Advantage/Assure: 

Flipkart benefits offer 24 hours shipping and delivery backed by a 30-day return policy or refund. The standard delivery process is where the seller stocks the product and executes the order by packing the product. Ekart, the logistics wing of Flipkart, takes care of pickup and delivery. Such a process carries a 45 days refund and replacement policy.

Return Policy Of Flipkart

Return Policy Of Flipkart

One of the good things that make Flipkart so famous is its easy return policy in which customers can return any product, even if there is no problem, but it may spell additional cost for the seller. However, if the product is returned for any reason, Flipkart does not charge the seller for any shipping cost, and they also bear the cost of the product if it is damaged in transit. However, the exchange of products does not make you liable for a reverse shipping fee.

How To Increase Sales Of Messho’s Products?

How To Increase Sales Of Messho’s Products

1. Set the product's price so that the reseller gets sufficient margin on selling that product. If the price is set keeping this too in mind, then it is more likely that a particular product will be sold in large numbers.

2. Always choose the Next Day Shipment option, which compels sellers to ship orders the next business day after receiving them. This approach will enable you to increase your sales frequency.

3. Pick products with fair prices. To improve sales on Meesho, you must price your goods at the same levels as competitors. Having a hungry nature can hinder your development.

4. Package beautifully and tastefully. Make use of sustainable packaging. The product is exotic thanks to thoughtful presentation. When a customer receives their purchase in appealing packaging, they are more inclined to make another purchase from you.

5. The easiest way to reach a vast population nowadays is to promote the business on social media effectively. You are not required to use every social media site. However, you must be present where your clients are.

6. Advertising is crucial for boosting sales by engaging as many people as possible. The advertisements increase the visibility of your products by appearing above other product listings.

7. Stay away from one product category at a time. Alternate between various types as well. Customers can quickly identify your products when they are available in a more well-liked variant. Find your most excellent fit by putting each possibility to the test.

8. Make sure you offer a wide range of things and carefully select your products.

9. Include high-quality pictures of the product from various perspectives. Place the item you're selling against a white or plain background for the most incredible shots. The goal is to create product images that look polished.

How To Resell Meesho Products: Things To Keep In Mind

How To Resell Meesho Products: Things To Keep In Mind

Generally, we have seen sellers selling their products directly on these e-commerce websites or through referrals. But there is another option of selling the products of Meesho. A reseller can indirectly sell Meesho's product on Flipkart. 

They can list Meesho's product on Flipkart, and whenever a customer buys that product from Flipkart, Meesho has to ship the product. But this practice isn't suitable due to the following reasons

1. When a product is sold this way, Meesho takes longer to ship the product. It takes around 15 days, which is not suitable. A negative shipping experience or late delivery can negatively impact your business. 

2. According to NRF, 39% of consumers want two-day shipping of goods to be free. And if you don't offer it, they will go somewhere else. On the other hand, if you provide excellent customer service through quick delivery and returns, you will see increased sales volume and a low cart abandon rate, and customers will be more likely to return to your online store.

3. When products are sold in this way, then both e-commerce platforms charge their commission. This increases the cost of the product. As a result, customers give a poor rating of the product. 

4. Courier charges are also borne by the reseller and not the company itself. These charges are not pocket friendly because shipment is not in bulk. 

5. Products that are returned create a mess for the reseller to handle.

The above-mentioned issues create many problems, and sometimes the reseller has to pay the penalties due to late delivery, etc. Therefore, it is not preferable to become a reseller in this manner. 

How Does The Meesho Seller App Work?

How Does The Meesho Seller App Work?

Reselling with Meesho is an excellent way of running your own business with zero investment. As a seller, you share products listed on the Meesho app with your network or social media and earn a profit with every sale. There are more than 1 Lakh products on the app through which you can browse. The products are provided by suppliers who have a tie-up with Meesho. Reselling with Meesho is an easy way of working from home and earning huge profits. 

These five tips have helped Resellers kick-start their business:

Tip 1 : 

Start with Family & Friends Family and friends are always supportive when you start something new. Tell them that you have created a new business and would love to get their feedback. When you share the products with them, many will purchase them and share their input.

Tip 2: 

Share Meesho's Hit Catalogue Begin with Meesho's "Popular & Must Share" Collection. These are the most trending catalogs that have worked for every successful reseller. Your customers will love it!

Tip 3: 

Emphasize COD & Easy Return Building trust online is tricky. You would notice how people hesitate to pay online upfront. To build trust with your potential customer, offer them Cash on Delivery (COD). This way, they only pay once they have received the product. If your customer is unsatisfied with the product, offer them the easy returns or exchange option. Rest assured, we offer hassle-free return & exchange.

Tip 4: 

To create the URGENCY FACTOR Use phrases like, "I have only 2 of these left" or "I can offer 50% OFF till tonight". The purpose is to ensure that your customers see what they like, and creating an urgency will help them determine their purchase.

Tip 5: 

The Secret Recipe Initially focuses on building a loyal customer base. Begin with making low profits and gradually increase them. This has worked for every successful reseller. Initially, you can earn through Meesho's Weekly Bonus Program.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What is drop shipping? 

When it comes to selling apparel or any other good, drop-shipping is the business model with the least amount of manual labor. You must compile a list of the products you saw on your supplier's website into an online catalog. Then, mark them above what your supplier is willing to sell them for.

When a consumer purchases through your website, you place a similar order on your supplier's website and give them the customer's address information. No physical inventory is required, and shipping the goods is not a concern. That will be your supplier's responsibility.

How does the Meesho App operate, and what is it?

The App Store and the Play Store provide the Meesho app. Anyone can use this program to start their own business for free. It is one of the biggest social commerce platforms with a base in India that enables independent contractors, small business owners, and freelancers to offer pertinent goods. This social media network connects many individuals and offers various goods and services that users can resell to their clients.

On numerous social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, users can share their photo albums with friends, family, acquaintances, and a large number of other individuals to increase their network and produce more leads. Additionally, you can work from home, make commissions on every order, and receive bonuses for additional sales. Isn't that fantastic? 

What features does the Meesho app offer?

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With the Meesho app, you can take advantage of fantastic features like:

 1. A WhatsApp business catalog

2. Use any social media app to share records.

3. Referrals that can increase your income

4. Gain bonuses from increased sales.

5. Every time you close a deal, commissions are paid to you.

6. You can narrow down your options.

7. Both online and cash-on-delivery payment options are available.

8. A section for notifications will inform you of each action you take.

Why Sell on Meesho, you may wonder.

The following are the reasons why Meesho vendors like it above many other e-commerce platforms:

1. A public forum is available to all.

2. Meesho offers the lowest prices for resellers and supports increasing your income regardless of whether you run a small-to-medium-sized or an unbranded firm.

3. Commissions at the lowest level

4. Meesho is the industry's only company that does not charge commissions. Meesho is the industry's only company that does not charge commissions. Meesho promises a rate that is under 1.8 percent. Retailers can get assistance creating their goods and advice on what to supply and how to demand. Retailers can get help to develop their interests and advice on what to provide and how to set.

5. Processing and handling go smoothly.

6. Meesho Seller offers providers simple product listing services, product listing services, and catalog design together with quick and safe transactions free of delivery fees.

7. Over the past few years, the Meesho supplier panel in India has outgrown itself.

What supplementary services does Flipkart provide?

1. Fashion

Flipkart has acquired the top two fashion e-commerce sites in India, Myntra and Jabong. Clothing represents the third-largest e-commerce market in India.

2. Payments

Flipkart acquired the startup Phonepe to serve as a payment channel for retailers. 

3. Shipping across India

Flipkart has mastered the logistics of doing so. They were so successful that they let other companies benefit from their success. The logistics section of Flipkart is known as 

4. Ekart.

In our opinion, Flipkart is currently more integrated than we are into the Indian e-commerce ecosystem.

Is proper packaging important?

When a customer receives your goods, how they look and feel significantly impacts whether or not they decide to buy them. The likelihood of in-transit damage is decreased by using high-quality packaging materials when packing products. But more than that, it conveys excellent customer service and develops customers' trust in you and your company, which can increase sales. 

According to our research, 52% of customers who purchase from premium-packaged merchants do so again, and 5% of consumers expect their online purchases in such packaging. By investing in packaging, one can improve sales by 30%.

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